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  • Trebor. Make sure to vote for Kyary yeah
    December 3 11:50 AM
  • Xenophanes It's gorgeous what are you talking about??
    November 5 07:20 PM
  • chambered49 word
    October 23 11:21 PM
  • silentpotato its ****ing good ya? not what i was expecting at all so it wasnt immediate for me but im lovin it more and more each listen
    September 28 09:46 PM
  • Trebor. Your Pamyu Pamyu Revolution review is mentioned on the wikipedia page lol
    September 28 02:30 AM
  • FelixCulpa Thanks for the link balcaen. I guess Sleep In Bandcamp would be a pretty good thing to try and google but it didn't occur to me. I'm enjoying what I hear of twins so far. More than Pyramids and Carnival.
    July 16 12:30 PM
  • FelixCulpa Where did you get a hold of the new Sleep In record? I can't for some reason access, at least not atm. Or is it even on there?
    July 15 09:47 AM
  • silentpotato you two queeny, hope you yours was even better than mine!
    July 14 10:23 PM
  • silentpotato lol of course
    July 13 03:18 AM
  • silentpotato finished my album;
    July 12 09:21 AM
  • JJwins sry 4 being annoying Balcaen plz dnt h8 me anymore
    June 30 09:19 PM
  • chambered49 who said i was nice
    June 24 09:35 PM
  • chambered49 shut up
    June 24 05:37 PM
  • chambered49 you are a ****
    June 23 10:19 PM
  • Graveyard you got a facebook mezz queen?
    June 18 05:56 PM
  • Satellite #htb2012
    June 16 01:42 AM
  • silentpotato yeah it is, cuz everyone is chill with each other. dont mind packed local shows, i go to alot of local crust/grind shows at this house at vic and its always so ****ing packed, but i still prefer smaller intimate shows, especially when its not a local. everyone always just seems way more stoked and down to dance
    June 9 05:42 PM
  • silentpotato mostly kidding don't worry, frankly the ONLY way I'd go to Brand New is if it was free, regardless of my recognition of the Devil and God as a classic album. I don't like big shows usually.
    June 8 05:31 AM
  • Graveyard im totally stealing the "bitches love deep lyrics" from you ;) hope you don't mind
    June 8 12:48 AM
  • silentpotato bring me 2 brand new
    June 7 09:50 PM
  • MalleusMaleficarum hahaha very good point. I'll have to step up my game.... nah I'm kiddin'. Totally won't harass you at all..
    May 30 07:03 PM
  • MalleusMaleficarum why yes.. it is I who requested to "skype all night long".. rofl
    May 30 06:44 PM
  • silentpotato i wouldn't call the knife a strictly rhythm base project but i see what you are saying. I am a percussionist, so rhythm is very important to me. it pains me to listen to musicians that dont have their rhythm down to a science (not necessarily perfect, sloppy rhythm can be a stylistic thing). man i miss stu he was always so ****ing amped at SF shows
    May 30 12:36 AM
  • silentpotato yeah ur a picky ****er ain't chya lol. listen to this song. I don't think even you can possibly deny how ****ing incredible this is. Also Fever Ray's self titled is way different than the knife, there is no disco s***, you might like it better. yeah ill send u it asap, why do u want it lol
    May 29 11:37 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers i got that kyary fever
    May 29 10:58 PM
  • Xenophanes hahaha, omg that sounds awesome. Hey at least it's an original way to have your government terrorized, I guess? The craziest we get is planes in buildings [poor taste idgaf]
    May 29 10:14 PM
  • Xenophanes I'm looking at a lot of places but will ultimately go where I am accepted because I am a terrible student haha. Just between you and me I would love to study anywhere in Canada because truth be told I'm beginning to hate America.
    May 29 09:57 PM
  • Xenophanes ....I shouldn't have to -_-
    May 29 09:47 PM
  • Xenophanes
    May 29 06:46 PM
  • silentpotato your music taste is almost as hard to decipher as my own lol, i swore you were gonna love Girlfriends. What have you heard by the knife? and have u heard fever ray as well?
    May 28 02:37 AM
  • AngelofDeath Haha, no problem. I aim to please.
    May 28 12:32 AM
  • AngelofDeath Thou and Hell just put out a split, and it's pretty rad:
    May 28 12:05 AM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER So, have you heard the new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?
