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  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy go neg my toadies review
    April 5 11:49 PM
  • ChuckyTruant Ahh I just read 927 lol, yeah the naming is a little silly, but honestly it all makes sense once you figure out what everything means
    March 4 09:28 PM
  • ChuckyTruant Ahh, well then I have the RG7421 for that, you hadn't specified if which version you have ;) You should try to find a RGA121, or any guitar with the Wizard Prestige profile, it's an uber comfortable slim C profile.
    March 4 08:48 PM
  • ChuckyTruant Oh yeah the Premiums rule. I think you underestimate my Ibanez knowledge though LOL. I have had probably 12-15 of them, and played a billion more. Anyway, I already own a trem-equipped seven(UV777), so I'm afraid the RG927 would be of much use. You should try hunting down a MIJ 7 though. If you can find a late 90's early 00's RG7421 or RG7620 you will s*** yourself, assuming your number one is the 927
    March 4 08:43 PM
  • climactic sweet dude, i think youll dig it. and that sounds sweet, ill be sure to hit you up if necessary. im currently trying to learn that stuff on my own though, tryna get more serious about it
    February 10 03:37 PM
  • climactic long time no talk. youre gonna absolutely love the stuff im putting up on bandcamp in a few days dude, went so hard
    February 1 05:13 PM
  • PitchforkArms Yeah and some post rock/metal
    October 30 04:08 PM
  • PitchforkArms I'm trying to keep it around 600 because I have to buy pedals as well
    October 30 09:48 AM
  • Hey, in case you didn't notice, I added my thoughts as comments on that soundcloud link. Keep the good stuff coming!
    October 22 03:27 PM
  • PitchforkArms Very nice man. Very nice. Keep up the good work.
    October 20 05:13 PM
  • PitchforkArms Yeah I think the reverb in the other sections could have drowned it out. It really isnt much though man. I was very impressed. The thing with EQ'ing though, isn't trying to go in right away and make everything sound the way you hope, you've got to single out the frequencies that are causing havoc. Rid of the bad, then accentuate the good! I will definitely buy your s*** when it drops too! What software are you using?
    October 18 10:52 PM
  • PitchforkArms Hey man just listened to your link at work at my post-production room. Man, it's actually really really good especially if you did it yourself. Only work of advice, pull up an EQ curve on the vocals in the verse, and mess with your frequencies to clean them up a little. I can hear a slight (very slight) disformity which would probably go unnoticed but either way, great job. I can't exactly put my finger on which frequency is giving the noise, but I can't solo the vocals. Great job though
    October 18 04:31 PM
  • MrxSelfxDestruct Yeah, I need to work on that. Being coy isn't one of my strongest skills
    July 22 04:17 PM
  • MrxSelfxDestruct You came in afterwards and clearly read the rest of the incident. I need some help understanding how I'm so clearly in the wrong. If met with that kind of insolence when all you wanted was a little outside help, would you not be defensive? I'm so sick of being met with arrogance and attack on this site for the sake of someones kicks, especially when Ive done nothing to warrant an aggressive response.
    July 22 01:40 PM
  • climactic ill come down to texas if i have to
    June 18 03:44 PM
  • climactic come back u bitch
    June 9 04:58 PM
  • pmmets07 na, all the extra buzz was from the bass which we recorded through an electric guitar head... lawl
    August 25 08:21 AM
  • Emim Sup, dude. Long time no talk
    August 19 03:00 AM
  • Ignimbrite and of course, I haven't used XM in around 3 years :( but I'll still jam them hard
    July 13 08:15 PM
  • Ignimbrite reserve your judgement: there's still a chance that he's a troll (although an unusually articulate one at that). and don't worry, I'm pretty terrible at it most of the time as well (*all of the time)
    July 13 08:15 PM
  • Ignimbrite lol, it's fine. and I don't really know how this conversation got started... all I know is that I agree with his stance on eternal hellfire and I disagree with his stance on prehuman history and the flood :]
    July 13 07:41 PM
  • Ignimbrite yee, I've got them demos
    July 13 04:58 AM
  • Ignimbrite haven't seen you around here in a while! how's that EP coming?
