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  • katerinjoa hi
    April 26 04:27 PM
  • sixdegrees !!!!!!
    July 4 02:50 AM
  • sixdegrees sputnik has been aids-free for almost an entire year
    June 7 03:00 AM
  • Realm :)
    May 20 03:22 AM
  • Darius The Imposter Am I still the reason you don't use sput anymore?
    May 5 05:01 AM
  • Storm In A Teacup jerry jones
    February 28 06:38 PM
  • Trebor. oh lol I saw that
    February 22 09:15 PM
  • Trebor. Hit up my most recent list if you want to see a Lambs meltdown
    February 19 11:23 PM
  • neekafat "Former Supposed Infatuation Junkie"
    February 5 05:59 AM
  • neekafat Damn, it should've been
    February 4 04:54 PM
  • neekafat Is your username an Alanis Morissette pun?
    February 1 04:24 PM
  • Trebor. 90 is the number of lists he plans on making about his supposed ex and his favorite Nine Inch Nails songs
    December 27 02:05 AM
  • Trebor. I see you've stumbled upon rodrigo90. He's my favorite new user
    December 27 01:58 AM
  • Slex My favorite off of Cocksure is definitely Tom Sawyer as well, but I LOVE Out W a Whimper, Jellyfish, Ticker Tape, and Life is Long so much as well. As far as favorite Laura songs go, yeah that is so damn hard, I really don't think I can pick a #1. It's a basically a tie w L-Dopa, Wheel, and I See Dark, I think. Also SO much love for Renee, Every Tense, Holy Ghost, Halloween, Master of Art. I mean god yeah she is the best.
    November 14 06:18 AM
  • Slex also, found this out of the blue and idk if it's because i've been listening to Cocksure so much, but it reminds me a LOT of A Record/Sit Resist era Laura, lemme know what you think if you get the chance:
    November 3 03:29 PM
  • Slex I'd have to say she's probably my second or third favorite artist of all time, so yeah I am so excited it's unreal. I listened to Cocksure some more this morning and grew on me even more, might be bumping my rating up to a 5. It's so damn hard for me to choose between the 3 but I'd probably go with Wheel as well. What is your favorite song off of Cocksure? What's yr favorite Laura song in general?
    November 3 02:45 PM
  • Slex I basically feel about the same, I think she's one of the like top 3 songwriters of this generation, hands down. I've grown to REALLY love the record, though yeah not as much as Wheel or Sit Resist. I'm seeing her in Philly soonish and it'll be my first time seeing her and I am just insanely excited.
    November 2 04:14 PM
  • theacademy it is making me feel feelings that i never knew existed
    October 22 04:14 AM
  • Slex curious as to whether you really think the new Laura Stevenson is a 5 or you're just that big of a fan? I'm a mega fan and Cocksure was my most anticipated album of this year, but I'm pretty underwhelmed, though not completely. It's like a 3.7-4 for me right now. What makes it so great for you?
    October 21 05:54 AM
  • Atari you should write a review for the new mountain goats. you're a fantastic writer and i know you'd do the album justice
    April 8 04:15 PM
  • BMDrummer rip contrib
    February 6 09:12 PM
  • Pheromone Sup man, you seem to be into sad bastard Indie kinda. Mind spearing a rec akin to The Wrens - Meadowlands, Okkervil River - DTROGD
    January 21 05:06 PM
  • eyehategod too busy banging a couple hot fellers er what
    December 9 05:01 AM
  • eyehategod i havent been gone a while you pecker head im gonna nuck you in a minute
    December 8 12:06 AM
  • eyehategod suck a pecker to you too then
    December 7 11:04 PM
  • eyehategod hello friend
    December 7 05:20 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot is it more of a personal gripe against the guy himself?
    December 2 07:11 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Lol, I was just saying that you referenced my username in your post.
    November 28 04:31 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot wow, talk about polar opposite opinions lol. definitely expected some people to hate it though, but hopefully the review was a decent enough read
    November 28 04:14 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot why the pom pom hate? just curious
    November 28 03:43 AM
  • SgtPepper hey adrian. what are your thoughts on the new tvotr? i was fairly disappointed personally, but enjoyed a handful of tracks (test pilot, love stained, seeds). a lot of the content lacked the urgency and emotiveness that always drew me to them, and the ones that manage to hit those notes, seem weaker in comparison to their other stuff.
