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  • AnotherBrick whats up dude. i dont know if you've checked out my past 2 lists but i'm trying to compile a list with essential albums for genres. buckfutter send me new/old school hardcore, but slightlyepic said you're the champ with that genre. can you send me your essential hardcore albums?
    June 2 03:07 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 intothes***ttttt whats good broooooo
    May 14 04:49 PM
  • theacademy what do u mean? the chan blog thing? he peaced (sorta) after chan castrated him but he's been using the alt TomAndJerry
    May 14 04:48 PM
  • theacademy na man, sorry... don't really rip stuff im a leech
    May 14 04:33 PM
  • Inveigh ooh, i do not. shouldn't be too hard to google and find out though. or ask theacademy, i think he's into that stuff
    May 14 04:27 PM
  • Inveigh haha I guess, although I'm still not exactly sure what it was all about. the funny part is that his review seems like it was just taken from other reviews on Sputnik, and his profile picture is actually one of redskyformiles i think from a chansplans -- the one that MJ superimposed himself dunking on him. lol
    May 14 02:18 PM
  • Inveigh yeah, it doesn't seem that way... so, haha, those batman forever reviews yesterday were pretty ridiculous? did you see that?
    May 14 02:10 PM
  • Inveigh hahaha that was teh final straw, huh? didn't they know you would just come back as intothepit83?
    May 14 02:07 PM
  • Inveigh hah, really? for what?
    May 14 01:58 PM
  • Intoyomom You are my king. Give me my marching orders now, and I will slay anyone who dares question your might.
    May 14 01:45 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 you ****ing moron.
    April 30 09:07 PM
  • SeaAnemone oh cool ya found your shoutbox! :D
    April 29 04:29 PM
  • Maniac! i was sorta talking about seanemone :P
    April 29 04:23 PM
  • Maniac! i hate hypocrites, how about you?
    April 29 04:17 PM
  • Inveigh they'll be here in a week and a half. But I've seen them at 2 Ozzfests, saw them with Zao, A Life Once Lost and Norma Jean, also with Slipknot and Unearth and then saw them last year w/ Lamb of God, God Forbid, Children of Bodom and Municipal Waste. I think I've had my share ;-)
    April 29 02:47 PM
  • Inveigh my thoughts exactly dude. it's a pretty solid 3.5 for me
    April 29 02:42 PM
  • Inveigh ah sh*t, gave ya the wrong link. here ya go:
    April 29 02:03 PM
  • Inveigh you don't gotta pay for it... at least I didn't. what makes you think that?
    April 29 02:02 PM
  • Inveigh I found it on mediafire... I'll look for ya
    April 29 01:34 PM
  • Inveigh yea man it's actually not bad! production's a little thin, and the clean vocals kinda suck, but it's heavy and thrashy as hell and there are a lot of guitar solos... I dunno, it's real groove-heavy and if you go into it expecting that kind of metalcore you'll probably like it. It definitely won't change any haters' minds though.
    April 29 01:30 PM
  • Inveigh hah, will do broheem
    April 29 12:33 PM
  • Inveigh it'll be interesting to watch this unfold... definitely keeps my workday from getting too boring hahah
    April 29 12:16 PM
  • Inveigh yea you're definitely workin it. I'd say step it up a notch though. Maybe even bring nastynick back, see what kinda harvest that reaps.
    April 29 12:07 PM
  • Parallels lolol
    April 29 03:34 AM
  • Parallels fiesty arent we?
    April 29 03:15 AM
  • Prophet178 Or are we the first and just playing along? Hmmm
    April 29 03:11 AM
  • qwe3 speaking of dense i pounded your mother so DENSELY the other day.
    April 29 03:02 AM
  • tinkrbel wtf? what hapened to that list? now how am i suposed to chat with u?
    April 27 11:03 PM
  • SeaAnemone did you read my posts here? I see you're still commenting on random lists trying to create Sputnik drama haha...
    April 27 10:36 PM
  • Satellite MI. Haha, that's funny because "The D" = Dallas or Detroit, and there's a Midland in Texas. I have family in Brownsville, though.
    April 27 08:33 PM
  • SeaAnemone It's the inane personal times, the big egos, the people on Sputnik that create personalities... that I really don't get. and no, I really don't have a huge desire to be staff... maybe a contrib... but they don't really like me there anyway tbh and that's fine.
