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  • zakalwe Rugby definitely more popular on the whole with bigger crowds and more of a local following certainly up North with rugby league teams and it?s the national sport in Wales. Cricket is still well regarded though, especially the Ashes which is a big one on the sporting calendar. Atmosphere at grounds like Edgbaston or a day out at the Oval is magic. Test cricket really is the game in its truest form. One of my best mates prefers it to the football.
    November 11 09:23 PM
  • zakalwe I fell for it completely a few years ago. Ridiculously absorbing and exciting. Have been to a few test matches and county games and there?s nothing else like it. A sport I wish I had taken an interest in when I was younger and joined the local club but it was very much a different world back then. Still have not got a clue about all the rules, fielding positions and terms. I don?t think anyone does.
    November 11 07:46 AM
  • BaselineOOO Also, please don't give up on DS3, it'll get much easier (and interesting) once you level up and get accustomed to the combat and weapon arts. As much as I love DS2's quirks and immenseness, DS3's level design and enemy/boss encounters are frankly NUTS and every gamer has to experience them in person!
    October 10 07:00 PM
  • BaselineOOO DS2 is really all about diversity, it has elements that are there solely for embellishment and to level you up. You'll probably notice that simpler areas usually have simpler bosses. Some see them as filler-areas, but from my deeper understanding these parts are there to complete a bigger picture. The journey feels more rewarding at the end of the game knowing you've visited so many fallen empires.
    October 10 06:55 PM
  • BaselineOOO Yeah, the great bosses appear about halfway into the game and in the dlcs. The weaker bosses are all in the beginning (except the Pursuer) and imo feel kinda like in DS1 - a bit too large, clunky and messy to deal with. My advise is not to consider every boss fight important, the game has like 37 boss fights and about half of them are knights. Judge them by their actual difficulty and importance once you manage to put pieces of their story together.
    October 10 06:49 PM
  • BaselineOOO I have an .iso file of the original vanilla game with all the dlc if you're interested in the singleplayer campaign, I can up it. People appreciate SotFS more, imo they're out of their minds. I've finished both versions one after another. Vanilla has this weird 2-speeds left-right panning for the controller, literally everything else is better. SotFS also has the item keys to access the DLCs hidden in the most uninspired locations so you'll have to open YT for guides a lot more often haha.
    October 8 04:24 PM
  • hal1ax ughh i feel that so hard. that's exactly what i'm doing as well. i've been meaning to go back for my masters for a while now but im making decent money at the moment so the prospect of taking years off of work to incur a bunch of loan debt again is a bit daunting. plus im still juggling different program ideas... was thinking forensic psych for a bit but now im unsure again lol. my job is sick but working in homelessness is so fckin draining idk if it's sustainable.
    April 5 05:17 AM
  • hal1ax west virginia?? lol damn that sucks bro. move to one of the coasts lol. you tryin to work or continue school in the states?
    April 3 09:51 PM
  • hal1ax no worries. and yeah, likewise. how's school been?
    March 31 04:32 AM
  • hal1ax check this out ---
    March 31 03:34 AM
  • GhandhiLion Hey, this album has been removed and changed to a compilation: | You can re-rate it here:
    February 27 01:00 AM
  • DePlazz Hey man, check this out if you liked Napalm Death's latest:
    October 11 08:12 PM
  • Snake. wtf? what kind of likeness is that?
    October 5 01:44 PM
  • Snake. I DID DENT!!!
    October 2 03:34 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell originally said: X'ed out *greater than sign* Trash Generator, you madlad - have you heard Drugs to the Dear Youth? probs their best work, sweet band
    August 21 04:18 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell wow half my comment got d e l eted
    August 21 04:18 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell X'ed Out
    August 21 03:49 AM
  • Sinternet sorry for late reply, yeah the CS is absolutely a great choice regardless, the whole reface series is very intuitive to learn on. in terms of samplers, by far the best bang for your buck is the elektron model:samples, there's so much depth to that tiny little box
    August 13 05:56 PM
  • hal1ax kant -- jacobi -- fichte -- schelling -- hegel
    June 28 03:09 AM
  • hal1ax damn man that is some heavy praise right there. i have a couple friends whom have said similar things about Ethics actually. Definitely going to check it next after i finish Schelling. i'm trying to make my way through the paragon figures in german idealism at the moment. kant
    June 28 03:06 AM
  • hal1ax my copy of machiavelli and us finally came in the mail today! so excited, especially after the acclaim you gave it. i'll circle back with you later on about it.
