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  • EyesWideShut Is that you in your profile pic ?
    August 26 03:34 AM
  • theacademy what is good my dudeeee
    November 12 08:26 PM
  • p4p you're back!
    August 4 12:11 AM
  • EyesWideShut So your trip to Prague was p lit huh lol ? How much does it costs to do a trip like that ?
    May 10 04:10 AM
  • Sowing are you back? I saw your name on the comments page and thought I tripped and fell back into 2011
    March 8 09:07 PM
  • YakNips best track on goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead? i would say minmin but i wanna hear what u think
    December 21 09:08 AM
  • SachikoM Good question. I don't even know if I'm here or not half of the time... (?_?)
    October 22 12:38 AM
  • SachikoM What the ****, you're back?
    October 21 11:03 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts thats what i fockin thot m8
    June 15 12:24 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts come at me on facebook bro fite me on the internet big guy i hear u have a HUGE dick lets compare you ****ing cool guy you
    June 13 02:12 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts :')
    June 13 02:07 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts brb gonna go blog about how gay u r with some guy u had ebeef with 4 years ago smh
    June 13 02:06 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts hear u been talkin s*** on mezz bout me with kitsch lmfao damn dude ur cool as **** for real
    June 13 02:05 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal i mean look at this one, its the colour of cough syrup. a drink drank by rappers and teens worldwide, its sure to make you a class hiT!!!!!!!
    May 4 05:04 AM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal btw if youre supposed to be a seaanenome you should profile a really colourful one, i mean having that bright fish in the foreground really takes away the anenome. yeah it takes up the most space but the colour palette and centering of the fish is really just stealing your swag hxc tbh
    May 4 05:02 AM
  • Sowing That's the same reason I'm not doing it. I'm sure I know more users but after my emeritus stint I'm just enough out of the loop to forget a lot of key guys
    March 21 11:18 PM
  • Sowing Man up and do sputnik madness
    March 21 10:51 PM
  • YakNips yeah it's rlly special
    March 14 11:21 PM
  • YakNips i ****ing love u. what do u think of carrie and lowell
    March 14 10:24 PM
  • treeqt. FAILED-NETWORK ERROR am i cursed
    March 14 10:14 PM
    March 14 10:08 PM
  • RosaParks This is a sputnik cummie? that means you make somebody really squishy!(???) Send this to 10 daddies that make you squish and don't break the chain! ?(???)?
    February 25 03:27 AM
  • Brostep lol no worries
    February 11 12:23 AM
  • Brostep "tensions were running high" suuuuuure
    February 10 08:55 PM
  • Brostep eh?
    February 10 08:46 PM
  • YakNips u r welcome im glad u dig it
    February 3 11:10 PM
  • dimsim3478 definitely not the biggest fan; i don't think as much of "sunshine and technology" and "don't **** with your dreams" as other people. anyway, i uploaded the new song and its b-side just because they weren't up already.
    January 31 08:59 AM
  • Inveigh yeah man i'd be down to trade. are we friends on fb? i'd prefer to do it through there (or email) rather than posting each other's addresses in our sputnik shoutboxes. what kind of Troegs and/or Tired Hands stuff do you see around you?
    January 16 02:42 AM
  • lou1000 Are you on rym?
    January 11 10:19 PM
  • klap now she is ready for the opeth
    December 20 12:13 AM
  • YakNips im srry i had to. im glad three love songs snuck it's way into your top 10 though that makes me happy
    December 15 01:55 PM
  • YakNips eagles going to the super bowl huh
    December 15 04:41 AM
  • EcoChocolatacchi Your opinions on Brand New for the most part match mine. I think they get too much credit for their more experimental content when their merit is most true in the simple stuff.
