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  • MercuryToHell Hey man thankyou for the feedback, it means a lot coming from someone with a lot of experience and time in, especially when it comes so constructively!
    November 16 01:48 PM
  • Atari wasn't trying to be harsh on you're review i guess it just took me by surprise
    January 24 04:59 PM
  • Electric City you should write on Jessie Ware for the staff list :)
    December 21 01:22 AM
  • Electric City i literally think nobody who's still active remembers the first time i posted something ridiculous.
    April 17 04:40 AM
  • Ponton Hehe. I'm tryin to broaden his audience here. He is pretty m/ after all.
    March 12 07:55 AM
  • Ponton kee, whats your take on the new bird album? saw you were dibbed for it
    February 27 05:40 PM
  • klap lol it was pretty ignorant but humorous idea
    February 17 04:10 AM
  • klap
    February 16 04:12 PM
  • aok 'all in all, yay!' well played as always keelan
    January 13 10:00 AM
  • Irving Merry Christmas Keelan! And a Happy New Year as well! Also, while I'm here, do accept my best wishes for your Graduate school applications! Hope you get the one you want! Wherever you end up I'm pretty sure you'll end up doing very well! Cheers! =)
    December 25 09:37 AM
  • klap yeah that's rude, you should post your list anyways (mainly because i want to see it).
    December 16 06:59 PM
  • klap hey keels you should take m83 in the end-of-year list, i've already written enough about it and you don't have anything. downer is looking for someone
    December 16 06:08 PM
  • Kiran cruising back in with some righteous ratings for beirut and cymbals eat guitars. niice.
    August 8 06:56 AM
  • wabbit He's just a joy to read. Tolkien has written my favourite books but he is my favourite author...cause like Tolkien couldn't build suspense or tension if his life depended on it.
    July 19 05:26 PM
  • wabbit just realized that your writing style reminds me of Hemingway.
    July 18 07:45 PM
  • Irving Come back to us Keelan!
    July 4 12:45 AM
  • sportsboy i love your PBF avatar
    April 29 01:07 PM
  • aok looking to review savane sometime this week and would be much obliged if you could give it a glance before i finish it. need to do that thing justice and you are one of my favorite reviewers on this site -- friend me on fb or shoot me a shout if that's cool.
    April 24 03:23 AM
  • Blindsided Hey would you mind adding our blog to your blogroll?
    April 17 04:31 PM
  • Irving While I'm here Keelan, might I call your attention to the Decemberists that you made not too long ago? There are some formatting errors in it that really bug me - check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about =)
    April 2 08:30 PM
  • Irving Haha. Fair enough. Also, I shouldn't be complaining - university has kept me out of the loop for over a month now. I hope to get back to reviewing by mid-April. Sigh. Best of luck with school Keelan - will keep an eager eye out for your reviews =)
    April 2 08:26 PM
  • Irving You. Review soon. Plz =)
    April 2 07:38 PM
  • MO great blog man, respect
    March 26 08:18 PM
  • aok if you got a good starting point to do make say think i would much appreciate it. also, i very much enjoyed your review of gorilla manor (helped me out a bunch). if you haven't seen those guys live, they're a must
    March 19 05:06 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Kaputt rocking my world again last night.
    March 19 11:08 AM
  • AggravatedYeti You and Robin both seem to like that new Dodos. Hmmmm, guess I should check it out.
    March 18 01:36 PM
  • lancebramsay Saw you like GY!BE, you should check this out
    March 8 08:37 PM
  • Irving I've started going around and making your Age of Adz review required reading for new users on this site. Just thought you should know.
    February 21 11:24 PM
  • Bitchfork Guernica - Shinseiki E No Unga japanese progressive pop with huge classical and cabaret influences and you'd love it.
    January 31 12:36 AM
  • Ponton Not sure you are aware of this Space Is Only Noise album by Nicolas Jaar that's out on Valentines, but you should. Seems like your type of thing, and I love it, so was kinda hoping you might be persuaded to review it.
