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  • pizzamachine Yeah it?s sick man, loving it
    April 9 10:45 PM
  • pizzamachine Yeah he's their new singer. :] Love the song, definitely sounds like Ra. Speaking of which, Sahaj is saying there's gonna be new Ra at the end of the year. Hope it happens, I miss my Ra lol
    March 26 08:56 PM
  • Nazzadan Hell yeah Erang rules. Still so much material I need to go through
    May 15 06:01 PM
  • pizzamachine I know right? Sounds like some Duality level quality!
    April 27 01:59 PM
  • pizzamachine Nothing that juicy lol
    April 23 12:00 PM
  • pizzamachine Think it's supposed to drop in the summer?
    April 20 01:50 PM
  • pizzamachine Oh yeah, I meant to say that there's gonna be a new Ra this year. I accidentally did a question mark lol.
    April 19 07:50 PM
  • Hawks I know that's right, good to hear from you buddy. :]
    April 14 07:11 PM
  • Hawks Gmork what's up bro! I'm good man just living life ya know, how's it going with you?
    April 14 12:12 AM
  • pizzamachine There's gonna be a new Ra album this year!?
    April 13 05:52 PM
  • pizzamachine Yeah it's amazing! Supernova really needed a redo imo, and the new Do You Call My Name is crazy good.?? I just wish they refixed Sky too
    March 31 12:48 PM
  • SowingSeason Yeah don't think we have so hi =) I love Matchbox 20, would you equate the two?
    February 22 05:45 PM
  • xxm No problem.
    October 12 07:34 PM
  • xxm I love your profile, Gmork. You've got great taste and a great way of expressing yourself.
    October 12 03:53 PM
  • Hawks You gotta go under user ratings bro.
    October 7 08:26 PM
  • FullOfSounds Your avatar is goat.
    September 3 08:47 PM
  • DarkNoctus really, REALLY like it! been obsessed with all things devin lately, heh!
    September 2 04:32 PM
  • BenThatsMyJamin As you predicted, I freaking LOVE 'From the Heart' man
    August 27 05:47 AM
  • judasgoat Thanks! Someone seemed to have gotten to it before me though. Haha. I think there's more songs to come, though, so I'll make a news post when I see it if no one beats me to it. And yeah, Secret Sciences rules.
    August 20 02:28 PM
  • DarkNoctus because i don't want people to take my opinion seriously. plus, it'll invariably be compared to my own music, which i don't want.
    June 14 07:32 PM
  • DarkNoctus i'm not reviewing ever again, sorry
    June 11 11:26 AM
  • BigHans Hell yeah man, stoner rock brofist
    March 25 09:01 PM
  • BigHans I discovered a total gem today. Jam this if you haven't. Riffs hard.
    March 25 01:43 PM
  • BigHans Thanks for rec bro. Inveigh said I would love the music part of it but hate the vocals. Will have to give it a shot.
    March 25 01:27 PM
  • Hawks Not yet bud, I haven't been jamming much metal over the past two or so weeks so I'm waiting until I'm in the mood then I'm gonna jam the new album hard.
    March 25 12:22 PM
  • Hawks Hell yeah bro, more money is always a good thing lol.
    January 21 02:49 PM
  • Hawks It's a pharmacy tech job which is what I've been doing for 4 years only I'll be getting paid way more haha.
    January 19 03:40 PM
  • Hawks Thanks bro! I'm pretty pumped about it hahaha.
    January 15 01:49 PM
  • Hawks Same old s*** bro. Just got a new job so I'm waiting to start and just pretty much been bulls***ting in the meantime haha. Sick as a dog right now though which sucks so hard.
    January 14 05:20 PM
  • Hawks What's up brotha? Haven't talked to you in a while.
    January 14 01:19 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yep the lyrics are ****ed, album took a few listens for me to adore like I do due to how odd Kyo's vox are but damn I love it. Another bit of trivia every song on the album has a music video (which is insane), so if you ever want a visual element there you go :3
    September 26 03:55 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Don't forget the limited edition of Unraveling either, that 15 minute version of Macabre needs to be heard.
