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  • OmairSh Oh yeah man I hear you, things are crazy in the US. In Norway you'd get free tuition as well right. I did an undergrad in engineering then an MBA. Can't complain, I'm happy with my career currently thankfully
    January 12 11:14 PM
  • OmairSh Oh nice, very few people I've met have done kinesiology, very cool. Enjoying it so far? Uni was a while ago for me heh
    January 9 02:12 PM
  • OmairSh Haha that's flattering. I'm a little older than 18, 32 actually and currently in banking. Can't complain. I know most people on this site are younger than me (some by quite a bit). Are you in uni?
    January 5 06:13 PM
  • OmairSh
    January 4 06:31 AM
  • OmairSh Haha, not surprised at all. They're well within their comfort zone, but there's a market for that, so I guess it makes sense in that regard as well. But I probably won't check it out anytime soon :P. Happy new year dude
    January 4 06:31 AM
  • Bedex I answered discord you should see it - lmk if not. It's exam season so I'm a bit slow atm :] and yea Tyner and Jones really made a difference, they really got identity as an ensemble from there on (not that some great albums didn't come beforehand!). I wish the t/t were better followed up though, the rest is a bit of a letdown
    December 15 06:35 PM
  • Bedex I tend to prefer his slightly more dissonant/ adventurous stuff so yeah defo pumped for the next albums. I primarily use my trusty pair of Sennheiser HD598 - they're not the best but they are super comfy. I don't know much about headphones anyway! Hopefully I dont have to get new ones any time soon :[ I think my use of anecdotal is erroneous coming from French lol but oh well you get what I mean. Added u on discord btw so feel free to answer there m/
    December 12 01:10 PM
  • Bedex oooh cool yes I do remember they had a specific doctoral degree for chir! Nice sounds like you have a pretty good plan established there. I'm in second year of grad entry med school ya, I did bioeng before. Dude they must think you are a complete genius they already were impressed with me and the 2.1 languages I speak lol
    December 12 01:07 PM
  • OmairSh Yeah man, VP have talented dudes but boy have they remained in their comfort zone recently. I'm good man, surviving the second wave haha. You tell? I got a budget guitar (Aklot), came with loads of accessories and it's been nice so far. Only been a couple of weeks so need to wait a while to get properly comfortable heh. I've made a doc for songs that I might want to do eventually, but that's a bit down the road heh, want to try and avoid the cliches hah, but might do simple pop songs to start
    December 12 06:24 AM
  • Bedex also I second Maupin - Jewel in the Lotus from park's recs actually I didnt think of it
    December 11 08:15 PM
  • Bedex yea I reckoned you'd know RtF already lol, but I see park's got you sorted I knew it'd have plenty of recs :] also lmk if you use discord bcs sputnik shoutboxes get clunky for anyhting more than anecdotal conversations
    December 11 08:13 PM
  • Bedex The next ones up the list are Kulu Se Mama and a couple live ones but my headphones cable is broken atm so I'm kind of pausing new music until I get the replacement part :[ That Live at Birdland I rec'd you and Africa/Brass are probably my fave album discoveries so far, plus always love A Love Supreme (commonplace I know). I'm excited for his spicier free period!
    December 11 08:12 PM
  • Bedex cool cool! When you say doctor do you mean PhD or medic? Bcs we might be doing the same studies lol. Am in my mid twenties yes. Dude even if slovak and cz are close 4.5 languages is a whole lot! Ya I might not be as thorough with Miles as I was with Coltrane but I'll see how it goes I suppose
    December 11 08:08 PM
  • MementoMori I sure do, see for example (as I mentioned earlier, I think) for Jazz-rock: Ukandanz, Meta Meta and Tom Moto. For avant-garde stuff see: Gorilla Mask, Angels 9 and The Thing.
    December 11 07:29 PM
  • parksungjoon ah, krokofant sem to be a more recent band. can't say i'm familiar with them, sorry. hopefully you'll find something interesting among what i listed though.
    December 11 04:28 PM
  • parksungjoon pat metheny group have some albums you might be interested in. then if you want to try something a bit different, eberhard weber's "colours of chloe" and keith tippett group's "dedicated to you but you werent listening". some more obscure groups you might be interested in would be nucleus (although their later albums are more jazz funk than fusion) and placebo (belgian one from the 70s). lastly, avant prog and "rock in opposition" are genres you should look into
    December 11 04:09 PM
  • parksungjoon gabor szabo gained a lot of recent notoriety when the yt algorithm blew up his "dreams" album, but i suspect you'd be much more interested in "jazz raga" and "bacchanal" - theres herbie mann's "impressions of the middle east" and "stone flute" - bennie maupin's "jewel in the lotus" is a really good one that ghandhi send me recently
    December 11 04:05 PM
  • parksungjoon lol ****... honestly there are people who know much more about that stuff than me, but since you came to me i can't exactly turn you away. i'll assume you've heard the relevant material by davis, hancock, corea, mclaughlin, soft machine etc. already so i'll go a wee bit deeper
    December 11 04:03 PM
  • Bedex As for recs I'm actually very bad with jazz fusion and after Coltrane I was planning on doing a Miles discog run to re-introduce myself to it. Only thing that comes to mind is Return to Forever but you've probably jammed that? Parksungjoon would probably have great recs for you!
    December 11 03:08 PM
  • Bedex Super cool you must speak a tonne of languages! I'm just on French and English ya, plus anecdotal bits in and pieces. Are you in AZ for a long time then? Or planning to move again to Aussieland? I was in CA on an F1 as a student so no green card no, the work authorisation came w the visa :]
    December 11 03:06 PM
  • Bedex ahah I am Belgian but I do live in the UK yes, did the 'cheers mate' betray me?