    June 26 03:11 AM
  • hal1ax and ugh yea i need to start whitehead as well. i bought both Modes of Thought and Process and Reality. i am trying to sequence the manner by which i move through philosophical text in a quasi-sensical way. so like whitehead built on a lot of other process philosophers like hegel and marx but adds this whole crazy organismic , ecological , quantum-physics rooted element to it. but i sort of want to read hegel before moving onto whitehead, since i've already read marx. and i plan to after Fichte
    June 22 08:37 PM
  • hal1ax ohh damn so am i lol. i've been rotating between marcuse / Fichte (vocation of man - which is nightmarish at times, insofar as how difficult the reading is) / and just started Spinoza's Theological-Political Treatise, but i may actually press pause on it and start with Spinoza's 'Ethics,' which i've heard is a much more protean, comprehensive exposition of his thinking. i am super ADD and have to juggle different books every few days and then circle back lol. it's madness.
    June 22 07:07 PM
  • hal1ax ahh thank you for this! beautiful explanation. and i may check that book out as well.
    June 22 03:28 AM
  • hal1ax hey i was watching an interview with Marcuse and he called Althusser a neo-Spinozist.. how is he a spinozist? cuz as far as i can tell his political views are pretty different from spinoza's. unless Althusser is a pandeist then i can't seem to piece that together lol
    June 21 03:52 PM
  • hal1ax creation of another RSA in a post-revolution, post-dictatorship-of-the-proletariat society. even if the new RSA were by and for the proletariat, it would have to function, from someone's perspective, as a RSA. In my mind, and maybe this is deluded idk, but society needs some kind of organization to enforce some kind of law or behavioral intervention. human nature won't just ameliorate itself with the disappearing of perverse incentives. and, this enforcement, by it's very nature, is repressive.
    June 10 03:37 PM
  • hal1ax thank you for the comprehensive answer! yea that's what i figured... i've been reading all of the main marxist thinkers and no one even touches on what it would look like and where boundaries would be drawn. the most in-depth answers i've seen have teetered on "law will becomes proletarian law and be based on proletarian values, as will enforcement of said law." but those are never unpacked by anyone, which is odd to me. i absolutely agree with you, it seems virtually impossible to obviate the
    June 10 03:33 PM
  • hal1ax No problem. Yea try it out if you can and let me know what you think. It?s definitely been the best thus far for curbing insomnia and stress for me. Also I live in Los Angeles and that stuff is plentiful and cheap here so if you can?t find it and are willing to pay the shipping let me know
    June 9 11:20 PM
  • hal1ax awesome. thank you so much! and yea take your time... i'm sure that question will prob warrant an elaborate response
    June 6 08:16 PM
  • hal1ax so what do marxists want, or, view as being eligible to replace the repressive state apparatus? i presume they don't disbelieve in behavioral intervention, just not that of a system anchored to bourgeois self-sustenance, self-interest, ambitions, etc etc. But do Marxists believe in law? obviously it'd be vastly different from that edifice as we know it. I guess i just wonder what their enforcement apparatus would look like and to what values it would be rooted. sry to bombard you lol.
    June 5 03:36 AM
  • Hawks No prob my man. :]
    June 2 02:00 PM
  • Hawks Yes bro listen to A Forest of Stars, Drawn and Hail Spirit Noir.
    June 1 06:48 PM
  • hal1ax Dude! i am absolutely loving Althusser. Enjoying him more than Lukacs and the Frankfurt school guys (and even marx haha). Interpellation is such an interesting idea.. and his writing is so straightforward and easy to follow... no esotericism or lofty, confusing syntax or superfluous language.. it's very incisive and enjoyable to read. I will definitely get that book. I'm almost done with the On the Reproduction of Capitalism and it's wonderful
    June 1 06:43 PM
  • hal1ax but apparently he reps some kind of panpsychism school of thought and has the crux of his thinking rooted in process, sort of akin to marx / hegel, but he seems to adopt a view that is hybrid of materialism-idealism. like he's both heavily influenced by marx / hegel but also has pretty glaring problems with each of them. idk figured you might be into this guy. i'm actually finishing up a work by Althusser at the moment, then have something by Marcuse next in my queue, then gonna start whitehead
    June 1 06:17 PM
  • hal1ax I haven't yet either, but i just got Process and Reality by him in the mail. I've heard that is the best place to start with him. He sort of has an infamous reputation for being abstruse and difficult to read... but i mean if you've read and understood phenomenology of spirit and critique of pure reason you are styling haha. But yea he seems like a really interesting thinker... i remember you recommended me a hegel video once by 0ThouArtThat0, and i dug deeper and he is ultra into whitehead so
    June 1 06:09 PM
  • hal1ax yo have you read any of Whitehead's work? if so, what do you think of them?
