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  • YakNips Yeah, this song is awesome! Is the rest of the album as good as this song? I could certainly use some folk in my vinyl collection. Also, what's your profile, so I can check out your newer ratings?
    June 17 01:27 AM
  • YakNips I actually never acquainted myself with last.Fm, is it any good?
    June 11 12:14 AM
  • YakNips Jesus dude, you have amazing taste! I agree with so many of your ratings it's crazy. Gotta check out everything you 5d that I haven't heard for sure. You also are great at reviewing! Cheers, dude.
    May 30 05:59 AM
  • Aids if you prefer gritty, lo-fi folk: All Hail West Texas. if you prefer studio-polished, clean sounding indie-rock: The Sunset Tree, or possibly the new one, Transcendental Youth. So jealous of you though, they have so so so many great albums. (My two favourites are The Coroner's Gambit and We Shall All Be Healed, but I wouldn't say those are the best starting points, especially not Gambit.)
    March 30 03:17 AM
  • Aids yeah LYSF is probably still my #1, every time I think it isn't anymore, I listen again and get completely blown away, just like the first time I heard it. I definitely will review Wheel, I've got quite a lot to say about it. Not to rub it in, but, dude, oh my god, it is sooooooooooooo good. I can't stop listening to it. I would love to send it to you, but I told the person that sent it to me that I would keep it under wraps :/ I hope for your sake that it leaks soon though...
    March 29 11:22 PM
  • Aids bro, I'm digging some of these ratings. How come I've never seen you around before?
    March 28 07:18 PM
  • Aids I got a promo copy, and I aint leaking it!!! sorry man, I'm sure it'll pop up soon though.
    March 28 07:17 PM
  • foxxxythnksustnk d e l e t e the link
    January 31 01:48 PM
  • Observer Thank you gaz :)
    January 14 02:33 AM
  • Josh D. WHHAATT I'll have to wait til I get home, thanks.
    November 21 01:34 AM
  • SlightlyEpic aha alright man :) and I do indeed know where Waterside and Charlton Court are, well just about anyway.
    October 5 01:44 PM
  • SlightlyEpic haha dude, you're here!? awesome! as for freshers nights, where are they even located? And yeah I'm still in Bath, I have another year of school ahead of me yet
    September 28 03:05 PM
  • SmurkinGherkin had a ****ing amazing time, i really can't get over how good the weekend was. never even heard of trash talk before lmao. Godd, how good where Arcade Fire and Frank Turner?! Power Out and Wake Up where religious moments. Where abouts where you camping etc etc? Anything crazy happen?
    August 31 02:35 PM
  • SmurkinGherkin Dude, how the **** was your Reading festival?
    August 30 08:02 PM
  • theacademy lol got it
    August 25 12:50 AM
  • IsItLuck? 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
    August 16 02:25 AM
  • MrCalum Bryn claimed he mostly blamed you, i don't even know what to think anymore...
    July 16 12:37 PM
  • MrCalum i hate you so took so long to find all of these, literally feel like the most oblivious person ever.
    July 16 12:04 PM
  • MrCalum Sounds like a bit of a mix between loa and mew at times for some reason, it was nice but i didn't think much of it. Probably needs a couple more listens
    July 12 08:08 PM
  • MrCalum Ahhh obtained 55:12 yesterday! I'm going to judge by your rating it was an enjoyable listen, listen to Olafur Arnalds!
    July 4 03:54 PM
  • BSX Thanks, that's Kenshin from the anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin
    July 3 12:06 AM
  • BSX Cool pic
    July 2 09:00 PM
  • SlightlyEpic pretty sure this is a once in a lifetime experience so I am most definitely going, you'll be going to bath uni then, won't you?
    June 18 09:48 PM
  • SlightlyEpic ohhhh s*** dude, a bristol show! thanks for showing me haha!
    June 18 09:36 PM
  • SlightlyEpic ahaha yeah I noticed, small world!
    June 12 08:07 PM
  • 204409 The 'check the database thing' is if you're unsure how to do the capitalization / punctuation. Obviously the DB is lacking in character count there so just input the full title. Thanks for checking in.
    June 12 06:10 PM
  • Willie I answered your question about the elongated album covers.
