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  • neekafat You check the new Claire Cronin?
    November 29 08:37 PM
  • kevbogz :(
    November 4 03:26 AM
  • Bedex cmoe bcka
    October 24 06:01 PM
  • Atari yo it's been a minute. new Snarls EP coming out.. just a heads up since I know you liked the last album they did :] good lord "I'll Follow You" is stunning
    October 19 04:26 PM
  • normaloctagon new brigid mae power this month!!
    September 15 05:31 PM
  • neekafat banger
    August 13 07:23 PM
  • Egarran this only sounds like the best movie ever made: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070297/reference
    August 10 12:42 PM
  • normaloctagon https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/216789/gluten-free-danish/
    August 4 10:36 PM
  • JayEnder The nostalgia is real dude. Back when life was hopeful and everyone didn't hate eachother. Wonder what Jess Margera is up to these days
    August 3 03:37 AM
  • Aberf Listen to sugma
    August 2 05:06 AM
  • Aberf bdgi
    August 1 11:01 PM
  • evilford Orly
    July 30 02:12 AM
  • alamo oooooooooooo wow loved it. a lot better than brazillian loma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgJOJAmXlBw
    July 30 12:48 AM
  • Dewinged That's a sweet cover indeed
    July 26 08:02 AM
  • Trifolium Is it a new one? Can't stream it yet, will do so when I'm back hoooooooome.
    July 26 08:00 AM
  • alamo lets gooooooooooooooooooo
    July 24 04:00 PM
  • Egarran chillest pose in the bird kingdom
    July 24 10:24 AM
  • Egarran https://youtu.be/Jz4Kc0De7NE
    July 24 10:04 AM
  • Divaman Did you listen to the new Sweet Trip album? Once in awhile, they throw in some weird electronic effects, which I'm not too fond of. But for the most part, it's really nice dream pop.
    July 23 02:41 AM
  • kevbogz lil slut
    July 23 02:29 AM
  • Egarran This is all pretty awesome https://tinyurl.com/3fd8npyd
    July 10 10:40 AM
  • Divaman Precisely!
    July 6 09:55 PM
  • Divaman Hi budgie!
    July 6 07:01 PM
  • Divaman globglobglobglobglob!
    July 4 05:57 PM
  • alamo wtf so good its so catchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    July 2 10:41 PM
  • alamo wow let me check i am so hungry for the album
    July 2 03:52 PM
  • Divaman That sounds like my breathing last week.
    July 2 02:09 PM
  • Egarran Amazing. https://v.redd.it/4tygrm6cf5871
    June 29 07:02 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell thought you'd never ask
    June 28 11:19 PM
  • Egarran https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerie_and_Her_Week_of_Wonders_(film)
    June 25 09:36 PM
  • Trifolium Yiiiiippppppeeeeeeeeeeeee
    June 25 06:02 AM
  • Trifolium DO YOU KNOW THIS it is FRENCH and DREAM POPPY and a bit LO FI https://www.sputnikmusic.com/soundoff.php?albumid=399814
    June 24 01:47 PM
  • loveisamixtape F ??
    June 21 10:20 PM
    June 21 04:35 AM
    June 21 04:21 AM
  • Trifolium Second Pfizer EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    June 20 11:01 AM
  • Trifolium Hello you cutie petootie coffeeface
    June 20 06:41 AM
  • Trifolium Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hihihihi hello!
    June 20 06:27 AM
  • alamo It's budgie, bitch!
    June 20 02:41 AM
    June 19 04:46 PM
  • Egarran I love this song and so do you: https://youtu.be/lRQkSnfrE7M
    June 18 11:21 AM
  • Trifolium hALLO
    June 17 09:42 AM
  • Trifolium SCHIJT!!!!!!!!!
    June 17 09:24 AM
  • loveisamixtape is it time
    June 17 06:03 AM
  • Divaman Woooooooo! Woooooooooooooo!!!!
    June 17 01:59 AM
  • Divaman You make a good point.
    June 16 02:04 AM
  • Divaman Bleep bleep boop
    June 16 01:24 AM
  • Divaman So how's the robot porn going?