    June 1 03:59 AM
  • sizeofanocean Z.b. Animals as Leaders am 27.06 und vllt Thom Yorke am 02.07
    May 23 10:29 AM
  • sizeofanocean Kann ich nur so zurückgeben. Und ich glaube neben UnnamedOcean (der uebrigens tolle Musik macht, auch inspiriert von denen, check mal Aramid aus) der größte Supporter auf Sputnik. Ich bin im Juni/Juli wahrscheinlich auf ein paar Konzerten in Koeln :)
    May 23 10:27 AM
  • sizeofanocean Wuerde ich nicht sagen, ich kenn viele Hallen und Clubs, in denen Konzerte sind (weil ich dafuer halt so oft da war), aber von den reinen Sehenswuerdigkeiten kenne ich echt nur das was man nach ner halben Std in der Innenstadt gesehen hat :D
    May 22 08:39 AM
  • sizeofanocean Nicht ganz, eher im Ruhrgebiet,aber Köln ist Konzerttechnisch am nächsten :D
    May 20 09:42 PM
  • Jethro42 hello sir, how are you doing? Are you aware there's a prog tournament in preparation? You're welcome!
    May 11 02:40 PM
  • hal1ax you are the man. thank u so much. i'll circle back with you at some point. and tbh the only philosophers i've read are marx / zizek / foucault / nietzsche / baudrillard / kierkegaard / hume and all the ancient greek guys. idk sh1t about german idealism
    December 9 05:41 AM
  • hal1ax hey beef where do you recommend i start with hegel? and do you feel there are any helpful pre-requisites to reading hegel? Leibniz? Heidegger? etc.
    December 9 03:00 AM
  • hal1ax yo should do political revolutions ranked next :]
    November 18 02:25 AM
  • GhandhiLion complimentary Lenin
    October 30 01:38 AM
  • GhandhiLion
    October 29 10:56 PM
  • Jethro42 Hey dude;There is a new Sputnik prog tournament you might find interesting:
    September 12 02:57 PM
  • OmairSh Yo beef, another year, another coke studio list
    August 24 03:29 AM
  • TalonsOfFire Thanks Beef!
    July 26 07:00 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Really? It's on the front page like constantly, some interesting discussions but a lot of bs too, which isn't too surprising I guess.
    March 6 06:46 PM
  • TalonsOfFire The thread for that Bernie Sanders list you made is insane haha
    March 4 03:44 AM
  • blatho blatho.
    February 27 12:25 AM
  • Jethro42 You're all welcome, dude. We now technically got all the contestants needed to start it all. I encourage you to listen to the albums featured, and you can also vote for any nominees in the run, if you want. Cheers man.
    February 26 07:49 PM
  • Jethro42 Hi Beefshoes! In case you're not aware, there is an 'obscure prog rock' tournament prepared by Friday13th. The preliminaries are done, all is missing is another contestant. If you're interested, join in! Cheers man.
