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  • theacademy lovehatetragedy
    October 31 09:07 AM
  • BMDrummer miss u buddy
    October 11 09:53 AM
  • zaruyache ok i lied it was spootify
    September 11 08:48 PM
  • zaruyache ha no. it'd been on my to-do list of early post-rock albums/influences for ages now and I just got around to it.
    September 11 05:39 PM
  • kascetcadettt come back i need u
    April 19 04:48 AM
  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 04:48 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 04:47 AM
  • Hovse How about u ? U havin fun?
    February 2 01:51 PM
  • Hovse Im great dude..working and studying ****in sucks and no enough time for gud jamz and fun
    February 2 01:50 PM
  • Hovse Duuuuude
    February 1 11:48 PM
  • Pheromone foxxx
    August 19 01:34 PM
  • p4p miss u man
    June 16 08:17 AM
    April 6 09:30 AM
  • Tyler. i thought you were gone forever
    February 16 07:44 PM
  • Rowan5215 heard any of the 3EB demos from the Blue time period? some good s*** in there
    November 5 10:11 PM
  • BMDrummer i miss you
    October 5 05:58 PM
  • zakalwe Ello dude. Whenever gbv and the like crops up I always think of ya. Hope all is good.
    July 1 02:57 PM
  • deathschool Dude! I tried to click on your profile and I accidentally clicked remove and now your comment is gone forever and I don't know what to do
    June 22 05:31 PM
  • Rowan5215 chromosome divides, multiply and thrive, and the strong survive, and the strong survive
    June 22 10:01 AM
  • deathschool Hey bby. I miss you.
    June 17 11:24 PM
    June 9 02:52 AM
  • Rowan5215 chorus of the Butcher god damn son
    June 8 06:01 AM
  • Rowan5215 Predatory headlights is ****in mint
    June 8 05:32 AM
  • RoundOnEndHiInMiddle thanks foxxxy, and i didn't even know there were two more tracks, spotify only had 23 haha
    June 5 03:27 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal =P
    June 5 03:03 AM
  • pissbore hello user foxxxy plz come to demon lab
    June 4 09:26 PM
  • zakalwe I forgot it was the eyeball one, I'll give it another go.
    June 3 11:22 AM
  • zakalwe Tenement is the tits!
    June 2 07:56 PM
  • Hep Kat hardest 4.5 i evar did hear
    June 1 11:13 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil Death Grips were surprisingly easy for me to get into. Cause responsibility is cool, but there's better things in life, like getting your dick, rode all ****ing night
    May 4 01:27 PM
  • Ryus yes to be fair i have not heard that yet so thx for the link :]
    April 30 08:05 PM
  • adarkishman how is new built to spill
    April 29 08:42 PM
    April 22 03:44 PM
  • Hep Kat tenement is bae always
    April 20 06:13 PM
  • Atari hey fellow say anything fan, i think you'd dig this:
    March 12 06:01 PM
  • adr i plan to do that yeah and The Moon.. maybe the debut aswell? With which to start? :]
    March 11 09:33 AM
  • FourthReich lmao thatd be legendary
    March 6 11:09 PM
  • FourthReich peep my shoutbox lol
    March 6 10:53 PM
  • zakalwe Copying and pasting I accidentallyd it bro. When I'm on me phone I have the hand skills of an alcoholic salsa dancer having a tremor fit.
    March 2 10:29 AM
  • demigod! dude 4.5 this pleeeeease?
    February 28 09:35 AM
  • MyCarandMyGuitar hey cool you were listening to Front Bottoms recently also give me your e-mail i'll send you We Cool?
    February 22 10:14 PM
  • JamieTwort Thanks foxxymeritus.
    February 20 12:58 PM
  • Jom emeritues? I would say you're somewhere between emerimon and emeriwednes.
    February 20 12:23 PM
  • demigod! sweet dude boobs are great
    February 19 01:13 AM
  • ABjordanMM 7
    February 17 08:57 PM
  • demigod! whats your fav number?
    February 17 03:10 PM
  • Ire wag
    January 25 11:53 AM
  • BMDrummer ty
    January 20 11:01 AM
  • fromtheinside gravy
    January 19 01:07 PM
  • fromtheinside ugh
    January 19 12:55 PM
  • MOJ Machiavell razes yarrow rapidly to mollifying reclusive neerd Foxxxy
    December 9 08:43 AM
  • zakalwe Glad to hear it dude
    December 3 04:59 AM
  • zakalwe Where are ya man? I hope your good, living life and jamming the tunes that gbv sent ya.