    September 25 03:20 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity For me DSS is the clear winner, album is almost perfect to me for too many reason to fit in this shoutbox. Biggest grower ever. Also if you're gonna give Gauze a try I suggest reading this review before you do, really helped me appresate how good the album is:
    September 25 03:19 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Also if you haven't watched the uncensored music video for Obscure which is on Vulgar, watch it right now. Best music video ever and song rules too:
    September 25 12:40 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Dum Spiro Spero, Arche, Gauze, Uroboros=The Unraveling, then Marrow by a massive stretch. The rest I haven't listened to in full due to fan being a fan on my past attempts.
    September 25 12:35 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'll be honest in saying I'm not a big fan of their middle-era, however I say that's a great place to go next. It shows the true beginning of their middle era where they're making the transition to western influenced material with alternative metal. My personal ranking would be this if it means anything:
    September 25 12:32 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I suggest checking more Diru then just Arche and Uroboros ;) (despite both of them being ****ing superb).
    September 25 08:38 AM
  • Hawks ****in slays bro, that was one hell of a rec hahaha.
    September 24 05:41 PM
  • Hawks You actually really got me interested bro so I'm gonna check Uroboros right now. m/
    September 24 03:57 PM
  • Hawks Hmmmm that def sound interesting. I'll let you know what I think. ;]
    September 23 10:33 PM
  • Hawks I'll let you know what I think when I jam. :] What do they sound like?
    September 23 07:04 PM
  • Hawks Will do bro, I'm bringing on black metal again atm though so it won't be right away lol.
    September 23 06:40 PM
  • Hawks Can't say I've ever jammed them bro, I've always known about them though. Should I czech?
    September 23 04:08 PM
  • Hawks Newest Agalloch took a while to grow on me, but I have it at a 4.5 now. Dig it even more than Marrow now for sure.
    September 16 06:39 PM
  • Hawks Hell yeah new Amorphis is amazing. But idk bro I'm still digging Enslaved and Agalloch's new stuff.
    September 16 04:09 PM
  • Hawks ****ing right bro. But yeah there's been some good stuff the past couple years. I haven't jammed a lot of albums from this year though compared to previous years haha.
    September 15 06:47 PM
  • Hawks You really gonna start posting again or are you actually ****ing with my emotions....? ;]
    September 15 06:39 PM
  • OmairSh No problem man. Yeah a week between the European and NA release just doesn't make sense. If you liked Coal then you'll probably like this. It doesn't have as many crazy moments as the previous albums, the band focuses on writing solid songs. And it's a grower like all Leprous albums.
    June 1 10:21 PM
  • OmairSh Hey Gmork, I hate to admit it but I got my paws on a leak a few days ago. I'm waiting for the digital copy so that I can buy it anyway (there's an amazon link that band shared, but the payment is in Euros so I'm still waiting), but I just couldn't wait any longer :-P. Dam the record label for releasing it so late in NA. I can share the link from where I got the album if you're interested. But I'm guessing you probably could have found links on your own :-P
    May 28 06:27 PM
  • discovolante Oh! And of course, you will probably like Glay and Spitz as well!
    February 18 07:43 PM
  • discovolante Hmm... well, if you like the catchy pop-rock side of Japanese music, I know some bubbly pop rock bands you may be interested in lol. Judy and Mary, Blue Boy, Whiteberry, Shazna, Cascade, Mr.Children, Iceman, Hysteric Blue, The Screaming Frogs and Shonen Kamikaze. Hopefully this will somewhat tame your Japanese pop rock craving! lol.
    February 18 07:41 PM
  • bloc I hear ya, there seemed to a be a lot of disappointment with the last album and while I myself wouldn't say it was a disappointment I do agree it's their weakest and the album I spend the least amount of time listening to
    November 9 06:33 PM
  • bloc I know right? It's REALLY good
    November 8 09:48 PM
  • DarkNoctus didn't like it much, felt it was really samey and what i liked about mv ii was absent (that being the great lead riffs and harmonies). ]:
    September 30 11:20 PM
  • Hawks Damn man those were the days. I haven't been active on the site in months. Miss this place and all the bros.
    June 9 12:13 AM
  • Apollo Hey man how're things?
    May 24 10:24 PM
  • BigHans Yeah came back a week ago or so, m/
    January 24 03:22 PM
  • pizzamachine Why wouldn't it be? ;)
    September 30 10:14 PM
  • pizzamachine gaaahhh so stoked
    September 15 07:13 PM
  • Apollo Right on man thanks! Btw have you heard the newest Daylight Dies?