    February 26 04:16 PM
  • smaugman how much are we talking about? And I don't think that Seattle is a good example of America, most other places won't be able to afford the same system as Seattle, but I guess that's something to witness if this is to happen
    January 15 07:41 AM
  • smaugman You say I don't have proof, well, it's pretty obvious many people will go on without a job, while those who do will have a better life if a 15$ will be introduced. Seems to create a larger gap between middle class and extreme poverty
    January 14 10:24 PM
  • smaugman bernie looks to scandinavia (where i'm from), and he wants to model USA after us. usa got a population too poor to have a high tax, and it's unfair to tax the rich incredibly much. Besides, to raise the minimum wage to 15$ is economical suicide. it would mean bankruptcy for many businesses, and would have an opposite effect of what you really want. It would mean many workers wouldn't get any work, thus more poverty. the US got too many people and too many poor people to work as a socialtcountry
    January 14 09:57 AM
  • unclereich Yes i am berkeley hopefully i find out soonish
    January 13 01:26 AM
  • unclereich Congrats on graduating brotha!!! Pol sci bros
    January 13 12:43 AM
  • Futures there's no logic there. it's just omg look at the crusades and you racist
    November 14 01:03 AM
  • Futures yeah i totally agree man. just really sick of being labeled as a "racist" piece of s*** just for offering a little criticism. if you can't see how modern islam is flawed then idk man that's just insane
    November 14 12:57 AM
  • Futures damn people are retarded lol
    November 14 12:45 AM
  • DatBeefPudding nice name
    October 30 03:33 AM
  • Hawks Yeah bro everyone seems to be loving it. m/
    October 17 07:05 PM
  • oltnabrick check it out, let me know what you think
    July 5 01:50 AM
  • Eggvander honestly I only personally know a handful of concept albums which truly succeeded. If you are attempting to try something like that you better be prepared to have it down 100% or don't even bother. Coma Eclpitic is just so far from it that it literally pains me. People always bitch about how disjointed Colors is, but IMO it makes perfect sense as a concept. And ****, Tommy's lyrics were so much better back then, they actually had relevance and were critical as hell.
    June 16 02:21 PM
  • Eggvander Your soundoff for the new BTBAM is pretty much on point. Exactly how I feel about it with the addition that I think they are just being too... giddy too often. I didn't mind it in small amounts like on Colors or TGM but here it is REALLY obnoxious and destroys the whole atmosphere. Also like you said there is little too no emotion on this record and it feels a lot more disjointed than anything they have done before (concept album my ass).
    June 16 12:15 AM
  • Veldin Your soundoff for new BTBAM is solid. I enjoyed the LP but you bring up good points.
    June 14 05:08 AM
  • PlatonicMushroom where is your avatar from? i know i've seen it before but can't remember where
    May 5 10:05 PM
  • howmanycanyoufit not gorge
    March 20 12:08 AM
  • OmairSh Yo, I thought it was good but nothing really too refreshing (so pretty much lived up to expectations). I was hoping for more cool electronic elements and stuff like the individual choir boy part. Don't know how interesting SW's future solo albums will be, but it seems even SW's work is becoming formulaic now. You liked it?
    March 12 03:19 PM
  • oltnabrick give my music a go, let me know what you think!
    February 24 09:17 PM
  • pedro70512 That bass cover of Painters is killer, man. I could use some bass in the project I'm currently working on if you'd like to throw down some ideas. Here's a sample I put together recently.
    February 7 05:10 AM
  • Torontonian Definetly different albums but set similar moods.
    January 31 10:50 PM
  • Torontonian Hell ya it is, I love the opener. Hey, u should check charlie parker- charlie parker with strings: the master takes.
    January 31 10:49 PM
  • Torontonian nice getz/gilberto rating.
    January 31 06:51 AM
  • Static
    December 18 05:26 AM
  • Static
    December 9 01:18 AM
  • Static
    November 20 04:13 AM
  • Static
    November 18 06:11 AM
  • BMDrummer haha yeah just haven't seen you around as much i guess
    October 15 09:51 PM
  • BMDrummer you're dead?
    October 15 09:46 PM
  • OmairSh Yeah thanks to Petrucci I checked out Steve Morse and my jaw hit the floor. One of the greatest and complete guitar players to walk the earth. More importantly he puts his playing to good use rather than just wanking around, he's fantastic songwriter. Hope you enjoy the Dreg's stuff. Its unfortunate that most of his time is being spent with DP and Flying Colours now.
    October 12 08:43 PM
  • OmairSh And yeah Greece of all places. But they love their FW, the last DVD was also a performance at Athens. Man that would be some experience being there.
    October 12 12:56 AM
  • OmairSh Look at that left hand, my God, there's a reason Petrucci worships him.
    October 12 12:50 AM
  • OmairSh This is what you call an audience
    October 11 09:15 PM
  • oltnabrick Is that your girlfriend in your profile pic?
    October 7 06:46 AM
  • Torontonian Thats cool man. ALso, my list was UK's prog magazines top 100 albums. Not my opinion. That fact that 9 was above red, animals, moving pictures, relayer, etc. upset me immensely as well.
