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  • SachikoM Your username is whitenoise, you don't listen to any noise. I am disappointed. (~_~)
    August 28 12:52 AM
  • SachikoM Considering your username, your ratings are incredibly disappointing... :/
    August 26 05:15 AM
  • romulanrancor Do you like Bailey's? Mmm nice creamy beige
    August 18 09:20 AM
  • romulanrancor If it isnt Ruddi The Pruddi
    August 15 07:00 AM
  • BMDrummer https://bluemistbands.bandcamp.com/album/white-noise
    April 21 07:42 PM
  • Rowan5215 Nah dude I used spotify that's what Last.fm sent me to, dunno what was goin on there
    July 4 12:32 AM
  • Rowan5215 Dude I checked your EP. Still not a fan of the vocals but everything else is sweet :D
    July 3 07:30 PM
  • Rowan5215 Thanks dude I'll get back to you in a couple days hopefully I don't forget
    June 28 09:03 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy bug for seconds's, let those digest and then explore the rests's
    May 30 10:06 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy you're living all over me for starters
    May 30 06:31 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy did you dino jr yet
    May 29 10:32 PM
  • KILL no dude is it on band camp or some s***
    April 22 05:48 PM
  • tommygun haha weird stuff! been listening a bit the last few days and honestly i'm not that into it. he has some good ideas but the drums make a mess of everything
    April 1 07:26 PM
  • tommygun can't youtube at work but i'm assuming that's the enclosure samples? yea they sound interesting it's frustrating getting a taste but not the whole thing! the samples for letur and pbx didn't really give much indication cos the songs were so schizophrenic, guessing this is the same
    March 25 07:24 PM
  • tommygun digging the heck out of your guitar playing dude, dem TONES. animal is sabbath as fvck m/
    March 11 08:16 PM
  • tommygun yep downloading now nice, thanks!
    March 10 07:03 PM
  • tommygun a1644963@student.adelaide.edu.au
    March 9 07:41 PM
  • tommygun sure thing dude hit me up when i can jam the whole thing :]
    February 19 07:34 AM
  • tommygun it's only letting me hear 30 sec previews, any way to hear the whole thing? you got a bandcamp or anything? i'm happy to pay for it man, dug what i've heard so far
    February 19 07:08 AM
  • tommygun nice man nice will jam this hard tonight
    February 18 10:07 PM
  • tommygun man so good, life changing
    February 7 10:01 PM
  • WhiteNoise haha thanks man, I can't wait to hear it rip through on the final/mastered version. Glad you enjoyed it!
    January 8 06:05 AM
  • tommygun can't get the other two tracks to load tonight will try again later
    January 8 06:02 AM
  • tommygun dude that guitar solo on cassie riiiiips
    January 8 05:57 AM
  • tommygun you're the guitarist right?
    January 7 07:07 PM
  • tommygun wow nice, congrats man! will have a listen asap
    January 7 06:57 PM
  • tommygun yup i'm a fan on facebook so i saw it straight away haha, exciting times man!
    December 21 07:43 AM
  • tommygun fvck yea! how's yr band going man?
    December 4 01:02 AM
  • tommygun yea heard about that, could be aight! he loves that drum sample from when the levee breaks haha
    November 25 07:56 PM
  • tommygun great idea!
    August 29 10:20 PM
  • tommygun oh man right?? the national is the greatest thing since sliced bread! i can't believe i badmouthed em for so long! so ****in stoked to see em live!
    August 29 08:06 AM
  • tommygun yeah man totally understandable! i only really gave it my full attention today but it's really clicked with me (or maybe i'm just drunk) either way i felt compelled to write haha
    August 29 07:36 AM
  • tommygun sup man have you been jammin outsides much? i been jammin on repeat for the last three hours and it's really clicking with me, just about done with my review and i'd appreciate your thoughts when i post it!
    August 29 05:39 AM
  • tommygun haha sweet read i can just see rhcp fans losing their s*** over this! fru is a weird ****in guy no doubt!
    August 21 09:21 AM
  • tommygun december holy omg we need this!
    July 29 09:53 AM
  • tommygun outsides: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded
    July 26 04:43 AM
  • tommygun hahaha yeah if it was wayne i would've boycotted this hard! yeah curious to see how it turns out... letur-lefr was so perfect man! we'll find out soon enough when someone leaks the japan release!
    July 16 05:09 AM
  • tommygun haha i know right! only heard once but it's kind of bad! it's only the bonus track though so w/e i'm just itching to hear that 10 min guitar solo track!