    December 2 03:51 PM
  • Greyvy ok. i got a squad thats full tomorrow but i can do it again with you guys this weekend. and yea I never use the relic either lol too much pressure
    October 20 09:19 PM
  • Greyvy tuesdays on one character, any time on the other one
    October 20 08:53 PM
  • Greyvy ikr those randoms were bad lol. what days do you usually raid?
    October 20 08:19 PM
  • YakNips wondering, did you successfully quit smoking cigs??
    October 11 08:45 PM
  • OwMySnauze Because they need to give it up man. Band is horrendous.
    October 1 08:32 PM
  • Frippertronics foooooooooooxy electric wurms review went up a few days ago go check it outttttttttt
    September 29 03:54 PM
  • Insurrection you should rev the new weezer
    September 27 08:05 PM
  • Frippertronics s*** well nm it'll be soon tho really need to listen to it more (even if i've been jamming it nonstop since it leaked)
    September 7 08:38 PM
  • tommygun thanks man!!!
    September 4 12:11 AM
  • Frippertronics wurms rev comin this sunday
    September 2 11:47 PM
  • wabbit is secret band holy sons yet?
    August 30 01:05 AM
  • Frippertronics Transform!!! was probs the highlight. Heart of the Sunrise was decent, kind of a let down but it's a grower. Needs the riffs and Brufordss
    August 27 11:23 PM
  • Frippertronics fug i see. wurms review comin soon cheers
    August 27 10:10 PM
  • Frippertronics only if i knew what you were talking about. nice wurms digs there though
    August 26 04:54 PM
  • SowingSeason such a strong week for album releases
    August 26 01:26 PM
  • another foxxxythnksustnk HaaaAaaaaaaAaarrrrddd
    August 26 12:59 PM
  • another Lovvvvvveee is everything AGREEd! I l ? ???v ? ???ou ?
    August 26 12:54 PM
  • Lakes. when were u not foxxxy or some variation thereof i don't remember
    August 26 12:37 PM
  • Lakes. yea name changes are dumb lol u will never escape your original name anyway
    August 26 12:27 PM
  • eyehategod doom 4holy fuuck im ready i got my boner waxed and my dick erect
    August 26 12:27 PM
  • Tyler. Had no clue wtf that meant for a while. Thanks yo
    August 25 03:03 PM
  • ABjordanMM I'm even listening to cowboy dan right now
    August 22 11:01 AM
  • ABjordanMM Be my friend?
    August 22 10:55 AM
  • BMDrummer we can't lose another dino fan :[
    August 21 06:26 PM
  • BMDrummer lol just realized how many alts you have
    August 21 06:17 PM
  • tommygun oh shiiit nevermind found the 7" i am a stupid arse :D
    August 21 04:53 AM
  • tommygun dude did you play your beyond vinyl? i don't have a turntable yet and i'm stressin cos the case says there's only the first 8 songs???
    August 21 04:51 AM
  • zakalwe It's one that been mentioned round here and I checked em cos it's the best band name ever. I'll give it a whirl bro
    August 20 06:27 PM
  • BMDrummer it's impossible though because you have over 2000 GBV plays alone lol
    August 18 04:11 PM
  • BMDrummer this is what i mean:
    August 18 04:03 PM
  • BMDrummer it says 137 plays when you obviously have way more
    August 18 03:59 PM
  • BMDrummer you know it bb, what happened to your plays on btw?
    August 18 03:53 PM
  • oltnabrick
    August 18 02:50 PM
  • kris. true but im listenin now and i can hear some subtle differences, stoked to hear the full thing yay
    August 18 02:31 PM
  • kris. ya is aw it earlier but didnt get a chance to listen does it sound awesome
    August 18 02:27 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot never got into BTMI before, where should I start? Just at the beginning?
    August 17 12:40 PM
  • tommygun that cover art is fkj gnarly too, need this now
    August 14 10:17 PM
  • tommygun holy effing sh! t that heavy blanket record was a belter and now this???????? and tied to a star all at once?????????? m/ m/ m/ the white wizard never fails
    August 14 10:16 PM
  • tommygun they get played a dece amount on jjj our 'alternative' station which is cool cos it's nationwide so, yea i recall not digging laika that much honestly maybe being australian hearing his accent has a different effect but i will absolutely check the heck out of sunshine and tech :]
    August 12 09:24 AM
  • tommygun not super familiar dude here some jams on the radio from time to time cos straya, just finishing my mascis review now then i'll d/l their stuff which one should i get
    August 12 09:14 AM
  • Jade yeah man the Secret Band album is tight. I dig Mess's performance for sure, and the production is great. Just kinda wish Mess would try to write lyrics that are not awful but beggars can't be choosers
    August 9 01:49 PM
  • Lambda The first two tracks were great, but a lot of it just sounds terrible for me :(
    August 6 11:26 AM
  • eyehategod sweet
    August 2 11:50 PM
  • elephantREVOLUTION of course man. what else would i rate it?
