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  • ThirtySixChambers woah dude since when are you back
    November 13 02:01 PM
  • East Hastings enrique
    April 15 07:22 AM
  • Disrupt Goodbye
    April 14 05:27 AM
  • Disrupt You are an idiot, I feel ashamed you [2]ed it now. Eat s***
    April 14 05:23 AM
  • Disrupt Thank you for [2]ing my post
    April 14 05:20 AM
  • coneren Did you get all your s*** moved in?
    September 21 01:20 AM
  • Deceptioneer why do you shun me enrique?
    September 19 06:42 PM
  • coneren have fun im gonna listen to this dirt and get the fukck in beds
    September 19 09:10 AM
  • coneren Well blame it on other people anyway...I think it is bedtime for me
    September 19 09:07 AM
  • coneren Seriously, it was the best SO I've made
    September 19 09:02 AM
  • coneren **** YES!!!I'm gonnq rate it a 1.5 right now...that is the highest it will ever get....I'm gonna do a soundoff to
    September 19 08:59 AM
  • coneren I think Nickelback is better......**** every day in grade 11 I heard nevermind............EVERY ****ING DAY, so s***tttttty
    September 19 08:54 AM
  • coneren That is my favorite of allllll time man
    September 19 08:49 AM
  • coneren I've been shut down, but never like thid....oh well this Alice in Chains will you like them?
    September 19 08:43 AM
  • coneren AWWWWW fix it....**** man, I'm so depressed with this, I'm just gonnatry my hardest
    September 19 08:37 AM
  • coneren Tried for thischick all night, wanted someone else.,,.....s*** sucks man
    September 19 08:29 AM
  • coneren I am drunk and very upset right now man
    September 19 08:04 AM
  • coneren Do it drunk, so then you'll be like"****, I have to pack"Then when you look at your bags you will be very happy
    September 19 02:01 AM
  • coneren Aww sweet, me too!!I'm going out with some ladies, hell yeah
    September 19 01:37 AM
  • coneren Likewise, we are the best
    September 19 12:46 AM
  • DeafMetal I'll bdsm you all night.
    September 18 09:50 PM
  • coneren Ok, I\m up...............Feel pretty bad
    September 18 03:14 PM
  • coneren Keegan here, sup......yes that my real name...don\t you like
    September 18 08:25 AM
  • coneren Ok, I'm going out now, expect to get some garbage written on your shoutbox you can't read in a bit......
    September 18 04:58 AM
  • coneren Same as always, getting drunk atthe bar tonight with my brother going to work on the morning
    September 18 03:44 AM
  • coneren Ice cream? Drunk? We could be best friends in real life
    September 18 03:37 AM
  • coneren I have returned
    September 17 03:42 AM
  • coneren I would have rather thrown it off a bridge...I think I'm gonnna take myself a little break from here now, I'll let you know when I'm back though, don't worry
    September 17 12:14 AM
  • coneren I think I'll let it go down in peace....I hate the phone anyway I need myself a new one
    September 17 12:07 AM
  • coneren ...yeah, yeah it is:(
    September 17 12:03 AM
  • coneren I refuse to wear gloves!
    September 16 11:59 PM
  • coneren Well, I haven't looked IN it yet....uh-oh
    September 16 11:55 PM
  • coneren I think that helped out...I seem to have lost my cell phone also
    September 16 11:43 PM
  • coneren Oh I am done now, gotta reset the computron now though and see if this helps my intronat
    September 16 11:38 PM
  • coneren The only thing I've eaten was a fajita....and oh god that was good
    September 16 11:32 PM
  • coneren Pretty good so far, no burning
    September 16 11:17 PM
  • coneren My next shout will be from on the terlit, I have to take a megacrap right now, and it might take a while
    September 16 11:10 PM
  • coneren I hope something internet it being very slow right now, it is hard to sputnik around in these parts
    September 16 11:06 PM
  • porch should i be familiar with your main account?
    September 16 10:51 PM
  • coneren I have nothing at the moment, sadly
    September 16 10:39 PM
  • coneren What a bitch, I applaud you
    September 16 10:34 PM
  • coneren HAHAHAHA told his mom, what the hell is with people nowadays. You deserve it if you do that
    September 16 10:30 PM
  • coneren ...go on
    September 16 10:24 PM
  • coneren I think I'll only be doing this. I went in the city earlier and got myself a new snare and s***, so I've been on drums all day...I'm just having fun lying on my bed with the laptop now
    September 16 10:15 PM
  • coneren You make the day go by smoothly
    September 16 10:08 PM
  • coneren I also forgot how to spell forgot....Oh well
    September 16 09:58 PM
  • coneren i for making a list....jesus christ
    September 16 03:50 PM
  • coneren OOKOKOKOOKKOOKKO....In return, I'll use 7(I will no lonbger use commas or perioids
    September 16 09:16 AM
  • coneren I just need a title, something funny, like "the Riques" of hardcocks
    September 16 09:13 AM
  • coneren Ok, 5 bands, got 1 suggestion?