    December 7 05:06 PM
  • Bedex you def made me add wayne stronger to my to check list but i could not point you to the specific soundoff haha! Cheers mate props to you too m/
    December 6 02:29 PM
  • Bedex no pressure at all mate just thought I'd let u know they don't go unread m/
    December 3 11:45 PM
  • Bedex y u no soundoff
    December 3 05:12 PM
  • Bedex yooo welcome back /
    November 25 05:12 PM
  • Bedex jamming Brought By Pain rn - it's fun but it reaffirms my feeling that tech-death is positively not my favourite genre in the book :]
    November 9 11:20 PM
  • garas Yeah I know the sensitive part... I think it's ridiculious. And about here, well, the country will just enter the second "lockdown" from this very day: almost everything will be closed, and everybody must be home at 8 pm. Not very nice, I'd say.
    November 9 12:57 PM
  • Bedex agree Soultrane and Blue Train are early Coltrane faves! I've been there haha it's sometimes hard to push through some of the discogs, as long as you're enjoying the overall exercise it is fine I suppose :] I also try to alternate artists with every album so the fatigue is a bit less
    November 3 11:03 PM
  • garas Take your time, buddy ;] And how is Arizona? Elections, covid, something else?
    November 3 06:00 PM
  • Bedex glad you're doing the chronological thing too it's honestly been a blast so far! I adore the dude's style especially his appreciation of the drumkit. I like doing these chrono discogs and seeing the artist's evolution, except with Coltrane it's a bit tough because the labels delayed publishing things, made albums without his involvement out of old recording sessions etc so it's a bit all over the place in the ealry 60s stuff. Soultrane is underrated imo glad you enjoyed that last track :]
    November 3 03:56 PM
  • garas Prog / jazz snobism, you say huh? Haha! Maybe you could try "Door 218" by Balance Interruption, kinda avant-garde-ish extreme metal with some jazz in it. And wait, you went to collage in the US?? Which state?
    November 3 10:45 AM
  • SandwichBubble Re:How? I listen to music a lot, if you could believe it.
    November 2 10:21 PM
  • TheNotrap Well thank you, sir. I do the best I can.
    November 2 06:08 PM
  • garas Hi friend! :] I'm doing fine, just usualy a bit busy with work and such, otherwise I can't complain! Covid sucks, but at least our institute is a safe place (yet?). How about you? I was more or less following your soundoffs, and you rated a lot of stuff, good to see that!
    November 2 07:09 AM
  • Bedex ok I just rejammed that opening track following your shout and guess I was having a bad day that day or something because it is bonkers indeed :] that being said I see that we do more or less agree on the album overall so no harm done really lol
    November 1 10:23 PM
  • SandwichBubble I've heard enough. Sorry. | If it'll make you feel better, I'll let you talk bad about a genre that's on my pie chart. I'd personally recommend either "experimental" or "indie rock."
    October 31 11:57 PM
  • parksungjoon yeahh i know exactly what you mean... thats how it is sometimes
    October 31 11:51 PM
  • parksungjoon ehhh im a little extreme in that i dont even like heartwork anymore... so it gets on my nerves that theyre not doing anything interesting
    October 31 09:21 PM
  • TheNotrap To be honest I don't think I've ever heard Transatlantic, I'll take a peek at Whirlwind. Thanks for the rec ;)
    October 31 09:58 AM
  • Bedex Will check man! Thanks for the rec. I have liked some tech death in the past but am very much ignorant so this is good
    October 15 02:11 PM
  • Bedex It's all excellent but the drumming is really what sold it for me, what a jam. I wholly agree with yar soundoff!
    October 14 10:50 AM
  • Bedex dude check out Coltrane's Live at Birdland it's super fun
    October 13 12:28 PM
  • MementoMori Man, I knew the 'van' would give it away haha! As far as more mathy stuff, well, besides listening to more DEP (CI is a masterpiece indeed), you can try: Seizures, Gaza, Ion Dissonance, Psyopus, Ni (they go really far)
    October 13 11:34 AM
  • DePlazz Hey man, finally took you up on Sieges Even's debut, thanks. I had heard it before. It's great in itself, of course, but the similarities with Watchtower's Control and Resistance make it suspicious. I posted a link about that in the comments, check it out it's an interesting read.
    October 13 07:08 AM
  • MementoMori @GamamJ Shame to hear you couldn't handle Kindo's indie/post-hardcore side, I quite liked their second record. Krokofant is quite insane indeed, although I do recall their third/fourth records being slightly less wanky/overbearing than their first two (if I remember correctly) - their last two record's are also definitely the best one's imo. As for Al Di Meola, I'm afraid I never found anything that interesting after Electric Rendezvous. Oh, and yes, I'm indeed from The Netherlands (Utrecht).
    October 12 08:39 PM
  • MementoMori Indeed, the metal train keeps going. As for contemporary jazz stuff, besides the stuff listed, which is great, MotK, being jazz fusion mixed with math rock, is a real connoisseur's pick. For some contemporary stuff not all to dissimilar to your picks, see Thank You Scientist, Kindo, TAUK, Trioscapes and Krokofant.
    October 9 02:03 PM
  • garas Oh dude, I better hurry up because the amount of your ratings are getting bigger and bigger! Anyway, I saw your soundoff on Taake's debut (finally I jammed it) and I can totally agree. Closer song was fantastic.