    October 6 01:01 AM
  • Torontonian "9 makes me not take this site seriously at all -_- What a joke." I thought we were buds :(
    October 6 12:49 AM
  • pedro70512 awesome, I'll check it out and jam it tomorrow. not sure if I'll get a good recording in for a couple days but I'll let you know when I do.
    October 5 02:32 AM
  • Static how is that even a ****ing question
    October 4 12:51 AM
  • pedro70512 I finally finished my thesis so I can lay some for real drums down if you'd like.
    October 4 12:23 AM
  • pedro70512 you ever lay down drums to those tunes with BM?
    October 3 07:02 PM
  • OmairSh Oh yeah for sure, headphones speakers gives a more complete musical perspective. That's great, never really would have thought Logitec would be good for music. There are few better feelings than finding those great speakers that define bank for buck. I have had Edifiers since 2007 and they still sound brilliant. I've had a more difficult time finding great reasonably priced headphones.
    October 2 03:06 AM
  • Static
    October 2 12:08 AM
  • OmairSh I used to have a creative mp3 player, was huge but was the s***. Great headphones and sound quality for the time, unlike ipods.
    October 1 06:11 PM
  • OmairSh Zune? Hipster alert m/.
    October 1 05:14 AM
  • OmairSh Nice Leprous ratings m/. Bilateral should be bumped to 4.5 soon :3
    October 1 02:09 AM
  • Jethro42 I'd add that it's frequent that the one we're calling with a 'Vous' won't hesitate to tell you that he'd prefer a 'Tu' from you.
    September 29 10:01 PM
  • Jethro42 Gotcha! You English people don't have to deal with that detail since you only use the 'you' form. I also noticed that most of English speakers always (or almost) say 'Vous' least more frequently than 'Tu', and it's all alright. In French, 'Vous' is indeed a proof of courtesy. Most of French people are saying 'tu' save when we meet older people like you said. But the 'Vous' remains optional with time.
    September 29 09:55 PM
  • Jethro42 I'm not sure of what's the difference between formal and informal. I think the latter is kind of slang way of speaking. If it's the case, everybody can express himself in an informal way. As for the formal way, it's not only older people that can use that more official sort of language. Formal is the authentic way to speak a language or correct me. Btw, if I can help you I will, but I'm not a professor haha.
    September 29 09:00 PM
  • Jethro42 I'm not sure how to help you. I can already say that I feel you are great to learn French.
    September 29 05:04 PM
  • Jethro42 Hey, you seem to learn enriched French. A little mistake ; ''Est-ce qu'ils aiment'' and ''Recontre-t-il avec''...hummm would it be ''Rencontre-t-il''...? And ''avec'' doesnt have its place here. ''N'etudie-t-elle pas souvent?'' is exact. You can also say ''Etudie-telle souvent?'' ou encore ''Est-ce qu'elle etudie souvent?'' Another exemple; ''N'as tu pas remarqué que j'ai changé?'' You can also say ''As-tu remarqué que j'ai changé?'' Or ''Est-ce que tu as remarqué que j'ai changé?''
    September 29 05:03 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Right on bro yeah I enjoyed what I heard for sure. Yes all my trvth music is on bandcamp.
    September 27 03:37 PM
  • CaptainDooRight The chill of November sounds awesome! Drums are a little high at times and tracks are a little trebly. But I'm loving the music hard bro. Great stuff. Vox are sweet too!
    September 27 01:29 AM
  • CaptainDooRight Oh wait a minute I think I have your BC bookmarked already. Yeah I recognize the art and your profile pic. Sweet stuff jamming now!!
    September 27 01:25 AM
  • CaptainDooRight Bro you should honestly put an lp or ep together on bandcamp for easy downloading. I'd love to have them jams on my iPod!
    September 27 01:24 AM
  • CaptainDooRight Followed you back bro. Thanks for the feedback and direction. I'll def work on those areas. That bm song you did is sweet bro!
    September 27 12:26 AM
  • CaptainDooRight new track would be nice to get your feedback:
    September 26 11:35 PM
  • OmairSh Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah Bilateral is fun, complex, and has a lot of layers. It's amazing how many styles they can fit so effortlessly. Maybe you can check out TPS first, and then Bilateral. Bilateral's their best imo. All their albums sound different and are enjoyable in their own way, that's why I respect the band so much.
