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  • johnnydeking29 Gave the ep a jam dude - solid musicianship all round! What are you playing?
    July 11 11:27 PM
  • pjorn delete* my comment
    April 26 02:18 PM
  • pjorn are you hasan? my comment if yes lol
    April 26 02:17 PM
  • johnnydeking29 Dude, I finally checked out Palace of Mirrors. You were so right, WHAT an album - it's like they borrowed from and expanded upon SC3 in the best way possible. Can't believe this is the same band that made Buck Fever.
    June 22 07:43 AM
  • cb123 Nice! look forward to reading em man. I'd say so far either self titled naked city or electric masada 50th anniversary release. I quite like Spillane and Psychomagia from his solo works though along with the Moonchild series and his work with Masada. The release he did with Justin Broadrick under the GOD name is always fantastic aswell.You?
    November 8 09:59 PM
  • cb123 I'm working my way through Zorn's massive collection including collaborations. Must say it's been great reading all your soundoffs, seems like they pop up on nearly every release! haha
    November 8 12:43 AM
  • Angelboros Thanks, Lamb!
    October 8 12:26 PM
  • Lambda
    September 20 01:39 PM
  • Lambda
    September 20 01:32 PM
  • SmileNerd You sir, have an amazing username and profile picture.
    September 19 09:24 PM
  • johnnydeking29 HYPEEEEE
    July 12 08:26 PM
  • johnnydeking29 I need to check that too; you need Book M and Book of Horizons right now though. Both incredible albums.
    June 1 11:27 AM
  • johnnydeking29 Couldn't say; I'm planning on checking it soon and wondered if you dug it. I've heard the first one though, and that's a trip.
    May 27 05:09 PM
  • johnnydeking29 Hey buddy, have you heard Secret Chiefs 3's second album (Second Grand Constitution...)?
    May 27 03:27 PM
  • SnakeDelilah matt berninger
    April 30 09:31 PM
  • SnakeDelilah valve
    April 30 07:12 PM
  • deathschool Nice ATF soundoff. Very samey sounding album. Definitely overrated to me.
    March 23 09:26 PM
  • Angelboros Boy, do you write some very thoughtful soundoffs. The John Zorn (his saxophone abilities are mesmerizing) ones in particular really stand out, IMO
    February 3 04:07 AM
  • johnnydeking29 I've heard a couple of songs, but am waiting for the cd - considerable hype!
    November 26 11:34 AM
  • johnnydeking29 Hey man, you heard the new (and final) Moonchild album?
    November 26 06:28 AM
  • BMDrummer wouldn't a 4.4 be closer to 4.5?
    November 6 11:22 PM
  • Veldin Enjoying all the Zorn soundoffs, keep 'em coming!
    November 4 11:23 PM
  • Mythodea Haha, has been so long since I wrote to you that I'd forgotten what my mesage was about! Anyway, you're welcome. I'd appreciate it a lot if you would give me your opinion on the album afterwards!Cheers.
    October 4 01:52 PM
  • Mythodea dude, saw your sound off for Blade Runner. If you like his music, check 1492: Conquest of Paradise OST. It's one of the best albums in my life.
    September 16 03:18 AM
  • danielcardoso Nah, I'm just kidding man. I don't play in Anathema, I don't even play keyboards ;) I do play guitar and harmonica in a local Portuguese band called Invictus, we're starting to make a name for ourselves :)
    August 6 01:14 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy so wrong about young machetes =[
    August 6 10:37 AM
  • danielcardoso You mean, Anathema's keyboardist? I sure am ;)
    August 4 08:35 AM
  • TheSpaceMan cheers man you clearly put time into them and you've kinda inspired me to eventually do soundoffs for all my 5s... and is the first HL your fav? I'm a huge fan of HL2 episode 2 but thats also the most recent one I've played so it might just be the most fresh in my head... they are all amazing games!
    May 14 04:12 PM
  • TheSpaceMan dude you seem like an awesome user, was reading a bunch of your soundoffs and I agree with a ton of your ratings, plus you seem to like Half Life or at least Valve so thats really cool too
    May 14 03:47 PM
  • Motiv3 Hey dude, do u have a link for the newest swans album? :)
    April 5 06:19 AM
  • Lambda
    February 23 06:34 PM
  • Lambda
    February 23 05:19 PM
  • YoYoMancuso dude your Swans soundoff blew my mind
    February 15 05:53 PM
  • TwistedJayy Hey, are you gonna finish reviewing that "In Search of the" boxset by Buckethead?
