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  • budgie
    September 17 10:12 PM
  • garas I have no clue. I'm not on any other music site expect sput. Why can't new users be cool like Pikazilla?
    September 17 03:46 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Okay, that album was dope. Need to get into jazz more, barely touched base with it since my John Zorn phase
    September 17 10:56 AM
  • budgie it's more dreamy, bit more immature, needs headphones though, the bass guitar is hard to heard otherwise, but man! the 2nd track, Porch, is grade A dreampop. full fazerdaze vibes!
    September 16 05:28 PM
  • budgie the 2015 one? called.. sleepwalker?
    September 16 04:58 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD She stripped out from her newer doom metal side..went back to her indie roots. Its very Emma Ruth imo.
    September 16 11:12 AM
  • budgie i really liked all the tracks but i'd call it more like chilled out beach rock or something :P has that vibe instead of dream pop
    September 16 06:10 AM
  • budgie it's called "dutch gems" and it's a playlist of 27 dream pop tracks from dutch artists/groups
    September 16 06:03 AM
  • budgie
    September 16 02:34 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell On it ;]
    September 15 09:23 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell What's the best Indigo Jam Unit album to kick off with?
    September 15 09:18 PM
  • budgie it came out finallyyyyyyy
    September 13 06:33 AM
  • budgie
    September 12 11:24 AM
  • budgie trif jam this track!!
    September 11 10:58 PM
  • budgie the third one, rocket to russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    September 11 10:36 PM
  • budgie dude how have you never heard the ramones!!! best band ever for real!! omgahhhh!!!!
    September 11 05:24 PM
  • budgie
    September 11 04:01 PM
  • Scheumke Both act II and Urn can be harder to get into and are not their best imo. Try Citadel from NeO and Act IV from TDH (though Act V is amazing for me).
    September 11 11:25 AM
  • Scheumke Ahh man.. Give them a little time though. What did you listen by them?
    September 11 10:45 AM
  • budgie (i think in the nightside eclipse is at least a 4.5/5 but don't tell anyone ok i have to maintain appearances) nightside eclipse sucks total 1/5 album ugh i hate it
    September 10 08:47 PM
  • Scheumke Bro, get your ass on The Dear Hunter and Ne Obliviscaris asap. Two of your new favorite incoming right there. I'd be very surprised if there's one of the two you don't dig big time.
    September 10 10:05 AM
  • budgie i'm on that track right now haha, put the ep on when i saw your message?idk why i rated it 3.5, it's way better. there are 3 EPs: check the track, in particular, Clarion, on the 3rd ep. i'll link it:
    September 9 08:56 AM
    September 9 08:44 AM
  • budgie
    September 9 01:59 AM
  • ArsMoriendi Since you liked Jar of Flies, check their EP Sap.
    September 5 06:40 PM
  • butt. hell yeah!! thanks for the follow up haha. it's a perfectly decent head bangin album. no more, no less.
    August 23 01:31 PM
  • Egarran Thanks for asking, you beautiful man. But I have to resist the temptation. As you know I'm strained right now. I probably shouldn't even be online.I'll try for september.
    August 22 08:15 PM
  • budgie kate teague finally announced an album!!!!
    August 14 05:07 PM
  • budgie holy ****
    August 14 12:17 AM
  • budgie
    August 14 12:08 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD and natas a really much nicer here, but food overall os just awesome there. You eat much, well and cheap there.
    August 12 08:58 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Don t leave without attacking one those Francesinhas (little French woman, translated).bDo a brief search for cool places for it. The good places are always replacing the sauce on your table for a warm one...hungry now damn
    August 12 12:29 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD You have to even if you re vegan lol...its mandatory there -
    August 11 11:58 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Dude. Do the Francesinha (a sandwich on a plate with all kinds of meat inside, covered with cheese and drenched with awesome sauce), its freaking awesome! Pastel de Nata's true classic is here in Lisbon (Belem)...
