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  • Bulldog hey dude. what do you think of mf doom?
    April 26 03:13 AM
  • ImpOfThePerverse hey dude sucks you got banned, but that was what you were going for anyway. nothing new to me; i've been banned at least 15 times
    March 31 08:54 PM
  • TheBlackHoleofDeath7 Pure ****ing win.
    March 31 08:27 PM
  • BSX Zhu Zhu Pets are so HARDCORE!
    March 31 08:02 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 whats ur problem? I don't neg your reviews dude wtf?????????
    March 31 07:57 PM
  • Foxhound Hey keep up the ace reviewing, I won't be here for a while but I felt like I got to actually know you better than any user on here so you still have my facebook and I'll be using peoples computers to check it once in a while so let me know if anything interesting goes down or you make staff. Anyway I'm moving upstate with no real plan, so wish me luck I guess :)
    March 31 09:42 AM
  • Insurrection Yeah Krakatoa would be hard to top. By the way I added Liar, Strife, and Arkangel to the database. I'll listen to those albums you rec'd tomorrow.
    March 30 10:38 PM
  • Insurrection Dude the Krakatoa album is incredible. My favorite tracks are probably 1, 5, and 7 but I only gave it like three full listens.
    March 30 06:59 PM
  • Foxhound - placing this message in your box.
    March 30 03:02 PM
  • Foxhound I was doing the dishes when it clicked. I haven't really heard anything like this that's so good ever, Phenomenal album.
    March 27 11:06 PM
  • Foxhound Cool, I used to really think it was a piece of s*** and made it known in the threads but then I listened to it closely and damn was I wrong.
    March 27 10:56 PM
  • Foxhound Circle Takes the Square, Coheed and Cambria, AFI, A Skylit Drive = which one should I do a review for next, idk I don't wanna choose but I wanna write something.
    March 27 10:48 PM
  • TheEnforcer So you haven't heard of me? Why don't you let me check out a few of your reviews ;)
    March 25 12:11 AM
  • Foxhound So... that list brought the lulz.
    March 24 10:50 PM
  • Foxhound Thanks for the comment on my review today (I know the review was average) I was getting like 0 comments and I went to work for like 6 hours today. Anyway I'll keep that in mind when I see a review of yours getting no love.
    March 24 07:11 PM
  • Inveigh yeah, it would definitely be a great summer record. but now that I've started listening to it, I definitely can't stop haha
    March 24 12:05 PM
  • Inveigh oh I know man, I can't get enough of Boxer or Alligator; although I think I'm leaning more towards Boxer as my favorite of the two. Just got into For Emma, Forever Ago last night -- SO soothing and peaceful. Can't wait to pop it in on my way home tonight. I'm interested in The Weakerthans, I'll probably start there w/ your reviews. Lookin forward to it
    March 24 11:46 AM
  • Inveigh hey, thanks man! I'm just beginning to embark on my indie/alt adventure. I've started with The National, Arcade Fire and Bon Iver (Brand New and Gaslight Anthem were kinda my gateways into this stuff). I'm gonna hit up your reviews on my lunch today when I have some time to really digest them
    March 24 11:26 AM
  • Inveigh dude, how we're not musical neighbors is beyond me
    March 24 09:51 AM
  • Foxhound Where it says edit profile information (where you put your real name for pro reviews) just type in your username, pretty simple and it's a cool addition to your main profile page even if I don't use the main site often.
    March 23 10:12 PM
  • Foxhound Hey I'ma go for the Sub Focus review, screw the genre barrier. Anyways hey you should get a Last.Fm cause it's cool to see what/how much you listen to s***. idk just a thought, later.
    March 23 10:00 PM
  • Foxhound You'll be contrib/staff one day by the looks of your reviews.
    March 22 05:52 PM
  • Foxhound I tried to review Sub Focus as well tonight but it's hard. Genre barrier I guess, I wanna do a sick review of a Converge album. I kinda liked Daisy more today, it took me about 2 years to get into TDAG so I shouldn't be surprised.