    December 27 10:48 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow No problem. Let me know if you do. I'm probably gonna write a review on it, no matter how I feel about it.
    November 19 05:30 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Hey! I really liked your review of A Million Dead Birds Laughing's "Xen." Did you hear about their new album coming out in a few days? Just thought if spread the word.
    November 19 01:16 AM
  • Chortles thanks man, not sure if i will like this but i'll jam it and take a crack at reviewing it regardless
    July 3 03:09 PM
  • Atari review game assignment: Wire - 154 (happy writing!)
    July 3 11:56 AM
  • Atari hey man for that review a random album game i need an album without a review ;)
    July 1 03:44 PM
  • KILL sweet dude rock on keep the metal laivem/m/
    June 30 02:45 PM
  • Apollo The pillars of pic man, recognized it right away
    June 25 08:07 PM
  • Iluvatar 2.5 for young,machetes? :(
    January 7 07:16 PM
  • YoYoMancuso Damn, well that solo might be my favorite part of the album. Keep it up!
    January 6 10:22 PM
  • YoYoMancuso you're in Gatling? what do you play?
    January 5 09:43 PM
  • Yazz_Flute Hey man, the pleasure's mine! I really enjoy the stretch of tracks from Glass Room to Absolute, most especially Glass Room and the first minute or so of On A Rail. I hope you guys keep it up!
    January 5 12:42 AM
  • Yazz_Flute I had no idea you were in Gatling. You should check out my best of 2012 list and see where it places...
    January 4 04:55 PM
  • theacademy lol nice tarja soundoff
    November 21 09:58 AM
  • KingHarkinian I have no idea, man. It was the greatest wasn't it?
    November 9 06:13 PM
  • KingHarkinian Mah Boi!
    November 5 02:25 PM
  • camaraderie No thanks, I'd make a terrible reviewer. Even then, I wouldn't know much to say about your stuff. :3
    August 7 01:15 PM
  • camaraderie Oh, okay then, I was wondering about that. Either way, it's already happened, I don't think you should that review. There's no need. I really do like your music, especially On A Rail. Can't wait for some new tunes.
    August 3 09:49 PM
  • camaraderie If you are from Gatling, your band rules bro.
    August 1 12:00 AM
  • Dashy I'm really liking On A Rail right now, but haven't been able to listen to the album too much since I got a lot of other stuff also.
    June 23 10:48 PM
  • Dashy Thanks for the rec, really enjoying it.
    June 23 01:14 PM
  • Lambda
    March 19 01:46 PM
  • Lambda
    March 19 01:41 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted Regarding the new one, I'd say save that for last. It takes some getting used to compared to the previous two.
    March 3 02:00 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted "I got it mostly because Gavin Harrison is one of my favourite drummers and Porcupine Tree is awesome." I think we have something in common haha. That should also be the reason to give it more of a chance. I remember seeing Gavin perform the song "Unsettled" for the first time on youtube and thinking I have to hear more of this, even if the vocals were rather intriguing yet interesting. That song is also from Drop, in fact there are a few gems to be found on the album.
    March 3 01:56 PM
  • Dis_Con_Nec_Ted I applaud you for checking out Circles, as it seems they're not biggest thing on the sput heh. For the average listener maybe for good reason. But I'd say let it grow. Didn't like the vocals at first but I gave it a chance and really dig them now. I also listened to Drop (their best) first so that may be it. But yeah, the vocals are certainly an acquired taste, so I don't blame you ;P
    March 3 10:17 AM
  • XfingTheSullen I actually took a huge plummet in my approval for calling one album by in flames "gay" in a review :P
    December 29 09:03 PM
  • XfingTheSullen yep, the reviews and the piechart and all that stuff.
    December 29 08:16 PM
  • XfingTheSullen nice resume, pal
    December 28 03:49 PM
  • Haz likewise, my friend
    December 26 02:07 AM
  • Meatplow hey man. aiming for a higher standard of reviewing I guess. my new account is Haz, you would probably be better off contacting me there.