    September 16 09:10 AM
  • coneren I think im gonna make a liist....tempt meplease
    September 16 09:08 AM
  • coneren He might think i am trying to whore myself....Which is what ii think,but im totally drunk
    September 16 09:01 AM
  • coneren It's hard if you're drunk.....loook at my last list, JESUSSLAVES said it was good, so you know it is.....
    September 16 08:54 AM
  • coneren I am in BC....really only a few hours haha, YOU need to tell me how to get on the accademys blog
    September 16 08:50 AM
  • coneren So we are in the same zone!!!!!!!make a list please, I'm too drunk
    September 16 08:45 AM
  • coneren Delete tthe last 2
    September 16 08:42 AM
  • coneren It's ALMOST 2 HEAR...****ing caps
    September 16 08:42 AM
  • coneren No, that's it....I'm gonna do another soundoff, will ylou rate it?
    September 16 08:39 AM
  • coneren I woeked all day and I'm drunk now.................SOOOOOOOO DRUNK man, just got a ride from the bar
    September 16 08:32 AM
  • coneren I getdrunk fer stuff..........**** im drunk
    September 16 08:28 AM
  • coneren I'm too lazy for college, when are you going back?
    September 16 01:12 AM
  • McCopper No, I'm drydensucks.
    September 15 11:04 AM
  • coneren I wish I was doing something, I can't until tomorrow!!Are you going out partying?
    September 15 01:31 AM
  • coneren Hello!
    September 15 12:09 AM
  • McCopper He doesn't, I love him.Except no.He sucks.
    September 14 01:21 PM
  • creampie Bailamos - let the rhythm take you over BailamosTe quiero amor mio
    September 14 05:14 AM
  • couldwinarabbit ya i agree. Like 1/2 the guys on my floor can play so we had a huge hero jame session. it cried a lil bit
    September 13 06:16 AM
  • coneren I think I missed that last one a while ago god damnit. I think I am going to play some games
    September 13 06:03 AM
  • coneren That guy is pretty cool, but not cool enough....or sexy enough
    September 13 01:46 AM
  • coneren He is the most interesting man in the world
    September 13 01:36 AM
  • coneren Enrique has probably banged more women than I have jacked off
    September 13 01:19 AM
  • coneren Well, I would kill myself that is for sure
    September 13 01:02 AM
  • coneren Enrique isn't Jesus???NNNOOOOO
    September 13 12:55 AM
  • coneren I didn't think The Rique ever went to bed
    September 13 12:51 AM
  • coneren They basically lift their legs up a bunch. How come you went to bed so early??
    September 13 12:40 AM
  • coneren Tried picking up cancan dancers but failed...was fun
    September 13 12:14 AM
  • coneren Oh hell yeah party
    September 12 11:48 PM
  • coneren Well as long as you made up for it
    September 12 11:36 PM
  • SputnikExposed Thank you good sir.
    September 12 10:16 PM
  • coneren well i got home, pretty sure i felll aseeep before thid but not too sure hehhehehe
    September 12 11:33 AM
  • Fapper Patience is a virtue young grasshopper. You learn the ways of the fapper rather quickly, my padawan.
    September 12 05:25 AM
  • Fapper It's okay, fapping too much will.. well I guess you can't really fap too much. But fapping in moderation is encouraged
    September 12 02:09 AM
  • BallsToTheWall You are wise. You must be an immortal, passing through the ages, swooning beauties with your charm. I guarantee Romeo killed himself after finding out Juliet had an affair with you.
    September 12 01:22 AM
  • coneren Well nevermind he doesn't get off for another 30 minutes
    September 12 01:17 AM
  • coneren Why thank you Rique, you are also smart!!!Well I'm gonna walk down to the thing with my buddy, I'll send you a shout when I gett back if I can remember
    September 12 01:10 AM
  • coneren In B.C. the limit is .05 now, and the police can take your license and charge you I make sure I only have 1 beer. I can't say the same about most people here though
    September 12 01:04 AM
  • BallsToTheWall Not worried about that, worried about beating it twice and then incidentally hooking up with a random girl later that night.
    September 12 01:02 AM
  • BallsToTheWall I have a great relationship with my hand put it that way. Unfortunately it has interfered when I came across girls.
