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  • Lord(e)Po)))ts :')
    June 9 01:24 AM
  • Phlegm Hey buddy, heard the new Lapalux yet?
    April 10 07:32 PM
  • Deviant. You didn't know I liked techno? Lol, where have you been boy??
    August 18 11:22 AM
  • clercqie It's a slow year festival-wise here tbh. I've gone and seen the Stones and Massive Attack already tho. And in two weeks it's Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter sharing the stage, can't wait. In regards to techno stuff, I never can get my pals to come with me, so unfortunately I've not seen too many DJs perform. :[
    August 2 09:19 AM
  • Guzzo10 Hahaha, I don't know why dude. Just all of a sudden they want to feature my reviews
    July 3 04:04 PM
  • TMobotron somehow missed your mention of marcel dettmann's mix on my shoutbox, but I've been loving his Bad Kingdom remix lately so I'll have to check it out ASAP, thanks.
    May 16 09:32 PM
  • unclereich
    March 31 09:59 PM
  • oltnabrick the whole album is so good haha. definitely rick ross' best album. but yeah the beat on Sanctified is crazy and Im glad Big Sean doesnt have a verse lol.
    February 27 06:41 PM
  • TMobotron Haven't heard it. I mix but only very casually, but I love minimal house stuff so it sounds like I'll dig it.
    February 24 07:58 PM
  • oltnabrick yeah i like the new flylo. really dig the track with shabazz palaces and the black skinhead remix with thundercat.
    December 12 07:30 AM
  • clercqie It was on nodata a while back tho. Nice profile pic! Trafo rules.
    November 24 11:31 AM
  • luci can i add you on fb? :p
    October 11 05:50 AM
  • oltnabrick did you get it?
    October 2 03:12 AM
  • oltnabrick ahhh the new pusha t!!!!
    October 2 01:08 AM
  • demigod! dude can you hook me up with a OLD link?
    September 30 01:57 AM
  • unclereich yeah i really dug the three tracks i heard this morning on my bad download, can't wait to hear it in full!
    September 29 11:58 PM
  • unclereich thanks pawp, i dl'd one from that site already today that skipped, you sure that's not the same one?
    September 29 11:53 PM
  • unclereich do you have an old leak that doesn't skip?
    September 29 11:42 PM
  • luci yeah been spinning it all day. such a chill record.
    September 17 01:01 AM
  • Anthracks I usually really like when bands mimic my favorite bands, but the songwriting on MGMT is just not there. It's the same exact beat for entire song lengths. In my mind, experimental music switches up the tempo. All the interviews I read about this album made me think it was going for a Skeletal Lamping-esque album structure, with songs being comprised of mini-songs, which made me really excited. But they totally oversold their ideas, and that's lame.
    September 9 10:57 PM
  • Anthracks early anco is definitely the vibe that it's going for...but i'd much rather listen to old anco
    September 9 10:48 PM
  • Anthracks I think it's really average. I listen to a lot of Psych lately, and it's definitely one of the least inspiring releases I've heard all year in the genre.
    September 9 10:43 PM
  • Anthracks You really think new MGMT is "so pop?" Which song is anthemic and sing-along-y to you?
    September 9 10:04 PM
  • oltnabrick Yeah I do like 10 pc but I think I like Dont Be SAFE more. I think its the features that bring it down
    August 24 04:47 PM
  • Yuli Hey dude! I've actually been focusing on metal these last few months, so I couldn't say. Apparently the new Phaeleh is pretty cool, though.
    August 24 01:55 PM
  • oltnabrick gonna need you to check this lollll
    August 16 02:09 AM
  • unclereich
    August 15 02:35 PM
  • oltnabrick check this out, youll probably like it
    August 13 12:06 AM
  • Polyethylene Thanks for the rec, listened to it and really dug it. I agree about the instrumentals
    August 8 02:14 PM
  • HillaryClitTounge Never even heard it. Was banned last 2 months
    July 21 12:58 AM
  • pribosse i think you'll dig it bro, the whole EP is just over 20 min
    July 13 12:08 PM
  • pribosse dude check out necro dogg
    July 13 06:33 AM
  • clercqie I'm gonna have to disappoint I'm afraid. I'm busy as hell right now with my internship, so I don't have the time atm to follow all the new stuff.