    July 16 03:46 AM
  • pribosse http://necrodogg.bandcamp.com/album/spontaneous-combustion
    July 12 10:54 PM
  • tommygun yeah will be interesting to see whether he goes further into aphex twin territory or just starts ripping on the guitar again... his playing on pbx was kinda robert frippy but i secretly miss his super melodic soothing style (think ramparts, with love, last minute of dissolve)
    July 11 09:34 PM
  • tommygun OMG SO SOON!
    July 11 08:38 PM
  • tommygun yeah dude i got the flac recording and it's a really really good recording so crisp and clear, sound is amazing - i've watched those vids too and there's such a good vibe, like in carvel when everybody is screaming COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK oh man i would give anything to have been there haha
    June 27 10:25 AM
  • tommygun JF solo shows with just him acoustic were so sweet, that ATP festival one from 05 is one of the greatest things i've heard ever... his voice is un****ingbelievable on it
    June 27 09:36 AM
  • tommygun oh man that'd be bliss i'd be there for sure! haha i highly doubt JF will ever play live again but if he by some crazy chance did come to aus i would sell a kidney to be at that show!!
    June 27 09:35 AM
  • tommygun ah ok that would explain it, it had the 'special import' sticker!
    June 25 03:41 AM
  • tommygun haha yeah i know you're not a big fan of the first two albums but thought you might be interested cos it's so bloody rare! i already owned a copy but i bought another one anyway cos i couldn't believe my eyes hahaha
    June 24 09:35 PM
  • tommygun mate i got a brand new sealed copy of NIANDRA at jb hifi for $17.99 today how crazy is that! it must be back in print!
    June 24 05:31 AM
  • tommygun not bad! oh man yeah curtains is such a warm sounding album that'd be bliss on vinyl... as for the empyrean, well you know!
    May 15 03:32 AM
  • tommygun dude amazing how much??? oh man i'm trying to imagine that LOOK ON solo on vinyl wow wow wow
    May 14 11:31 PM
  • tommygun haha yeah I think he just did that long drum solo to let the old fellas catch their breath! but yeah man tony is unbelievable, still shreds hard and that TONE oh man
    May 7 10:03 PM
  • tommygun i got held up trying to find a car park so i rushed in just as the sirens were starting for war pigs, got to about halfway across (20-25 metres from stage) so not too bad! man tony and geezer are so good, the drummer was pretty sweet too, his solo was a bit self indulgent but he still kicked arse
    May 7 09:48 AM
  • tommygun man sabbath was really cool, the boys still rock so hard, even ozzy sang better than i expected! and they played snowblind too yes yes yes favourite sabbath
    May 7 09:38 AM
  • tommygun damn right dude joy division and sabbath all day today getting so pumped to see tony and geezer and the boys tonight!!
    May 6 07:50 PM
  • tommygun dude i found the vid of frusciante new dawn fades we were talkin about the other day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3OPzOx3kkg
    May 6 08:45 AM
  • tommygun general admission dude i gotta stand and mosh and rock no way i'm sitting down for sabbath! gonna be blasting nothing but first six albums until then m/
    May 1 10:22 AM
  • tommygun dude great news i held out for the price drop and got me sabbath ticket for $70!! can't wait for tuesday m/ m/ m/
    May 1 08:21 AM
  • tommygun sweet man glad you had fun! fuk it I'm getting a ticket gotta hear those riffs!
    April 29 06:15 PM
  • NeoSpaz Nice, it's a good album
    April 18 11:06 PM
  • NeoSpaz Is your username from the Living End song?
    April 17 08:36 AM
  • tommygun what the **** did I just read! I have no idea what he's on about, gonna have to read it a few times to try to understand it. Seems like he knows exactly what he means in his head but struggles somewhat to articulate what he feels. That or the drugs have finally caught up with him haha
    January 16 08:37 PM
  • tommygun Right on mate I know exactly what you mean - so many albums, so little time!
    November 3 08:25 PM
  • tommygun What's up mate I finally got around to reviewing Inhibition, 4.5'd it hard, was tempted to 5 but it's not quite there. It's really grown on me though. Would probably 5 if they included Neon Arrow!
    November 2 07:23 AM
  • tommygun Congrats dude! Yeah this is one that really benefits from being heard in high quality, crazy album! Check my review when you get a chance, I'd like to know your thoughts!
    October 15 05:32 AM
  • tommygun What's up buddy how you been? Inhibition just clicked for me big time, I drank a bottle of red wine and listened to it through headphones in the dark and it blew me away, keep your eyes open for a 4.5 review within the next week. Oh did you see my PBX review? That s*** took me like three hours haha, peace brother
    October 9 08:42 AM
  • andcas I guess so. everyone else seems too elite or young to remember when they mattered. apparently they're only for [insert random teen age] and never meant a thing.