    July 13 01:52 AM
  • Butkuiss That's awesome, man. Can't wait to hear your new EP. If you guys ever suddenly get massive and end up in Australia, I'll be sure to come along to a show or two!
    June 27 06:14 AM
  • Butkuiss Yo dude, just swinging by to ask how Golgatha is doing these days.
    June 3 04:15 AM
  • Activista anti-MTV sup
    December 30 06:38 PM
  • NocteDominum I haven't seen you in my review threads for a while, like to contribute? Maybe I can do some of your new stuff when you polish it, cause I can kinda feel a 4 coming on : )
    December 15 06:43 AM
  • NocteDominum I think you guys need that polished sound. I know It's not the most major part of your sound but it would let everyones techie bits to shine through.
    December 15 06:41 AM
  • NocteDominum Yeah man, it's sounds like your instrumentation is polishing up plenty, but it would be interesting to hear what a 'pro-job' could do to your overall sound. I mean, you're trying to get away from that 'garage/home job' sound yeah? The riff heavy stuff is especially solid, which ties in fairly nicely ith the vocals.
    December 13 11:11 PM
  • anarchistfish sorry I'm not really the best person to ask for this kinda stuff
    December 13 06:05 PM
  • anarchistfish Yeah better production might be all it needs. somehow managed to miss that quiet bit in the middle herpderp. breakdown in destroyer is sweet btw. and the ending. basically everything about that track rules
    December 13 05:23 PM
  • anarchistfish I think black light could do well with more dynamic variance, if that helps
    December 13 04:57 PM
  • anarchistfish parts are stronger than the melodies and bits here and there feel a little cliched. you're welcome to ignore everything I say though cos others may disagree and I don't listen to much stuff that this seems to be influenced by, but overall it's really good. I'd probably give it a high 3.5 if you released it like it is
    December 13 04:56 PM
  • anarchistfish overall, it's really solid, especially the first and last tracks. vocals are great (especially on destroyer), riffs are great (especially on revelations). I really like those two tracks. With black light, it doesn't feel as if it progresses much, if you see what I'm saying? The ideas there are ok but it doesn't seem to do much with them. I might be talking out of my arse here, but it does kinda feel like the thrash element pulls back on that part, and vice versa. I definitely think the heavier
    December 13 04:54 PM
  • vanderb0b I dl'd the demo from another shoutbox, so there's no need to send a link. I've only given it one listen, but so far, I'm very seems a lot more calculated and thought-out than the previous one, and the increased progressive elements really work well. I'm not sure that I can find any significant compositional flaws. In terms of performance, the vocals and the solos are much better this time around.
    December 12 10:01 PM
  • anarchistfish Ima give it a bit more of a listen tonight and tomorrow I'll say some more
    December 12 04:53 PM
  • anarchistfish it still sounds like you're hanging onto that thrashy element though. the riff in revelations, for example
    December 12 04:41 PM
  • anarchistfish by the way, what kind of sound are you attempting? are you looking for a more traditional heavy metal sound, or more of a thrashy sound?
    December 12 02:13 PM
  • anarchistfish vocals are really good, especially on the first track
    December 12 02:12 PM
  • Blindsided Sure. Either here or my email at
    December 12 11:55 AM
  • anarchistfish sure, if you want :)now I have to hope it's good so I don't have to say bad stuff :(
    December 12 11:49 AM
  • Hawks Haha alright dude. I'll listen to it sometime today and let you know what I think.
    December 12 11:48 AM
  • Hawks Of course you can send me some stuff broseph.
    December 12 11:44 AM
  • NocteDominum Sure man, hit me up. I have noticed you have been a little reclusive lately, must've been wrapping things up : ]
    November 27 11:19 PM
  • anarchistfish cool, thanks
    November 24 11:46 AM
  • anarchistfish yeah sorry I'm a noob with this. so you just play normally whilst recording it with the microphone and then all this software is stuff you use on it afterwards? I've never been fully sure how it works..
    November 23 03:10 PM
  • anarchistfish how exactly does amplitude work? oh and where did you record? I have a pretty crappy amp at the moment
    November 23 11:31 AM
  • anarchistfish taking you up on what specifics you use. did you say you torrent most of the software?