    June 10 09:50 PM
  • Divaman You're welcome! :)
    June 10 09:19 PM
  • Divaman So I can't believe you didn't thank me.
    June 10 08:33 PM
  • Pikazilla no, not yet. I been listening to ablums on shufle
    June 7 10:07 PM
  • Pikazilla uwu
    June 7 09:40 PM
  • alamo w ow lovely song control too
    June 6 01:01 AM
  • Divaman Was that the sound of you eating an elf?
    June 5 07:15 AM
  • Divaman Make me, feather boy!
    June 5 01:29 AM
  • Atari I'll check that out. cheers!
    June 2 11:01 PM
  • sonictheplumber man that one that devi@nt del33ted had some good stuff on it but i cant remember what.
    May 30 09:49 PM
  • Pikazilla Ah, yes, the spicy one!
    May 28 10:30 PM
  • Egarran Stringed reindeer antlers: https://youtu.be/7H8NRCL2Us4
    May 27 12:16 PM
  • Trifolium Tralalalala what does that even mean budgie ? Hello !
    May 27 10:15 AM
  • Divaman Was that an excerpt from the alleged underground Meg Myers sex tape?
    May 27 06:21 AM
  • Divaman Knew it!
    May 26 01:02 AM
  • Divaman Is that the sound Meg Myers makes during the COVID when she's eating a whole pizza by herself?
    May 26 12:45 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell morning butt
    May 19 05:03 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell wake up ?????
    May 19 04:53 AM
  • Divaman Oh! Very nice.
    May 18 06:26 AM
  • Divaman What's that now about gorillas?
    May 18 05:31 AM
  • Divaman Is that supposed to be the sound of Cthulhu eating my cruise ship?
    May 18 12:16 AM
  • Pikazilla peepee poopoo
    May 16 12:13 PM
  • Pikazilla Carver city was cool tho
    May 14 11:08 PM
  • Pikazilla I've only heard carver city
    May 14 06:16 AM
  • Pikazilla what is your favourite CKY mon cher
    May 12 04:06 PM
  • Dewinged I need to work on being nicer on the internet, as does Budgie. I appreciate the work you guys put into those posts.
    May 12 07:52 AM
  • frigyourgenre Thanks for the rec bro that ep is great:)
    May 11 05:06 PM
  • Egarran https://youtu.be/cdSHX9ijZL4
    May 10 06:53 PM
  • Pheromone happy 25,200
    May 10 09:01 AM
  • alamo halfway through and its so good reminds me of muna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgbxDu_mDs8
    May 7 08:41 PM
  • alamo well it ischecking right nowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5mO6OEuRhY
    May 7 07:54 PM
  • alamo whats that is it on spotify
    May 7 07:53 PM
  • Pikazilla ša va?
    May 6 10:46 PM
  • Egarran ?? ? https://youtu.be/NNX8yDIJGQw
    May 6 07:13 PM
  • Trifolium R Missing is NICE!
    May 6 09:29 AM
  • dedex pardon tu sens tres bon
    May 6 07:59 AM
  • dedex hey mec tu pues
    May 6 07:16 AM
  • neekafat wait does that song exist
    May 6 04:47 AM
  • neekafat will do!
    May 6 03:27 AM
  • neekafat best track? c:
    May 6 02:39 AM
  • Divaman Hi budgie.
    May 5 09:09 PM
  • butt. oh cool, Son has the girl from the Halloween 2018. my buddy told me about Slaxx, looks hilarious. I'll get to it soon fer sure
    May 5 03:32 AM
  • butt. my engagement always drops once the excitement of sput march madness settles down lmao, plus work has been nuts lately. watch any good 2021 horror? I've hardly seen any new s*** this year
    May 5 03:25 AM
  • Divaman Gooble gobble! Gooble gobble! One of us! One of us!
    May 5 02:51 AM
  • Trifolium Omgggggg! Also jammed Pi Ja Ma super loudly today it still RULES!!!!
    May 2 01:38 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell !? .
    May 2 08:37 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell too slow !!
    May 2 08:35 AM
  • Divaman Oh budgers! You're such a kidder.
