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  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah lol, it's certainly like none. I recently just got into the genre and am liking it a lot. I'm exploring other genres instead of just electronic music as of now
    May 7 07:42 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Awesome taste in Bm. Say is that your lake house or something in that matter in your profile pic?
    May 1 07:49 PM
  • jrowa001 yeah i just got Cold Day In Hell. Gibbs kills it like always. a couple weak tracks but he his verses are always epic
    November 5 06:45 PM
  • gaslightanthem yeah man thought it was a pretty great record, but I can't imagine myself in a few years ever wanting to listen to it.
    June 5 08:04 PM
  • Thanntos But yea, Locrian is pretty sick, get better with each release.
    May 27 06:02 PM
  • Thanntos Yea man its some really great stuff. Were friends on RYM too idk if you noticed, i don't remember when I added you tho
    May 27 04:16 PM
  • Thanntos I know
    May 26 11:04 PM
  • feav233 thought that lee noble album was pretty good though
    May 18 09:00 AM
  • feav233 yea, I saw where you rated it pretty low and was going to ask you about it. What didn't you like about it? I know its not as good as October Language but I still thought it was fairly decent, just different.
    May 18 08:54 AM
  • feav233 lol no worries, thats cool man, really been digging the microphones too lately, put up a new blog http://orafever.blogspot.com/ check it out if you get a chance
    April 24 09:51 PM
  • feav233 hey man, whats up? anything new you been diggin? been meaning to check out that peaking lights album
    March 24 12:02 AM
  • Bitchfork ok well i have some noise that reminded people of surrealist dystopian worlds and an ambient ep take your pick but i need your email to send it to ya and i'll probably jsut end up sending you both
    February 11 12:06 AM
  • Bitchfork cool. knowing you that's like a 3-3.5 in my world. if you want anything else from me feel free to ask even though i'll probably drop in periodically asking you if you want s***.
    February 9 06:29 PM
  • Bitchfork tim hecker rules. been kicking out the dark ambient and drone jamz though lately. basically deathprod and JLIAT constantly
    February 6 03:54 AM
  • Bitchfork you remember that split i gave you ages ago?] ya you should rate that 8D
    February 6 02:52 AM
  • My bad! theransackofficial@gmail.com That's the right one!Tks!
    January 19 12:35 PM
  • Hey I'm Shore from The Ransack. I would like to get a review from you to our new album Bloodline. Please get in touch with me to this email: theransack@hotmail.com so we can arrange that.Thank you so much!CheersShore
    January 19 12:34 PM
  • BallsToTheWall you saw my best of metal list?
    January 11 11:21 AM
  • feav233 yo, i just put up my end of the year list, check it out when you can
    January 6 09:11 PM
  • feav233 hey, yea those albums are pretty awesome. I have a list in the works but I just need to finish it, I'll let you know when I post it.
    December 15 08:42 PM
  • Bitchfork What do you think your rating is for the EP/split thing
    December 2 03:19 AM
  • Bitchfork yes. sent.
    November 27 09:29 PM
  • Bitchfork Do you want the black metal track too?
    November 27 08:55 PM
  • Bitchfork Cool man, thanks.
    November 27 02:47 PM
  • Bitchfork check and I knew when the paper read "Desperation and Loneliness" instead I realized I needed to remove myself from the habit of lucid dreaming for a while and so I did, thus bringing you the the ethereal otherworld of Blasphymartyr's psychedelic mind****. Like the real world, Mappy's mind**** otherworld takes time to grow on you after having been subdued like that so give it time, I urge you.
    November 27 02:39 AM
  • Bitchfork I used to be very active with it. At first it was for meditational purposes only and then after it was to search for answers regarding friends and to be able to organize my thoughts on how to handle situations. It really cleared up a bunch of things but I ended up not really needing it anymore so I placed a bunch of my memories down in the spoken word lyrics and the atmosphere was what I translated as the first minutes of my slumber. Writing "Insomniac 004" on a piece of paper was my reality...
    November 27 02:36 AM
  • Bitchfork oh and my side was the unfathoms side
    November 26 09:25 PM
  • Bitchfork I love you so ****ing much right now it's unbelievable. It was about lucid dreaming and how the process fostered a bunch of different illusions for me whether bad or good and how the process changed my life and the ways I interacted with people.
    November 26 09:25 PM
  • Bitchfork but if you're willing to I have a black metal track that's more in your comfort zone. if you want it email me at atracey56@gmail.com and I'll send you the attachment.