    August 11 11:55 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Ahah no they re not, my friend is in Madeira island playing on another project. But enjoy that one friend and enjoy Porto, its super cool. Cheers
    August 11 10:54 PM
  • budgie u were just in france
    August 8 10:11 PM
  • budgie
    August 8 09:23 PM
  • DoofDoof Great to see some more love for Breathless on Sput though
    August 5 02:33 PM
  • DoofDoof I would recommend you try Chasing Promises next, then the latest one Green to Blue
    August 5 02:32 PM
  • Pikazilla Glad you love it too m/
    August 3 04:07 PM
  • budgie i been playing this ep all day
    August 2 11:54 PM
  • budgie yaaaaaaa. dig that rating on gia margaret
    August 1 02:29 PM
  • Demon of the Fall Thx. Keep on fighting the good fight here on Sput!
    August 1 01:23 PM
  • garas Woah, weird - does sput remove shoutout posts now?Anyway, thanks for the tip, I'll check some full albums too when I'll have same time, haha! (Preparing for the vacation in Greece requires lots of time.) And I'm glad you liked that soundtrack! I think you can find that game pretty easily if you would like to try it out! Pretty old, but very fun.
    August 1 11:09 AM
  • Demon of the Fall Whoops, I should learn to read properly. My experience with such things is negligible at best but guess I could try. It's hard squeezing everything in before the 'new release beast' that is September!
    August 1 10:07 AM
  • Demon of the Fall Yes thanks, the weather isn't always working for me, but that's nothing new, you? What on earth is that and why haven't you added to the database yet? :-).
    August 1 09:38 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD COOL bro! Porto is gorgeous...only not exactly a Summer city but its always a nice time.
    July 31 12:25 PM
  • garas Thanks! :] I never heard about that movie actually, but I'll check it out sometime. And I really liked this track too! This is energic and has that style I like a lot in techno. In return: I hope you would like it, this is a soundtrack of an toy-car-racing videogame, and my favourite in the genre.
    July 31 12:07 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD oh buddy...I start relaxing today lololl
    July 31 10:29 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Hitting Algarve on 3rd week, my godmother has a house there. Chill in the pool with little one x)
    July 31 10:04 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Wow always touring I see! Its my last day at work for 1 more month of parenting license yaaay
    July 31 09:20 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Are you ok bro?
    July 31 08:36 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Yyaaaayy so proud! And a 4.5!
    July 31 08:30 AM
  • budgie coffee
    July 31 08:13 AM
  • budgie
    July 31 02:44 AM
  • butt. yeah it is terrifying, I secretly really enjoy it though. It's not as bad as it looks lol
    July 30 04:04 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Hey bro. That album from Bizu Coolective is on youtube now. Its not assembled in order I guess but all tracks are available now.
    July 29 08:25 AM
  • MotokoKusanagi damn you weren't feeling that new Special Request album?
    July 26 05:27 AM
  • butt. did you ever make it to Octagon (bathory)? lol
    July 23 03:50 PM
  • garas Thanks Trifo for that song, that was great! When I'll finally catch up, I'll check out the full album! :]
    July 23 09:20 AM
  • budgie
    July 21 06:46 PM
  • budgie nope you're thinking of someone else. this track has nice vocals! album came out today too! good vibes
    July 19 02:10 PM
  • budgie you europeans and your holidays!!!!!!
    July 19 01:54 PM
  • budgie cool classy vibes here
    July 19 04:25 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Nor Deezer man? X( I m always telling my brother in law they should get a ****in bandcamp lol. I have Deezer premium but when I didn t web browser on laptop worked fine...anyway I m super glad you dig their vibe...they were previously a fanfarra band, but they went through a changing process to a funkjazz one for the first album (talkback)
    July 18 09:50 PM
  • budgie you've got to check the grouper album ruins, maybe might click more than dead deer
    July 18 02:02 PM
  • budgie it's a great traaaaaaack
    July 17 03:03 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Ahah yeah this is just not quite a rec. I ve been with the dude the inception of this album so I don t even know if its really good or just good. Ahah
    July 16 08:59 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Appreciate that friend! I'm on it now and honestly feeling like the 2nd part is much better or my taste. Many TKS!
