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  • Phlegm don't... go....
    September 10 06:08 PM
  • aok yoyoyo hmu
    June 14 03:10 PM
  • MalleusMaleficarum Ive been lovin it, especially the first half. Big Dipper is good but im not sure if it fits the bill as classic epic DG closer. then again, that track isnt an album closer per se, since theres a Part 2 to the album coming up
    June 12 10:22 AM
  • MalleusMaleficarum EVERYONES ON OUR WAGON
    June 9 03:31 AM
  • PurpleBottle s'good yo -- we should chill again it's been too long
    April 19 09:43 AM
  • MalleusMaleficarum yo broo, send me that link one more 'gen... when I tried to click it i pressed 'Remove' by accident because iPads.
    April 15 12:35 AM
  • MisterTornado ill check that out, thanks ;)
    March 27 08:46 PM
  • MisterTornado i haven't, hows it sound?
    March 27 05:16 PM
  • SkaCali1991 maskkkkk come back to my list it's mask themed especially for you :-)
    March 5 01:24 PM
  • Hyperion1001 ZARDOZ
    February 19 11:12 PM
  • MalleusMaleficarum
    February 11 06:17 PM
  • aok might be doing drinks after work tomorro. i'll shoot you a text broski
    January 28 12:00 PM
  • aok pretty study 9-5. hit my cousin up dude. he knows like no one in the city
    January 27 08:24 AM
  • aok miss you man - lets catch up soon
    January 24 02:14 AM
  • conesmoke hey brutha, how awesome is zardos! nothing quite like ole sean connery in some red lingerie haha!
    November 4 08:07 AM
  • Deviant. I'll check it out
    August 29 11:10 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Sorry it took me so long man, Ive been working my ass off. watched this short documentary on youtube about L.A. beat music and discovered a few new artist. Have you heard of Juj or Co.fee?
    July 31 04:01 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Thanks man, I'm going to open up a few brews and bump this EP all night! I've noticed you're a fan of Knxwledge, do you want me to send Msndgn- Funraiser Vol. 2: Skrayons? I think they're apart of the same crew.
    July 28 01:21 AM
  • AfricanCowboy Naw I haven't heard anything from it yet. People say good things about on here though.... Are you willing to share it sir?
    July 25 12:33 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Lineage is pretty rad homie, thanks im going to see if I can find it! I bet you're into Tokimonsta huh... do you have her Creature Dreams ep?
    July 25 04:50 AM
  • AfricanCowboy Thanks man! I've been really digging Brain Feeder artist all summer.... That's tight you like death grips, I saw them last winter and they were sick!
    July 24 10:37 PM
  • AfricanCowboy No go homie! My dropbox email is
    July 23 11:23 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Hmmm I don't see anything in my email
    July 23 05:16 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Yeah I do man its
    July 23 03:47 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Hey man do you have Teebs- Cecilia Tapes Collection by any chance??
    July 21 05:34 PM
  • kingsoby1 yo, i'll be in nyc visiting aokuneff 4/19 thru 4/21. we're prob going to amon tobin on 4/20
    March 19 08:37 PM
  • Adash Madteo nearly out actresses actress. Props
    December 26 05:37 PM
  • Adash hrrrm. RIP is absolutely superb but Splazsh just about takes the cake, too many good memories bound up with that subtle beauty
    December 17 02:34 PM
  • MutnikSpusic wit greit pauer kams greit responsabiliti
    November 18 07:04 AM
  • Emim my gamertag is billylikeapuma
    November 9 10:45 PM
  • aok haha yea man, i bought my tobin ticket already. dunno if it's gonna sell out but me and a couple homies of mine already have tickets. probly got an extra to the xx, grizzly bear, atoms for peace, grimes
    August 8 03:00 AM
  • aok Wild Nothing - Grimes i can't go but you should! (and maybe meet sam feldman lol)
    August 7 11:29 PM
  • WashboardSuds can't say I'm very familiar with their work either, the only song I heard was Rubycon but I liked it all the same. they probably slay live I'll bet, haha. that song rules btw, I like basically everything J-lee touches. Cupidity is another one of my favorites at the moment, its some pretty chill s***
    July 9 05:53 PM
  • WashboardSuds sounds sweet man, where did you guys see them at? and I've actually been diggin into Tokimonsta's back catalog a bit, have you heard songs like Cigarette lust and her Bedtime lullabies EP?
