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  • Satellite Kirg what up dude?! I'm hardly ever on here these days. I don't follow music as obsessively as I used to tbh. Good to see you're still around tho. Hope all is well, man.
    December 25 01:55 AM
  • AggravatedYeti Yo bredda.
    January 29 07:21 PM
  • Sniff Zup?
    January 20 04:04 PM
  • alachlahol hey bud. stoppin in to say hello thats how nice i am
    December 9 02:30 AM
  • tom79 Thanks man. It's funny, I was on last fm not too long ago and decided to check in on your page for some new finds because you always had killer taste. Cheers.
    April 19 04:04 AM
  • AggravatedYeti P much the same here. Came late to the 'Currents' party and been jamming that a lot. Same with the new Deafheaven (saw them again a few weeks ago), Kylesa, Julia Holter and both the Beach House records.
    October 31 02:06 AM
  • AggravatedYeti I am *never* on the Sput much anymore. I'll holla at ya via fbook bud and we can chat some tunes. Muchas
    October 13 05:15 AM
  • DaveyBoy LOL. Just posted it in my Hometown Heroes blog.
    March 4 07:56 PM
  • DaveyBoy Lucky boy. The buzz is strong within the industry, but hasn't pervaded into the mainstream or anything like that. I'm gonna post a blog tonight which will include the video one of the songs from the album, so hopefully that ups the buzz in these parts as well.
    March 4 03:42 AM
  • DaveyBoy Hey Kiran, long time no chat. I hope all has been well. Dare I ask, but have you somehow got your hands on the new Courtney Barnett LP?
    March 3 03:51 AM
  • aok how bout you?
    July 31 11:57 AM
  • aok preparing electrical drawings on big commercial/residential buildings for architects / filing purposes. it can get a bit dull but the company's been good to me so far
    July 31 11:57 AM
  • Frippertronics aww shiet thee oh sees
    July 30 10:27 AM
  • aok started a new job a couple weeks ago so mostly that. jumpin on here to grab music recs more these days (shrugs)
    July 27 03:06 PM
  • aok u ever on here anymore? hope you're doing well
    July 23 08:32 PM
  • alachlahol sory for the delayed response my friend but good things come to those who wait hehe....... there is nothing im listening to lately in particular aside from albums i had on backlog im just now catching up with. not spendin the time i used to diggin through music but i still keep it real as run dmc or jayz or some other hip hop dudes would say
    June 1 04:29 PM
  • stuck_in_decades Ah, it was worth a try! Guess I'm going to have to keep looking. Thanks, though!
    February 6 10:30 PM
  • stuck_in_decades Hey, this is probably going to be weird, but I just read on the Holiday Unheard Of - Carta Marina review that you might in posession of that CD? (yeah, and his face lit up blue is awesome. i dont really listen to this that much since getting it though.) If you are, at all and still, in posession of this CD would you be willing to part with it? I've been looking for it all over for a while now but I can't find it anyway. Thanks.
    February 5 10:38 PM
  • WeepingBanana i didn't end up going. finals week. they'll undoubtedly come to my area again though
    December 6 05:33 AM
  • WeepingBanana might be seeing them tomorrow :O
    December 2 05:28 PM
  • WeepingBanana aww yeah emeritus reppin perfect pussy
    December 1 12:23 AM
  • patrickfannon They mentioned debuting 4 new songs at the I AM Festival in early September and posted a picture of the lead singer's father "getting a taste of [their] LP3 demos" on their Facebook page, so hopefully we'll have a new album some time early 2014. I'm looking forward to it. I liked some of what I heard from Lenses Alien but I have to listen more in order to properly judge it. What are you digging from 2013 so far?
    September 29 07:03 PM
  • patrickfannon I just read your review of Cymbals Eat Guitars' "Why There Are Mountains." I did so initially back in 2009, and I remember listening to it for the first time with your words in mind. It's really cool to know you influenced my love for this band. Just wanted to let you know and say thanks, dude.
    September 26 01:06 AM
  • StreetlightRock You need to listen to more emo and post-hardcore so we can be pie chart bros.
    August 6 12:18 PM
  • StreetlightRock Heya man, how you hanging?
    August 6 12:16 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Yeah man I have both of their LPs, ill send them right meow!!