    April 27 08:33 PM
  • SeaAnemone use Sputnik like it's MySpace or whatever. no. that's what real life is for. if that doesn't work for you, how about facebook, or myspace? and so on... but the thing that really ruins what could be a good thing here is people like Alice who come on here purely to bitch. I'm sure you don't give a s*** about my opinion of you- but you're in-between... sometimes you're on here purely to start inane personal arguments and other times I can tell you're genreally interested in music.
    April 27 08:31 PM
  • SeaAnemone I really don't see the point in establishing some larger-than-life internet persona like some people do here. It's a bit pitiful. I come here to find and discuss music, not to argue or make friends. It's so weird to me that people try to establish these personalities on here. I don't get it. I have a personality in real life. If that translates through to here, whatever... if not, I'm not gonna make some bulls*** one up. The large personas on here are so pitiful... the arguers, the people who...
    April 27 08:29 PM
  • SeaAnemone and here comes a long long rant if you're willing to read?...
    April 27 08:26 PM
  • SeaAnemone hahaha a. I'm not saying I would be opposed to it but b. no, I can sincerely say that this isn't my aim at all here... if you're wondering why I have a million reviews it's NOT primarily for Sputnik... I get paid for them by my school's radio station... and did you see my last msg? i d'd it by accident!
    April 27 08:26 PM
  • SeaAnemone haha good call I totally forgot about that... but anyway, I think we can agree that the ethics of abiding by a wrong-doing is not a very good stance, whatever the degree may be. hence, I feel that the site is a better place without ugly, racist, pointless lists, so FOR ONCE I took a stance and reported it to see if the mods would agree with my modest opinion.
    April 27 08:22 PM
  • SeaAnemone I think we both know I was comparing the ethics behind it and not the extremity. that would be absurd, but thanks for the obvious reminder.
    April 27 08:14 PM
  • SeaAnemone yes, I know, and I'm sure you know because I'm pretty sure you've done it before. but that's basically the equivalent of saying hey, that guy's stealing- no point in busting him though, he's just gonna do it again when he gets outta jail.
    April 27 08:10 PM
  • SeaAnemone "what is the point of reporting someone" well, for starters I didn't report anybody, I reported a list. Also, you took my comment out of context I was talking about another list. Also, if I feel the site is better off without said list because it obviously tarnishes already somewhat immature reputation, then yes... I feel like that qualifies me to a. report it and b. leave it up to the mods to see if they agree.
    April 27 08:07 PM
  • TheNewWhack btw, In sunlight, the black shows hidden streaks of purple (the color of the Baltimore Ravens). I have no idea how he did that, but from here on out, he's my only artist.
    April 22 12:46 PM
  • TheNewWhack Do you have any pieces I can check out? What is your medium? Flesh or canvas? Hahaha! Either way, I'm always down for looking/buying new art.
    April 22 12:33 PM
  • TheNewWhack Thanks man! I'm pretty pleased with the final result. I designed the Maryland theme, but I can't take credit for the color. I've been working on a design for the underside of my arm... Still a work in progress.
    April 22 12:26 PM
  • IleftyspankedU Dude, you're on a roll tonight (saw your rec'd albums). Keep it up. I'm out.
    April 22 02:45 AM
  • IleftyspankedU Oh come on. Not even the crappy 'let the bodies hit the floor/spongebob' acoustic medley at the end?
    April 22 02:33 AM
  • IleftyspankedU What about their cover album?
    April 22 02:22 AM
  • IleftyspankedU Wow! Gave the new Evergreen Terrace a 4? Surprising rating for you.
    April 22 02:08 AM
  • ThePalaceOfWisdom Whatever toughy.
    April 21 10:56 PM
  • ThePalaceOfWisdom your virginity. OH
    April 21 10:53 PM
  • Brylawski alright man have fun
    April 21 10:20 PM
  • Inveigh Yeah The Redder The Better is awesome. Not sure about a rating yet, but I'm thinking a 4
    April 21 08:06 PM
  • Inveigh ugh, I hate Boston sooooooooooo much. and not just bc of that series last year (though that didn't help)
    April 21 02:30 PM
  • Inveigh nice, i just wrote it down so i wouldn't forget
    April 21 02:16 PM
  • Inveigh shiiiiit not yet forgot. what's it like again?