    December 12 11:03 PM
  • Jots yeah man, might take a stab at reviewing it. I've had it on oretty steady rotation and I'm loving it, really not a bad moment on it
    December 12 02:53 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts more simply yeah its more of a semantics and effects issue
    December 12 02:37 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts simple and it shouldnt be the symptoms that are being treated, but the problem itself which is THE MENTAL ILLNESS or the ADDICTION, not the so called 'disease' and its effects. thats just one of my issues with it, i have more but ill spare you the essay... i could go on and on about the interplay of misleading statistics and medication and s***
    December 12 02:35 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts it is an opinion for sure but i say it coming from a mix of studies in philosophy, psych, social work, and biopsych. tl;dr kind of like in my last comment in there, i think it is extremely problematic and harmful to use the label 'disease' so loosely when something already has clear classifications that are more relevant. from the layman perspective you think of a disease and you think "how do you get rid of a disease? you treat it" but things like mental illness and addiction aren't that
    December 12 02:32 AM
  • Jots how dope is this viet cong album
    December 12 02:30 AM
  • YakNips just yr average japanese girl electronic chill dancy aesthetic pop thing
    December 3 03:48 AM
  • Trebor. It was listenable but the guitar wasn't very cool
    December 1 11:30 PM
  • YakNips i appreciate u as a person i just want u to know
    November 24 02:14 AM
  • bakkermaarten007 I recently stumbled upon The Player Piano and remembered how you once recommended them to me. I don't think I did then, but now I surely like their lp. Do you have any other information on them other than the stuff on the pages?
    November 23 02:35 PM
  • Ire wow who even uses shout boxes any more wow go kill yourself
    November 10 11:57 PM
  • Sowing Haha yeah it's an older video but I just saw it today
    November 7 01:59 AM
  • Sowing Don't know if you've seen this (probably), but if not:
    November 7 01:40 AM
  • killtaker lol k
    November 2 10:41 PM
  • killtaker were you neoteric?
    November 1 11:25 PM
  • YakNips yesssss tbh i think its mine too just because of how good the main riff is
    October 24 10:19 PM
  • YakNips idk if you talked about liking Que Les Fils before when i recd you the new baton rouge but i think you did and im just now realizing how ****ing amazing it is
    October 24 06:23 PM
  • Graveyard check out puce mary - persona
    October 21 03:06 AM
  • GnarlyShillelagh mother**** a plus got damn it was a great post that's all i'm tryna say man
    October 18 05:29 AM
  • GnarlyShillelagh idk where the went i posted A post
    October 18 03:30 AM
  • GnarlyShillelagh "you work with LambsBread?" A post breh
    October 18 02:14 AM
  • wwba "I responded to you patiently and nicely and you reply to every other answer smh"I'm really ashamed because I wanted to reply to it, but I forgot about it :/now I feel like a douchebag :(for some reason rude, annoying fanboy comments (such as Negator's comment) always catch my attention :/as for AFX I'll try to get into his album Windowlicker and ignore the fact that it has no drops
    October 17 08:30 PM
  • IdiotequeCigar Reap as you sow, bitch
    October 14 05:46 PM
  • wabbit survivalist tales has the Best album art
    October 2 03:14 AM
  • Trebor. I heard most of it, pretty disappointed. I listened to them for the cool guitar work, which is gone. Just sounds like Into It. Over It. which I don't dig much anyway
    September 26 10:55 PM
  • PorkchopExpress Oh man, it's so so good.
    September 26 03:48 PM
  • klap he does like me a lot
    September 25 01:21 AM
  • klap insulted that you would mention Bleachers just bc of "indie pop" smh who am I sowing???
    September 24 10:53 PM
  • BMDrummer haha wow, the old days of sput
    September 22 01:23 AM
  • BMDrummer damn, you were contrib once as well lol
    September 22 01:17 AM
  • BMDrummer did sonic's comments get wiped or something btw? because in all the old moaropeth stuff he has like 19,000
    September 22 01:14 AM
  • BMDrummer were those the good ol days
    September 22 01:10 AM
  • BMDrummer
    September 22 01:05 AM
  • BMDrummer how are those nerdy card games going you little fat kid?