    May 24 09:45 PM
  • silentpotato this too. its like sorne meets the knife???????!!
    May 21 06:13 AM
  • Wolfhorde You're welcome. Yeah, he's pretty cool.
    May 21 12:46 AM
  • silentpotato this pleases me, dear mezz queen
    May 20 11:28 PM
  • Wolfhorde I hear you might want breakcore, you might want to check out Xanopticon, Terminal11, Datach'i, Venetian Snares (if you haven't already) and maybe Aaron Spectre aka Drumcorps.
    May 20 04:26 AM
  • silentpotato new infected mushroom is fun as **** tho! btw have u still not listened to girlfriends?
    May 19 07:36 PM
  • silentpotato its so ****ing bad man, the first like 4 or 5 tracks have Sole (a guy that has recently grown to parallel Sage Francis in wackness imo) rapping over top and so the first large chunk of the album is a complete write off, and it only gets slightly better once he's gone.
    May 19 06:28 PM
  • silentpotato have u herd the new bong ra albm
    May 18 07:44 PM
  • Aids haha. if only...
    May 15 02:59 PM
  • Aids a 3 for Hop Along :( you and I are clearly not meant to be, how upsetting.
    May 15 01:32 PM
  • Trebor. I don't know they just look boyish to me, like not like a 19 year old woman legs.
    May 14 07:20 PM
  • BaselineOOO plus ur taste is so superior to most sputnikers props for that
    May 13 10:40 AM
  • BaselineOOO hey i sincerely apologize for calling you a bitch one time, it was very rude of me! :(
    May 13 10:40 AM
  • Trebor. Did you ever notice Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has boyish legs?
    May 13 02:49 AM
  • Tyrael 'i am disappoint in your low standards' please explain
    May 12 06:39 AM
  • WillieDimension how do you pronounce your last name
    May 11 05:24 PM
  • Deviant. Yeah I'm pretty lucky as well, I get to play whatever I want (in my office anyway haha). And no probs on the recs, hope you dig em
    May 9 11:49 PM
  • Deviant. Uh, just a few random albums off the top of my head: Roman Flugel - Fatty Folders (house), CHLLNGR - Haven (dubstep), 2562 - Fever (garage, house, dubstep), Cosmin TRG - Simulat (house), FaltyDL - You Stand Uncertain (house, garage), Sepalcure - Sepalcure (garage, dubstep) and Submotion Orchestra - Finest Hour (trip hop, jazz, dubstep). youtube some samples and see what you think. I can give you some more recs based on any of those that you may like
    May 8 01:51 AM
  • Xenophanes nice avatar
    April 26 04:45 PM
  • Xenophanes Dude I listened to that link you sent me when I woke up and it was like the most intense thing I've listened to in a long time. It kind of reminds me of an angrier, darker godflesh in a way. Needless to say it's definitely my bag. Kudos martine
    April 24 10:05 PM
  • Xenophanes Thanks mang. It's a satire on the typical soundoff, as I'm attempting to transcend criticism and become the post-modern transgressive voice this community needs loljk
    April 24 10:03 PM
  • silentpotato this is ****ing intense. reminds me of a more gothic and electro godflesh almost. and godflesh are amazing. the only thing i don't like is the programmed drums.
    April 24 09:34 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Of course, of course. I should give at a lot more listens then. You know, for science
    April 24 09:35 AM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER I definitely just listened to Moshi Moshi Harajuku two times in a row. Is it bad that I'm thinking 3.5?
    April 23 11:17 PM
  • Xenophanes Be that as it may, have you heard of the new Enemies List release, Dweler on the Threshold?
    April 22 07:31 PM
  • Xenophanes Aw s*** dude this is embarrasing. Sorry for spamming your wall : [[[[
    April 22 09:47 AM
  • Xenophanes Sorry, we coo right?
    April 22 01:04 AM
  • Xenophanes Radiohead*
    April 22 01:04 AM
  • Xenophanes Lol the joke is that everyone has heard of deftones
    April 22 01:03 AM
  • Xenophanes You ever heard of radio head?