    April 21 02:13 PM
  • Inveigh yea noticed.. they keep deleting his too, which is kinda funny seeing as it's his list. tis what happens though
    April 20 04:53 PM
  • Inveigh did you just get banned? or did your comments just get d from that list..
    April 20 04:50 PM
  • Inveigh they suspended KG. damn good thing too.
    April 18 09:03 PM
  • Inveigh yep, that's what I'm hoping for. absolutely. Once the Bulls are out, the Heat will be who I'm rooting for in the east for sure. Nuggets out west, if they lose then the Suns.
    April 18 02:41 PM
  • Inveigh i hope KG, i hate that guy. I doubt anyone will though, it takes a lot in the playoffs. But if it's anyone, it's gotta be KG. Richardson didn't do s*** really. I hope KG goes out for a game, I want the Heat to take this series, and then at least take The LeBrons to 7 games.
    April 18 02:31 PM
  • Inveigh True, but Bosh's numbers will drop when the entire offense doesn't go through him (sharing with Wade ain't easy). And yeah, I watched the end of that. T'was some bulls***, I hate the Celtics so much.
    April 18 02:18 PM
  • Inveigh who's gonna get Bosh the ball in Miami? Mario Chalmers? I still think the only way Miami gets Bosh is in a sign-and-trade for Beasley, I feel like y'all gonna end with Carlos Boozer..
    April 18 02:17 PM
  • Inveigh but we have the best PG in the East... plus, it's not like Bosh is a fantastic rebounder.. he only averages like 1.5 more a game than Amare, and we don't need rebounding between Noah and Gibson. Bosh's D is nothing to brag about either, at least Amare blocks shots like a monster. I'd say overall they're both equal, but Amare has MUCH more playoff experience, and with D-Rose that pick and roll would be unstoppable. Calderon's no slouch at the PG spot for Toronto either...
    April 18 02:16 PM
  • Inveigh meh, Amare still beat out Yao for rookie of the year even when the king of ballhogs Stephon Marbury was his point guard. D-Rose will run the pick and roll with him for the next 8 years, it'll be unstoppable.
    April 18 02:09 PM
  • Inveigh Heat will be good and all, but D-Wade's gonna be an injury nightmare for the rest of his career bc of the way he fearlessly/recklessly drives to the basket, he takes a beating and he's getting older. He doesn't have the post-up game to fall back on like Jordan and Kobe, unless he gets that, he'll show his age more than either of those guys.
    April 18 10:17 AM
  • Inveigh yeah but his shooting percentage dropped from 47 down to 43, and he played his worst basketball in 10 years the last two months of the season. He's not done, but he's not the black mamba anymore. Also, Stoudamire has better numbers than Bosh, on a better team. Bosh is good and all, but he's soft, Amare's a killer. The Heat will have Wade, and maybe Bosh or Boozer or Amare, and two other players on the roster. The rest of the guys (all 8 of them) will have to be minimum salaried players
    April 18 10:16 AM
  • IGotShotInTheFace Do I know you?
    April 18 03:21 AM
  • Xenophanes Lol, nice profile pic bro
    April 17 09:15 PM
  • Yozzy no, no its not.
    April 17 06:55 PM
  • Inveigh that's aight maing, Bosh, Stoudamire or LeBron would be better fits anyway, they're all a lot younger than Wade :-) He's only got about 2-3 more years left as one of the top 5 players in the NBA (he'll be 31 in 2.5 years, look how much Kobe fell off this year when he turned 31...). there might not be enough ball-time for Rose and Wade on the same team anyway haha
    April 17 05:38 PM
  • Inveigh yea i noticed that after i posted that here. well, to be expected i suppose
    April 16 12:30 PM
  • Inveigh hahaha, like I said, I can see both sides. But this is a battle you're just not going to win homie. Did your list get taken down?
    April 15 08:32 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 Just give up. You've lost. Your taste in music is prolly what did it.
    April 15 06:49 PM
  • Inveigh I see your point, but I see their side of it too. I mean, if you think about it, the creator of the site has a right to say what can and can't be posted, especially if he feels certain things are hurting the intergrity of the site. But I'm sure it's annoying to have something d.. I dunno, never happened to me though so I'm probably a little less passionate than I would be.