    November 22 06:43 PM
  • NocteDominum!/profile.php?id=100000836980726, sounds good to meee
    October 14 04:17 PM
  • NocteDominum I don't get it lol
    August 6 07:38 PM
  • Romulus it's okay, it should be moar opeth'd soon. it was a wonderful few hours
    August 6 06:50 PM
  • Romulus WE DID IT
    August 5 12:51 AM
  • natey at the end of the day if you want to stand up and shout "DON'T STEAL MUSIC IT HURTS ARTISTS" to everyone go for it, but I don't think it's going to stop stealing. stealing is done for cheapness and immediacy. our culture is more about those things then dishing out money for support. so realistically i think stealing and buying albums needs to be rethought out in a way where it doesn't run directly against our nature
    July 30 10:18 PM
  • natey I'd never argue that we shouldn't support musicians, but I might argue that they're not entitled to money for making music. if they do it's a blessing of our culture, but realistically they can be easily stolen from now because of the internet so I wouldn't bank on album sales supporting a person
    July 30 10:13 PM
  • natey working a job keeps some stress off my back and when I do music it's for passion and joy, not directly money or money first. if a fan downloads an album I make for free I'm thrillled they've heard it honestly. I got a message from a kid somewhere I don't know who heard one of my albums I put up "pay as you please" on a site and he wanted to hear more and it made my day and made me want to make music. I didn't care if I made 5 bucks or not really.
    July 30 10:10 PM
  • natey I hear you that "I would love to hear a little more back than you guys are good, I downloaded your album on mediafire lol", and I'd love to be making money off of the musical projects I'm working on right now. I'm pretty ****ing broke. But, I also like that I'm not grinding my teeth trying to "make it" in a weird ass music industry where labels are run by companies and not music lovers trying to help artists
    July 30 10:08 PM
  • natey hey dude, missed your shoutbox posts until now! Do you have or have you worked a job? I see how an album could be released for $5000 your way but it could also be home recorded for WAY cheaper (digital age), especially with midi drums. I hear you saying you don't make much off shows, but you do atleast get fans that way (if you're good) and can sell T-shirts and stickers. I'm in a band right now that has bought our own lighting equipment, done some home recording, all by working other jobs
    July 30 10:04 PM
  • RosaParks ily
    July 30 02:22 AM
  • Apollo Hey brotha, I rec you the following: Deafheaven - Roads To Judah, Bon Iver - Bon Iver, The Devin Townsend Project - Ghost, *shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo...that's all I got so far...I haven't really heard too much from 2011 tbh
    July 27 11:15 AM
  • pizzamachine Can you remind me what I rec'd you first?? I honestly can't remember.
    July 25 07:41 PM
  • SowingSeason and I try to keep my facebook separate, nothing personal I just don't share that stuff. on the other hand, if you become a contributor you could friend me because thats where we have our secret contrib threads ;)
    July 25 07:25 PM
  • SowingSeason Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math, The Decemberists - The King is Dead, The Dear Hunter - The Color Spectrum, Frank Turner - England Keep My Bones, Hey Rosetta! - Seeds, Maybeshewill - I was here for a moment then i was gone, The Antlers - Burst Apart, Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues, The Republic of Wolves - The Cartographer
    July 25 07:23 PM
  • DarkNoctus oh hey there! :] hmm, definitely the 40 watt sun album, the new sleepmakeswaves, the new embers, blut aus nord too, the new morne album was good... oh and the new aosoth! along with the new primordial, and the new woods of desolation.
    July 25 07:11 PM
  • NocteDominum how's this for self made and produced?
    July 18 11:57 PM
  • wyankeif1337 oh hello, there's a message! haven't really checked my fb for a few days. but dude yeah, sorry about that. just let me know whenever you know anything :)
    June 29 10:09 PM
  • RosaParks you know I'm not deceptioneer right or are you retarded
    June 21 12:22 PM
  • Deceptioneer wut?
    June 20 11:13 PM
  • Lakes. no really, listen to it
    June 15 11:35 PM
  • Lakes. lol
    June 15 11:35 PM
  • Ire u bitch
    June 14 04:31 AM
  • Lakes. hey fr33 you should listen to my new ep haha
    June 14 01:37 AM
  • Waior do you have a key for ezdrummer?