    January 29 02:19 PM
  • Xenophanes I appreciate it, thank you.
    January 18 05:37 PM
  • Xenophanes Do you have some folk recs? I've really been digging some stuff and would like to expand a bit. Thanks!
    January 18 01:49 PM
  • SowingSeason Congrats on the promotion man. Very very well deserved
    January 14 09:41 PM
  • omnipanzer Gratz
    January 14 09:31 AM
  • Masochist Well-earned promotion, sir! You're definitely perfect for the job!
    January 14 04:37 AM
  • qwe3 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah dude!
    January 13 10:52 PM
  • Fugue Nice one Keelan, congrats man.
    January 13 09:02 PM
  • Mikesn congrats!
    January 13 08:46 PM
  • SeaAnemone congrats Keelan :) when you're up on your podium looking down at us all, try not to remember where you came from. but yeah... obviously well-deserved
    January 13 08:10 PM
  • Xenophanes I was not-so-secretly pulling for you man, super well deserved! Congratulations!
    January 13 07:27 PM
  • Irving Hey there Staff =)
    January 13 07:16 PM
  • AggravatedYeti : ) been a long time coming.
    January 13 06:51 PM
  • DaveyBoy You and your opinion on cliches. I told you it would work. LOL. Just kidding Keelan. So happy for your well deserved promotion. Congrats and welcome to the brotherhood.
    January 13 06:47 PM
  • Gyromania it's sooooooooo pretty
    January 10 10:02 PM
  • Knott- i would definitely say that it's the reverse; if YOU and caleb are reviewing it, mine will probably be redundant. except the last line. the last line rules.
    January 3 12:23 PM
  • Knott- love your decemberists soundoff 100% correct
    December 30 03:21 PM
  • klap thanks for turning me on to phosphorescent #16 on my year list
    December 25 10:22 PM
  • Deviant. Cheers Keelan, much appreciated
    December 10 05:17 PM
  • couldwinarabbit They are amazing in every way amazingness is possible.
    November 19 05:45 PM
  • couldwinarabbit So like Dinosaur comis too!?
    November 19 08:48 AM
  • joshuatree holy s***, nice, thanks a lot. i'll sort through those soon enough
    November 16 05:49 PM
  • joshuatree since i decidedly love cloudburst, i was wondering if you had any other recommendations for any sort of classical music? just anything you really love/think i might possibly dig. i'm really bad at this kind of stuff (and you seem to have it figured out), which is why i ask
    November 14 01:41 PM
  • Athom don cherry - symphony for improvisers
    November 12 04:44 PM
  • robertsona hey sincei suck at finding music do you have a v0 (sorry im pretnetious hehe) d/l of conference of the birds
    November 9 05:38 PM
  • robin yes. i love it. although if it's about things like postmodernism and stuff don't expect me to understand.. i'm still a kid!
    September 29 05:29 PM
  • robin in response to thomas hardy; i studied tess of the d'urbervilles and honestly i don't think there's a less subtle (,enjoyable) book. but i know nothing about literature so yknow ignore me. (although come to think of it, i loved writing about it). anyway, um, impossible soul is the best thing ever. x
    September 28 05:35 PM
  • robin kee are you serious, jude the obscure? thomas hardy? and to think...
    September 16 05:30 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Penny Sparkle is so good.
    September 11 11:54 PM
  • Kiran send it over to when youre done and ill see what i can do ;)
    September 8 10:48 AM
  • Iai I don't go mad for Part like a lot of people do but I'll check it out, sure.
    September 3 03:42 AM
  • Gyromania "wait I don't get it is it cool to like this again? This site has more twists than Coronation Street!"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha... Well done
    September 1 07:30 PM
  • robin great work dude. have you heard their debut? i have a massive soft spot for it, but this feels more complete (took their time). in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics
    August 8 07:29 PM
  • BallsToTheWall its a copy pasted story man.
