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  • onionbubs will do ill try and get through their discog over the course of this week
    February 17 09:19 PM
  • onionbubs yea thats the one i was told i should check ill jam it some point today feel like i may eventually get really really into that band
    February 17 08:12 PM
  • onionbubs yea no ik just s*** looks a lil bleak atm yea ive heard a bit of fugazi before the argument grabbed me the most been meaning to dive a little more into them
    February 17 05:12 PM
  • onionbubs doing ok life is pretty tedious on the whole and i?m dreading graduating high school since i have like no future but antidepressants are helping along with alkaline trio being the s*** lol
    February 17 08:03 AM
  • onionbubs yeah it really should?ve been the album closer. it kinda sounds to me like an expansion of smoke, or at least what smoke tried to do
    September 8 10:57 AM
  • onionbubs it?s sooo good yeah burned is the house rules so hard too but it sounds more like broken wing/pale blue ribbon ish
    September 8 04:27 AM
  • onionbubs yea sick stuff. title track also is so so good
    September 5 12:33 PM
  • onionbubs yeah it?s incredible. lovelettertypewriter/palisades has gotta be the best opening thing to like any emo album ever lol
    September 5 10:38 AM
  • onionbubs haven?t started yet whenever i?ve tried i thought they were really really bad so i?m dreading that part of the creative process
    September 5 02:05 AM
  • onionbubs yea its weird usually people say like certain artists are at their best when theyre super depressed but like all it does is make you second guess the **** out of eveyrthing so the creative process is an actual bitch and nothing gets released but hopefully this s*** is gonna come together super well now that im writing with people that are more talented than me lol
    September 5 01:37 AM
  • onionbubs vox and rhythm guitar if the song needs it which for alkaline is like never haha due to some connections the guitarist has we might be able to play on a radio show which is so sick we just need to finish writing s*** lol. we?re hoping to put out an ep of original stuff by the end of the year
    September 5 12:32 AM
  • onionbubs yeah same its such a core thing to everything i do/think about/enjoy and responsible for like over half of my friendships. alkaline especially, considering at the stage of infancy my band is in were basically just an alkaline/untitled era blink cover band lol
    September 4 11:51 PM
  • onionbubs yea god its ****ing horrible and makes being a functioning human being a thousand times harder this album could not have come at a better time for me
    September 4 11:37 PM
  • onionbubs lol im hoping to be like involved in the music industry in some way (ideally being the band itself lol but thats hard to do so) but my parents werent interested in letting me tour music schools until they found out i was insanely depressed so now theyre just letting me do what i want, except moneys tight cos both my parents are about to get fired so things aint looking incredible rn. thank god for the new alkaline right now haha
    September 4 10:27 PM
  • onionbubs yeah i?m 17. senior year starts tomorrow which i?m hella dreading because i?ve done no college s*** so im lowkey pretty ****ed haha
    September 4 08:42 PM
  • onionbubs yeah as not an adult yet i luckily still have time for a lot of music haha
    September 4 03:41 PM
  • onionbubs ah that?s worth it tho lol where are you going to be working?
    September 4 01:01 PM
  • onionbubs i got into a lot of it via sunny day real estate but mineral is prob my favorite band of the genre. endserenading is beautiful. not to discredit power of failing at all which is a ****ing powerhouse too. parking lot is like, the sound of guitars crying lol
    September 3 11:24 PM
  • onionbubs i'll check them out i usually get really into them and death cab super super heavily around like december for some reason. clarity is great yeah. on the topic of like 90s emo s*** i gotta shout that sweet mineral rating. you ever jam endserenading?
