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  • TheGreatQ I don't remember ever checking out The Beautiful States before today but apparently I liked you guys on Facebook at some point lol
    August 30 10:01 PM
  • discovolante Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're still around. Really cool band, indeed.
    July 21 06:41 PM
  • discovolante Well, I had the album on MP3 form some time ago. I ended up deleting it though, because it really was kind of a disappointment for me.
    July 17 07:00 PM
  • InvertTheInverted What's up?
    June 7 09:11 PM
  • Hey man this is Alex Asch, I was in a band called The Paramedic. All of our original members after quitting started a new band called "Cinema Sleep". I was wondering if you would do a review on our new record which is available through this link for free. Thanks so much dude. http://www.frostclick.com/wp/index.php/2012/05/14/cinema-sleep-make-your-way-awesomely-loud-rock-ep-featured-on-frostwire/Alex
    May 15 04:03 AM
  • IAmKickass Do you use WinRar? Cause I got it through a .zip file. http://www.mediafire.com/?w6l0o83ryhsy30w
    August 7 08:47 PM
  • IAmKickass I got it. :D
    August 7 07:34 PM
  • IAmKickass I have to get that.
    August 6 10:47 PM
  • IAmKickass I had no idea there was a second EP..
    August 6 01:24 PM
  • IAmKickass I have it, and I've listened to it once. Far better than their new EP.
    August 5 11:28 AM
  • omnipanzer Gratz you you on the child.
    January 18 06:29 PM
  • EtTDrums Definitely! already getting on that.
    January 2 11:43 PM
  • bungy WHOOO Thanks!
    December 15 03:53 PM
  • bungy duuuuude where did you get the new Your Neighbor the Liar?
    December 11 10:04 PM
  • PinkBlackberry There's a few man, but you gotta really look. I've been on this weird kick, all my phardcore is getting a lot cleaner, a lot more really fantastic singing and a lot less grunge and screaming. I duno what my deal is
    December 10 02:53 PM
  • Romulus dude i'm so bummed out i forgot to hype our usf-cincy game this year, probably because usf's been so terrible this year. we have a close one on our hands.
    October 22 10:34 PM
  • Kimm Thanks bro, I'm always looking for recs! Looks like you listen to a well split variety of genres.
    October 2 10:01 PM
  • Lakes. later
    October 2 07:53 PM
  • bailar14 cuz when you comment it will show up as EasternNig. youll be like that IamtheNig guy.
    September 25 06:29 PM
  • bailar14 you should change your name to EasternNight. trust me.
    September 25 06:25 PM
  • BigHans Prepare yourself for awesomeness
    September 14 05:50 PM
  • BigHans Boys and Girls in America to start. Its one of my 5 favorite albums. Then get Separation Sunday, its critically considered their best at times. I reviewed all of their albums.
    September 14 05:45 PM
  • BigHans Hold Steady are Gods.
    September 14 05:42 PM
  • fromtheinside welcome back bro.
    September 2 04:32 PM
    August 25 07:22 PM
  • JWT155 Yea I genuinely enjoyed both records, Crash Love more so.
    August 1 11:14 PM
  • JWT155 Yes I have but not in a while, may relisten to it soon now that you mention it.
    August 1 04:53 AM
  • Romulus so i saw this preview that had pitt, west virginia and rutgers as 1-2-3 in the big east this year and i got pretty upset
    July 26 10:06 PM
  • DaveyHavok who am I? who loves afi the most?
    June 16 11:06 PM
  • DaveyHavok damn.. makeups off what's been up? haven't seen you on in forever. or that's cause I don't get on too much anymore I guess..
    June 16 10:06 PM
  • DaveyHavok whoa wtf seriously? oh yeah........ you were that one guy ;)
    June 16 09:59 PM
  • Foxhound damn that's awesome you got to talk to davey havok on this site..
    June 16 09:55 PM
  • cirq yo,, where the **** have you been??
    June 12 09:42 PM
  • Andrackie we are not musical neighbors... we are musical soul mates.
    May 1 08:00 PM
  • Dave de Sylvia Sorry for deleting your article without explanation before, but the information is 2 months old. We've had a copy of the record for at least 6 weeks.
    April 29 06:23 PM
  • Andrackie meh.
    April 29 03:46 PM
  • 's defense rose!