    October 9 08:10 AM
  • MementoMori No problem, always happy to share music. I'd also remark that the slightly higher quantity of 'garbage' metal is partially due to the lack of modern jazz being realised nowadays. Metal probably has more variation on the whole, it is the king of subgenres after all, whilst a lot of modern jazz does appear somewhat trapped in the 20th century. That being said, both genre how a lot of offer, especially for people attracted to instrumentally oriented and complex music.
    October 8 08:07 PM
  • MementoMori Also, I appreciate the compliments, given your taste I'm not suprised we see eye to eye quite often. As far as progressive metal/technical death metal is concerned, try Precambrian by The Ocean, Vesica Piscis by The Odious, Anciients, Nero Di Marte, maudlin of the Well, Veil of Imagination by Wilderun (way better than the debut), Exivious, Aepoch, Aspherium and Vildhjarta - thought I give you some more obscure picks.
    October 8 10:42 AM
  • MementoMori I would probably still consider myself a metalhead in some sense (it's my favourite genre believe it or not). That's the thing with jazz artists, especially the major ones, they all go downhill at the end of their careers. As for Fusion, try The Grand Wazoo from Zappa as well as Alex Lofoco, Pat Metheny, Ukandanz, Gorilla Mask and Ephel Duath's The Painter's Palette (more fusio/jazz metal).
    October 8 10:26 AM
  • Jacquibim Try Joe McPhee's Nation Time and Don Cherry's Eternal Rhythm. As for fusion, I'm the wrong person to ask lol
    October 8 05:11 AM
  • Jacquibim It's all good bro, nice to actually chat about something other than metal on this site lol. I guess I'm a dilettante cause I still to this day wouldn't be able to verbalise what I like and dislike about avant and free jazz, but describing Unit Structures as being "clusters" of sound, a la Penderecki, does a pretty good job of it imo.
    October 8 03:11 AM
  • Bedex rym is boringgggg but yea I hear ya this isn't the most modern website. You'll be missed if you leave so don't
    October 7 09:18 AM
  • Bedex hey buddy yea I've been going through his discog! I am going through chronologically though so I am still quite far from the albums you mentioned (well I've heard ALS before of course), I do like Tyner's bits in the earlier records but I feel like they are far more conventional. When I get to those albums I'll give it some thought :]
    October 5 08:12 AM
  • Voivod I've been meaning to listen to Sophisticated for an eternity, but akin to a lot of albums, somethings always gets in the way. In that light, I can't promise anything haha, but thank you for the pointer.
    October 4 07:44 AM
  • MementoMori Yeah, well Time is pretty bland I agree. I'd recommend you to listen to Ascension again, that record is an acquired taste, but oh man is it a satisfying when it hooks you (also, Jac is really on point with recs, Unit Structures is incredible).
    October 3 03:53 PM
  • Jacquibim None of these are solo instrumentals, but I'd be interested in hearing what you think of Coltane's Ascension, William Parker's Peach Orchid, Cecil Taylor's Unit Structures and Machine Gun by Peter Brotzmann.
    October 3 12:09 AM
  • Jacquibim Re-jammed For Alto. Found a lot of the phrasing to be surprisingly punctual, and I think "Dedicated to Ann and Peter Allen" served as a nice intermission between all the dissonance and extended technique. Not nearly as abrasive as I remember.
    October 3 12:06 AM
  • MementoMori Thanks for the appreciation! As far as I can tell I, from what I can remember listening to 7 for 4, I disliked the production style and found the combination of prog metal/jazz a little cliche. That being said, maybe I'll give them a re-listen sometime.
    October 1 04:37 PM
  • Bedex completely agree, it can be an awful genre just as it can be absolutely perfect. And yea I'm finally excited again to check more Gorod!
    September 30 10:55 PM
  • Bedex 'Stays clear of all the tech-death traps so many bands fall into like pointless wank and repetitiveness' we may disagree on gorod but man at the bottom of it we do agree :]
    September 30 10:00 PM
  • Bedex I gave Transcendence a 3.5 that's not bad at all! And I quite liked Necrophagist, gave Onset a 4.05!
    September 30 09:06 AM
  • Bedex NO I'm shorry just look at the Transcendence rating :[
    September 29 08:03 PM
  • Bedex I've only heard a couple albums by Tigran but I liked them, you're right I owe him a discog run! Love your description btw lol
    September 29 09:50 AM
  • Bedex I think I will jam their whole discog since it's not that big so I'll definitely get to that maze one, but at this point I am not expecting to give them huge ratings - they do get lost a tad :[
    September 28 09:10 AM
  • Bedex I apologise in advance for my Gorod ratings
    September 27 10:20 PM
  • OmairSh Hey Gamam! Sorry man I hadn't replied to your messages. Yeah dude Bobby is ****ing scary, dude is such a beast and so creative all the time. Really complements the music nicely. Lots of great drumming performances on Winter Ethereal, glad you enjoyed some of the songs off it. It's a bit lengthy imo but the quality moments are top tier. Thanks for the rec, I've listened to a few SE albums back in the day, and could never properly get into them somehow. Maybe I'll give them another try soon
    September 26 11:09 PM
  • 50iL Oh yeah! Tim is one of my fav guitarists and I agree. His nuance and complex vocabulary is truly something to behold. Also, note duly taken! :)
    September 25 05:19 AM
  • 50iL Haha, no problem! Mine wasn't the neatest either. I have heard excerpts from the album but I have kept away from jamming it because I haven't been in the right mindset. That being said, I reeaaally dug the samples I took from it.
    September 24 02:51 PM
  • Jacquibim Nice rec, I remember listening to it years ago but I hadn't really developed a taste for jazz at the time. I'll give it a listen with some fresh ears and report back!
    September 24 12:47 PM
  • Bedex I'll get to it soon look out for my soundoff!