    July 5 06:26 PM
  • unclereich LOL man wtf! chief keef ain't about that
    June 26 12:40 AM
  • Electric City nope! couple good tracks but it and kanye can smd yeah
    June 21 12:30 AM
  • VlacDrac ****ing sputnik, they ****ed the message, what I was trying to say is that I can't believe that you find LA FlyLo's worst album. My rating would be:LA
    June 20 10:26 PM
  • unclereich as in the bake sale cool kids? yeah they're ok
    June 20 10:43 AM
  • VlacDrac Nigga you got it wrong!LA
    June 20 05:23 AM
  • unclereich good deal man i thought it would be something up you alley
    June 20 12:10 AM
  • unclereich,-Disable,-Destroy/
    June 19 02:17 PM
  • SupercolliderMusic You think Field of Reeds is s***!? WHAT THE **** ARE YOU ON
    June 8 12:08 AM
  • clercqie nodata has it. dl'ed it this morning.
    June 5 09:52 AM
  • clercqie Insaaaane! :D
    June 5 08:18 AM
  • clercqie Holy crap!
    June 4 11:19 AM
  • clercqie Yeah, I'll get to it eventually. There's way too much ****ing good stuff that's been coming out in these last few weeks.
    June 4 10:09 AM
  • unclereich i did last december man one of the best show i have ever been to tbh
    June 3 08:38 PM
  • unclereich welcome to the death grips club m/
    June 3 07:02 AM
  • Rail Yeah man, the collabs on that album are ridiculous. My favourite is that slow, dreamy Apparat one, even though I'm not normally a fan of his. You like it?
    June 2 06:48 PM
  • foxblood sup. ha actually i haven't even gotten to it yet, was going to listen to it soon
    May 27 12:57 PM
  • Rail Should be in your inbox now. I included a couple of other little EPs that might tickle your fancy. Enjoy!
    May 25 01:10 AM
  • Rail Hey, if you're still looking for that Sepalcure EP, shoot me your e-mail and I'll get it to you.
    May 24 03:59 PM
  • clercqie I'm loving it! Yeah the King Krule tracks are definite highlights, but the rest is pretty amazing as well. Fantastic follow-up to Crooks
    May 24 10:40 AM
  • clercqie It was on NoData but it wasd. Don't know where else to find it now...
    May 24 09:56 AM
  • Tupik Haha didn't know he rapped, I'll definitely check that out. Stack Jax (Stephen Jackson) is pretty funny too
    May 22 04:28 PM
  • bloc Ha, thanks man : )
    May 14 05:33 PM
  • klap so good. first half is best thing they've done i think
    May 7 05:05 AM
  • klap what a vicious lie on your vampire weekend soundoff
    May 7 04:46 AM
  • Nocte email sent, grab me on facey: robertgarland.16 so i can add you to the staff page
    May 2 05:55 AM
  • slipnslide
    May 2 05:34 AM
  • Nocte An email and a facey will do the trick : ]
    May 1 10:44 PM
  • Recspecs I'm here just planning my ultimate trololol
    May 1 05:27 AM
  • Nocte im looking for staff writers/reviewers for my site. Perks and etc are a given. Plus ive got some big plans to help expand the site
    April 30 01:04 PM
  • plane yay
    April 17 01:05 PM
  • treeqt. ; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (
    January 6 09:11 AM
  • foxblood thanks man! yeah definitely, i'm working on new stuff for a 2013 release most likely:]
    January 4 03:21 AM
  • AtavanHalen flattered, really; but i prefer being an outsider here. x
    January 2 07:18 PM
  • HillaryClitTounge how old are u?
    December 29 06:38 PM
  • HillaryClitTounge i see what u could percieve as irony, but im not saying u dont know s*** about rap, im saying u need to distinguish traditional hip hop (the movment) from rap (one form of the art) then you will realize how its not ironic to tell u u dont know about hip hop for calling Kanye West hip hop, and how it is foolish if u say IT isn't...