    September 22 01:03 AM
  • spookynewghostfriend i guess you are......
    September 21 12:32 AM
  • spookynewghostfriend what did i do to deserve that =\\
    September 21 12:29 AM
  • spookynewghostfriend seaAnenomeme
    September 19 01:21 AM
  • Jom Ha, whenever that happens, take it as a sign that the owner is tinkering around on the site!
    September 18 03:49 AM
  • ZombieParty god save the queen and her fascist regime
    September 16 07:13 PM
  • YakNips sounds amazing bruh i'll jam it soon
    September 9 10:25 PM
  • YakNips lol via fondo?? awesome. and yeaaa boy i'll jam Purplene that sounds sweet
    September 9 10:10 PM
  • Jots That 'Cowards' list you posted is dope. I'm probably gonna try and review a couple of the ones you pointed out as needing it. Baton Rouge prolly, and maybe NSB
    September 7 04:57 PM
  • Trebor. jamming empire! empire! makes the recent tracks section quite the cluster****
    September 4 10:50 PM
  • Gyromania thanks for that, eric. i appreciate it. the man was only 47 years old. **** percocet and most pharmaceutical drugs. you can feel free to add me to facebook if you want. we don't know each other super well, but it's only facebook, and i've made a lot of friends through sputnik anyhow
    September 4 10:00 PM
  • Trebor. don't know if you jam Tiny Moving Parts but their new album leaked today and I think it's going to kill twinkly emo for good, like the guitar work is so good there's no where to go
    September 4 07:13 PM
  • YakNips actually never jammed Alpinist either, but I've heard good things about both, just totally forgot to check them. I will though, thanks!
    August 29 12:54 AM
  • wabbit bright eyes is kinda like holy sons if I made a holy sons record instead of God making holy sons records
    August 7 04:21 AM
  • Slut it's a shame no other bands are jazzy like OF
    July 31 10:28 PM
  • Slut i've checked beau and suis la lune. i checked shotmaker on sput and their ratings are high af, so i'll go for the discog thing they released.
    July 31 10:27 PM
  • Slut hey dude, so do you know of any skramz band that add some jazz similar to off minor? i haven't really been able to find anything that quite hits the mark.
    July 31 10:19 PM
  • sniper no dude i'll have to look for it
    July 31 03:37 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy time for u to join shane and i on the secret band train boiiiiiiiiii
    July 31 01:01 PM
  • sniper we have 3/4 matching dude are u my tyler durden?
    July 24 04:28 PM
  • sniper ur digs are so accurate
    July 24 09:43 AM
  • YakNips i did twice, was great. i'll give it another listen soon.
    July 16 12:42 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy yea most of these shtiheads are oblivious just like with kidcrash im getting old and tired eric
    July 9 01:22 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy that was a joke tho right
    July 9 01:19 AM
  • Hep Kat I listened to that album while I was hanging out with my cousins earlier today. They're wonder years stans. To answer your question
    July 8 12:00 AM
  • MalleusMaleficarum yo sry broh id your post but if youre willing to get the story straight and make a correct and factual post that doesnt spread bs ill be sure to leave it on : )
    June 29 04:21 PM
  • YakNips It's fantastic so far, Que Les Fils is the s***
    June 29 12:21 AM
  • YakNips No prob dude, and I haven't listened to it yet but if it's as good as their new album than it ****ing rules. I'll put it on right now.
    June 29 12:08 AM
  • YakNips Hey, I noticed there really wasn't any emo on your 2014 list (mostly cause of the lack of good emo albums this year) and I'm not sure if you're a fan of Sed Non Satiata or Daitro, but I discovered this recently and I think you might enjoy it
    June 28 11:59 PM
  • eyehategod of course it will be wow i dont judge based on what genders you like thats just rude i am a nice man
    June 22 05:12 AM
  • eyehategod im embarrassed for 4 of us
    June 22 05:03 AM
  • eyehategod do you like polka
    June 22 05:00 AM
  • Sowing I didn't realize it when you told me their name but I saw it when it was released and listened to a few tracks and really enjoyed it. But then the work week picked up, I forgot about it, and never revisited. I got through the first 8 or so tracks last night and there was literally only 1 song that I wasn't head over heels for.