    July 16 08:46 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Their main influence is a French band that isn't on sputnik called Eletro Deluxe. Do you know them?
    July 16 03:52 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD ahah so my wife's brother have this new jazz, funk collective project and they reached spotify and deezer today - you seem like someone who could enjoy or positively appreciate lol - could you give it a go (and try to remember of other users that might enjoy? (I need your honest view though, just don't be too harsh on rating if you dislike ahah
    July 16 03:06 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD hey Trif! can I ask for a big sputfavour?
    July 16 02:48 PM
  • budgie and 3rd one is getting released soon. have you jammed GIA MARGARET? i know i've posted the album around but don't see it in your ratings (there's always glimmer). i play it more often than just about anything else these days
    July 15 04:14 PM
  • budgie ya th@ 2nd one is a lot of fun.
    July 15 04:08 PM
  • budgie
    July 15 08:25 AM
  • budgie
    July 14 08:53 PM
  • budgie
    July 14 01:55 AM
  • budgie when i look at yoooou
    July 13 01:39 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD its great. She's so cute lol. About music, I never know what you're up to...BMHXC - This Gift is a Curse and MexicanPostHXC Joliette - Luz Devora were my latests 4.5's. Berlinist for indie. Oh and I remembered, you have to do Fire! Orchestra - Arrival ASAP!
    July 13 09:29 AM
  • Demon of the Fall Good work!
    July 13 09:29 AM
  • Kaiwaz lol we're here men,,
    July 13 09:22 AM
  • Kaiwaz commmmmmmmmmmmmmmme
    July 13 09:18 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD ahahah not been eating well! This is a music site though X) I'm around bro. Your piechart is super cool man,,,woke up half drunk.Wife and daughter went to countryside for the weekend since the day before yesterday lol
    July 13 09:15 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD sup little flower? X)
    July 13 08:58 AM
  • Kaiwaz we have listening parties in discord, why never come in anymore man?
    July 13 08:11 AM
  • Demon of the Fall Hey, sorry... What?s this? I?m not very good with hyperlinks on my mobile.
    July 12 10:11 PM
  • budgie prob sent this your way before but go again. ep has 2 votes and one of them is 2.5
    July 12 04:47 AM
  • budgie how are we still the only two votes for the Pi Ja Ma album??
    July 11 11:25 PM
  • Demon of the Fall Bumped the thread, had to be done!
    July 11 03:23 PM
  • Demon of the Fall Thanks for the Emiliana Torrini rec, I really dig 'Love in the Time of Science'.
    July 11 01:59 PM
  • dmathias52 Your album to review is Damno Lumina Nocte by Hornwood Fell! Some quality black metal nominated by Hawks himself.
    July 11 04:10 AM
  • budgie
    July 10 11:34 PM
  • anatelier We seem to have enough of an overlap that I'd rec you the new Sebastian Field - Picture Stone. It's piano/vocal driven ambient pop, well worth a go.
    July 2 06:49 PM
  • Kaiwaz oh wow thanks man
    June 29 12:46 PM
  • Kaiwaz ever seen my bass video to To Bid You Farwell?
    June 29 12:40 PM
  • Kaiwaz oh man, very unique
    June 29 11:56 AM
  • Kaiwaz check that Blind Witness album, you'll thank me later
    June 29 11:52 AM
  • budgie yet to come is still my favorite (it's actually on that track now, put the album 15 minutes or so ago). before i remember the album being kind of lazy and meandering with some standout moments, but now, it feels consistent from start to end. a little "soft" and not too engaging, so suppose it just requires the right mood to really vibe with
    June 28 05:33 PM
  • budgie have you jammed the day midnight parade recently? put it on yesterday and i think i like it a good deal more than the first couple times around
    June 28 04:34 PM
  • Demon of the Fall Nope. Looks interesting, will check at some point. Nice, thanks!
