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  • RobOfSeanAndRob if you've had s*** approved on an account prior, everything goes through str8 up. i don't get that privilege since it's an account down every day
    March 20 05:22 PM
  • RobOfSeanAndRob it's s*** i've added, hence it's not approved yet... i just hit up the check out your album here thingy after i finish adding it, rate it that way
    March 20 05:03 PM
  • ShitsofRain
    March 17 02:06 PM
  • StarlessCore bruh i cannot believe bob's stage presence. dude is honestly my hero.
    March 13 07:15 PM
  • StarlessCore morbid angel was skippable but if u aint there by father youre not a father dont even go. my 25 yr old ballz finally dropped after seeing that
    March 12 04:57 PM
  • EggplantFantasies word. you got an email i can send it to. prob won't come through for a bit since i got assignments stretching my sphincter out but i'll sb you again when i've sent it.
    March 5 08:40 PM
  • EggplantFantasies bruh, would you post a review for me if i send it through at some stage? don't want the mods nukin that s*** ad nauseam y'feel me
    March 5 08:30 PM
  • SandwichBubble Don't take my title, damn it. It's all I've got going for me!
    March 5 05:11 PM
  • Hawks I?m sorry bro it just does nothing for me. :[
    March 2 08:46 PM
  • Hawks Idk how I?m feeling about this Solange album bro lol.
    March 2 05:58 PM
  • Hawks Lmao ok gotcha, will jam. m/
    March 1 09:50 AM
  • Hawks Hmmmm you think I?d dig??? I?ll download it.
    March 1 09:40 AM
  • Relinquish huh? nice name I guess
    February 23 12:55 PM
  • dusted yo bruh what it do?
    February 20 07:24 PM
  • coneren been feelin fine how are you buddy hows the kid teach it how to fight yet?
    February 17 05:04 AM
  • coneren good friends of yours?? wow thats why theyre fagggots
    February 16 11:05 PM
  • coneren i just listened to wrong for the first time
    February 16 08:27 PM
  • theacademy baby YOU JUST DIED!
    February 12 07:26 AM
  • ZombieToyDuck This Leon Vynehall record really gets good as it picks up, loving Wahness a ton. Surprised by how much I'm enjoying this for a house album, not usually my cup of tea.
    January 7 02:04 PM
  • Kaiwaz I really appreciate that man, I will never forget that. If I win the lottery you will be set dude. For real.
    January 5 11:05 PM
  • ShitsofRain y'all know s***
    December 30 04:04 PM
  • coneren nice dude hope all is well buddy
    December 26 12:12 AM
  • coneren well we got drunk as **** as fuuck hope your family did well you have a kid now???
    December 25 10:11 PM
  • coneren Merry Christmas
    December 25 05:44 PM
  • coneren hello wolfred
    December 22 08:34 PM
  • ShitsofRain
    December 20 09:59 AM
  • Realm Hello humon
    December 15 08:23 PM
  • coneren i am doing well thank you for asking friend hope all is well on your end
    December 9 03:17 PM
  • coneren speak english
    December 9 01:56 PM
  • coneren fuuck you then cuunt
    December 9 01:51 PM
  • coneren hello
    December 8 07:51 PM
  • teamster How about after the new Dirge album drops we get talking about putting together our ultimate post metal list - I am really looking forward to it.
    December 8 03:13 PM
  • Sniff Ny EP:
    November 23 07:15 AM
  • Kaiwaz discord? wanna talk to you about somethin
    November 3 10:37 AM
  • Evok
    October 21 05:25 PM
  • Sniff Teamster tipsar om lite ny post metal som fungerar
    October 17 04:12 PM
  • Evok thanks bredren!
    September 29 02:48 PM
  • Evok I reallllllly loved Leon Vynehall's Rojus. Thanks for that! Just a perfect blend of soulful vibes and dancefloor ready genetics. If you got any more similarly bangin' goodies up your sleeve, let a brotha know! That stuff is absolutely golden!