    November 19 07:38 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges I'm in your comment!
    November 16 12:38 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges
    November 15 09:04 PM
  • Jash still holdin a spot in your fav bands list, niceeeeeeeeeee
    October 19 06:22 AM
  • BertMacklinFBI Aids is literally the best user name I've ever heard.
    October 8 09:44 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Ahhh
    October 6 11:34 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot "easy there, By Volume" - what does that mean?
    October 6 02:06 AM
  • Arcade Tobias Funke, you blowhard
    September 30 02:53 PM
  • Snake. nice parks and recreation avi bro
    August 25 06:36 PM
  • MeatSalad check wintersleep
    August 10 02:21 AM
  • OmairSh I've been looking for an analrapist that goes by the name anustart, do you know of him?
    July 22 07:25 AM
  • Slex you should review Familiars, it's streaming on Spotify now
    April 25 10:03 PM
  • klap my body is a finely tuned microchip, a grain of sand wouldnt literally destroy it
    April 22 11:30 PM
  • dimsim3478 ey thanks for the iNTRiKeT WAVs
    April 17 09:15 AM
  • Solbrave I like you
    April 17 04:38 AM
  • NoSons It is not even your recent activeness, it is just me browsing around and seeing you respect music in a generous manner!
    April 10 12:34 AM
  • klap wow they're canadian and you still never heard them? actually robin was the one who turned them on to me when champ came out. i'd listen to that first
    March 25 05:34 PM
  • TenSecondsToThink Gonna try my best to like this then. Their first LP was one of my favorite albums at some point.
    March 25 05:15 PM
  • Deviant. It's his usual break-y wobble stuff. Not the best around, but it's a fun enough ride
    March 25 06:30 AM
  • Deviant. Opiuo:
    March 24 10:20 AM
  • NoSons Yo man, just wanting to say I dig your music credibility and style. Definitely always take your opinions to heart.
    March 19 04:40 PM
  • klap glad you dug the hospitality
    March 16 10:18 PM
  • StrangerofSorts 2 things. Thing 1: Benji rating makes me sad. Thing 2: been jamming Waxahatchee's American Weekend like all day and reckoned you were the person to ask for similar recs?
    March 13 08:12 PM
  • JWT155 Nah it was sincere, Luo was a good guy and was under-appreciated by management.
    March 9 11:15 PM
  • JWT155 My condolences to the Vancouver Canucks in regards to Luongo.
    March 8 02:44 AM
  • TMobotron GL on staff man, you would get my vote. Especially if you hit on a couple more things like VIVEK in '14!
    February 2 04:23 AM
  • Deviant. Nah I get that. I've always found it kind of funny that I can absolutely hate "heavy" dubstep (well 90% of it anyway) and yet I get a huge kick out of really violent drum and bass. I guess I've always considered the genre to be quite aggressive (if you ignore the more chilled out stuff). And sweet, you really can't go wrong with Big Bud. He gets reaaaallly dubby on his more recent LPs too
    January 21 08:25 AM
  • Deviant. Also, drum and bass tune of 2013 (turn the bass up):
    January 20 02:46 AM
  • Deviant. He's got some good tunes (the Blue Eyes EP and the stuff he's put out on Commercial Suicide) but I find him to be a bit of a one note producer, he never really steps outside of his comfort zone. Kinda follows a similar template to Big Bud, but the latter likes to mix it up more -
    January 20 02:46 AM
  • Trebor. Aids if you saw the review before he changed it you would neg too
    January 17 02:19 AM
  • crowing51 Is it some curse that doesn't allow any user to truly leave this place or something? Jeez.
    January 14 09:54 AM
  • crowing51 Not really, I mean he is persistent in a sense of not being bitched out to leave lol. That's why I asked if he left. Maybe a personal reason.
    January 13 01:06 PM
  • crowing51 When did andcas leave? Why did he leave? Wtf.
    January 12 10:38 AM
  • Trebor. did you even write any blurbs I forgot
    January 11 08:19 AM
  • demigod! jeez of all the ppl in that Sput FB group I'M the turn off?? damb
    January 3 06:05 AM
  • kitsch upvote
    December 27 12:46 AM
  • FearThyEvil That jon idiot 5'd 12 albums this year. LMFAO
    December 23 02:57 AM
  • anarchistfish nothin, just in general and the fact you were hanging around the site :)
    December 20 11:54 AM
  • anarchistfish why are you so cranky now
    December 19 03:09 AM
  • Snake. hi
    December 17 12:06 AM
  • Hep Kat you should listen to marci beaucoup
    December 14 01:08 AM
  • Deviant. Haha, I actually just found out that a producer I really like, a guy called Fis, literally lived down the road from me
    December 2 03:08 AM
  • Brostep here ya go yaself out
    December 1 05:35 PM
  • LambsBread
    November 24 03:39 AM
  • luci glad to see you're as down for r 7!