    September 3 09:47 PM
  • onionbubs it?s been a really long time since i last listened to them tbh i?ve heard the bonus tracks to chase this light i believe and the like stay on my side tonight ep thing (at least i think that?s the name) but otherwise nah. they are pretty great tho. i especially love futures and invented
    September 3 08:05 PM
  • onionbubs the sekrets are solid but they sorta just sound like more this addiction/my shame is true. so both sekrets albums are like half good but luciferian blues, krazy, lonely and kold and voices are great songs. some of his more recycled vocal melodies are uhhh very obvious tho as eating me alive and falling like rain (i think thats the one) have the same chorus melody lol
    September 3 04:02 PM
  • onionbubs they rule. also have you ever heard the heavens album? it?s a skiba side project that?s basically him writing super super moody bleak sounding post punk. i?ve been really falling for that album lately
    September 3 02:29 PM
  • onionbubs fire down below is matt but it sounds kind of like heart attacks meets dead and broken and it?s sick the other two are dan songs and obviously amazing. in my stomach is basically acoustic better smoke and burned is the house is very in the vein of all the like broken wing stuff. one of my top 5 dan songs maybe
    September 3 04:32 AM
  • onionbubs have you ever jammed agony and irony?s bonus tracks? all three of them are so tight
    September 2 09:35 PM
  • onionbubs yeah it blows my mind they were able to pull something this incredible off. like, it honestly even just blows my mind that blackbird isn't even close to being one of my favorite songs off this, and it's still their best lead off song since like time to waste
    August 30 09:24 PM
  • onionbubs yeah its kind of not coming together well cos idk cant put it into words just how much i love this band haha i honestly cant even believe this album even exists god damn wow
    August 30 08:53 PM
  • onionbubs yeah god dude krystalline especially just hits me im trying to write a review just out of how much this band means to me but its indescribable man god i love these guys
    August 30 08:35 PM
  • onionbubs havent actually been paying much attention to derek when listening ive mostly just been mesmerized by matt and dans jawdropping vocal lines
    August 30 07:10 PM
  • onionbubs yeah little help is an absolute banger. goodbye fire island is prob my least favorite but its still pretty cool. just kinda sounds better suited for blink than for alk3
    August 30 06:48 PM
  • onionbubs yeah i?m on my like 9th listen i think and it?s soooo much better than i anticipated even as hard as i was on the singles they can?t even compete with throw me to the lions krystalline or stay
    August 30 06:28 PM
  • onionbubs it?s an incredible record ye. last two are my favs and along my favorite trio songs ever tbh
    August 30 06:13 PM
  • onionbubs yea I'm jersey, which means I get to see Thursday live like every year lol
    August 30 11:03 AM
  • onionbubs yeah I'm already on like my fourth spin even tho it's like midnight where I live lol
    August 30 03:23 AM
  • onionbubs like I'm trying not to spoil as much as possible but oh my god I cannot wait for you to hear throw me to the lions
    August 30 02:48 AM
  • onionbubs what's even more insane is the fact the singles aren't even my favorite songs on it
    August 30 02:48 AM
  • onionbubs i will say when i first heard blackbird i expected their best album since at least agony and irony. i did not expect their best album since good mourning
    August 30 02:25 AM
  • onionbubs its a bit over exaggerating but according to my rym track ratings it's a 4.7 so i figured i might as well, plus the songs i thought were a little weaker i feel will probably grow overtime
    August 30 02:24 AM
  • onionbubs
    August 30 02:19 AM
  • onionbubs sweet mineral rating also drop everything alk3 leaked
    August 30 02:05 AM
  • onionbubs took me way too long to figure out your username is an offspring shoutout
    August 29 06:03 PM
  • onionbubs it?s a really great one yea. for all the s*** people give the last three albums there really are some gems scattered throughout. my fav post crimson song is already is this thing cursed lol can already tell that the new album is gonna be really big for my life
    August 27 11:57 AM
  • onionbubs 1-888-whyriot extension 666 you'll thank me later
    August 24 08:52 PM
  • onionbubs yea matts a permanent member now i guess, unless tom and mark somehow stop hating each other haha
    August 20 08:42 PM
  • onionbubs yea i like cali but i understand its not technically a good album at all lol. big disappointment considering im an enormous blink fan as well as alkaline trio but feldy just had too big a hand in that thing. hoping the next album will be better but they really just need to move away from feldman
    August 20 06:38 PM
  • onionbubs demon and division is a total banger. cant wait for the studio version. sounds kinda like old school reasons but replace the stilted clash esque riff with a super cool dan riff. also dan hops on for the bridge which is the best part of the song imo. the dual vocals on that and the t/t have me even more hyped for the album, and is arguably the one good influence matt possibly couldve gotten from blink lol
    August 20 12:37 PM
  • onionbubs pretty light on older stuff but considering i loved everything they played (basically all the songs they played off the last threes albums are the ones i actually think are on par with their best) and i?m so in love with the stuff they?ve been dropping from ittc that i loved the set
    August 20 11:48 AM
  • onionbubs i saw them on thursday. could just be fanboyism but i?ve never had as much fun in my life as that show haha. no one actually put the set of my show on setlistfm but the average setlist for the tour was the same as the one i saw
    August 20 11:46 AM
  • BallsToTheWall If the Panthers beat the Saints then what are they in your top 10 rankins since they beat the Patriots and Falcons already?
    November 29 04:17 PM
  • onionbubs ay nice hurricane season rating. be sure to check skibas split with kevin seconds. got some of his best
    September 21 12:22 PM
  • Cygnatti do you play smash 4?
    May 8 11:57 PM

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