    July 27 11:09 AM
  • Bitchfork thats fine
    July 11 08:03 PM
  • Bitchfork that was unrelated. i asked him to buy my ep when it comes out. I want as many people to proof this one because it's so anti-me (cuz its accessible)
    July 11 07:46 PM
  • Bitchfork i was going to ask whether or not you'd be willing to edit/proof a review of mine for Psychic Ills.
    July 11 07:04 PM
  • Bitchfork You on?
    July 11 02:48 AM
  • bailar11 official list is up
    June 28 03:10 PM
  • plane Check youtube, they're all up
    June 25 04:26 PM
  • Mikesn Awww yeah. Dinosaur Comics is wonderful
    June 22 12:58 PM
  • robin ive decided to let my rogue wave issue with you go cuz ive worried you dont love me anymore... =(
    June 18 05:29 PM
  • SeaAnemone I think the contribs are gonna start a facebook msg thread to organize s*** if that's ok with you... 'Eric Loose' is the name if you're interested in helpin' out man... thanks!
    June 14 04:54 PM
  • SeaAnemone sooo, DFelon wants the contributors to organize soundoffs for the user top 100. I thought maybe we could start compiling some emails to organize this stuff off sputnik... don't want it leaked like the staff one. what do you think?
    June 12 02:20 PM
  • AggravatedYeti High Violet 5 -- I like your style.
    May 18 10:11 PM
  • Ponton Thanks man, I appreciate it.
    May 18 08:54 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 btw man, you have a great taste in indie. Sufjan Stevens is the best songwriter of the decade.
    May 13 05:02 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 hey man thanks for the help will take it in, but tried to be maybe a tad more analytical on my next review, Ill keep shorter, but I attempted there to actually 'talk' about the overall feel of the album, though yeah, maybe a bit long. Thank you.
    May 13 02:31 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 hey Keelan, saw your comment on my High Violet review. Help me out, tell me where I was being dry so I know to fix similar comments for next my review. Thanks.
    May 12 01:22 PM
  • AggravatedYeti so 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' was visceral is **** -- ohhh man. basically see it; was very good.
    April 18 10:53 PM
  • Kiran fancy shmancy! :p
    April 7 05:37 PM
  • Athom thanks!
    April 7 05:33 PM
  • klap thanks keels! you're next
    April 7 02:27 PM
  • SeaAnemone I hear ya- I have a 12 pager due on Friday about a 4-line poem ugh... if only Sputnik reviews could count for college credits.
    March 21 10:41 PM
  • SeaAnemone totally understand, good luck on the essays! don't get distracted (inevitably) by Sputnik!
    March 21 09:38 PM
  • SeaAnemone any chance you could proofread my Weakerthans review before I post it? I'd really appreciate it considering it may come off way too fanboy-y and I'm hoping to make it a good review.
    March 21 06:31 PM
  • telebyrd Hey man. I'm a big spoon fan, and I read your post that "they don't know how to make a bad album." Do you consider their Telefono EP to be a good album? I love Gimme Fiction
    March 19 11:57 PM
  • AggravatedYeti yyeeaaahh, I don't know why they do that, and take so much time away from the other awards. Like no little intro videos for the ****ing EDITING award, or 1/2 assed overviews of the 10 nominated pictures...blah. SHOW ME MORE CLIPZZ
    March 9 11:41 AM
  • AggravatedYeti oh yeah, and the Cine award was definitely bulls***
    March 8 05:59 PM
  • AggravatedYeti true, I got like a 90% win rate tho, so I was happy, and at least Bullock was funny. Waltz tho, he was like this humble little poet, great stuff. Too bad Steve Martin and Alec sucked :(
    March 8 05:58 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Kathryn Bigelow!!!!!! YYYEEAAAHHHHHHH!
    March 8 01:16 AM
  • Athom I need to see them so bad. last month I was out having dinner with family in Hollywood and on the way home we passed a row of music venues and one had "Do Make Say Think" on the marquee. I don't think I've cursed so much, so loudly ever before. true story.