    June 15 01:07 PM
  • Sowing OMFG Saintseneca!
    June 15 03:10 AM
  • eyehategod oh you know the usually just sittin at home gettin er built with my boner
    June 7 05:08 PM
  • eyehategod hello how are you
    June 7 02:12 AM
  • oltnabrick are you really from italy? i remember somewhere you said you lived in Williamsburg, VA.
    May 27 11:54 PM
  • YakNips Sweet, I was just curious.
    May 22 03:44 PM
  • YakNips Hey I was wondering cause I know document 8 is one of your fave albums and I was listening to it the other day along with every other song pg 99 ever recorded, do you consider doc 8 to be the original version with 7 tracks or the re-issue with the tracks from doc 9 at the end?
    May 21 09:52 PM
  • aok while on the surface, the below post looks like it was to make you jealous, in truth, it's because i miss mezzin around with you and stuffs and i wanted to say hi.hi eric. miiiiisss uu
    May 20 09:08 PM
  • aok i saw swans last night . thought you should know so you could be super jealous now. you should be super jealous cause i saw swans last night
    May 20 09:06 PM
  • YourDarkAffected Sweet avatar
    May 18 06:03 PM
  • Frippertronics ty for the nomination, i am honored
    May 18 02:19 AM
  • bach smh
    May 18 01:07 AM
  • wabbit dat destruction unit m/
    May 14 01:31 AM
  • WeepingBanana will do. also, glad to see that you jammed winter hymn blumpkin hymn secret hymn last night
    May 4 03:21 PM
  • WeepingBanana i've only heard Save Everything and Flies the Fields. if you weren't such a seasoned post-rocker i'd say Flies the Fields cuz it's probably more accessible, but Save Everything is one of the ****ing best albums out of louisville
    May 3 01:12 AM
  • alachlahol basically if youre listenin to corrupted grief noothgrush yadda yad you should be listenin to toadliquor
    April 29 03:08 PM
  • alachlahol didnt see your metal list from days past. listen to toadliquor - feel my hate, the power is the weight. miserable sludge for people who like miserable sludge
    April 29 03:07 PM
  • TheSpirit What's up man
    April 29 01:07 PM
  • wabbit lol pretending to like monk
    April 27 02:53 AM
  • Pon i'm saddened that u feel this way i'm gonna commit seppuku now
    April 26 02:51 AM
  • Pon i love you
    April 26 02:27 AM
  • wabbit well they r no holy sons but who is? JESUS?!?!?
    April 24 10:42 PM
  • wabbit why do u not hav a neurosis album @ 5 lol
    April 24 04:38 PM
  • Yotimi Just once while at work. Need to give it an attentive listen still. Did like it though
    April 24 01:50 AM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures your swans soundoff makes me love life
    April 23 03:59 AM
  • KILL and for real read chans RTL review, it might help guide you on ur quest
    April 20 07:42 AM
  • KILL black sabbath - paranoid and metallica - ride the lightning are good starters i think, and if you dont dig paranoid try master of reality as its way more sludgy which i know you like
    April 20 07:36 AM
  • danielito19 smh at trending albums tho
    April 14 03:01 AM
  • danielito19 your soundoff on swans restored my faith in this site
    April 13 04:51 PM
  • wabbit season 5 is #bangerz Cried when Troy left
    April 6 05:14 PM
  • wabbit didn't
    April 6 05:13 PM
  • wabbit make like 3 lists get'em featured
    April 5 12:26 AM
  • wabbit gon Sputnik 2nite
    April 5 12:25 AM
  • ShitsofRain : D
    March 30 09:14 PM
  • Frippertronics oh damn. just go to /mu/, it'll probably work out better if you get it directly from them since it leaked there.
