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  • SomeCallMeTim agreed, kind of wild that they haven't been back for a while. a place like portland for example would be a hotspot for ween fans
    December 5 08:29 PM
  • SomeCallMeTim praise boog
    November 30 04:05 PM
  • WatchItExplode Forgot to tell you that was really good. I definitely see the squid comparisons in my favorites were basically the ones you outlined.
    August 18 05:52 PM
  • WatchItExplode Will do and thank you
    August 4 01:57 AM
  • WatchItExplode Hey fuzzy, I'm with you (see my sounoff). I think they tempered their experimentation a bit to better fit within their rock band format. Unfortunately it's a little less dynamic and exciting overall. Nothing here. Approaches the creativity and accessibility of narrator and certainly nothing has rocking as the cleaner. I'd say it is a three to 3.5 but I'm letting it settle a bit.
    June 14 06:12 PM
  • WatchItExplode Well that was a terrifying little snapshot of humanity
    July 12 03:15 PM
  • WatchItExplode Score might be inflated a bit, but It's irreverent and tickled me quite a bit. Me quite a bit
    July 11 09:47 PM
  • WatchItExplode Television rule.
    December 30 06:26 PM
  • WatchItExplode If Avant pop from the '70s that gets a five for me it seems interesting I would say yes.
    September 28 11:10 PM
  • WatchItExplode Yes, when it hits right that sound is just superb. Unfortunately I think it will be just a one-off. The singer is great. He's an established singer songwriter named Andy Shauf. Haven't found anything else he's done I enjoy as much as this though.
    September 28 03:11 PM
  • WatchItExplode 3-4 Good tunes. Quite disappointing overall. Check that Foxwarren album.
    September 21 08:01 PM
  • WatchItExplode I grew up in a small, dying mining town in Montana. There are just some universal truths people from small town America share.
    August 20 08:03 PM
  • WatchItExplode Right on. Origami Angel just nail their sound. It may not be the deepest music, but when you are in the mood nobody does it better. Don't know where you're from, but the field recordings on Pressure Machine are uber relatable for me. That and the guitar solos are all I need to love it.
    August 20 05:20 PM
  • WatchItExplode New A Great Big Pile Of Leaves is pretty awesome.
    August 20 02:21 PM
  • WatchItExplode Yeah I checked landmark too. It had some interesting bits but nothing even coming close to the catchiness of that new single.
    July 29 06:55 PM
  • WatchItExplode While I am on a roll hippo campus - bad dream baby is the catchiest single I've heard in about a thousand years. I even created a news article but nobody checked :-(
    July 28 03:51 AM
  • WatchItExplode Least I can do my friend
    July 27 09:00 PM
  • WatchItExplode Yeah, I have a few of her songs liked. Good rec though. That James super cave album is probably worth a listen to although I'm not sure it's as much your style.
    July 27 06:25 PM
  • WatchItExplode Check Teamonade and lmk your thoughts
    July 25 11:56 PM
  • WatchItExplode I really liked we are all going home in an ambulance too... Not on the black eyes level at all though lol
    June 7 01:14 AM
  • WatchItExplode Black eyes rules....3x through already
    June 4 07:32 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Yeah, Boredoms are off the wall.
    April 26 09:42 PM
  • ArsMoriendi I notice that you like Ween. Have you heard Ween's collab with Boredoms Z-Rock Hawaii? https://www.sputnikmusic.com/bands/Z-Rock-Hawaii/68596/
    April 23 07:10 PM
  • WatchItExplode Listen to River and storm from s/t again. If those don't click cut your losses. Plenty more out there for us to explore.
    December 10 10:37 PM
  • WatchItExplode Young Jesus is another excellent alt band that released an album this year. I'd head straight to the 2017 self titled though.
    December 1 03:59 AM
  • WatchItExplode Its on my list. I like king gizzard, but yo varying degrees since they are so diverse. Very high on my list to see live.
    December 1 12:40 AM
  • WatchItExplode Thats why you got a double post...like incorporate some of that on occasion please.
    November 30 11:50 PM
  • WatchItExplode Wow, sorry but the Happy Together cover is even better. WOW
    November 29 02:58 AM
  • WatchItExplode Did you hear that cover of Baby one more time by the way? I know it's dumb but I'm kind of obsessed with it at the moment. The pact continues to grow also.
    November 29 02:15 AM
  • WatchItExplode They are both in the vein of alternative I love. This doesn't carry the weight of GG but is still awesome.
    November 25 11:18 PM
  • WatchItExplode Yeah, all of them have moments, but that newest one is a refinement of the sound I prefer overall
    November 25 05:47 PM
  • WatchItExplode Peripheral Vision rules btw so thank you.
    May 13 02:30 AM
  • WatchItExplode Car seat is great and I will give empty country another shot. A just kind of washed over me 1st listen. PP grew hard.
    April 8 02:08 AM
  • WatchItExplode Give Peach Pit a try fuzzy. Its infectious.
    April 6 06:02 PM
  • WatchItExplode On my short list thanks for reinforcing it
    February 14 10:07 PM
  • WatchItExplode So is Unwound. We have enough overlap that we should just keep sharing as it seems appropriate. Cheers!
    February 11 05:24 PM
  • WatchItExplode I had not listened to it (despite being vaguely aware of it) but I have now. It's been added to my collection for future listens. In another semi-related, tangential rec, try out Pinback - This Is A Pinback CD if you haven't previously.
    February 7 10:18 PM
  • WatchItExplode Fuzzy, I think you and I can get along.
    February 5 09:02 PM

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