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  • SillyCaringRabbitPal i heard u smoke weed, do you know thats illegla?
    December 3 09:16 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers rip
    February 15 04:06 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy : - D
    October 18 07:20 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy omg hi
    October 18 04:22 PM
  • bailar12 bailamos
    April 22 02:42 AM
  • Ire hi ;3
    March 12 01:42 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers where u been bra
    January 30 09:28 PM
  • slipnslide vancouver reppin
    January 9 01:47 AM
  • 8bit Thanks bro, late ass reply here hahahah I pretty much just want a well-paying job too, be able to raise a family and be able to travel. How were your holidays?
    January 5 06:33 AM
  • 8bit I want to be able to have an impact on the future, to be able to find and use solutions rather than just complain about the problems, to get renewable energy to be more than just an afterthought of an issue that gets put on the back burner by politicans. To get being resourceful and efficient in the average person's life more than just buying reusable bags for the grocery store. Improve living conditions for people living in their own garbage in third world countries. That kinda stuff!
    December 7 03:27 AM
  • 8bit How's California? I think I remember you being from Canada, could be wrong. I've been decent, last year I went to university for arts, didn't like it, but I'm taking the year off, next year I'm going back to take environmental science.
    December 7 01:40 AM
  • 8bit Duuuuuuude! How have you been? It's been a year and then some since we've talked last!
    December 7 12:41 AM
  • bloc Haha, hey man it was boring okay?!
    August 16 03:27 AM
  • foxxxy take this dick
    August 15 06:01 AM
  • Crysis Oh sweet, will do.
    August 12 02:00 PM
  • Ire take this dick
    July 18 10:05 PM
  • Ire u
    July 17 09:34 PM
  • BirthRite in opposite land im rank 1
    July 17 09:27 PM
  • BirthRite m/ KjSwantko Registered User Join Date: Dec 2011 Posts: 15 think I just got semi-troll neg'd and it dropped my rating a bit. My 3 most recent reviews all just got one http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/50857/Hellyeah-Band-Of-Brothers/ http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/50446/Badlands-Badlands/ http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/50439/Angra-Hunters-and-Prey/ Prob an angry Hellyeah fan; thanks
    July 17 09:24 PM
  • Ire lolol
    July 17 07:39 PM
  • Ire i liked ur cutie avatar bettr
    July 17 06:27 AM
  • Tyrael best avatar ever
    July 14 09:12 PM
  • Ire best show ever
    July 10 08:47 AM
  • Ire adam? dude, ders and blazer are way better wtf
    July 9 09:12 AM
  • BallsToTheWall good s*** btw. might review it at some point
    April 16 03:44 AM
  • BallsToTheWall why is the Vortex Rikers album titleless?
    April 16 02:36 AM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER Oh s***, I follow someone on tumblr whose name is easthastingss and I found them through someone else on sputnik so I just assumed it was you. Sorry for the confusion there. But I won't retract the statement about you being a cool dude, you like good music
    December 31 06:11 AM
  • ITsHxCTOASTER So, we follow each other on tumblr. I've never talked to you but you seem like a cool dude and by the way I liked your band on facebook
    December 30 11:18 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa Oh, well Jaime gets pretty cool around the 4th book, at least in my opinion. He's an alright guy.
    September 18 05:42 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa Do you read the books or just watch the show?
    September 16 04:06 AM
  • ZippaThaRippa **** you. Jaime and Tyrion are basically the most awesome characters.
    September 14 08:04 PM
  • Shadein thanks!
    July 11 04:26 PM
  • silentstar Thanks :P
    July 9 08:18 PM
  • silentstar If you could give me a Google Plus invite, that would be nice :) aadil67@hotmail.com
    July 9 04:02 PM
  • Shadein I would love a Google invite please. mangamansteve2000@yahoo.com
    July 9 02:00 AM
  • DoubtGin kadirari@hotmail.de
    July 8 07:43 PM
  • Baphomet You are the hero sputnik needs.
    July 8 07:03 PM
  • Baphomet Finally! Actually I want nothing to do with google , it was all a scheme to get into your exclusive gay porn circle.
    July 8 06:49 PM
  • SkateFootballMusic Thank you so much!
    July 8 06:39 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Long time no see. Get the album "I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day" by the band DTH
    June 13 06:31 PM
  • Maniac! Dunno what the problem is bro. It all works with me.