    August 28 05:50 PM
  • Apollo Good to hear man, see you've been jamming the new AIC, I haven't really listened to it too much, you recommend?
    August 22 07:10 PM
  • Hawks Lol exactly!
    August 22 12:13 AM
  • Hawks Living the dream just like me I see lol.
    August 21 01:06 PM
  • Apollo Hey dude! Nice to hear from you! I'm doing well, working insane right now. How about yourself brother?
    August 17 10:36 AM
  • Hawks Not a thing bro. Just been working a lot. How about you?
    August 16 10:59 PM
  • Hawks It is time!
    August 16 11:46 AM
  • Hawks You need to make a permanent comeback god dammit!
    August 15 03:50 PM
  • tiesthatbind Good to see you dug the Tremonti album too. It was definitely great to have new material from him inbetween AB albums.
    March 3 10:28 PM
  • DarkNoctus monolithe - monolithe iii comes to mind [:
    January 26 09:21 AM
  • DarkNoctus gmork! :] things are okay! a little boring around here but i get by. how are you?
    January 23 12:59 PM
  • Hawks Haha I feel you. That happens to me every once in a while too.
    January 22 05:31 PM
  • Apollo Yeah man, I'm down, I'm terrible at music software/recording though, do you know anything about it? I'll do some research about cheap gear to connect to my laptop and such this weekend. I should get your email too, mine is
    January 22 05:16 PM
  • Hawks That's good to hear. :] But yeah, I stopped listening to new stuff from last year and then crammed a bunch of albums in at the end lol. You should listen to the Xanthochroid album I reviewed a couple weeks ago. I think you'd like it. Check out my end of the year list too just to see what you haven't heard. I know like a lot of the same things.
    January 11 04:16 PM
  • Apollo That would be sweet dude! I'd love to play something like that. I don't really care what I play to be honest, I'll play just about anything these days, just want to start jamming again haha
    January 11 01:25 PM
  • Apollo Not a whole hell of a lot brother how have you been? I'm busy with work and that's about it. Getting my Gretsch cleaned up and looking for a new band to start playing with. How about yourself man?!
    January 9 10:35 PM
  • Hawks Awww s*** I'm really sorry to hear that dude. It's always tough to lose someone close to you. :[ But at least you got a job and your girlfriend to keep you busy/distracted. And I've just been working a lot and hanging out with friends. Might try to get back into school in the near future. Nothing too exciting at all haha.
    January 9 12:35 PM
  • Hawks Bro....long time no talk! Where the hell you been?
    January 8 06:25 PM
  • LilLioness Indeed, I am. I am one of a few that I know of that actually consider him their favorite artist (a lot of people on Hevy Devy forums list him between 3-10). That being said, I am not really feeling Epicloud, which makes it the first album since SYL that I am not really loving. I do, however, like the video submission thing he has going for "Lucky Animals".
    August 14 04:03 PM
  • LilLioness I have seen quite a bit of sexy sexies in my time, but Devy jumping around with that hat on (bunnycore?) takes the cake. :)
    August 5 07:10 PM
  • Apollo Sorry for the late response man! Been listening to a wide mix of stuff actually, everything from Aesop Rock's newest to The Ghost Inside, Katatonia and even some pop punk stuff
    July 19 10:50 AM
  • InvertTheInverted Wow. Well, that's probably the worst possible time to use that line. You can't get over it. Whatever.
    June 19 01:26 PM
  • InvertTheInverted You don't know me, you don't know Rest, so stop saying stupid s*** like we should be banned. There is absolutely no reason for it. You don't like us? Get over it.
    June 19 01:22 PM
  • Hawks I'll do that as soon as I can download music again bud. My computer is all ****ed up haha.
    June 14 02:49 PM
  • Apollo could complain but noones listening haha nah, just looking for work more than 8 months after I lost my job and aside from that just damning a lot of doom and post-metal lately, what have you been listening to dude?
    June 8 08:54 AM
  • Apollo sup buddy
    June 6 12:09 PM
  • ANJ45 I ****ing love your icon lol bunnycore FTW.