    April 22 01:03 AM
  • Xenophanes Dude every time I get drunk and get online I swear that I'm going to troll the fivlu out of Sputnik so LOOk OUT WORLD
    April 22 12:49 AM
  • sonictheplumber hounds of love is the best one, you'd probably like side 2 the most cause it's weirder and artsier
    April 14 11:54 PM
  • sonictheplumber listen to her more i adore her she is my favorite female
    April 14 11:49 PM
  • sonictheplumber do you like kate bush
    April 14 11:46 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Oh okay haha, yep that's me. But I'm not sure what to think of the album. It's definitely awesome but I need more listens and more time to let it sink in. I wasn't expecting it to sound the way it did and definitely wasn't expecting that transition to hip-hop and just how diverse it is overall. Crazy stuff
    April 6 02:18 AM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER I don't know if you know who I am on facebook, but in your post about getting Alphabet. Alphabets. on vinyl you convinced me to check it out. I finally listened to it and all I can say is "whoa"
    April 5 02:43 PM
  • aok nope - you came up with that conclusion all on your own ;]
    April 4 09:25 PM
  • aok every time i've been over there (~6 times over the last 4 months), smash is the only game in the console. they were polished players (one played a more wicked samus than i've ever seen) and despite not playing for a long while and losing with luigi, i took them all down with some kirby down airs. whoever said i was making analogical arguments? i just said i thought you should know, and was happy to see you were as defensive as i thought you'd be
    April 4 06:58 PM
  • aok so i walked into my pot dealer's place the other day and beat him his 3 friends at smash, even though i hadn't played in many months. thought you should know
    April 4 06:49 PM
  • Trebor. OK I listened to that song again and it's pretty good
    April 3 08:54 PM
  • Trebor. Right on, I didn't like her two newest songs that much, but I'm still looking forward to it
    April 3 08:38 PM
  • Trebor. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu full length next month
    April 3 08:30 PM
  • BSX I love how it has deep views on the world despite it being a childerns book
    March 30 02:30 AM
  • taxidermist Yeah, I might try and get on it later on tonight. Need to finish some homework and then go for a run with a bud, but I'll definitely start it. Go for reviewing though. You'll only get better. The video wasn't even bad, haha. Honest opinion.
    March 28 11:05 PM
  • taxidermist I'll try and get on that Psychic Babble review soon. I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN :p
    March 28 07:03 PM
  • BSX The Little Prince slays
    March 28 02:03 AM
  • TheGardener No Problem! It's a bloody good record and it needs more attention on sputnik.
    March 26 12:22 AM
  • PotsyTater what
    March 24 03:56 PM
  • Tyrael well observed my dear, I still don't know what to do when I get to 10k though
    March 22 01:21 PM
  • silentpotato i think ud really dig it yee. its free on his bandcamp lol well i can't really have a mezz queen who doesn't think im hot and is attracted to the wrong gender can i?
    March 21 11:00 PM
  • silentpotato have you heard dis
    March 21 06:58 PM
  • Irving Cop out! =)
    March 17 07:15 PM
  • Irving So, Balcaen - I posted my Good Old War review...where's yours? ;)
    March 12 01:30 PM
  • Samizdat looks like it's gonna be SMiLE, then. n.tourniquet soon after. both will be compared to skrillex, in keeping with the culture, ya dig
    March 7 12:49 PM
  • aok you're too young to be wallowing in glass ceiling -- go out and do stupid stuff while you can get away with it. o and revel in the fact that you can drink for free at the bat of an eye
    March 7 11:54 AM
  • Samizdat stop whispering, start shout(box)ing; i don't feel like waiting for a noctournistream, so it's either kindred or one of the weeknds. opinion?
    March 6 09:04 PM
  • aok so i just noticed josh seems to be jealous of you. another classic case of internet boy feeling trumped by internet girl
    March 6 09:00 PM
  • iFghtffyrdmns yeah ever since my super rough childhood growing up as an upper-middle class straight white male i've just really had it out for hugs.
    March 4 10:19 PM
  • iFghtffyrdmns 4 for the new GOW? i thought you had high standards balc c'mon now
    March 4 09:33 PM
  • Activista anti-MTV balcaen, you are a respected user. i respect u 4 this. what shud i listen to atm?
    March 2 01:42 AM
  • Irving Got a promo copy a month ago from their publicity company :) Sadly, I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.