    December 28 04:59 PM
  • HillaryClitTounge listen to whatever u want but just know u look foolish saying stuff like "you like Immortal Technique, obviously you know s*** about hip hop" just cus his stuff goes over ur head
    December 28 08:44 AM
  • Tupik Wow, I'm shocked it leaked so early. Better go listen to it right away then
    December 19 10:53 AM
  • Tupik Oh s*** how did you get a hand on that ? And yeah I'm French
    December 19 12:03 AM
  • Tupik I saw him in Paris 4 months ago, he's coming back in january but it's already sold-out. Hopefully I'll be able to get some tickets at the entrance, I really want to see him perform GKMC songs. He only did The Recipe last timz around (obv since the album wasn't out yet)
    December 17 10:01 AM
  • Tupik GKMC by a large margin. You can check out my list if you feel like it:
    December 16 07:33 PM
  • Tupik I didn't know it leaked, I'm going to check it out. Think it'll probably suck though
    December 16 06:46 PM
  • HillaryClitTounge u cared enough to respond, so clearly.
    November 30 06:48 PM
  • HillaryClitTounge lol pls stop trying to act like u know anything about hip hop or have even average intelligence, u listen to gay s*** and every time someone tells u so u start whining like a bitch cus u cant do anything else bc u too dumb lol
    November 29 08:13 PM
  • plane Applesauce
    August 31 08:36 AM
  • Rev holla
    August 22 08:08 AM
  • breakingthefragile On your profile, under your profile pic, there's an option to edit your reviews. There you go.
    August 19 08:39 AM
    July 27 01:19 AM
  • Polymath Your taste is my taste. What the hell?! That's awesome, actually. Oh man I can't wait! ajhwekjahfkjasdjhawej. SO much s*** coming out. Centipede Hz is the pinnacle though.
    July 27 12:55 AM
  • Polymath Dude what is up! I finally got back to Sputniking (sort of).
    July 26 01:15 PM
  • HolidayKirk Hey I took your advice and edited my XXX review, think you could take a second look at it?
    June 30 05:23 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid heyhey cuz, how's Prague? And uhh if you just want more recent rap stuff or s/t you should check out the new Curren$y album, it's really good. Oh and the new Gucci Mane tape is so gooooood. Ridin music.
    June 3 10:51 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid lol you know there's more high quality versions out without the censors, yeah?
    May 14 06:00 PM
  • Polymath Woah how long ago was that? I'm still around man. How's it going?
    April 29 05:35 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Yeah I would've killed to have gone to Coachella. And yeah! Also the ASAP Mob mixtape is going to come in May. And ASAP Ferg and ASAP Nast are coming out with solo mixtapes/albums or whatever later this year, too. And speaking of Childish Gambino, he should be dropping his mixtape any day now. He was gonna drop it last Saturday but didn't want to during Coachella so be on the lookout for that.
    April 23 07:44 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid plus hold on cuz later today the Kanye West remix w/ Pusha T and Big Sean of this amaaazing trap song released a month ago is coming out. The s*** baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangs.
    April 23 05:43 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Got damn mayne, that sucks. I'm sorry, I would've killed to see Brown lol. And nahhhh I just think most of the good releases are being saved for the Summer/Early Fall area. LongLiveA$AP, Big KRIT's debut album, Kendrick Lamar's album, Curren$y's album (which seems amazing), etc. are all coming. Plus Ab-soul's (of Black Hippy/TDE/Kendrick's crew) album will be out like next week.
    April 23 05:39 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid idk if I've shown him to you but if not you need to listen to Lil Ugly Mane's MISTA THUG ISOLATION. Probs my favorite 2012 rap so far. (the big tracks that stand out at first listen are Serious s***, Radiation, Bitch Im Lugubrious and Throw Dem Gunz, though all the tracks are great and if you listen to this the first time when you're high, it'll put you into a weed coma)
    April 23 01:02 PM
  • plane Expect a 2011 blow-out. I might show up somewhere else, too.. I shall keep you informed. Thanks for the kind words
    December 10 06:06 PM
  • Activista anti-MTV Def check it out
    November 28 11:32 PM
  • Activista anti-MTV What can you tell me about the new Muppetz movie?