    June 8 09:10 PM
  • couldwinarabbit Speakers will be fine, people around you may not like it, but it's not an album which requires headphones. Oh if you listen to it a good number of times and still don't like it give it a break. Try listening to some Sonic Youth and Avery Tare
    June 2 02:16 AM
  • couldwinarabbit the night collectors and night of the assassin first because they are the easiest to get into. Also read the comments about it on RYM as it will help you understand wtf is going on.
    June 1 02:11 AM
  • couldwinarabbit Hey, sorry it took me so long to reply, prom hangovers and sputnik don't mix. Thank you so much for getting this, I promise give it its time and it will be one of your top 10 albumsSo I'm going to assume you are a novice to noise music, so the main thing you have to take into account is the fact that the noise is an integral part of the song, not added onto. Listen to it as a whole don't try to isolate the part that is initially more appealing. Next listen to the shortest song...
    June 1 02:09 AM
  • SeaAnemone thanks Mr. Maskcheck, must appreciated! :)
    May 18 11:21 PM
  • Observer Thanks Gaz, that really means a lot. I'll try to give it my best
    May 18 10:17 PM
  • SeaAnemone yeah, I agree. it's the perfect video representation of the whole awkwardness and beauty that comes with your 20's (speaking with no personal experience, but still). the whole thing is just incredibly endearing, I think, I dunno.
    May 11 06:04 PM
  • MrCalum Be jealous of my awesome font
    May 9 08:14 PM
  • Ghostechoes Hey man, in case you are still interested in that Madlib album, you can find it here
    May 8 04:06 AM
  • MrCalum Also are you getting tickets? quite up for it after hearing that.
    April 20 10:23 PM
  • MrCalum listening to it now, really digging Dance Dance and Piano Fights, this is only as far as i've got though
    April 20 09:59 PM
  • MrCalum Ah the new 65dos album is streaming, INB4 SKIMA - awwh...
    April 19 11:47 PM
  • Transient hahaha, word to your comment in the godspeed reformed thread, was going to post some alanis lyrics as well but was hoping someone else would do the honours and you stepped up like a champ
    April 11 07:04 PM
  • Inveigh haha don't worry about it man, I do that kinda stuff all the time. I'm not sure what it was with me, I've tried to add it twice.. both were jpg files too. Maybe just too big? I dunno. Thanks anyways though man! Check out Doomtree if you like Cecil Otter, he's in that group along w/ P.O.S. and others.
    April 2 05:52 PM
  • Inveigh nice man, glad you like it! how'd you get the album art to work?
    April 2 05:43 PM
  • joshuatree it's not genuine don't worry
    March 31 12:39 AM
  • luke125 ELO GOZ
    March 26 02:16 PM
  • TomServo Thanks for the help man. Much appreciated.
    March 25 07:37 PM
  • TMobotron I'm majoring in computer systems, and it's absolute hell. My freshman year right now and I really don't think I'm gonna stick with it. I'm a smart kid, I've always gotten good grades without putting much effort into school. But now I'm working my ass off and getting worse grades than ever.But a computer systems job got ranked as the #1 job in America on some chart I saw recently so I don't want to drop out because it would be awesome once I graduated, but I just don't know if I can stick w/ it
    March 24 02:24 AM
  • TMobotron Ahh yeah dude I feel like I would go to class more often if I learned about music. Are you majoring/minoring in something that involves music? Or are you just taking that for your own purposes?
    March 18 09:52 AM
  • TMobotron Yeah that's really actually why I got into it, I wanted to know more about time signatures and work on being able to pick out what time signature someone's playing in, then it hooked me in. Is there a website or book or something you go to for theory stuff? I'm just google searching usually but it'd be nice to have a solid base. How do you feel about your vocal skills? I always felt like if I was a singer I'd be way into being in a band or something... but I suck at singing haha.
    March 11 02:57 AM
  • TMobotron Nah man, too busy with school/not good enough. Just starting to get into some theory and plan on getting deep into it, which I've never done before. I don't think the whole band thing is for me though, I love listening to music but guitar is just more for fun for me at least at this point. What about you?