    March 20 03:45 AM
  • SeaAnemone seriously great top 60... love the vsriety / lack of convention... stick around here long enough and that might change haha. you'll find some great music, but everyone else here probably likes it too haha... fantastic review too
    March 20 01:12 AM
  • Foxhound Cool for checking out '"Coeur" but tbh that review was terrible, I just did it cause I had a crush on her, I don't even know French! I might re=write it sometime but maybe a good writer should do it. 'hint hint'.
    March 19 12:35 AM
  • GnarlyShillelagh Dude can you change your profile picture? It creeps me out and I stalk you regularly.
    March 18 12:40 AM
  • ninjuice This is a bit after the fact, but when I said you're the only one who dislikes The Departed, I definitely MEANT minority. There will be always be people who dislike works of art, regardless of how good they supposedly are. And I usually to not be a douche, unlike some of the more active users here.
    March 17 07:13 PM
  • SeaAnemone wow that was fast! haha... but yeah one of my personal favorite bands/albums/reviews etc.
    March 16 02:31 PM
  • SeaAnemone listen to Northstar - Pollyanna and then love it more than anything please thank you.
    March 16 01:19 PM
  • Foxhound I got a new review up, tell me what you think if you get a chance.
    March 14 11:10 AM
  • Deviant. Noisia's album leaked
    March 12 07:20 PM
  • ArcanisTheOmnipotent [enter text]lol[/enter text]
    March 12 02:28 AM
  • ArcanisTheOmnipotent [enter text]Hey thanks for all the recs! :)[/enter text]
    March 12 01:59 AM
  • somberlain didn't really like Human the Death Dance and haven't heard his Non-Prophets stuff. Have you heard his live album? I did a review for it, it's so good
    March 11 11:42 PM
  • somberlain You're my new fav user cuz you put Sage Francis on 2 lists! Have you heard "Personal Journals"? I think it's his best
    March 11 11:16 PM
  • rhcpkp15 yea its pretty awesome. if you really loved it then you should check out the album All
    March 11 08:15 PM
  • rhcpkp15 did you listen to the descendents for melodic punk?
    March 11 06:47 PM
  • Anthracks i admire ur pulchritude can i osculate ur hand
    March 10 09:42 PM
  • BSX I understand, whenever I use the internet to look up info for a paper I end up watching youtube and searching random stuff.
    March 8 08:29 PM
  • BSX LOL dude you're all over this site. Every list I looked at today you already commented on it.
    March 8 01:48 PM
  • DeleriumTrigger embarrassed? lol why?
    March 6 10:14 PM
  • PigDestroyer89 No problem bro :D...that is the spirit!!!
    March 6 03:22 PM
  • PigDestroyer89 Awesome review bro keep em' coming \m/
    March 6 08:43 AM
  • AliW1993 sure man i'll look out for it
    March 6 04:39 AM
  • BallsToTheWall 123, very underrated. That video of their is entertaining.
    March 5 11:25 AM
  • BallsToTheWall I would think that SMP woulbe be zombiecore. or at the very least Misfitscore.
    March 5 08:25 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 Frightened Rabbit is epic.
    March 3 09:19 PM
  • Athom also read some paul tillich. i like his stance on how modern christianity has turned christ into nothing more than an icon.
    March 1 09:42 PM
  • Athom Start off small. Get either the "Gnostic Gospels" or "The Nag Hammadi Library" (same thing one's just full of footnotes the other's an easier read. i forgot which one) and see if you are interested by them. They are a much more here and now centered style of texts.
    March 1 09:40 PM
  • Athom Even though I'm an atheist, I'm really interested by biblical history and interpretation, especially the non-traditional viewpoints in Jewish mysticism, Gnosticism, and the apocryphal texts.
    March 1 09:12 PM
  • jesusjuice1179 my email:
    March 1 09:07 PM
  • BigTuna The link might not work to my fb. Search "Brad Zwiers" and my prof pic is me and the gf sitting on a bench, not the little kid with a dog. Or
    March 1 09:05 PM
  • Emim Yeah, that or fb. my email:
    March 1 08:58 PM
  • BigTuna My fb: ://
    March 1 08:43 PM

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