    March 29 07:35 PM
  • klap just realized i can the posts of ppl who don't vote for me #winning
    March 22 01:39 AM
  • chambered99 kk
    March 21 05:06 PM
  • PurpleBottle fck u i didnt make the cut? u lilcntgobblingfagit
    March 19 02:53 PM
  • Frippertronics but then again that gif is compensation enough, so let the best niqqa win
    March 19 03:28 AM
  • Frippertronics There better be a part three mang, dig those Talking Heads. Cheers
    March 19 03:19 AM
  • BigHans Since Im back, if you dont seed me I will hunt you. Not really.
    March 18 03:44 PM
  • FearThyEvil Good job with the madness list. Always fun to watch.
    March 18 06:42 AM
  • fromtheinside *accept
    March 18 06:30 AM
  • fromtheinside i hope you will the typical abbrv of my name ;) - fti
    March 18 06:27 AM
  • Graveyard oh great put me up against kris. i wonder who will win ;)
    March 18 02:09 AM
  • Nocte Glad you make the effort with the madness lists, no one else does. : ]
    March 18 01:41 AM
  • Relinquished dont put verm and green baron on just cuz he got rid of the linkinmuse from his name
    March 17 09:54 PM
  • fromtheinside where is sput madness, i've waited all year long! you know
    March 16 10:33 AM
  • RoyalImperialGuard Its impossible to do that when things like Dredd Sucks are being said.
    March 13 01:29 AM
  • ffs pls accept my friend request on last fm you cumbersome ape
    March 12 10:41 PM
  • WeepingBanana there's no room for humor in such dire matters
    March 9 06:22 PM
  • WeepingBanana well if there's anything that Ryus' marquee moon review taught me is that the punk/post-punk distinction should be taken very seriously
    March 9 06:14 PM
  • WeepingBanana i haven't. i'll check them. what are they like?
    March 9 05:59 PM
  • Yotimi how's the new future islands??
    March 9 03:59 PM
  • Inveigh lol that's right man, nothing less
    February 25 01:58 AM
  • Inveigh justd the reported comment, didn't mean any offense it just didn't make sense in the thread after id that other dude's worthless posts
    February 25 01:44 AM
  • MusicTalent hello friend
    February 24 05:00 AM
  • Romulus omg yes they are the best thing ever. have you heard the new song?
    February 23 04:22 PM
  • DominionMM1 cool. Thanks man.
    February 22 06:42 PM
  • DominionMM1 got a link?
    February 22 06:30 PM
  • DominionMM1 didn't think the new thou record would be out til next month
    February 22 06:24 PM
  • PorkchopExpress Worst SeaAnemone
    February 18 07:54 PM
  • SlightlyEpic cesspool formatting disaster
    February 18 07:18 PM
  • SlightlyEpic ~_~_~_~_~CESSPOOL~_~_~_~_~-----------------------------------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-----------------------------------
    February 18 07:17 PM
  • PorkchopExpress Had to get a look at the cesspool for myself
    February 18 04:19 PM
  • SlightlyEpic cesspool
    February 18 03:24 PM
  • FearTomorrow Sorry for ruining Mezz. I may have been on E earlier and perhaps got a bit too excited that I got added to the illusive, illustrious Mezz Crew. Will lay way down low from now on
    February 18 01:30 AM
  • Trebor. It's blowing my mind right now and Adam Thomas loves it if that means anything to you
    February 15 11:48 PM
  • Trebor. Their first album is pretty standard overrated pop punk, but this second album, oh man. I'm not sure if it's a concept album, but it's really crazy how the album develops. The singer has three distinct vocal styles that he uses, a more pop punk sounding voice for the first few songs, which develops into a scream which is used for the next few tracks which are more post-hardcore oriented. Then he starts singing like ****ing Tom Gable and the last few tracks are mellower alt rock sounding.