    April 15 06:00 PM
  • SeaAnemone partially right... people (who would rather create controversy than discuss music constructively or contribute to the site) will start leaving. I think that's kinda the point. love to talk about this more but I gotta run. maybe
    April 15 05:53 PM
  • SeaAnemone eh, fair enough, maybe I misinterpreted your words... it's just that, to me, the way to start a mature conversation probably wouldn't include comparing people to Stalin
    April 15 05:47 PM
  • Yozzy terrible.
    April 15 04:56 PM
  • Inveigh gotta find a way man, it's worth it
    April 15 02:02 PM
  • Inveigh haha I feel you there. school outside of film/music classes sucked for me too, it's sooooo much better when you actually care about what you're learning
    April 15 01:58 PM
  • Inveigh that's definitely a good topic, and one you probably know well dude. It's definitely got the historical and philosophical elements to it -- you should email it to me when you're finished, I'd like to read it
    April 15 01:49 PM
  • Inveigh either how musical movements repeat themselves (i.e. NWOBHM punk = thrash and then Swedish melodeath hardcore = metalcore, scenes mirror each other about every other decade, we're already starting to see a return to nu-metal genre melding) or how music and colors affect mood. For instance, when listening to an album do you feel bursts of color with different songs/parts? I've written papers on both for similar classes. what were you thinking?
    April 15 01:38 PM
  • IleftyspankedU BTW, is that Topanga you're looking at? Sure looks like the back of her head to me.
    April 15 01:13 PM
  • IleftyspankedU That's a lot to read but I like pictures. SeaAnemone has a nice kitty.
    April 15 01:12 PM
  • IleftyspankedU Na, I get it. I prefer to go the opposite route (kill 'em with kindness while still being condescending). It usually tends to irritate people the most ;)
    April 15 01:06 PM
  • Inveigh word will do
    April 15 01:04 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 I'm intentionally argumentative, and highly inclined to burst out laughing at your ratings.
    April 15 01:03 PM
  • IleftyspankedU At least you're honest about it
    April 15 01:00 PM
  • Inveigh polar bear club eh? what're they like? yeah, new Bleeding Through is a fun metalcore album to drve around to, but don't pay to close of attention to it or you'll realize how boring it is. Yeah, same breakdowns as ever. Much better production than usual with them though.
    April 15 12:58 PM
  • TheNewWhack Yep.
    April 15 12:50 PM
  • IleftyspankedU You seem to like to broaden peoples musical horizons while simultaneously making them feel like s***, huh?
    April 15 12:03 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 haha, Weird Al is a lyrical genius while Alkaline Trio is nothing more than an overhyped punk band that fails miserably at what they attempt to do. I also am laughing because I see Devildriver in your fave bands list. I hope thats a joke.
    April 15 10:54 AM
  • mickeymfb Sorry guess i'm a jackass for posting the same thing on every one of your lists... wasn't tryin to be
    April 15 09:28 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 Two words: Alkaline Trio.
    April 15 08:51 AM
  • ColonelKurtz commenting here to agree that neutralthunder is a ****ing retard that takes the internet too seriously and s his lists because he's a little bitch
    April 15 07:45 AM
  • NeutralThunder12 why do I suck? Dont say it if you cant back it up.
    April 14 06:30 PM
  • heyadam Ohio lol, what kind've stuff you like cause ill rec you some sweet stuff
    April 14 02:22 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 the 80's? I aint predominantly an 80's music fan bro. I'm allowed to enjoy Metallica, as they were my biggest musical influence in my early musician days, and actually have engaging songs unlike Alkaline Trio. I'm 16, so I was never IN the 80's. Moron.
    April 14 02:00 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 oh intothepit, intothepit... when are you going to learn that you have an awful taste in music. Comment on my rankings of BTBAM songs, not your opinion of me you obnoxious fool. ****ing Alkaline Trio? Please, are you still 13?
    April 14 01:58 PM
  • heyadam and I completely respect that. I just hate how I'll word my phrases wrong and then get labeled as being another hypocrite christian. Even though everybody can be hypocritical. I try not to but it happens, and sorry I took that so literal. It's hard to understand that in text
    April 14 01:54 PM
  • heyadam hey man, this is probably easier, sorry if you don't want convo's like this in your shoutbox. But I guess I should've worded my self better, but I'm human, so please don't pull in the isn't that "un-Christian like" thing because we are all human and I mess up too. And I'd love to have an intelligent conversation lol, I just thought you were trying to be a douchebag
    April 14 01:50 PM
  • tinkrbel but i thought we were having a nice convo! ok ill stop posting here. c u soon, ill b watching u
    April 10 05:12 PM
  • tinkrbel just an alt but i troll u cuz u always take the bait!