    February 29 06:10 PM
  • WashboardSuds I heard you like Kyary, and I think you should give Perfume a try:
    February 28 03:02 PM
  • Trebor. My pie chart is pretty, except I really hate goldenrod
    February 26 01:52 AM
  • coneren Gangster rap is next
    February 26 01:52 AM
  • Trebor. If she puts out a full length my head will explode
    February 25 02:25 AM
  • Tyrannic uhhh, pick a date to watch something and make a list for the conversation? as much as i'd love to tinychat, everyone just staring at a screen... lol
    February 24 07:08 PM
  • Tyrannic film club it is then, can we get phlebas in on this? i bet he's got all the good ones
    February 24 06:54 PM
  • Xenophanes Golden Death Chant is like the best thing ever
    February 24 06:07 PM
  • Xenophanes no I was probably high or something lol. I don't joke around too often so you're probably not the only one who though that : /
    February 24 11:35 AM
  • Trebor. That Kyary Pamyu Pamyu EP is so good
    February 24 02:52 AM
  • Polymath He thinks you're sexy
    February 23 10:40 PM
  • aok wellyea mang
    February 23 07:26 AM
  • Xenophanes Totally tried it before. Will try again because I hear it's great.
    February 23 12:35 AM
  • Xenophanes I've been meaning to check it out. I tried downloading it once and something went wrong. Got discouraged and gave up.
    February 22 11:51 PM
  • Xenophanes Cool looking profile pic where's it from?
    February 22 11:15 PM
  • Polymath The guy below me is a creeper, freakshow, trust me Balcaen, TRUST ME!
    February 22 10:17 PM
  • aok i'm proud of you for admitting you made a mistake. just like i someday hope to cause it would be really hot if you beat me as ness
    February 22 10:14 PM
  • aok 4.5 for lateralus, 2.5 for aenima and a poster for 10000 days? i think you got your tool mixed up
    February 22 03:06 AM
  • Hep Kat your*
    February 20 10:46 PM
  • Hep Kat just so you know, despite you retarded like of that one cobra starship album, you are one of the most original and interesting users we've had in years. and i say that as a married man.
    February 20 10:45 PM
  • DarthMann ben dreyer
    February 20 03:47 AM
  • Urinetrouble thanks
    February 18 10:13 PM
  • Urinetrouble no problem brah.
    February 18 10:12 PM
  • taxidermist Why the question? Haha.
    February 17 09:14 PM
  • taxidermist Yeah. Parents are immigrants, though.
    February 17 07:19 PM
  • Tyrael oh yeah avery, he denied my friend request once... but thanks for clearing that up :]
    February 17 04:23 PM
  • Tyrael so, what's the reason you and sonic are always bickering? :]
    February 17 02:50 PM
  • devious I texted John and told him what you told me to tell him....he says back, and I quote, "Tell her she can crash at my place if she wantsta come party. But only if she can recite the first verse and chorus of Chop Suey."
    February 16 08:07 PM
  • silentpotato wat is that art? ur profile pic
    February 16 03:10 AM
  • sniper thanks nigga, much obliged :)
    February 16 03:04 AM
  • Urinetrouble the volta
    February 13 06:55 PM
  • Urinetrouble alright thanks. The vocals on it are great the band is lacking as ****
    February 13 12:17 PM
  • Urinetrouble you should def up that album for meyou like Mars Volta? new song
    February 13 04:06 AM
  • Urinetrouble Sweet. add me on FB and post about the "death" of Terry Crews m/
    February 12 06:12 PM
  • Urinetrouble I think i's pretty good. Zack and Avery are being ****s but yeah its worth a listen or two. Actually wanted some recs but forgot it about it earlier, hence the uncharacteristically boring "sup."
    February 11 06:54 PM
  • Urinetrouble sup
    February 11 03:12 PM
  • AngelofDeath Well, I have my moments, but I still think flannel is for lumberjacks and PBR tastes like s***.
    February 10 04:45 PM
  • AngelofDeath Hey, no need for name calling lol. It's just hard to find because of the unoriginal name.
    February 10 03:53 PM
  • AlecBaldwin Hey, I remember reading your TKDE review and thinking it was great! Do you still review regularly?
