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  • Lord(e)Po)))ts yeah so thanks for that goldie boutelier rec big time lmao
    January 21 02:57 AM
  • Asdfp277 merry christmas bruh, and a happy new year!! i havent had the time to check anything, what with work n stuff, but i listened to some of it and it was interesting :0
    January 4 04:02 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts on it ;]. merry christmas and happy ny to u
    January 1 10:35 PM
    January 1 06:56 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts I've heard a couple of her Natalia Kills tracks but never peepd a full album! I'll check it
    December 13 10:46 PM
  • Bedex will check as soon as I get my headphones working again! :]
    December 13 10:58 AM
  • Bedex some more
    December 10 12:13 PM
  • Bedex happy you enjoyed love love
    December 6 07:45 PM
  • Bedex do u want some neosoul have dis
    November 21 10:25 PM
  • Darius The Imposter i am dead serious. that s***.
    November 7 09:28 PM
  • Asdfp277
    October 21 03:27 PM
  • Asdfp277 salamo
    October 19 02:54 PM
  • Bedex hehe sweet glad you liked it :]
    October 11 10:37 PM
  • Bedex also nice necrophagist 4
    October 11 01:12 AM
  • Bedex ????? you too
    October 11 12:59 AM
  • Bedex recommended :] courtesy of Aberf
    October 10 07:08 PM
  • budgie aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    October 4 12:34 AM
  • budgie ????? b bu bu ub ububu b bubbbbbbppp
    September 28 06:53 PM
  • budgie madeline kenney? it's killer it's fresh it's class it's aquatic
    September 27 05:57 AM
  • budgie merffffffffffffffffffffffff
    September 25 02:38 AM
  • Bedex I think u will like this
    September 21 12:19 PM
  • Asdfp277 trixie has been providing all quarantine lol, cant help but to stan
    September 20 07:04 PM
  • budgie ol lmao rofl smh wtf
    September 19 05:45 AM
  • Asdfp277 do you stan? lol i think i might like it more than the original - for some reason, i cant get into lana del rey lol
    September 18 04:40 PM
  • Asdfp277 alamp delano
    August 30 09:07 AM
  • protokute uma incrivel contemporanea
    August 23 11:18 AM
  • protokute como assim a ana maria braga fazia musica
    August 21 07:35 PM
  • Bedex my pleasure!
    August 4 01:51 AM
  • Bedex Erika de Casier 5.0 love
    August 4 12:53 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts LOL classic
    June 20 10:11 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts Ur chloe x Halle soundoff is exactly how I've felt about everything I've heard from them so far lol
    June 17 12:27 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts that clarice falcao album was awesome. have u heard any KUCKA
    April 16 06:37 AM
  • dedex Man this Baleia record you rec'd me is dope
    March 25 09:59 AM
  • parksungjoon
    February 22 10:08 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Based on the leaks and singles, I think people are going to love it
    February 18 02:25 PM
  • UnbannableMofo Hey Alamo, I just wanted to let you know that we are very grateful that you allowed us to use your artwork for this masterpiece:
    February 5 08:17 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey, awesome thanks for the playlist!!! Will play it at work tomorrow. Here is my top 300, it is heavy on punk, so check out when you are in the mood for some faster stuff.
    January 1 03:52 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey man, thanks for the feedback, i knew i could count on your professional opinion. Yeah i was wondering how her vocals came across, cus she is more a folk punk singer, which might not fit the electro-pop style.
    December 27 09:12 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey Alamo, i wonder what you think of the new Georgia Maq album Pleaser. Just got released. She's the lead singer of indie punk band Camp Cope, but her solo album is electronic bedroom pop.
    December 23 11:54 PM
  • Get Low I uh...thanks for the offer, but I'll politely decline.
    December 21 04:20 PM
  • Get Low At it again with the disturbing avatars, I see.
    December 21 03:32 AM
  • KjSwantko Good rec on Book of Shadows, man. I've heard it but it's been a long long time and didn't remember it at all. And that solo in "Sold My Soul." Whewwwwww wow. m/
    December 15 01:17 AM
  • Asdfp277 i particularly love the decadent energy of the production, it's intoxicating !
    November 10 05:08 AM
  • luci how good is that slayyyter mixtape tho?!
    September 17 10:27 AM
  • RolyPoly Lol c:
    August 21 07:10 PM
  • RolyPoly
    August 20 10:02 AM
  • RolyPoly
    August 20 09:56 AM
  • RolyPoly
    August 20 09:53 AM
  • RolyPoly I thought you were going to be one of those negative users that follow me around trying to steal my sparkle, thanks! Glad to see you like it
    August 20 09:52 AM
  • Slex Oh okay haha, where can I listen?
    August 16 07:41 PM
  • Slex I have searched far and wide and there is no Lana leak u turd
    August 15 10:20 PM
  • Get Low Whoever he is, he's disturbing.
    August 6 10:56 PM
  • Get Low Please change your avatar. Whoever the hell that guy is is NOT IT.
    August 6 09:41 PM
  • frozencarl that Rapture album you rec'd is godly. also can't believe how hard i slept on cipher system and callenish circle
    April 11 06:22 PM
  • Tyler.
    March 27 02:36 AM
  • Asdfp277 BAM. BAM!
    March 23 03:31 AM
  • Asdfp277 alexis mateo looking STUN !!
    March 23 12:01 AM
  • Tyler. can i help u
    March 17 10:30 PM
  • Tyler. Change your ducking avatar
    March 13 11:58 PM
  • Tyler. nice favourite bands
    March 11 01:11 AM
  • Tyler. so whos alt are you
    March 10 09:42 PM
  • BerryGarlicia Deal
    March 8 09:26 PM
  • BerryGarlicia Alamo come on at if you five doin thangs for the meme I?ll listen to something that contains a woman owo
    March 7 03:28 AM
  • Tyler.
    February 9 12:42 AM
  • Darius The Imposter nice favourite bands
    December 24 04:18 AM
  • Tyler. how did u rate the same thing twice
    December 15 05:38 AM
  • seinfeldreruns Yeah man! Honestly I could go on and on about how every single song is my favorite on the album. When asked I usally say Said the King..., but YOU JUST CANT CHOOOOOSE
    November 11 02:04 AM
  • seinfeldreruns Love to see La Dispute at a 5
    November 7 03:36 PM
  • neekafat [2][2][2][2] Second half weans off a bit but is great amazing
    November 4 06:55 AM
  • neekafat MFFF is a hard 5 dude
    November 4 03:20 AM
  • Tyler. join my discord?
    October 31 01:40 AM
  • platnum Don't over think it, just showing a bit of solidarity
    October 25 01:37 AM
  • platnum Luv u
    October 22 02:39 PM
  • Tyler. can i have your password
    August 15 11:54 PM
  • Tyler. can you please turn yourself in at the meds thread? thanks.
    July 20 01:36 AM
  • Tyler. soooo..........whos alt are you
    July 19 12:03 AM
  • GmemberKills lol hooray for not being 50% anymore. yeah though I stumbled upon Cícero randomly on youtube ages ago. I was almost put off by the foreignness of it at first, but their first album ended up becoming a near classic for me. Very underrated artist, and it's dope to someone else on sputnik jamming them.
    May 4 04:47 AM
  • Tyler. Good picture
    April 16 04:33 AM

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