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  • qwe3 i KNEW that was you. seeya
    February 14 02:24 AM
  • Progmaster85 Vince Flynn and David Baldacci have very similar writing styles, as well, so they must be the same person.
    February 13 11:29 PM
  • Progmaster85 Hahaha, thesilence444 is clearly FailMaster85, theres too many similarities in their writing style.
    February 13 11:28 PM
  • scissorlocked Are all the Britney spears albums THAT good?
    February 13 01:57 PM
  • qwe3 fair enough, you ever gonna come back? cheers, i'm glad someone thinks the blog's decent. much appreciated
    February 13 01:50 PM
  • qwe3 yeah exactly what i was thinking. was just giving him a chance to admit it. no such luck. why don't you just stop posting? i mean you dont have to get banned
    February 13 01:16 PM
  • qwe3 or NO WAIT ThriceBoognish
    February 13 09:59 AM
  • qwe3 is there a BrandNewBrandNewBoognish in the works?
    February 13 09:58 AM
  • TheSpirit my tastes are flawless
    February 3 01:14 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 He actually doesn't take it so seriously at all, he just laughs when people troll him. I like your list of classics by the way
    January 31 12:58 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 lol ok. To be honest, he just likes to mess with people he doesn't mean it. He's actually a nice kid, but so fussy about music. He lets people listen to what they want and kids a lot, but if you say that any of his music sucks he'll get pissed hehe. But yeah I'll punch him for you.
    January 31 12:21 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 lol thanks for the advice, but Progmaster85 is my friend in real life so yeah haha.
    January 31 12:17 PM
  • BrandNewBoognish CLOSED FOR BUSINESS
    January 24 11:21 AM
  • irobbedyourhouse i dont believe you answered my question
    January 21 06:16 PM
  • irobbedyourhouse r u really this gay or do you just play a **** online?
    January 21 05:43 PM
  • Blindsided So then what is good Oi! or Celtic punk then smart ass?
    January 12 09:19 PM
  • ThePalaceOfWisdom Ah touche, it's kinda sad that in the past year and a half about half the regulars from when the site started left and the ones still here never post. Ah well, trolling is still fun. :]
    January 5 06:51 PM
  • ThePalaceOfWisdom Of course the site's turning to s***. Has been since 08. Actually didn't you only join like mid 09? Where you even around when it was good?
    January 5 06:28 PM
  • BallsToTheWall Wish I could say the same about you, fatass.
    January 5 04:48 PM
  • Dreamsoffew I'll uh, look forward to it.
    January 1 07:23 AM
  • TMatthewM Oh ok sorry if it seemed assholish. I was just wondering.
    January 1 02:22 AM
  • qwe3 ://
    December 30 10:38 PM
  • iamgooknish wow that was fast, thanks dude
    December 30 09:45 PM
  • iamgooknish This guy is a troll impersonating me. Second time he's done this. Ban his *** ASAP
    December 30 09:44 PM
  • TMatthewM Hey why do you rate everything so low.
    December 30 05:04 PM
    December 29 09:25 PM
  • Apollo your an rated siamese dream 2.5??
    December 29 01:21 PM
  • another example of how unfunny you are
    December 29 10:56 AM
  • yes i am pretty upset i really did nothing wrong and your some retard who dosent like to enjoy the finer things in life. you are just unfunny and quite frankly a waste of space, hell your worse than those niggers. I hope you enjoy getting boners from praise from many of sputnik idiots. the world needs to know about the flaming homosexual you really are. you ungrateful peice of garbage.
    December 29 10:30 AM
  • you commented me first you very stupid person.
    December 28 09:57 AM
  • BrandNewBoognish Can ugly, stupid people like the user below stop commenting please.
    December 28 09:54 AM
  • what can i say my parents are brother and sister
    December 28 09:54 AM
  • no im not mad. theres no reason to ever be mad. i just know when people arent worth my time. and i am not racist, i dont know where you got that from. but from your comments to me i can see that you must love to be annoying. whatever makes you happy i guess. im to high to care about a user like you. plus your taste in metal sucks
    December 28 09:54 AM
  • you are a cheap user and no one seems to like you, comments all over sputnik prove it and i dont care what you say. you are not cool and will never be. i saw what you said about me yet ive never spoken to you before. you really need to grow up and mature and respect people. i dont respect you at this moment because ive seen some of the lowest form of people show more respect
    December 28 09:49 AM
  • jakeloveshotcheetos ho ho ho
    December 25 01:14 PM
  • BallsToTheWall At least we can agree about shoegaze reccomendations. Marry Christmasa.
    December 25 11:10 AM
  • qwe3 yeah you too
    December 25 11:01 AM
  • qwe3 woah your shoutbox attracts idiots bar me
    December 25 10:33 AM
  • TMatthewM Lol whatever you say man.
    December 24 05:15 PM
  • jakeloveshotcheetos hey, you're that guy that wines like a bitch about grammatical errors, and has bad aste in music. i remember you.
    December 24 04:58 PM
  • TMatthewM Nah your still an idiot with no life.
    December 23 09:40 PM
  • jakeloveshotcheetos you're a ****ing idiot
    December 23 09:06 PM
  • TMatthewM Your a ****ing idiot.
    December 22 05:14 PM
  • Athom hiromi's bad ass
    December 17 06:02 PM
  • kitsch i didnt ask for yr recipe
    November 30 12:03 AM
  • KILL so i heard u like brand new
    November 23 04:51 PM
  • Fxxkit13 I pop in from time to time
    November 1 08:49 PM
  • KILL them foos tried to blast me
    October 22 10:53 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath You should check out Hoover.
    October 21 11:13 AM
  • Fapper Hahahaha
    October 6 11:27 PM
  • Fapper Did you get banned for that Brand New review? lol
    October 5 10:11 PM
  • qwe3 can't blame you on that one mate
    October 3 05:34 AM

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