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  • anode its all about the movies
    April 26 06:57 PM
  • neekafat diablo reference?
    June 30 02:10 AM
  • TVC15 Ah yes I feel that. The grind with Biology has beeen never ending since college started 2 years ago lol
    October 28 11:11 PM
  • TVC15 Hey bb it's been a bit, hyd???
    October 28 11:05 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts Will u forgive me if I say I miss u?
    August 17 03:20 AM
  • luci new organ tapes sounds a lot like ecco2k
    May 30 11:53 AM
  • Drifter :)
    October 7 04:32 AM
  • Drifter :(
    October 6 03:51 PM
  • Drifter hey toad
    October 2 10:22 PM
  • hal1ax ya lyrics are on point
    September 30 07:20 AM
  • hal1ax ya this is great man. i haven't replayed a bladee release ad nauseum like this since prob man in the mirror or maybe even eversince
    September 30 06:40 AM
  • hal1ax woahhh fck me i didn't even know he had new material. thx bae
    September 30 04:28 AM
  • Frippertronics don't tell me to actually THINK about subjectivity ugh
    September 28 04:58 AM
  • Frippertronics kermit u lil bih, why i oughta...
    September 27 07:00 AM
  • Frippertronics 1.5 for At War with the Mystics :^(
    September 26 06:50 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Ah, the first four I checked all had 2 pos votes exactly and wondered if you'd done something magic. Appreciate the votes, dunno how often you check my reviews (if ever) but I will hopefully be putting two more up in the coming few weeks...then a 100 review legacy list thing, then retiring that account for everything but ratings. Will start up a new account for new lists/maybe reviews.
    June 5 01:06 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Damn did you double pos all of my reviews? Amazing luv u
    June 5 06:48 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Now what?s going on? It?s all go at Doof hq :/
    June 5 05:59 AM
  • butcherboy hell yes.. gimme..
    May 24 10:02 AM
  • Darius The Imposter Hey thanks bro! Definitely appreciated!
    May 15 02:38 AM
  • hal1ax ya i feel
    May 11 08:54 PM
  • hal1ax yoyo. redlight's really a 5 for you?
    May 11 07:04 PM
  • hal1ax lean's discog is definitely more protean but eh i wouldn't even mind eversince b-sides tbh lol. kind of just hoping for growth on whitearmor's end moreso
    May 3 03:21 AM
  • hal1ax --- pre-release track off his forthcoming Lp 'redlight.' droppin may 11
    May 3 02:16 AM
  • Frippertronics literally WHO
    May 1 03:09 AM
  • Frippertronics whom ist Eversince
    May 1 02:56 AM
  • Frippertronics how DARE YOU 5 7 but not the almighty Pyg
    May 1 02:48 AM
  • Get Low I was always suspicious as a child reading those books, lol. No problem!
    April 27 10:45 PM
  • Get Low You might find this interesting.
    April 27 10:37 PM
  • deleterious remarkably, yes. unrelated, but would you be willing to critique my art?????
    April 27 02:55 AM
  • polyrhythm No prob, is there an email address I should send feedback to, rather than just dumping it in your shoutbox?
    April 25 09:21 AM
  • polyrhythm Sweet, gimme a day or so to read it over properly and form an opinion
    April 20 02:41 PM
  • polyrhythm Down to take a gander at your poetry too (I?m a fellow writer)
    April 19 02:06 AM
  • polyrhythm hey Toad, chuck us a rec boi
    April 18 10:51 PM
  • MyShadow glad u think so! that song rly is amazin like the sample n the whole vibe is just near perfect to me
    April 9 07:37 PM
  • Frippertronics C A R C A S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S SS S
    April 5 01:41 AM
    April 4 05:18 PM
  • TumsFestival yo your Luv(sic) review is very good much love
    March 28 03:40 PM
  • Lavair Thank you for your considerate words! I didn't exactly want my jealousy to come through in my review of the staff member's review, but I'm sure it did anyway.
    March 22 11:30 PM
  • verdant you're too kind and i'm not surprised you're able to exercise a little bit more restraint than some choice individuals on this godforsaken "music" "website". "colon closed bracket"
    March 22 05:01 AM
  • verdant hi Toadyboy hope you're well much love
    March 22 03:46 AM
  • DoofusWainwright I see what you did there
    March 2 08:54 AM
  • hal1ax Ya no worries. I bought it off iTunes so quality should be good.
