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  • NoHardFeelings Very clever username, I like it. Props on liking Z-Ro too, guy rules
    April 25 03:12 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid you shouldn't have been too cool to add me on fb :(
    April 2 02:39 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid probably my favorite user on this site. you're a real cool guy and I really wish the best of luck to you. if you wanna keep in touch then I have some Sputnik users added on Facebook and you can hmu there if you like (I promise I'm not THAAAT creepy)
    August 5 03:22 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid hey! sorry I didn't catch your last shout. but yeah I'm leaving, I've left most communities/sites (including, then some weird people on there made a fake account of me) online. I mean I'll probably come here to see news and stuff but in all honesty the only site I kinda keep up with is KanyeToThe. I've moved back to TX by myself and lately I've just had to work on getting s*** together, working, and getting an apartment and hopefully I can focus more on music when that happens. you were
    August 5 03:21 PM
  • silentpotato dude, thanks a tonne for sending that my way, actually. there aren't a lot of users that are especially knowledgeable on that kind of music around here so its hard to get good recs, i appreciate it.
    July 27 04:44 PM
  • carouse Thanks very much for saying so, I appreciate the support.
    July 20 11:56 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid I didn't like the RIP beat. but idk I liked a lot of the songs tho, a lot banged and I really liked a lot of the more "personal tracks" and the production was pretty good for the most part and I liked (most) of the feature. also ohohohohohoh check out the new Spaceghostpurrp x Robb Bank$ track, it's that insane s***
    July 7 11:16 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid I think everything of his before 2012 to be really corny but it's great
    July 7 03:30 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid nawh haha, I honestly don't care about the opinions of those ppl who start like high school cliques on Tumblr. I was just kind of starting to see it as pointless I guess, I just moved back to the TX and I guess I don't really care about tracking my plays, only keeping them with variation and stuff I guess and it was cool browsing around artists' last.fms when I was bored and posting shouts but I got s*** to do now. and nooo, you should listen to the new Gambino, it's pretty damn good tbh
    July 7 03:29 AM
  • liledman Haha true. Almost all the CDs I buy these days are either avant-jazz or classical. However, here's a great site for illicit downloads of this persuasion:
    June 28 12:55 AM
  • liledman If you find anything good, let me know!
    June 27 02:25 AM
  • liledman Hey man, I haven't actually gotten around to that Farmers by Nature album yet, I kept putting it off and have kind of forgotten about it. As far as this year goes, I haven't really been paying attention to new releases all that much, so I haven't heard any new jazz stuff. There are a few that sound promising though; I usually just keep an eye on this blog:
    June 27 02:24 AM
  • trix4dix hell yea dude all their material is the s***
    June 27 01:06 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid oh and this is probs obvious but D'angelo's Voodoo is the best neosoul album ever
    June 26 11:13 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Maxwell - Embrya (I mean I'm sure you already know about Maxwell, boi's a legend and his production is just gorgeous and has all these atmospheres and textures and it was some just beautiful neosoul) [] Cymande - Cymande (amazing oldschool psychedelic soul) [] Aaliyah - One in a Million/Aaliyah (probably obviou, sample is DJ Screw's One in a Million screw) [
    June 26 11:12 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid ohs*** I'm sorry I totally thought I replied. Well assuming that neosoul/early-style kind of R
    June 26 11:05 PM
  • BaselineOOO best user
    June 22 02:06 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid I've been iffy about the production since on Look What You Did it's all kinda the samey and on Truth Be Told the production kind of feels cheap, even for its time period, know what I'm sayin? But just goddamn I've been bumpin Crack and Cocaine so much and appreciating the stuff I already had even more, they're so good and the R
    June 20 02:43 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid whoa holy **** this is late but I'm loving that, thanks for putting me onto that, cuz. Would you wanna have some soul/neosoul-kinda recs? Also I've been checking out Z-ro's discography lately and holy s*** this whole time I've just kind of assumed Let the Truth Be Told was the cream of his crop but I never knew how ****ing consistent he is and jesus I've been so into him. I was kinda eh before since while I really liked the rapping/concepts of Truth Be Told and Look What You Did,
    June 20 02:39 AM
  • trix4dix ugk all day
    June 14 02:25 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid and yeah, Six Foot Giant might have one of the worst album covers that isn't pen and pixel.