    August 2 04:57 PM
  • Mall Sorry foxxy : ( I gave it like 3 listens, Mess is just so s*** man
    August 2 02:10 PM
  • MalleusMaleficarum I heard their EP way back when they first put it out and I wasnt blown away but I'll probably check the LP at some point
    August 1 08:47 AM
  • XingKing Hugs and kisses bebe
    July 31 03:17 PM
  • XingKing His lyrics are atrocious and his vocals are crazy awful with the exception of Acceptance Speech (which is unfortunately horrible but he sounds amazing) and he sounds pretty good on this Secret Band LP. It has good moments on it and I'd give it like a 3.2/3.3 if I could decimal it. His personality is 5/5 though dude is hilarious
    July 31 03:13 PM
  • XingKing I really don't like DGD or Secret Band aside from DBM and Happiness. I also really don't like Mess very much
    July 31 03:09 PM
  • Rhyme you are my hero foxxxy bless yr soul
    July 31 01:16 PM
  • Frippertronics too late now boi
    July 30 02:22 PM
  • Frippertronics ayy lmao
    July 30 02:00 PM
  • Frippertronics ??!
    July 30 01:56 PM
  • zakalwe Been jammin ovlov a helluva lot. Alt rock the way it's meant to be done thank Christ. Nu-punk rules.
    July 28 07:54 AM
  • NorthernSkylark hey foxxy, check out my list
    July 28 06:47 AM
  • Artuma my beautiful opeth soundoff was removed wtf
    July 26 07:13 AM
  • Chortles thx silly i know how to give some props ok
    July 25 02:05 PM
  • YoYoMancuso lovin these opening tracks
    July 25 01:16 PM
  • YoYoMancuso so i haven't checked Tenement....BUT...i just dl'd my first gbv
    July 25 01:02 PM
  • Frippertronics **** me? **** you.02.02.08**** this site and everyone in it. **** the metalheads, with their close-minded idiocy clogging up my reviews. **** mudvaynian, with his constant poorly thought-out similes and exaggerations. **** BallsToTheWall, with his delusions of masculinity and "metal militia." **** Crysis and his overly pretentious reviews that are supposed to be deep. **** Shadows and his constant thesaurus humping to come up with "the capacity of human intelligence..."
    July 24 10:36 PM
  • handoman nevas
    July 24 07:43 PM
  • NorthernSkylark Sorry, but I just don't care about pop-punk at all. I'll always have mimicking birds
    July 24 03:34 PM
  • zakalwe Cool. I'm sure it was your good self who rec'd 'em awhile back i dig.
    July 24 02:58 PM
  • zakalwe The tenement one? I'll have a read and jam dude.
    July 24 02:47 PM
  • Feather Great, now I understand your list. I could use some more punk so this is perfect.
    July 24 02:18 PM
  • Feather Will do! Thanks.
    July 24 02:15 PM
  • YoYoMancuso should i check the EPs first or dive right into the album
    July 24 12:15 PM
  • Tellthelads innit
    July 24 11:32 AM
  • tempest-- listening on bandcamp now sounds pretty rad :DD
    July 24 11:27 AM
  • NorthernSkylark cool, that was my thought after a couple of jams, but it has insane replay value and you don't even need to actively listen if you're not in the mood. pop-punk is not my kind of thing, but I'll check it out then. Yeah, if there is any justice Alvvays will be a big deal
    July 24 09:06 AM
  • theacademy added a note to do some download. im in it to win it so rec me lots of things to 5.
    July 24 09:00 AM
  • NorthernSkylark how did you like shriek? anyway check this out:
    July 24 08:57 AM
  • Thibs
    July 23 08:07 PM
  • Atari haha, i'll check them out man
    July 23 06:59 PM
  • JamieTwort Only jammed it once so far but I'd say it's worth a listen. Didn't think it was as good as Heritage and a few parts annoyed me and/or were just kinda bad but can't really give a proper verdict when I've only listened once. Will jam again soon.