    December 23 11:23 PM
  • Lambda
    October 26 12:23 PM
  • Lambda 1. What Happened?2. We are Justin Bieber if he was in a Punk Band3. Punk Rockers Always Have Something to Bitch About4. Jeff Tries to Write Songs But Can't5. What are we, Dance Gavin Dance?6. This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Thing (Herman Li's Vacuum)7. Just Cum Over To My Den8. Pre-Interlude9. Interlude10. Post-Interlude: Part IX: The Retreading of Acidic Steps on a Mountain11. Society Web12. Matchless Records Spams Band's Walls and Doesn't E-mail Them13. Franco Unamerican14. T
    June 14 01:02 PM
  • PanasonicYouth matthew lillard. the picture in question is from slc punk
    June 13 01:10 AM
  • Grignard Why thank ya! I have been reading some of your Buckethead reviews in that past and they convinced me to check out some of his other stuff (think Bermuda Triangle and Kaleidoscalp). I must agree I dig your musical tastes as well. BigB is the s***!
    December 9 06:21 PM
  • Lambda 7. Yoda Doesn't Have to go on his Knees to Give H**d 8. You Thought Like an Idiot 9. Manana 10. Mouth Guards are For ***s *11. Will's Shine Time 12. Intro
    December 7 02:28 PM
  • Lambda SELF-TITLED EP 1. Dead Jesus Rodeo 2. Evan Blackguy 3. Sauron's Pants 4. I S*** Glory 5. br00tal Deathcore (We need stupid names) 6. Shredded Wheat DEAD JE*US RODEO - Vomiting A Wedding (NO Call It, This Is Longer Than An EP! Hahah!@111) 1. I Like Waking the Cadaver, Suicide Silence, A Day To Remember, Emmure, and Abandon All Ships 2. *ummer/Green G** 3. Inte**acial Relationships Are Wrong 4. I've Told You 4 Times 5. Sack 6. Tuna in the Shark Tank 7. Yoda Doesn't Have to g
    December 7 02:27 PM
  • okcomputer1016 come again?
    September 12 02:16 PM
  • scissorlocked whoahaha!!!well,thank you,thank you!!!
    September 6 10:43 PM
  • ReturnToSpock just 5'd it
    August 24 01:31 PM
  • Hagardlymusic Hey
    August 21 10:05 PM
  • demon of surveillance I think I'll wait a couple weeks...I'm sure there will be lots of people pissed about more battle lists.
    August 15 04:19 PM
  • demon of surveillance hey dude I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I did a battle of the albums with individual bands, based off of your stuff. for example "Battle of the Albums: (insert band name)" and then the three top rated albums by that band. there wouldn't be any finals or anything, just rounds for each band. do you think people would complain about it too much?
    August 15 05:12 AM
  • 731 Please stop making those Battle lists. There's enough stupidity on sputnik already
    August 14 11:51 AM
  • theacademy make sure u don't seed opeth and godspeed in the same quarterfinal cuz it would be unfortunate if we dont get to see a rematch...
    August 3 07:35 AM
  • dr2den then whats the point of life
    August 1 01:07 AM
  • Bitchfork oh well then you have no life and take sea's advice because you have no idea what you're talking about most of the time.
    August 1 12:03 AM
  • Psilocyanide Lol I did thanks.
    July 29 11:10 PM
  • Ire omg
    July 29 04:32 PM
  • Ire make a classical battle. Mozart(duh), Beethoven(duh) and Bach(duh) would be cool to see.
    July 29 01:17 AM
  • SeaAnemone so why not spread the word about BETTER bands that the site hasnt heard about instead of regurgitating the same bs over and over? (and obviously you're not to blame, there's no hostility here, I'm merely making a point, and your lists are a brilliant ex. of what I believe to be an underlying huge problem in the site)
    July 28 08:30 PM
  • SeaAnemone "Thursday has a highest-rated album just as high as the other bands (4.1)" Seriously? c'mon we both know how little those ratings mean... "But anyway, maybe I'll ask next time," Correct... "I just don't think it's that big of a deal tbh." OK, but it's as big of a deal as the validity you want your contest to have. More apt choices for bands would be: Jawbreaker, Jawbox, Drive Like Jehu, Frodus, Shellac, Unwound, ATDI, Armchairpolitician, La Dispute, etc.