    September 24 12:08 PM
  • 50iL Bartok?s Miraculous Mandarin and String Quartets are also fantastic, but I recommend at least checking his Concerto for Orchestra/Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta first. Depending on what you dig, I can recommend further!
    September 24 06:03 AM
  • 50iL Ahh, for that I?d recommend some Eric Doplhy, late 60s Miles Davis (esp. Nefertiti), mid-60s Jackie McLean, and Albert Ayler. What you essentially want is jazz in the style of. Time No Changes; time is kept up but improv is atonal.for atonal works, I?d consider checking Stravinsky?s Rite of Spring, Dmitri Shostakovich?s String Quartets, Gyorgy Ligeti?s Requiem, Edward Varese, Alfred Schnittke?s Concerto Grosso No. 1/String Quartets, and Schoenberg?s Survivor at Warsaw.
    September 24 06:01 AM
  • Bedex I checked KC's full discog years ago, but I definitely owe them a rerun! Right now I'm in the process of updating my 5s so I'm looking at lots of candidates. The rating scale varies with everyone it's all good dude haha, personally 3.0 are for albums I kinda enjoyed but wouldn't really revisit except maybe a couple tracks, but totally get that others may see it differently. And thanks re:adding life to the site, same to you it's really good to see active users and of course the soundoffs! :]
    September 23 07:17 PM
  • Bedex dude I am going through Coltrane's discog these days and I am finding jewel after jewel even in the lesser known albums. Davis is next!
    September 23 06:30 PM
  • Bedex I know I know I'm just teasing :] it's simple and not the most memorable jazz album but it sure is fun and I like it
    September 23 05:03 PM
  • Bedex Relaxin' is so fun y u downrate
    September 21 11:47 PM
  • Jethro42 Hi Gamam, I'm touched by your kindness, really. ProgJect was a great team experience, but it came to an end when my colleague Nagrarok (my right arm) left the site in 2015 or so. Thanks for you followed us into our adventure. Thanks for your shoutbox, man (I always look at them). I'm really flattered.
    September 17 12:57 AM
  • OmairSh Check it out in your own time, I just thought I'd share a snippet for ya in case you were curious enough
    September 14 11:50 PM
  • OmairSh Yo Gam, I think you'll enjoy the Arch/Matheos albums (This is the same Matheos that's the brains behind Fates Warning). The music is really organic and progressive. Their first album is more dynamic while the second one is HEAVY. Here's a song from the 2nd one
    September 14 11:49 PM
  • Willie I've been listening to music since the 80s. It's been a long work in progress.
    September 3 10:38 PM
  • Wizard I haven't changed my avatar ever!
    September 1 12:17 AM
  • Jacquibim Yeah I heard and enjoyed VoidCeremony even if I felt it was at times a bit of a riff-salad
    August 31 05:41 PM
  • OmairSh Thanks dude! Glad you enjoyed it. Haha yeah I watched the scene a couple of times to get the vibe and what was happening, then did my thing haha
    August 30 03:19 AM
  • OmairSh Ah damn if you really don't like country then there will be at least one or two songs on every Dregs album that you won't enjoy. I don't listen to country but Steve Morse makes everything sound good imo heh, so I enjoy his take on it. Oh damn I think i pasted the same list link twice haha, my bad here's the jazz fusion list
    August 26 05:23 AM
  • OmairSh Also I thought I'd share an acting video of mine in case you're interested :-)
    August 25 05:06 AM
  • OmairSh Thanks for the kind words my man! I try to add some value whenever I can on here. Regarding 70s jazz fusion I'd rec the albums on the list that's at the end of this comment (The Dixie Dregs being the best band there imo, all their albums are great). It also has Mekaal Hasan Albums that is a Pakistani jazz rock band which I think you'll enjoy. Should hopefully whet your appetite for now :-)
    August 25 05:05 AM
  • Bedex I don't think there is any difference, except one is in stereo and one is mixed in mono (can't remember which is which). Not positive though!
    August 24 06:05 PM
  • Bedex holy, thanks dude! Glad someone reads those lol. Yea it seemed unfair for Taylor to only have one rating on his version of the album. Nice to see all these soundoffs from you too!
    August 24 05:16 PM
  • Jacquibim Some more recent BDM bands I've really liked are Lurid Panacea, Chalera, Dissevered, Molested Divinity, Putrescent Seepage, Katalepsy (Autopsychosis mostly), Disentomb, Iniquitous Deeds and Cerebral Effusion. Should take you a bit to sift through them.
    August 23 10:14 AM
  • Jacquibim There aren't a lot of bands in that neoclassical tech death style that I imagine you haven't heard, maybe Equipoise? Defeated Sanity are also pretty one of a kind in that I can't find a lot of BDM bands mixing it up with technically deft fusion segments, but if you like technical BDM that isn't sanitised then Deeds of Flesh, Disgorge, Orchidectomy, Brodequin, Disavowed, Mindly Rotten, Amputated Genitals, Goreinhaled and Extreme Violence are all well-worth hearing.
    August 23 10:09 AM
  • Jacquibim Don't hold your breath as motivation to review is in short supply these days lol
    August 22 10:13 AM
  • dedex just look at my pie chart hahaha it's all over the place
    August 21 06:42 PM
  • dedex I do it for the exact same reason haha. Anyway, please continue because it's super useful to the site!
    August 21 12:54 PM
  • dedex Heyo, been seeing a lot of your soundoffs lately, nice to see another soundoff boi here! Keep the hustle
    August 21 12:28 PM
  • garas Ah, that's quite different! Will check ;]
    August 20 10:43 AM
  • garas Nope. More precisely: not yet! Anyway, where should I start? They don't have a Metallum page :o
    August 19 07:25 PM
  • 50iL Haha, fair enough! I find the Aristocrats amusing but not much else. Love Marco's drumming though.
