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  • GuanoBumbershoot Im-bloody-peccable taste sir..
    February 5 06:18 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup You are the King
    October 30 06:10 AM
  • Hep Kat So me and my buddy Billy formed a hardcore band, and we found three likeminded idiots to join us in such an endeavor. We're called Preachy C unt and we're looking to release our first demo on cassette mid-Spring/early-Summer on our buddy's label, Snot Rocket Records. Think Pitboss attitude with Earth Crisis musicianship. I'm going to be away for a while to handle some personal s***, but we plan on booking shows sometime this summer. If we can make it out your way, I'll let you know
    December 27 08:04 PM
  • Arcade Come Back and review New Bermuda
    September 25 12:06 PM
  • Necrotica rip [3]
    March 28 08:58 PM
  • TalonsOfFire rip [2]
    March 17 04:00 AM
  • wabbit rip
    February 18 02:41 AM
  • Hep Kat I just wanna write some siqq-ass circle pit riffz
    February 18 01:12 AM
  • Hep Kat yeah this version is a hard 3.7, so I'll round up cuz false emeritus and say 4. I'm gonna buy it when I get my new debit card in the mail. Or maybe I'll get my woman to put it on her card idk. I might be starting a band with some of the members of Timebomb and Beware, not 100% sure if we can make it work. I'd be happy to play in a hardcore band again doe
    February 18 01:02 AM
  • Hep Kat i like this new mix of hollow crosses way mo bettah
    February 17 10:53 PM
  • Hep Kat I forgot to tell you that I hate you because you're responsible for the hotelier plague on this site. PIST ACHOO
    February 2 04:35 PM
  • Hep Kat Goochie
    January 30 02:01 AM
  • Hep Kat dice nig
    January 29 09:37 PM
  • Arcade which is a better album, The Woods or Dig Me Out?
    January 25 06:04 AM
  • klap where is the war on drugs lurve
    November 18 08:30 PM
  • SowingSeason I've always listened to The Monitor!
    October 11 05:32 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Dude, your 2014 electronic list is fantastic. Some really good stuff there that I checked out, like the new Francis Harris and Efdemin.
    September 20 01:05 AM
  • Deviant. Kind of broad recs here so let me know if you want something more specific, but try these out: Pantha Du prince - This Bliss, Voices From The Lake - self-titled, Plastikman - Muzik, Deepchord - Liumin, Jeff Mills - From The 21st, Drexciya - Neptune's Lair, Cylob - Bounds Green, Kassem Mosse - Workshop 19, Theo Parrish - Parallel Dimensions, Efdemin - Chicago
    September 4 10:17 AM
  • Mad. Dude wassup with that Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket rating?!?! Can't be that bad can it
    September 3 06:23 PM
  • Hep Kat i wanna shoot for tha stars, ****a gun n a clip
    July 12 03:09 PM
  • Hep Kat so I played like 2 and a half shows with abilities before dude said he'd stop ****in around. now he's doing it again, so I maybe I'll get to join the band ferrealsies and get my picture on ALTPRESS fuk yes
    July 12 01:15 PM
  • JamieCTA I can't remember, have you ever listened to Idaho? Really been digging into their catalog lately.
    May 13 01:37 PM
  • fromtheinside what a clever new name ;)
    May 6 05:45 AM
  • Electric City yeah lcd truly was the first band to bring "dance music" to the indie kids
    April 25 02:03 PM
  • Electric City "most important band of the last decade" are you kidding me dude?
    April 25 04:30 AM
  • Atari the link below is for a new band that reminds me of the hotelier if you want to check them out
    April 12 09:11 PM
  • Atari
    April 12 09:10 PM
  • wabbit Adam "new taking back Sunday is better than new AJJ" Thomas
    April 6 10:00 PM
  • Hep Kat yeah, it's smoov
    March 29 01:01 PM
  • Hep Kat also, I just scoped the new de la soul tape. s*** slaps
    March 28 11:51 PM
  • Hep Kat i would literally only want to see one of those bands (old wounds) so YOU step yo game up
    March 28 09:02 PM
  • Hep Kat ugh jelly. i haven't been to any shows since january ugh slackin
    March 28 04:30 PM
  • RoyalImperialGuard It sounds like the wind or a wave, a lonely breath from the lips of a non-existent god, exhaled over a lost and distant land coming to crash upon a beautiful forgotten shore. It aches. It bleeds. As the time passes, the breeze turns into a fluttering whisper, gently beckoning to follow. Where?