    February 10 12:24 PM
  • Urinetrouble nvm review is done and will be posted tomorrow when im at school
    February 1 03:41 AM
  • Urinetrouble if i feel like it. I already do enough writing as it is. it'll take me about another full listen or two.
    January 31 11:56 PM
  • sonictheplumber i had no idea you dug music i enjoyed this is crazy! also yeah justinjordan is dumb as hell
    January 29 03:38 AM
  • AngelofDeath Well, you could... If you were cool... Anyway, here's two sludge albums: Meth Drinker - Meth Drinker; Hell - I.
    January 28 07:21 PM
  • AngelofDeath Lol. Fair enough. Would you like some sludge or some black metal?
    January 28 07:00 PM
  • sonictheplumber wtf you like yes?
    January 27 05:20 PM
  • AngelofDeath Good deal. You should check out Bacchus' self-titled debut from last year if you haven't already. It's not really metal, but pretty good crust/melodic hardcore.
    January 13 07:37 PM
  • Xenophanes
    January 11 12:44 AM
  • silentpotato born gold is like baths with awful cheesey vocals and synths i ****ing love it
    January 10 01:27 AM
  • feanaro lurkin. didn't really post at all until earlier this year on the occasional metal or indie review.
    January 9 04:42 PM
  • Maniac! "videos reviews are for an ADD audience who like to have their opinions validated." hahaha. Sounds like a mostly s***ty audience
    January 9 08:24 AM
  • Xenophanes The more they produce the higher they rank with me. "Giles Corey" last year, paired with the pretty good Mamaleek made for a great year imo. And as always, the stunning Have A Nice Life. There are some really cool artists there that sadly not many people know about.
    January 8 11:41 PM
  • Xenophanes Haha, I should. I downloaded it when they posted it on their facebook. I thought it was a joke until I actually checked it out.
    January 8 11:34 PM
  • silentpotato not to say that i didn't tell him exactly how i wanted it to sound tho mwuaaahahah
    January 8 10:41 PM
  • silentpotato i can agree to that. the only part of patchouli i like is the first almost half. it kinda got chaotic. haha man i can't take credit for that part. my buddy recorded me on his hd-16, i just made le music :p
    January 8 10:40 PM
  • silentpotato thank ya i love woven hand. i can't tell what word you were using because it turned into '****' but Patchouli Sonata is by far my least favorite. its the first one i did, my first ever shot on doing music by myself ya know so i feel like i still did alright that being the case. the other two i am quite proud of though. it was really cool picking up instruments i didn't know how to play and trying to put something together haha. and i love singing now, i've been practicing a lot.
    January 8 10:24 PM
  • Maniac! I was thinking about attempting a video review. Any tips?
    January 8 10:14 PM
  • silentpotato mezz queen listen to my solo ep, link in soundoff
    January 6 10:37 PM
  • AngelofDeath I think I can oblige such a request. Maybe we can continue things with the demo I just reviewed.
    January 4 06:10 PM
  • Jade That's just the way it's gotta be for peoples like us. Friends ask me who my favorite bands are, and I'm just like -_- thinking I don't want to sound annoying as hell, but I really doubt they've heard of Trophy Scars, Mew or ORBS
    January 1 04:14 PM
  • Jade Hello there; you have exceptional taste in musics! Just wanted to say :]
    December 31 10:43 AM
  • Xenophanes Haha, no, thank YOU. I always enjoy hearing from you in regards to my reviews and such, especially when we both like the album in question : 3 Great end of year list btw. Also, I remember you saying that you're specializing in entomology (correct me if I'm wrong), and I got an actual tarantula for xmas lol. Not sure if arachnids are where your interests lay or not, but you gotta admit theyre a fascinating group. Science nerd talk over
    December 30 01:54 AM
  • Samshine Haha, yep yep. No, yours looks great tho. I'll post ya a picture when i get mine!!
    December 30 12:34 AM
  • Samshine Dude thats sick. I really like it, and i like the placement aswell. I know, i'm pretty pumped. I'm not doing the octopus idea anymore. I dated this guy for 4 years of my life.. s*** got pretty messy between us, but he basicly stole the idea and went and got it. It looks like s*** tho. So, i've changed it up and decided that i wanted "Looking for Atlantis" with the true north logo at the end of it written on my arm.