    July 23 07:36 PM
  • AfricanCowboy THANK YOU so much man, I was tired of listening to their tracks on youtube lol. I sent you Don Caballero- American Don to your Dropbox.... Are you fan of Abe Vigoda or Harlem at all??
    July 21 10:50 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Go to the dropbox website and download it for free, so we can share music in quanity. IF! you download it.... my email is tapewormproductions@hotmail.comLet me know if you prefer something different!!!
    July 21 08:24 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Hell yeah bro Ive been looking for them for awhile... Let's trade some tunes, I may have something you're interested in! Do you possibly have a Dropbox??
    July 21 01:46 AM
  • AfricanCowboy Your old default picture was a Beets album cover! Do you have any of their material??
    July 20 04:44 AM
  • MisterTornado i'll shoot you a download link if you send me your email
    July 17 06:45 PM
  • LavaLover check it out bro, it appears you like some psychedelic and indie rock so you might enjoy this, new EP we just released today
    July 16 12:47 PM
  • JumpTheF**kUp you're not kirgasm anymore!
    April 4 09:14 AM
  • AggravatedYeti god that video is still so my life, right down to those blown out tips.
    February 1 02:49 AM
  • AggravatedYeti I lurve you.
    January 15 04:55 PM
  • KalleJ hi kiran, it's kallehow are you doing?
    December 31 09:05 PM
  • klap also i wasn't referring specifically to that thread convo but the discussion as a whole - like tiny mix tapes' review and some other articles i've read online
    December 22 03:12 AM
  • klap well yeah. why are we on this website again
    December 22 03:11 AM
  • klap that's pretty obvious but could we maybe pick a worthwhile album to have a discussion about
    December 21 04:17 PM
  • breakingthefragile Well thank you very much man for taking the time to tell me man. It means a lot. It was a pretty thought-provoking topic that was posed.
    December 21 12:34 AM
  • Hep Kat i got you. yeah i dislike mmj, but my wife likes them so ugh
    December 20 04:19 PM
  • Hep Kat you gonna make a 2012 list? you have marginally better taste than most people
    December 20 02:52 PM
  • someguest I'll have to check it out soon then.
    October 17 07:29 PM
  • someguest Have you heard the new Lord Huron? It looks like it might be pretty interesting.
    September 20 02:09 AM
  • alachlahol ok then i present: brothertiger - golden years and casa del mirto - 1979. both lps both good they will bring you back to better times
    August 13 09:40 PM
  • Deviant. You've been cut down in your prime man! And no probs dude, anytime
    August 9 10:18 AM
  • Deviant. Is it just me or have you spent more on time here since you were made emeritus? Koreless - 4D, XXXY - Bash, George Fitzgerald - Child, Mosca - Square One, Disclosure - The Face, Julio Bashmore - Au Seve, Floating Points - Shadows
    August 9 01:36 AM
  • alachlahol i can tell you what they are im not joking around
    August 8 04:32 PM
  • alachlahol thereve been some good jams thatve come out in the past year or so if you want them
    August 8 04:31 PM
  • klap don't fail me wench
    August 3 01:30 AM
  • klap haha who am i kidding your account's been inactive for 130 weeks of course you can't. what's your e-mail
    August 2 06:08 PM
  • klap you can't log into your account?
    August 2 06:03 PM
  • Satellite oh man definitely listen to "god, forgive these bastards" by the taxpayers as well. potentially my aoty.
    July 25 04:35 AM
  • kingsoby1 hmm, i really should make a hip hop essentials list. you like pharoahe monch? if so check out organized konfusion and his early solo record Internal Affairs
    July 18 03:02 PM
  • Satellite well if i didn't already rec the new menzingers and sidekicks to you then i'm an idiot. new make do and mend is good as well. tbh i haven't been upping the punx as frequently and fervently this year so far.
    July 18 11:43 AM
  • AggravatedYeti that, "Daily Routine," "Killumaniti," "Snakes." MMmmmm, Mmmmmm good.
    July 6 01:37 AM
  • AggravatedYeti So good man. Cannot believe how much I have missed that early 90s Jazzy Hip Hop.
    July 3 12:27 AM
  • AggravatedYeti sup bitch. aint been on this shoutbox in a while now. POPULATE.