    March 22 11:34 AM
  • Hyperion1001 oh its gonna suck dick, the track they released was terrible and massacre isnt even that good anyways, so i was looking forward to getting to hate on it haha. thanks brother.
    March 17 07:24 PM
  • Hyperion1001 do you really want to review that new massacre album? i was gonna dib it but they only just officially released the release date and i didnt get a chance to dib it. but if you want to do it dont worry about it, i just was planning on it.
    March 17 04:07 PM
  • Atari that's awesome man. Sorry to hear it's your last EP for love american, but let me know if you make more music in the future as I thought Hollow Crosses was pretty badass
    March 6 07:47 PM
  • Atari so is it a zelda reference? I have to know lol
    March 6 05:33 PM
  • Atari new ep rules man. Also, not sure if it's intentional but "It's dangeorus to go alone" ....dat zelda reference
    March 4 09:57 PM
  • Hep Kat how u calln sus sen??? u need to get g checked but quick
    March 4 01:47 PM
  • Atari Cool man, I'll check it out tomorrow at work
    March 4 04:29 AM
  • danielito19 rip redskyformiles
    February 4 05:50 PM
  • Ire my greatest achievement on this site will forever be coming up with the nickname athom
    February 4 03:39 AM
  • wabbit I will miss being a part of u
    February 2 01:50 PM
  • Frippertronics RIP in piece redskyformiles I crie every tiem.
    January 31 01:00 AM
  • Necrotica Athom4Miles [2]
    January 30 04:22 AM
  • Trebor. Athom4Miles
    January 29 09:52 PM
  • Hep Kat okay so jom said i gotta harass staff members into selecting some punk users 4 staff, so naturally i came to you first. i don't have any suggestions yet so that kinda screws me, but i'm working on it. i originally typed forking instead of working, and i considered leaving it that way over no more than 4 but no less than 3 bong hits
    January 24 05:45 PM
  • Hep Kat yeah i filled in the other day when dude didnt show up (fortunately ive played along to the record), so i guess it's a day-to-day thing. im not really close friends with the guys in the band, but we roll in similar circles
    January 20 02:08 PM
  • Hep Kat im playing guitar in my peoples' band until they find someone permanent. you would prolly dig their album, i didnt play on it, but it's pretty sweet:
    January 19 06:19 PM
  • YoYoMancuso good to see you posting more often around here again bro
    January 16 04:32 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa I'm sick of your tattoos. And the way you always criticize the smiths. And Morissey.
    January 16 04:21 AM
  • BigHans Just reviewed it hard, in Adam Thomas one paragraph style. Best Review Ever.,-Dark-Bright/
    January 15 08:45 PM
  • BigHans I know, I just jammed it randomly. Was blown away. The album has like 5 totally rad songs kind of like that, the rest are all more folky. But damn man, was impressed.
    January 15 08:00 PM
  • BigHans Here just jam this song its like Frightened Rabbit meets Explosions in the Sky its ****ing AWESOME
    January 15 07:49 PM
  • BigHans K you have probably already jammed it but i just jammed that new There Will Be Fireworks album and can see you gizzing bigtimehard over it.
    January 15 07:47 PM
  • evilford lol...some of those guys are cool but yeah that thread is dumb
    January 15 02:54 PM
  • evilford like viva hard jammers?
    January 15 02:46 PM
  • evilford Can you elaborate on "spam culture of the power users?" That all sounds promising tho. Also thanks. No I haven't heard that, I'll have to check it out
    January 15 04:11 AM
  • evilford not trying to be a pain in your ass or a smartass at all. just have noticed several time lately you're talking about having serious discussions about the website. that in particular has stuck out to me today. probably was xeno or sobhi being funny with the ironic feature tho
    January 14 11:28 PM
  • evilford it's just funny that a goddamn "album battle" list gets featured. by this standard of intellectual quality, about any other list today could have been featured as well. I've made a bunch of lists with lesser known albums that I've tried to expose people to, even requested a feature in the meds thread and those never get featured.