    September 29 02:15 PM
  • Darius the Great the musicians
    September 16 12:17 PM
  • Darius the Great 1.0
    September 16 12:14 PM
  • Darius the Great isis
    September 16 12:13 PM
  • Darius the Great is that wavering radiant rating a troll
    September 16 11:44 AM
  • deezer666 I feel that dude. I'd lived 4 lives by the time I was 30. Imma be 40 roadburn weekend. Sweet jesus
    September 15 02:20 AM
  • deezer666 Young pup.
    September 14 04:31 PM
  • deezer666 I was'nt super pumped about the first announcements and in the back of my head was thinking 'Wow imagine if it just wasnt my thing this year' Then BOOOOOOOM
    September 13 04:52 PM
  • deezer666 ROADBURN ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!??????
    September 13 01:12 PM
  • coneren hahaha fuuck title track makes it a 5 on its own bro i really laughed when i saw you 5'd it well done buddy so how are you are you in sweden
    August 25 01:15 AM
  • coneren gay rating dude 5 it are you a puussy
    August 25 01:06 AM
  • Evok new Thou leeked
    August 19 11:05 PM
  • EyesWideShut Any truth to that Magus leak good sir ?
    August 16 12:55 PM
  • StarlessCore im finna go to the thou album release show in brooklyn. one or two of those eps they put out recently were str8 fire especially house primordial
    August 15 08:28 PM
  • Kaiwaz All good dude, same.
    August 7 07:21 PM
  • Kaiwaz I see you in the discord but no go on getting your attention lol
    August 7 07:10 PM
  • Frippertronics brb gonna change all the Southern Lord art to the originals on the Boris page
    August 7 01:45 PM
  • Kaiwaz teamster and a few others. Can't remember it was late.
    July 29 09:14 PM
  • Kaiwaz
    July 29 09:04 PM
  • coneren i got recced joey beltram on spotify fuuck this is good stuff
    July 29 08:54 PM
  • coneren gr8 now also your last list was gay didnt even put what gender they are didnt look at any way to go idiot
    July 29 03:11 PM
  • Kaiwaz would you like to join our discord? budgie is in here and many others requested you. Just let me know.
    July 29 01:27 AM
  • Astral Abortis new deadbird if you're interested:
    July 25 05:32 AM
  • Evok All good holmes. Pretty stoked you dug it!
    July 23 07:31 PM
  • coneren how have you been buddy
    July 22 01:03 PM
  • Britch2tiger Very flattered good sir/ma'am - hope to give reggae more of a presence on this site!
    July 20 02:49 AM
  • Flugmorph who was the guy who used to bond with sach, was a pain in the ass and had cancer? right, futures. that was his meme.
    June 17 03:56 PM
  • Flugmorph oh yes the wigger years
    June 17 02:46 PM
  • Evok Hey dude long time no talk! Haven't around much because for the past 5 months I've been cooking up a dnb mix! Figured you might enjoy it and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :)
    June 15 08:52 PM
  • Egarran Tjenare sötnos.
    June 9 09:27 AM
  • Sniff Real life is such a chore. ****ing bs
    June 1 06:45 PM
  • Bloon New rec comp round:
    May 29 11:43 AM
  • Sniff Where you at? How you doing? Not been seeing you around as much lately
    May 29 07:24 AM
  • Darius the Great is dei your favourite album
    May 26 09:41 PM
  • Sniff I repeat. This is not a drill! This is not a drill!
    May 12 11:58 AM
  • EyesWideShut ill buy one of those shirts if you got a small black T broski
    May 2 02:15 AM
  • EyesWideShut It really was a legendary night, I believe it was one of their first shows out of Cali.. And to come to Miami out of all places.. Churchills had some good shows back then, I remember missing EHG, Dropdead, Incantation, Tragedy, and Iron Lung too.
    May 2 02:05 AM
  • Inveigh s*** 29? you're still a young buck Wolfe. i'm going on 33 with a toddler to chase around and another one on the way. what's good with you?