    June 13 03:43 PM
    June 10 10:19 PM
  • NocteDominum face book raped..... i underrstand. Cheers man.
    June 10 10:01 PM
  • NocteDominum Sure champ, you sending me a free copy? New review up if your interested too.
    June 10 09:49 PM
  • Apollo hahaha you too bro! you ever in Ontario shoutbox me!
    June 9 01:22 AM
  • Apollo **** yes :)
    June 9 01:04 AM
  • Apollo **** yes summer is the perfect time to be listening to SNW :)
    June 8 09:05 PM
  • very nice, thanks.
    June 5 09:00 PM
  • wyankeif1337 oh crap, i remember getting that message and telling myself i would look at it later, but i forgot/never got around to it. sorry... i'll give you my thoughts at some point today, i just want to finish writing this review,
    June 5 03:56 PM
  • GnarlyShillelagh :( okayyyy I'll give it a few more listens and adjust accordingly
    May 30 02:18 AM
  • pedroia55 Hey fr33, I might have you confused with someone else but I think I remember you posting somewhere about recording your album and how you had to pay per song instead of the time you used the studio. If that IS you, I'm wondering what studio you recorded in and how much it costed.
    May 29 07:00 PM
  • wyankeif1337
    May 28 12:33 PM
  • Knott- my opinion is ****ing MEH
    May 23 02:01 PM
  • andcas bear hug : )
    May 23 01:48 AM
  • NocteDominum New review is up mate!!
    May 12 10:30 PM
  • pedroia55 Yeah i went to that site, it told me to enter my email and they would email me the file or something
    May 12 09:43 PM
  • NocteDominum It's been a while since you have read my reviews. Thanks champ.
    May 12 09:10 PM
  • pedroia55 Tryin to download the EP but i'm not getting an email from the site.. Any idea how long it takes?
    May 12 09:09 PM
  • Athom john mclaughlin
    May 12 08:35 PM
  • beefshoes Hey, I really dug the artwork you did.Do you know of any tutorials for GIMP?I have had it for over a year and I have tried to do album art for my solo stuff and I haven't any luck whatsoever.
    May 11 11:53 PM
  • foreverendeared Thanks :] I rubbed peanut butter on my forehead and now the doggy won't go away
    May 10 12:58 AM
  • henryjohnson sweets charts keep rap in there bro hip hop on
    May 10 12:22 AM
  • climactic sounds cool, if not over-the-top. by your description it sounds like Transcending Bizarre? though, who suck
    May 9 10:37 AM
  • Kimm I can't, I am using my iiiiiiiiiipod.
    May 9 12:43 AM
  • Xenophanes It's cheesy, overproduced, and stupid......and soooo much fun because of it. 3.5-4 for me, it's really enjoyable.
    May 8 06:36 PM
  • Gmork89 Praise the lowered is the most bad ass thing I have heard in a long time.
    May 8 05:53 PM
  • Xenophanes It's cool man, KILL hooked me up, thanks!
    May 8 04:37 PM
  • Xenophanes Hey man, is there a chance I could get a "Deconstruction" link from you :3preeze?
    May 8 03:46 PM
  • Gmork89 Hell ya, there was some Numbered in there too I think.
    May 8 03:29 PM
  • Gmork89 I agree man, I can't believe how organized it is for how much is going on at once. It seems like it's going to reveal so much more with repeated listens as well. I also can't believe how much it relates to KI and Addicted, the whole project is going to feel very complete and singular when it's all said and done. I'm very happy with this so far.
    May 8 03:24 PM
  • Gmork89 What do you think so far man?
    May 8 03:12 PM
  • Gmork89 No problem man! Brace yourself, it's a ****ing beast.
    May 8 02:54 PM
  • Gmork89 It did man, listening to it right now.
    May 8 02:43 PM
  • VeilOfOsiris why?
    May 3 11:48 AM
  • Ire we had a 3 month run man chill. get with the program and upgrade
    May 3 12:54 AM
  • Masochist I KNOW! I've been waiting on those charts for a long while. I wonder who does the coding for the site, it MX?