    December 30 02:08 AM
  • hal1ax dload for the new bladee tape right here ---
    December 30 12:34 AM
  • ThyCrossAwaits lol was dropping hal a rec but dude Mushishi is the bomb-diggity, heckin yeah
    December 9 09:23 PM
  • hal1ax NIce man , that?s awesome. Yea Idk my work load has just been immense lately so that?s been a challenge but i agree that it?s been way more rewarding. You been killin it tho I?m sure.
    December 9 04:32 AM
  • hal1ax AWesome man. I?m on it. Thanks! And how has grad school been for you?? Challenging ?
    December 9 04:00 AM
  • hal1ax oh cool. i'm sort of a film pleb but it looks / sounds rly good and like something i would enjoy, as does the anime. wonder if it's on crunchyroll / netflix? hmmm.
    December 9 01:40 AM
  • hal1ax only in my first semester right now but i'm loving it so far. it's a lot more work but i love how in-depth it is and how i'm finally getting to dig into application rather than just theory / encyclopedic type information. the therapy classes i've been taking have been phenomenal. it's a pretty serious fckin program tho lol. basically everyone in all my classes are really smart and ambitious, almost diametric to my undergrad experiences lol. just very serious and fast-paced and dense but i love
    December 9 01:39 AM
  • hal1ax i'm gonna torrent melancholia rn. and i just skimmed over the synopsis for mushishi and it sounds right up my alley tbh! last anime i watched was magi madoka magica and i rly enjoyed it. been craving another series to get into. i tried watching attack on titan but hated it lol. waaaay too dramatic and maudlin for me
    December 9 01:34 AM
  • hal1ax partially with loans and ye partially thru research assisting and TAing. not really teaching per se, but i do tons of research for various professors (mainly neuro research) and grade papers and what not. teaching scares me haha. i hate speaking in front of rooms of ppl.
    December 9 01:31 AM
  • hal1ax it's actually a 5 year phd program lol (kill me)
    December 9 01:27 AM
  • hal1ax clinical psych at USC. and yea i read about you winning a poetry competition! that's incredible
    December 9 01:26 AM
  • hal1ax the 2011 film?? naaaa but i want to! ugh grad school is just so consuming. after next week i'm gonna catch up on music / film though. should i checK ??
    December 9 01:24 AM
  • hal1ax oohh i like that. love the vocals
    December 9 01:16 AM
  • hal1ax ohh yea i read that charlotte gainsbourg review on p4k. definitely on my radar. i'm gonna dload both tho thx babe
    December 9 01:10 AM
  • hal1ax na what's that thing about? think i would dig?
    December 9 01:06 AM
  • Conmaniac yes a bit, amazing stuff
    December 7 03:54 AM
  • GodHatesSinternet took out my bottle of tobacco vanille and sniffed it for a solid half hour while puffin on some dusted cigs today. hope you appreciate
    December 3 07:27 AM
  • hal1ax haha yes. all historical evidence points to constant excoriation as being the best way to depose tyrants
    November 30 04:39 AM
  • hal1ax haha. i mean what else is there to do? i think the only viable course of action left is to continue making sowing parody lists
    November 30 03:25 AM
  • MichaelSachxall me and sosa otto, ridin forgiatos
    November 29 05:55 AM
  • Cygnatti i'll consider it ^_^
    November 29 02:24 AM
  • hal1ax yea man. thought you'd dig
    November 27 06:13 AM
  • hal1ax
    November 27 06:02 AM
  • gloryboy i can do that!
    November 19 11:17 PM
  • gloryboy how many instagram posts does 5 minutes of instagram live count for?
    November 19 11:05 PM
  • gloryboy can i be let into "the scene" now
    November 19 09:57 PM
  • gloryboy After all, the meaning of being is Being.
    November 19 06:08 AM
  • gloryboy After all, the literal is figurative.
    November 19 06:06 AM
  • gloryboy After all, the personal is political.
    November 19 06:05 AM
  • gloryboy Damn that is insightful! How did you read into his abstract crooning so seamlessly? I struggle to even get past the lyrical centricity of it. It's just too much for me. Perhaps I'm Not cut out for "The Scene"
    November 19 06:02 AM
  • gloryboy what is "the scene" though? i see no overlap in our venn diagrams. you gotta let me in if i'm ever to understand what you're on about. "the scene" is currently beyond my grasp
    November 19 05:59 AM
  • gloryboy Why? You're the one with intimate knowledge of "the scene". You know about obscure swedish crooners like Bladee and Bladee.