    July 8 07:00 PM
  • WashboardSuds pretty good brotha man, how's life treating you?
    July 7 02:54 PM
  • MalleusMaleficarum lol im just chillin man, smoking a bowl.. might have to go death grippin' for a bit now that you got me all in the mood
    July 5 10:53 AM
    July 5 10:50 AM
  • silentpotato woah that was a ****ing weird song. watered lawn is so good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows it. cool man, definitely let me know
    April 25 04:20 AM
  • silentpotato haha cool dude let me know what u like while your going through they are all quite different but theres plenty more where that came from once i know what u like
    April 18 12:17 AM
  • silentpotato Amon Duul II-Phallus Dei, Balkan Beat Box-Self Titled, Bark Psychosis-Hex, Dilute-The Gypsy Valentine Curve, Dub Colossus-A Town Called Addis, Flower Travelin' Band-Satori, Gevende-Sen Balik Degilsin Ki, Ghost-Lama Rabi Rabi, Grails-Burning Off Impurities, Land of Kush-Against the Day, Lazarus-Hawk Medicine, Muslimgauze-The Rape of Palestine, Sex Church-Growing Over, Sleepy Sun-Fever, The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Their Satanic..., The Herbaliser-Herbal Tonic, Woven Hand-Mosaic. all 5's :]
    April 17 11:17 PM
  • silentpotato chilling, m/'ing, out of weed, about to smoke a roach
    April 17 10:59 PM
  • Rev nope. i just noticed it skips from track 5 to 7 ughhhhhh lame
    April 12 10:32 PM
    April 12 10:00 PM
  • Rev HOLY CRAP! although, this bit rate is horrendous. oh well, it's much better than nothing. thanks a ton bro!
    April 12 09:46 PM
  • Rev
    April 12 09:27 PM
  • Eclecticist Hey bro I was wondering if it would be cool if you could rate Palm Beach by Weathertunes for me? I am trying to get the ratings count higher, thanks!
    April 8 02:17 AM
  • TheAshes Hey man, no problem! I'd love to read those reviews when you finish them, let me know will ya? Peace, brotha.
    April 6 07:02 PM
  • WashboardSuds dude. DUUUUDE!! NO WAY!!!!! You da ****ing MAN!!! :D you just made my fact, you just made my SPRING!
    March 22 02:30 PM
  • WashboardSuds got a present for me? :o
    March 22 02:12 PM
  • WashboardSuds man, it sounds awesome as expected. Raindance seems like it'll be a really cool song, and Lying in the Reeds and Dream Girl/Sky Surfer, well that's just the s*** he was made for
    March 6 09:52 PM
  • WashboardSuds s***, I didn't even think to do that. gonna listen right now ;]
    March 6 09:34 PM
  • immersedreality Film is a conversation I prefer to leave to real life, so let's just hang out sometime, get high, and talk movies.
    March 2 03:05 PM
  • taxidermist I ****ing love it, haha. It's awesome.
    March 2 10:54 AM
  • DarkNoctus hey there!! from agalloch i'd either try ashes against the grain or the mantle. ashes is probably their most accessible. you might want to try the two altar of plagues albums (they're v. different), perhaps even an esoteric album for something different, the maniacal vale maybe. try a forest of stars - opportunistic thieves of spring, too. to top it off, a classic, burzum - hvis lyset tar oss. also try alcest, they're accessible as hell, their latest album is lovely. :]
    March 1 11:25 PM
  • taxidermist I've been on it dude! Haha. There was supposed to be a leak a while back but it turned out to be a fake. I'll make sure to link you once I do get it. Just keep reminding me in case I forget ;)
    February 27 01:12 AM
  • WashboardSuds Galaxy Garden dude, GALAXY GARDEN!