    May 15 12:53 AM
  • Hawks No problem at all my man. Also, if you're looking for some great hardcore from this year, listen to the new State Faults. It's amazing.
    May 10 09:36 PM
  • Hawks Also, definitely get on the new Wodensthrone. Forgot about that one. The new Drudkh is awesome too, but I feel like you've probably already heard it lol.
    May 4 08:30 PM
  • Hawks I'd say listen to Pneuma by Hail Spirit Noir, By the Hands of the Consuming Fire by Axis of Light, Becoming by Abigail Williams, Burning for the Ancient by Addaura, and Time is but a Doorway to the Incinerator by Torture Chain. All albums from this year. You could also listen to Pervertor by Lord Mantis, which is my second favorite album so far this year. It's a lot more sludge than it is black metal, but it still has black metal influences.
    May 4 05:00 PM
  • tiesthatbind It sounds great, I don't think it'll surpass ABIII quality wise but it should be a great rock album at the very least. Tremonti's vocals have gotten really good.
    April 25 03:56 PM
  • tiesthatbind Dunno if you've heard this since it was a Japanese B-side but this is actually a pretty sweet track that could've fit on ABIII imo:
    April 23 04:32 AM
  • ncbest32 Ocean Machine is amazing!!! Thanks so much for recommending to me!!
    March 22 09:35 PM
  • Hawks Haha it's alright buddy. And I actually completely forgot about them until you just mentioned it.
    March 22 08:14 AM
  • Hawks Everyone hates Wiz Khalifa, but I honestly love him. It probably helps that he's from the same area as me, but good lord I listen to him nonstop. It's also really great smoking music.
    March 16 04:59 PM
  • Hawks Yeah I'll probably sample some of them on YouTube. I'm listening to Wiz Khalifa's new mixtape now though. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT I SAID WIZ KHALIFA!
    March 16 04:55 PM
  • Hawks I'll wait for you to get off work because I can't find s***. I'm not looking too hard because I'm a lazy ****, but yeah, just send me one when you can lol.
    March 16 04:50 PM
  • Hawks I'm so lazy, but I'll look for one just for you Gmork god dammit.
    March 16 04:47 PM
  • Hawks Send me a link nigga lol.
    March 16 04:46 PM
  • Hawks Ahhhhh god dammit, djent sucks so hard lol. I don't even really like Meshuggah, but I'll still listen to it since you have me interested.
    March 16 04:43 PM
  • Hawks I haven't and I'll definitely listen to it. I trust your taste haha. What genre is it?
    March 16 04:40 PM
  • dannyboy89 Pretty much like KILL said. Moving Pictures is the easiest. I recommend you go on with either Signals or Permanent Waves, after that you choose how to work your way. A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres are great, but demanding for someone who isn't a seasoned prog lover.
    March 14 11:17 PM
  • KILL dude its hard to rec rush as i would say jump straight into moving pictures but you may not dig it hard, for me i started with their first album and worked my way through, but i dont know dude just get their discog lol
    March 13 01:30 PM
  • Hawks Nope. They checked my eyes and they were bloodshot as **** and they asked if we were smoking. I told them I had bad allergies, which is actually true lol. My two other friends didn't have bloodshot eyes at all so they didn't check us. I had 3 grams in my pocket and I didn't have a chance to shove it in my boxers. I was so relieved when they just told us to be safe and get out of there. It was pouring rain, so I think that helped us out a little bit too.
    February 28 01:12 PM
  • Hawks Me and my friend were riding around in my car smoking a blunt, apparently I ran a stop sign, some dude jumped in front of my car and I almost blasted him. Unfortunately for me, the cops were behind me and saw the whole thing. My friend had a half ounce of weed, a scale, and a grinder. He shoved that s*** in his pants when the cops rolled up. Thank god they didn't check the car. I ended up getting a fine, but that's better than getting arrested.
    February 28 12:50 PM
  • Hawks Not too much. Went up to Penn State this past weekend and had a great time. Almost got arrested, but didn't (thank god lol.)
    February 28 12:48 PM
  • Hawks Sup bro?
    February 28 12:44 PM
  • Hawks We're trying to revive the blog, start posting some s*** lol.
    February 18 06:27 PM
  • macadoolahicky Love the icon, and the avatar. Dev's my man ;)
    February 3 01:30 PM
  • Vesper Lol, thank you for that.