    August 17 04:52 PM
  • 50iL Oh yes, I'm pretty familiar with Guthrie! Love his fretless playing. His solo stuff isn't my cup of tea but I really like his participation in Steven Wilson's stuff :)
    August 15 06:10 PM
  • 50iL I have only heard of Plini, who is very hit or miss to me. I like his vocabulary but I cannot get into his tone or compositions. I'll check the other rec out for sure!
    August 15 08:43 AM
  • 50iL I agree; music is such a wide medium! As for contemporary jazz, I recommend Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Peter Evans, Avishai Cohen (bass), Mark Guiliana, Shai Maestro, Robert Glasper, Snarky Puppy, Shabaka Hutchings, Ben Wendel, Tigran Hamasyan, Evan Marien, and JZ Replacement to name a few! :)
    August 9 03:53 AM
  • 50iL Ah yes, it does sound like it! Zappa is also hit-or-miss for me. If you like Thelonious, you may like Eric Dolphy, Bud Powell, and Andrew Hill. If you dug Bitches Brew, Herbie Hancock's 70s material is essential! :D
    August 7 11:11 PM
  • garas Hmmm. I've just listened one of their greatest songs this morning, and thought maybe you'd like it too: they're from Norway.
    August 5 11:37 AM
  • garas Hey! Just a short question: do you know the band Tsjuder?
    August 5 06:59 AM
  • 50iL Oh, and Zappa/Mothers of Invention have a LOT of stuff like that! I'd take a deep dive and just check albums chronologically, haha
    August 4 10:10 PM
  • 50iL Hmmmm, you'd like Santana's more famous stuff and Miles Davis' Jack Johnson. Perhaps Stanley Clarke's solo stuff might be of interest as well!
    August 4 05:33 AM
  • 50iL I basically only listen to contemporary classical. I love all the avant-garde s*** and dissonance so I feel right at home lol. Most of music I've heard from the classical, baroque, and romantic periods are mildly boring.
    August 1 04:59 AM
  • 50iL Ahh, nice! You'll probably love Shakti then, it's super shreddy!
    July 30 08:42 AM
  • garas Sad thing that you're right, some soundoffs have more entertainment-factor than the entire album. You know the drill: a producer crew wrote a full album for her, and she just sang on it and call it a day... generic s***e, sounds exactly the same like any other mainstream pop. I gave it a chance, becasue the cover seemed like it might be different - so disappointment guaranteed.
    July 28 05:46 PM
  • garas One thing is for sure: even though the album is hot garbage, it resulted some really hilarious soundoffs which are 100x times more entertaining the album itself B]
    July 28 10:19 AM
  • garas I don't really like power metal either, but this one was oddly satisfying to me. Mixing stuff with black metal usually checks out for me, haha!
    July 22 05:27 AM
  • garas Ouch...
    July 21 04:30 PM
  • garas Can't wait for your opinion, this one really shreds so I have high expectations! B]
    July 21 03:51 PM
  • garas Hey bro, jump on the new Havuknuunu! Even though it is epic viking/black metal, but it contains massive shreddings and technical riffs too. ;]
    July 21 08:03 AM
  • 50iL Awesome, I'm really glad you dig!
    July 11 08:05 AM
  • garas It's so odd to see when you say "fantastic" in a soundoff, but still giving a 3.5, hahaha!
    June 30 09:04 PM
  • 50iL Oh man, you need Tim Miller then. He's like the morr modern Holdsworth imo. Janek Gwizdala's Live at the 55 Bar as well as his Trio work is essential jazz guitar playing.
    June 28 08:27 PM
  • 50iL Excellent! Once you check a few of those, I can send over some spicier jazz fusion stuff I think you'll dig :)
    June 28 04:24 PM
  • garas Yup, 'Also sprach Zarathustra' is a really good. (I 5.0'd it.)
    June 27 06:11 PM
  • 50iL Also, everything by John McLaughlin is a must. Hope you dig!
    June 27 05:49 PM
  • 50iL Hey there! Sorry for the late answer. Yeah, sure, I've got plenty of that! I'll recommend you some early shreddy stuff so you can start easing into it. John Coltrane - Giant Steps / My Favorite Things. Return To Forever - Return to Forever. Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby (a little more calm, but essential). Dizzy Gillespie - At Newport. Wes Montgomery - Smokin' at the Half Note. Shakti - Natural Elements.
    June 27 05:48 PM
  • garas Well, what can I say... I'm a moody spirit, haha!
    June 23 08:42 AM
  • garas Alright, noted: Arcturus debut is now on the menu. And yeah the weather has a *huge* impact on what type of music I want to listen to. In such gloomy, gray days raw BM feels the best, but otherwise during summer I really like listening to drone, "brighter" sounding dungeon synth, atmoblack and classical. Sometimes psychedelic rock checks out too.
    June 22 04:34 PM
  • garas Soon! I was about to check it out, but in this gloomy weather I'm more like in a BM mood.
    June 22 10:52 AM
  • garas Yeah, I'm quite sure it is a Scorpions riff! I kinda grew up with that band (super popular in Hungary), I can easily detect their style, haha! (However, I never really did listen to full albums, mostly just mixes in radio or at house parties etc.)
    June 19 11:34 AM
  • garas I can't tell YET! I started to re-listen those Scorpions albums which may have that song, but I know I've heard that riff from them somewhere!! I hate this feeling soooo much, when I can't pair a riff with a song...