    May 2 07:36 AM
  • Divaman Why?
    May 1 10:44 PM
  • Divaman How are you today, my dear old friend?
    May 1 10:06 PM
  • Divaman Hi budgie!
    May 1 09:59 PM
  • Divaman lol. :)
    April 29 08:49 PM
  • Divaman Budgie! My friend! Chick-fil-A is the place that kills and serves up your relatives.
    April 29 08:12 PM
  • theBoneyKing ?
    April 27 11:18 PM
  • Divaman OK, now you're just hiding random keys. And lots of them.
    April 27 05:22 PM
  • Dewinged nat yet, taking it slow, but I will
    April 27 06:09 AM
  • Divaman Hmm. I can't even begin to interpret that one.
    April 27 06:02 AM
  • Dewinged By the way that Sasha record was nice. Tx for the rec.
    April 27 05:01 AM
  • Dewinged It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude. It's all good, dude.
    April 27 05:01 AM
  • Dewinged It's all good, dude. We appreciate the feedback, when expressed nicely. It just takes a lot of time and effort to prepare the post so it sucks when it gets shat on.
    April 27 12:53 AM
  • Pikazilla no
    April 26 05:04 PM
  • garas Pretty much yeah. Basically anything with knights = I'm sold, hahaha.
    April 26 07:11 AM
  • Dewinged Thanks for the recs budg! Gonna check.
    April 26 01:00 AM
  • Divaman Mmm, nice track. Very chill. I like it.
    April 25 07:44 PM
  • Divaman OK, I'll give it a listen as soon as I get off the phone with the police.
    April 25 07:38 PM
  • garas Yo, that song is weird, but it's a killer one! (Sorry, for the delay.) I have no idea how was that recorded, but that has a very unique sound. I dig it.
    April 25 07:31 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell ok too bad i don't listen to 2021 music anymore
    April 24 02:12 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell is this RECENT
    April 24 01:41 AM
  • Trifolium https://mariabc.bandcamp.com/album/devils-rain-2 HAAAVE YOUUUUU HEAAARD THIIIIIIS?! I even reviewed it because I LOVED it so MUCH!
    April 23 11:22 AM
  • Egarran https://imgur.com/a/TxkWV0v
    April 23 10:36 AM
  • Egarran Thank you, wonderful stuff.
    April 19 10:07 AM
  • ghostwopassword Would 10/10 recommend the SVS sub, shakes the whole house to the foundation, sounds crisp while doing so.
    April 18 09:04 PM
  • DadKungFu https://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=195804Threads still going and songs need rating!
    April 17 02:51 PM
  • Trifolium I thought you said NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at first, which name me laugh. Then the truth hit me, which made me cry.
    April 17 07:50 AM
  • Trifolium Make it ALLLLLLLLLLLLL then!!!!!!!!!!!!
    April 17 07:36 AM
  • JesperL yay! and agreed ofc, it has the loveliest textures
    April 17 07:22 AM
  • Trifolium That's alright. That happens sometimes. What about partially knowing me?
    April 17 06:26 AM
  • Trifolium Well yes, hello! I'm Trifolium, your old neighbour from when you lived in Scotland!
    April 17 06:24 AM
  • Trifolium Beeeeeecaaaause I don't rate any classical on Sputnik, it's incomparable with other music as far as ratings go.
    April 17 06:18 AM
  • Trifolium Was this a LISTEN TO IT NOW hint? If not: hello! If yes: it worked! Listening now.
    April 16 09:18 AM
  • JesperL cool new french gaze xo: https://lunationfall.bandcamp.com/album/near
    April 16 08:18 AM
  • Trifolium Omg omg omg budgie I need more Tiny Vipers in my life I'm sad.
    April 15 07:58 PM
  • Divaman No budgie, I will not go rape people. It's morally wrong and totally illegal.
    April 14 07:19 PM
  • theBoneyKing Greetings.
    April 14 03:59 AM
  • ghostwopassword I exchanged the sub cause it had some idle noise and upgraded a bit: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_946SB1KPGW/SVS-SB-1000-Pro-Gloss-White.html?tp=187
    April 10 10:00 PM
  • Trifolium Jork sounds like some kind of yoghurt.