    June 8 10:22 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid woops, I always forget about that as a double-disc. And yeah cuz I like Get Ya Mind Correct. Have you ever heard Pharoah's "Six Foot Giant"? Rapper in the South Park Coalition and I recently found that little gem from 1998 and it has great rapping and kind of just weirdly good production for a 90s H-Town DIY album. You'll especially dig him if you like Z-ro, they're a lot alike
    June 8 10:21 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid also check out the new Curren$y it's so so so good
    June 2 12:08 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid yea of course it's all just "Best of" with some songs from Blvcklvnd and God of Black EP completely mastered and revamped and stuff so they aren't lo-fi. Some of it makes the beats extra good and more of taking that Triple Six s*** to the new era instead of dwelling in the 90s tape hiss and some of it is just eh since some of the songs he chose are SUPPOSED to be played lo-fi and they sound dumb mastered, but it's still defs worth checking.
    June 2 12:07 AM
  • Goatlord Thanks! It my favorite movie as a child and I continue to love it to this day for that reason. Also, DJ Screw is great.
    May 24 07:55 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid oh my god, this guy in the Lil Wayne shoutbox...just like, I have no words. I genuinely assumed it was a completely over the top parody but I don't think so.
    May 17 12:43 PM
  • Hawks Lol good s*** my man. Thanks a lot.
    May 14 03:59 PM
  • Hawks I accidentallyd the link before I could copy it lol. Could you send it again real fast?
    May 14 03:54 PM
  • Hawks Thanks a bunch dude.
    May 14 03:49 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Yeah I mean it's basically the same level of hilarity as reviewing an album with a 5 when you don't ACTUALLY LIKE IT AND THINK IT'S A 1 IN REAL LIFE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    May 13 10:17 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid The leak for Killer Mike's new album, all El-P produced.
    May 8 02:05 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid and it also has some great bangers like ( and (
    May 1 03:56 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Yeah I feel you, I kinda like how the beat just switched up around his part but that's just me. Also here's one of the songs on the album (except the album version has Pimp C and a Fat Pat sample) and the song with Z-ro is great, too (
    May 1 03:54 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid also what do you think of Trae - Restless? I mean I assumed you've heard it but damn it's just too good.
    May 1 01:35 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid Holy s*** C4C is so good El-P comes through again with the bangers. Also Mr. Mutha****in ExQuire's verse in Oh Hail No is great but I REALLY loved Danny Brown god.
    May 1 01:34 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid thanks cuz
    April 30 09:27 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Hey, how'd you reset your ratings anyway? Like 3/5 of my current ratings don't really represent my opinion or taste anymore so it's kinda weird.
    April 30 08:30 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Wow, I'm an idiot. I'm downloading it now, thanks hahaha.
    April 30 04:20 PM
  • When I clicked that link it just took me to the homepage. :(( And yesssssssss you have no clue how many times I've had that song on repeat. Can't wait for the GOOD Music remix, I've actually texted with Chief Keef and everything lol.
    April 29 04:51 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Shiiiiiiiiiiiit it leaked already? I loved The Full Retard, I'll have to find a link to it. And I can't wait for the Killer Mike x El-P album later this year.
    April 28 11:19 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid You know what? This site can eat a big fat dick. I think it was because I put the "and" sign (the one that's there if you press shift 7) and it didn't show everything I typed in from there on.
    April 17 05:35 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid holy s*** I just noticed that, haha. I was going to say I have both of the Candy Paint
    April 16 09:40 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid He released a great mixtape late last year that you can find on Datpiff and it even has production by Timbaland and features from Z-ro and stuff. It's pretty damn nice.
    April 16 09:17 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Yessss I love Killa Kyleon. I have both of the Candy Paint
    April 16 09:12 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid I like it a lot actually, the weird industrial-type beats sound great. The weird Czech rapping kind of throws me off but it's great, thanks cuz.
    March 30 05:51 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid You should check out Gunplay and Fat Trel. They're kind of trap music that focuses more on actual rapping rather than being something to hype with Fat Trel ( Gunplay ( he should be having his debut album BOGOTA RICH soon) oh and you need to check Chase N. Cashe's latest mixtape, producer/rapper with huuuuge beats and a ton of charisma (
    March 30 01:58 AM
  • Activista anti-MTV frogman sup
    March 23 08:50 PM
  • TheSpirit The new Profanatica is pretty kvlt, definitely one of the better black metal albums I've heard this year
    March 19 08:55 PM
  • TheSpirit hey man, how you been doing?