    September 23 04:18 PM
  • tommygun Yeah that would be a dream hey but they barely ever play cos all the dudes are so busy with other projects. I think Josh said they're gonna make another record when the IWY tour finishes up next year so at least that's something!
    September 18 09:59 PM
  • tommygun Nah man I only did the EP. I just checked Inhibition and there's no review... I'll write something when I have time it shouldn't be too hard I'll just talk about the grooving bass and Josh's sexy voice
    September 18 08:50 PM
  • tommygun Yeah man, Sam is one of my faves too he just let loose and went crazy on that it's the heaviest thing he's ever done for sure. Love blasting it in my car. Damn I just realised nobody ever reviewed Inhibition, I'll write something up for it once I'm done with PBX and the latest John Mayer record
    September 18 08:35 AM
  • tommygun It's ****ing beautiful. Yeah Intro/Sabam is ok it's just a chilled moodsetter nothing special, and Hear Say kinda sucks. I love every single song after that though, pleasantly surprised by the amount of guitar. The bass on Ratiug is so groovy
    September 18 06:30 AM
  • tommygun Holy s*** I'm so addicted to PBX, I listened to it like 15 times on the weekend! I'll have my review up friday or saturday, seriously considering 4.5 but got some more digesting needed. It's so intricate and dense
    September 16 10:47 PM
  • tommygun Same here dude, some love some hate. 95% of his stuff I've hated on first listen I've grown to love with repeated listens so I'm not too worried! Yeah that is a sweet guitar tone for sure
    September 14 07:05 PM
  • tommygun Mate wtf PBX is insane! The dude has gone ****ing crazy! I've only heard it once but I kind of love it?? Ratiug is sheer brilliance
    September 14 06:28 AM
  • tommygun On his website he says that they are completely different but it's all 'Progressive Synth Pop' so who knows, the guy is crazy! Really digging the EP after a few listens
    July 5 05:53 PM
  • tommygun Oh man, 'In Your Eyes' is crazy, the whole EP is up on YouTube now. Only listened once but it's insane, so good. I love his screams
    July 4 08:19 PM
  • tommygun http://invisible-movement.net/2012/05/john-frusciante-new-ep-letur-lefr
    May 18 08:43 PM
  • tommygun No probs buddy, I can't find a working link yet - once I do I'll be straight on it!
    April 30 06:00 AM
  • tommygun Oh man I'm so jealous! I can't even order mine until I get paid on Friday, gotta pay rent! Might have to get my hands on a pirate copy to tide me over until then haha. Do you know if anyone is doing a review? I'm happy to do it but might not be for a week or two
    April 29 09:30 PM
  • DaveyBoy Ive seen their name around the traps. Listed. I don't usually ike psychedelic stuff though.
    March 19 07:28 AM
  • tommygun Oh wow where did you see that? I'm a fan on facebook and they haven't mentioned anything there yet?
    March 13 06:53 PM
  • tommygun Hey buddy I finally got around to reviewing the Dot Hacker EP, check it out if you're interested
    February 28 11:22 PM
  • DaveyBoy If you like The Hives, try Royal Republic to open your Soundwave.
    February 14 06:43 AM
  • tommygun Yeah it's raw as **** and takes a while to get into cos there's so many songs but it has some of his best songs, 4-4.5 rating from me
    January 29 04:26 AM
  • tommygun Yeah man it should be great, I'm thinking about writing a review for 'From the Sounds Inside' have you heard it?
    January 27 09:17 PM
  • tommygun Yes sharing the love for JF, you think 5ing four of his albums is too much? haha
    January 27 07:33 AM
  • DaveyBoy Hey croc, just started listening to some Soundwave bands that I had not heard before. Try Cherri Bomb. They only have a 6 track EP, but its pretty good. Its a mix of classic and modern rock. Plus, they're a quartet of 16 year old chicks.
    January 16 05:15 AM
  • MassiveAttack Nope, probably wouldn't of been killer in their prime :)
    October 29 10:00 PM
  • MassiveAttack Saw your Gang of Four comment on Entertainment!. It is worth checking out Solid Gold, if you haven't.
    October 29 06:21 AM
  • telebyrd you 5'd Curtains, but not Shadows Collide with People? hmmm
    September 19 08:58 AM
  • HBFS Yeah I rated it the other day.. 3/3.5 (and I'm a massive fan of the band and have been my whole life) :/ I dunno, I know Chris can write so much bettter songs than some of these, plus he basically rips of the James Bond theme song with the Heatwave riff haha.
    July 23 08:44 AM
  • HBFS Man you really think TLE's new album is a 4?
