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  • l3urkles dude who is the chick in ur pro pic? what cd she holding?
    November 10 11:52 PM
  • psykonaut i hacked into the mainframe. no big deal
    August 31 01:57 AM
  • twlichty oh we'll keep doing it for sure
    August 2 02:44 AM
  • twlichty really appreciate it man, we're just trying to create music that will move people. Like all musicians do
    August 2 02:42 AM
  • FromDaHood I see no difference
    August 2 02:27 AM
  • twlichty haha for sure dude, luckily the bassist for our band has a recording studio in his basement
    August 2 02:24 AM
  • twlichty sure do brother, quality isn't the greatest and we're in need of a vocalist.
    August 2 02:20 AM
  • twlichty yeah i posted my stuff (instrumental progressive rock) like three times in lists on this site, and by the third time people started talking s*** lol. Just add any new EPs or LPs you make to the database and that's about all you need to do to promote it here.
    August 2 02:17 AM
  • twlichty As a musician myself i know the benefits of posting your music on sputnik. You'll definitely get some honest feedback, but just don't rate your own album as a 5 lol. i'm sure you even know that's not 5 material. keep playing music tho mang
    August 2 02:08 AM
  • FromDaHood Your profile picture begs to differ
    August 2 02:07 AM
  • twlichty well i actually gave your EP a 3 because i think you have a lot of room to improve. Eric is the one who gave you a 5 haha. If you love making music than keep doin it man, i like the direction you're heading.
    August 2 02:01 AM
  • SeaAnemone oh god. confused lol. that was "shrapnel." yeah. I like you! ... which is why I was confused when he (who I thought was you) started bashing me! haha really sorry for the confusion... I'm a tad embarrassed... you have to excuse me though, considering your usernames!
    August 2 01:45 AM
  • SeaAnemone werent you drsput
    August 2 01:40 AM
  • SeaAnemone not sure why you're taking me so seriously in the first place but anyway: "he walks around like he owns the place, jumping into threads to make snarky comments and taking every opportunity to pat himself on the back about how much better than you he is"
    August 2 01:36 AM
  • SeaAnemone i'm pretty offended i'm going to need a better apology than that before my sean milo rating getsd mister
    August 2 01:23 AM
  • climactic cool, what town
    June 7 11:05 PM
  • climactic Glen Rock in Bergen County. Almost neighbors!
    June 5 01:47 PM
  • climactic Your picture. Ahahahaha
    August 31 07:03 PM
  • klap i haven't! but i just saw the leak, and i'm supposed to review it for staff so i'll let you know my thoughts. you like it?
    August 13 04:05 PM
  • DaveyBoy No probs. I do the same myself on occasions. Hell, sometimes I write long sound off like comments and forget to rate an album. LOL.
    August 6 07:01 PM
  • chambered89 what is the suburbs like?
    July 23 05:12 PM
  • Bitchfork hm... well then, I'll just have to talk with Enrique and see if he ****ed up with the linx. Should probs move the rating over to the other album.
    July 22 09:53 PM
  • Bitchfork "Synthesis" is from my Sounds of an Islander's City.. EP, so I think you rated the wrong one. :[. just some fyi goin on here.
    July 22 09:00 PM
  • kitsch brofist?
    July 5 12:14 PM
  • Trundle yeah, definitely
    May 29 11:34 PM
  • Trundle o really? I might give it a try then
    May 28 10:13 PM
  • Kiran listened to it twice through and thought it was pretty excellent, a bit like cocteau twins with the more poppy elements of the pains of being pure at heart.
    May 28 07:57 AM
  • Kiran i've got my two last exams in the next three days and was thinking about writing one after. if you're planning on doing one do go ahead, i'd just like to see one up for it!
    May 27 03:21 PM
  • DiceMan How do I post pictures into comments?
    May 6 08:34 PM
  • AliW1993 That'd be cool, also can you post a link to the review in my shoutbox else I'll probably miss it...
    April 25 03:15 PM
  • AliW1993 Hey man, I checked out Dinosaur Feathers after you put it in your top 5 list. I only found the first song but really enjoyed it, and I'll be getting the album if possible, so thanks. Any chance of a review?
    April 25 02:17 PM
  • chambered89 a 5 though dude? like is this seriously that amazing cuz if so im def gonna check it out
    April 25 01:50 PM
  • Inveigh hmm.. perhaps I shall have to listen. High Violet's great, but I'm not huge on American Slang so far, at least not compared to The '59 Sound and Sink or Swim
    April 21 09:33 AM
  • Motiv3 well im listening now, and its not hitting me, but then again, neither did boxer on first listen, am sure this will grow on me with repeated listens.
    April 20 06:44 AM
  • Motiv3 great. Ive downloaded it and now im starting to get a headache :(. Typical lol, will have to wait till my head feels better before i can listen, how did u find it?
    April 19 07:15 PM
  • Motiv3 thanks alot dude :), my internet is playing up tho it will probs take a while haha, but thanks alot dude.
    April 19 06:26 PM
  • chambered89 i'm 8 hours in :]
    March 11 09:06 PM
  • Xenophanes Haha, that would be incredible!
    February 4 07:30 AM
  • Xenophanes I love that pic lol
    February 2 12:50 AM
  • KILL nice profile pic btw
    January 28 08:12 AM
  • MentalityOfA Sixth!
    January 19 07:16 PM
  • shade so RAR is solidly a 5, huh?
    January 5 06:42 PM
  • Romulus it means you're really cool cause i do too
    January 3 11:50 AM
  • Romulus you must be really cool if you have the dust of retreat at a 5
    January 3 07:14 AM
  • Fuff24 oh wait. It's only for premuim users?