    January 14 11:27 PM
  • evilford USER MUSIC LISTS more [ ]Album Battle - Converge by musicalmedicine is this
    January 14 11:11 PM
  • Hep Kat also i did somewhat appreciate the new alcest, and i read your review while i listened to the song you recommended, and it was really good. you've really become quite the writer in the past year and a half or so
    January 9 07:45 PM
  • Hep Kat so yea you should be getting moar staff into try me cuz best new music
    January 9 07:43 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures yeah dude, really
    January 8 04:50 AM
  • Xenophanes yes! You like the new TSZ :)"Try Me" is currently blowing my mind
    January 6 03:47 AM
  • dimsim3478 Hey, now that you're all avant-gardey these days, do you still hate that Evan Parker album?
    January 2 02:49 PM
  • Trebor. Did you actually listen to all of 05 **** Em?
    December 25 08:33 PM
  • fromtheinside i mean you called it banal laughed and called out the obvs FoT references but speech is the bands most intriguing album guitar wise, and for once the vox, guess i'm missing whats not to love, but i guess we've always disagreed on "good" bands
    December 24 07:44 AM
  • fromtheinside i'm so confused on you dislike the new dgd they rip on that s***
    December 22 09:38 AM
  • Hep Kat **** why does the west coast do ****ing everything better??????
    December 18 09:03 PM
  • Hep Kat ... :'(
    December 18 08:51 PM
  • Hep Kat it makes me sad that you h8 modern peeple watchin'? no lipstick homicide?? no house boat??? no masked intruder???????????
    December 18 08:47 PM
  • Trebor. cuz twinkles sound good to me. How can you not even like Foxing? Did emo die with Snowing and Grown Ups and CSTVT for you?
    December 18 12:29 AM
  • Trebor. You are an old man who doesn't dig emo anymore
    December 18 12:24 AM
  • Hep Kat well then you gotta hear that meyhem lauren/icerocks tape i reviewed and perhaps even more importantly marci beaucoup
    December 13 07:30 PM
  • Hep Kat i saw your busta/q-tip sound off. nigga u trippin if u thank that a 3.4 in this year of rap
    December 13 04:10 AM
  • Winesburgohio :'(
    December 3 06:10 AM
  • Hep Kat yeah i usually play them back to back at the end
    December 2 11:12 PM
  • Hep Kat i dont know whether to put try me on my 2013 list or wait aaalllll the way til next december. best band
    December 2 11:04 PM
  • wabbit Ur ratings look like crying!
    November 17 09:49 PM
  • Abscurat Hey, man! Check out my band's album: and I think you might enjoy it. Cheers!
    November 12 05:40 PM
  • Butkuiss, or just add me on fb /butkuiss
    November 10 05:03 AM
  • Trebor. So true what you said about Title Fight
    November 6 06:06 PM
  • CaptainDooRight check my new album bro, don't forget to rate:
    November 5 06:29 PM
  • Hep Kat i knew they had a head version of it, but I don't remember one with a blue grill. i barely keep up with gear these days
    October 26 07:50 PM
  • Hep Kat yeah i like it a lot, but i usually like to milk clean tones out of it. i wish they made a higher end version of that style of amp. it's a very interesting type of technology imo
    October 26 07:28 PM
  • Hep Kat im rockin a vox ad50vt plugged into a cab my friend's dad made me before he passed. I've been using this same vox since I was 16 haha. Good for a lowend amp, but I'm long overdue for and upgrade
    October 26 06:35 PM
  • Hep Kat I think my wife is gettin me an orange head for Christmas. Strait s***tinnnnn
    October 26 06:28 PM
  • Brostep i believe it's "fellated"your welcome
    October 24 08:16 PM
  • JamieCTA dude, how have I never heard that Codeine record before? I checked it out based on your rating and it's easily a 4 with room to grow after 1 listen.