    November 18 12:58 AM
  • Trebor. Thank you for setting up a great ****ing joke
    November 5 07:34 AM
  • Green Baron why wouldn't you want to post it on sputnik?
    November 1 12:04 AM
  • tommygun thanks a bunch man that will get me started for sure, p excited about this!
    October 31 05:16 AM
  • tommygun sup man where's the best place to start (say, three or four albums) for the mountain goats? that's a big ole discog
    October 31 02:54 AM
  • Green Baron So, what happened to that 5 Pure Heroine review?
    October 27 10:44 PM
  • SeaAnemone if that's the case it's probably the latter... love, seaanemone (the guy who can't find a dealer at the moment)
    October 27 12:06 AM
  • Deviant. Yeah I'm a big sucker for those grandiose epic buildups, the extended intro is such a live highlight. Just the buildup, where you feel your body anticipating what's to come. Speaking of which: and here's some liquid:
    October 21 09:35 AM
  • sniper it's also filled with fantastic stuff that you would probably love
    October 18 02:44 AM
  • sniper get tim hecker's discog dude
    October 17 03:42 AM
  • Trebor. Your ears are only fine tuned to Laura Stevenson and Hop Along
    October 17 02:35 AM
  • Trebor. Female singer/songwriter on Topshelf:
    October 16 04:44 AM
  • Deviant. No, no we're just getting started:
    October 14 03:01 AM
  • Typhoner "we need more with good taste in bleepbloops writing reviews" - my latest one bleeps/bloops hard, taste is of course debatable
    October 9 06:13 PM
  • Deviant. The time to get you into drum and bass starts now:
    October 9 11:01 AM
  • Trebor. Adrian how do I talk to women?
    October 1 06:18 AM
  • unclereich you're really going to dig dude, the production is so crisp definitely reminiscent of DARE I SAY mr. jaime meline himself
    September 30 02:20 AM
  • unclereich get on that new danny brown you mountain goat
    September 30 02:14 AM
  • Deviant. Yeah he's not bad, has kind of a more funk-laden sound to his breaks than the usual stuff, like Tipper etc. Think I'm seeing him around new years
    September 28 01:21 AM
  • YourDarkAffected thank you! And sweet, I'm looking forward to reading yours! It just baffles me how confident and talented she is at only 16. Maybe that is making me a little less critical of her, idk, but there's really nothing I can find that is imperfect. In any track. period.
    September 27 02:20 AM
  • turtleflu Great review of Cerulean Salt! It's easily my favorite album of the year.
    September 26 04:20 PM
  • YourDarkAffected good to see another serious minded writer really dig Lorde haha. I couldn't believe the heat I got from 5ing it! She's freaking amazing!
    September 25 03:13 AM
  • Scoot word. just as long as you check out white lighter ;)
    September 24 08:37 AM
  • Winesburgohio one of my favourite AD scenes :')
    September 24 03:23 AM
  • Trebor. You should check out Modern Baseball. They kind of sound like if the Weakerthans were emo
    September 23 06:09 AM
  • oltnabrick who are you?
    September 17 04:14 AM
  • oltnabrick **** you.
    September 16 06:58 PM
  • oltnabrick Whoa why?
    September 15 04:47 PM
  • unclereich yooo aids peeeep this beast
    September 5 04:32 AM
  • wabbit wag
    September 5 02:18 AM
  • clercqie Currently most looking forward to Lion Charge 003 (Kaiju - Unity Dub) and the new DMZ. Both sick sick tunes. And although those VIPs are really awesome, it's still a bit disappointing that VIVEK decided to release yet another version of Asteroids. Imo, he needs to surprise a bit more, for the System label to really become god-tier. Josh will probably disagree tho. :]
    September 3 03:51 PM
  • twlichty Hey thanks for rating my EP Different Waves! You should review it. ;)
    September 3 06:39 AM
  • clercqie System003: Asteroids VIP / Soundman VIP !!!!!!