    February 23 09:02 PM
  • Beachcoma haha thanks dude. he really is the handsome-est
    January 28 02:07 PM
  • Rev Nah, it does. Do you know how to map stuff to it? well, if you wanna map more click the other pad bank buttons to the right of the pads. tell me if that helps
    January 20 12:22 AM
  • Rev I absolutely love it. Buy the warranty though, because I've had to have it replaced twice because the slider knobs popped off. I wanna get the APC40 too when I get better at DJing
    December 8 12:28 AM
  • Rev No prob man, right now my setup is pretty minimal: just an MPD32, an Axiom Pro MIDI controller, and running Reason 5 and Ableton Live 8
    December 7 06:16 PM
  • immersedreality Yeah dude. I'm of age. SPUTNIK NYC THRODOWN. I'm pumped, lol.
    December 7 02:47 PM
  • Rev SUP DUDE. Your profile pic is adorable
    December 7 01:07 PM
  • immersedreality What's good, dude? NYC get together? I'm in, bro. And no Andy I didn't deactivate my facebook account I've just been retardedly busy with s*** duuude.
    December 7 10:33 AM
  • aok is the nyc full sail guy btw. i think he jumped onto the 'deactivate your facebook' bandwagon
    December 7 07:39 AM
  • aok to be honest i have no idea what his schedule is, i just know that all of my friends are gonna be stressed as **** until some arbitrary date when all they wanna do is get really really drunk to celebrate not failing out of school. just guessing he follows similar patterns
    December 1 12:59 AM
  • aok where you been at man? we gots to try and work out a full four person nyc get together, though that might not happen til acad's done with finals
    November 29 10:50 PM
  • aok you weren't kidding man - graham really did send you a lot of s***
    October 19 12:56 AM
  • silentpotato no worries man! thats a lot of s*** to take in at once, id be happy to answer anything
    October 18 02:26 AM
  • silentpotato also heres a small breakdown of the signs just to help you have a better grasp. water signs base their actions off feeling, air signs base their actions off thought, earth off sensation and fire off intuition. each sign in each element has a different orientation, either fixed (steadfast, loyal, stable), mutable (adaptable, flexible) or cardinal (initiating, goal-oriented).
    October 17 06:43 PM
  • silentpotato but for the most part all the highest cashing sites have pretty good breakdowns. its mostly the sun signs that have been corrupted because they are the most known and most general, so people try and make money off them by making stupid daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes and bulls*** like that. but essentially, that is your make up. each one is a small part of the larger picture. its up to you to look into each piece and take what you can relate to from each and create a larger picture.
    October 17 06:37 PM
  • silentpotato its interesting that your sun, moon, rising and midheaven are all mutable signs. that could be a really good thing. Planets Through the Signs/Mercury Though the Signs/Mercury in Pisces.htm mercury in pisces, your most important planet. as for the other planets just google 'planet' in 'sign' and you'll find tonnes of pages. the more familiar you are with the traits of the signs the easier it is to tell if what you are reading is accurate or not
    October 17 06:35 PM
  • silentpotato this ones your rising. virgo, the mutable earth sign. after reading the first two sections it talks about the influence of mercury (ruler of virgo) in its house. read the one for mercury in picses because that is the house your mercury is in. mercury in pisces is your most important planet. scroll down to gemini midheaven. how your aspirations may play in your growth
    October 17 06:31 PM
  • silentpotato *know you very well see
    October 17 06:22 PM
  • silentpotato this is how you are perceived from a general outside perspective. sun in pisces which is the mutable (adaptable, flexible) water sign (lucky for you, scorpios are ****ed and cancers are intense as ****). that one is your subconcious traits, how you feel inside. the traits you have the least control over. the ones that only people that know you very see. moon in gemini, the mutable air sign
    October 17 06:21 PM
  • silentpotato inwardly/subconciously. rising is how you are perceived outwardly in a more specific manner than your sun sign. more like how someone would perceive you upon first meeting and conversing with you, its like your shield. midheaven governs what you will grow to be. the rest of the planets also govern traits that are prominent much further on into life and the rest of your numerology is all other specific complexities (sex life, death, etc etc.) so all the ones i listed are the most important.