    April 30 12:46 AM
  • EyesWideShut Man I saw your post on The Tropic Rot and **** I cant believe I missed that Infest show at Churchills FML
    April 30 12:36 AM
  • deezer666 apart from that what were your highlights? Generally thought it was a superb episode, Was 4/5 solid or better than sets every day. Too ****ing hot tho!
    April 26 03:46 PM
  • deezer666 I was in pieces man. Those applauses that didnt stop. What did you make of the Koepelhal?
    April 24 08:22 PM
  • deezer666 That Cave In set?.One of the most heartbreaking things ive ever seen
    April 23 03:30 PM
  • coneren his name was forrest i think he casually remarked
    April 21 07:32 PM
  • coneren you know that feller gump there sat alone on a bench in the park
    April 21 06:36 PM
  • coneren oh sorry what i meant to call you was a fa ggot
    April 21 06:28 PM
  • coneren ****
    April 21 06:21 PM
  • Aiwaz Should I make the list again? I shouldn't haved it. I regret it now.
    April 21 02:00 PM
  • Aiwaz Exactly! I seriously am in love with her. She is a goddess.
    April 21 01:54 PM
  • Aiwaz Oh my God she is so awesome! I am totally in love with her, Id my list to make another one but I changed my mind. I would honestly do anything just to talk to her. She is so cool, funny and classy.
    April 21 01:06 PM
  • deezer666 I got an hour of a night shift left then the bus to the airport. Its ON!! Have a good one mate
    April 18 01:05 AM
  • deezer666 Bell witch mirror reaper set starts 10 mins after though, OF ALL THE THINGS THEY COULD HAVE CLASHED WITH!! So gonna slowly slip away out of the Brodsky dreamland at the last track.
    April 16 06:49 PM
  • deezer666 Was thinking the same you know....: (
    April 14 02:27 AM
  • deezer666 Caleb tribute with Brodsky playing Cave in covers! WUT!!!! SO EXCITED
    April 13 01:36 PM
  • torture yeah it's hard to tell what makes it so alluring and connective sometimes. in a lot of ways it seems to echo the perceptual distortions of my substance abuse, and at others it seems to resonate with the depressive/anxious/unstable side of me (that i now know belongs to my borderline personality disorder). hopefully i'm gonna get an exhibition together at some point. or something like that idk.
    April 11 07:52 PM
  • torture yeah s***'s nice. base em all on my (or my bro-in-kind's) drawings and photos i take when i go out walking. it's really nice because it parallels the experiences i've been having with deliriant abuse. it's cathartic in a way. s***'s hella trial-and-error-y though
    April 11 07:47 PM
  • torture ehh i don't really care anymore since i spend most of my time with my gf or at uni. on art, i do a lot of art now (kinda s*** but i'm hoping to make it into a little side career kinda thing). tis a bit black malachite-y to do this but if you could check it out and lmk what you think i'd love that: (sort it chronologically since the new ones are much better than the old)
    April 11 07:36 PM
  • torture yeah i just pop on every now and again to show sowing he ain't break my back. got a bit of free time atm since it's uni break so i thought "why not"? how's life?
    April 11 07:13 PM
  • torture ayy bro what up
    April 11 07:09 PM
  • deezer666 hahahah oh it is! Yeah fingers crossed it goes smoothly man. Something had to be done about the queues. People flying all over the world just to be stood next to the toilet (as in the extase) Whos top of your list of 'must see's' I know Godflesh is probably at the top.
    April 11 01:01 AM
  • deezer666 Ill be honest im a little worried about these new rooms.It kind of splits 'planet roadburn' up a little bit.I knew its not far and I understand its to address the queues but I love those late night Patronaat sets and most of those bands are playing that other stage this year.Hoping the Kopelahal isnt just a bigger place with no vibe and lame sound, Which is what Ive heard. Will still be awesome obviously and Im still leaking from my Penis in excitement
    April 11 12:49 AM
  • deezer666 ONE WEEK LEFT YO!!!!!