    April 8 09:13 PM
  • Burn2Burn here's the link amigo http://www.mediafire.com/?ynt14oehcgy
    April 7 11:37 PM
  • Skimaskcheck ://www.filefactory.com/file/b087600/n/J_nsi_-_Go.zip
    March 8 12:51 PM
  • JulesWin GZA-Liquid Swods, Raekwon-Cuban Linx I, Ghostface-Ironman are practically Wu-Tang albums also Jay-Z-Reasonable Doubt and Notorious BIG-Ready to Die
    February 28 04:29 PM
  • JulesWin well you're off to a great start, what's your rating for 36 chambers?
    February 27 03:20 PM
  • Foxhound ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWuOzzgYZlg you should check that out. My favorite era of the band.
    February 14 08:41 PM
  • AbyssalCreation You are welcome my friend I figured I should grace Sputnik with the green rangers greatness.
    February 3 05:04 PM
  • Foxhound SQP was okay, it had a few great songs (run away, fireflies.?) but I'll be sure to check out their new stuff today thanks.
    January 28 10:12 AM
  • Foxhound I think you meant get new Dear and Departed? maybe? well if so yeah I've been waiting for that band to do some more I'll check it out.
    January 25 03:17 PM
  • Foxhound I wish but honestly I just don't have the money. I've seen one go up to a 1000$ on e-bay.
    January 25 01:53 PM
  • Foxhound Hey just did a Son of Sam review and after a few listens that s***s pretty great. Check it out if you get time.
    January 23 03:31 AM
  • Foxhound Progmaster is actually a pretty funny guy to argue with, I don't really take him seriously cause I don't really care what other people think lol
    January 21 11:58 PM
  • Foxhound Forgot to mention I did a review for Crash Love, I think I might do their whole discog though, or TIger Armys but yeah you should check it out.
    January 21 05:59 PM
  • Foxhound Yeah it's not phenomenal but I didn't see it in your ratings. I thought about reviewing it but I'm lazy but yeah def can't wait for the new BA.
    January 9 04:28 PM
  • Foxhound Man you need to check out Son of Sam-Songs from the Earth, Havoks the vocalist and the album doesn't even have a review yet.
    January 9 11:29 AM
  • Foxhound Yeah but Davey was so pretty during the DU era..
    January 7 11:42 AM
  • Romulus Congrats on a great season even with that tough loss at the end. Here's hoping for a 1-2 finish at the top of the Big East next year
    January 3 01:30 PM
  • KritikalMotion i did! we talked about it in the glassjaw thread.
    November 29 11:56 PM
  • KritikalMotion hey man you should check out i am alaska.
    November 29 12:28 AM
  • BallsToTheWall Oh...s*** I forgot to mention. A specific rec for you since you dig that Forest of Stars album is In The Woods...-Omnio. it has alot of the same traits as that album except progressive metal instead of black. it has violins, female vocals, and alot of really cool guitar parts. Their previous record Heart Of Ages is half black metal with all the clean vocals/violin thingy.
    November 18 10:59 PM
  • BallsToTheWall Check the whole modern English scene. The latest albums from caina, Winterfylleth( who's former members are in AFOS), and Fen.
    November 18 10:32 PM
  • TheRoyalOceanMaster a voice like rhetoric has some awesome guitar work..you should listen to meet me in st louis, and i saw that you like american football, you should listen to owls
    November 6 03:01 PM
  • TheRoyalOceanMaster cough bump cough?
    November 6 02:47 PM
  • jakobejones im not a member, but i really like them though!!! i go to their shows a lot and i got the album on itunes. love it. im glad someone reviewed it.
    November 6 03:29 AM
  • TheRoyalOceanMaster ya dude..btbam is badass..you should checkout the human abstract, protest the hero, the syncope threshold and s*** like that if you like btbam...and thrices old stuff is ****in tight
    November 6 01:53 AM
  • TheRoyalOceanMaster nah..i listened to it until right before december underground came out...i started jamming them when all hallows came out, and then between those times i just studied them, and then before december underground..i listened to some leaked s***..and realized afi was over..so. that was that..but i got a tat of the first cd i got of theirs.cuz that was a huge part of me. i listen to alot of metal.
    November 6 01:50 AM
  • TheRoyalOceanMaster nah when i was a wee little lad i wanted to be in that s***, but it never happened, but then i got an all hallows tat and then stopped liking them after that.haha
    November 6 01:38 AM
  • TheRoyalOceanMaster darkest hour has some good s***.despised icon is heavy.reminds me of ion dissonance.