    October 17 06:12 PM
  • silentpotato sun in pisces. moon in gemini. virgo rising. gemini midheaven. your chart ruler is Mercury, planet of communication, which is in pisces. venus in aquarius, mars in capricorn, jupiter in cancer, saturn in capricorn. the houses your planets reside in govern how each planets features will play out in your life (for example your communication attributes are ruled by pisces traits). sun sign governs how you are perceived from a general outside perspective. moon governs how you are
    October 17 06:09 PM
  • silentpotato lastly what is your place of birth
    October 17 04:58 PM
  • silentpotato cool, as long as its within the hour it shouldnt make a difference. and what is your date of birth? (month, day, year?)
    October 17 04:14 PM
  • silentpotato do you know your time of birth?
    October 17 03:58 AM
  • Stokes Solidarity IX you'll know you've got the right one by the excessive amounts of gamerscore
    October 1 08:35 PM
  • Deviant. It's amazing, but I didin't expect any less. Will probs review it. You heard his first album?
    September 30 01:18 AM
  • Trebor. TheRealTimAllen
    September 27 01:47 AM
  • Vesper Yeah, we should all definitely hang out sometime. I'm pretty sure we're the biggest concentration of Sputnikers, hahaha. My FB is privacy-blocked to hell, but if you give me a link to yours, I'll add you. Or just e-mail:
    September 23 12:03 PM
  • aok haha i'm not sure. i'll text you when i figure my s*** out
    September 6 04:39 AM
  • aok cool cool. i'm occupied (in the absolute best way possible) with electric zoo til sunday/monday but don't have too much planned thereafter. if awesomesauce hits me up i think we'll be grabbing a round or 2 on the 7th so maybe that works for you?
    September 3 12:36 AM
  • WashboardSuds if you're taking digs, try this album out man: Salva - Complex Housing. its pretty cool stuff
    August 26 09:23 PM
  • WashboardSuds hey man, have you heard Lone's song Douche yet? its some pretty mad s*** you should look at if you have the time. man I can't wait for Dolphin
    August 26 05:07 PM
  • aok haha - you got my info yo. , fb, etc
    August 25 12:54 AM
  • WashboardSuds haha yeah man, he now has glove babies. I thought it was time for a change but not one too major you know? and I've been looking around, haven't heard anything yet on a date. have you listened to those previously unreleased tracks on Youtube? they're pretty new, they're called Animal Patterns and Supernova Looms
    August 11 10:50 PM
  • silentpotato yeah i ****ing hate the taste, but mushroom tea, and also just eating them with chocolate are really good
    August 10 04:54 AM
  • silentpotato haha yeah, sounds like my first mush trip. did u just eat them or what?
    August 8 04:34 AM
  • silentpotato aaahaha nice
    August 7 04:13 AM
  • silentpotato well, how was it? i like to get a little taste of both worlds so i do it in the eve when the sun is setting, get some daylight and then enjoy a nice dark nature trip. the lsa was dec, its quite similar to lsd except my muscles were all too relaxed to walk around for hours like i would on sid
    August 6 06:47 AM
  • silentpotato sounds like id dig it. ill check it out and let u know. yee LSA is basically a naturally occurring acid. found in morning glory seeds and such. first shrooms trip eh? what are you gonna do with it?
    August 4 06:45 PM
  • silentpotato lol mux mool eh? what is he like? eh just bummin around on my day off listening to some tunes probably gonna do some LSA today
    August 4 06:19 PM
  • silentpotato oh hey man whats goin on
    August 4 05:46 PM
  • aok word. that'll put you right near -- . if you've got the money you should buy the tix now cause tha s***'s selling out for sure. sweet venue too
    July 29 10:03 PM
  • aok where you at mask? flylo, arctic monkeys, thievery corp and massive attack means that you're already one of my twenty fav people currently living in brooklyn
    July 26 10:16 PM
  • WashboardSuds just looked it up, I'm digging it. definitely not his usual sound but still enjoying this new direction he's moving in. eager for a new LP :o
    July 26 06:50 PM
  • WashboardSuds I think so, I was actually just looking up some of his stuff yesterday. whats it called? is it that Supernova Looms or Animal Patterns?
    July 26 05:22 PM
  • Maniac! indeed. total_maniac
    July 23 04:20 PM
  • brutebeard right on!