    April 10 05:09 PM
  • tinkrbel forceful? hey relax i wouldve posted on ur list but u took it down so how else am i gonna comunicate wit my ol pal?
    April 10 04:53 PM
  • tinkrbel wtf? i just wasted my time posting the 10 albums i would listen to before i die! great idea btw "i wouldnt sit on my ass listening to music" lolololol
    April 10 04:48 PM
  • SeaAnemone hm
    April 10 04:40 PM
  • SeaAnemone sounds like some sort of disorder honestly
    April 10 04:38 PM
  • SeaAnemone let me teach you my ways
    April 10 04:29 PM
  • SeaAnemone maybe you just don't know how to be nice on the internet?
    April 10 04:24 PM
  • OriginalityAdvocate You guys are legit. Your homesick postings crack me up. keep bein awesome!
    April 9 07:58 PM
  • Inveigh I did hear that, but honestly I haven't listened to TBS since Tell All Your Friends. You a fan?
    April 8 03:50 PM
  • Inveigh yeah, drums are still the focal point, but all the other members definitely stepped up their game with this one
    April 7 01:15 PM
  • Inveigh it's different. it builds on the heavy use of blast beats and symphonic keys that they used on Declaration, but incorporates more of the traditional Bleeding Through breakdowns and clean choruses from the old years (better cleans and breakdowns though). also, the guitar riffs are more distinguishable and the lead guitar work is much improved
    April 7 01:11 PM
  • Inveigh I've got it, hit up Deviant for a link, the one I was using isn't there anymore. I think it might be Bleeding Through's best overall album, but I'm trying to reserve judgement. I've got it at a 3.5 for now, but that could possibly go up. New Sevendust starts out great and then goes downhill quickly after the first few tracks. My friends really like it though, so maybe I need to give it another look.
    April 7 12:57 PM
  • Inveigh definitely. and they were BAD ETID impersonations at that haha. you heard the new sevendust and bleeding through albums?
    April 7 12:49 PM
  • Inveigh yeah man, I love that band. They put out two mediocre records in a row after Flask, but the new one's really really good.
    April 7 12:33 PM
  • Inveigh haha, yeah that first list was just epic as f*ck. what kind of revolution? I've been listening to Pass the Flask and Heat Fetish a LOT in the past couple weeks, rediscovered my love for The Bled fosho
    April 7 12:25 PM
  • Inveigh sup homie. lol
    April 7 11:24 AM
  • bloozclooz dude your daughter listens to none so vile? ruhruhruhruh!
    March 30 09:39 PM
  • Inveigh what a bastard. you ever notice that the people who neg reviews all the time don't write reviews of their own?
    March 25 01:15 PM
  • Inveigh haha is he who keeps making the guess that sputniker lists?
    March 25 01:08 PM
  • Inveigh well, it sounds like we need an old blake and nick re tour of a PalaceOfWisdom list holmes! ur profile pic still cracks me up lol
    March 25 10:49 AM
  • tinkrbel where did u go? u dont have a snappy comeback for me?
    March 24 10:26 PM
  • Inveigh hah, it really depends on my job. I disappeared for awhile bc I entered a dark place mentally after I got laid off and lost two family members in a week's time. But things are better now. My new job requires that I leave my office a lot for meetings, but if I'm here I'll be on Sputnik throughout the day, so I should be around to stay now hah. Did you miss me?
    March 24 02:57 PM
  • deliberately intothepit83, you rock
    March 23 05:55 PM
  • tinkrbel ok have it ur way then
    March 20 03:45 PM
  • tinkrbel just having fun here and YOU are the one who was butthurt about being on my list. btw youre welcome for those corections 2 your review ;)
    March 20 03:41 PM
  • Inveigh god i wanna hear it so bad! i'm at work though, so...gotta wait. where'd you find it?
    March 19 06:00 PM
  • Inveigh Omaha, Nebraska?! what's happening to the shop? hah, you'll be that much closer to my city, son! you heard the new deftones?
    March 19 05:57 PM
  • Inveigh whats up dog. certainly a nice burn on prophet's list today, i respect that. what's new?