    April 8 06:02 AM
  • Trifolium Hihihihi stupod sounds tasty. I accidentally removed your beautiful comment because Sput on phone is the worst. It will forever be in my heart though.
    April 8 05:53 AM
  • Trifolium AAAAAAAAAAAAA? https://mariabc.bandcamp.com/track/devils-rain-2
    April 7 01:07 PM
  • Divaman How dare you! Hoooowwww daaaareee youuuu!
    April 6 03:12 AM
  • hal1ax welllllll i take a lot lol. i take 6-7g 2x per day. so 4oz would last me like 9-10 days... but i buy kilos at a time ;]
    April 5 04:05 PM
  • Divaman I'm not a butt!
    April 5 06:55 AM
  • ieatbabies795 Slurp slurp
    April 2 05:50 PM
  • Divaman Got any more robot porn?
    April 1 05:21 PM
  • normaloctagon https://youtu.be/DTVBLbQ1wBQ if you like this check The Doudouk Beyond Borders comp
    March 31 06:00 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell reality my war
    March 29 04:51 AM
  • Divaman You want more robot porn? Didn't I give you enough last time?
    March 28 03:41 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell black midi ranked
    March 28 12:58 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell yes but now it's stuck in my butt
    March 28 12:50 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell i have facecream (but it sux)
    March 28 12:49 PM
  • Divaman gorp = give over the robot porn?
    March 22 02:01 AM
  • ghostwopassword lol budgie the R3s are huge! I bought a 3000 sq. ft. house that I get to move into in November so I'll have more room and will be getting a much bigger desk and dedicated office that isn't a part of my bedroom so I'll be able to go bigger then.
    March 17 07:58 PM
  • ghostwopassword Yeah but they have to fit on my desk and the sub has to fit under my desk.
    March 17 07:31 PM
  • ghostwopassword Update: The Jamos bang.
    March 17 03:45 AM
  • ghostwopassword My 2.1 computer setup finally died today after 10 years so I ordered a pair of Jamo S 801 PMs and a Jamo S 810 sub. We'll see how it goes.
    March 14 12:21 AM
  • kevbogz come back
    March 12 07:08 PM
  • Divaman Hi budgie. Have you got a song for us this month? The theme is weather.
    March 4 05:35 AM
  • Divaman Hi budgie. Have you got a song for us this month? The theme is weather.
    March 4 05:35 AM
  • bloodshy Hi budgie.
    March 2 02:22 AM
  • Divaman Hi budgie.
    March 1 04:27 PM
  • Divaman Hi budgie.
    March 1 04:17 PM
  • Trifolium Hello budgie I love you.
    February 23 07:17 AM
  • hal1ax this stuff feels like norcoz --- https://www.happyhippoherbals.com/white-malay-kratom
    February 23 12:28 AM
  • hal1ax well ive changed my take on that. simmer.
    February 23 12:12 AM
  • hal1ax do u take kratom
    February 23 12:12 AM
  • hal1ax not sure why youre being contentious
    February 23 12:03 AM
  • hal1ax why's that
    February 22 11:59 PM
  • hal1ax i remember reading his tax return and seeing all of the carry-over-losses from revenue-negative investments. it's very possible that he leveraged political will / stature to shore up some of his financial blunders. in fact, nowadays that seems to be the most intuitive position for me based on the information i have. back then, though, i think i needed more evidence.
    February 22 11:11 PM
  • hal1ax im not dying on anything. im having a conversation with you.
    February 22 11:01 PM
  • hal1ax this information is vague. it appears some of his business ventures did better while he was president but we aren't told how others did, relative to before he was president. i guess the question is about opportunity cost: is the advantaged brand recognition and networking capabilities of being president more of a boon than had he been able to just focus on growing his wealth instead of being politically anchored? i think it's more complicated than the article makes it. i don't care too much tho
    February 22 10:34 PM
  • hal1ax i don't think i said bankrupted. i agreed with the sentiment that he probably could have made more money whilst not being president. i believe this was before i realized how much debt he was in / how poor of a businessman he was. but ill check this. im pretty open to being proven wrong lol. im not very ideologically invested in anything.