    September 12 12:56 AM
  • coneren Oh god, I haven't DD'd in a like a year. It can realy suck ssometimes
    September 12 12:56 AM
  • coneren Hahaha, same way here. Actually, there is a dance here tonight(town of 200:()so I'm gonna go and try to pick up one of the local sluts later
    September 12 12:48 AM
  • coneren Oh hell yeah!!Did you get totally crunked
    September 12 12:28 AM
  • coneren I am very sad you didn't talk to me last time
    September 12 12:22 AM
  • Josh D. I'm kind of drunk, you're missing it.
    September 11 06:50 AM
  • coneren Tillo
    September 11 03:43 AM
  • PanasonicYouth so i'm taking a spanish class and i found out what bailar means today, so I say to you... bailamos, enrique. bailamos indeed.
    September 11 02:53 AM
  • Deceptioneer lol i was never banned on this account, just laying low
    September 11 01:57 AM
  • Deceptioneer enrique
    September 10 10:50 PM
  • theacademy can u cap it morrissey's avatar never shows upppppppppp
    September 10 09:11 PM
  • coneren Hahaha I left on Devin Townsend after you told me
    September 9 08:47 PM
  • coneren Well I passed out, and woke up with music still on
    September 9 06:42 PM
  • PinkBlackberry hey woah woah woah. Flutes can produce all sorts of junz
    September 9 03:24 PM
  • PinkBlackberry dancepop breakdown? with flutes?
    September 9 09:42 AM
    September 9 08:56 AM
  • coneren I always feel weird if I don't get at least one album....I just bought "Fear of a Blabk Plant", and "When All is Said"(Edge of Sanity)
    September 9 08:29 AM
  • coneren I usually do, but I always have a craving o own the real thing every once in a while
    September 9 08:18 AM
  • coneren You truly are amazing....I have to figure out what to buy on the internet right nbow looking at cool albums
    September 9 08:14 AM
  • coneren did you seriously bumo it before i said anything?????if you did you aare now my favorite ever
    September 9 08:09 AM
  • coneren I bumped your list you bump my soundoff!!!is this fair???holy **** i am loaded now
    September 9 08:05 AM
  • couldwinarabbit Hero drunk = greatest song ever
    September 9 07:22 AM
  • coneren That made me almost fully erect!!!!You are a master when it comes to getting somebody in the mood
    September 9 07:21 AM
  • coneren (I'm going to try and type normal here so bear with me.)Oh, "The Rique", Don't make me blush, heheheheheWas that good?
    September 9 07:17 AM
  • coneren that is because i never know when to shut 100% sure i shoutbox you more than anyonealso, but i dont get very many shouts..(which is gay because ive been here just over 5 years)
    September 9 07:10 AM
  • coneren some people may have their life set to finding out, but me....i'm just happy we are buddies whatever happens!p
    September 9 07:06 AM
  • coneren Well lets be honest right now.....if i got it right, woulld you tell me anyway???
    September 9 07:03 AM
  • coneren I am sad I have not talked with your main:(:(Lucidity??Oh look at me guessing again....I am not sure if I even eant to know :S
    September 9 06:52 AM
  • coneren I think I got this.....all work on the main, and all play on The Rique??
    September 9 06:46 AM
  • coneren Now don't tell me who you are really, but if you did I wouldn't be able to tell anyway, because you didn't tell on mineAnd you are nice on this one to!
    September 9 06:42 AM
  • coneren I applaude you for going on this long really, it must be painful
    September 9 06:36 AM
  • coneren Crunk is going to be like rock was in the 70's. TOTALLY COOL AND CRUNKED TO THE MAX!!
    September 9 06:36 AM
  • coneren I wasn't that drunk....and I still got cut off!!!!Look at me not being so lazy to type half normal now. Oh your pie chart looks amazing now to. Brokencyde is under electronica????They aren't under TOTALLY CRUNK??That isn't cool
    September 9 06:31 AM
  • coneren the s***tiest part is that it was 1 hour away and i was hitch hiking home and my buddy picked me up who i didnt talk to all day.............
    September 9 06:28 AM
  • coneren that is how i think, you are very wise!!i was even at the point of getting carried out yet..last time i go to that bar!
    September 9 06:23 AM
  • coneren my problem was i went to a bar i usually dont go the other one they only vut me off if i cant walk, but this one sucks
    September 9 06:17 AM
  • coneren Oh yeah!!!its a good thing i got beer before i went out so i have a bunch here
    September 9 06:13 AM
  • coneren I just got cut off T THE bar god damnit!