    March 9 05:51 AM
  • TMobotron stunts, he's just really good at doing covers. So it's completely random for him to throw that in there.
    March 8 10:28 AM
  • TMobotron Moya would be cool definitely. I like BBF3 better overall but Moya might be better on an acoustic because that one has the better melody IMO, whereas BBF3 relies more on all the instruments coming together (a lot harder to emulate on guitar) to make one giant sound. And the spoken word parts of course. But yeah there's nothing I hate more than having to change guitar strings either. Haha the craziest part about him being sideways is that no one is watching his video for his Chris Angel Mindfreak
    March 8 10:27 AM
  • TMobotron Yeah I was kind of thinking about doing a diff tuning for it, you have to tune the high E up pretty high. Plus there's part that's just real uncomfortable to play as it is in that version. Thanks though man, I feel like knowing how to play that would be one of the more badass talents out there.
    March 8 06:17 AM
  • TMobotron Haha I just watched that video of that asian guy where he's sideways then he's not that you posted. At first I was like IDK WTF this guys talking about, then my mind got blown hard. BTW, you said you learned the version he plays of BBF, is it the one that's one UG, some other one, or did you learn it yourself?
    March 7 05:26 AM
  • MrCalum just saw your rating haha.
    March 5 09:29 AM
  • MrCalum Ahhh! i didn't know it was out!awesome! is it as good as the first one?
    March 5 09:28 AM
  • supertouchox2 ah right yeah i just accepted you on, i have a new itunes so my charts dont really represent who my favourite artists are. well if your looking for a more mellow tone maybe hartke isnt your thiing, i found it to be very bright, although i played a fender jazz through it so that might be why. ashdown are pretty terrible, maybe you could try an ampeg or trace elliot head. and yeah i cant wait to get the sr505, never had a 5 string before but il get used to it, the body of the bass awesome.
    February 25 07:00 PM
  • supertouchox2 and i would definately get a head or cab opposed to a combo because if you have a gig then you can just take your head with you and borrow a cab, thats how most of my gigs go, if you have a combo you end up lugging the bastard everywhere aha.
    February 25 06:30 PM
  • supertouchox2 ahh crystal mountain is so good aha. The head itself is about 250, there are more expensive versions going up to like 500 but all you got is more watts and 250 is more than enough for most gigs. I mean my view on it is, that if you have a bass that sounds good spending more than 500 on a head/cab or combo is useluss. The sr505 bass that you have, when i tried it out the eq's on it were so good you really wouldnt need an expensive amp cos you can cutomise your tone on the bass itself
    February 25 06:29 PM
  • supertouchox2 yeah man, 2 of my mates are vocalists at bimm at the moment, i swear everyone knows someone who is there aha. Ive got a Fender Jazz atm and a little marshall practise amp, but if i get into bimm ive got about a grand saved and plan on getting an sr505 and a hartke 2500 head and cab, i really dont think anyone needs more than 250 watts aha. And im from oxford, just finishing up my college course. You have to be classically trained to music at uni here, something i certainly am not aha.
    February 25 05:30 PM
  • Bulldog Z-Ro is melancholy. Try [i]Let the Truth Be Told[/i]. As for dark, old Three 6 Mafia helped develop horrorcore. [i]Mystic Stylez[/i] is my favorite album of all time. Tupac can be both, but not always at the same time.
    February 25 05:28 PM
  • supertouchox2 ah well good luck with Bath then, i get the impression its alot harder to get into than bimm, i just think the nature of the bimm course suits me well. Where abouts you from then? and what gear you using at the moment?
    February 25 05:08 PM
  • supertouchox2 if they just want you to improv over a click track thats fine by me ahah. im doing YYZ by rush, im using the drum track from the origional as my backing, im playing the first half of the song as it normally is then the second half im just doing improv with some slap and basic tapping. Should be good enough i hope! How was you interview for bath dude?
    February 25 04:59 PM
  • supertouchox2 yeah man its for bimm, well i can handle g major with 2 octaves and im fine with my basic scales so il be ok there. I thought the scales would be much more complex, ive got my solo piece down, im still not to comfortable with all the rests but within a week i should be fine. I didnt know there was a solo improv though, was that just "play whatever you want over this click track"?