    June 30 03:26 AM
  • klap fb msg me your e-mail
    April 23 11:56 PM
  • Kellerdeck You seem to like obscure bands, so I have a request for you. If you don't want to do it, no big deal with Me, I just think you might enjoy it. I'm in a band called Rest, and we've been getting really good reception around here, I was wondering if you'd write a review about us, seeing as we want to hear more opinions about the music. The album can be downloaded here: The album page on sputnik is here:
    March 27 03:25 PM
  • lancebramsay Nice dig.
    March 14 08:52 PM
  • luci Hey Kiran...I'm seeing Dr. Dog in a week. I heard they are better live than on their studio albums. Confirm/Deny?
    February 3 05:53 AM
  • Satellite you should review THE NEW MEZNINGERS
    January 26 05:48 AM
  • cvlts you should review metal albums again braaahh
    January 3 07:46 AM
  • BigHans Dude you must have been living under a rock if yuo havent heard this. Its a Gaslight Anthem side project, and its ****ing stellar.
    December 28 11:21 PM
  • Gyromania Merry Christmas, bud! I miss talking to you on AIM!
    December 25 05:52 PM
  • Irving Merry Christmas Kiran! Not coming to Malaysia for the hols again this year? Nasi lemak and roti canai are sending their regards =)
    December 25 02:41 PM
  • boomerwrangle i'm not ready to make a list
    October 30 10:46 PM
  • boomerwrangle OI YOU
    October 30 06:40 PM
  • AggravatedYeti **** yes lion king.
    October 27 05:02 PM
  • Irving Kiran! I'm back in Malaysia for good now, and - most importantly - have gotten a job at the Petronas Twin Towers starting next month! (am working as a junior geoscientist) If you're ever in the KL area again do give me a shout - it'd be nice to get to meet you in real life! (and moreover neither of us can make the half dozen mini Sputnik reunions that are happening stateside anyway haha) Take care man!
    September 27 03:31 AM
  • wabbit dalhousie? I actually almost went there last year, one of my best friends is there it's a really fun town. And ya we get killed by textbooks esp because most of them aren't really necessary for the course. But welcome to my country.
    September 12 05:06 PM
  • wabbit So I heard you are studying over here now.
    September 12 12:39 AM
  • outline Drinking age is 19 and the bars are supposedly good. No traffic at all as long as you're on the penninsula. Crime rate is pretty high, but as long as you stay out of the bad areas and the commons at night you should be fine. The only really big problem is that almost no bands play here. It's worth seeing Titus Andronicus and ****ed Up during Pop Explosion, and there's a decent underground scene, but in Halifax it's a huge deal when Arcade Fire drop by. You also might want to get into hockey.
    September 1 04:19 PM
  • Electric City i did! but it was so short the modsd it and now its a soundoff
    August 20 06:36 PM
  • FelixCulpa Lyckades inte få en biljett till WoW trots flera försöka att köpa ett pass secondhand. Måste fråga om du såg James Blake idag. Lång kö till Annedalskyrkan antar jag också ;) Du får ha en trevlig tid här i gbg vilket som! Om du vill ha nå tips om stan e det bara att fråga!
    August 11 08:20 PM
  • thebhoy you know how I do
    August 10 01:50 AM
  • wabbit ya but nothing is there best song.
    August 9 12:10 AM
  • DaveyBoy Ive shoutboxed about 6 who were in it last year. One of them will probably do a list or something.
    August 6 11:09 AM
  • DaveyBoy The reigning champ is in.
    August 6 09:53 AM
  • AggravatedYeti I'm agreeing with you on Lenses Alien home slice. My Plainclothes still cuts off though : ) I think in the last like 10 seconds but regardless the rest of the record is primo.
    August 4 01:41 AM
  • wabbit Hey you should check out Downer's band Ghost Ship. They are shoegazy-post-punk (but somehow don't sound like the cure) and are actually really really good. Esp the song But Nothing
    August 3 12:48 AM
  • Douglas thanks a bunch man, will get on those sugar pops
    July 30 03:06 AM
  • HBFS no problem mate, do you enjoy the album?
    July 28 11:32 AM
  • HBFS haha, nah they said "Release Notes:So we heard some bitches bitching that out s***'s no good. Now, we don't like that! So instead of going to bed, i'm fixing it, and you better be happy about it."I downloaded thed version from so it didn't cut off :)Also for the full track 4 this should work man, just google this:Cymbals_Eat_Guitars-Lenses_Alien-(Advance)-(Trackfix)-2011-SiRE
    July 27 09:44 PM
  • porch yeah just a couple of weeks rambling around germany, should be fun though. any new releases you think i should hear? haven't been keeping up
    July 27 08:55 PM
  • AggravatedYeti fffuucckkk yes! Been waiting for a while now. Been liking the Little Dragon too I see. Pretty sweet record.