    September 9 06:11 AM
  • coneren Oh, hello
    September 9 06:05 AM
  • Josh D. Oh didn't notice the censor. "F"
    September 8 04:12 AM
  • Josh D. Do you know about **** Funny s***.
    September 8 04:05 AM
  • Josh D. Nah, it's not as good. He hasn'td it in a couple days anyway.
    September 8 03:58 AM
  • Josh D. Kind of like Iamthe Nig, the front page will show "Atreyu - Suicide Notes and Butt" when it's posted on.
    September 8 03:30 AM
  • Josh D. It could be both, js.
    September 6 06:23 AM
  • Josh D. I don't see how. Proof: you should give it a good listen ts like one of the defining post rock albums js
    September 6 06:22 AM
  • Josh D. Why's that? You told me the other day about AIM Express, which I forgot about, so I used it when y'all were talking about AIMing today.
    September 6 06:18 AM
  • Josh D. You know it.
    September 6 06:16 AM
  • PinkBlackberry Hell yes man, hell yes. It was pretty awesome. I had no idea what to get her and then the store kinda just, appeared as if from nowhere. ****in magical.
    September 6 06:15 AM
  • PinkBlackberry No I suppose you were pretty nice. FAIR ENOUGH. Did you like my sisters Jedi Teddy? Stuffed that teddy myself, NBD
    September 6 06:07 AM
  • PinkBlackberry Just sayin' you're mean, but clearly in a nice way.But it's okay, your voice still makes my heart soar.
    September 6 05:59 AM
  • PinkBlackberry you're a cruel mistress my friend. Cruel, cruel indeed
    September 6 05:49 AM
  • JizzInMyPants
    September 6 04:56 AM
  • JizzInMyPants eh, I'm not really big on prog but i like redemption, disillusion, Poverty's No Crime, Kaipa, and the standard prog of this site, Porcupine Tree, Cynic, Agalloch etc. (cept opeth and havent tried out DT)But really, if you really want to try new stuff out, try checking rateyourmusic, I found many awesome bands there
    September 6 04:55 AM
  • Ire add me bro
    September 6 02:22 AM
  • Josh D. I went to the UT game, so I had been drinking since about 11:30. Came home, drank more, went home and passed out.
    September 5 08:29 PM
  • Josh D. I was drunk last night. I think I posted a few times before I went out again.
    September 5 08:15 PM
  • Josh D. Hola.
    September 5 06:17 PM
  • coneren I'm glad I have, because I forgot what I listened to last night after 10
    September 5 04:11 PM
  • Prolapse were you :(
    September 5 11:02 AM
  • PinkBlackberry "I'm going to say this in a way you can understand...I'm going to blow my load all over your homo""wha-" KABLOWthat is all
    September 5 09:13 AM
  • Puzzles Say hi to robin for me
    September 5 09:06 AM
  • coneren ok listening now drunk it feels awesome
    September 5 06:21 AM
  • coneren I forgot whta account im on so im gonna just say helllo......oh hi
    September 5 06:03 AM
  • coneren Will you ever tell anyone your identity?EVER?
    September 5 05:57 AM
  • coneren Did you see who my alt is???I willl go on it when you see it
    September 5 05:27 AM
  • coneren Don't try and look my on faceboook, the one on that account got hacked
    September 5 05:04 AM
  • coneren I shall send you a message now!
    September 5 04:57 AM
  • coneren ...This may sound stupid, but I accidentallyd that..........****kin beer, how does it work
    September 5 04:47 AM
  • PinkBlackberry **** BRO-****INGCORE.dude. DISNEYCORE, can you imagine Miley Cyrus, WITH BREAKDOWNS?
    September 5 03:49 AM
  • coneren It isnt well kown at all, although BF(If you know who that is)tryed guessing him on outbox....I wish there was PM so I could tell you!!
    September 5 03:46 AM
  • coneren Do you listen to black metal??OHOHOH did you remember who my alt was?
    September 5 03:37 AM
  • coneren I think I'm the only one here who likes Leaving Your Body Map the most!!I remember when I listen to fun. last year and hated I LOVE it!!!I'm so glad I expanded my taste
    September 5 03:30 AM
  • coneren Oh wow....I don't have that many on any letter. So you like motW???Well rec me something then!!
    September 5 03:16 AM
  • coneren Are you jesus???Holy buttsack, I just realized I only have 7 bands that start with"f"...Half my library is from A-H
    September 5 03:13 AM
  • coneren Thanks a ton man, this has been on my "To listen" list for months...I think I'll listen to motW sometime tonight also....good idea(Of course, those are the only ideas you have)
    September 5 03:05 AM
  • PinkBlackberry AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. I can really hear the grind folk influence.
