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  • zakalwe Battle of Yarmouk and the following conquest of Jerusalem by the Caliph of the time. Place has been besieged a number of times.
    June 6 06:10 PM
  • RobotFrank what's up nick - still check in here now and again, writing fell off years ago, obviously. one day, when i'm old, i'd like to play old records on AM radio in a town people only pass through... i'm confident i've satisfied the prerequisites for that position. still doing art, using it to meet musicians, actually. still need to find new music... how do you feel about savages? certainly not a new sound, but i'll settle for an old one sometimes. hope things are well on your end.
    June 13 10:09 AM
  • patrickfannon I really, really like your writing a lot. Keep it up, man. You are incredibly skilled and insightful; much moreso than most reviewers here, including staff.
    January 9 07:27 PM
  • Activista anti-MTV Just living fast with the caps lock off
    November 30 06:10 PM
  • Activista anti-MTV caps lock is on, thankfully this gun has a safety, called the shift keyyyythe good, the bad, and the ugly
    November 29 01:31 AM
  • Spec I'll ****ing shout all I want.
    October 12 07:10 PM
  • RobotFrank In terms of music, I've probably been listening to too much euro-indie pop (not an actual genre, but that's what I call it.) Saw Lykke Li in Central Park last week, which was fantastic. Probably been listening to too much dance-type stuff lately. Little Boots, Soho Dolls, Dragonette. Austra is one of my fav new acts, saw her a few weeks back. I caught The Kills a couple times this summer. Haven't heard the new Horrors, but I think they're one of the more interesting bands right now.
    August 20 01:04 PM
  • RobotFrank The art is going well, I got a feature from, and did an interview with The Village Voice (NYC art type publication). Yesterday made one of my pieces a featured art of the day, so that was cool. Otherwise I spend too much time working my day job and not enough time doing creative work ( - My etch-a-sketch site.. and - my comedy website). I might have to get back into reviewing the old classic soul - that comes easiest
    August 20 12:57 PM
  • RobotFrank Hey dude, been a while - Wish I were still in the writing mode, one of these days.. Stop listening to Limp Bizkit!
    July 29 11:23 PM
  • Fluorine I'm a big New Order fan. I don't listen to Substance 'cause I just listen to all their other albums instead.
    April 4 11:29 PM
  • lancebramsay I don't know, Yuck really underwhelmed me. Maybe the hype train killed it for me but it was only good for me, not great.
    April 4 06:33 PM
  • lancebramsay That Pains of Being Pure at Heart album was purdy good huh?
    March 29 03:17 AM
  • FatChickIrl How do you know?Want me to send you some n00dz?
    January 21 08:21 AM
  • FatChickIrl Your avatar pic is kind of explicit reported
    January 19 06:58 PM
  • DiceMan Yeah you too sir.
    January 1 06:31 PM
  • Willie I didn't see your review, so I don't know what needed fixed.
    December 23 07:27 PM
  • RobotFrank been out of the loop a bit, anything come out in the past 6 months you'd recommend?
    November 3 02:27 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers thx
    September 16 06:15 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers stop pooping
    September 15 04:47 PM
  • AtavanHalen I'm sorry, your argument that Morrissey is gay because he likes flowers and doesn't have a girlfriend is laughable. Get back to me when you graduate high school.
    August 1 12:21 AM
  • AtavanHalen The fact you're a wanker who surely can't be any older than fourteen might give you a clue that I do not, can not and will not take you seriously. You probably think TMZ is a credible source.
    July 31 03:30 AM
  • AtavanHalen Wall of text aside, it's just your interpretation - and there's countless others out there. Even still, you have an incredibly black and white, literal interpretation that suggests to me that you don't have much of an imagination. Does every male who doesn't have a girlfriend immediately gay? Some of them play Warcraft. And guys that like flowers? Some of them are florists.
    July 29 09:26 AM
  • AtavanHalen So, as I suspected, it is indeed your interpretation. Yes, I'll probably do a review of the record - I like it a lot.