    July 27 03:42 PM
  • porch eh not much on my end, having a nice chill summer so far but will be doing a little travelling in august hopefully. sup with you
    July 27 01:13 PM
  • Douglas well i am currently really digging Youth Lagoon, Wu Lyf, James Blake and what not, but if you have anything that is sort of unique hit us up :)
    July 27 10:40 AM
  • Deviant. One big hairy advertising entity
    July 27 08:33 AM
  • Deviant. Haha, was gonna give you new Joy O but I see Yeti is already playing pass the parcel with the link
    July 27 06:57 AM
  • Douglas I want you to please give me some recs, since i think you have the best taste of the staff. Cheers.
    July 27 06:48 AM
  • AggravatedYeti
    July 26 10:33 PM
  • klap new feist you BASTARD
    July 26 01:38 AM
  • robin this record is soooo good
    July 3 04:41 PM
  • robin
    July 1 03:59 PM
  • robin yeah their new album leaked today as well. i have it lying about my computer but too busy with flying club cup and gulag orkestar. i don't care how similar a lot of the songs sound, they're all so awesome.
    July 1 01:35 PM
  • robin saw them yesterday as support to arcade fire (mumford and the vaccines were there too, shudder). honestly they were so awesome and i only knew a couple of songs, perfect songs for a summer's midday. trumpet dancing!
    July 1 01:29 PM
  • AggravatedYeti liking this Youth Lagoons the more and more I listen to it.
    June 30 11:32 PM
  • wabbit How did I get bumped down by NickelbackFTL?
    June 22 02:06 AM
  • StreetlightRock But I had pretty much the exact same thoughts about Wild Beasts and I changed my mind quick sharp about that, so I'll see!
    June 10 08:31 AM
  • StreetlightRock Just had my first listen then.... not as impressed as I thought I would be. Like, they've got a new sound, but once you get your head around that it becomes a bit predictable. Twinkly, reverb soaked guitars, scraggly ,half-shouted gang vocals, organ-lite synths to provide extra atmosphere... for every song. As far as they've got something new going, I like it... but once that newness wears off it's a little so-so.
    June 10 08:31 AM
  • Electric City not yet but i will be scouring the internet daily until it doesss
    June 2 03:11 AM
  • Electric City june 13th
    June 2 02:51 AM
  • Electric City you still doing wu lyf?
    June 1 11:25 PM
  • AggravatedYeti just means you're doing something right.
    May 30 05:57 PM
  • AggravatedYeti site needs more kiran.
    May 30 03:52 PM
  • wabbit When did I lose top Neighbour!?!...damn. But you should make a list of 2011 music so I get the stuff I should have checked out.
    May 27 02:24 AM
  • Satellite oh, and i hope to god you've heard the new laura stevenson, but if not you can stream/dl the whole thing @ (i think you have to dl the songs one by one, but it's so worth it)
    May 26 04:30 AM
  • Satellite 1) red city radio - the dangers of standing still, 2) elway - delusions, 3) iron chic - split 'n s***, 4) daytrader - last days of rome, 5) the dopamines/dear landlord split
    May 26 04:28 AM
  • AggravatedYeti ****ing alright Cristiano!! No champs trophy or la liga win but god damn 40 goals; not a half bad season at all.
    May 23 04:28 PM
  • DaveyBoy That I am Kiran. I think that's 3 years in a row Ive won whatever league I have been in. Just call me Barcelona.
    May 23 01:38 PM
  • AggravatedYeti I'll formally induct the 4 of yall into my clan and we can take a family picture and make it the blog's banner. Everyone needs a fuzzy sweater though or we won't fool anyone. we'll be a Yeti herd.
    May 22 06:16 PM
  • AggravatedYeti I don't believe that for a second.
    May 13 04:02 PM
  • AggravatedYeti !!RATE-RAGE!! Also, jyeah new Wild Beasts.
    May 13 02:24 AM
  • AggravatedYeti 1002!!!!!!
    May 12 11:23 PM
  • AggravatedYeti 1000!!!!!!