    November 19 05:56 AM
  • gloryboy I was just projecting tbh. Now, Let me into "the scene"!
    November 19 05:51 AM
  • gloryboy **** that, i'd rather just sit in my room reading my abstract poetry while jacking off to the scents of overpriced perfume
    November 19 05:47 AM
  • gloryboy did that with LivingThrowaway. NEXT STEP!
    November 19 05:43 AM
  • gloryboy i use one at a time tbh. next step!
    November 19 05:40 AM
  • gloryboy i know nothing about "the scene". i know a bit about rock n roll and a little bit about pop but nothing about "the scene". it's impenetrable to me. i need your guidance if i'm ever to understand it.
    November 19 05:38 AM
  • gloryboy dude i'm trying my best. i realise i don't know as much about "the scene" as you, but if you could impart some knowledge on my recent list maybe i could become acquainted with "the scene" as you are. it'd be much appreciated.
    November 19 05:34 AM
  • gloryboy can you rec on my list pls. and more where that came from thanks. i need to learn more about "the scene". you seem like you know a lot.
    November 19 05:31 AM
  • gloryboy rec me some hip hop on my list pls
    November 19 05:20 AM
  • Oxx but you're so predictable bubby. embrace it. : ) i'm predictable just the same (albeit in different ways). there's no need to take it all so seriously. perhaps such a mindset embodies the struggle to connect; you expect explicit ties and are unwilling to accept the cool arms of more meaningless embrace. let it in, let me out, etc etc. settle down or i'll get the belt!
    November 13 01:36 AM
  • Oxx chances are you probably will, realise that you should've listened to me in the first place, throw me a lame thankyou, and then probably write an ill-conceived and somewhat naive review. but hey, we love you for this. it's what makes you YOU : )
    November 13 01:23 AM
  • Oxx lmao wa's beats basically sound like these minus all of the effort and detail. dude uses the same synths the whole way through, and a quite narrow pallette of patterns and tempos//moods. gud on some other s***, and sherman adds his typical post-lsd colouration to the beats. there's a dynamism and openness to stranger that bladee hasn't even flirted with since gluee. too much effort for you? perhaps. will letting it pass you by be a mistake? definitely
    November 13 01:15 AM
  • Oxx and like lmao coming back to eversince again there's only like 3 ideas presented throughout that entire tape (it's hella monotonous and hypersimplified), so it seems odd to level that as an insult with this.
    November 13 01:03 AM
  • Oxx i mean a lot of these beats are overblown and atmospheric. like if you jizz on eversince and it's prod, you should be all over muddy sea/red bottom sky/silver arrows/drop it//scooter/iceman/fallen demon/yellowman (well the whole tape really). seems like you're unsure what to make of it or just don't want to enjoy it idk.
    November 13 01:02 AM
  • Oxx lol it's got some of the best production I've heard this year tbh. drop it / scooter has a beat wa only dreams he could make. yellowman's shift from formless cloudy ish to the marching beat is beautiful... lean relies on monotony to emphasise detachment, but is hardly any more monotonous than he has been prior (arguably more dynamic than he was on warlord and definitely more dynamic than his early stuff). you seem to be arguing points that aren't really applicable idk.
    November 13 12:51 AM
  • Oxx have you read any of his interviews lol? the lyrics are hardly explicit as lean is content wallowing in half-there imagery and insincere braggadocio. it's easy to see the dichotomy and the pervading storyline though. or maybe not, you're the fine art major lol.
    November 13 12:45 AM
  • Oxx tfw you try to analogise autotuned warblings to depressive manifesto but dismiss an anecdotal of mental breakdown and recovery as lack of content
    November 13 12:40 AM
  • Oxx almost 100% sure you've missed the message but yeah word face value is the best.
    November 13 12:36 AM
  • Oxx nah mane I remember you slapping a 2 on that bih when it firs then came out, and now you got it at a 4. don't u play tiddlywinks with me. XP
    November 13 12:29 AM
  • Oxx judging lean on first listen smh. exact same thing you did with warlord lmao.
    November 13 12:24 AM
  • Oxx you goofin hard on stranger bruh
    November 12 10:15 PM
  • gliss I can vibe with that
    November 12 05:05 AM
  • gliss do you write poetry to rym harsh noise meme albums is what im asking
    November 12 04:58 AM
  • hal1ax damn, i'm surprised you feel that way about new lean. i really enjoyed it.