    March 19 05:41 PM
  • porch those kinds of lists always get d elted super fast
    March 16 06:17 PM
  • Prophet178 ://
    March 15 06:27 PM
  • porch yeah, mine used to be a fat japanese guy wearing a bra so she's an improvement
    March 15 06:20 PM
  • porch i stop by every now and then to see your lol worthy profile picture
    March 15 06:10 PM
  • porch sup Pit
    March 15 05:35 PM
  • Inveigh also, what are your thoughts on Rocket Skates?
    March 12 04:33 PM
  • Inveigh Rocket Skates is good, if a little repetitive. I'm definitely interested to hear how Diamond Eyes sounds. I'm pretty pumped for the new Dillinger too. Also, new Gorillaz is growin' on me. Other than that been listening to a lot of Gaslight Anthem, The National, Neurosis, Baroness and Thin Lizzy. Good to have the 'pit back man. Hopefully I'll be able to hop on here more too.
    March 12 04:33 PM
  • Inveigh Yes yes an Inveigh siting. Haha, ever since I started my new job there has been a lot less time for good ol Sputniking. I miss it dearly though. I'm just on the road a lot w/ no access to internet (not overnight, just traveling around Chicago and the burbs). Profile picture owns, top 2 musical neighbors own, and it's good to have intothepit back. Nastynick was cool and all... but you know what I'm sayin homie. any new hardcore digs? other than today's list?
    March 11 05:53 PM
  • SeaAnemone lol you REALLY needed more proof than the list?? ok.
    March 9 01:03 PM
  • SeaAnemone are you serious with the whole "addressing the troll" thing? seriously, when has that ever NOT made you look like an idiot / worked at all?
    March 9 12:57 PM
  • EasternLight lol profile pic
    February 27 02:31 AM
  • Deviant. Just saw you were back, how ya been man? Anyone told you your top 2 neighbours are awesome
    February 27 01:17 AM
  • JulesWin best profile pic ever!
    February 27 01:07 AM
  • Inveigh what up holmes
    January 14 03:46 PM
  • cirq You were right. Cowboys made the Eagles look like s*** two weeks in a row. You won't get by the Saints though ;)
    January 10 08:05 PM
  • Inveigh haha hell yeah man, dude got owned
    January 5 09:18 PM
  • Inveigh you're right, I don't really care what his tastes are.. but when he starts telling everyone that his tastes are superior and that he knows real music and sh*t, I'm inclined to check out his ratings and make fun of them as I see fit. but yeah, he could've avoided all that by not being a douchebag in the first place with that list. It was obviously pointed at you (and me, for the PtW stuff) and he should've expected the sh*tstorm
    January 5 06:42 PM
  • Inveigh still can't believe cory matthews over thinks backstreet boys are better than deftones but tells us our taste in music sucks lol
    January 5 06:37 PM
  • Inveigh this kid is cracking me up
    January 5 06:24 PM
  • Inveigh I'm with ya man, Misanthropy Pure is definitely metalcore, but before that? no.
    January 5 06:12 PM
  • Inveigh i know man, that was hilarious. I think this guy hates his life right now
    January 5 06:05 PM
  • Inveigh word, I wouldn't mind suckling them titties
    January 5 04:45 PM
  • Inveigh it's true, but that's all he's got. haha, now he's trying to explain his list by saying another user said metalcore peaked from 99-02.. lol. what does that have to do with suicidal tendencies being on a metalcore list?! haha, this guy's hilarious
    January 5 04:43 PM
  • Inveigh I dunno, I'd rather call Shai Hulud and Integrity metalcore while dressing like boy meets world
    January 5 04:38 PM
  • Inveigh Happy new year bro-man-dude; I posted that on here a couple days ago but for some reason none of my comments have been sticking... real weird. Have a nice break from work? Hopefully everything's in order upon your return?
    January 4 11:42 AM
  • Deviant. You too ****er. Did you last until midnight?
    January 1 08:39 PM
  • BallsToTheWall You too mother****er. I almost got crushed by a diesel today, getting on 95 to melbourne.
    January 1 07:21 PM
  • BallsToTheWall Make one. facebook is officially endorsed by sputnikmusic, except for the elitists.
    December 31 03:46 PM
  • BallsToTheWall facebook much? With all the sputnik metallers
    December 31 03:41 PM
  • BallsToTheWall 2007 and yes.
    December 31 03:31 PM
  • BallsToTheWall 36, 000 a year son.