    May 9 07:28 PM
  • Minus The Flair why it took me so long to 5, i have no idea.
    May 3 09:16 PM
  • Blindsided Hey would you mind adding our blog to your blogroll?
    April 17 09:00 PM
  • Ire aw man now you're making me feel bad. look at my face
    April 13 02:12 PM
  • Ire As lame and fanboyish as it may sound, I really thought you were going to review Asobi Seksu's latest.
    April 13 10:51 AM
  • AggravatedYeti hmmm new fleet foxes is that good huh?
    April 11 07:12 PM
  • AggravatedYeti done and done homie.
    April 9 03:40 PM
  • Yotimi Hey man, don't stalk me, I'll give you recs for free - check these: Le Loup - The Throne of the Third Nation, Smart Went Crazy - Con Art, Ellen Allien and Apparat - Orchestra of Bubbles, Soul Coughing - Ruby Vroom
    April 8 05:51 PM
  • AggravatedYeti yep. so much for the giant killer. holy s***. And here I was thinking Real's win yesterday may be the most convincing of the round.
    April 6 11:12 PM
  • AggravatedYeti also **** sputnik for consistently cutting off my shouts half-way. bastards.
    April 6 04:25 PM
  • AggravatedYeti regretted leaving the game at half when I came home and saw the score. But yeah Inter dug quite the hole for themselves. And no matter how much I want a Real-Barca showdown seeing them lose to Shakhtar would be so worth it.
    April 6 04:24 PM
  • AggravatedYeti also: holy s*** that was one fine piece of work by Stankovic.
    April 5 10:21 PM
  • AggravatedYeti yeah I noticed that right as the match started : ) what I get for not paying attention for a week. either way **** yes time for a Real-Barca standoff.
    April 5 10:18 PM
  • AggravatedYeti CHAMPS LEAGUE IN A HOUR. YYEEAHH BBOOYY LETS GO RONALDO!! (even though Spurs are rly awesome) I predict 1 Benzema goal.
    April 5 05:19 PM
  • AggravatedYeti haha. If I never pressed, nothing would get done : ) Out of curiosity where are you situated now my globe-trotting homie? Also: Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen. All the hype Robertsona's been shoveling onto that record is pretty well-deserved. Its like Belle and Seb meets Soundheim--kind of.
    April 3 03:53 PM
  • AggravatedYeti listen to lewis. bump that murray st. rating. that is all.
    March 30 04:42 PM
  • plane you should do a review for gashcat
    March 29 04:23 AM
  • conradtao planning on grabbing that tUnE-yArDs review? glad to see you liked it, btw =]
    March 27 02:51 PM
  • conradtao many thanks, kiran!
    March 25 01:21 PM
  • cvlts bro, check this out. you might like it ;]
    March 24 08:45 AM
  • conradtao hey kiran - planning on writing a review of the new weeknd record?
    March 23 06:46 PM
  • plane **** yeah. Can't wait for you to hear the acoustic set I witnessed.
    March 23 01:49 AM
  • gaslightanthem Tell me about it, really chill listen (although some lyrics kinda made me 'wtf lol'). Definitely gonna be bumping it till Tomboy.
    March 22 11:46 PM
  • AggravatedYeti nice, nice. Trying to get myself some press-passes for Bonnaroo and seeing Bass Nectar in about a month. My friend just threw an over-night music festival at his farm yesterday. WAS A BLAST. And yeah basically just waiting for summer. Winter is cool but by March I'm over it. Also is it just me or is 2011 in dire need of some Monitor-level goodness from an album? I think so.
    March 19 03:13 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Yeah it wasn't too bad. Had some brews with some friends, watched Kickass! Which was pretty sweet. Beyond that life has been somewhat one-note, but spring is coming and the beaches have started to open up here. How about yourself? Everything is going well I hope. Been on a Kinks kick recently eh? always awesome : )
    March 18 04:00 PM
  • AggravatedYeti hey there hi there ho there.
    March 18 02:48 PM
  • AggravatedYeti success!! New Pains, new Strokes, Kiran is fixed. Good things do come in 3's. And if Arsenal is any indication bad things come in 12's.
    March 14 04:25 PM
  • ConsiderPhlebas haha nice one, man. Great band.