    June 18 12:35 PM
  • garas ...then I'm convinced, full discog run, here I come! Also it is perfectly fine if you're a bit biased, that's a sign if you really like a band. And you don't need strong or many reasons why~
    June 17 04:46 PM
  • garas Maybe you did, but I didn't remember! :0 I listened to their latest album, but I think I'll check out the others too later. Not 100% my style, but I liked it and I think it was great.
    June 17 09:46 AM
  • garas Yup, that's correct ;] I did not know that band previously, but it is always nice to listen to some black metal from this "neighbourhood". This folk/pagan thing is very popular concept lately, I see.
    June 16 09:13 PM
  • garas Yes and no: I know and like a few songs from them, but I haven't listened to whole albums of theirs before. Maybe I'll give them a listen sometime, thanks!
    June 16 10:59 AM
  • garas Exactly, being narrow minded in music is just lame.
    June 15 04:52 PM
  • parksungjoon ty
    June 15 03:59 PM
  • garas Yeah I think that way too, but idk, listening to only classical would be a bit boring for me... I'm addicted to BM and ambient music, haha! And hell yeah, Obituary certainly have a little punk in them. (However I owe a full discog run to them... I can barely keep up with my most beloved genres though.)
    June 15 02:04 PM
  • garas Yeah it is a bit random, but I forgot to mention an important info: she's that person I know who listens to classical music exclusively, so I really appreciate her knowledge in this topic. Also I've heard that Ulthar's debut is a bit crust-punky - and since I love mid-era Darkthrone I have high expectations on that one. Plus, I'm extra curious because putting DM and punk together is something I can hardly imagine.
    June 15 01:33 PM
  • garas Oh yeahhhh, "Providence" was a good one. I didn't have Ulthar on my radar before, but I'll have to follow them in the future since they make very good blackened death metal. And thank you for the Strauss rec, I've heard good things about that work - if I remember correctly that is a favourite of my gf's sister~
    June 15 01:21 PM
  • garas Woah-woah, objectivity at 81%? Nice ;]
    June 15 11:57 AM
  • Mythodea Oh, yeah, I see the wrong in my thinking. This makes so much more sense now. Cheers!
    June 14 02:46 PM
  • Mythodea How can you say Death peaked with Symbolic on one soundoff, and then on the other say its length is to blame for not considering a peak???? What am I missing? What's your secret code????
    June 14 01:20 PM
  • Voivod In Memory is exactly how you described it to be, and that's why I love it, I love transition albums in general.
    June 3 05:03 PM
  • Voivod Fair enough, but In Memory has a lot in common with the namesake debut. And it's true, Nevermore got simpler over time, I didn't like this too, but good music was released anyway, so...
    June 3 10:47 AM
  • Voivod I like both albums, Dreaming Neon Black a lot more, because the sound and songs are more elaborate. Saw you put a 2.5 in In Memory EP, care to elaborate (sic)?
    June 3 10:21 AM
  • garas Ohhhhhhhh, a 80%! Congrats, let's see how long can you keep it, hahaha! I think the charts "measure" your ratings in generating your personal charts, like a "weighted average", perhaps? But I'm not sure, sput works very mysteriously sometimes, haha!
    May 31 06:12 PM
  • garas I'll try my best staying objective. But I'm ready for anything, though: I'm ready for satisfaction or disappointment as well. Their last 'EP' was very divisive amongst the fans, and I wasn't also entirely pleased either, so we'll see. A bit random thing: I can't understand how does your charts still missing the "Classical" genre... :0
    May 31 09:48 AM
  • garas What a lucky dude you are... near to Kvelertak and Carpathian Forest too? Ah, CF is one of my favourites. Too bad, the drugs nearly destroyed Nattefrost :| (But I can't wait for their comeback album!)
    May 29 12:42 PM
  • garas Once, I reached 80% but after a few ratings it fell back to 79%, hahaha! But yeah, Team 79%, assemble!
    May 29 06:38 AM
  • garas Nice! I can't wait to hear about your opinion on both Cirith and Kodaly! Btw, the Umbrella Contest is ArsMoriendi's little event to make sput a little bit more interesting:
    May 28 10:27 AM
  • garas In the current round of the Umbrella Contest I rec'd another Hungarian composer's classical work and I think it would interest you as well. Do you know Kodaly Zoltan? He didn't write much orchestral pieces, but each of them are very good in my opinion.
    May 28 09:14 AM
  • garas Oh yeah, such cheesy synths in my black metal is totally in my territory, I love them! And I can agree, it israzy to think it's from 1992...! Around that time where the first and the second wave were still mixed together, many interesting albums were born! I have so much more to discover yet! I hope you'll dig Cirith, in my opinion they're much more of your style. Expect some interesting doomish heavy metal with an unique sound.
    May 26 09:23 PM
  • garas Master's Hammer was great! The middle of the album dragged down my rating a little since it wasn't really memorable... I'll check some of their other outputs later!
    May 26 03:13 PM
  • garas Hmmmmmmm, that sound really interesting! I don't know this band, so thank you very much for the rec!! I'll definitely check them out today. In response: have you heard the latest Cirith Ungol?
    May 26 11:54 AM
  • garas The cause simplier than you'd think: I'm not the biggest fan of the violin, and I really enjoy piano.
    May 16 09:40 PM
  • garas I'm glad to hear that! In music school we learnt about Liszt a lot in music school... too bad I forgot mostly all of it, but the appreciation and love for his music remained.
    May 16 09:20 AM
  • garas I give you that really good "cheesiness" is not a common thing. Also, nice to see you getting into Liszt - and not just because I'm Hungarian! Real genius, I'd say.