    July 28 07:16 PM
  • SeaAnemone "I disagree, the fact Thursday is in this isn't laughable at all." OK, let me explain why then... "They are one of the biggest post-hardcore acts of all-time." False, maybe true to somebody who doesn't listen to post-hardcore... "Should I pick bands that are bigger on Sputnik, or bands that are more popular in general?" Neither, I thought the point was to pick the best or most essential? Neither of these qualities reflect 'best' or 'most essential'...
    July 28 07:12 PM
  • SeaAnemone that's not true at all, I bet ATDI would have won considering they created what's widely regarded as the greatest modern p-h album. And the fact that you included Thursday over a ton of more worthy candidates is laughable, really. just ASK somebody who knows what they're talking about next time please, that is if you actually want this contest to succeed in any way
    July 28 10:08 AM
  • SeaAnemone not trying to be n asshole dude but some of your band choices are pretty pathetic... nothing against you, obviously I don't consider myself to name 3 essentialist bands from the 18 genres, but you should really be asking advice from the people who KNOW the genres if you want the contest to retain any semblance of quality
    July 28 01:00 AM
  • SlightlyEpic screamo is a bad idea of you only include 3 because it just is okay
    July 21 07:48 PM
  • Ire a screamo list would be a bad idea because you would ruin it
    July 21 06:20 PM
  • sniper Oh s*** and don't forget pg. 99 people (I) would freak out.
    July 21 05:47 PM
  • sniper There are a lot to cover and people will complain about various bands being missing, but DEFINITELY Gospel, CTTS and probably City of Caterpillar. How many would you include?
    July 21 05:42 PM
  • sniper Do a screamo one plz.
    July 21 04:35 AM
  • Ire i'll take academys place every time you make a gay list. this is just a warning.
    July 21 12:44 AM
  • acADHDemy very well, i will behave myself :)
    July 19 08:50 PM
  • acADHDemy (2/2) missed in a list that runs concurrently with the 2nd to last genre. You provide a nice service but a little transparency would be appreciated from your voters. That's all i'm arguing for...
    July 19 04:36 PM
  • acADHDemy (1/2) i will stop if you take two (very fair, in my opinion) courses of action. 1. Run-off Megadeth v. Metallica. I will allow you to break the one list per day rule so this can run concurrently with the next round. 2. Reserve the final 'genre' for bands that you have left off the other lists. I understand it is difficult to please everyone with nominations in each category, so I can cut you some slack, but you do miss some big ones here and there... you should let users nominate bands you
    July 19 04:35 PM
  • tombits i want to see a crunkcore list.
    July 18 09:10 AM
  • Yeahtoast Dude, how long until your next list and what's the genre?! I'm in a different time zone, it's 2:15 in the morning here and I'm in work early and the only reason I'm up is I'm anxious to see the list choices D: I missed it last night haha
    July 15 09:18 PM
  • sniper Do a metalcore one next. Converge, DEP, Botch, and whoever else people ask for. An a post-hardcore one would be really cool too.
    July 13 09:38 PM
  • MrHotMoms you have to do a runoff for metallica and megadeth. it's so close and so many posts were d; its bulls***.
    July 13 08:44 PM
  • couldwinarabbit Hey, nice to see one of these again. What genres are you gonna do on the indie side? Like what would Radiohead or Sonic Youth fall under?
    July 13 12:20 AM
  • Nagrarok I already put it in the list, but here's an extra shout to urge you to really check out Violator. Album is so awesome.
    July 12 05:28 PM
  • AnotherBrick hells ya, send me the essential 10 :)
    June 1 03:13 PM
  • Hoopy Aha, touchè. I have since gone back and listened to all the songs off this album through their myspace and youtube profiles (TheGoblinChicken), lest I be labeled a hypocrite. I have to say I stand by my previous posts to you.
    May 19 07:09 AM
  • Hoopy I honestly lack the time or patience to listen through the 'whole' album but I have listened to the first 6 tracks and there are whole riffs where the drums and guitars don't sync up, also some riffs where both guitars on the track don't sync, which is odd because from my understanding there is one guitarist. I've said my piece.
    May 18 06:16 PM
  • Hoopy Indeed. I was rather harsh in my first post for I thought this was a group of grown men and I appologize. Some tips to make this a better album, tune up before every track if you have s***ty guitars. Maybe play to a click track as well, as most of the songs have some time issues. Taking into consideration how green (as in young) this band is, they have some decent ideas/riffs in some of their songs. Just need to tighten things up a bit, if they want to be taken as seriously as they desire.