    March 4 06:45 PM
  • AggravatedYeti
    March 3 09:32 PM
  • AggravatedYeti YAH THAT'S RIGHT 3.5 KING-O-LIMBZ. Whats up babycakes? hope all it well. ppeeaaccee.
    February 28 10:44 PM
  • cvlts hey bro, just got your email and i'm gonna start goin to town on it sometime either tonite or tomorrow. i'll mail you back the product of it.
    February 27 09:57 AM
  • AliW1993 well ive had a few quick looks and cant find it yet :( its out in 2 weeks so not too long i suppose
    February 26 10:31 AM
  • cvlts got your work cut out for you bro ;]
    February 23 10:54 AM
  • cvlts well im about half way done with this defeater review, if you got the time could you possibly go over it and what not when im finished with it?
    February 22 06:51 AM
  • cvlts kiran man i need your help bro.
    February 22 06:05 AM
  • AggravatedYeti That's all I've been listening to as well. I mean, what else do you need? O yeah, frog eyes.
    February 18 05:07 PM
  • AggravatedYeti RECOMMEND ME A MIGHTY ALBUM KIND SIRE. Also Arsshhaavvviiinnnn! Hell of a match yesterday holy crap.
    February 17 06:31 PM
  • Slum Just read it! Thanks a lot, man, this is super helpful. I'll read over it a couple times before my next review and I think it will definitely help.
    February 16 06:17 AM
  • Slum haha on sputnik during a lecture, I know that feeling dude. Can just send it whenever you want man, I just appreciate the thought
    February 15 06:20 AM
  • Slum Sure thing, or same address except, whichever you prefer
    February 15 06:17 AM
  • Slum Thanks, dude, I look forward to it!
    February 15 06:09 AM
  • Slum Hey Kirgasm, since I see you as the best writer on the site, I was wondering if perhaps you could skim through a couple of my recent reviews and tell me where I can improve. It would be Greatly appreciated, man
    February 14 04:53 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Yep, it is in 2014. Funny how UEFA spoke out so quickly post-spending-sprees to reinforce their staunchness on the matter. Watch a salary cap be implemented in a lot of leagues.
    February 2 10:05 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Villa nabbed my dude Michael Bradley on loan too. Looking like they'll be a blast to watch again, as opposed to the jittery disappointment of this current season. But very true. I was reading an interesting article, if I remember correctly was on ESPN, about how a bunch of big Euro clubs are on route to financial ruin with their absurd spending. A list which includes pretty much everyone making headlines for blockbuster deals yesterday...
    February 1 10:50 PM
  • robin shuffling is the most fun thing ever. you need to get yourself an ipod shuffle and become addicted to it. also, to but in on the TRANSFER stories... remember when joe cole was enthusiastic about joining l'pool? same things gonna happen with carrol.
    February 1 08:04 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Suarez was a great buy and even though I hate liverpool, I'm happy he made it to a big team with a nice contract--as he deserves it (handballs and all). And agree, dunno wtf they were thinking with Carrol. I mean the ownership now have a track record of extremely good investment choices concerning their sports teams (The Bahhston Red Sawx) but they've also had a few major-major flops. Surely they're hoping Andy isn't one of them, but, ehhh...he's really good but...
    February 1 08:02 PM
  • AggravatedYeti I could use a few myself really...Also: Frog Eyes, again. Album got even better last night. Oh and WTF Chelsea and Liverpoo spending spree and I hear Arsenal may be trying to ditch Arshavin (i.e. 90% of the reasons I watch their gamesss) Thankfully the window is shut.
    February 1 07:36 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Pretentious and Kiran are not two things I associate with one another. Now Fjords and spicy curry on the other hand...
    February 1 07:25 PM
  • robin haha yeah, i put that on a playlist i burnt for a friend and keep playing that list now, only a really sombre mag fields song comes on after it and ruins the tone. i need to learn from my mistakes and make that ariel pink song the entire playlist.
    February 1 07:20 PM
  • robin yeah i got that frog eyes record, ahvent listened yet. track 7 failed to work for me. :( should be good though, just cant be bothered with it right now.
    February 1 07:09 PM
  • robin album of the year so far. and dylan dug it up. who'd of thought it? also rec me things.
    February 1 06:59 PM
  • alachlahol Toro Y Moi - Underneath The Pine LP dropping february 22nd: http://****
    February 1 03:01 PM
  • Bitchfork if it doesn't smack an everlasting smile on your face color me murderous.