    July 22 05:09 AM
  • Asiatic667 Hey man, High five on getting into Joy Division! Wait til you hear Closer, it'll blow your socks off!
    June 19 06:41 PM
  • Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto... Mars, Venus.. George, Gracie. That is a list of my best friends, in order... order of preference
    June 5 06:19 PM
  • Puzzles Haha thanks man! You've got some sick taste, yourself. I'm the moon!
    June 5 07:33 AM
  • Puzzles Profile pic ****ing rules, dude!
    June 5 07:26 AM
  • Mordecai. yeh i still hate you. but we can hate ****. wanna hate ****?
    April 23 11:18 PM
  • Spec I wish I got your username.
    April 22 02:48 AM
    March 5 07:02 AM
  • jrowa001 haha, Nick Cave should be loved by anyone just because he is Nick Cave
    February 9 10:17 AM
  • MassiveAttack Really and you enjoyed Entertainment!? They have similar elements, but Solid Gold is a bit restricted vocally compared to Entertainment!. I suppose I just love the political stuff King throws out on it.
    February 1 01:01 PM
  • MassiveAttack If you're still looking for Gang of Four to get into get Solid Gold and Content. Only ones worth your time. The second album mentioned is a bit split on opinion, but who knows.
    January 31 04:33 AM
  • JayVex Mighty Boosh FTW!!!
    January 16 09:11 PM
  • porch get angry samoans - back from samoa if you want some good old school punk
    December 30 07:18 AM
  • Puzzles Oh and I'm going to Soundwave as well. Looking forward to QOTSA, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Slash, Social Distortion, One Day As A Lion etc
    December 4 07:57 AM
  • Puzzles I am extremely confident that it will happen. EXTREMELY confident.
    December 4 06:58 AM
  • Puzzles Big Day Out? So will I, in Brisbane. Can't wait for Maynard to join them on Passenger.
    December 4 05:08 AM
  • JWT155 Drunk.
    December 4 04:20 AM
  • JWT155 Zup Gator...
    December 4 02:20 AM
  • KILL3 dude
    December 4 12:40 AM
  • Puzzles No problems, man. I was actually rec'd the Deftones on this site, they have since become my most listened to band. Kudos for the Mighty Boosh display photo haha
    December 4 12:37 AM
  • LepreCon By the way when you stopped posting on your old account I thought you'd died or something xD but its good to see that you're actually still around man!
    December 3 09:09 PM
  • Baphomet Sup man? I though you were gone for good. It's good to see you back. Not for the Green Day thing, but still.
    November 29 12:18 AM
  • Baphomet interior crocodile alligator
    November 25 04:58 PM
  • Realm fuk u allithgor
    November 20 01:16 PM
  • EVedder27 sweet, I'll def check that out
    October 19 11:14 AM
  • AnotherBrick dudeeeeeee it's you!
    September 21 07:04 PM
  • Asiatic667 Nice to know you're still around. You got WAAAAAAAYY too much s*** on here on that account.
    September 4 07:27 AM
  • Asiatic667 UR Aligator, I can tell
    September 1 07:26 AM
  • DaveyBoy Good to hear. Great expectations was my number 2 song of whatever year it was released. Fin is the classic one from Anberlin.
    August 20 07:51 PM
  • DaveyBoy Cities for Anberlin and The 59 Sound for Gaslight.
    August 20 12:55 AM
  • DaveyBoy U r more old school than me. All those 3 bands are strong maybes for me, but it will depend on the timetables. Anberlin and The Gaslight Anthem are the big 2 for me. I have also seen live and like Bayside and The Blackout. Less Than Jake are fun ska. Need to give many more bands a listen, especially SevenDust. Also hoping for a couple of really good bandds on second announcement.
    August 19 11:18 PM
  • DaveyBoy Croccccccccccccccc. You would be pleased about Maiden at Soundwave. Got my tix yesterday. Hope you did too. And definitely try to get into Anberlin. Great band.
    August 19 06:48 PM
  • JayVex Open your mind. Let us begin out quest...
    August 12 09:03 AM
  • laterenima nice display picture.
    July 15 06:16 AM
  • BenHeller when are they doing a new series? I miss the boosh
    May 2 06:46 AM
  • BenHeller "bouncy bouncy, stiletto's are a no no"
    April 24 12:19 AM
  • AtavanHalen We'll see about that.
    April 16 09:04 PM
  • AtavanHalen Don't give me that, doofus; you are your own top neighbour and your ratings are practically identical.
    April 16 08:23 PM
  • AtavanHalen I knew it!
    April 16 09:25 AM
  • AtavanHalen Alligator?
    April 16 04:27 AM

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