    June 28 02:47 PM
  • Scheumke Yeah let's keep it English, Dutch does feel off somehow (or: Dr klopt gin klap van zo). I say just start with Portal of I and work your way chronologically. Calling new favorite band incoming. The Dear Hunter is always a treat but you can play that anywhere, anytime since its just prog-rock-indy-folk-jazz-stuff.
    June 27 10:45 AM
  • Scheumke Maat, heb jij nou gewoon Ne Obliviscaris niet ranked? Get on that horse asap!!
    June 27 08:54 AM
  • budgie at album number 5!!!!! look at album number 5 trif!!
    June 25 10:49 PM
  • budgie omg i love this
    June 22 09:57 PM
  • Demon of the Fall Replied in thread, haha :-)
    June 21 10:49 AM
  • Demon of the Fall Are we still allowed to add 'new' artists? I'm confused. There's already a selection to choose from.
    June 21 10:37 AM
  • Demon of the Fall I was confused, thought we could pick any band at one point, haha. Fitting that we were joint-ish 1st!
    June 21 10:29 AM
  • Scheumke Gefeliciteerd heer! You are the proud winner of this weeks DiscoRun: Opeth! Since you are completely tied with DemonoftheFall, you get to choose a new band for the list, whereas he gets to choose the next band I'll tackle. Let me know which one you would want me to tackle in the future!
    June 21 10:20 AM
  • Ninjahague I rec'd on the Loveless review, since that album have me heavy Loveless/MBV vibes
    June 20 02:54 PM
  • budgie me listening to lantlos and alcest!
    June 20 06:56 AM
  • budgie whoa!!! uh.. how about, if you feel like ambient piano, check her album Ruins, if you are feeling more ambient guitar, checked Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill, i think those are maybe her two best
    June 19 10:29 PM
  • budgie tiny vipers and claire cronin are a nice combo, maybe throw in some grouper there or tess parks, horror folk!!!
    June 19 09:26 PM
  • budgie
    June 19 02:39 AM
  • budgie man i'm bummed that no one seems to be digging the claire cronin record?only 3 ratings so far?when it's sooooooooooooooo good. i feel like i'm in LOTR universe when im playing it
    June 18 10:11 PM
  • budgie oh sweet! the female singing in it is just ooh man, perfect
    June 16 08:35 PM
  • budgie try this blackgaze track... though i may have bugged you about this album before, if i have, i apologize:
    June 16 08:26 PM
  • budgie it's definitely out there!
    June 16 08:46 AM
  • budgie THX i'm jamming now. in return i offer you this don't know if i've sent you this before i have a really bad memory but it's 1:30 am so forgive me)
    June 16 08:28 AM
  • budgie music always sounds better when you have someone to share it with!
    June 16 08:16 AM
  • budgie have you ever listened to this track: dope happy vibes a bit trip hoppy/glitchy/electronic
    June 16 07:44 AM
  • budgie have i ever bugged you about this EP? - happy saturday!
    June 15 05:53 PM
  • budgie yeah just... her weird singing style makes it sound so fun. this record has been called "horror-folk" haha it's so cool. definitely something about her singing is enchanting
    June 15 09:56 AM
  • budgie yeah like the out of tune parts of her singing to give it a dissonant feel? reminds me of brigid mae power's recent album. usually sounds bad but it works really well for me on this album
    June 15 09:38 AM
  • budgie what your thoughts on the claire cronin record? i'm on my fourth time listening through. it's so weiird and sooo captivating
    June 15 09:23 AM
  • budgie ya dude it's pretty sweet!
    June 15 08:44 AM
  • budgie
    June 15 04:24 AM
  • budgie nice man!!! lantlos is krieg as ****!
    June 12 09:09 PM
  • budgie
    June 12 08:40 PM
  • budgie is good
    June 9 08:51 PM
  • budgie ever heard tiny vipers?