    December 29 01:20 PM
  • Fuff24 Thanks man. Album is the bee's knee'z
    December 29 01:19 PM
  • Fuff24 Hey can you shoutbox me the mediafire link for contra?
    December 29 09:14 AM
  • random Haha, Paris Hilton holding a Burzum CD.
    December 28 04:22 PM
  • shade so much eno
    December 23 04:25 PM
  • SlightlyEpic haha, that's weird. if you can't comment then just leave a shout or something :)
    December 21 10:22 AM
  • shade lol
    December 9 09:22 PM
  • shade 1776 comments=America Win
    December 9 06:25 PM
  • xscythe7x yup
    December 7 06:55 AM
  • shade I'm shade31 btw
    December 6 10:51 AM
  • shade cool. perhaps you noticed how many Radiohead plays I have.
    December 6 10:42 AM
  • shade what's you last fm name?
    December 5 09:52 PM
  • JimmyTwoTimes Hell yeah homie! What up?
    December 5 12:31 PM
  • EverythingEvil2113 haha yea i've been kiss fan since i was 8 so i figured i'd finally rate all their s***. reminds me of a simpler time.
    December 4 11:53 PM
  • shade I never said it was bad, I said it wasn't as good. There are songs that are bad, but the album is far from terrible.
    December 4 11:27 PM
  • shade ugh, he's way too good to fire. The audition for the show opportunity i told you about is Jan. 8th. Do you think we can pull it together by then?
    November 30 09:47 PM
  • shade we have to figure out why we can never practice. How's saturday?
    November 30 07:30 PM
  • shade dude Funeral is insane on vinyl
    November 27 07:44 PM
  • shade "who are you and what are you doing at my keyboard" lol
    November 25 09:57 PM
  • shade Go on uncyclopedia. Now.
    November 25 08:25 PM
  • hydeyomoney it's gonnin pretty legit dawgie, wassup wit you?
    November 24 11:18 PM
  • shade lol owl city
    November 21 08:42 PM
  • Athom listening to fall be kind for the umpteenth time
    November 19 06:42 PM
  • shade oh yeah, We can't practice friday. Alfonse is busy. How's sunday?
    November 19 05:21 PM
  • shade How's Choke?
    November 19 03:35 PM
  • shade Yeah. I read all of 8th, 9th period yesterday, then borrowed a copy and read all day today. I'm at the part when he's talking to phoebe
    November 17 09:03 PM
  • shade I lol'd at the part where he was ripped off by the hooker
    November 17 07:00 PM
  • shade oh yeah catcher in the rye owns
    November 17 05:20 PM
  • shade what makes it so bad?
    November 17 05:06 PM
  • Fort23 yeah seems so man. not that upset though, i needed to redo my ratings anyway.
    November 16 08:00 PM
  • shade =D yay
    November 16 06:03 PM
  • shade ALL TIME LOW \m/
    November 15 08:58 PM
  • shade SLAYER \m/
    November 15 08:35 PM
  • shade ok now it's back. lots of bright colors
    November 15 08:30 PM
  • shade Your pie chart is still blank. hmm.
    November 15 08:19 PM
  • shade cool.
    November 15 08:13 PM
  • shade wow. did this happen to anyone else you know of?
    November 15 08:08 PM
  • shade did you find out how you lost yours?
    November 15 07:52 PM
  • shade 61% indie lol
    November 14 04:34 PM
  • shade ilu
    November 10 05:09 PM
  • NocturnalEpitaph hey man, sorry I didn't see your shoutbox entry in my page until today...I don't check this very often, but by now I'm sure you've had the new BTBAM for awhile so my response is useless haha.
    October 29 09:44 AM
  • Dryden nope maybe
    October 27 07:12 PM
  • Dryden If they ask once then they can enter but if they keep on asking then it would take some time
    October 27 06:07 PM
  • Dryden Congrats you already entered the dryden
    October 27 04:49 PM
  • Dryden I am Dryden. But to enter the dryden is something different. Only when you entered the dryden will you know.
    October 27 04:23 PM
  • Dryden no thats where youre wrong
    October 26 07:15 PM
  • Dryden Me
    October 26 06:47 PM
  • shade all your shoutbox are belong to us
    October 24 07:09 PM
  • xscythe7x EP1C W1N 4 SEAN
    October 22 05:19 PM
  • shade not that I know of
    October 22 01:49 AM
  • xscythe7x Lol nearly total dominance of ur shoutbox HA
    October 21 08:01 PM
  • xscythe7x built to spill is the band YOU fool
    October 20 04:52 PM
  • xscythe7x i was literally truly waiting for u to say tht
    October 20 04:41 PM
  • KILL nice profile pic btw
    October 16 11:38 AM
  • xscythe7x lol yea
    October 16 06:40 AM
  • xscythe7x thx
    October 15 05:21 PM
  • xscythe7x cool story bro
    October 14 04:48 PM
  • shade :// To change your name.
    October 13 02:59 PM
  • xscythe7x Did u seriously feel the need to alphabetize every musician you listen to?
    October 12 10:14 PM
  • SylentEcho dude, I don't think that makes me a snob. I may have come across as being elitist, but there's WAY better metal out there.
    October 12 06:36 PM
  • SylentEcho eh? why do you say that? I'm not a snob. :(
    October 12 06:33 AM
  • someguest Did you actually find Axe To Fall online or did you just rate it?
    September 22 10:54 PM

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