    July 12 01:29 AM
  • Trebor. Sorry dude, it must've been Acad.
    June 12 05:38 PM
  • Trebor. Why you neg my review?
    June 12 04:05 PM
  • aok shoot me a facebook message or email when you got more details or wanna meet up or sth
    June 11 11:29 AM
  • aok williamsburg is indeed hipster hell. you can sometimes get good deals out there though but yea, every time i get off the L train at bedford (like i'll be doing on june 22 for flying lotus at the phenomenal music hall of williamsburg), i am forced to accept that merely by passing through williamsburg for the day, i am a hipster.
    June 11 11:28 AM
  • clercqie That's true, it's a bit silly to try and rank the album 'cos every song will be my favorite at one point. Not only his vocals, his lyrics too. But to me, WPSIA will always be my favorite album, I think. I lived 3years on that album.
    June 11 08:26 AM
  • clercqie At the moment: Black Treacle. Yours?
    June 9 01:02 PM
  • WooHa Thnx
    May 12 11:07 AM
  • Polymath Yusss!!!! You should rate it man :D
    April 12 04:40 PM
  • Polymath Best profile pic i've seen on Sputnik ever! I swear man. I can't get enough of Tomboy. I listened to it this morning, went to school and couldn't stop thinking about it. I've listened to it about 4 times now, so so good. How'd you find your profile picture by the way? I would really fancy something like it :D
    April 4 03:01 PM
  • Polymath Your profile picture is amazing
    April 4 03:16 AM
  • WashboardSuds yeah, no problem man :) I been reviewing his s*** to get his name out there too, I'd really like to review his very first album, Everything Is Changing Colour sometime soon too. And he's coming out with an EP in the next 4 days or so called Echolocations, really pumped for that, but I'm looking even more forward to a full LP. have you heard any of his side project Kona Triangle at all? i'm really digging their album
    March 24 03:30 PM
  • WashboardSuds not much otha brotha man lolI didn't think there were that many hardcore Lone fans myself, he's pretty obscure here. I personally love his style, it's like a more upbeat Boards of Canada, really good stuff. oh and I pos'd your Lemurian review in case you didn't know, it was a mighty good read
    March 24 02:54 PM
  • BreatheVesper You gonna eat cherry pie with those kittens
    March 16 05:07 PM
  • themainmast haha duder. nice to hear from you dude, i've been pretty good considering that king of limbs is coming out saturday. whenever something bad happens, i think, "it's okay, because radiohead has a new album coming out soon..." haha
    February 17 02:14 PM
  • Yotimi haha, thanks man. Yours isn't so bad yourself
    February 12 11:13 PM
  • theacademy na man im still raging dead space 2 extractionhow iz it?
    February 7 08:21 AM
  • ValleyTours your my musical neighbor :D
    February 3 02:31 AM
  • BenedictVII Fantastic Mr. Fox was the first thing of his that I've seen, but I'm a big fan of that movie so I might have to check out some of his other stuff.
    November 30 12:24 PM
  • BenedictVII No, you cussin with me?
    November 23 10:04 AM
  • HaloDude442 True words right there. Halo 2 brought the best days of halo haha
    October 12 12:27 PM
  • HaloDude442 lol i'm like the 4th or 5th rank. Haven't had a whole lot of reach time haha
    October 12 01:59 AM
  • Aids Thank you good sir.
    October 11 04:08 PM
  • Aids Hey you're the only one who has the new Zach Hill album rated. Could I hit you up for some linkage?
    October 10 05:14 PM
  • theacademy i guess it's weird to give this advice but start with the alchemy indices. they're 4 short EP's each with a different style. If you like Fire and Earth, go to Vheissu (their best). If you like Air and Water, go to Beggars (their most recent). If you want a faster louder more p-h sound than the ep's, go to Illusion of Safety (sputnik's favorite) artist in the ambulance (their most famous). Enjoy, bro. Fanboyism aside, they're a great rock band with a very diverse sound across their discog.