    July 23 05:22 PM
  • Mort. wow just came here to ask whether youd got ur SB vinyl, see u and slut have it. still waiting on mine :[
    July 23 05:22 PM
  • Slut hell yeah. on the lyrics sheet the gibberish jon wrote for an advertisement is pure gold
    July 23 01:28 PM
  • Slut guess what i got :]
    July 23 01:24 PM
  • plane i know
    July 21 08:20 PM
  • BMDrummer yeah basically, i bet on sky is a better reunion effort than most bands can put out in their 20s
    July 21 04:42 PM
  • BMDrummer yup, easy to understand, both bands could be boring I guess, but I love them. dinosaur jr will infinitely rule btw, just figured I'd say that
    July 21 04:38 PM
  • BMDrummer yeah, saw the low swans and gy!be ratings, but I love the review you wrote btw
    July 21 04:32 PM
  • BMDrummer guess you don't like gy!be or swans
    July 21 04:25 PM
  • eyehategod u probably will u stupid cuunt when is doom 4 out what is this nazi germany in 2036
    July 20 02:20 PM
  • eyehategod rated angel dust a 3 why dont you take your fuuckinstupid queer 3 and suck a guys boner with it
    July 20 01:51 PM
  • SnakeDelilah if it makes you feel any better i put YLAOM and Jokes on my vinyl wishlist
    July 19 11:44 AM
  • Artuma wtf this site is really changing my soundoff posts. but hey new modest mouse would be p nice wouldn't it?
    July 19 07:23 AM
  • Artuma write more reviews pls [2] your gy!be review
    July 18 02:43 PM
  • tommygun write more reviews pls
    July 17 08:25 AM
  • OmairSh Nice Pale communion rating
    July 17 12:53 AM
  • Xar Honestly, I can't.
    July 16 03:34 PM
  • headphones Machiavel Razes Yarrow Raptly To Mollifying Reclusive Nerd Foxxxy/hellothread
    July 15 12:00 PM
  • TheSpirit Np, man really glad you're enjoying it
    July 14 02:47 PM
  • zakalwe Ovlov! ovlov! ovlov! ovlov!
    July 14 03:26 AM
  • hehephones Every infant is! but it doesn't stop them from being cute okkkkkk
    July 13 12:21 PM
  • hehephones That egg looks like my neighbor's baby ihihihihihi
    July 13 12:05 PM
  • Greenpaw Thanks for suggesting Guided by Voices, really dug buzzards and dreadful crows, yours to keep, and I am a scientist!
    July 12 09:24 PM
  • zakalwe It's got possibly me fave gbv tune on their dude (my kind of soldier) the albums and tunes constantly chop and change though so it's impossible to pick a 'best.' Tunes that totally pass me by at first become the greatest things ever. Cool Planet is a prime example dude. Table at Fools Tooth. Total classic!!!. Bob quite simply is the man.
    July 10 03:39 AM
  • Romulus oh my ratings are a combination of jokes/me from 5 years ago so don't take them seriously. but idk i haven't listened to it in quite some time. whenever i get hungry for gbv i go elsewhere
    July 10 02:11 AM
  • sniper oh duh. i think swoon is my fav but they are all fvckin unreal
    July 9 10:19 PM
  • grish cool band, i enjoyed the album quite a bit. i didn't pay attention to the lyrics very much (intentionally), i'll listen to it again soon and do that. jammin bee thousand now
    July 9 03:46 PM
  • sniper what
    July 9 03:35 PM
  • Mort. Mag Earwhig is very good. expect a 4-4.5 rev this week
    July 9 07:52 AM
  • SeaAnemone kids these days
    July 8 09:31 PM
  • SeaAnemone can you imagine if it wasn't tho?
    July 8 09:20 PM
  • grish yeah man, i've been meaning to listen to them for awhile now so this is a good excuse
    July 8 06:05 PM
  • Mort. Oh god, it doesnt sound like my cup of tea at all. Ill give it a fair try when i start listening to it tomorrow tho
    July 8 05:43 PM
  • zakalwe Ha. Yep Tarzan swing off his hair straight into the amp stack and finally blow me eardrums to the sounds of Freak Scene. Cool!
    July 8 01:06 PM
  • zakalwe Rules hard bro. Anyone you know jam em? Or the other classics of the era, Pavement, Dino Jr? Me mates are all the same as me but only one digs pavement. I have to take the wife to see Dino Jr when they play over here in a few weeks. I wanted to take it back to me youth, crowd surf and everything. She'll be a right buzzkill.