    December 29 10:44 PM
  • Samshine Your first yesterday hey? What did you get?? Ahh, i know im really stoked. This will be my first too. I don't know why i've waited this long tbh.. Send me a pic girrl!!
    December 29 10:17 PM
  • CaptainDooRight m/
    December 29 04:13 PM
  • FelixCulpa Cool, cool. I do like their S/T more but Gangs is no doubt a ton of fun. Would have seen them play some of the songs live which I can only guess might even be better than the recordings but unfortunately there was a 20 age limit at the show :/
    December 28 04:01 PM
  • taxidermist Yeah it's the only movie editing software I know, haha. And I agree. Most people just jack off Fantano anyway and agree with everything he says. The comments never have anything to with the music anyway. It's always just 'yay it got a good score' or 'please do a review of x album!' I'd rather just write a review and discuss the music itself (though I don't write many reviews anyway lol).
    December 28 03:40 PM
  • taxidermist Oh yeah, that was the worst part of having those videos. It just attracted the whole Fantano crowd and everyone thought you wanted to be him, lol (well that seems to be the case with ANYONE who does video reviews). If you do want to do that without attracting all the people expecting music, you'd probably have to drop the Balcaen name D: I took multimedia classes in high school and was very good at using imovie, but when I got my laptop and it had imovie, everything was different so I suck at it
    December 28 03:09 PM
  • taxidermist 3.5 is the lowest I'll go, but a 4 is preferred, haha. And I honestly thought you sounded just fine. Though you do write pretty well, too. And why deeleete (retarded way of saying de-lete since that word isn't visible on sputnik, lol) your channel if there wasn't anything on it anyway? :p
    December 28 02:59 PM
  • taxidermist Haha, fair enough. He's an awesome writer. I expect no lower than a 3.5, though :p And why? You were able to speak about it in front of a camera pretty good.
    December 28 02:17 PM
  • taxidermist Do it! It's never too late.
    December 28 02:03 PM
  • taxidermist And one of those ratings is my alt, lol.
    December 28 05:00 AM
  • taxidermist Ikr, looks like we have to get the word out. Write a review!
    December 28 04:46 AM
  • Deviant. No, I live in New Zealand - can't travel all the way just for that!
    December 27 04:17 AM
  • Xenophanes Holy s*** dude thats awesome. I was straight up bio until I switched. I work at my campus' biodiversity museum and we have a huge insect collection. It's great. I wasn't aware you had an interest.
    December 7 01:22 AM
  • Xenophanes You are correct. Zoology to be exact. And you, if I may be so bold as to ask?
    December 7 12:59 AM
  • Xenophanes Haha, that's ****ing awesome. I played the s*** out of white when it dropped in the spring. Yeah, uni has been pretty lame for me as well, but sadly I still end up hear often : /. I was creepin' around and noticed I haven't seen you around too often, but those are pretty decent reasons.....I suppose -_-
    December 6 11:22 PM
  • Xenophanes Where you go? : [
    December 6 10:43 PM
  • Xenophanes I'm stealing that link ITsHxCTOASTER left for you, and there's nothing you can do about it...
    November 16 07:32 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER No problem, there's plenty of other great stuff worth checking out there too
    November 16 02:15 PM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Check here for Tycho
    November 16 12:02 AM
  • aok yea. it's a huge moneysaver and you meet lots of interesting people. also it's way cooler to eat at the happening $.70 food stand than some makeshift $14 fusion food.
    November 15 11:55 PM
  • aok **** s*** ass that's some bulls*** . wayy too many messed up people out there. **** s***
    November 15 09:29 PM
  • aok hehe - i meant you left the fb group a long while back. also wanted to make sure you were ok with being tagged even though your tags were pretty harmless. i hear you've had worse s*** go down recently
    November 15 08:22 AM
  • aok you were bleeped out a bit there .. what was it you were saying?
    November 14 07:32 PM
  • F0RBES I got a DECO man bobble head when I handed my stuff in. So awesome! And good job rating WDNTW a 3.5, and not a 1. Because of when it came out, it's definitely still in my top 5 all time albums.