    March 19 08:31 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Nah, it was originally free Here's a link I uploaded. Also check out my other favorite rapper of 2012, Robb Bank$. Some of it has electronic production and some of it has more Dirty Souf s*** but he has really cool rapping that kind of reminds me of a "let's get throwed" attitude with a kind of personal-ness that Z-ro has. (The download link to the mixtape is in the video description)
    February 20 12:54 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Hooooly s*** son, first of all you should check out the new Spaceghostpurrp EP, it's really good but HOLY s*** YOU NEED TO CHECK LIL UGLY MANE. Check Mista Thug Isolation and Criminal Hypnosis. Predicting best new rapper of 2012 lol. Really southern but smoked out s***
    February 12 08:50 PM
  • aok haha - you just pinched several of my nerves somehow with what appeared to be an inflated ego your buying into that 'degradation of the userbase' crap. and i found it ironic that you were criticising elitism, while putting people like yourself above the majority of others on the site. in reading what you wrote, you did bring some good points forward so i guess keep doing that
    January 17 07:45 PM
  • aok saying i'm 'the one harboring more bitterness' in the midst of a very long rant on a staff list made me lol, especially when in the context of the whole lol paragraph. take it easy, be constructive, write some lists and reviews dude -- dunno what you were trying to accomplish by bitching at staff unconstructively
    January 17 07:51 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid Haha, just accepted. I just never ever check my friend requests. Also, that's cool. I mooostly dig doom (mainly stoner doom and drone doom, I want to get into funeral but I just have Ahab and it's so good), and atmospheric black metal. Like, I can't stand the "heavy" black metal or whatever, it has to be really atmospheric/ambient. And I'll check those out? Do you like trap music at all?
    December 1 06:53 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Also, what do you like in metal besides death metal? (I love most metals but I'm basically only down with some of the death metal essentials and some more 'obscure' proggy/tech deaths, though I hate tech death like Faceless and Necrophagist)
    December 1 06:19 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid Yeah, Main Attrakionz is more about how genuine they are along with the gorgeous beats than anything. They aren't my favorite cloud rap, probably. I still love the hell out of A$AP, Spaceghostpurrp and Lil B (he makes a lot of cloud rap, but I just wish he'd make a full tape of it). And aha, fair 'nuff. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't like Young and in the Way. It just seems like a homogenous hardcore album where they blend tremolo picking and blast beats. What's your
    December 1 06:17 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid Well I really like Curren$y for his flow and charisma coupled with cool beats. A tape where he's less "chill" and more energetic is on his tape with Khalifa (who I don't really like anywhere but on that tape). And really? I always thought charisma was one of the driving points of cloud rap since they don't usually have strong MC skills for the most part. Also two other old Southern hip-hop recs I have are Do or Die (90's Memphis horrorcore) and Fat Pat
    November 29 04:34 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid You might also dig Curren$y's new collab with Alchemist, "Covert Coup". Kinda southern and jazzy. and DaVinci's Feast or Famine I know you probably have heard it, but you might be interested in Elzhi's "Elmatic", and my last one and one of my favorites this year is Trademark da Skydiver and Young Roddy's tape "Jet Life to the Next Life"
    November 28 10:53 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Yesss I love Z-ro so much. You know Lil Keke? His Don't Mess Wit Texas album is doooope. Also, with 2011 let me think: You might like ASAP's new tape. Yeah some of it's cloud rap but a lot of it pays REALLY heavy homage to early Southern, and a lot of the beats are gritty as ****. You might dig Big KRIT's new tape, it's dirty south and it's not as gritty as some 90's s*** but it's not like sickeningly clean electronic or whatever. You might like it.
    November 28 10:48 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Ayyyy cuz you have to check out Big Mello. Just found him and he's so cool. I'd get both Bone Hard Zaggin and wegonefunkwityomind Great ass southern
    November 28 10:11 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Yeah cuz, defs. We got totally tight taste, and lol yeah. I never got the mindset of conscious = good. And I'll hit you up if I got any recs you might like. You need to check out this Soulja Boy song, though He totally goes hard Three 6-style.
    November 17 07:46 AM
  • gabethepiratesquid And you should check out Spaceghostpurrp's NASA mixtape, it's almost EXACTLY like old Three 6 but it ends up making itself even more insane on lean. And he makes great chopped and screwed. I think you'd like him, he's super lo-fi and s***.
    November 16 05:52 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Yeah, Koopsta Knicca is the s***, cuz! And their newer stuff is s***ty but when they first started crunk with stuff like When the Smoke Clears, it was pretty good. And Idunno mang. I'm really digging the cloud rap movement. Like, it really does show a lot of appreciation for old school s***, just more atmospheric and something to smoke to. Clams Casino is probably my favorite modern producer.