    September 15 01:50 PM
  • theacademy tell me ur fav band ill tell u where to start
    September 15 12:58 PM
  • Deviant. Cheers man, ill look into it. She has an ep too which I haven't heard yet
    September 6 11:14 PM
  • Deviant. Uh, no I haven't
    September 6 08:02 PM
  • ShadowAmI thanks dude ill check it out
    August 2 08:45 AM
  • ShadowAmI yeah i mean they are both fairly similar in quality but for a chill out album, you can't beat campfire headphase. if you know an album that does you should rec me it btw :p
    July 29 10:35 PM
  • TMobotron Haha good thanks man I felt like LD needed more love around here.
    July 8 11:21 PM
  • couch yessur i do, add me on steam: abakedcookie
    June 22 08:58 AM
  • Dielikehussayn Cosmogramma is still growing on me. I haven't finished listening to the whole thing yet but it feels like possible AOTY. Same with OMNI except not the AOTY part. I like it a lot but I don't think anything will top Menos el Oso for me. :p
    May 12 01:14 AM
  • Dielikehussayn I like Flying Lotus and Minus the Bear. We are now friends.
    May 10 02:21 AM
  • theacademy ahh i kno what u mean i need to get that new minus/new lotus/new 65daysofstatic/see what that new b.o.b. is all about...
    May 1 12:47 PM
  • theacademy some old some new. that Oceanlab album that deviant reviewed, united abominations, uhhhh the new coheed... got "Gutter Phenomenon" on vinyl... u no just chillin around my regular rotation... whatta bout u, mang?
    May 1 03:53 AM
  • theacademy added u on lastfm btw
    May 1 03:35 AM
  • theacademy gaaaaaaaaaaaa finals
    May 1 03:34 AM
  • HallucinogeNick oh haha. i just prematurely jumped the gun and gave it a 5 without hearing it because i saw that other people were rating it already.
    April 6 07:29 PM
  • HallucinogeNick You scared me for a second. Then i realized you posted that to my shoutbox on April 1st.
    April 6 08:00 AM
  • Prophet178 I listened to it twice but didn't really pay attention to the song names like I usually do when I first listen to an album, buuuut, I loved the first few tracks and the last few, there was one part in the middle where it kind of drags but I think it adds to the overall dramatic feel of the album. Its very orchestral and theres a lot going on. Definitely his best work yet. The closer is probably my favorite right now.
    March 25 01:37 PM
  • thediamondcanopy Sucks though, show won't last for long I'm guessing. It seems like a very select few have even heard of it, and that's usually solely because of the Frisky Dingo association. But cheers haha.
    March 5 10:35 AM
  • thediamondcanopy Archer!
    March 4 10:39 AM
  • JWT155 Yea man, it was CRAZY. Really like what they're doin with Jacob and the mirrors and stuff. Really hate how Sayid's bad now, hopefully it's just he's not himself like Claire and that they can return to the good side.
    March 3 03:39 PM
  • JWT155 Thank you brotha *Said in thick scottish accent.
    March 1 03:59 PM
  • ThePalestMexican Travis Touchdown is the shizz, you're alright in my book.
    February 12 11:36 PM
  • Lions No I haven't, though I want/need to. I've only seen him in 3 movies, be it a shame: There Will Be Blood, The Crucible, The Ballad of Jack and Rose. And he was wonderful in all three. But yeah, gangs in on my to-see list, along with My Left Foot; he's supposed to be incredible in that.
    November 29 11:22 PM
  • Lions entire movie is badass. daniel day lewis amazes me. movie gets better every time.
    November 26 11:38 AM
  • robertsona :// gonna lie this should be really easy. use google blog search
    November 18 04:53 PM
  • Oneironaut its all about that spam action. man mouse fire is my favorite of the two so far, ive listened to Wooden Teeth on repeat like twice in a row, going on 3. ill be on the look out for anything delish that brings to mind MtB or anything thats just sex supreme. peace out home skillet
    November 15 03:21 AM
  • Oneironaut both are downloading right now, thanks so much home slice! i'll let you know how awesome they are - i'm super stoked to hear both records. thanks again
    November 15 12:38 AM
  • Oneironaut michio's death drive is one of my fav minus the bear songs btw, sweet name
    November 14 08:13 PM
  • Oneironaut hey man, sorry for being random but Red Animal War and Mouse Fire both sound awesome. do you think you could hook a brother up? google and blog search wasn't so kind. ill keep lookin but it'd be tight if you could point me in the right direction. cheers!