    November 26 02:39 PM
  • Bitchfork so here's my split with witchxrapist: http://www.mediafire.com/?3pm6d1a935snkj1 Sorry that it's poorly tagged. I didn't tag it, witch did so I assure you it's not my fault. Tracklisting goes: Astral Plane 1, Astral Plane 2, Disharmonious Latitude, ...And Harmony Escapes, Hello Longitude (Erik), Benadryl Blah blah I don't know if this is too much to ask but could you maybe rate it when you think you've got a rating in mind? It's the only album on the Unfathoms and Blasphymartyr sputnik page.
    November 26 02:37 PM
  • Bitchfork Yeah I saw that you were into drone but you were looking into getting into more dark ambient, so Maeror Tri is perfect and Troum is too. The others are more dark ambient than drone but still extremely, extremely good. In my eyes, all three are classics. So like, 4, 4.5 to you? And I'll get you links to my stuff soon but I have 6 other shoutbox posts to weed through.
    November 26 02:19 PM
  • Bitchfork Also, would you be willing to listen to a drone/psybient split i put out with witchy?
    November 26 04:54 AM
  • Bitchfork Hey you need: raison d'etre-the empty hollow unfolds, maeror tri-the beauty of sadness, and deathprod-morals and dogma
    November 26 12:45 AM
  • Mendigo damn I should check my site from time to time, anyway: megaupload -
    November 23 01:46 PM
  • dreamobile I grabbed the new Hypnos 69 album from your list, and it's really good! I was just recently looking for some prog like this.
    October 20 09:00 PM
  • Zizzer Yeah it looks like I just rate albums a half step higher then because if I enjoy an album it gets a minimum 3. I give 2.5 to albums that I neither like nor dislike... usually boring albums to me.
    July 19 10:58 PM
  • Zizzer You definitely rate things the way they're supposed to be rated though. I've been trying to actually rate the music I don't like more often to make my average lower than 3.20. I'll check out the new Rome album thanks!
    July 19 03:34 PM
  • Zizzer I see you are the only one who has rated the Rome 2010 release. Is it a new LP? I never heard about it.
    July 19 05:50 AM
  • Kiran wait, damnit, the link got removed : (
    July 12 10:22 AM
  • Kiran http://trustmeimapro.blogspot.com/2010/07/best-coast-crazy-for-you.html
    July 12 10:21 AM
  • Hoopy It just occurred to me that this is ridiculous. I gave it my rating, I'm sorry you don't like it.
    June 12 08:58 PM
  • Hoopy So your saying I should not rate things I dislike? Seriously?
    June 12 08:53 PM
  • Hoopy Plus I see you gave Eminem's new album a 2. I like that album, so you should remove or change your rating. (Doesn't make sense does it?)
    June 12 02:28 PM
  • Hoopy However it IS indicative of my own opinion, of which I will not remove. sorry buddy.
    June 12 02:25 PM
  • Bulldog im not, it runs against the current. but im glad you agree with me dawg
    June 9 06:54 PM
  • Lambda Yeah I think that, ironically, that's the weakest track off the album. Check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyNnBMyaUhs (Space) and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BCMtNsssnw (The Decision That Was Never Made), two stronger songs off the record that both have YouTube vids.
    May 2 08:41 PM
  • Lambda Curious, which song did you listen to off Hen In A Pumpkin? The only one I could think would be weak would be the first track... I mean listen to any of these battlefothebands.com/gatling
    May 2 08:29 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 low violet
    April 26 06:46 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 High Violet
    April 25 09:07 AM
  • Deviant. Yeah, i'm pretty outnumbered tbh. Cold enough for you down there?
    April 4 09:31 AM
  • Deviant. Up in Welly. I saw your comment in the #12 review, and went "hey, a kiwi!"
    April 4 09:20 AM
  • Deviant. Whereabouts in NZ are you from?
    April 4 04:37 AM
  • Willie Hey, you can't use Wiki band bios for some reason so the port-royal thing had to be denied.
    February 26 12:44 AM
  • rasputin urna aren't actually very good, try Worship
    January 21 07:12 AM
  • TRMshadow TO THE TARDIS!!!
    January 11 02:07 AM
  • ye man,album ftws
    January 9 09:00 AM
  • Chairk2429C ehh... Solstafir was okay. I didn't think too highly of it, but usually music grows on me, so I'll give it time.
    September 3 08:51 PM

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