    February 15 11:47 PM
  • Yotimi yeah it's definitely in the same vein
    February 10 10:49 PM
  • Yotimi it's cool it's cool. At least youtube So weit wie noch nie - probably the closest thing to The Field as far as similarity and quality
    February 10 10:11 PM
  • Cygnatti lololol, that's a placeholder 5, I haven't heard it yet. but I'll be sure to do so soon. ^_^
    February 6 03:36 AM
  • Trebor. will do
    February 6 01:20 AM
  • Yotimi You listen to ANY of those recs yet? ;)
    February 4 01:32 PM
  • TheSlenderMan Belgian beer
    January 18 12:46 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy wow ur gonna jam beyonce instead of the best band ever sixpence none the richer u are straight up a fukboy
    January 17 03:28 PM
  • slimdaddy nn1nnnn1nn
    January 17 04:00 AM
  • SlitYourGuts Hate U
    January 17 02:17 AM
  • BigHans Admit it, you missed me hard.
    January 16 08:28 PM
  • Trebor. I'll jam it. Yeah I saw you were friends with him on Facebook and I was like wtf
    January 10 06:29 PM
  • Trebor. New You Blew It sucks, I'm starting to really believe that most emo bands only need one album
    January 10 06:18 PM
  • demigod! do you like the hated
    January 3 05:42 AM
  • fromtheinside oh its been too long.come plug some hxc or post-post or whatver youre into these days
    January 3 05:41 AM
  • demigod! hi
    January 3 05:32 AM
  • sniper
    January 2 09:03 PM
  • wabbit IS UR BRAIN MELTED YET???!
    December 22 01:02 AM
  • fromtheinside hey you mother****er long time no talk!
    December 20 03:57 AM
  • Hep Kat i thought as much. oh well since you fessed up ima letchoo off wit a warnin only. but just remember who the big dick in this porno be
    December 19 01:16 AM
  • Hep Kat have you heard the red hare LP? and, before you answer, know full well you are a ****ing POSEUR if you haven't
    December 19 01:11 AM
  • wabbit Which album / listen to his (Emil Amos) interview on "going of track" for the full effect / you should listen to that podcast anyways it's trve music
    December 18 12:32 AM
  • wabbit I'm completely confident
    December 18 12:18 AM
  • wabbit Gon steal those recs and mezz'em b4 u #validationtrain
    December 17 02:48 AM
  • Yotimi So most of my recs got cut off because i used an ampersand. Contd... Carsten jost - krokus (superpitcher remix). Albums: applescal - dreaming in key, markus guenter - in moll, lawrence - the absence of blight, gold panda - lucky shiner, claro intellecto - reform club, detroit escalator co - soundtrack 313, gui boratto - chromophobia, jan jelinek - kosmischer pitch, the mole - as high as the sky, gas - any before pop, and the other Field albums of course
    December 16 01:37 PM
  • Yotimi Yeah of course. Songs: jurgen paape - so weit wie noch nie, rice twins - can i say, pogo - alice, carsten jost - days gone by
    December 16 05:03 AM
  • wabbit Listen to it in the dark and don't do anything other than listen / treat it like disintegration loops i guess
    December 16 03:14 AM
  • wabbit God is good is full hippy but it's the ~best~ / variations on a theme is more like just music man. Be high if u can!!!
    December 16 03:08 AM
  • theacademy i just tried to close the thread for real but for some reason it wont let me
    December 7 09:34 PM
  • Iamthe Nightstars Have you heard of these guys?
    November 27 07:45 AM
  • GiaNXGX well theres slsk and
    November 25 03:28 PM
  • Cygnatti they don't seem to be free downloads tho. :'/
    November 25 02:55 PM
  • Cygnatti
    November 25 02:55 PM
  • Cygnatti
    November 25 02:54 PM
  • Decay ah right, ill listen to them
    November 24 05:55 PM

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