    December 31 10:04 AM
  • BallsToTheWall You said Johnson And Wales. Sinc eit's culinary and s*** I wondered if you heard of this school, it's by Pembroke Pines and it's ****ing boss. They have their own restraunt inside with all the trainees and elders cooking up some elite food.
    December 31 09:49 AM
  • BallsToTheWall Have you heard of Le Cordon Bleu? Mind the spelling.
    December 30 06:26 PM
  • Inveigh yeah, weapon and deja are wildly overrated, but I like TDAGARIM and Daisy
    December 30 01:23 PM
  • Inveigh Maybe... which album do you have? I don't really like their first two albums (too pop-punky for me) but The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is a classic man (Daisy's pretty good too). It basically clicked for me on the first listen, so maybe you're just not into them.. Check out the songs Degausser, Handcuffs and Jesus if you haven't already.
    December 30 01:01 PM
  • Inveigh yeah man, I can't believe I've never given Fugazi more of a listen until now. I had a few songs on my computer that I liked, and I've always meant to get around to picking up their stuff, but I always forget. MrPoopular finally convinced me yesterday. I've been on Repeater (Plus 3 Songs) and Red Medicine. I'll be getting through 13 Songs and In On The Kill Taker later this week.
    December 30 12:45 PM
  • Inveigh I have not, I'm planning on giving it a listen on my lunch break though. Pretty good I hear? (I've been going nuts of Fugazi and Botch lately, soooooo much music in my collection that I need to get around to -- btjunkie is a wonderful thing)
    December 30 12:34 PM
  • Inveigh aw man, they didn't close with that at the Chicago show, they played Backburner second last and Composure last. Both were amazing
    December 29 12:21 PM
  • Inveigh yeah dude he definitely does, they were pretty incredible live
    December 29 11:49 AM
  • Inveigh DON'T SAY ANOTHER WORD -- YOU'VE CROSSED THE LINE! They opened with that when I saw them w/ Underoath Emery a few weeks back
    December 29 11:44 AM
  • Inveigh Oh yeah, I get that. What I was saying wasn't really meant as an indictment against Botch -- I actually like their stuff better than old Converge and old Dillinger. More of an indictment on those who only like metalCORE side of the genre, and totally dismiss all METALcore (KsE, Unearth, Parkway, August Burns Red, etc) because "none of those bands have personality" or "those bands all sound the same" -- Converge/Botch/Dillinger sound just as much alike as those bands do to me..
    December 29 11:32 AM
  • Inveigh I've only heard a select few songs off each of their post-Fallen albums -- never really liked them. I do enjoy Waking the Fallen though -- it's the only one I own. I just downloaded the Botch discography to finally find out what all the hype was over.. they're really good, but I don't see how they're much different from Dillinger or old Converge.. and people say metalcore like Unearth/KsE all sounds the same... to me, both kinds of metalcore sound the same (within themselves at least)
    December 29 11:03 AM
  • Inveigh yeah, I'm not a big fan of the guitarists/bassist/vocalist, so I guess you're right lol. I get the feeling there's too much money involved for them to give it up though
    December 29 10:49 AM
  • Inveigh Not bad man, went back home to ATL for a couple days then came back up here to spend some time with the lady's fam. You think a7x is done now?
    December 29 10:47 AM
  • Inveigh ah, I was off Wed-Sun, but I'm back today. I'll be off again Thurs-Sun though, so that's nice. How was Orlando? Go with the lady and kids?
    December 28 07:04 PM
  • Inveigh word up dude, where you been?? haha, I haven't been on in almost a week, so for all I know you've been here.. get a break from work at all?
    December 28 05:28 PM
  • Inveigh word man, that musta been tough. but you took something positive from it, and that's important. I got financial problems right now too man (about to lose my job), but you're right. If you have people in your life that you love, everything will work out eventually.
    December 22 05:57 PM
  • Inveigh I can feel that man, I had a family growing up (and it was far from perfect, but I love my family) but my girl didn't really so I have a lot of love/respect for people in that situation. Dude on that list is definitely an ungrateful little pr*ck
    December 22 05:50 PM
  • Inveigh yeah, there's no intelligence coming out of that dude. but it is pretty funny how stupid he is without even knowing it.