    February 25 04:51 PM
  • supertouchox2 yo, ive got my audition in a week and was just wondering if you could give me some info on what kind of things they asked you to do, like what scales and stuff, and was the sight reading done on a bass or treble clef? cheers dude.
    February 25 03:32 PM
  • MrCalum haha that picture
    February 8 07:03 PM
  • bungy I will I'm just starting to figure that stuff out.
    February 8 05:31 PM
  • bungy Was fooling around on and was listening to like my top neighbor's loved tracks and realized it was you. Awesome taste dude.
    February 8 05:28 AM
  • qwe3 haha you think so? thanks man appreciate it. yeah we kinda did didn't we
    February 5 03:49 PM
  • qwe3 nah i'll let silveri review it. he'll do a better job than i could ever hope to do
    February 5 02:30 PM
    February 5 02:03 PM
  • qwe3 brobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobrobr
    February 5 12:55 PM
  • zeppelinUSA Dude ilu for the Middle East rec. its pretty incredible stuff
    January 29 06:16 PM
  • supertouchox2 oh yeah i totally agree, i just didnt want to turn up with a backing track and find out they dont want you to use one or something. im actually pretty terrible at theory so im gonna really have to swat up in the next few days aha
    January 24 01:59 PM
  • supertouchox2 ok cool so just basic rhythm and scale stuff, should be alright! i wasnt gonna play to a backing track but since you did i think il bring a cd in or something.
    January 24 01:33 PM
  • supertouchox2 ah what sweet! was it really basic scales like major/minor stuff?
    January 24 01:28 PM
  • supertouchox2 ah ok cool, what did they ask you to play as towards theory? trying to work out what i need to work on. cheers dude.
    January 24 12:52 PM
  • supertouchox2 ah right, i have bath spa down as well but brighton is the one im aiming for. did you say you were playing along to a backing track for your audition?
    January 23 11:56 AM
  • supertouchox2 yo! just saw your comment on my list, my first choice is BIMM to.Brighton or Bristol?
    January 23 02:26 AM
  • YouAreMySilence Thanks man :). Yeah there's a free mp3, if you go to the link under news on their Sputnik page, it's just a demo but it's pretty amazing.
    January 13 10:24 PM
  • YouAreMySilence Thanks alot bro, my Internet is down right now on my comp so you may have to get back to me with that in a couple days. But with the similar artists I'm really, really stoked.For you I shall rec, Glissando. Amazing, amazing stuff.
    January 13 03:27 AM
  • tombits hey dude, no problem. all the here. hear EPs are pretty similar, so if you enjoyed III then you'll most likely love the others too. they should still be up for free download on that bandcamp link.
    January 8 12:01 AM
  • MrCalum I SEEEEEEE. hah fair enough, that would be pretty cool, whats it going to be like? bluesy, prog, jazz?? erm yeah i got some ideas floating around if i can piece them together alright. Coool i dunno what I'm going to do for a solo piece, i don't really want to do an Architects song, maybe confessions? its not really that challenging but maybe i could blag it. Not sure what else though.
    December 20 08:44 PM
  • MrCalum ****, theres no breaks in that last one, albumsha, ahaaa. Fair enough, yeah it does. Have you written any stuff for uni yet? when do we go back even, definitely not the 1st.
    December 20 05:48 PM
  • MrCalum oh i see, i thought you were actually pounding through albumsha pounding.
    December 20 05:10 PM
  • MrCalum how many albums do you get through a day?
    December 20 04:41 PM
  • SlightlyEpic aha yes, Malady are definitely worth checking out. They've got a slightly more of a post-hardcore sound than screamo but it's cool stuff, obviously they're still no City of Caterpillar or Pg.99 though, unfortunately :(
    December 12 07:00 PM
  • SlightlyEpic well I can't NOT dig City of Caterpillar, can I?
    December 12 06:49 PM
  • Lions good to hear I'm no typical Yankee. and if all Americans you've met have been great, I want to know who you're talking to so I can meet them as well haha!