    February 22 10:22 PM
  • unclereich oh so Yosemite was probably more of your stomping grounds? beautiful in its own right. have you ever watched missing 411? a lot of people just randomly go missing there.
    February 22 06:22 PM
  • unclereich oh no shi!t?! only been once but loved it. didn't you say you spent time in or near Tahoe
    February 22 06:09 PM
  • unclereich where are you in cali?
    February 22 06:05 PM
  • unclereich orange man made my backyard orange with fire :O
    February 22 09:20 AM
  • evilford Nice, will check sir thank you v much!
    February 22 04:19 AM
  • Egarran sorry: https://www.sputnikmusic.com/album.php?reviewid=82868
    February 21 10:04 PM
  • Minushuman24 always a pessimist
    February 20 01:48 AM
  • SailorMars woah now srry
    February 20 01:45 AM
  • SailorMars Besides the art style? nah, I have faith it will some mechanics that are much needed.
    February 20 01:42 AM
  • Minushuman24 Diablo 2 remake. I am hyped.
    February 20 12:46 AM
  • Titan LMAO!
    February 19 02:06 AM
  • Titan Sup son
    February 19 02:05 AM
  • Titan Sup kid
    February 19 02:02 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell -ex
    February 18 09:59 AM
  • porcupinetheater What a coincidence! I think of Napoleon when I think of Moscow! Berlin art history is full of odd shapes and mostly made by people with ball gags in their mouth aside from a short time from like 1930-1945 when something kind of weird happened
    February 17 08:57 PM
  • porcupinetheater Bless you, pulling doubles on Berlin art history
    February 17 08:45 PM
  • porcupinetheater Also help midterms are frying my brain on a bunsen burner and I need budgiecore, stat. rec plz
    February 17 07:58 PM
  • porcupinetheater Awe, that's so sweet coming from a budgie!! Unless budgie's are one of those birds that don't puke their food back up for the little ones, in which case that is so rude, and I am puking at the rudeness!!
    February 17 07:57 PM
  • Bedex homework discord is there for u cabbagio
    February 16 02:07 PM
  • evilford In the middle of a sadus album, ill check later tho ngl sounds dope
    February 16 05:27 AM
  • sonictheplumber drinkin, smokin, jammin some return 2 forever right now
    February 16 04:32 AM
  • sonictheplumber sup bro. smokin dope?
    February 16 04:18 AM
  • Dewinged This girl gives me strong Fazerdaze vibes, budg, check her out: https://fritzmusic.bandcamp.com/album/pastel-2
    February 16 01:39 AM
  • Bedex si vis pacem para budgium
    February 15 08:04 PM
  • Bedex budgie
    February 15 07:32 PM
  • CaliggyJack OK I get we have some differences opinion wise, but don't you think we should end this childish s***? IDK what I did to you that makes you dislike me so much, but I at least want to try my best to try and come to some type of resolution. This seriously can't keep going on forever. I don't think you're a bad person or anything and I don't hate you, so I don't see why we can't just get along?
    February 14 01:05 AM
  • hal1ax i heard mill is back? this is saddening
    February 14 12:44 AM
  • hal1ax i just wanna play edh and legacy god dammit. the new standard sh1t looks wack
    February 14 12:40 AM
  • hal1ax ugh. maybe ill check it anyway.
    February 14 12:37 AM
  • hal1ax wait wtf you can't just buy individual cards? can you at least buy like packs belonging to older sets to build a legacy deck? and if so, are packs from different sets priced differently ?
    February 14 12:17 AM
  • hal1ax damn. yea i was playing religiously like 1-2 years ago and then a few of my local card shops closed down and i've still yet to make the transition to playing online. still wondering if i should even bother.
    February 14 12:10 AM
  • hal1ax omg i remember that card! damn that was from the future sight set i think. do u still play?
    February 14 12:00 AM
  • Flugmorph i knew i always had a point when i started disliking this caliggy guy 5 years ago : DDD
    February 13 08:41 PM

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