    January 31 05:56 AM
  • Bitchfork Guernica - Shinseiki E No Unga japanese progressive pop with huge classical and cabaret influences and you'd love it.
    January 31 05:42 AM
  • Blindsided Thought maybe you'd be interested to know I reviewed OWTH's Hospitals.
    January 31 01:58 AM
  • Romulus i smiled almost as much as ed after reading that
    January 30 05:49 PM
  • Irving LOL @ Romulus.
    January 30 04:10 PM
  • Romulus where would sputnik be without us finding some way to rep the lion king in every single thread?
    January 30 06:08 AM
  • AggravatedYeti I just wish I had given it more attention sooner. they came through here on tour : (
    January 29 11:14 PM
  • theacademy i am marcy playground when u see the request
    January 28 06:27 AM
  • StreetlightRock Woah psychic connection much? I was listening to their whole epography(!) today (But mostly because they just won a local award for 'Next Big Thing' recently). Hopin' if they release a full length this year it'll be awesome and they make it big time.
    January 27 12:03 PM
  • DaveyBoy Who knows. Aussies are so inconsistent. Took 115 mins to beat Iraq, who are not as good as Uzbeks. Cahill seems injured. If he lifts, it could be the key.
    January 26 09:26 AM
  • DaveyBoy I doubt a clean sheet also. I was hoping the Aussies would make the Asian Cup final just so Stockdale would get another game. Didnt expect to beat the Uzbeks by 6 though.
    January 26 09:13 AM
  • DaveyBoy Well they are mostly Fulham, but who knows what could happen against Liverpool.
    January 26 09:04 AM
  • DaveyBoy Haha. I would have 19 points more if I had Berbatov as captain. But anyway, I will not accept this as your final comment towards me. Since I have 5 players still to play.
    January 26 07:44 AM
  • AggravatedYeti Paul's Tomb is pretty a-ma-zing. I just took a walk around in ze snowfall w/ Native Speaker
    January 25 06:32 PM
  • AggravatedYeti I feel ya. It's no 'Shepard's Dog' or 'The Creek Drank The Cradle' but I enjoy the direction he went in enough. I need to listen to it more really. New Frog Eyes, Braids, G-Side and Destroyer have been keeping me well occupied.
    January 24 04:02 PM
  • AggravatedYeti not feeling the Sam Beam? : (
    January 24 01:14 AM
  • porch yeah, i had low expectations for it and justifiably so. oh well at least they gave us entertainment and solid gold
    January 22 01:12 AM
  • robin theres always other boys theres always other boyfriends
    January 20 10:21 PM
  • AggravatedYeti s*** son. so many new records in the past 3 days. But this will be perfect for the feetz of snow outside.
    January 20 03:34 PM
  • plane LOVE. Get it.
    January 19 04:25 PM
  • alachlahol well dude guy i really like it but im a drooling fanboy so the bias is heavy and unreliable if you want an impartial opinion
    January 18 06:49 PM
  • mallen- Yeah the old account had too many problems and I couldn't deal with it anymore
    January 17 05:45 PM
  • alachlahol just snatched it up, will have a go at it shortly. this is a pleasant surprise friend i didn't realize it was coming out in feb thanks for the heads up
    January 17 02:16 PM
  • alachlahol are you teasing me i really don't want blue balls this early in the week
    January 17 01:20 PM
  • robin ever since i saw her on some old nevermindthebuzzcocks episode i've been all in love with her
    January 15 05:03 PM
  • robin and it's always you and me always be together
    January 14 04:20 PM
  • acADHDemy omfg that list... so stupid... really a new low
    January 14 10:07 AM
  • acADHDemy lol you know i love you... i just feel for the kid who writes 126 reviews and then gets the 'you didn't get shafted because you weren't even being considered for those spots'... i shouldnt have even gotten involved lol...
    January 14 09:25 AM
  • Knott- *hearts*
    January 14 07:07 AM
  • AggravatedYeti ohh shnap getting close to 1000 ratings yyeeahh bbooyy.
    January 13 09:43 PM
  • AggravatedYeti hahaha. touche.
    January 11 06:50 PM
  • alachlahol hell yea it is dude, I Want You (So Bad) and Neu Chicago are two of my favorite songs from this year they kill me every time. last half of the album was kind of underwhelming compared with the first
    January 11 01:33 PM

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