    November 11 02:42 AM
  • nocuffin i ain't dyin for the hell of it i'm dyin for the PLEASURE of it
    November 4 06:46 AM
  • nocuffin i'm beginning to contemplate the viability of methylated spirits tbh.
    November 4 06:40 AM
  • nocuffin nope, i just go for cheapest available. dependency doesn't call for connoisseurism.
    November 4 06:34 AM
  • nocuffin 1.5L of kirschwasser schwarzwaldhof and some xans oughtta boot me up for the night
    November 4 06:29 AM
  • nocuffin no it ME at a point remarkably more sober than rn
    November 4 06:22 AM
  • nocuffin the production's flatter than a 14 yo's chest fr
    November 4 06:17 AM
  • Drifter Hey I'm looking for some 2017 rap to check, if you could drop some recs in here I'd appreciate it.
    November 4 04:25 AM
  • nocuffin my only real complaint is that it smells a bit refined//old (?) for me but goddamn i can't lie it's an amazing fragrance nonetheless. the girls dig it too so i'm cheerin.
    October 28 12:02 AM
  • nocuffin that last bit is why i feel guilty but ehh idgaf, it's good for covering up the cigarette stench (plus there's the grand irony of covering up tobacco with tobacco but ehhhhh)
    October 27 11:58 PM
  • nocuffin bruh i blew $350 on some of that tobacco vanille, should i feel guilty?
    October 27 11:53 PM
  • Conmaniac yeah thanks again dude, ill be coming to you soon with more perfume suggestions I bet...
    October 17 09:34 PM
  • Conmaniac IT ARRIVED (yesterday) and I'm wearing it rn. wow this thing is ****ing gorgeous man, reminds me of so many things. very exotic smelling but it's still ****ing classy as hell. my friend smelled it as well and was instantly sold (he looked up the site you used aha). I really, really enjoy this man and I'll definitely be wearing it when I go out n such. What's great about it is I'll get a whiff of myself just walking around and i frickin love it haha. never thought I'd get into stuff like this...
    October 17 08:42 PM
  • Prancer worst rec round 4 is up when you get the chance
    October 10 08:39 PM
  • Conmaniac ayy dude you are too legit! super excited for it man and i'll use with caution don't worry (: i'll lyk when I receive it!!
    October 10 12:34 AM
  • Conmaniac as someone that doesn't even like Aeroplane too much I agree 100 percent. that mercury rev comparison is spot on too, wouldn't of thought of that tbh
    October 8 12:04 AM
  • Prancer you still doing the worst rec contest?
    October 7 09:34 PM
    October 7 02:44 AM
  • luci thank god you fixed that poppy rating, i was quite concerned
    October 6 05:22 PM
  • Frippertronics please, i did it just to spite you but you wouldn't dare kick the person who reps Ichiko Aoba on the daily
    October 6 07:31 AM
  • hal1ax awesome. i'm going to trial them all at the store this weekend. i'll let you know which one i like best. hopefully they're cool with giving out a bunch of samples.
    October 5 03:36 AM
  • hal1ax you are the fcking kingggg. thank u so much !
    October 5 03:21 AM
  • hal1ax sephora? hmm, there's gotta be one somewhere in LA. and awesomeee thank u so much. ill call around and see who has those types.
    October 5 03:09 AM
  • hal1ax ohh i see now. ok, hmm that's tricky. both sound good. i guess lets go fresh as opposed to spicy
    October 5 03:07 AM
  • hal1ax hmm yea i'm cool with subtle tobacco. this will be like singularly used for going out with girls//special occasions. i'm just trying to find a scent that i feel suits me well , more so than i am trying to find something to fit an occasion tho.
    October 5 02:59 AM
  • hal1ax i prefer the smell of incense to smoke. although i'm not like sharply averse to smoke smells. also what is a topnote? like an overtone / undertone (i'm not even sure if i know the difference between these two terms lol)
    October 5 02:54 AM
  • hal1ax vanilla ! and maaaaybe a subtle boozy component but def not the others. i tend to like ... uh, i guess the less 'masculine' types of musk, if that makes sense haha.
    October 5 02:52 AM
  • hal1ax thx man !
    October 5 02:48 AM
  • hal1ax ohh. definitely more of an upscale, classy musk. nothing too feral. the woody aspect is ancillary and can be foregone; mostly just interested in a good musk. hmm, $80-90 is ceiling.