    February 2 02:09 PM
  • Vesper WHERE IS YOUR AVATAR FROM? I recall you mentioning it in a thread somewhere, but I don't remember, lol.
    February 2 01:27 PM
  • Hawks You won't be disappointed. :]
    January 13 06:45 PM
  • Hawks You'll be alright bud lol. And so I don't forget, you should listen to the new Abigail Williams. It's awesome stuff. They dropped the symphonics and went for a more atmospheric sound in the vein of Wolves in the Throne Room.
    January 13 06:35 PM
  • Hawks Something will happen eventually, don't worry. Just gotta figure out what you wanna do and go for it.
    January 13 05:22 PM
  • Hawks Not at all. Just work and hanging out. That's all I do haha.
    January 12 11:51 PM
  • Hawks Honestly, I'd probably be on my way if I had enough money haha.
    January 12 02:44 PM
  • Hawks Nice to hear everything's going good for you buddy. :] I really would move in with you if you weren't so damn far away...
    January 12 12:18 PM
  • Hawks It must be so nice to be out on your own though haha.
    January 6 07:14 PM
  • Hawks You lucky son of a bitch. I'm moving in with you lol. But things have been good. Just been working and chilling with friends. That's basically all I do nowadays.
    January 4 04:26 PM
  • seedofnothing Haha cool man I'll definately check it out.
    December 29 01:22 PM
  • Hawks Just saw the shoutbox message you left me haha. I've been so busy lately, I haven't been on for the past few days. I shall check out your post today bud.
    December 19 11:00 AM
  • TheSpirit Me too tbh. Well better late than never :]. So how're you doing?
    December 14 11:21 PM
  • TheSpirit No problem dude, your taste is awesome, so I'm grateful you decided to come aboard!
    December 14 11:14 PM
  • TheSpirit hey glad to have you aboard dude :] lets make the best of this
    December 14 11:10 PM
  • TheSpirit invite sent :]
    December 14 10:55 PM
  • Hawks It's something that would be right up your alley.
    December 14 09:05 PM
  • Hawks Yep that's him haha. Really awesome guy with good taste. You should definitely listen to his demo. You'd dig it.
    December 14 08:58 PM
  • Hawks Oh s*** I am. Finally!
    December 14 08:53 PM
  • Hawks Alright bud I'll talk to you sometime tomorrow with more information. Foxblood is gonna be contributing now as well.
    December 14 08:53 PM
  • Hawks Hell yeah dude. I'm talking to Spirit now and he's gonna get s*** started tonight and set up a layout tomorrow and then we'll be able to get it going.
    December 14 08:02 PM
  • Hawks I'm sure you won't let us down lol. And as of right now it's me, you, Spirit, and Noctus. I'm not sure who else we plan on asking.
    December 14 07:55 PM
  • Hawks Yeah it should be awesome. And no problem bud. You were the first person I thought of to invite.
    December 14 07:47 PM
  • Hawks Well yeah, it's music, just any kind you wanna put on haha.
    December 14 07:44 PM
  • Hawks Well Brandon is gonna get it all set up tonight and I should know more by tomorrow. Basically gonna be an "anything goes" blog titled Friends With Benefits lol.
    December 14 07:37 PM
  • Hawks Have a question for you sir, would you be interested in contributing to a blog that me and Spirit are starting?
    December 14 07:10 PM
  • Hawks You gotta listen to Andacht by Lunar Aurora if you haven't already. Rules so hard.
    December 12 11:29 AM
  • Hawks I already told you, and obviously Apollo did too, but get on Esoteric as soon as you can! Best metal album this year.
    November 16 12:18 AM
  • Apollo Already have it bro, it rules hardCheck out the new Esoteric, its pretty awesome doom metal
    November 15 11:26 AM
  • Hawks Well yeah he's definitely a douche haha. Leviathan is actually one of my favorite black metal acts though.
    November 13 04:47 PM
  • Hawks So many good albums have been released/leaked recently. New Esoteric rules face too and I love the new Leviathan even though a lot of people hate it.
    November 10 05:52 PM
  • Hawks Les Discrets is great stuff. I've been listening to Flourishing all day. Don't know if you've heard their new album yet. If not, you need to hear it.