    August 28 08:00 AM
  • ResidentNihilist Hey, sorry for the whole ordeal with the review. I did not mean to creep you out with the information I used because I thought that was just common knowledge on Sputnik (i.e. you going to Africa and liking Laura Stevenson and the Cans). If there was anything else that was accurate or touched on a nerve that wasn't my intention. I was a bit apprehensive about the humour because I didn't know how far to push it when it came to the 'jokes.' I was aiming for laughs not to offend/creep so I apologise
    August 22 01:55 PM
  • ResidentNihilist Hey, sorry for the whole ordeal with the review. I
    August 22 01:51 PM
  • Casablanca yea, i really failed to see the greatness when everyone went nuts over it. chance has potential, but his gimmick wears very thin with me
    August 21 05:54 AM
  • ResidentNihilist Tbh yes and no, simply because I don't know you (I never conversed with you on any thread) and I didn't know how you'd react. I was 50/50 about it originally because even though the majority of Sputnik wouldn't give a **** I felt some would probably turn into some kind of ridiculous vendetta or some bs. Maybe I'm just too paranoid lol.
    August 20 08:45 PM
  • ResidentNihilist i wrote a review of Prurient's A History of Aids and saying it was a concept album about a fictional version of your life. All of it's made up bar the allusion of you going to Africa but then what actually happens there is made up too.
    August 20 08:52 AM
  • ResidentNihilist I should give you fair warning about this dude, it's about you or more specifically I kind of twisted it to sound like a concept album about your life. Dw it's nothing obsessive, I just saw the album title and I couldn't resist. I should emphasise it's all parody and nothing serious so if you want me to take it down I'll get it removed (that's if you're okay with it first).
    August 19 09:43 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures bump take care bb just for me
    August 16 07:59 PM
  • clercqie **** yeah, just snagged myself a copy of Asteroids, still. Goodbye neighbourly love! :D
    August 13 01:34 PM
  • Rev thanks for checking out the album boo. glad you like it!
    August 8 08:58 AM
  • fromtheinside omg, even you know math doesn't matter to anyone in a state school, which btw, you know this, everyone on this is in, because otherwise, hello, they created their own sput aka manic, but he's like 19 so whatever
    August 7 06:24 AM
  • fromtheinside i did that on purpose, how are we not friends, we're identical, i didn't drop out on purpose but you reached the same plateau as i
    August 7 06:17 AM
  • fromtheinside dude
    August 7 06:17 AM
  • Trebor. I'm having a hard time getting off my ass to review this summer yes. Need that school structure
    August 2 08:42 AM
  • Trebor. Nah that's good, thanks
    August 2 03:05 AM
  • Jash You post rock ****
    July 29 07:38 AM
  • Disrupt it is your friend hello
    July 29 07:24 AM
  • Disrupt yes i know i see
    July 29 06:10 AM
  • Banion Well I do live quite a bit closer now so maybe I'll head that way. We definitely do need to catch up!
    July 24 08:17 AM
  • Trebor. Can you take a look at my newest review
    July 24 06:06 AM
  • Banion "Banion just move to BC already and we can drink away our troubles. Well, move to BC in like September. Way better boys in BC than Alberta (haha this is making me sound so gay)."And then I did, and even with all your promises there were no better boys.
    July 23 10:19 AM
  • Winesburgohio hahaha omg
    July 19 07:28 AM
  • Winesburgohio wonderful, danke so much dude! the same friend who showed me 'Sunflower' swears by 'C'mon' too so i'll check that after the canonized ones
    July 19 07:03 AM
  • Winesburgohio Aids m'lad where should i start with Low? A friend showed me 'Sunflower' and i was absolutely blown away. xx :)
    July 19 03:47 AM
  • Trebor. Thanks I appreciate it, I didn't really realize I keep writing the same review
    July 18 11:49 AM
  • Trebor. "review started out very promising but then turned into a trebor review" what does this even mean?
    July 17 07:21 AM
  • Scoot check it nigz
    July 14 09:36 PM
  • Hep Kat
    July 11 05:36 AM
  • anarchistfish listen to Phaeleh's new album if you want some bumpin bristol dubstep
    July 2 08:32 PM
  • someguest Sure, but you hate me.
    June 28 08:16 AM
  • demigod! damn dude well get pumped cause it's probably even better than the first, especially towards hte middle/end. it's definitely more consistent at least. some of the new characters they added are just hysterical, and they've made the overarching story a lot more concise and clear-cut.