    July 28 10:18 PM
  • AtavanHalen Is that just your belief, or your interpretation? Or do you actually have a source confirming that?
    July 27 07:44 PM
  • AtavanHalen I just find your writing style really pretentious and condescending - a lot like what I might read in NME or The Sun. There's a market for it, but I personally get nothing out of it. That Smiths review I especially found to be a really bizarre write-up - you seemed almost obsessed with the alleged homosexuality of the record, even though none of the band members are openly gay. It's as if it detracts from the music itself somehow - weird, given you appear to like the album so much.
    July 27 09:12 AM
  • RobotFrank lately i've diverted all my creative efforts towards etchasketch art, i'm working towards an exhibit (chicago etch: i do hope to write something soon, i've done too much research not to.
    July 16 01:10 AM
  • ThirtySixChambers Stop peeing
    July 15 03:26 PM
  • RobotFrank Nice, MIA would review probably get the most reads.. but a neg writeup is a good change of pace. I'm stuck somewhere between the debuts of Del tha Funkee Homosapien, The Supremes and Mystery Jets. Don't know where to start (or how). Mental block, or laziness...
    May 26 08:15 PM
  • RobotFrank planning any reviews? they take me forever lately.
    May 20 09:21 PM
  • BallsToTheWall Will check it out.
    March 17 05:42 PM
  • Deviant. Your Sex Pistols review is now the default review, it deserved it
    February 26 08:56 AM
  • Tokyochuchu Disco Down is a bit sucky. It has a really bad rep among the band. It was recorded under pressure from their label to deliver a 'hit'. The guitarist was so dissatisfyed with track and situation, that he quit the band. Try to find 'Chasing Rainbows', 'On Standby' or any tracks from their second LP 'A Maximum High'. Meat is Murder... Love it! I'm a big fan of dark music, and Meat Is Murder is the darkest record by The Smiths.
    December 13 11:20 PM
  • Tokyochuchu Well... I've reposted to you about 'Viva Hate', but on a different note, have you ever checked out Shed Seven? They seem to be up your ally, what with Suede, Gene and Mozz. I wrote some reviews of their stuff...
    December 11 10:14 PM
  • Enotron definetely man. i really like the electro/post-punk combination on it. ill check out the others.
    November 19 07:09 PM
  • AtavanHalen It's good, man. Review up today.
    November 11 08:46 PM
  • RobotFrank You have a lot of albums in your ratings that haven't been reviewed yet and a few bands that have been pretty much ignored. Because of my taste bias, I would go with The Talking Heads "Remain In Light". I'll probably do a review of David Byrne's "Feelings" sometime down the road. I'm sure you must be considering Violent Femmes "Hallowed Ground". Or if you feel like doing something that will probably go completely under the radar, Suede would make for a good under-appreciated review.
    October 15 11:30 AM
  • RobotFrank Other reviews I'll be working on.. RUN DMC's debut and for the upcoming holiday season, Billy Idol's Christmas album, which I find surprisingly enjoyable. Maybe I can get that Cramps one finished in time for Halloween. I prefer to review albums that Sputnik hasn't touched yet.
    October 12 08:24 PM
  • RobotFrank post punk/new wave, I should say.
    October 11 05:21 PM
  • RobotFrank I've been working on a Choose Your Own Adventure CRAMPS review, which is complicated and may never get finished. If that isn't my next, then probably Ministry's "With Sympathy". Alternating between post punk and classic soul reviews. You?
    October 11 05:19 PM
  • RobotFrank Thanks for the comments, Bluebl.. err.. By the time I'm done around here, you and the sputnik community will have no excuse for not diggin on the classic soul. I have one song recommendation.. This version of this song is what made a believer out of me: ://
    October 9 09:03 PM
  • MassiveAttack You're trying to review the New Order discography. Good luck :)
    September 13 01:39 AM
  • DhA yeah man, cheers for the comment on the fall - im not a MASSIVE fan but seems pretty ridiculous that they have NO other reviews here :p
    September 9 01:26 PM

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