    November 10 01:47 PM
  • Hawks Haha sorry buddy. It just bored the hell out of me.
    November 10 01:43 PM
  • DarkNoctus go to getmetal, apparently it's on there. it really is a 4.5, an improvement on sect(s) and one of the best this year imo! :]
    November 8 01:22 PM
  • Hawks I'm sure you'll like what you hear.
    November 6 10:06 PM
  • Hawks I was just gonna ask you if I already told you to check out the new Circle of Ouroborus album, but I can see that I did lol.
    November 6 07:43 PM
  • Apollo did you?! Awesome! And I completely agree...although Jonas was kinda drunk I think...OPeth pulled out Creedance though, which I don't think they played on the other sets
    November 4 05:25 PM
  • Apollo its been awhile brother how are you? I saw Opeth and Katatonia last weekend...Katatonia was phenomenal!
    November 4 04:01 PM
  • Hawks Yeah dude that album is awesome. Might be a 4.5 eventually.
    October 20 01:00 PM
  • Hawks No problem buddy. Also, this Mar de Grises album is sounding awesome so far.
    October 20 11:30 AM
  • Hawks Oh, and get the new Circle of Ouroborus album too. Pretty sure you'd enjoy it.
    October 19 09:54 PM
  • Hawks I don't know how I just saw your comment now haha, but yeah I think you'd definitely dig them. Just get all three of their full-lengths. They all slay.
    October 19 09:37 PM
  • Hawks I'll definitely let you know. I would've listened to it already, but I've been listening to Shai Hulud all day haha.
    October 19 07:55 PM
  • Hawks I shall download it right now lol.
    October 19 02:19 PM
  • Hawks Thanks buddy! I figured I was away long enough.
    October 18 05:41 PM
  • pizzamachine sounds like a plan
    October 14 12:01 PM
  • pizzamachine tbh I've never listened to The Police, I'm not much for old music haha
    October 14 11:13 AM
  • Apollo yeeeeeeeeeees awesome man :) anything else I find I will keep you in the loop
    October 4 07:38 PM
  • KILL i'm just gonna use my 260 gtx, had it for a few years now and its still going strong, i could run the beta at high settings without lagg so yea
    October 4 08:16 AM
  • KILL sweet, apparently ultra settings in the beta arent fully ultra, the full game will have better lighting effects
    October 3 10:07 AM
  • Apollo Report back soldier! :P seriously, lemme know what you think, I'm in the process of writing a review for it and I knew it would be something you would dig
    September 30 03:01 PM
  • Apollo so I see you also liked Paradise Lost's newest...have you heard Mar De Grises - Streams Inwards? If you haven't, get on it right away man. It's one of the best doom/death albums of 2010
    September 29 11:46 PM
  • BigHans
    September 23 10:39 AM
  • Apollo glad to help :D
    September 22 11:14 AM
  • Apollo hey bro, you should check out the new Ghost Brigades...its seriously great metal
    September 21 07:27 PM
  • Hawks I hope you still have facebook because I'm not gonna be posting here much at all anymore. I gotta keep in touch with my boy! Haha
    September 18 09:05 PM
  • indigonowhere Hey man, I tried out Agalloch's Ashes Against the Grain! I really liked it, but wasn't a fan of the vocals really.
    September 17 04:22 AM
  • Apollo Karnivool is alright, not a huge fan but they have some solid songs ;)
    September 16 01:17 PM
  • Apollo Well I have some good recs for you dude: Tombs - Paths Of Totality (black metal meets hardcore meets sludge), Rosetta - A Determinism of Morality (hardcore/post-metal), Disfear - Misanthropic Generation (Swedish D-Beat/Hardcore) and finally, are you a fan of Katatonia - Night Is The New Day? That is my favorite winter album I think. I think you may already know Rosetta and the Katatonia but do yourself a favor and check out Tombs ASAP
    September 15 10:44 PM
  • Apollo haha thats sick man, I was jamming Silent Stage today and almost daily. Now that fall is approaching I've been listening to Daylight Dies quite a bit too.
    September 14 10:01 PM
  • indigonowhere Okay, thank you so much! I'll let you know what I like when I get to it :3
    September 4 12:11 AM
  • Hawks No problem at all buddy haha.