    November 30 04:27 AM
  • Lions sorry I've taken so long to reply, I've been lazy/absentminded. I play a few things, main instrument being guitar, then bass, percussion, mandolin, piano(poorly), and I sing. And I'm trying to learn trumpet. I doubt I'll get signed, but hey, I never know. I've got an album written, but no means of recording it properly. Writing in general is one of my biggest loves in life; it's one of the most "worth it" things to go about doing. I encourage you, my friend, to pursue it! cont'd...
    November 30 04:26 AM
  • MrHotMoms I CALLED IT.:D
    November 26 01:01 AM
  • MrHotMoms please tell me that your name is a reference to everything goes numb
    November 26 12:20 AM
  • Kiran good man. love, ire
    November 25 03:24 PM
  • Kiran you heard that frank turner album yet?
    November 25 01:25 PM
  • YouAreMySilence I'm glad, its incredible! Yah me too, except Track 5, which is one of the best songs ever imo, but its definatly better listening all the way through.
    November 25 02:47 AM
  • YouAreMySilence Aight brah. Hey not sure if its your style but check out Mono and World's End Girlfriend split, its really slow movving neo classical/ post rock and its one of the best records I've ever heard.
    November 24 12:33 AM
  • YouAreMySilence No problem man, its a great record and I'm not entirely sure. I will give it a listen, I am definatly in the need for more neo classical stuff.
    November 23 07:32 PM
  • MrCalum yeah, lots of it just sounded a bit the same and for all the hype it got it didn't seem that great for meeeeeI totally ****ing love Worship And Tribute though
    November 21 01:20 PM
  • MrCalum Did not enjoy Colours at all
    November 21 11:49 AM
  • EVedder27 Nope I actually haven't. I think the only issue with it is the avatar. I don't know maybe they can do something about it.
    November 10 07:11 PM
  • EVedder27 Yeah thats exactly what it is. I signed up in '06 and didn't use the account until this june and I don't think I signed up for the forums back then.
    November 10 07:01 PM
  • EVedder27 I see you got your profile back too.
    November 10 06:48 PM
  • 23kid you're me now
    November 9 11:50 PM
  • Lions chance to learn as much as I'd like. Well what do you know? I guessed correctly! I guess all the UK tv I've been watching lately has gotten me used to the different slang. I happen to be from the states, though I hope I don't drag the awful(and too often true) American stereotypes.
    November 7 05:44 AM
  • Lions definitely, although I don't know the likelihood of myself having a full career in music unless I got signed or something, which I don't think is going to happen. I was going to major in music but decided against it; going for an English major instead. Hey, that's quite a bit of stuff you are covering; all stuff I wouldn't mind knowing either. This class I'm taking is pretty much pure theory, but most of the people in the class don't pick it up quite as fast, so I don't have the
    November 7 05:41 AM
  • Lions And it's great because the more you see what certain techniques, or even particular chords or intervals or what have you make you feel, the better understanding of listening to, playing, and writing music. My teacher would always say, "Music theory will only make your entire life better!". Strangely enough, I've begun to agree. And know, I have not a single clue what that degree entails. Considering you used to term "uni", I'd guess you live in England? And I apologize if I'm entirely wrong
    November 2 05:05 AM
  • Lions Yeah I love theory. I think it really allows you to think of music in a completely different way. And now I actually understand everything that's going on when I listen to music or play it or anything. But I'm actually just a senior in high school. These are the first two years my school's offered it so I guess I'm really lucky; also my teacher is a really good guy. I might minor in music at college though. But what precisely are you getting your music degree in?
    October 30 05:53 AM
  • Flatliner hardcore
    October 30 12:52 AM
  • Flatliner oh no brother! far from london. Im in Richmond Virginia, but OTDH is great also. if you like them, you should check out Trapped Under Ice, their kind of a local band, like few hours away. seen them live a few times.
    October 30 12:25 AM
  • Flatliner they're a pretty awesome band. But they need to make some new albums
    October 29 08:53 PM
  • Lions hey no problem. I'm glad/surprised that anyone actually was interested. This is my second year taking it.
    October 29 04:52 PM
  • DhA yep, i do - it's been a problem for ages but every time i bring it up i get ignored...i'll check now to see if they've done anything
    September 27 05:05 PM
    September 25 12:59 PM

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