    June 8 01:47 AM
  • Maniac! yeah, sorry about that. I had 2 login systems up simultaneously. Whoopsies.
    June 6 02:19 AM
  • Maniac! All good now, you should be able to login with your first account
    June 6 01:38 AM
  • Maniac! the registration form is screwed up, 1 min
    June 6 01:31 AM
  • Maniac! yeah man. Go ahead and sign up. You can start posting whatever and whenever. I'd prefer something that isn't massively reviewed and/or 5 years old, but other than that you can post pretty much whatever you want.
    June 6 01:19 AM
  • Maniac! That's a good start. You can also do tech news
    June 6 12:57 AM
  • Maniac! That'd be great, I need a guy for that.
    June 6 12:54 AM
  • Ire ur cute
    May 29 10:18 PM
  • Maniac! www.wiredreviewers.com
    May 29 12:20 PM
  • Ire ????
    May 26 07:30 PM
  • Maniac! Been doing pretty good lately, started a blog too. What about you?
    May 26 01:57 PM
  • Maniac! Long time no speak
    May 26 02:22 AM
  • Ire stop burning my bread
    March 18 12:00 AM
  • Ire hi easty
    March 17 01:57 AM
  • Maniac! Shutup and listen to Alice in Chains :(
    March 9 01:29 AM
  • Maniac! pssst
    March 7 02:56 AM
  • Realm hi easty hi easty hi easty hi easty hi august burns bread hi easty
    February 27 12:20 AM
  • bloc That's my boy
    February 5 04:29 AM
  • 8bit Yeah, I'm probably going to do the same bro, go to a local university/college as much as I want to move to Vancouver or something. Not sure even sure what I want to do yet, just something where I'm out of an office, I guess haha.
    February 3 02:06 AM
  • 8bit o ya you're my age, what you doing after high school educationz mate?
    February 2 03:30 PM
  • 8bit Same here, just finished exams, been out of school for a week for grading/snow days. Celebrating my sputnikversary n stuff.
    February 2 02:51 PM
  • 8bit Hey Matt, what's going on bro?
    February 2 01:56 PM
  • pizzamachine Hey you! I reviewed Soulostar.
    January 3 02:06 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers i use linux so it's almost impossible for me to get a virus. otherwise my computer would be in shambles :P
    December 24 08:59 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers just money from relatives but my mom is pitching $100 towards my netbook for college. now all i'll have to do is build my desktop
    December 24 08:26 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers what are you getting for christmas?
    December 24 05:14 PM
  • sonictheplumber lol you report trolls
    December 24 06:15 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers hey there east
    December 24 05:05 AM
  • Josh D. slow burning
    December 23 09:46 PM
  • Josh D. sounds familiar
    December 23 09:33 PM
  • Josh D. No.
    December 23 09:10 PM
  • ShadowRemains i would do things to your profile pic, such things shall remain unnamed
    December 5 09:24 PM
  • Bitchfork I call him dr. yden sometimes but not all the time that would get boring dont you think i think i think about rainbows on wednesdays
    November 27 02:27 AM
  • Bitchfork "it was a raw nigger"-dr2den
    November 26 08:28 PM
  • Bitchfork No I meant that's what you said about my song except the bass and acoustic s***
    November 26 08:19 PM
  • Bitchfork Airs A Left Turn At Happiness This band really knows how to mix melody into their (instrumental and few-and-far-between) black metal, yet there isn't much innovation here. Acoustic guitar passages are fun, and the programmed drums are minimalistic, yet can get tiresome. Some vocals probably could have made this a little more black-metal oriented and more emotional, but overall it's not too bad. the name's unfathoms bitch not airs **** you :]
    November 26 08:05 PM
  • Bitchfork Bitch you never listened to my split did you bitch no bitch no
    November 26 07:54 PM
  • Josh D. I like post rock.
    November 25 06:30 AM
  • Josh D. I would like to think the answer to that is obvious.
    November 25 06:26 AM
  • Josh D. Hope he dies next Tuesday.
    November 25 06:10 AM
  • Josh D. I refuse to listen to Kanye because he's such a piece of s***.