    March 1 10:18 PM
  • Athom ://
    March 1 09:41 PM
  • Blindsided I will check them out. I will have to tell you to check out Joe Purdy. He's got some whispful folksy stuff, some of it might be generic albeit but it's still worth a listen tenfold. Honestly I think the combo of you and Kirgasm are basically perfect for the indie portion of the site. You're basically almost twins.
    February 28 11:18 PM
  • Blindsided It's good that's for sure. For some reason when it comes to indie I tend to be super picky (pretty much not listening to everything indie like you lol) but there is something about the vocals that get me. Also Castaways is fantastic. If there is anything that is similar/deep raspy vocals that is indie throw it my way.
    February 28 10:50 PM
  • Blindsided Just thought I'd let you know you've reviewed some great music lately, mainly Shearwater. I find it intriguing, confusing and fantastic at the same time.
    February 28 10:08 PM
  • AggravatedYeti I'm with you on that one
    February 11 01:36 AM
  • AggravatedYeti So Crazy Heart -- pretty awesome. One kinda weak plot twist, but overall, very well done.
    February 10 10:33 PM
  • Ponton New shearwater sounds awesome - look forward to your review.
    February 8 11:58 AM
  • SeaAnemone I'm jealous- when I saw that tour I was dying to make it work, but there's nothing nearby me.
    February 3 11:06 AM
  • Electric City It's fantastic, but not what "Colouring of Pigeons" would have you think it is. To be honest, it reminds me a lot more of Flashbulb in that it tells its story in mostly short electronic compositions as opposed to long lyrical pieces. It's still very powerful, just not the "opera" you'd expect it to be.
    January 30 12:29 PM
  • liledman good work on getting contrib man
    January 23 10:07 PM
  • joshuatree late but grats on promotion, completely deserved and shoulda happened a while ago
    January 21 03:48 PM
  • AggravatedYeti contributor :)
    January 19 12:35 PM
  • qwe3 DUDE well done, glad you got contrib
    January 19 09:29 AM
  • Electric City congrats on finally being promoted, looooong overdue
    January 18 06:40 PM
  • Ponton Yeah, I'll admit that I'm a little depressed about it. I think I suffered from consistency issues, and I don't think Dave thought I was ready for it either. Anyway, I'll try to get better.
    January 18 06:40 PM
  • Ponton Congratulations.
    January 18 05:15 PM
  • Waior Congratulations on the promotion, Keelan - long deserved.
    January 18 05:05 PM
  • kingsoby1 gratz on promotion. write a ton now!
    January 18 04:52 PM
  • AggravatedYeti as always, it's two completely different mediums of storytelling; but, I've found, that turning good source material into a screenplay is easier than working with s***ty prose ;).
    January 14 07:41 PM
  • AggravatedYeti nice thing about it -- it wasn't just him doing his shtick, pleasant surprise. I really want to see The Road, but I think it's already come through my area, which sucks. Viggo is the ****ing man, and the book is amazing, so good source material to work from.
    January 14 01:51 AM
  • AggravatedYeti So I saw 'Youth In Revolt' -- pretty f'in good, like I expected a lot worse
    January 13 01:17 AM
  • Ponton Nice, we both got one.
    January 9 10:14 PM
  • Ponton Good job on the feature.
    January 9 03:57 PM
  • liledman sweet ill give it a look. oh and ive been digging conference of the birds so far man, its good stuff.
    January 4 11:50 PM
  • Ponton That's a real shame - you're a spectacular writer. Your Kid A review was hard to take in at first but was an amazing read. I saw your application for contributor, and you definitely have the writing skills for it.
    January 4 09:37 PM
  • Ponton I listened to some live tracks on Youtube. It's definitely relaxing stuff, and the guitar player from that track looked really good at his playing. I could see myself getting into it in the future, though probably not right now.