    October 18 03:34 PM
  • wabbit your 5's are glorious
    October 16 11:06 PM
  • JamesDay Oh you guys got great ratings, i might check out some of your other s***! Wish you luck
    October 14 03:08 AM
  • JamesDay y haven't you put it on sputnik? Or have you? I couldn't find it
    October 14 01:16 AM
  • JamesDay Man your band is great! Downloading it right now, what do you play. I dig the vocals and guitar for sure!
    October 13 11:22 PM
  • kingsoby1 good call for this afternoon's listening
    September 29 08:24 PM
  • CK Sweet. If you don't get to it, no big. The album is Tap Water by Swordplay and Pierre the Motionless. Here is the stream:
    September 28 12:26 AM
  • CK Hey man, would you be open for suggestions on an album to review? It's fairly new (by that, I mean just this past June)
    September 27 10:05 PM
  • DecayingMajesty Thanks for the advice :)
    September 19 05:56 AM
  • DecayingMajesty Your Drake review was great dude, I'm trying to improve on my reviews do you have any tips? :D
    September 18 08:45 PM
  • dimsim3478 Welcome back.
    September 16 02:01 PM
  • BigPleb Is it out choice not being Contrib or Staff? Your reviews are ****ing awesome man.
    September 9 12:45 AM
  • SeaAnemone have you heard the new Hoax LP? I haven't yet but their demos and EPs last year were so good
    September 2 11:45 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy get out of here
    August 27 07:09 PM
  • loveisamixtape did the new balance and composure album leak?! or do you just have it
    August 23 07:09 PM
  • wabbit Where is ur sunbather review???????
    August 5 01:54 AM
  • dimsim3478 Don't bother with the new Letlive. I don't think there's anything there for you in particular, especially if you disliked "Banshee" (that was the best thing on there, to be honest).
    July 25 02:17 AM
  • dimsim3478 That Love American thing is also pretty depressing. I thought you guys were kind of in the right scene because of your sound but when I think about it, there is even a disconnect in sound that all that influence does play into, and there are other places/scenes in emo that you guys would definitely fit into better soundwise.
    July 25 02:13 AM
  • dimsim3478 I do enjoy a bit of Emery now and then but I too avoid that whole Christian post-hardcore/popular post-hardcore thing 'cause I felt that, musically, it was a dead end and didn't really grow or lead anywhere. I guess Alaska are kind of interesting with their more progressive take on the genre but they still have room to grow. Even bands like letlive. who were doing something interesting are now ****ing up or dying out so I've lost most of my faith in post-hardcore.
    July 25 02:08 AM
  • dimsim3478 Fair enough. There's definitely a divide between my level of tolerance for pop tendencies and yours, but I think emo's always had that degree of poppiness to it and I don't feel like Brave Bird breach that.
    July 25 01:13 AM
  • dimsim3478 Why do you hate the Brave Bird album?
    July 24 09:53 AM
  • JamieCTA agreed man. I liked aspects of their last one and expected this to be on a similar level, but I was floored immediately with Sunbather. Definitely haven't actually gotten into a record, especially a metal record, right out of the gate like that in awhile. Sorry to hear about the band though man :/ I haven't played live in 3 or 4 years now myself. I definitely miss it and would love to do another CTA album, but other things have just slowly taken priority for everyone. Oh well.
    July 9 12:10 AM
  • JamieCTA not surprised you loved the deafheaven record too; you always seemed to be spot-on with my own tastes whenever you reviewed anything on here (which is why I was curious to have you review our album haha). Hope you're kicking life's ass with whatever you're up to these days.
    July 5 03:16 PM
  • Wizard Good to hear from you too buddy hahaha. And tbqh, I don't expect black metal but what I hear is a trendy type of black metal that a zillion other bands are doing. Granted, it's an amalgamtion of sounds but I can't help but feel I've heard this before. I will admit though, it's grown on me quite a bit and I can see myself bumping it to a 4.
    May 23 01:38 AM
  • auberginedreams sweet, i'm looking forward to it.