    November 25 05:56 AM
  • Josh D. I usually laugh at lyrics, but rapping itself isn't interesting to me. I like Eminem though. you hven't seen mw randomly post Em lyrics before? I used to do it often
    November 25 05:46 AM
  • Josh D. yesterday, I listened to some differnt Wu Tang members, POS, Tech N9ne, and others that aren't really mainstream. I was loling almost.
    November 25 05:42 AM
  • Josh D. why what
    November 25 05:30 AM
  • Josh D. Yeah, but I don't like hip hop. The whole rap/hip hop thing in general.
    November 25 01:23 AM
  • Josh D. I see we're going to have another genre problem.
    November 25 12:50 AM
  • Bitchfork I love lo-fi kvtly bm s***
    November 24 08:37 PM
  • Bitchfork So what'd you think of Sump?
    November 24 06:11 AM
  • Bitchfork doooo ittt
    November 24 06:10 AM
  • Bitchfork maybe mork gryning?
    November 24 05:53 AM
  • Bitchfork probably a four
    November 24 02:48 AM
  • jingledeath good to see imperium dekadenz gettin some love, i've been whoring that band out for a while now haha.
    November 23 11:57 AM
  • Bitchfork Bouncing between a 3.5 and a 4
    November 23 05:47 AM
  • Josh D. Maybe
    November 21 01:43 AM
  • Josh D. umm....yeah, i think so.
    November 21 01:24 AM
  • Josh D. I like Alcest :/
    November 21 12:56 AM
  • Josh D. I'll eat your uterus with a taint.
    November 21 12:47 AM
  • Bitchfork Did it remind you of anyone? I mean the song that is. And cool, cool. Just make sure you use the tracklisting I gave you in that shoutbox post as mappy tagged the files poorly or something like that.
    November 20 10:13 PM
  • Bitchfork On a scale of 1-10?
    November 20 09:50 PM
  • Bitchfork Did you listen to my stuff yet?
    November 20 09:10 PM
  • Jakeitwasaghost BURRITO BROTHER
    November 20 03:25 AM
  • Bitchfork Haven't listened. Did you like?
    November 19 04:50 AM
  • Bitchfork You'd like the album that came before that one more. Like a 5. oh: http://www.mediafire.com/?3pm6d1a935snkj1 Tracklisting goes: Astral Plane 1, Astral Plane 2, Disharmonious Latitude, ...And Harmony Escapes, Hello Longitude (Erik), Benadryl Blah blah
    November 18 01:17 AM
  • Bitchfork Sent. Did you listen to my ambient split with witchy? Eno and kount and piratesquid and combustion really liked it. so may you. And yeah I've got that by 'em. Procella Vadens is s*** in comparison to anything else they've ever done, esp. Dämmerung der Szenarien.
    November 17 06:06 AM
  • Bitchfork Would you be willing to listen to a black emtal track I made? I think you'd like it.
    November 17 04:43 AM
  • IanDavila Thats right men, A real legacy from isis :) , btw im really enjoying new ocean! I made my own versión of the album adding the two origins songs from helio to this album hehe, i could rate it this way to a 4 for sure!
    November 3 06:15 PM
  • Maniac! Not too bad, just busy with school and judo. Also watershed sucks
    November 3 12:29 PM
  • IanDavila yeah! for your avatar, i recently rise wavering radiant to 5... that makes be more sad for the hiatus.... hope the guys dont take it so serious :/
    November 3 02:48 AM
  • Maniac! Heyo. how ya been?
    November 3 02:29 AM
  • Josh D. That link shows what I am talking about. I would have more, but I was off sputnik for several months a few years ago.
    October 20 03:52 AM
  • Josh D. http://www.sputnikmusic.com/album.php?reviewid=5442
    October 20 03:52 AM
  • Josh D. I don't know, but less time than I have. There have been users in the past who have had post counts jump up several thousand overnight. I wouldn't really notice anymore, but I noticed it once or twice in my early days.
    October 20 03:49 AM
  • Josh D. Yeah, but Balls has like 25,000. I don't understand how.
    October 20 03:43 AM
  • Josh D. But you are spewing FALSITIES!
    October 20 03:33 AM
  • Josh D. My ratings don't indicate hate for either. And what lists?
    October 20 03:25 AM
  • Josh D. Where did I say I hated ABR and #12?
    October 20 03:22 AM
  • Josh D. Like what?