    November 14 01:04 AM
  • aok in case you didn't see . dunno where you went =/
    November 14 12:33 AM
  • Aids haha aww I miss you too buddy. I was actually just thinking of our calgary meet-n-greet today. You gotta come to BC when I'm back home and Graham, you and me can kick it old school. seriously, I wanna hang out with you again haha I'll come to calgary if I have to I'LL DO IT
    November 12 06:24 PM
  • BikeInPond but not really. controversiality is admirable.
    November 10 02:20 AM
  • BikeInPond SCUMBAG BALCAEN: rates angels and airwaves higher than cynic, don cab, flying lotus, godspeed!, nurse with wound, and my bloody valentine. Add me to your collection of butthurt sputbuds (lol,
    November 10 02:05 AM
  • Trebor. Yeah, but not as good as regular Sabrepulse
    November 5 10:43 PM
  • Aids nice, yeah I'm not crazy on it either, though I'm not a big Wilco fan to begin with. I haven't even heard Sky Blue Sky :/ great live band though, and YHF grew on me, I used to think it was crazily overrated but I really like it now.
    October 25 05:24 PM
  • Maniac! explains how we have the same personality/interests/taste in music
    October 24 09:04 PM
  • sonictheplumber m/
    October 19 09:14 AM
  • Xenophanes I'm fully aware, I greatly dislike the heat myself. Even though I'm only like 2hrs away from Canada it gets pretty ****ing hot...but we don't have tea in america, I don't know what that is. We only soda and beer lol.
    October 10 10:54 PM
  • Xenophanes But don't you live in the barren tundra that is Canada??
    October 10 10:34 PM
  • Xenophanes Yeah, Tim Hecker has put out two awesome records, and A Winged Victory for the sullen just dropped a really great album as well. Nobody ****ing cares though, cause Devin Townsend made a new age album!!!
    October 10 10:18 PM
  • Xenophanes Well I try not to associate myself with the 'metalhead' scene haha, because yes they probably do find that album to be the most relaxing and ****ing beautiful thing to ever grace their ears. Idk, I though Deconstruction was awful and Ghost was only okay. Because your soundoff is ****ing great.
    October 10 08:41 PM
  • Aids oh and I'm pretty curious to see what you think of the new Wilco album.
    September 30 01:50 PM
  • Aids seriously though I used to be insanely good at Melee and Brawl. I was into the competitive scene for a while (yeah yeah yeah, nerd alert etc.) Next time I come to Calgary (or you come to Vancouver) we will throw down. Also I don't give a s*** about your objectivity rating haha I just remember you being "I have the highest obj. on sputnik" when we met so I thought I'd bust your chops. But s*** man that Oberst album is terrible. And thanks for caring about muh blog mang.
    September 30 01:49 PM
  • aok C=
    September 29 10:35 PM
  • wabbit dude and man are fine (it is funny that you say it in essentially every thing you post here) It's just you aren't that so you shouldn't be saying it. And all my wisdom is on that site
    September 29 10:01 PM
  • wabbit only bro. Cause you're not a bro. It's like a white guy saying nigga to a black guy.
    September 29 09:49 PM
  • wabbit no of course not, I'm f ucking charming and awesome and have many friends who love me
    September 29 09:33 PM
  • Aids dude a 4.5 for Conor Oberst's s/t? man I knew I was going against the grain when I gave it a 2 but I thought at least YOU would be with me. (holy s*** objectivity is wayyyy down what happened to you?) also re: aokuneff's comment, I would destroy you all in any version of smash bros. bring it ****er.
    September 29 04:16 PM
  • aok ok. if i played as yoshi, jigglypuff, mario, donkey kong or samus you might be able to beat me
    September 27 12:37 PM
  • Vesper It's pretty telling that it's expected that you're a (white) male on this site, because the idea of women taking music even semi-seriously is so foreign to some guys on here, ha. People even making that assumption about me compelled me to let people know I was female, weird as I felt about how attention-seeking that felt. Also, Sputnik can make anyone who isn't a male feel out of place a lot of times, considering the sausage fest it can be. BUT WE FIGHT ONWARDS...!
    September 24 09:54 PM
  • Obfuscation24 hahahah well feel free to take my shoutbox space if you want to break it up into 100 posts, idgaf. im just curious!
    September 24 09:44 PM

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