    November 28 11:15 PM
  • Activista anti-MTV I've heard some good things about Animal Collective. Need to look into them, I suppose
    November 28 11:14 PM
  • lancebramsay is pretty good
    November 24 06:33 AM
  • lancebramsay America is a pretty large place, you have to be specific on where you are going.
    November 24 05:58 AM
  • lancebramsay and the tickets were $12, and you could drink (it is a bar), I was pretty much in heaven.
    November 23 11:50 PM
  • lancebramsay saw them at the Crocodile in Seattle WA. They are indeed the tits live, one of my favorite thus far in my concert going years.
    November 23 11:22 PM
  • lancebramsay just saw them live and now my brain is s***
    November 23 10:55 PM
  • lancebramsay wu lyf
    November 23 12:43 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Glad you dug it. And yeah, that track is dope. It just kind of goes into the back of your head.
    November 19 08:56 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid Ay yo if you diggin' cloud rap s***, check out Left Leberra. You might like him.
    November 18 11:06 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid Thanks cuz, you seem to have pretty cool taste too. You like cool s***.
    November 16 03:10 PM
  • YetAnotherBrick Hell yeah, man, no problem. :)
    November 15 11:12 PM
  • AnalAnnihilator I try to stay as far away from BMTH as possible. I heard supposibly one of their 'best' songs (Chelsea Smile), and it's terrible
    November 14 09:29 AM
  • AnalAnnihilator haha yeah, I gave every BMTH and My Chemical Romance a 1 a while ago so that must've been why
    November 14 07:54 AM
  • AnalAnnihilator ahh really? sorry man. It happened to me another time but I assumed something happened to the website =/
    November 14 07:36 AM
  • AnalAnnihilator and I'm not a 'close-minded metalhead' I like other music, just hate Lil Wayne, he can't rap for s***
    November 14 07:25 AM
  • AnalAnnihilator yeah I was kinda pissed to begin with but then realise it was only about 200, I did 110 in about 20 minutes. Don't see why my ratings should get wiped for rating every Lil Wayne album little bitches
    November 14 07:23 AM
  • AnalAnnihilator commit suicide then...
    November 14 04:35 AM
  • ECRbubs thanks dude! I appreciate that a lot.
    July 12 01:49 AM
  • AliW1993 Well it's certainly different to Primary Colours, but it's more of a progression than a total change. Primary Colours was heavily influenced by My Bloody Valentine and they've only increased that here, so you'd probably enjoy it. Personally, I think the new album is significantly better, and I might end up bumping it to a 4.5.
    July 5 11:27 AM
  • silentpotato word has been goin round that the album has been leaked, could be all lies i haven't checked yet
    June 20 09:21 PM
  • plane now, none of those save for perhaps Braids, Can and Annuals (and obv Avey Tare's solo output) sounds like Feels but they all fall within a safe RIYL set.
    June 16 06:01 PM
  • plane Hey bud, thanks for the kind words. 8) Have you heard Braids - Native Speaker? That's got a good deal of 'Feels' influence, feels like. Fronted by a woman. You might try Can - Future Days, Annuals - Be He Me, Avey Tare - Down There, Air France - No Way Down, Brian Eno - Another Green World, Micachu - Jewellery, Paavoharju - Laulu Laakson Kukista, A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Ashes Grammar, Talk Talk - Laughing Stock, Teebs - Ardour, World's End Girlfriend - Hurtbreak Wonderland
    June 16 06:01 PM
  • Polymath Most of the songs are like that, if you haven't realized that yet go back and re-listen. Especially Bat You'll Fly, as long as you like that song you're my friend : )
    May 27 11:58 PM
  • Polymath That's good! At least you liked it. It is really epic, Bat You'll Fly is soollol good.
    May 27 09:25 PM

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