    April 11 12:13 AM
  • coneren sup bro
    April 6 10:22 PM
  • parksungjoon deal
    April 3 10:27 AM
  • parksungjoon will you gently stroke my hair as i suckle on your nipples
    April 2 08:04 PM
  • Frippertronics I was talking bout that sick KILL reference doe
    March 31 12:38 PM
  • FourthReich Wolfe
    March 31 08:27 AM
  • Frippertronics Die hard
    March 31 06:24 AM
  • parksungjoon my bro i reviewed some electronic music u might be interested in! its no autechre but it jams
    March 30 06:45 PM
  • Sniff It's recommended to get on it
    March 15 12:18 PM
  • Sniff You familiar with Jacek Sienkiewicz? He has a sweet new "mini" album out. Pretty decent minimal techno
    March 15 09:07 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot any new or soon-to-be-out techno albums or eps i should get on my radar?
    March 14 04:29 PM
  • Evok Idk i definitely regret deleting all my lists. And wiping my ratings. Too bad theres not undo button for that ayy. Guess my collection is top secret now!
    March 12 07:40 PM
  • Sniff Hello Armand Wolfe. That Aalko album was really something. It's not often these days you find something that feels so vivid in it's experimentation
    March 3 04:11 AM
  • Kaiwaz Thanks!
    February 21 03:22 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts bruh i gotta smoke less weed LOL JK i wont
    February 5 07:23 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts listen to that blondes - warmth album
    February 5 06:47 PM
  • Sniff Yeah I don't know in often feel like it is a stagnant genre
    February 2 07:01 PM
  • Sniff yuck post punk
    February 2 12:06 PM
  • ShitsofRain yup, that one rules, especially the vocals.
    January 29 06:03 PM
  • StarlessCore dont laugh at my converge lists Fool!
    January 29 04:38 PM
  • Sniff did you get a chance to check that sexeh DjRum record?
    January 8 12:32 PM
  • Sniff This just in:
    December 31 07:20 AM
  • coneren dude laz bird is the bestb akbum ever im drunk though
    December 22 11:57 PM
  • coneren i didnt even know they were doing a reunion tour though so thats sweet
    December 22 09:57 PM
  • coneren oh well if they dont play it call them bums and request your money back even if you didnt go
    December 22 09:56 PM
  • coneren did they play the song about them watching silver rain
    December 22 09:19 PM
  • Sniff Checked this yet?
    December 22 01:45 PM
  • ShitsofRain look at her go
    December 4 04:44 PM
  • StarlessCore How do jesu songs sound live
    December 1 10:06 PM
  • StarlessCore dammmmm f u. how was it
    December 1 05:38 PM
  • StarlessCore bruh idr where tf you live i smoke endless reefers who could remember when i asked. im so tight for some reason i never saw an ad for that jesu / godflesh show in brooklyn i woulda been ON THAT
    December 1 02:09 PM
  • teamster More good news:
    November 28 06:06 PM
  • DominionMM1 I've not but it's on my to do list
    November 24 01:44 PM
  • teamster Good news:
    November 22 08:36 AM
  • Sniff you should get on this
    November 19 07:14 AM
  • someguest oh nice. love the album title/cover. i'll give 'er a spin.
    November 18 12:03 AM
  • MO yea same, i'm getting to a point where I want to keep the ship steady but maintain decent weights at volume. I just figured putting all this time towards adding like 20 lbs in a year to a lift isn't worth it. frickin' awesome you got a little stallion running around too, spoil that kid like crazy ;)
    November 17 09:40 AM
  • MO **** id your comment by accident lol. yea I've been taking it easy on the heavy lifts more for volume stuff at like 70% it's amazing. congrats on the kid!? holy s*** that's awesome. can't wait till I have one myself
    November 14 02:07 PM
  • Sniff Heads up. The best noise rock/sludge trio from GB has released a new album (that be Ghold).
    October 31 09:10 AM
  • teamster Ok brother, lets do this. I will work on a list of all my favorite post metal artists. Should we branch out in to post black? Atmo Black? Blackgaze? Or just strictly the name sake?