    May 21 09:33 PM
  • wabbit you should listen to no one gets lost anymore again adam
    April 12 06:05 PM
  • JumpTheF**kUp you should listen to no one gets lost anymore again adam
    April 11 12:58 AM
  • Hep Kat but srsly doe that was tight
    April 2 05:20 PM
  • Hep Kat what is this emokid crap you have spat out onto my shoutbox? christ boy, did you have a good cry while you wrote that? brb gon go slash my eyeballs out with a rusty butter knife
    April 2 05:19 PM
  • fromtheinside dates? holy s*** dude. holy s***
    February 23 07:07 AM
  • Hep Kat i totally forgot to type several words in my last shout there. oh well, time to drink more whiskey!!!
    February 19 03:43 AM
  • Hep Kat I don't typically talk about rap albums with you, but have you heard that LUV NY joint? s***s hot pyroclastic cloud
    February 19 12:41 AM
  • fromtheinside oh yeah. i'll definitely keep my ears open for that
    February 13 08:57 PM
  • fromtheinside You check out octaves? I'm in the middle of a review but I just realized you'd do them so much more justice. You have a better way of explaining how an old dog can learn new tricks. in this case metalcore... anyway yeah excellent release by them that's on bandcamp
    February 12 10:12 AM
  • Wizard Isn't Iron Tusk already a post-metal band? Good song and interesting live video.
    January 24 12:19 PM
  • Josh-D Do you know where I could download some Haste Albums?
    January 18 05:36 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures Yeah Minus the Bear are god awful now
    January 16 06:03 PM
  • FearThyEvil Just noticed your comment on my 2012 lists. Thanks man
    January 12 01:59 AM
  • Wizard I have to apologize to you, that Indesinence is amazing and it clicked for me tonight. I kind of regret not throwing that on my list.
    January 9 12:31 AM
  • Wizard I'm so damn jealous buddy hahahaha. I don't think it would matter what they played, I would still love to see them.
    January 7 12:24 PM
  • Wizard Really? What was the setlist like?
    January 6 10:00 PM
  • liledman I would be stoked if I could find one myself, but alas, the only Zimmerman I have listened to was on Spotify.
    January 2 11:44 PM
  • bungy Did you happen to see mountain goats in LA on Wednesday? I saw the set list and my jaw dropped
    December 15 11:12 PM
  • Hep Kat aw u gon do sum diy showsie whoasie. that's rad doe
    December 13 06:54 PM
  • Hep Kat yo you heard that regents album? it may fill the void in your life that thursday left maybe a liiiiiitttttle teeny bit
    November 19 07:44 PM
  • Hep Kat liking or not liking** obvi
    October 24 01:06 PM
  • Hep Kat i don't like obesecore. why did you have your ratingd? i can't make fun of you for not liking or not liking something in return now :'(
    October 24 12:46 PM
  • StrizzMatik Those the World Of Violence Demos? I got em but thanks :) I'd kill for a mastered copy, album had so much potential.
    October 22 02:43 PM
  • Xenophanes Damn that tag doesn't suit you. Don't be a stranger though.
    October 18 03:07 AM
  • Wizard The production hasn't changed since their last album but I can see how their proggy arrangements can take away from the mood/ atmosphere. I still find that it doesn't matter what the band tries to mash up, the individual parts still rule.
    October 3 07:55 PM
  • Wizard Just read your soundoff for new Converge and to say the least, this is why I love you. You're the only one who's picked up on the Wolverines Blue Swed dm on that record, and you drew comparisons to their last E.P. which makes perfect sense in their direction with this record. I still want to know why you don't like new Enslaved.
    October 3 02:07 PM
  • pmmets07 my iron lung i'm guessing? that fourth track is ballin
    October 2 12:23 AM
  • Wizard Very surprised you don't like the new Enslaved.
    September 30 11:00 AM
  • BLUEOmni I'm the other side of the country, so I won't be able to see either of you guys. Good luck to you, though. Hope your other side projects work out. What are the other bands you're in called, anyways?
    September 14 01:02 AM
  • BLUEOmni Shame you guys aren't sticking together for the long run, but I have no doubt you'll form/enter a new band that'll be equally good, if not better (progressing into a new and creatively better route through your experience with 'Love American'). I'm a fan of State Faults as well, so if you guys are playing near me, I'll definitely stop by (don't know your schedule yet).