    January 4 07:22 PM
  • Ponton I'll do that in a bit and tell you what I think. It's a shame more people didn't comment on the review. I did a short google search, and judging from what I found, critics seemed to enjoy the album.
    January 4 06:59 PM
  • Electric City uhduhhhhhhhhhh i love it. I was thinking of reviewing it too, it's fantastic
    December 27 03:33 PM
  • I got banned
    December 19 06:50 PM
  • You're Vaughan-Williams fan? Whole new levels of respect
    December 18 12:57 AM
  • ECRbubs
    December 17 05:23 PM
  • I finally got back to your comment on my list.
    December 17 12:14 PM
  • Electric City yes that was the one. interesting film, surreal, obviously.
    December 11 03:46 PM
  • Electric City yeah I really liked Caligari. We also saw one of Dali's films, I can't remember the name though...
    December 11 03:05 PM
  • Electric City lets see... Citizen Kane, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Scarface (the original), It Happened One Night, those were among the ones I liked.
    December 8 09:20 PM
  • Electric City it's great, just watched it a couple weeks ago for a film class
    December 8 01:38 PM
  • Electric City La Grande Illusion? Classy.
    December 8 02:22 AM
  • Electric City "Electric City - Only rates girls who take 20 minutes to cum." I have very post rocky sex, yes
    November 23 12:50 AM
  • liledman Yeah dude I've been meaning to check some of Do Make Say Think out too. You should check out Have A Nice Life, brilliant stuff. And also I think you would like The Middle East.
    November 12 11:36 PM
  • Douglas Just had to say his name to have me hooked ; ) hahah
    November 12 07:37 PM
  • liledman Thanks for the recs man, I appreciate it. I've mostly only heard the Gerswhin songs Oscar Peterson recorded, so I'll check that album out. I've heard a few Dave Holland songs, I think off of Conference of the Birds, and I was actually going to buy it a couple of days ago but they didn't have it haha. I think you would probably like Medeski Martin and Wood, that's if you haven't heard them already, and also Hiromi, who too few a people have heard on sputnik!
    November 12 12:28 AM
  • Douglas Hey man when you get time listen to this; :// and part 2. It's big band, but its a MONSTER of a track!!!
    November 10 07:10 PM
  • Kashmir09 PS your reviews of those two albums are ace as well, well done man
    October 26 11:24 AM
  • Kashmir09 Lol of course...I'm gonna let those 4 sink in for a week or two, and they are already doing a fine job of that, as I could not even come close to picking a favorite yet. After that, depending on how intense the love is I'm gonna pick up Painful and Summer Sun probably, still gotta balance in some Built To Spill too
    October 26 11:24 AM
  • Kashmir09 Niice, yeah I've had Built To Spill's discography for awhile now and have listened to it on and off. I must say that their new album has caught my attention the most. I'm sure this will change as I do love Perfect From Now On, but yeah. As for YLT, I got Popular Songs, I Am Not Afraid Of You.., I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One, and Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out. They are such an amazing band, I can't believe how diverse they can get
    October 26 02:19 AM
  • Electric City coming. the dmst review had to compete with real life last week. I expect it up by the middle of this week
    October 26 12:12 AM
  • Kashmir09 Duuude, Built To Spill and Yo La Tengo are slowly becoming regulars for me and are both absorbing my life. Thought I'd let you know since you're a fan of both, I'd love to discuss and get some recs for those bands, cheers
    October 25 07:09 PM
  • WatchItExplode Are we in the middle of some pissing match here?...I simply found it random that we ended up with two reviews for such obscure material in the same week
    October 21 12:24 PM
  • Glomp I dig your reviews and ratings bro
    October 13 09:59 PM
  • WatchItExplode Now You's the only one. There's some great material on there though.
    October 9 03:41 PM
  • WatchItExplode you ever listen to Doug Martsch's solo?
    October 8 06:42 PM
  • Electric City blog should be cool, I love that kid a review
    September 29 01:56 PM
  • Poet *gives love back*lol. :)
    August 30 10:59 PM

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