    September 26 06:21 AM
  • YakNips lol i was thoroughly impressed tbh
    September 25 08:06 PM
  • YakNips
    September 25 01:28 AM
  • ChoccyPhilly Looking up some Ulver covers and I came across yours, lol. Great job man, especially with those spontaneous vocals ;)
    September 24 10:49 PM
  • It's ever so slightly different:
    September 24 07:35 AM
  • OmairSh I never really got into dumb and dumber, but I LOVE the Ace Ventura movies, The Mask, I love you Phillip Morris, and Man on the Moon. I wish he'd do another serious film. It's sad to see him get older :/, still has more energy than I'll probably ever have
    September 24 02:01 AM
  • OmairSh Haha, yeah I love Jim Carrey, how'd you guess? :P. I hate it when he goes hyper and over acts, but he's hugely talented as an actor and a comedian.
    September 24 01:43 AM
  • OmairSh ****, you've found me.... I knew I shouldn't have shared videos on which I commented :P.
    September 23 11:16 PM
  • OmairSh His vocals are immaculate. Glad you enjoyed the track. Restless is from Bilateral, which imo is their best and most distinct album. TPS is also brilliant (the second song is from this album) and Coal is really good as well. Let me know what you think.
    September 23 11:00 PM
  • OmairSh Ihsahn actually guests on the track Thorn as well as a few others on their latest two albums. Saw them live a few days back, insane live band as well. You'll probably never see a keyboardist that headbangs like that. They've shared a few live videos on youtube as well.
    September 23 09:44 PM
  • OmairSh Yeah they're also his backing band, the Keyboardist/vocalist is his brother in law. You'll forget Ihsahn when you listen to them, but their album's take a few listens to sink in,,
    September 23 09:41 PM
  • OmairSh You'll just be missing out on one of the best young prog metal bands in existence, no big deal.
    September 23 08:53 PM
  • OmairSh You still haven't checked Leprous have you -_-. Chrvches, ffs
    September 23 08:22 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 At least I have probably the cutest pic I've ever seen of Lauren as my profile pic.
    September 19 08:28 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 How mad would you be if I changed my avatar?
    September 19 06:10 AM
  • Torontonian hey beef, tell me what you think of this song. I think you would dig this band. :)
    September 16 01:21 AM
  • emester your pro pic may be the best combination of two things since peanut butter and jelly
    September 13 03:16 AM
  • Snake. hated intristic, exoplanet is dope tho
    September 11 10:59 PM
  • pedro70512 you make any progress with those songs? I'm finally home now so I can lay down some drums in the next few days (hopefully, because life).
    September 10 02:08 AM
  • YakNips will
    September 9 01:54 AM
  • Gestapo lauren dp m/
    September 7 10:40 PM
  • Artuma used to have a heart after "lauren" but it disappeared. yeah she's perfection even tho i'm not into her music
    September 7 05:07 PM
  • Artuma lauren
    September 7 09:48 AM
  • pedro70512 hey beef, just wondering if you ever gave Taravana a second spin. if not, no worries. I'm working on a better one anyway :P
    September 5 11:11 PM
  • ANJ45 Have yet to listen to Selling England all the way through, what I've heard is sublime though.
    September 4 01:58 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Glad you're enjoying it, awesome stuff :]You jammed the coffee jamz album yet?
    September 1 01:11 PM
  • scottpilgrim10 hey! lol
    September 1 12:30 AM
  • scottpilgrim10 "I saw a video of Lauren doing Ewok impressionsLink me please, and awesome avatar.
    August 31 08:58 PM
  • ANJ45 **** yeah, awesome music taste! Moonmadness is one of my favorite albums of all time.
    August 26 12:55 AM
  • OmairSh Well she's probably angry that you were ogling the thin belly dancer, so there you have it
    August 19 09:43 AM
  • OmairSh Kate Bush would approve
    August 18 07:37 PM
  • OmairSh Real, stripped down music
    August 18 05:32 AM
  • OmairSh Indeed they are
    August 16 01:17 AM
  • InbredJed If you don't dig that Electric Wizard right away, this might be a fitting link for you. Hope you enjoy.
    August 15 06:22 AM
  • OmairSh The many faces of K Bush
    August 15 06:22 AM
  • Judio! Sure thing man. Hope you dig
    August 11 03:04 AM
  • pedro70512 Wrote it as you went? That's a sweet jam then. Sometimes that's the best way to do it haha. And thanks! Every vote counts for us little artists trying to make a name of some sort. We can't all be Trvth haha.