    November 6 01:36 AM
  • TheRoyalOceanMaster btw i listened to converge...i ****in hate hardcore bands, especially the typical east coast s*** these days.
    November 6 01:27 AM
  • TheRoyalOceanMaster have you ever head a fly in the ointment?ya.**** you.haha.jk.but really.i know afi
    November 6 01:23 AM
  • Curse. Best review ever amirite?
    October 26 02:18 AM
  • keysofanxiety By the way- do you have any recordings of any performances you've done?
    October 25 05:15 PM
  • keysofanxiety I was also thinking of reviewing a few "Vader" albums or something. But I want to try get my teeth into an album a little beyond Classical or Metal. I reckon next review will probably be one of the two, though. Plus I've still got s***loads of University work to finish lmao =/
    October 24 09:40 PM
  • keysofanxiety Cool =) Trouble is, a lot of the albums I was thinking of reviewing have already been done. . . =/ . . . Plus I try to avoid writing reviews on albums that I really enjoy; it's very easy for me to come across as all 'fanboyish', lol =D For better or for worse, there's a lot of Classical music still not reviewed- Beethoven's 9th in Dm, 5th in Cm, Moonlight Sonata in C sharp m. . . But I just love those albums so much, I'd find it difficult to put in a bad word. . . humm. . .
    October 24 09:38 PM
  • keysofanxiety I don't really know what I'm going to review next. I was considering the "Safety EP" by Coldplay, or Orff's Carmina Burana; but in the case of the latter, I'd rather hear it again in order to make a fair review. I was also debating reviewing "Octagon" by Bathory. Basically, anything that hasn't yet been reviewed yet, I'll do. I mean, if you have any suggestions- I'll happily check out the album and give it a listen =)By the way, I liked your review: are you thinking of writing another one?
    October 24 09:27 PM
  • keysofanxiety Humm, I would review his Carmina Burana- but to be honest, I only really liked "O Fortuna" off that, I pretty much hated the 23 tracks seperating the first and last one. Although I suppose there are people who have downloaded "O Fortuna" from Limewire or something, and immediately assume the whole album is up to that standard. . . =sYou may have different views, though. Did you like his Carmina Burana?
    October 24 05:29 PM
  • keysofanxiety Wow! That's utterly awesome =)What's your favourite piece that you've ever sung?
    October 23 01:07 AM
  • keysofanxiety You mentioned you sung Mozart's Requiem? Are you a choir singer?
    October 22 09:26 PM
  • Romulus agh you pesky bearcats appear to have done me in. good luck in the rest of the season man, i'll be pulling for you for big east pride.
    October 15 11:15 PM
  • Romulus ://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/gameTrax?gameId=200910151019tomorrow night. its on.
    October 14 07:07 PM
  • BrahTheSunGod Haha sorry, my old drummer was obsessed with them so i got sick of them really fast, and i HATE HATE HATE their "guitarists".Dude i'm so happy that AFI's playing some old stuff, i feel like it might be because they're playing with Gallows that they figure it has some crossover appeal or something. Or they could just be trying to say thanks to hardcore fans :DYea, Vheissu is classic, but AITA is still my favorite. Probs just because it was the first I heard by them, but still amazing.
    October 9 06:04 PM
  • BrahTheSunGod ^^and that dragonforce rating is about 2.5 too high
    October 9 12:55 AM
  • BrahTheSunGod WHOAAA that's old! I feel like that was off their 'Dork" 7", wasn't it? Then rereleased on ATASF. Nice!Dude. So glad Sputnik's gotten you into Thrice. You have not lived until you've heard them :DFavorites by them?
    October 9 12:54 AM
  • BrahTheSunGod P.S. "Currently Digging:ThriceAFI"Props. Same :)
    October 8 06:56 PM
  • BrahTheSunGod How was AFI?
    October 8 06:55 PM
  • jagride **** YOU
    October 6 05:38 PM
  • chocola Good choice
    October 4 10:00 PM
  • chocola yes, that kind of friend
    October 4 09:33 PM
  • chocola aww man! just when i was gonna ask you to be my friend
    October 4 09:17 PM
  • chocola ahhh youre the one that had the leaves as your avitar
    October 4 09:06 PM
  • chocola youve only been on sputnik for 5 months? why does it seem longer??
    October 4 08:55 PM
  • cirq ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtehDIWrX5U
    September 26 10:05 PM

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