    June 27 04:56 AM
  • demigod! you see the veep finale bro?
    June 27 02:15 AM
  • Deviant. I legitimately hated that track for awhile, because I kept wanting something more to happen in the song. That, and it's been blasted to hell and back on NZ radio and tv lately, but yeah it's grown on me. Gf dragged me along to a show she did in wellington and yeah, the girl has mad talent
    June 24 12:03 PM
  • clercqie Oh nice! He seems like a cool dude.
    June 24 09:20 AM
  • Deviant. You're a Lorde fan?
    June 24 07:54 AM
  • clercqie Nice work on the ByVolume Sorrow review man!
    June 22 09:47 AM
  • SgtPepper Hey Adrian, I thought I'd share this with you since you're a big AD fan. I found a free HD ringtone of "Get Away, Getaway" from season 4. I'm tempted to use it as my own for awhile. Anyway here's the link: (the link to the ringtone is in the video description)
    June 22 03:58 AM
  • Deviant. I'm (fingers crossed) going to try and review it myself. The US release date was about a week ago so it's still kind of relevant from a staff perspective. I'll give it a read after (or if I don't cover it), only because I hate reading other opinions when I'm trying to expand on my own. Just run the risk of being swayed, or saying the same thing, y'know?
    June 22 02:04 AM
  • andcas already checked it out dude.
    June 21 05:53 AM
  • greg84 Hey. I've actually done more than one interview. 5 or 6... I guess. Feel free to check them out. Cheers.
    June 19 05:53 PM
  • Hep Kat i have been drunk...FOREVER
    June 18 07:11 PM
  • Hep Kat y hav u bcum so preachy n up ur own ass lately bro???
    June 18 06:54 AM
  • TMobotron Aids bro check out the new Zomby album if you get time.
    June 15 09:31 AM
  • Satellite I suck
    June 3 07:05 PM
  • klap not really just saw shout out louds last week probs thermals in a couple
    June 1 11:36 AM
  • klap you patrollin my ratings? i liked it when it came out, probably less so now. i'm not too fastidious when it comes to those boy
    May 31 04:09 PM
  • luci "oh helllllll naw, someone hold my purse" is this your signature phrase right now? hah love u
    May 18 06:04 AM
  • Atari Lol nah wasn't joking. not sure if u heard the band's older material but their vocals have improved as well so the combination of the improved vocals laura Stevenson = A
    May 15 03:11 PM
  • Atari I'd be surprised if u didn't like 'the devil in my blood stream'
    May 15 08:13 AM
  • Atari i'm supposed to tell you that laura stevenson is featured in the new album by the wonder years : P
    May 14 09:55 PM
  • BigPleb Don't hate me man, I just hate Godspeed haha.
    May 13 10:27 AM
  • barcafan21 i love the uptempo tracks so much and pink rabbits is amazing its their most immediate album
    May 13 01:21 AM
  • barcafan21 ****in trouble will find me
    May 13 01:14 AM
  • klap are you telling me you've never listened to cut copy - in ghost colours???? this is something to be rectified immediately and frankly i dk how it is even possible
    May 12 04:47 AM
  • klap hahahaha nice that is so random. i am pretty jazzed my gf found me a used vinyl copy of in ghost colours she shipped from japan. legitimately difficult record to track down and wasn't gonna pay $300 new to some twat on ebay
    May 12 04:32 AM
  • klap dude same. i had been meaning to listen to it for a while but it wasn't really what i expected. still good tho
    May 12 02:44 AM
  • Ire congrats on making staff gj
    May 11 09:25 AM
  • Deviant. With the rate I'm going armageddon might hit first
    May 8 08:45 AM
  • klap i honestly just retweet NBA jokes bc i am so lazy
    May 7 02:14 AM
  • klap no it's quite boring actually
    May 6 05:13 PM
  • klap veils followed me on twitter after my review haha yesss
    May 6 02:11 AM
  • slipnslide that house is just down the street from me so if youd like to buy it i can vouch it is a nice neighbourhood and i will maybe consider a discounted price for a fellow vancouverite ;)
    May 2 08:08 AM
  • slipnslide yo aids wanna buy a house
    May 2 05:35 AM
  • klap like "dancing with the tornado" is them doing ye olde blues shtick and the whole middle is kind of dreary but the last half is ace
    April 30 04:09 AM
  • klap yeah a high school friend of mine gave me Runaway found like 10th grade and i dug it. listening back on all their stuff now it's really almost as good as Nux Vomica imo - the only song i really am bleh about is Guiding Light. Sun Gangs hasn't aged as well but there's still a few classic songs there. the new one is interesting - more sparse than the others but i like it. kind of hits a lull in the middle and a couple bad songs
    April 30 04:05 AM
  • klap trying to review their new album
    April 29 05:02 PM
  • SgtPepper Thanks. I'm not very creative when it comes to names so I just end up going with whatever comes to mind. cheers.