    September 1 01:44 PM
  • Hawks Get on it as soon as you can. I know you like Dissection and I personally say it's better than Dissection's first two albums. Same style though.
    September 1 12:40 PM
  • Hawks Have you ever listened to Welcome My Last Chapter by Vinterland?
    September 1 01:20 AM
  • BigHans awesome, they didnt play that until near the end when I saw them. I think they opened with "The Human Instrument"
    August 31 11:27 AM
  • BigHans I pretty much lost my mind during Sad Man's Tongue
    August 31 11:00 AM
  • BigHans **** yeah man, it was one of the best 3 shows Ive ever seen.
    August 31 10:52 AM
  • BigHans Dude, youre in for a treat, heres a review I wrote of the show I went to:
    August 30 12:28 PM
  • Hawks Yeah I've always loved them both, but I listened to them last night and they just really hit me. And I knew you'd like Deep Mountains.
    August 26 06:27 PM
  • Hawks Alright so I just 5'd both City and Alien by Strapping Young Lad, you proud? Lol and also, how did you like Deep Mountains?
    August 26 01:55 PM
  • Hawks Yeah exactly. It's still enjoyable for the most part. And yeah they're from China haha. I know you'll love the EP and again, no problem bud.
    August 25 01:29 AM
  • Hawks I highly doubt it'll ever go above a 3.5 for me, but you never know.
    August 25 01:21 AM
  • Hawks No problem at all man. And you don't gotta apologize to me for liking an album lol. I still like to listen to it from time to time.
    August 25 01:12 AM
  • Hawks Hell yeah it's good. I'm pretty positive you'll love that one.
    August 25 01:08 AM
  • Hawks Well have you listened to Deep Mountains self-titled EP yet?
    August 25 01:06 AM
  • Hawks Hmmm well that depends. What exactly are you looking for?
    August 25 01:04 AM
  • Apollo lol you crack me up dude :D
    August 22 12:39 AM
  • Hawks Lol yeah I know you love that album.
    August 21 06:40 PM
  • Hawks Well hopefully it'll leak soon then. I'm definitely interested to hear it.
    August 21 04:54 PM
  • Hawks Good question. When is the official release date?
    August 21 04:42 PM
  • Hawks Well of course. That makes everything better.
    August 21 03:46 PM
  • Hawks It just means you're learning even more then! Haha
    August 21 03:36 PM
  • Hawks Wow that's really awesome. And who cares if you look like a noob? At least you got to go pretty much for free lol.
    August 21 03:31 PM
  • Hawks Oh s***, sounds like a pretty good time. I wish I had something like that to do. There's never s*** to do around here.
    August 21 03:26 PM
  • Hawks Kinda, but I still love you. But yeah, get on all of their stuff right now. I've been obsessing over them lately.
    August 21 02:45 PM
  • Hawks So I've noticed that you haven't rated any Gorguts albums yet so I'm going to assume you haven't heard them. If my assumption is correct then we have a huge problem on our hands.
    August 20 01:39 AM
  • Metalstyles hey Gmork, I see you really love that Swallow The Sun album. Have you ever tried out Black Sun Aeon's Routa? If not, I suggest you do as I definitely see you enjoying it a lot. It's melodic death/doom that deals with the subject of winter too, quite in the vain of StS.
    August 18 01:00 PM
  • pizzamachine The song is out! IT IS AMAZING
    August 17 07:01 PM
  • Dreamflight np man. :) These guys are a portuguese sludge/post metal doom band. like I said I'm not really into this genre, but from what I've heard from people who are into stuff like this, they say Man Eater have some potential.
    August 17 12:08 PM
  • Dreamflight hey man, to be honest with you, when I asked for Neurosis recs I was joking because of that bandwagon talk, although I must say Souls at Zero has been a very pleasent surprise, I even ended up liking one song: Stripped. Who knows maybe I'll change my opinion about this band. :) btw, if you like this genre, maybe you should check out these guys.
    August 15 07:56 PM
  • pizzamachine dunno, maybe
    August 15 04:42 PM
  • pizzamachine So the new song is called 'Running Blind', he's putting the finishing touches on it today so it MIGHT come out tomorrow instead. Ill Nino's drummer Dave Chavarri is playing on it.
    August 15 03:11 PM

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