    April 29 02:55 PM
  • Masochist Yeah, so I'd heard. Not much on that user bar works out well (not even the "Date Joined" or the "Last Active" parts, half the time). I wonder if it'll ever get fixed (or removed)?
    April 29 02:27 PM
  • Masochist Yeah, I can imagine that what it would be like that. But with the internet making all music more accessible, I imagine that it'll become somewhat near impossible to stay within one genre after a point. And I still haven't found a single person I'm a neighbor of...but that's because I only have 400 ratings, I think.
    April 29 01:33 PM
  • Masochist Hahaha, thanks. Wish a lot of people did step outside their one (or two) genres, but maybe being a master of one genre is more satisfying than being a jack of a lot of them. Also...didn't realize you were one of my neighbors ;-)
    April 29 01:12 PM
  • Masochist Yours is...well, not bright, but colorful nonetheless
    April 29 12:58 PM
  • SeaAnemone interesting. I was aware of the word hell coming from that valley outside of Jerusalem (from reading Hume, I think... I can't remember though... pretty sure it was Hume), but the fact that the apostles could have distorted this as well is believable.
    April 29 11:54 AM
  • balcaen crazy s*** happens. you're pretty easy to creep too, only you appear to be 14... wat
    April 28 12:12 PM
  • balcaen yeah, i'd make my account private like it was before but this is way more fun. at least no one twitter stalks my s***.
    April 28 11:55 AM
  • Mewcopa0 Oh lol. Well I hope your band gets the spot!
    April 27 03:39 PM
  • spudd1612 thanks for your advice,as i say i am open to criticism and have never written a review in my life.i tend to just read them perhaps thats how it should stay haha
    April 27 12:16 PM
  • Mewcopa0 Haha well thats pretty awesome. You from Canada?
    April 26 07:35 PM
  • BigHans chorus is pretty cool though
    April 26 11:23 AM
  • BigHans Listening to Kinetic now, I thought it was totally awesome until the verse started. Little bit of a Mr Bungle thing going on. I like the atmosphere of the guitars but I don't like the avant garde/weird parts, if that makes sense.
    April 26 11:23 AM
  • BigHans Give me one song to check out, preferrably the least avant garde lol. Im not a big fan of Avant Garde
    April 26 11:09 AM
  • BigHans Hard Rock and Black Metal together? Sounds interesting.
    April 25 03:28 PM
  • LG I love you...Rikki tikki is the s***
    April 25 05:49 AM
  • LG You and Darroh? Hah keep dreaming hoser....I'm extremely jealous btw, dick!
    April 25 01:06 AM
  • Mewcopa0 You already winning? By the way I downloaded your band's album and I was pretty impressed. What instrument do you play?
    April 23 10:28 PM
  • Mewcopa0 That is what the proxy is for, it is so you can vote more than once a day.
    April 23 09:56 PM
  • Kimm Alright, I'll see what I can whip up.
    April 23 01:17 AM
  • Kimm Whyyy would I make a list? Everyone hates my lists.
    April 23 01:04 AM
  • LG I'd be jealous if I hadn't already seen em. So hah!
    April 22 02:51 PM
  • Mewcopa0 I use a static proxy for making viruses and such, but you will want a dynamic one so that your computer thinks you are coming from a different location each time you try to vote.
    April 21 05:58 PM
  • Mewcopa0 I'd suggest ProxyWay, AnalogX Proxy or Hotspot Sheild because they assign you a dynamic IP rather than a static.
    April 21 05:56 PM
  • Mewcopa0 I can find a proxy server. Whatever your dad tried to use, I've never heard of, and I'm a pretty good hacker so I doubt it works. Basically proxy servers can be dangerous because the people have full access to any passwords you enter while using it, so I'd make a fake account. Instead I'd recommend a proxy application:
    April 21 05:55 PM
  • Mewcopa0 I saw your list on warp tour and I know a way that you can vote. First, google an auto form filler. If you need help finding one I can give you a link but try yourself first. An auto form filler can be used to fill in fake information to make fake accounts very quickly and efficiantly. It is likely this is all that you will need. However if they only allow you to make a certain number of accounts, you will need a DNS server or a proxy. That you may need help with. If you have any questions askme
    April 21 10:58 AM
  • Butkuiss Oh wow, I just noticed I'm musical neighbours with Mr. Golgatha himself! Flattered and charmed. Also, nice taste in music too. The Beatles need more love around these parts.