    June 9 08:48 PM
  • budgie OOOOH you're talking about BEACH HOUSE. disregard my remarkt!
    June 9 07:43 AM
  • budgie ah, mariee sioux? heard her for the first time just today with her new album. her voice is pretty uh... pitched, i guess, i thought it was pleasant :P
    June 9 07:42 AM
  • budgie
    June 9 05:35 AM
  • budgie ho s*** what's up with those beach house ratings :P
    June 9 01:11 AM
  • budgie ahhhhhhhhhhh
    June 8 11:23 AM
  • budgie books rule ;DD
    June 8 11:18 AM
  • budgie naw it was just on a music channel. may do that later thoughhhhhhh
    June 8 11:13 AM
  • budgie yo check this track, found it goin through youtube, too happy vibes
    June 8 10:56 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD ahah you re an eclectic dude! But that Misthyrming gets a little soft in the middle but then picks it up again m/m/m/ I liked fun Darkrthrone a lot, but I think I like this is better and more compromised BM.
    June 7 01:03 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD dude that Misthyrming is awesome. Relisten bro m/
    June 7 12:43 PM
  • budgie
    June 6 03:09 AM
  • budgie song to hall up high / home of once brave gives me chills every time
    June 5 06:38 PM
  • budgie
    June 4 07:09 PM
  • budgie
    May 29 06:38 AM
  • budgie are you going to feel the warmth and fall in love with this group?
    May 27 07:26 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Definetely my 2nd fave after GR. I m totally sold lol
    May 26 08:41 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD It helps to be a smooth listen where I can listen with my wife and daughter at home, in the car etc lol sweet dig. Bold dudes man.
    May 26 07:30 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Heritage's AVG is obnoxious.
    May 26 07:18 PM
  • Papa Universe nevermind, I went through the link. the album slaps
    May 26 07:03 PM
  • Papa Universe okay, I'm not going to see where that link leads. describe it to me and I'll try to guess.
    May 26 06:47 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD yeah...tough but rewarding listen actually
    May 24 03:45 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD can't put it in other way - It can look samey on a 1st uncareful listen, then you start to get all kind of vibes. But if you check that latest in full don't miss Paracletus (masterpiece in the genre - whacky BM)
    May 24 02:52 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Their most praised album is Paracletus (practically mandatory listen), I love how that album builds chaos into beauty. This latest is more songwise accessible though.
    May 24 02:44 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD guessing you're not much of a DsO hombre. Their latest is a great and surprisingly accessible release. cheers
    May 24 02:24 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD ahahahaah
    May 24 01:08 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD daaamn Famine...that flute shuvuuvuvuv shuvuuvuvuv shuvuuvuvuv
    May 24 12:45 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD such a simple and common solo on the end of Haxprocess, but it ends up to be a really nice vibe.
    May 24 12:39 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD thus the boldness. remarkable!
    May 24 12:28 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD that deception mentioned. I'm glad I've met you here this year.
    May 24 11:32 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD bit tired of the site this year tbh...divisive is good but common...Felt (saving rare exceptions) last year the general trend was like an healthy family thing going on. Now is to praise with all strength you don't like something lol. As to the album, you can't approach that album from a DM perspective. Digging the jazzy and psych aspects of it.
    May 24 11:31 AM
  • CaptainDooRight nope first time I?ve heard that ;;]]
    May 22 01:49 PM
  • CaptainDooRight jam my new Trvth album, I recommend the song called Azimuth for you:
    May 22 02:02 AM
  • budgie oooh maybe. try the track 'Bjarkan' ?
    May 21 07:55 PM
  • budgie i'm kind of weird with music right now. have you ever listened to wardruna?
    May 21 07:42 PM
  • budgie have i ever bugged you to check the laura gibson album "goners" ? you don't have it rated!