    December 22 05:43 PM
  • Inveigh yeah dude, he's still going. he asked us to quote him when he said something ignorant, so I did. you should go check it out, pretty funny stuff
    December 22 05:29 PM
  • Inveigh Yeah man, I'm looking at it right now. I'm right below Deviant, who's right below Shpongle, who's right below EleventhHour and StrizzMatik's on top. It's not the same when you look at it? what the f*ck?
    December 22 11:26 AM
  • Inveigh Oh s***, look at your neighbors now son! How long before you show up on mine?
    December 22 11:11 AM
  • Inveigh pretty funny: djanus loved my decade list but shat on yours (they're like at least 50% the same, hahaha)
    December 21 06:42 PM
  • Inveigh dude, what happened to your newest list?
    December 21 04:43 PM
  • Inveigh I gots no problems with more melodic/poppy hardcore (hence the love for newer Ignite and Evergreen Terrace). I'll check out that Crime In Stereo tonight when I get home man, I've loved everything else you've rec'd me
    December 21 04:42 PM
  • Inveigh I have not.... what are they like? Dude, I got that newest Ignite album (Our Darkest Days) and can't stop listening to it. Awesome disc. You check out Call On My Brothers?
    December 21 04:34 PM
  • Inveigh oh damn, that is old school. my band's last show was about 15-16 months ago (I was 23 at the time I think). I used to pull it out to impress girls too lol (also until I met my girl about 3 yrs ago). Hah, just realized that sounded like I was talking about my dick. I was in a hip-hop group for awhile too: the myspace was my partner's solo page (hence the name) but I hijacked it
    December 18 04:01 PM
  • Inveigh word, sounds good man
    December 18 03:40 PM
  • Inveigh brutal man, I've had some bands break up for similar reasons. One broke up because I moved OUT of Missouri (well, St. Louis.. I feel like that city should be separate from the rest of MO). If you have electronic versions of those songs, you should send em my way
    December 18 03:37 PM
  • Inveigh Ah, Shai Hulud, awesome band. Yeah, our drummer let his gf manage us for a time, which was good bc she got us a decent amount of shows (about 1 a week, and w/ bands like Classic Struggle, Embrace the End etc.) but she f*cked our myspace up lol. That stupid band picture in front of the flames is the worst haha. I did guitar, songwriting and backup vox in the band. you guys got anything recorded?
    December 18 03:31 PM
  • Inveigh thanks for the props man, I had a lot of fun playing in that band. Looking to start something new now. I thought about shooting you the myspace link before, since I know you like KWAS by Parkway Drive and my band kinda has a similar sound. Sorry about our myspace being all janky now, it used to be pretty sweet but a lot of stuff was changed by the drummer's gf and we haven't d in forever
    December 18 03:05 PM
  • Parallels every place you post, the thread gets d
    December 18 02:39 PM
  • intothepit83 lol.... djanus..... possibly one of the funnier names i've seen on here
    December 18 01:23 PM
  • Parallels you just love going where trouble is huh?
    December 18 01:23 PM
  • Inveigh it definitely does seem that way. yeah, Promises Kept is just amazing. Can't stop listening to it (which isn't hard, cause it's like 20 min long haha)
    December 18 01:22 PM
  • Inveigh yeah man, it's pretty hilarious. I mean, I disagree with what he's saying and he started off on the wrong foot -- but he's at least being civil. Bane and Champion rule by the way
    December 18 01:15 PM
  • Inveigh haha, did they really? I didn't think it was that bad, but I guess it was a completely non-music related list. whatever, s*** was funny
    December 18 12:01 PM
  • Inveigh WE'RE SUFFERING TO LIVE, SCARED TO LOVE!!! ****in awesome, thanks again man
    December 17 11:46 PM
  • Inveigh alright man, I downloaded the Champion discography, Bane discography, Verse - Aggression (only one I could find) and Youth of Today - Break Down the Walls and Disengage (only ones I could find). Good start? I'm listening to Promises Kept right now and I'm LOVING it.
    December 17 11:09 PM
  • Parallels you bellowed? lol
    December 17 09:58 PM
  • rodigo1 I would like to congratulate on what was an epic win in your troll disguise bullettoothtony
    December 17 08:54 PM
  • Progmaster85 haha is bullettoothtony really you lol???
    December 17 07:07 PM
  • Inveigh definitely do man, it was the first ignite album I ever got (waaay back in '99 haha). Probably the first true hardcore record I ever heard (unless you count Satisfaction is the Death of Desire by Hatebreed)
    December 17 06:48 PM

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