    April 21 08:59 AM
  • Apollo done
    April 21 12:27 AM
  • RosaParks You annoy me. I 5'd it for the cry baby. Now go away
    April 20 09:14 PM
  • RosaParks its like a 2.5 but you're being a big douche bag and you're obviously full of yourself so go away. Most musicians work hard too. Your effort is nothing special. I'm not going to rate it high just because you worked hard on it, when it doesn't really deserve it in my opinion.
    April 20 02:18 AM
  • wyankeif1337 THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
    April 20 01:41 AM
    April 20 01:34 AM
  • wyankeif1337 until i work out a good strategy to deal with him directly i'll give it high ratings with my alts
    April 20 01:08 AM
  • RosaParks Maybe it wasn't but I don't like you or your friends that I don't know. dealwithit.jpg
    April 19 11:24 PM
  • Eko the guitarist and bassist were really great live. I probably met him then, I met like 3 of them at their merch table.
    April 19 10:44 PM
  • Eko I saw them open for emery. they put on an awesome live show so I bought their ep but it was just ok, borderline 2.5/3. you know them or something?
    April 19 09:30 PM
  • RosaParks Maybe it just wasn't my thing idk and are we actually friends or.....
    April 19 08:29 PM
  • MO Yep thats us. Unfortunately we only have 2 songs recorded...and as apprehensive as I am about sputnik i'll bust out the lp soon enough. Good to know it sounds good hommie.
    April 19 01:21 AM
  • wyankeif1337 rough draft is in your inbox. emphasis on "rough"
    April 17 11:54 PM
  • wyankeif1337 sorry it's taking so long, i've had a bunch of s*** to do. at the absolute latest i'll have it done by sunday.
    April 16 12:58 AM
  • tkxxx7 Seriously though , what were you talking about
    April 12 03:24 PM
  • wyankeif1337 it's going good, i should have it done by the end of the week
    April 11 12:18 AM
  • WeepingBanana hey dude not to harp on you but it's been two weeks and you and 10 others haven't done your review for the random album game. the sooner the better.
    April 10 08:45 PM
  • mclovin99 yea i have a copy but its only like 40 mb so if u have a better quality copy
    April 10 08:38 PM
  • mclovin99 I need a zip file. Thanks
    April 10 12:23 PM
  • dnor I have a weird hatred for Alter Bridge. My friend worshiped them, and every time he'd put them on, I'd just stare and say "Ok, that was they get any better?" Mainstream rock just kind of seems like "safe" rock. Nothing wild, nothing exciting.
    April 9 11:25 AM
  • tkxxx7 o.O ... is no compute ?
    April 7 11:23 AM
  • dixoncocks lol at the eiffel 65 album art
    April 6 02:07 PM
  • dixoncocks
    April 6 02:06 PM
  • wyankeif1337 cool
    April 4 11:33 PM
  • wyankeif1337 there's a chance that i might not get the review finished until friday/saturday, going college tripping in NY for a couple days. is there a specific time that you need it by?
    April 4 10:04 PM
  • climactic [size=digit]text[/size]
    April 4 06:50 PM
  • wyankeif1337 hey, do you want me to send you the first draft before i post it so you can give it a once over?
    April 4 12:54 AM
  • wyankeif1337 gimme a couple days, i'll get on it.
    April 3 10:23 PM
  • Romulus you are my favorite user
    April 3 09:02 PM
  • Blindsided What is your part in the band? The vocalist is really good imo. My only beef is that my plays scrobble under the other Golgatha I don't even recognize.
    March 31 12:48 PM
  • Blindsided Golgatha is ****ing sick man.
    March 30 11:14 PM
  • Baphomet Duh! Of course they are! It's just funny the first time you're listening to the leak (a month ahead of the release in my case) and listen to Rody screaming "It was gonna leak eventually so eventually it did".
    March 30 11:41 AM
  • Baphomet Yeah they are lines from Sex-Tapes. Don't worry, I missed them at first too. Song is just not good enough to pay much atention to it.