    October 28 03:54 AM
  • teamster Yea man, how you want to do it? Email suggestions to each other? Shout boz would be kinda hard. We need to put it together, edit, double check, then one final post.
    October 22 07:35 AM
  • bloc I posted in some random thread with a comment from Dev and clicked on his profile and saw your post. It made my day lol
    October 14 11:34 PM
  • bloc Bwahaha I just saw your post in Dev's shoutbox you sly devil
    October 13 07:26 PM
    October 11 01:47 PM
  • Sniff you want that low key techno stuff
    October 11 02:48 AM
  • nocuffin should i make an 2017 techno/electronic list? y/n
    September 22 10:31 AM
  • pjorn need your rec for the 3rd round mane
    September 21 10:39 AM
  • Hawks Ugh so filthy. m/
    August 13 11:13 PM
  • Hawks I'm one track into that Hell album and I love it already, good call brother.
    August 13 10:20 PM
  • Dryden Awesome ill check them out dude i havnt checked out much stuff this year at all. still catching up on stuff from last year.
    August 13 03:20 PM
  • Dryden Hey bro Bored and felt like seeing whats been goin on here since I haven't been checking out new stuff lately. How is sputnik world now a days
    August 12 12:18 AM
  • deezer666 Sweet man. I figured youd be down with it. I know you like good electronic of various persuasions too.
    August 9 08:30 PM
  • ShitsofRain Yeah, it's gewwd.
    August 9 03:33 PM
  • deezer666 Check this wolfe, I dunno if its your thing but sending to heads with taste.Like dark af portishead,Electronic glitch with a kinda 80s score feel to it. Slow burner at first but so fkin good
    August 9 03:06 PM
  • ShitsofRain 100% dope
    August 9 05:06 AM
  • StarlessCore **** neurosis. love how they add stones from the sky to the boston show but not sold out ny show.
    August 7 09:50 PM
  • StarlessCore i think layerings. the power is all there. like idk it was dope id see them again in a heartbeat but its just impossible to get like max effect of their actual songwriting genius in a live show. was so heavy tho omg, locust star had me tearin' and I never even thought that one was tops tbh
    August 5 10:29 PM
  • StarlessCore i didnt need conversion lol i love them, the setlist was still disappointing af tho regardless but I get it. kinda hard to replicate their full sound live as it is, so you cant expect they play all those harder songs. bending light gotta be their worst song or one of them, freaking terrible
    August 5 12:57 PM
  • StarlessCore jesus christ a bunch of 52 year olds in any other bands wouldnt have played that tight. cant believe how good they still sound vocally
    August 5 10:14 AM
  • Hawks ****in sweeeeeeet
    August 4 11:24 PM
  • Hawks I'm gonna have to get on some of it when I get in the mood. m/
    August 4 08:35 PM
  • Hawks Good to hear buddy. m/ But yeah I've been trying to catch up on metal stuff too. Not as awesome as last year but there's been some quality s*** put out this year.
    August 4 06:02 PM
  • Hawks Not bad bro just started overnight shift a few days ago so now I'll have a little more time to show my face around here. What's going on with you?
    August 3 10:50 PM
  • Hawks Sup bro
    August 3 10:34 PM
  • StarlessCore lol jesus christ. ive kinda been thinking about the actual difficulty of playing the songs i want to hear in succession so im starting to come to terms hahah. Seeing them tomorrow
    August 3 08:47 PM
  • StarlessCore how many times u see neurosis?
    August 2 07:38 PM
  • KILL prob like a year away tbh the way i'm postin, surprised some bitch has even taken me oiver
    July 30 12:20 AM
  • rabidfish u listen to sun kil moon? lel wt a fag xd
    July 27 06:28 PM
  • rabidfish u win :'(
    July 27 02:30 PM
  • rabidfish i is sensing mad diss from you, dawg... might even have to dick-slap yo' ass don't need no gloves or nuthin, know waddam sayin?