    April 29 04:32 AM
  • Rev It pains me to say it too dude, but to me all the music seems recycled and the lyrics aren't as hard hitting and the album as a whole feels like the band on auto-pilot. It bums me out cause EGN is in my top 5 favorite albums and SITB is my jam
    April 27 02:46 PM
  • tommygun mate where's your wheel review I feel like I'm waiting for a cumshot thatjustisn'tcoming
    April 25 05:56 AM
  • klap don't worry i won't be reviewing it. probs around a 4 off initial listens tho. it's just an album i associate with sputnik because of the sit resist hype train
    April 24 04:46 AM
  • klap I THOUGHT sit resist was ok (like average power-pop 3.5 i mean where is my she AND him) but i must say i do appreciate wheel quite a bit. **** you sputnik!
    April 24 04:39 AM
  • Hep Kat you've srsly never heard night birds? they're only the single greatest punk band in existence today:
    April 23 12:55 AM
  • FromDaHood Sent, go nuts
    April 19 09:59 PM
  • FromDaHood nah dude i'll hook you up. what's your dropbox e-mail do you use for Dropbox?
    April 19 06:09 PM
  • FromDaHood Ah **** I never should have hooked Rob up, I'm not ready for this kind of responsibility. Can it wait until tomorrow?
    April 19 04:27 AM
  • geasoftime I intentionally recced him the albums that I did, and that's far from every electronic album I've ever heard. Maybe 1% of them. If he's trying to get into electronic music, he should hear those albums, even if they're not exactly like the ones he posted. Excluding the Tim Hecker album, they're all much better.
    April 17 02:55 PM
  • klap first recap up tmrw! god i hate writing these things have to pretend like i was sober the entire time...
    April 17 07:03 AM
  • taylormemer Thank you. It was, at the time, an appropriate response.
    April 16 03:16 PM
  • anarchistfish No :\ this site is so easy to troll when it comes to certain bands, it's too easy to resist
    April 16 06:50 AM
  • toxin. are you reviewing the new eluvium? i would love to see your take on it
    April 16 05:48 AM
  • Jash Yeah his LP was one of the more consistent ones for sure
    April 14 05:12 PM
  • Ire frank turner is gay
    April 14 08:34 AM
  • Jash Hahaha nice one, what have you heard so far?
    April 13 11:27 PM
  • barcafan21 TEAM ALLIGATOR
    April 11 02:36 PM
  • Spare aids aids aids check my record
    April 11 01:40 PM
  • clercqie The Trentemoller track is obviously the tits.
    April 9 09:06 AM
  • clercqie Since you want some more deep house. Wonderful mix.
    April 9 09:03 AM
  • wabbit It's like you don't even read
    April 8 10:41 PM
  • wabbit I'm trying to bang this girl and she's trying to convince me chem trails are real.
    April 8 09:49 PM
  • clercqie Nvm, got it!
    April 8 08:32 AM
  • clercqie happen to have a Markley link? After reading your review, I decided I really need that album. ;]Very nice work btw!
    April 8 08:14 AM
  • surprisefriend im pretty confident that we have a better playoff team that last year i think we can beat anaheim i cant see them "beating" us like most teams i think sestito is a playoff performer with his big hits hopefully ebbet is out booth will be fuucked either way kassian is gonna be a fuuckin force holy shiit he has been playing soo good since he came back laying the body hard sedins getting into their swing oh man
    April 7 05:41 AM
  • surprisefriend schneider for gm
    April 7 05:19 AM
  • Curse. Nah, you and Trebor are great reviewers. If I get promoted, awesome, but if I don't, that's fine too. I'm never applying for it again though, if they think I should be promoted they will do it, I'm not gonna ask over and over coughataricough
    April 5 09:20 PM

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