    March 30 11:33 AM
  • Baphomet Yeah I thought so. Your comment saying you don't have the "It was gonna leak eventually..." and "Be careful what you're looking at..." lines in your copy. Also, I just realized both of the lines are from Sex-Tapes.
    March 30 11:26 AM
  • Baphomet Your copy of Scurrilous doesn't have Hair-Trigger nor Sex-Tapes?
    March 30 11:19 AM
  • DaveyBoy I could swear I heard them on Scissors.
    March 29 07:31 PM
  • beefshoes Thanks for the advice man, that will definitely help.I like the Sonor 1 the best. I hate the pearl on there though. It sounds like the St. Anger snare unless you edit it.
    March 29 08:04 AM
  • WeepingBanana yeah dude. people seemed to like this so i might be running it again in a week or two
    March 28 10:15 PM
  • AnotherBrick hell ya dude, figured i could at least learn some SYL and Townsend while I'm at. Probably my favorite tuning as of now
    March 28 09:22 PM
  • WeepingBanana hey dude you should be flattered that i gave you the album i submitted ;)
    March 28 09:00 PM
  • WeepingBanana your album is Abe Vigoda - Skeleton
    March 28 12:31 AM
  • We start when the water is ready
    March 27 04:30 PM
  • climactic fine
    March 27 04:19 PM
  • Would you like to accompany me in a shooting session?
    March 27 03:31 PM
  • bloc Yeah, their file hoster is pretty hit or miss. Also doesn't help that they upload everything at 320 kbps. If it really bugs you, these guys use mediafire Just check out their trance section.
    March 25 02:50 PM
  • bloc lol yeah it really didn't. But you're welcome.
    March 25 02:45 PM
  • bloc Tbh that makes sense, but I don't do it. Not only would it take forever, but that's part of the fun to see which songs are the best. Sometimes you get unlucky and they all suck, but that's all part of it. It's all up to you.
    March 25 02:41 PM
  • bloc Damn, the Russian got ****ed up in the shoutbox. What I meant is that there is a line you need to to translate that will say if the thing doesn't include a cue file.
    March 25 02:35 PM
  • bloc That would be a good idea, but a lot of the entries say something like "mixed *cue" which means there is a cue file. If you see this "????? ??????, ?????????? ???????? ????" then that means there is no cue file so stay away.
    March 25 02:34 PM
  • bloc I used to think the same until I figured out how to use this beast of site. Remember though, if you want the mixes to be broken up into individual songs (like I do) then make sure the download says it comes with a cue file. Otherwise, you're left with a 2 hour long song.
    March 25 02:28 PM
  • bloc I can't really rec specific artists, but this site is what I use to obtain vocal trance It's Russian, but really easy to get around after some practice.
    March 25 02:25 PM
  • climactic hahah me too...remember when she first joined
    March 23 11:38 PM
  • climactic OH SHUT MAN THANKS
    March 23 11:00 PM
  • Counterfeit get to the gold cobra news thread so my joke makes sense
    March 23 06:00 PM
  • Irving You have a band? Wow, that is ridiculously cool. Is your music hosted anywhere?
    March 23 03:54 PM
  • KeithStone582 Thanks.
    March 23 02:27 PM
  • Ovrot I am the best experimental one take artist ever!!! But the drums sucked
    March 23 02:23 PM
  • Lakes. idk
    March 23 12:55 PM
  • Irving I've been stuck on 39 for almost a month now =( I hate Real Life =(
    March 23 02:37 AM
  • Ovrot
    March 23 02:33 AM
    March 23 02:20 AM
    March 23 02:12 AM
  • Ovrot IT'S HEAR
    March 23 01:37 AM
  • Counterfeit tell fr33 that u didn't vote for him cuz he's not goodenough
    March 22 05:54 PM
  • Counterfeit luv u bro
    March 22 04:00 PM
  • Ire nice avatar.
    March 21 10:15 PM
  • NocteDominum Thanks, there was just something i didn't like about it. Thanks for looking it over
    March 19 02:33 AM
  • Hawks Haha I understand. Fire away brother.
    March 19 01:21 AM

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