    July 27 02:10 PM
  • rabidfish wolfe wasn't total s***e, but still like 70% s***e...bruh
    July 27 10:38 AM
  • Flugmorph Mudvayne is not and has never been a nu-metal band. They are a progressive metal band.
    July 26 04:45 PM
  • Ryus oh awesome
    July 24 09:27 AM
  • Sniff First time seeing them for me. Might be the hihglight for this summer
    July 23 06:39 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts i read the little write up on his bandcamp before i heard the album so i already expected it to be nothing like lustmore so that helped
    July 22 05:33 PM
  • Egarran Turns out I was paraphrasing David Foster Wallace
    July 22 03:26 PM
  • Egarran I perceived you were kinda backing me up in the Chester thread. Oh well. Then just thanks for being you.
    July 22 01:35 PM
  • Sniff Weird choice of venue for the Ulcerate gig. Still super stoked
    July 22 07:36 AM
  • Egarran Thank you.
    July 22 06:37 AM
  • Ryus oh great thanks
    July 21 11:57 PM
  • ShitsofRain oh boy, this is huge
    July 21 07:19 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts i love it so much words cannot even express
    July 21 03:19 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts i will say, learning to enjoy dancing (which i did not before i was 18) definitely heavily influenced my appreciation of electronic. u heard new lapalux?
    July 21 03:11 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts yeah maybe thats what it is for me too, i had just accepted that maybe metal and all sub genres just aren't for me anymore or that i am just turning into a basic bitch in my old age but yeah i like literally never crave any metal... I can hardly even be bothered to check new Boris, feels dirty
    July 21 02:58 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts oh sweet i for shore will. yeah i basically solely listen to electronic now im not even gonna front...
    July 21 02:54 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts SORRY for being terrible at replying... its been a pretty cray cray few months I suppose, i didn't even really realize i hadn't been on sput for a while. how u doin man
    July 21 02:39 AM
  • TheSpaceMan rly dug the song you dropped iin the V:D:C thread, thx for that
    July 21 12:39 AM
  • Flugmorph i wont argue with you about something u cant possibly know.
    July 20 06:07 PM
  • Flugmorph just telling you that i reported your comment which i never done before but accusing me of jerking off to child pornography goes to far.
    July 20 06:00 PM
  • coneren these guys are already rich so you know theyre pansies more guys were mouthing me off but i picked the smallest guy because thats how i roll
    July 19 12:49 AM
  • coneren i cant even play poker because during the world series of poker i got into a fight because some guy told me i sucked at poker when i won against him and i beat his head in with my chair and got disqualified i mean i thought thats what poker was all about hell maybe he was right
    July 19 12:15 AM
  • coneren some guytried to have gey intercourse sex with me so i slapped him in the penis but i guess i went in the wrong one the straight house was across the road then i got blacklisted lesson learned let the homo plow you in the butt
    July 18 11:57 PM
  • coneren im not allowed in the brothels either
    July 18 08:13 PM
  • coneren theres a bunch of idiots dressed like elvis and all these casinos im not allowed into anymore i forgot about that but idk how thats gonna help you
    July 18 07:44 PM
  • coneren there is an old battery on the ground
    July 18 07:10 PM
  • coneren well then im not in fuuckin india i dont know i dont own a fuuckin globe
    July 18 06:22 PM
  • Evok Hey dude. Heres 40 mins of halftime DnB peppered by the Neurosis spice xD
    July 18 05:29 PM
  • coneren i dont eat curry you stupid cuunt
    July 18 05:15 PM
  • coneren no i am not why the fuuck would i are you a doctor what do you know that i dont
    July 18 05:05 PM
  • coneren i moved to india
    July 18 10:58 AM
  • ShitsofRain yeah, she is doing some weird stuff lately. bjarki is cool tho, like you mentioned. gonna listen to that biogen album very soon then.
    July 18 05:05 AM
  • coneren move
    July 18 01:50 AM
  • coneren i dont want the suck meter high you dink turn it the fuuck down you idiot this is what sweden does to you wow
    July 18 12:39 AM

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