    August 11 01:21 AM
  • Judio! Cool man, but DOTDM is actually laughingman's solo album, not mine, so you might want to tell him that instead. Our band is called Sugary Sweet Machines :)
    August 10 09:59 PM
  • pedro70512 Dude, Autumn Night kicks ass. Same issue with the vocals being too high but that's just semantics. I'm getting some Moonsorrow feels from it, which is great because I love Moonsorrow. I really want to record to this. Oh, any chance you could drop a rating or a blurb on Taravana?
    August 10 07:38 PM
  • pedro70512 Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback. Vocals are the place I'm going to spend the most time on my next album, which I have mostly written. Taking a look at your other stuff now.
    August 10 03:05 AM
  • pedro70512
    August 9 03:16 PM
  • pedro70512 Thanks! Yeah, the sound meshed real well with your track so I'll use the same process with better drumming haha. I'll check Autumn Night tomorrow. Even if BMDrummer sends you something you can't refuse I'd be totally game for working with you on another project. I need a goddamn metal guitarist (see my album that distinctly lacks one).
    August 9 02:30 AM
  • pedro70512 Yeah, they're from a Wolves cover I did a while ago but it worked well. Drums were recorded with one microphone and panned via the mix. Definitely got the Nattens Madrigal vibe going haha.
    August 9 02:03 AM
  • pedro70512 It's pretty crude but you get the idea haha. I shoehorned some old recordings of mine into it. Thoughts?
    August 9 01:09 AM
  • Hawks Cool I'll give it a listen at some point tomorrow.
    August 8 12:22 AM
  • Hawks Sure bro, got a link?
    August 7 08:20 PM
  • SeedsofNone aww s*** son kate bush
    August 7 03:06 AM
  • BMDrummer Yeah man, I'll just play it through my program and record it separately.
    August 6 11:49 PM
  • BMDrummer I could probably record that tomorrow and send you a copy with drums by the end of the day
    August 6 11:23 PM
  • JamieTwort Sorry I missed your comment asking me about Marillion, I was too busy being caught up with the rest of the discussion haha. Perhaps I was a bit too hard on Marillion actually, Fish was a very forward thinking song writer, I just feel that the Genesis influence was perhaps a bit too strong at times and they did stray quite close to more poppy territory on albums like Misplaced Childhood.
    August 3 05:57 PM
  • OmairSh It has groovy elements like this track does (should have had more tbh), but it also has quite a lot of percussive elements with instruments like the vibraphone and timpani (like the second half of the song showed). It's an interesting and different kind of jazz fusion album. I's recommend it!/s/Expresso/4yQX7g?=5,!/s/Percolations Part I and Part Ii/4R8uPr?=5
    August 3 05:05 PM
  • OmairSh Tell me this isn't the sexiest riff you've ever heard!/s/Esnuria/4xOrWZ?=5
    August 3 04:40 PM
  • OmairSh Atmosphere at 2:26 is just orgasmic. Wish they would have extended it and let Kev do his thang. Beautiful track still
    June 27 03:53 AM
  • OmairSh I miss DT
    June 27 03:50 AM
  • danielcardoso Hey man. I hope you're doing fine. I've got my Women and Children First review by Van Halen posted up. When you have time, feel free to check it out and leave a comment ;)
    June 16 05:02 PM
  • mandan Here in PR we're currently in an economic slump, and our politicians haven't really done much to help. They've been more of a hindrance imo.
    June 8 05:02 AM
  • mandan I agree. The wealthy have gotten the bigger share while the middle class suffers most. Kinda what QR points out in Mindcrime. One of the reasons I ****ing love that album.
    June 8 04:59 AM
  • mandan Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to be exact.
    June 8 04:30 AM
  • mandan Nah man. Education really doesn't interest me much as an area of study. I aspire to be both historian and anthropologist. If it works out ofc.
    June 8 04:28 AM
  • mandan I'm a certified history and social studies teacher, and am currently doing my MA in history. I do have my leftist sympathies myself, although sometimes I kinda sympathize with the right on some things.
    June 8 04:17 AM
  • mandan Lol.
    June 5 08:57 PM
  • mandan I saw him in concert, so I know what I'm talking about.
