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  • Titan nah man, the grateful dead album....
    September 26 06:14 PM
  • Titan saw your soundoff on go to heaven....althea man, hard....especially the live version on without a net
    September 23 06:23 PM
  • doomjitsu No problemo, Robberito!
    July 14 07:52 AM
  • doomjitsu Cool. Give it a spin when you're like really sad. I know that you probably grew out of angsty mood swings, but this record works perfectly when you're feeling miserable. The guys in the band were going through tough times during this period, I'm talking break-ups, funerals, real s***.
    July 8 07:27 PM
  • doomjitsu Have you checked Brand New, broski?
    June 30 06:02 PM
  • doomjitsu Do you listen to like really modern music? Have you ever heard about Brand New's "Devil And God"? If not, would it be a problem for you to check it out? Just download it or whatever, don't dig for any information, I'm interested in your thoughts based on the first raw listen.
    May 28 03:23 PM
    May 25 01:14 PM
  • doomjitsu The problem is that I can't concentrate. I begin to strum the guitar the way it's done, but as soon as I get angry at myself I just play random s***.
    May 10 05:13 PM
  • doomjitsu I've mainly practised Kino's 'Zvezda Po Imeni Solnce' (Russian post-punk, yep) which is the most basic song for guitar players in Russia and combined it with learning how to play 'Seven Nation Army' bassline, McLusky's 'She Will Only Bring You Happiness' intro, Halloween's theme song, Max Payne's theme song, Weezer's "Undone - The Sweater Song" intro, The Godfather's theme song. Now I said to myself, **** all that s***. And I'm trying to learn only one song: Mark Collie - In Time.
    May 10 05:12 PM
  • manosg Cheers Rob! Been enjoying your choice of reviews, even though I haven't commented on most of them. We both seem to study the classics, even though there's so much stuff out there that I feel I'm just scratching the surface haha. Rock on my friend!
    May 10 07:36 AM
  • doomjitsu Are you in a band or something, by the way?
    May 9 08:13 PM
  • doomjitsu I think I've already passed the moment when my fingertips feel sore and that's why I'm so upset. I'm trying to learn all these songs and no matter how long I practice (and yes, I try to practice every day for an hour), my brain just can't comprehend such activity. I'm pretty lazy and depressed in general, you know. Not sure if this whole guitar thing is going anywhere.
    May 9 08:11 PM
  • doomjitsu Oh, I'm actually playing an acoustic guitar. Seems like everyone starts with an acoustic here in Russia. I'm currently feeling like playing folk punk. You know, Against Me!, Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains and Mischief, Brew kind of stuff. It actually impresses me that you've been playing for 35 years straight and I'm whining here after playing for just 3 months. How long did it take you to master the craft?
    May 9 08:44 AM
  • doomjitsu And what were those? I've been playing guitar for more than 3 months and I'm starting to lose faith. Can't even play the easiest goddamn Russian post-punk song for beginners.
    May 8 08:19 AM
  • doomjitsu I'm kinda doing the same thing. If you follow the pattern, you'll see that I'm currently rating mostly 1989 albums. I might have constructed a bit more diversified list of albums, but I missed lots of good ones. There's just too much good stuff and not enough time, like brother Voivod said.
    May 7 05:28 PM
  • doomjitsu Yeah, those constant 1'ers are the worst. The "1001 Albums To Hear Before You Die" list is alright, but I just don't feel like even 1001 albums is enough. I mean, what are the chances that 16's "Zoloft Smile" is on that list? And I feel like everyone should hear at least 'Damone' before his death.
    May 7 05:20 PM
  • doomjitsu Oh, stop it, you fool. I'm your comrade. Your mini-reviews are actually very nice. Not the particular ratings.
    May 7 04:56 PM
  • doomjitsu Well yeah, my negro amigo, I wanted you to stop wasting your hate on the classics. We both know that you didn't mean it when you gave Dusty Springfield a 3. And, obviously, TROUT MASK REPLICA, don't even get me started on how hateful your act was towards humanity. Make love, not war.
    May 7 04:54 PM
  • doomjitsu Jesus, what kind of logic is that? Why the hell should I challenge myself with bad music when I can enjoy most of the stuff I listen to? I know how generally bad sounds for me, I know how bad sounds in terms of good albums, so I'm sitting pretty good. Spread love, not hate. Also, you're saying that TROUT MASK REPLICA is something TRULY bad like your opinion is something sacred around here. Relax, duderino, there's no need to fight, the world is already a mess on its own.
    May 7 03:57 PM
  • doomjitsu I've figured out that I shouldn't listen to s***ty music, so the only time when I can give a rating lower than 3.5 is when the artist I followed all this time disappoints me. Doesn't happen too often, mostly happens with moderately dead nu-metal bands. Also, I'm not a fan of hating on albums that much.
    May 7 04:06 AM
  • doomjitsu Well yeah, you 3'd MC5, Jefferson Airplane, 2.5'd VU, 1.5'd Captain Beefheart, take it easy, man...
    May 7 04:03 AM
  • TVC15 Actually you gave Trout Mask Replica a 1.5, I don't think that type of music is just up your alley at all unless you challenge yourself to check out more of that kind of music little by little.
    May 7 01:35 AM
  • TVC15 Golly man a 2.5 for White Light/White Heat? That was the first VU album that clicked with me and by that time I'd heard all their other studio albums. To each their own but going by your ratings you dont really seem to be well into the more extreme ends of avante-garde/experimental music so that's a bit forgiveable
    May 7 01:29 AM
  • doomjitsu appreciate your love for truly classic records, but some of those ratings suck man
    May 5 05:38 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender You have a great musical taste.
    August 15 10:14 PM

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