    May 15 10:00 PM
  • garas I like cheese, so I don't mind 'em, haha! Anyway, I'm just super glad you liked Taake! :] " Stridens hus" is my favourite.
    May 14 06:26 AM
  • garas Finally, a good BM rating, hahaha! Taake rulez \m/
    May 13 09:25 AM
  • garas It's fine, dungeon synth requires a certain "appetite", hahaha! Then you'll hate the ambient albums. But from the post-prison albums, Belus stands as a very good BM album.
    May 12 07:12 PM
  • garas And the Burzum prison albums are also dungeon synth releases, if you know those better. I'm very into this fantasy-inspired genre, and I try to increase its popularity on sput, ha! Here is my yearly list where I throw the best releases into a music list:
    May 10 04:13 PM
  • garas Dungeon synth is a small subgenre derived from black metal around the '90s. The shortest (and a a little bit blunt) description could be: the ambient opener/interlude/outro tracks from BM albums, but just during a whole album and in an own genre, haha! Mortiis, Depressive Silence, Secret Stairways, Lamentation etc. are one of the oldest dungeon synth bands/projects.
    May 10 04:10 PM
  • garas I try to listen to at least 2-3 new albums per day (and more if I listen to dungeon synth, since those releases are pretty short), but I re-jam quite often albums~ But it depends on what am I doind on that day, during work I listen to lot more music. But maybe around 50-50%, overall?
    May 10 03:19 PM
  • garas Yeah, I also found it odd your chart is missing classical, haha! Really? I think occasional re-jams are quite essential - at least for me it is some sort of self-knowledge-oriented activity. Sometimes I have drastically different opinions on certain albums - like it was last time with Nargaroth's debut album... how was I so blind (/deaf)?!
    May 10 02:48 PM
  • garas Hehe, same case with me and black metal. When I became an active user I listened to whatever I was interested about at the moment, and boom: 40% in my musical taste charts is black metal! But I my checklist is endless in dungeon synth as well too. But one has to spare some time for re-listening the favourites too.
    May 10 01:38 PM
  • garas Ha, fair points dude :] You're more of the DM-expert among us. (However, I can't prescind from connecting Blasphemer's riffs to black metal.)
    May 8 11:05 AM
  • garas Yeah, VLTIMAS definitely slaps! Don't get me wrong, the vocals on their own are pretty good, but maybe for that record a different vocal style could have been more fitting - but that's just my personal preference.
    May 8 08:42 AM
  • garas Really? :0 Well, maybe you should give a try! They make pretty unusual music, but if you get it then it is really addictive. Also, wanna hear some *really* weird s***? If so, I can highly recommend '666 International' by Dodheimsgard. They're pretty much avant-garde, no other band sounds like them.
    May 7 06:14 PM
  • garas It depends on the clarification of avant-garde, I think. Some other bands created lot wilder stuff in the same time - but my knowledge is clearly not wide enough in htis topic. If you like Attila's vocals that much, then I can highly recommend you his live performances with Sunn O)))!
    May 7 05:58 PM
  • garas VLTIMAS was cool, but the vocals dragged down my rating a little bit. I can also get behind praising Mayhem for constantly revolutionizing the genre, even though getting into Esoteric Warfare took me some time, haha! I'm not entirely sure they're actually avant-garde (compared to Dodheimsgard, for example), but their progressive approach is really impressive. I hope I can catch them live in October!
    May 7 05:28 PM
  • garas "Best catalogue of the OG BM bands that are still going" Pretty much yes; but Darkthrone has an almost flawless discog too - but [sadly] 'Goatlord' exists, imo. (I love mid-era Darkthrone too!) And I'll also jam VLTIMAS today, since I haven't heard it either :0
    May 7 01:41 PM
  • garas Nice! Also, agreed: Chimera is awesome. I really like the whole Blasphemer-Maniac era, tbh. That two LPs Wolf's Lair Abyss are real bangers \m/ I have them on cassette tapes too. (Except Chimera, but maybe I'll grab it after the next payday.)
    May 7 08:14 AM
  • garas [random] Do you know the band Sarke? It is a pretty interesting Norwegian band, and they have Nocturno Culto as vocalist. I was just jammint their LP from last year and thought you might dig it as well.
    May 6 06:22 PM
  • garas I give that they wrote some exciting stuff for that one, but I can't enjoy it due to *intentionally* the terrible mix.
    May 6 05:05 PM
  • garas "He looks like a Black Metal Axl Rose" [2] This, hahaha!
    May 4 12:15 PM
  • garas That's awesome! I wanted to catch them with Metallica a few years ago, but the tickets were bloody damn expensive! :\ Ivar is pretty cool vocalist, but I think I liked Erlend more - especially with that owl hat, haha!
    May 4 10:11 AM
  • garas For real?? Daaaamn, lucky you! And yeah, I had to 5.0 'Meir'... I simply love that album!
    May 4 09:33 AM
  • KILL yea dude i'm out the pen
    May 3 01:22 AM
  • garas They totally deserve a full discog run, but first I gotta finish up soooooo many others...! I hope my life will be just closely enough for listening to all the stuff which really deserves to be heard.
    April 30 07:20 PM
  • garas Tbh, I barely remember to that album. Probs that's where the came from(?) But I'll re-listen sometime. I never really listened to Enslaved, but I still have to check many other bands too.
    April 29 05:28 PM
  • garas How potato is that, haha? One of those tiny practice amps? Personally I don't have just one amp, which is actually a bass amp, but it works with the guitar just as fine. My trick is: I have a nice tube amp modeler pedal for guitar, so that a bass amp is a pretty decent, and lot cheaper option.
