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  • garas Hi! I guess I really have to jump on that band now - both you and GamamJ rec'd it for me :0 Thanks for the rec, and we'll see if I can write something about it. :]
    August 24 10:16 AM
  • Bedex
    July 29 10:11 PM
  • budgie oh thanks dude!! it's one of my favorite shoegaze albums for sure! so underrated. the three links i just sent you are all montreal artists =D
    July 5 01:13 AM
  • budgie,,
    July 4 09:05 PM
  • budgie
    July 2 04:44 AM
  • budgie glad you like!
    July 2 04:13 AM
  • budgie
    July 2 03:24 AM
  • TronaldDump Thank you kindly!
    June 27 06:02 AM
  • wildinferno2010 Hey dude, you checked out Bloom by Caligula's Horse? If not it's loads better than in contact, you should give it a look
    June 26 05:36 PM
  • budgie
    June 24 03:29 AM
  • parksungjoon
    June 22 07:45 PM
  • SitarHero Ha! You're welcome!...but why though?
    June 20 08:54 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Cheers man. When did i pretend it was the opposite?
    June 20 08:24 PM
  • parksungjoon it's not like i don't like these bands. they were important for me at some points, and i have nostalgia for a lot of their stuff. but i kind of only want to return to their best stuff nowadays, and my ratings should probably indicate that.
    June 20 05:44 AM
  • parksungjoon but i look myself in the mirror and ask - is this album bad? no. - do i want to listen to it again though? also no. because there already is so much amazing music out there waiting to be discovered. that's why i decided it's more useful to me personally to be a little more elitist from now on :]
    June 20 05:42 AM
  • parksungjoon i didnt understand either when i saw some people (like cygnatti comes to mind) doing this kind of thing years ago. but becoming active again after a few years of not listening much, it kinda just clicked in my head what the benefits are to looking at things this way. of course, it seems more respectful to the artists to give an album 3 or 3.5 if it isnt bad but it doesnt do that much for you, i agree. you think how can i give this a 2 if theres so much worse music out there.
    June 20 05:41 AM
  • parksungjoon respect man!
    June 20 04:22 AM
  • wildinferno2010 Yeah dude, I have a feeling German style of thrash might be more my thing. Bar Metallica/Megadeath I was never able to get into thrash - but Pleasure to Kill rules hard
    June 19 06:59 AM
  • ian b dunno what i did to deserve such gratitude, but i raise my glass (or in this case, pint of beer in a can) to you as well friend! cheers!!
    June 16 04:50 AM
  • garas I feel greatly honored, thanks!!
    June 15 11:59 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell ah thanks for the kind words - multigenre love is the best love ;]
    June 15 09:42 AM
  • evilford Hell yeah man, ulcerate has quickly become one of my favorite bands of all time. Have a good one bro m/
    June 15 05:50 AM
  • evilford Hello fr33lord how goes it?
    June 15 05:13 AM
  • Mythodea I believe what makes the list successful is exactly people being open and vulnerable, so congratulations to all who took the time to suggest songs! I see positive words and thankyous in many posts in your box before mine. That must say something about you. Thank you, too.
    June 14 11:16 PM
  • garas Thank you, and very kind of you. At least you feel that way.
    June 14 05:56 PM
  • wildinferno2010 Cheers dude. Yeah, personal ratings are the way to go for most people, can't be assed trying to set up some strict, "objective" criteria for rating music.You got some interesting 5's btw, good call with Friday Night in San Francisco. Such a good album
    June 13 09:59 AM
  • bloodshy lol, i'm not deterred by the haters, i was just screwing around. i do need to check out the full album, though. embarrassed to say i probably haven't
    June 6 06:13 AM
  • deathofasalesman cuz i got 6666 comments thats why
    June 5 06:58 AM
  • SandwichBubble That's really kind of you to say, thank you! | Nice My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive ratings by the way, be sure to check the rest of their discography sometime in the future. Really solid groups.
    June 5 05:53 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie No problem mate, I just happen to know a lot cause i've read his autobiography and seen countless interviews. He's the reason I play guitar so I always wanted to know what kickstarted the fire. It's always nice to go back and learn the origins. Thanks for dropping by!
    June 4 06:09 AM
  • OmairSh Haha yeah I gotcha :-). No worries, hope you enjoy! Curious to see what you think
    June 3 04:58 AM
  • OmairSh Alright, last one I promise haha (Pak Prog/funk rock but with English lyrics) . At your own convenience :-).
    June 3 02:27 AM
  • OmairSh I checked the Scofield track, really groovy stuff, the drums sound pristine. Thanks for sharing! One final rec for ya in that vain :-) (prog/jazz rock fusion band from Pak. This is their best album imo)
    June 2 11:23 PM
  • Bedex Pas de souci, merci pour les recs!
    June 2 03:51 PM
  • OmairSh Thanks fur the recs Koan! And I do enjoy jazz fusion, even if the phase is gone atm, it'll come back haha. Looks like you enjoyed the Asad Ahmed album a tad bit :-). Been listening to it a lot these past few days
    June 2 03:55 AM
  • someone Thanks a plenty. Stay posi, live cozy: trays my motto.
    June 1 10:26 PM
  • Bedex Haha salut! Jacques Brel est un monument national, content d'entendre qu'il est un peu connu outre-Atlantique. Par contre c'est dedex qui a un avatar du Prof Tournesol, il est francais mais vit en Belgique et nos usernames sont quasiment les memes donc c'est facile de nous confondre :] Un groupe de Montreal a recommander?
    June 1 06:49 PM
  • TheNotrap Thanks for your kind words FR33L0RD. I may review it in the future, but for now I'm prioritizing new releases. I've been getting promos from some labels, so I have to pay attention to some of those albums first ;)
    June 1 08:56 AM
  • OmairSh Hey dude, if you enjoy instrumental rock you might enjoy this album. It's on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Cheers!
    June 1 06:16 AM
  • garas Hey 'Lord! I owe a big discog run for Blut Aus Nord, so looks like I gotta do it a bit sooner :] Also I have to dig deeper within the French BM scene in general, I haven't heard enough stuff from them so far...
    May 31 09:53 AM
  • DoofDoof Thanks man, I have the occasional good idea here :D
    May 30 07:09 AM
  • Space Jester Yea man those are all really good modern thrash bands. The guy who did vox on that Xenophile is actually in Toxik now which is amazing, think he?ll be a great fit
    May 30 12:26 AM
  • Demon of the Fall Thanks. No worries, I got it. Good day sir!
    May 29 09:24 AM
  • zakalwe Ha. I do like to see how my opinion does seem to stir the nest here. Have a great day to my man.
    May 29 07:53 AM
  • parksungjoon you are very welcome :]
    May 14 06:22 AM

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