    May 20 07:12 PM
    May 17 10:39 PM
  • budgie
    May 15 06:53 AM
  • ktjammin No problem! I didn?t mind my last assignment, but it was so far out of my element I wasn?t even sure where to begin as far as describing it went lol. I?m somewhat familiar with Candy, so it?ll be fun to revisit it. Thanks again.
    May 14 09:39 PM
  • ktjammin Hey, I?ll swap albums with you for the 2019 review game!
    May 14 11:13 AM
  • budgie debut being the headroom record? i've mostly just been following the singles since 2016, hope they have a release soon
    May 14 08:04 AM
  • budgie
    May 14 07:46 AM
  • budgie dude you've never jammed men i trust? s*** i've failed youu!
    May 14 06:05 AM
  • budgie new men i trust out!!
    May 13 11:22 PM
    May 12 08:38 AM
  • budgie bosbessen are goooooood off the bush! i also have brambessen ripe soon!!
    May 12 08:37 AM
  • budgie
    May 11 09:18 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD It kinda demands full atention though...but yeah my sécnd listen was that vídeo exclusively
    May 11 02:55 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD I don t want to ask too much of you, but try to do it with the video for a full experience.
    May 11 12:56 PM
  • budgie
    May 11 12:24 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD
    May 10 11:41 PM
  • Papa Universe yeah, I asked the guy to rec sth else, but he never replied and we need an even number of recs, so...
    May 10 07:22 PM
  • Papa Universe your album to review is: Candy (USA) - Good to Feel
    May 10 06:59 PM
  • budgie hell yeah! :D
    May 10 05:08 PM
  • budgie just finished the album. it's KILLER dude i think you're going to super dig it!
    May 10 09:01 AM
  • budgie i made a spotify just now, it's not on youtube yet (album literally came out like 30 minutes ago?)
    May 10 08:40 AM
  • budgie the MELLOW GANG album just came out i dont even have spotify lol
    May 10 08:32 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD yap don't forget it lol I'm a pain in the ass I know...just I like to rec some stuff I found brilliant after a deep dive, and rec this dude from work that ****in fastforwarded it, said he didn't like, he likes heavier or graspier and started to rec me some dub drumnbase s***...which I carefully listened...
    May 9 04:31 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD don't trust your first listen on that one...figure that one out is the best thing lolol glad you enjoyed first listen was pretty meh
    May 9 03:57 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD oh and I think you'll enjoy the drumz lol
    May 9 01:54 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD working and listening to always lol can't wait to get home for my wife and daughter though lolol...Altar of Plagues can really be your think...conceptual stuff mixing BM and industrial, tripop...its really great, don't give up on first listen.
    May 9 01:50 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Hi Triffy. You have to check Altar Of Plagues - Teethed Glory and Injury. Please lol, I feel I'll five it.
    May 9 12:45 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Ahah ok the game is cool but I m more of an album guy. I have 2 in mind but they re tough Doom listens hihi. Gonna pick one, or think of something else. I hope I get there on time ahah
    May 7 04:09 PM
  • Egarran 'tis been done!I have a strong theory that women covering men is better than the other way. More evidence:
    May 6 01:13 PM
  • Egarran Oh **** I'm stupid. That song I've been hopelessly trying to push in the other thread is perfect for this, and it forces people to at least open the video.
    May 6 01:02 PM
  • Egarran How in the 7 Hells have I not heard this before:
    May 6 12:53 PM
  • Egarran Entering this clearest of 5s would be cheating:
    May 6 12:44 PM
  • Egarran But as I find some candidates I will post them here:
    May 6 12:37 PM
  • Egarran I posted this question to my facebook friends, and I had a really bad time.
    May 6 12:35 PM
  • Egarran Hi you handsome devil, I'm on it, but give me a day (- also if anyone ever recs Hurt by Johnny Cash, I'm OUT) ?
    May 6 10:50 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD you re always wrong with your rates in about 0.5 ahah...I think the work its superb so rate like that lololol
    May 4 09:47 AM

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