    October 20 03:17 AM
  • 8bit Yeah, I miss those summer days, those huge Brokencyde threads... when it didn't matter how often I was on here, I can't believe I was on here so much ahaha. I'm a Senior, 17.
    October 17 01:13 AM
  • 8bit Not much bro, school, gotta get a girl ffs. Been laying off the sputnik for quite a while, sort of coming back on casually. You still in High School? Can't remember if were the same age.
    October 16 11:37 PM
  • 8bit bro
    October 16 10:34 PM
  • 8bit sup hastings whats new.
    October 5 10:32 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 thats what I thought, but then I realized that F#A# is the most bloated, look past the song lengths and look into what each song offers. Lift also has "Storm", which because of what happens 16 minutes in, automatically makes the album a 5
    October 5 02:30 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 yep best band ever. GYBE is the tits as well, Lift Your Skinny Fists is the best album ever made without traditional vocals
    October 5 01:59 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 was my fave for a while. Perfect Fall/early winter album. Best acoustic Opeth on there as well
    October 5 01:35 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 Forest of October was sex. Btw, you're two favorite Opeth albums used to mine
    October 5 01:28 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 oh ok. The DVD is insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. If you know the user Hollier, he was there.
    October 5 01:21 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 ur doing the live CD, not DVD?
    October 5 01:19 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 watched the DVD with a buddy on saturday. After I watch it again, it will be 5'd
    October 5 01:11 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 3 more things: you 5'd In the Court, you 5'd Program Music I, and you just recently listened to BWP. New best friend
    October 5 01:02 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 yeah btbam is deh tits. Never liked Saetia at all though, unlistenable. but you have minus the bear plays so all is nice
    October 5 12:43 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 and dude come on, why do you have Saetia at 5? band is horrible bro
    October 4 02:58 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 sup! at least you like GYBE
    October 4 02:45 PM
  • Ire they are gay.. we will have none of that in our shoutboxes! tell that to progmaster do it i dare ya omg
    October 4 03:04 AM
  • Ire call him an asshole and tell him that colors is the worst btbam album. that will get u leik ten shouts
    October 4 02:39 AM
  • Josh D. I might, just not big into their style.
    September 28 03:44 AM
  • Josh D. I haven't heard much UO tbh, but I like a couple songs of theirs. It's cool, Broseph Goebbels.
    September 28 03:34 AM
  • Josh D. I probably should have said it this way: it seems like he just wants to hit random snare strikes to be different. There is this vid on YouTube of him jamming in a music store, and it's like "wtf is he doing" the whole time.
    September 28 03:04 AM
  • fromtheinside Kerouac - Cold and Distant, Not Loving
    September 25 09:49 PM
  • Josh D. I think I look normal compared to most Sputnikers I've seen. I didn't know my head shape was enjoyable though.
    September 24 12:45 AM
  • Josh D. You're actually the only person to say something about it.
    September 23 04:50 AM
  • Josh D. http://www.youtube.com/user/unearth19?feature=mhum
    September 23 04:27 AM
  • deathofasalesman She's also bi but like girls more. So yeah, she's the epitome of goddess.
    September 18 11:09 PM
  • deathofasalesman She's April Oneal and she's a goddess.
    September 18 10:31 PM
  • Prolapse where you been mo'****a
    September 8 09:35 PM
  • Josh D. 2 days, huh?
    August 27 03:52 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Will do. Guitar is the s*** after smoking. The only bad part is I get lazy and fool around with melodies
    August 26 09:45 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Tabs. I basically live at ultimate-guitar
    August 26 09:34 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Right right, will do. I'd like to be able to play Wonderwall
    August 26 09:31 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers That's actually the technique I mainly practice, that and blink 182 songs
    August 26 09:28 PM
  • Apollo so ****ing retarded
    August 26 08:50 PM
  • Apollo that would explain why I can't comment on it
    August 26 08:47 PM
  • Josh D. Today, 07:34 PM #4 mx . Admin Join Date: Apr 2001 Posts: 6,527 New option for lists that allows the user to decide whether to allow comments on the lists or not. Moderators can also lock comments on lists to prevent further posting.
    August 26 01:42 AM
  • Josh D. I'm getting better. And wtf, we can't even troll lists now. Mods can stop then from being posted in now.