    July 8 12:55 PM
  • zakalwe I haven't given it the time it deserves but yeah on me first listen I thought, they've done it again.If you want to start a band for moneyIf you want to produce the greatest stylised album of all timeIf you want to be a technical wizardIf you want to be a stereotypical "rock" star and look good in the photosIf you have no soulYou will never "get" GBV
    July 8 12:43 PM
  • zakalwe Sorry dude, I'm at work on the phone and I can't Multi task i accidentallyd with me sausage like fingers. No offence meant. I'll get on the review thing and spread the GBV love.
    July 8 10:17 AM
  • zakalwe Mad earwhig rules. I am produced says more in its few seconds than whole bands say in their entire careers. Old Bob is genius.
    July 8 09:32 AM
  • sniper same. it also cost the same and looks cooler but i'd really prefer the #rare version. let me know if you figure it out
    July 7 03:30 PM
  • sniper i just ordered the white/black LP from init and then i was reading a thread on some board where the dude from init said the white/black was sold out back in february. idk if they did another pressing or what but i wanted to make sure i didn't buy a record that doesn't exist because i am a paranoid mofo. thx bud.
    July 6 04:27 PM
  • Ricochet upsetters - super ape
    July 6 08:01 AM
  • sniper yo when did you buy the jokes LP?
    July 6 05:36 AM
    July 2 08:51 AM
  • FourthReich i used to think you were australian
    July 1 09:05 PM
  • BigPleb You got a DL link anywhere man?
    June 30 02:42 PM
  • BigPleb That an answer to my Dot Hacker question? haha.
    June 30 02:38 PM
  • zakalwe Love em. Nice one foxxxy. You make life better.
    June 29 07:30 PM
  • Spec death grips suck
    June 29 04:59 PM
  • tommygun man mimicking birds is so great a thousand times thank you
    June 28 10:11 AM
  • eyehategod fuuckin mean man
    June 25 07:11 PM
  • JJOMan We share a similar love for our relative modest mouse
    June 25 12:11 PM
  • JJOMan Your list from April got me to listen to their debut in the first place I thank you for that
    June 25 12:00 PM
  • JS19 Damn it is :' (
    June 25 10:54 AM
  • JS19 Yeah melodeath is like my least fav death but can still be good - have a Necrophagist album - need to listen more cheers!
    June 25 10:08 AM
  • JS19 I try.... : ) Got any decent DM recs at hand? I'm still a little light on the genre
    June 25 09:51 AM
  • JS19 There was a sad time when I did not like the deth metalz. That time has passed
    June 25 09:34 AM
  • JS19 Actually think the album's pretty good nowadays. Forgot about that soundoff - keeping it fo' sure : D
    June 25 09:30 AM
  • eyehategod dink dingler
    June 24 02:02 PM
  • PorcelainRain Well foxxxy baby I don't have an album quite ready but I recorded some of my songs with a sound recorder if you want to check out a few. It's just unfortunate I can't upload the actual songs at the moment. I'm gonna put more up this week too.
    June 24 11:33 AM
  • ProjectFreak I'm glad to have brought you laughter
    June 23 07:22 PM
  • SowingSeason Would you be willing to write something up for Jane Doe?
    June 21 09:08 AM
  • Jom Dan had kids; I mercifully, thankfully do not.
    June 21 12:12 AM
  • Jom Sorry, but I am not. I don't have any alternate accounts, believe it or not!
    June 21 12:07 AM
  • Crysis yeah but DT know how to melodeath hypocrisy only know how to bleep bloop
    June 20 09:56 PM
  • Crysis boring as ****
    June 20 09:50 PM
  • SowingSeason Is my avatar any bigger?
    June 19 09:27 PM
  • Hep Kat ikr :"{
    June 19 10:29 AM
  • Hep Kat ya bro i woke up 2day n i wuyz liek "damb wtf has chamillionaire done in the last 7 years" answer: ****in s***
    June 19 10:24 AM
  • SowingSeason My name is SowingSeason and I'd like to appply for the position of staff. I feel like I could do this job well because I have done it before, but mostly I want my man mryrtmrnfoxxxy to more easily obtain an erection while looking at my Jenna Fischer avatar that would consequently become 40% larger. Thank you for your consideration.
    June 18 10:02 AM
  • JokineAugustus I swear I always lol whenever I see your avatar
    June 13 05:19 PM
  • Deviant. I like it. That 1 hour ambient track is a bit of a trial, but it's good. I think having a few years off worked for him, gave him some fresh ideas
    June 12 09:49 PM
  • ZombicidalMan better give feedbacker a 5 just in case it doesn't
    June 11 04:59 PM
  • ZombicidalMan you broke my heart with that noise rating man
    June 11 04:23 PM

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