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  • TheAntichrist hell yeah m/
    January 14 11:10 AM
  • TheAntichrist wish i could but the mods don't like the 69 ad 420 cus they're neckbeard virgins like biggles said they were
    January 13 11:58 AM
  • TheAntichrist it sure is buddy
    January 12 05:47 PM
  • Tyler. coward
    October 10 11:43 PM
  • Tyler.
    October 10 01:28 AM
  • artiswar Hey bro, here's an invite to our discord. Come by some time.
    July 25 10:21 PM
  • Tyler. not yet
    November 16 10:41 PM
  • Tyler. qewretyui u,7rtcdg5
    November 16 05:33 PM
  • Kaiwaz wanna discord?
    October 21 05:11 AM
  • RexKwonDoCarrey nah mate yr good!
    August 4 08:46 AM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Yeah me too, but I think he is russian. I remember when Aiwaz thought that was my alt, and also when artiswar thought Desdi was your alt.
    July 26 02:54 PM
  • RippingCorpse1986 He used to appear and bump all the Metallica threads on this site. I think English wasn't his first language man.
    July 26 02:48 PM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Hey man Desdinova left this site =(
    July 26 02:45 PM
  • RexKwonDoCarrey Are you ****ing serious? I've seen Days Of The New open up for some band called "Metallica"also Jerry Cantrell was on that show.
    July 26 09:10 AM
  • RexKwonDoCarrey Are you ****ing serious?
    July 26 08:56 AM
  • Flugmorph its an old sputmeme, dont worry about it
    June 18 05:53 AM
  • Flugmorph oh yes the wigger years
    June 17 07:53 PM
  • Darius The Imposter dude are you artiswar
    May 17 11:35 PM
  • Demon of the Fall Don't worry about it, easily forgotten. I get that people can be frustrating (in the way you described) but also don't think I'm the same as them.
    February 9 09:50 AM
  • Kaiwaz I think you will enjoy this my friend. This is me.
    February 3 02:44 PM
  • ExecutiveExecuterexe Ohg, I dropped my C O N F E C T I O N A R I E S
    February 1 12:48 PM
  • ExecutiveExecuterexe U P V O T E F O R F R E E I P O D
    January 31 11:49 AM
  • ExecutiveExecuterexe D I D S O M E C A R B O N B A S E D L I F E F O R M J U S T S A Y I C C E ?
    January 30 04:40 PM
  • DarkSideOfLucca I'm sorry :-( It's not that it's bad per se, I just don't find it memorable and I never feel the need to go back and listen to it
    January 29 06:21 PM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Puede ser... muchas gracias por aclarar mi duda ;)
    January 8 03:04 AM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Desdinova, tu supuesta alt/multicuenta/cuenta alterna/como sea que le digas man...
    January 6 05:19 AM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Also, I speak Spanish too so there are many ways to C O M M U N I C A T E with you.
    January 3 04:42 AM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Wasn't referring to that man... oh well. Anyway, Morningrise is still a 5/5 for me. Did you read the Meshuggah review? So funny.
    January 3 04:41 AM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Also, are you Desdi man? Don't lie.
    January 2 07:24 PM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Read this fam
    January 2 07:13 PM
  • RippingCorpse1986 Don't lie to yourself fam, TELL US THE TRUTH!!!
    December 31 08:04 PM
  • minnashine we could always stick to their debut
    November 5 12:13 AM
  • sixdegrees don't worry about it
    October 17 02:23 AM
  • onionbubs lol yea, but i just do it anyway because their vocal melodies are so great
    October 10 11:03 PM
  • onionbubs oh s*** placebo rules
    October 10 08:39 PM
  • artiswar are you doing ok man? hope the health issues are not too serious.