    September 14 12:45 AM
  • Aids ahh ok, thanks anyway. how good is Lakeside View Apartments Suite?
    September 3 05:25 PM
  • Gyromania holy s***, lots o' good stuff there. how was m83? i've heard mixed things about their live performance. and about the fb thing: how are you and i supposed to have ridiculously long conversations now? =[
    September 3 04:35 PM
  • Aids oh also, is there any chance you could upload the Satanic Messiah EP somewhere? the "pay-what-you-want" download was taken down and i can't find it anywhere.
    September 3 12:55 PM
  • Aids i still can't believe that lineup. was it unreal? is there a list or blog post coming? also, new Mountain Goats: heard it yet?
    September 3 12:44 PM
  • Aids i guess you d eleted your facebook (or blocked all of sputnik haha) but dude the new Mountain Goats album is so goooood. bit of a grower though for sure.
    September 2 03:25 PM
  • Gyromania so, i tried searching for you on fb to chat and i couldn't find you. did you it or something?
    September 1 10:40 PM
  • Wizard Just snooped your bm it dude!
    August 28 12:18 PM
  • DarkNoctus then congrats, nailed it! :]
    August 28 04:48 AM
  • Crysis SO MUCH FUZZ 5/5
    August 27 10:04 PM
  • DarkNoctus i really hate to be mean but it literally sounds like wrest taking a shower, sorry :[
    August 27 09:39 PM
  • Ire de true ire
    August 27 03:31 AM
  • auberginedreams thanks man i'll check it out. is this like the fifth band you're in? lol that's cool though. idk if you saw my list yesterday but i put up a demo for the screamo project i'm working on.
    August 27 03:12 AM
  • SnazSpaz Congrats on the new Love American, I finally listened to it, and it is so good!
    August 20 07:27 PM
  • Blackbelt54 Oh ok that makes sense. Yeah I'm excited to see what y'all put out next
    August 10 02:31 AM
  • auberginedreamz the voice cracking is the best part though. more emotion. also i like that "postdoom" one on your souncloud a lot too.
    August 10 02:21 AM
  • Blackbelt54 Yeah thanks man I like it... is Love American gonna go more that route or is this just something on the side? It was cool, I guess hep has a point about voice cracks but I'm sure you'll get better when you get used to this style. Keep up the great work dude!
    August 10 01:55 AM
  • auberginedreamz ok i got you. i don't really consider those cleans, i thought you meant like straight up singing. i actually really like that song, the vocals are kind of la dispute-ish (i don't know how you feel about that band since they're kind of love-them-or-hate-them but i mean it as a compliment lol.)
    August 10 01:34 AM
  • Hep Kat i like that song, but i think you should work on the voice cracking. wouldn't want to sound like a prepubescent boy would we
    August 10 01:33 AM
  • SowingSeason Hope you don't leave for good man
    July 25 04:13 AM
  • DaveyBoy Adam, it pains me to hear you are in a doom mood. When you snap out of it and wanna revisit your 13 year old self, give the new I Call Fives LP a listen. I know you are not so secretly a pop punk first and foremost and this album surprised the hell out of me. Just check your head at the door, as any 13 year old would do.
    July 19 12:29 AM
  • Crossed420 Would love to send you a copy of the new Versus The World (ex-Ataris/Lagwagon) for review. Where can i send a digital or hard copy?
    July 17 05:38 PM
  • Yazz_Flute we're musical neighbors THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE
    July 13 05:21 AM
  • kingsoby1 it really is taking a few listens to absorb. it's too ****ing long. but i might settle on a 4/5
    July 11 04:36 AM
  • kingsoby1 how can you hate on channel orange :{
    July 11 04:09 AM
  • VirFortis Looks like they made a whole new alternate account, just for me this time! I feel so flattered, wow.
    July 11 03:24 AM
  • VirFortis Yep, this person has a lot of alts and has a personal vendetta against most of the users. All because the site hated rest with Kellerdeck.