    June 5 05:06 AM
  • mandan I still have a spot for Malmsteen tho, he's great live even if he isn't one of my all-time faves per se.
    June 4 06:58 AM
  • mandan I can totally empathize man. Over time, I've become less and less interested in tech guitarists like Paul Gilbert and Guthrie Govan, although I still respect 'em.
    June 4 06:56 AM
  • mandan Btw, I'm glad to see you appreciate DeGarmo. He's one of my fave lead players. I much prefer him to Petrucci, whose lead playing I don't dig much.
    June 4 06:14 AM
  • mandan Odd to hear that. FW has a strong reputation for their discog consistency, or so they say at least.
    June 4 05:14 AM
  • mandan Haven't jammed 'em as much tbh.
    June 4 04:58 AM
  • mandan DtC and OMII are the only Ryche albums I really despise.
    June 4 12:06 AM
  • mandan Glad to see you have AS 3'd, I actually have a soft spot for that album, Tribe, HitNF and Q2K. It's an unpopular opinion on the site.
    May 28 09:20 PM
  • mandan I'm glad you gave DeGarmo some love. I think QR gets too much flack for their post-PL material. Sure, it wasn't on the same level, but it's almost as if their worst moments mattered more than their best moments on this site.
    May 28 09:14 PM
  • conesmoke Yeah bro pilonidal cysts suck balls. Hopefully neither of us get another one in the future.
    October 23 01:59 AM
    September 11 01:26 AM
  • Artuma agreed but i think the Raven was superb, even if it lacks some originality. he is probably the most notable single person in the modern prog scene though
    July 5 08:37 AM
  • Artuma hmm except like half of the songs on OtSoL... but yea otherwise agreed, Lightbulb Sun or Deadwing is my favorite by them. i've always seen them as a really consistent band who still lack that real magnum opus
    July 4 06:23 PM
  • Artuma Up the Downstair and Signify are awesome, not that much into their other pre-Lightbulb Sun stuff but they are all at least 3.5 for me except On the Sunday
    July 4 06:12 PM
  • Artuma me too, FOABP is slightly overrated imo
    July 4 06:01 PM
  • Artuma dude sweet you're the only one besides myself i've seen having The Incident 4.5'd
    July 4 12:25 PM
  • KINGSTATICTHETHIRD check yr email again
    October 2 08:00 PM
  • Wizard Look up 'Enslaved RIITIIR blogspot' and you will find a link to rapidshare or mediafire. I can't send a link, might get in s*** with the mods.
    October 2 11:37 AM
  • Trebor. Are we still racing to 5 reviews?
    January 10 05:52 AM
  • TheOrigamiKiller Dickshoes
    August 26 04:37 AM
  • Hawks Well they just put out an album as a group in May called Self Made Pt. 1 and then they all have their individual s***. I know Meek Mill's debut album is coming out sometime this year.
    July 16 06:30 AM
  • Hawks Haha yeah that's Meek Mill. He's pretty ****ing awesome.
    July 16 06:18 AM
  • Hawks Listen to the song Tupac Back. A lot of the comments on youtube are negative because they say they're "disgracing Tupac's legacy," but the song is really awesome.
    July 16 06:08 AM
  • Hawks I never got much into Kanye or Kid Cudi. Don't know why really. I also liked the new release by MMG. Don't know if you've ever heard of them, but it's a group with Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, and a few other people. Pretty good stuff.
    July 16 05:52 AM
  • Hawks I think Mac has a lot of potential, but he can be boring sometimes. I've always been into Wiz.
    July 16 05:39 AM
  • Hawks Haha fair enough. I also think I give Wiz the benefit of the doubt most of the time just because he's local.
    July 16 05:31 AM
  • Hawks Yeah his lyrics have always been his weakest aspect. The beats are sick though and I like Wiz's voice and flow for the most part.
    July 16 04:04 AM
  • Hawks You gave Cabin Fever a 2? :(
    July 16 12:39 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Nah, I was talking about Ziltoid. Great album, like most of the man's material. Shame that the s*** review the site has up seems to be 'dictating' or at least influencing a lesser rating. But sorry dude, I don't have Ghost.. I wish man. Believe me, I'm searching multiple times a day or at least checking. It's such a tease, especially when you know that people such as Willie are listening to this, Grrrr.
    May 18 09:18 AM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted ?? What makes you think I have Ghost? :o
    May 17 09:49 PM

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