    May 18 08:46 AM
  • lobby Nihilanth, which was alright, but it sounds really underproduced and albums this obscure can never be THAT good (8 5 stars)
    May 2 08:33 PM
  • WvaSkittle oh ok cool
    April 22 06:59 PM
  • Greggers Suuuup
    April 22 06:34 PM
  • WvaSkittle who won/lost on round six worst band ever
    April 21 10:00 AM
  • AtavanHalen Cool story
    April 18 10:23 AM
  • Carnifex Hey can you send me that Hasan album to ? I'm really curious.
    April 15 07:46 PM
  • 8bit sick man, i see you already got it up, k-fed doesn't stand a chance lol.
    April 12 09:50 PM
  • 8bit when does the next round of the worst band begin man?
    April 12 08:56 PM
  • scissorlocked thanks for the help dude!!!I'll check them out
    April 6 12:59 PM
  • scissorlocked Hey man,any suggestions for a first buckethead album???
    April 5 03:30 PM
  • EBTCardMania It has nothing to do with you. It's just a really unimportant and boring reason to make a list.
    March 30 11:13 PM
  • KILL yea man everything about half life is epic
    March 23 05:43 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 haha why do I love Grumble****
    March 3 09:16 PM
  • NeutralThunder12 Love your Battle lists, you should do a genre battle or something; like prog bands versus other prog bands, post-rock bands versus post-rock (though we all know who would win that...), metalcore V metalcore, stuff like that. Anyway, whatever you do, I'm sure it will be awesome.
    March 2 10:51 AM
  • Nagrarok Yes of course I could ignore them, but in fact I liked the idea, and thought you should have not stretched out the number of lists so much.
    February 14 07:07 AM
  • chambered89 you GOTTA put deftones in the tournament man!
    February 11 11:13 PM
  • bungy Battle of the Bands thing is cool, thanks for doing it.
    February 10 08:24 PM
  • Progmaster85 lol good I'm glad they were knocked out. Looking forward to the later rounds.
    February 5 11:21 PM
  • Progmaster85 hahaha I love prog though I'm no real prog master yet (the name was a joke), and yeah qwe3 is a supreme elitist who probably sits at home and criticizes Family Guy for being 'too random' lol. Colors is fantastic, one of the most unique albums out there. Can't wait for your battle of the bands to continue. Did you have Converge in their?
    February 5 02:52 PM
  • Progmaster85 cool man, very cool. Looking forward to it. Seeing how you have a variety of tastes, out of curiosity, who is your favorite band?
    February 4 10:52 AM
  • TheNewWhack I'm just gunna throw something out there...A Wilhelm ScreamBomb The Music Industry!PropagandhiThat would be a close battle...
    February 3 10:51 PM
  • Progmaster85 by the way your ratings are sweeeeet
    February 3 05:54 PM
  • Progmaster85 hey bro, when are you going to do the final rounds of Battle of the Bands?
    February 3 05:53 PM
  • Maniac! i know this wont make much of a difference on your decision...but id like to see tool in a future list
    February 2 12:56 PM
  • Foxhound Just throwing out ideas (The Cure, The Smiths, Joy Division)
    February 1 11:12 PM
  • Deviant. Not to be an ass but can you please recount for Opeth, I count 42 votes for them
    February 1 06:08 PM
  • Romulus From one FNM fan to another you can give me the inside scoop on whether or not they'll be in this?
    February 1 05:29 PM
  • Nagrarok Would have voted for part 3, but I'm barely online around the weekend. Don't care for part 4.
    January 30 02:41 PM
  • Prophet178 I demand a recount on part 1 sir.
    January 28 02:16 PM
  • Nagrarok I am wondering about part II. Make it some more exciting please.
    January 28 12:36 PM
  • TheSpirit hell yeah the man is my hero
    January 15 09:42 PM
  • sXeMOSHCOREhXc wanna make a band with me cmon
    December 28 11:20 AM
  • sXeMOSHCOREhXc wanna make a band with me cmon
    December 28 11:20 AM
  • Necrotica companion cube avatar!
    December 8 03:55 PM
  • Kronzo Hey lol.. these shoutboxes are pretty cool.
    August 14 11:17 PM

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