    November 16 05:51 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid and hm, in terms of production I like whatever's bumpin as long as it's done well. I mostly like either grittier boom bap or electronic beats a lot. I love a lot of H-town, Memphis, and New York s*** and I have a big love for West Coast and the Bay. Production is a big thing for me, and I guess with specific rappers in today I dig Kendrick, Danny Brown, ASAP, DaVinci, Phonte, etc. With 90's I mostly like the Screw Click, the Three 6 crew, and the NY classics.
    November 16 05:13 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid I don't like anything from Rhymesayers except POS and DOOM, and I still find them both really overrated. And awh, you ain't got West Coast love? I love that s***. Also, it's kind of apparent you're more in-tune with 90's hip-hop because today mostly west coast/east coast/south aren't as important since this is the age of the internet and you have Harlem rappers like ASAP Rocky going on like they're straight from the South.
    November 16 05:09 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid I think he's cool from what I'm hearing so far, thanks for the rec. I'll check him out further. Also, I can understand that. What's some of your favorite hip-hop overall?
    November 15 09:49 PM
  • gabethepiratesquid Ugh, true that cuz. I've actually been getting so into H-town s*** as of late. Lil Keke, K-Rino, Fat Pat, Guerilla Maab, etc. And yeah, everyone here for the most part has kind of cringeworthy things to say about hip-hop. Either they all talk about the obvious essentials (Deltron, Nas, Wu-tang, whatever) or the latest hyped artists that the blogs and stuff are going crazy for (Death Grips, Kendrick, whatever Theneedledrop might review). That'd be a great list. Also, why the Mammal 2.5?
    November 15 12:29 AM
  • TheFonz123 By the way, i cant tell you how much it brightens my day when i see a jazz mark in the a sputniker pie chart..i mean ive loved jazz since my single digits, and I hope it gets apprecciated more over time
    September 5 11:15 AM
  • TheFonz123 Hey brah, thanks for the rec, just got around to checking it out. Unfortunatly my computer, being a usless piece of s***, can only download mediafire zip. Still though i enjoyed your other recs.
    September 5 11:13 AM
  • Maniac! I appreciate the rec though
    September 3 02:25 PM
  • Maniac! Didn't care for it much
    September 3 02:22 PM
  • daIceman you rate 50 cent before i self destruct same like "Black Up" and better then "Section .80" ? :D Yeah your rating system is crazy....but like your enthusiasm to cunninLynguists i have same obsession
    August 25 05:13 AM
  • rasputin I got it online (doubt Worship will ever come to Australia), it's from the label website -
    August 9 12:56 PM
  • sportsboy you like HVGN too?
    August 1 04:08 PM
  • sportsboy you like starship amazingyou are awesome
    July 31 08:27 PM
  • BaselineOOO Your rating system is crazy!
    July 25 10:13 AM
  • SeaAnemone The Avalanches - Since I Left YouMy Bloody Valentine - LovelessThe Gaslight Anthem - '59 SoundThe National - Alligatortry those on for size... remember if you don't like them though, they're not necessarily indicative of indie as a whole
    May 9 07:14 PM
  • SeaAnemone yeah sorry if I sounded like a dick haha, just didn't know if you had anything in mind... I'll look through your ratings quick and give you a few recs...
    May 9 07:11 PM
  • SeaAnemone ummm so what do you want? I mean indie is way way too broad...
    May 9 05:11 PM
  • WeepingBanana take your time dude. i most ask just cuz i've gotten a few requests for another game and the sooner this one is done the sooner i can do the next one. but yeah no huge rush
    April 11 11:23 AM
  • WeepingBanana hey dude not to harp on you but it's been two weeks and you and 10 others haven't done your review for the random album game. the sooner the better.
    April 10 08:45 PM
  • FearThyEvil It's cool I understand why you said that but Sputnik had nothing to do with me giving those 5. Plus not many people 5 Chevelle albums.
    March 31 12:10 PM
  • FearThyEvil Do you mean sputnik is the reason I like them albums or is it that I only like them because of sputnik? I will admit sputnik shown me a lot of albums but how I listen to them and rate them isn't determined by the fanbase on the site. In no way am I trying to start anything with you I'm just asking what you meant by the comment on my list.
    March 29 09:20 PM
  • jayfatha Aww, damnit. Well at least it'll get a review
    March 29 10:35 AM
  • WeepingBanana your album is Amberian dawn - the clouds of the northland thunder
    March 28 12:27 AM
  • Maniac! nice. I would rate all my blues stuff, but metal would still take over, so it's not worth it.