    September 21 05:15 PM
  • betray rodrigo my man! me and all my pals at sput really appreciate you as a user and would love to have you participate in our discord server, where you can interact with sput users in real time! hope to see you around some time, my friend. :)
    September 21 02:27 AM
  • Drifter (:
    September 21 01:11 AM
  • Rigma good user
    September 16 03:39 AM
  • onionbubs alright good to know. i'll check it soonish. i'll probably get around to burn burn curve and somethingness eventually too just to say i've heard them
    September 12 10:46 AM
  • onionbubs i love olp man. wish they had more fans on sput. i even think gravity is pretty good, tho i haven't heard anything after
    September 12 01:56 AM
  • onionbubs ay sick spiritual machines 5
    September 11 06:06 PM
  • Tyler. what? idk how to do that
    September 6 09:58 PM
  • hey bitch, its me. Write a list regarding girl advice or I nuke your account,
    August 31 10:14 PM
  • Dedes I think you are taking everything I say way too seriously lmfao
    August 28 03:15 AM
  • Dedes I didn't expect that level of correction
    August 27 04:23 PM
  • Dedes what
    August 27 03:44 PM
  • Dedes Hola senior
    August 27 03:14 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa This conflict only ends with one of us dead, amigo
    August 26 11:24 PM
  • Aiwaz jaja
    August 26 11:08 PM
  • Flugmorph sometimes women are clever
    August 26 09:07 AM
  • Flugmorph hah i get it very funny very funny jaja
    August 26 07:50 AM
  • Tyler. okay so. what if im not confident? what do i do? fake it?
    August 26 06:43 AM
  • Dedes Yeah man just try to contain yourself man, you really have to be comfortable in your own skin if you wanna be just a wholesome natural dude. I'm not saying bend over backwards to be liked, but I think you understand what im saying.
    August 25 11:04 PM
  • Tyler. okay so what if she tells me that she couldnt picture me as her BF. then what do i say?
    August 25 08:48 PM
  • Tyler. that is the hard part
    August 25 08:35 PM
  • Tyler. how do i know if she likes me though
    August 25 08:35 PM
  • Tyler. hello
    August 25 08:29 PM
  • Dedes I post lists every couple days, that's hardly the problem. The problem is you post about s*** that makes you a hardcore musical elitist. Like "oh everyone in my home country likes s*** music" like lol most people like s*** music, no need to tear them down for it. If it doesn't effect what you enjoy, what's the problem? Also, you get kind of misogynistic sometimes, saying s*** like "woman don't like intelligent lyrics". That's outright not true.
    August 25 08:21 PM
  • Dedes I already forget what the list what about now that it's removed lmao
    August 25 04:01 AM
  • Tyler. i need help. how do i ask a girl for her number?
    August 25 01:08 AM
  • aGOODbowlofWEED sm0k?
    August 24 02:41 AM
  • Flugmorph Your arguments on how they are a bad band are ridiculous. Some people on here including you shouldn't even have opinions especially when you guys act like assholes about it. Ironically BSC are doing excellent on tour and are gaining mad respect and recognition from famous vocalists like Corey Taylor. Get reckt bitch.
    August 22 11:39 AM
  • Tyler. write review in spanish
    August 16 03:04 AM
  • Aiwaz ¡gracias amigo! eres una buena persona
    August 10 02:30 AM
  • neekafat Lol jkjk I'm not THAT American
    August 10 02:21 AM
  • neekafat American, bitch, we don't speak no English, we speak American.
    August 10 02:01 AM
  • danielito19 hey u need to join discord
    August 5 03:29 PM
  • Dedes Rodrigo you know you're supposed to go onto other people's profiles to reply right.
    July 21 10:08 PM
  • EphemeralEternity we need you in discord my brother you are the final piece of a depraved hentai puzzle
    July 20 07:59 PM
  • GhandhiLion Don't listen to Flugmorph, the discord is a violent scary place.
    July 10 09:58 PM
  • Flugmorph why arent you responding man, its killing me
    July 2 12:28 AM
    July 1 10:29 AM
  • Flugmorph please join our discord
    June 27 01:18 PM
  • Dedes rodrigo you are the heart and soul of sputnik
    May 30 04:10 AM
  • onionbubs not hot dog
    May 23 04:50 PM
  • FullOfSounds join this man
    May 21 08:24 PM
  • SonsOfMonarchy Yo tambien hablo español
    May 17 03:41 AM
  • GhandhiLion you might be correct idk. I just don't see the connection. I havnt listened to pantera in 10 years so maybe that's why.
    May 14 06:42 PM
  • Flugmorph where are you from, princess?
    April 30 06:33 PM
  • Gyromania Nice sputnik 5s you've got there, sheep
    April 22 06:03 PM
  • EphemeralEternity you're a legend in my books rodrigo i just want you to know that
    April 22 05:47 PM
  • mindleviticus nice avatar
    April 22 02:47 AM

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