    August 26 01:39 AM
    August 25 10:49 PM
  • Josh D. I don't know. A list that got d from a troll said who it was, but I don't know if it is true.
    August 25 09:42 PM
  • Josh D. See what happens...and don't qwertyuiop me.
    August 25 08:48 PM
  • bloc LOL East thinks he's a baws...
    August 25 07:33 PM
  • bloc That's chump change, son!
    August 25 07:25 PM
  • bloc Yes...I see it now....Okay, you are forgiven.
    August 25 07:21 PM
  • bloc EXCUSE ME, but was I talking to you about this? NO, I was talking to climactic thankyouverymuch!
    August 25 07:19 PM
  • Ire niiiiiiiiice. canisee?
    August 25 03:36 AM
  • Ire i couldn't see your old avatar so w/e
    August 25 03:28 AM
  • Electric City im 19 and i like boobs
    August 25 02:26 AM
  • Electric City your old avatar was better
    August 25 02:14 AM
  • Josh D. I know.
    August 24 06:32 PM
  • 8bit Okay and we'll get some Japanese girls along the way.
    August 24 05:42 PM
  • Josh D. mad?
    August 24 05:42 PM
  • 8bit Awesome man, I'm planning on traveling there some day to just go hiking and climb Fiji.
    August 24 05:40 PM
  • 8bit Nice profile picture abb, I've always wanted to go to Japan.
    August 24 05:37 PM
  • coneren are you really Canadian?
    August 24 07:36 AM
  • Bitchfork Suffocate for **** Sake, Kayo Dot, Callisto, Capricorns
    August 24 04:09 AM
  • Bitchfork Did you like Khlyst or was it too br00ts?
    August 24 03:53 AM
  • 8bit canada bro/ ya i guess ur right
    August 22 10:14 PM
  • 8bit how come u americans have so many different types of things like honey mustard pringles and all we have is original and sour cream omg
    August 22 10:00 PM
  • 8bit you'll be ok abb
    August 22 09:52 PM
  • 8bit nvm i checked /r/ haha kudos
    August 22 09:46 PM
  • 8bit lol how u find that
    August 22 09:37 PM
  • Maniac! lol? ok then
    August 22 09:22 PM
    August 22 06:54 PM
    August 22 06:17 PM
    August 22 06:08 PM
  • Hagardlymusic Fa Sho, Fail reviews fails
    August 22 03:01 AM
  • Hagardlymusic a little more constructive criticism plix plox?
    August 22 02:05 AM
  • AKIRA28 oh sweet as, how did you get onto vultures? they're my mates band and its good to hear people other than australia are digging them
    August 21 04:15 AM
  • AKIRA28 hey dude saw you rated vulturesso guessing your from melbourne yeah?
    August 21 04:01 AM
  • climactic What area you do you live in? Cause it has all these different parts, so much different than NYC
    August 20 05:17 AM
  • climactic Dude really? I might be there in December
    August 20 05:13 AM
  • climactic Been to LA twice.
    August 20 04:28 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers Oh nvm you told me to listen to it once for blast beats, I do believe. I have it marked to d/l
    August 20 03:30 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers I like you as well, friend! I've actually never listened to them, heard the name thrown around. Which album do I get?
    August 20 03:19 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers Basically everything, haha. Classic DM, prog, tech, all floats my boat
    August 20 03:13 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers I can dig. Akeldama was one of my first death metulz
    August 20 03:09 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers As do I, Akeldama is my favorite deathcore album. PD was an above average death metal album
    August 20 03:07 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers That pretty much somes up my feelings as well. I wanted to rate it a 3.5 but I like it a lot more than most of my 3.5 ratings, so I went with a 4. Might drop it down tbh
    August 20 03:05 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers Yeah it reminds me of Planetary Duality somewhat. What do you have it rated at?
    August 20 02:35 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers I answered by own question, it was Fleshwrought. I overheard you saying something about Johnny Davy making a good album and asked what you meant. :) It's really good btw
    August 19 04:59 PM
  • climactic I mean when you hit up NJ.
    August 19 05:52 AM
  • climactic I know I know hahah. Hey man we should hang out and listen to GY!BE
    August 19 05:47 AM
    August 19 05:43 AM
    August 19 05:43 AM

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