    September 5 03:04 AM
  • coneren for christ sakes why does it do that??because I use the "and" symbol?
    September 5 03:02 AM
  • coneren oh s***!I can't find any downloads for A
    September 5 03:01 AM
  • coneren Oh my ****, that sounds awesome!!I can't find any working downloads for A
    September 5 02:59 AM
  • PinkBlackberry Justin bieber = Clearly the most br00tal thing since AttackAttack!
    September 5 02:52 AM
  • coneren Black metal now, not sure what I will listen to later. I have to re-download Aim and Ignite, now that you mention it
    September 5 02:50 AM
  • coneren Oh hell yeah, been sober for a whole week, so that is changing right now
    September 5 02:44 AM
  • coneren Oh, hey sup bro
    September 5 02:37 AM
  • RosaParks thank you very very much. I only choose the best for sptnk
    September 4 05:20 AM
  • iamnotchan well i appreciate enrique's help but apparently ppl only cared about sputnik madness when chan did it and since iamnotchan ppl didn't give a damn
    September 4 04:19 AM
  • iamnotchan well the last one was an epic failure so i'll leave it to you and others from now on
    September 4 04:13 AM
  • PinkBlackberry True. I agree with your logic, and I also agree with fapping to pictures of enrique.On a totally different/unrelated topic...Brb...
    September 4 04:03 AM
  • PinkBlackberry Who doesn't though. (Fap to pics of themselves I mean)
    September 4 03:59 AM
  • PinkBlackberry PBBerry, I like to think I'm straight but in a homosexual way, Kinda like metrosexual, Ju'Know I seyin'?
    September 4 03:52 AM
  • PinkBlackberry Roar.
    September 4 03:47 AM
  • Lakes. I lurve you
    September 4 03:26 AM
  • vanderb0b That's good, man. Enrique should not reveal who he is.
    September 3 10:34 PM
  • SlightlyEpic do you think you could lend a hand to the defecation process from time to time, just push it down a little because it's starting to clog up and get all painful, sorry if it's inconvenient i guess it comes with the territory
    September 3 10:33 PM
  • SlightlyEpic that would explain why i failed to poop, is it roomy enough for you up there, I could get it redecorated if you like
    September 3 10:29 PM
  • vanderb0b U bungy? I'm worried, Enrique.
    September 3 10:23 PM
  • SlightlyEpic i think you are the little man that crawled out of my butt when i tried to poop the other day
    September 3 10:22 PM
  • SeaAnemone good pt
    September 3 09:35 PM
  • Deceptioneer no, maybe, i don't know. but you have been acting out of character lately, this saddens taylor :[
    September 3 09:12 PM
  • SeaAnemone bungy?
    September 3 09:11 PM
  • Deceptioneer enrique... i don't even.. you're bungy? it's over.
    September 3 09:10 PM
  • BallsToTheWall If only I had him to guide me now. Maybe his brother Gael will assist me. Especially when it comes to kitesurfing and making love.
    September 3 01:44 AM
  • BallsToTheWall
    September 3 01:40 AM
  • Josh D. Oddly enough, about 10 minutes after I posted that on you shoutbox, an inning or two later, the song played when someone Hunter Pence or someone was coming to the plate. Can't escape.
    September 2 03:32 AM
  • Josh D. So I'm watching a day game between the Astros and Cardinals. The Cards pitcher was having a bit of trouble, so the pitching coach went to have a chat. And what song would come on in the stadium during the time out other than "I Like It". I melted.
    September 1 07:41 PM
  • Fapper I'm really hoping that you posted that while fapping. You make me proud!
    September 1 06:06 AM
  • coneren What the hell, metal was at 20% now its at 34...what is going on here
    September 1 05:49 AM
  • coneren Nice chart you got there now!
    September 1 05:46 AM
  • ThePalestMexican Exactly, I'm trying to cut some down though. I almost have like 2000 ratings, and I honestly don't remember some of these.
    September 1 04:33 AM
  • SoapySoap Me? Clever? Thanks.
    September 1 04:14 AM
  • theacademy hahaha saw that earlier
    September 1 03:34 AM
  • ThePalestMexican Not even that, sometimes it would be like "I thought that album was amazing a year ago....*5'd it*"
    September 1 03:22 AM
  • coneren 2 hours.....well if you say so.I just noticed you have metal on your chart...The Rique is getting crazier
    September 1 03:18 AM
  • coneren I will always applaud somebody with manners, because I usually never use any
    September 1 03:12 AM

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