    November 14 08:12 PM
  • Eclectic Again with the f*****g chicken, it's always with the goddamn f******g chicken!
    October 23 10:46 PM
  • Seroxat Hi. If you're still curious, i do still have History That Has No Effect.
    October 23 10:02 PM
  • theacademy O MAN THIS IS SO AWESUM
    October 23 03:11 PM
  • Eclectic haha, thanks mate, you like the movie then?
    October 22 03:32 AM
  • Mordecai. Yeh they are a sweet band. Most post-metal albums get boring at some point but Sol Eye Sea I keeps me hooked for the whole record. Their first album slays too.
    October 18 05:38 PM
  • theacademy im prob not going to be able to dig into it for a few days...overwhelmed w/ school...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FK.
    October 12 06:29 PM
  • handoman yea man, the show rules
    October 8 07:17 PM
  • cvlts yeah its been circling through all the gaming conferences. got a chance to play it when it came through Seattle at PAX. super good
    October 1 06:03 PM
  • CarlosPangea Galaxie 500 buddy.
    September 29 11:08 PM
  • theacademy yo hit me with ur PSN id we'll RAAAAGE
    September 29 03:13 AM
  • theacademy u pumped about "among thieves"?
    September 28 09:11 PM
  • cvlts the new hands-on demo made me piss myself in anticipation lulz
    September 15 05:28 PM
  • cvlts dont get me started lulz
    September 14 03:53 PM
  • ninjuice I can agree but I haven't seen a better movie this year. Not to mention I was anticipating it since late 08' or so.
    September 8 11:27 PM
  • ninjuice Kudos for being the first person to mention it! The pictures of Kruger are slightly better but her character isn't nearly as good, and Pitt is too obvious for me.
    September 8 03:27 PM
  • sgrevs Maybe try the new Mos Def album. It's called The Ecstatic.
    September 5 10:05 PM
  • DhA cool profile pic dude
    September 5 05:00 AM
  • sgrevs Thanks for big ups, and right back at ya, nice digs. Listen to some more hip-hop!
    September 2 05:13 AM
  • Titan50 Well I just think he's dead. Don't know why, just do
    August 21 09:01 AM
  • Titan50 Will check out Smith after I've finished my current post-rock phase. Richey was technically presumed dead in 02, as it was seven years after he was missing, which is the minimum amount of time a person must have been missing to have been presumed dead. It was only November last year his parents decided to officially close the case
    August 20 04:36 PM
  • Titan50 You kidding, XO's my favourite Fall Out Boy song! Kidding, never listened to any of Smith's stuff, but the Buckley comparisons are persuading me to
    August 20 04:23 AM
  • Titan50 no problem, now if only you could make me like Elliot Smith
    August 19 05:15 PM
  • Titan50 contd If you do get The Holy Bible, don't dive straight into it. Leave it in your library, play a song every now and then, and one day when you think you're ready and you appreciate it as it is, play it in full. That's what I did and it's now in my top 3 of all time
    August 19 04:14 PM
  • Titan50 If you Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next and Design for Life are their most played songs, so probably those. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough recicved heavy play, but it's s***. I'd say, start with Generation Terrorirts, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours and Journal for Plague Lovers. Generation Terrorists shows their glam sound, This Is My Truth their Britpop sound and Journal is The Holy Bible's cousin in terms of sound and lyrics.
    August 19 04:13 PM
  • Titan50 Richey is my favourite person alive or dead, which is probably rather worrying. What Manics song have you heard? The Holy Bible's unquestionably their best, but it's the hardest to get into. Their greatest hits is a bad place to start as it is based on chart success rather than quality, and has only one Holy Bible song
    August 19 03:32 PM
  • Titan50 which is strange, considering my Sputnik profile pic, pic and MSN pic are all of Richey Edwards although my avatar's Spongebob...
    August 19 02:42 PM
  • Titan50 so i herd u liek bowie
    August 19 02:36 PM

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