    March 27 09:42 PM
  • Maniac! I love people with jazz in their pie. Now you need funk, blues, and soul :D
    March 27 09:35 PM
  • InHumanForm to add to TAB's list.Defeated Sanity - Chapters of RepugnanceSuffocation - Pierced from WithinDevourment - Unleash the CarnivoreDeeds of Flesh - Anything by themDisentomb - Sunken Chambers of NephilimArkaik - Reflections Within DissonanceDisordance Axis - The Inelliable DreamlessAbysmal Torment - OmnicideAborted - Engineering the DeadBeheaded - Ominous BloodlineAsphyxiate - Anatomy of Perfect BestialityBrodequin - Instruments of TortureDecrepit Birth - And Time Begins
    March 6 08:19 PM
  • TAB sup dude, heres some brutal albums deeds of flesh - path of the weakening, suffocation - effigy of the forgotten,disgorge - consume the forsaken. Heres some other recs; lykathea aflame - elvenevis,Origin - Antithesis,psycroptic - specter of the ancients, gridlink - amber gray,insect warfare - world extermination and decapitated - winds of creation
    March 5 12:22 AM
  • Counterfeit how dare you
    February 23 04:36 PM
  • Psilocyanide Well tripping helps lol... but idk I've enjoyed it from the start.
    February 21 08:20 PM
  • TheIllmatics well with a cover like that i know what the music is. since i've heard gucci mane's other albums and they mostly suck i'm pretty sure that will suck just as much
    February 19 01:35 PM
  • qwe3 well I'm one of those people who think C3 is one of the best rap albums of the 2000s so far. His lyrical themes are much more varied and his style is much more broad. but if you hated it because of autotune and s*** then yeah you'd probably like C2 more. Check out the song "Shooter" it has the nicest beat
    February 9 02:22 AM
  • FelixCulpa Listen to quite many podcasts but the ones I would recommend besides UYD are Comedy Death ray, Doug loves movies and Never not funny (Although you have to pay to listen to whole ep's, otherwise you can download the first 20 mins) All comedy podcasts just fyi.
    February 1 12:20 PM
  • FelixCulpa Not heard of either podcasts. Do you listen to anymore podcasts?
    February 1 10:49 AM
  • FelixCulpa Hehe, cool. Which podcast?
    February 1 09:32 AM
  • FelixCulpa Uhh yeah dude is actually exactly what it means. The singer and "electronica" stuff on the album is played by Jonathan Larroquette (Who is John larroquette's son) does a podcast (Google if you dont know what it is) called Uhh yeah dude with his best friend. So I knew about jogger way back from the podcast but I never checked them out until recently. Thought you'd maybe heard about them through the podcast too.
    February 1 08:48 AM
  • FelixCulpa Hehe, I was actually thinking of adding the album to the database cause I searched it and it wasn't in there, but then I forgot about it or something then I saw that you had already done it which was a surprise since I didn't know anyone else listen to them. UYD doesn't happen to mean anything to you does it?
    January 31 06:19 PM
  • FelixCulpa Yay you also listen to Jogger.
    January 30 04:17 PM
  • KILL ya dude ****in bitch ass punk mother ****s
    January 20 04:27 AM
  • qwe3 sweet, i'll check it out man. have you listened to encoffination's record this yr? it's ****ing sweet. mix of death doom and black
    November 13 08:06 PM
  • kount yeah if you hang around here alot it may seem pretty stunning
    November 8 02:52 PM
  • kount no you dont
    November 7 07:54 PM
  • Bitchfork ily
    October 12 05:48 PM
  • chambered89 ill keep trying man
    September 25 05:51 PM
    September 19 09:11 PM
  • TMobotron soundoff bump, agree so much about em trying to be aggressive instead of it just being his honest delivery
    August 3 05:51 PM
  • WeepingBanana haha fair enough then
    August 2 10:06 PM
  • WeepingBanana i see, though i'm gonna have to disagree with your guitar playing remark. many of his guitar parts are very intricate and complicated. listen to the song angeles if you haven't already
    August 2 03:14 PM
  • WeepingBanana don't wanna start a rabble-fest, but why don't you like Elliott Smith?
    August 2 12:10 AM
  • PirateSquid Why thank you, my good sir. My douchebaggery knows no bounds
    March 9 01:30 PM
  • Bulldog Welcome to the site dude! I must agree with you Accordion is an awesome song.
    March 2 09:26 PM

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