    July 11 02:46 AM
  • foxxxy highly refined pirates is a 5, good work
    July 10 05:40 AM
  • Streams ****
    July 9 12:52 AM
  • Streams Wow, you're a dick for no reason.
    July 8 10:27 PM
  • Streams You should check out the Rest album
    July 8 10:05 PM
  • esther Hey man I noticed you like some of the same bands I do. I wrote and recorded an EP and I was wondering if you could review, rate, or even just listen to it. Here's a link:
    June 21 05:48 PM
  • aok dude. wild times
    June 14 12:17 AM
  • Apollo I like
    June 12 03:58 AM
  • Apollo stupid question but is that you screaming on Disquiet?
    June 12 02:08 AM
  • whywontyoudie Got around to listening to Disquiet a few times yesterday. Like it a lot man. Whenever you guys get to touring the east coast, post in my shoutbox and I'll help get you a show in north Georgia.
    June 4 06:18 PM
  • taxidermist Never been there. I like the Che though. Small place.
    June 2 02:27 AM
  • taxidermist Haha, it would be at the Che Cafe. Good venue. See you there dude. I'll learn the lyrics :p
    June 2 01:16 AM
  • taxidermist That is correct.
    June 2 12:44 AM
  • deathofasalesman Thanks. We're all 18 years old, graduating high school. We have been planning to play some outside shows but we haven't gotten any real exposure outside of our hometown yet.
    June 1 01:16 AM
  • deathofasalesman Hey man, if you're interested, my band's just released our debut EP for free on Bandcamp ( if you'd like to check it out, maybe give some critique. Thanks.
    May 31 11:11 PM
  • Wolfhorde Does your new LP actually go up on Bandcamp ? 'Cause if it does I'm gonna try to promote you a bit.
    May 30 04:49 PM
  • Wolfhorde not sure whether that's a good thing, lol.
    May 27 08:53 PM
  • Wolfhorde Cool, thanks. How's the album as a whole?
    May 27 08:38 PM
  • Wolfhorde Wait what? They put out an LP this year? And why is it not on their bandcamp?
    May 27 08:10 PM
  • Wolfhorde Have you heard the 2011 EP of Aussitot Mort?
    May 27 11:51 AM
  • Xenophanes Might I ask where you came by the new TTMOE?
    May 22 10:39 PM
  • ThunderNeutral21 Adam Thomas and the Emo Fags- A Dead Sinking Story
    May 22 03:24 AM
  • ThunderNeutral21 can u write more 4/5 reviews for overrated metal albums i luv when u do that thnx
    May 22 03:07 AM
  • Acanthus Thanks for taking the time to explain sir, I appreciate the clarification!
    May 21 08:53 PM
  • Acanthus That kinda sucks tbh, I'd really hate reviewing things I didn't feel any passion for. You're really good at the smaller reviews, I just personally don't really enjoy them. I didn't mean anything personal by it, if I offended I apologize sir.
    May 21 08:32 PM
  • ThunderNeutral21 Adam Thomas VS Animal Collective in most overrated release of the decade so far. WHO WILL WIN?!?!?!?!
    May 21 01:18 PM
  • sifFlammable hi,i accidently created nadja / vampillia artist page not knowing that vampillia and nadja existed. could you remove the former please?the forum is down so idk where to go to ask this soo thanks.
    May 21 05:03 AM
  • Hep Kat yes. give it to me. plz.
    May 18 02:32 PM
  • PorkchopExpress I've never heard of The Jet Age of Tomorrow, but I'll check them out. I like all of the other recs you sent, so I have high hopes. Thanks. I'll toss one your way...Young Gliss. Just Youtube the songs "I Had To Go Away" and "No One Can Stop Us Now". Different than the stuff you rec'd, but he's good.
    May 18 02:20 PM
  • PorkchopExpress So, about your comment in the Ab-Soul review...who are some of the people you were talking about in regards to laid back west coast hip-hop. I'm always looking for something I haven't heard, and I could use something like that right now.
    May 17 09:14 PM
  • ThunderNeutral21 Glassjaw vs Defeater in the battle for most overrated release of 2011. WHO WILL WIN?!?!?!?!
    May 16 04:26 PM

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