    April 29 07:20 AM
  • garas Most guitars are clearly overpriced, in my opinion. A good amp matters lot more! I'm not sure if Marblebog is your thing, since that's also a very atmospheric band, but who knows, maybe you'll dig it!
    April 28 08:48 PM
  • garas Nah, I couldn't be that original, haha! But there are already some pretty nice Hungarian one-man BM bands. Marblebog is pretty cool one for example. 700 euros? That's quite a big money, eh? Hehe! I will remember, and I can't wait to hear your metal album, haha! :]
    April 28 05:02 PM
  • garas Fair point, and true that there are no really better alternatives. And you call those non-expensive instruments?? Maybe not for a northern-EU budget :p For me, the Harley Bentons work just as fine and I don't feel my purse got butchered, haha! I haven't played in any band, I have a few bedroom ambient projects but that's all. Maybe I'll start a one-man BM band sometime, but there's plenty of work ahead before I could do that, huh. I wrote a few riffs but that's all.
    April 28 04:20 PM
  • garas I 100% get your point. But maybe I wasn't 100% clear about what did I mean: solfege is not bad, it's very useful but being *forced* to learn it is not that great. In my opinion music schools should be different, since the usual grading-system is pretty demotivating. And woah, you have some real nice instruments, my man! Did you play in a band as well?
    April 28 12:42 PM
  • garas Well, that part of music theory is fun indeed, but when you are forced to to learn solfege and such is not that fun, haha! Btw, what type of guitar do you have? :0 I have a super cheap Harley Benton strat "copy" and bass.
    April 27 08:14 PM
  • Wizard Old enough where I know better than most but not young enough to be naive.
    April 27 07:51 PM
  • garas I studied music theory, and playing on acoustic guitar and a national traditional instrument called "citera". But it was long time ago when I was just a little boy, and well, I wasn't really talented at all hahahaha! But those were very memorable years, for sure. And I'm not really a live-album fan. I surely like some, like AC/DC's River Plate concert album and the Mayhem live albums for example.
    April 27 03:54 PM
  • Wizard I used to be like that when I was 14 years old but now I'm an old man hahahaha. Your tastes will refine themselves over time and you will become a cynical grump like me one day.
    April 27 02:49 PM
  • garas Uh, I barely know any of those albums you mentioned, haha! Maybe I should do my "homework", but my checklist is already extremly loooooooong. And I know Paganini very well, since I spent 5 years in music school! I admire his talent, but I don't listen to Paganini very often.
    April 27 02:46 PM
  • garas What other live albums are on the menu? And I guess I'm weird, but I find ambient pieces quite often more deep and exciting than other type of music. And Tomhet is simply top notch material, in my opinion. But yeah, our taste differs quite a bit, but I dig your ratings since I think they're pretty toughtful.
    April 27 12:04 PM
  • Wizard That was a compliment hahahaha I'm very picky with my music tastes.
    April 26 11:26 PM
  • Wizard I'm glad you have a more open mind than myself ; ).
    April 26 07:19 PM
  • garas Well, I like soundtrack-ish classical music, probs because that also aim for being atmospheric. I don't know, in my opinion Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are all outstandigly great! And yeah, I love Filosofem - Hvis is just as phenomenal (Tomhet is my most fav. song ever), but Filosofem is a little bit more agressive, I think. De Mysteriis is good, but not really a top BM album, imo. However, the live version, De Mysteriis...Alive is on a whole new level, I love it.
    April 26 12:02 PM
  • garas HOW could you give a 3.0 to The Planets by Gustav Holst?! How?! :|
    April 26 07:17 AM
  • garas Hahaha, I'll never admit that Nattens is among the best BM albums :p But, tbh, it woul rather difficult for me to organize a top10 or something... Filosofem by Burzum would be undoubtedly #1, but the rest... I don't know.
    April 26 07:16 AM
  • garas I'm not a big fan of Nattens Madrigal, but I love Bergtatt - one of my most favourite records of all time! And yay! The apostrophes are working now! :]
    April 25 12:16 PM
  • Wizard Because the BDM bore me to no end. It's like pre-fabricated, glossy dm.
    April 24 03:08 PM
  • garas Ah, proto-metal is such a sweet thing, I also love it especially if it's synth driven! Maybe you should check Hällas then! They're a modern band from Sweden who play fantasy based "proto-heavy metal". And I think switching to computer should help, the site is a little bit buggy on mobil.
    April 24 11:22 AM
  • garas You're on mobile or on pc? Because there are two types of apostrophes (at least, I think just two?). I'm glad you liked Ulcerate! And I know-I know, but I wasn't really a huge Cream fan, tbh.
    April 24 10:13 AM
  • garas "Got so many classics still to listen to though! There's always more music I really want to listen to" [2] Same. And I have no idea why doesn't apostrophes work for you :0 And Ulcerate is a trendy tech death band from New Zealand, pretty heavy stuff.
    April 24 08:51 AM
  • garas And well, I totally go/dig for underground stuff, almost exclusively. But I gotta check some more "hyped" stuff as well. I'm jamming the new Ulcerate right now.
    April 24 07:48 AM
  • garas I know, I was just kidding with ya ;] I can say pretty much the same, I'm also getting used to the quarantine at this point. Nothing extra here either. We have a pretty high mortality rate, but because the pensioners could sit on their asses and now they're surprised about that they're infected, duh...
    April 24 07:47 AM
  • garas Bump up that rating on Kveldssanger ;] Also it is nice to see your constant activity, even though we have different opinions about a few albums. Btw, what's up with you, anything new in Norway?
    April 23 08:37 PM

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