    October 5 02:45 AM
  • butcherboy i'll keep with the original one, dude.. cheers, and sorry for the delay
    October 5 01:36 AM
  • hal1ax homieee what's a good, inexpensive, hella musky (maybe woody too ?) cologne i could buy ?
    October 5 01:36 AM
  • Conmaniac hey ya ya ya sorry gimme a hot sec. been rly busy
    October 4 11:59 PM
  • wtferrothorn Thanks man! I got a lot on my plate, but I've been recently super motivated to get a lot of it done, as well as improve that good ol' social life.
    October 4 05:36 AM
  • wtferrothorn Sounds great based on that alone! I hope I can get into it ASAP, but with college apps, theater rehearsals, and the regular grind of high school, I got a lot in the way of that goal lol.
    October 4 05:27 AM
  • wtferrothorn Yup! Left a little message in reply to the e-mail I got notifying me of your share.
    October 4 05:23 AM
  • nocuffin i HATE the fact that people read the bios of famous people (whom have had things served to them on a platter and oftentimes led unremarkable lives). having been homeless and spent time around homeless communities i can say they're 1) much more interesting people on average, and 2) greater proponents of human kindness (i've seen some genuinely heartwarming s*** on the streets)
    October 4 04:45 AM
  • nocuffin there's a homeless camp in the park across from the main train station in sydney ("tent city"), so i was gonna try and rustle up some funds for a tent; spend a year there interviewing the homeless people; compile a kind of collection of biographies; quell the beliefs that homeless people are society's dregs; put to bed the misperception that homelessness is self-inflicted; show that no one deserves to be forgotten (unless they wish to be)
    October 4 04:43 AM
  • nocuffin i actually quite LIKED that but there's nothing i'd like MORE than the warming embrace of opioids, deliriants and booze right now. I WANT TO TRAVEL TO THE OTHER SIDE (redact)! i do have a writing project lined up for next year (hopefully -- assuming i get money together) - and it's a fairly serious one too (i'm deferring uni so i can focus on it FULL-TIME), so that should be interesting to WATCH (if it does come to fruition)
    October 4 04:32 AM
  • nocuffin i definitely don't have the INTELLIGENCE, and since tripping on datura my short-distance VISION is ****ed too so it's all gone to s*** hahaHA
    October 4 04:16 AM
  • nocuffin indeed i can understand that. you should read some of my drug-addled ramblings. you'd probably love their incoherence! just stay POPtimistic and ignore those constant SUICIDAL IDEATIONS (whoops i might be projecting again, my bad)!
    October 4 04:10 AM
  • nocuffin tbh i'm pretty BAD but i am keeping my chin UP in the name of POPtimism. living out my days in REHAB and trying my best to COPE with the endless withdrawals and constant drifting away of my friends. basically holding on thanks to my gf and psych (as well as a few true homies) at this point. HBU?
    October 4 04:04 AM
  • Papa Universe damn... well there goes my ace... did you like it at least?
    October 2 02:24 PM
  • Papa Universe You have?! We're talking about And Also the Trees... Bloodline... from Hunter Not the Hunted... 2012... really?
    October 2 02:16 PM
  • Futures you should listen to what i revd last for a good emo album that isn't boring
    October 1 07:08 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Spun it twice...instant 5 for now. Loved it. My other Maus rating was a holder as I only got through the first four songs the other day. Just gave that a listen too and bumped to a 4.
    September 29 10:49 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Thanks Toad, I'll check today
    September 29 07:42 AM
  • BlushfulHippocrene Toad! I have to rec you something for Con's story game; I was going to recommend Communicating, but it looked like you were already onto that, so how does Exit! by Fire! Orchestra sound? ((: I've already told Con, but I can rescind it if you want something different / more specific in sound?
    September 28 10:47 AM
  • Conmaniac list isd my man
    September 27 10:52 PM
  • Futures hey i wrote a little something! give it a read and let me know how it was!
    September 25 08:08 PM
  • hal1ax hell ya. thx bruh. i've only heard 0 percent and 0.. which i think has the pink cover. i'll dload the white one now.
    September 21 12:45 AM
  • Futures thanks dude! got a good one coming i think. i would value your opinion when it is done.
    September 5 12:27 AM
  • Futures not to big myself up but i am pretty proud of my writing. i think it's pretty good compared to most.
    September 5 12:14 AM
  • Futures hey that's pretty cool man. when i get back to school i think i want to major in journalism. i love writing. sports, music, film whatever would be awesome.
    September 4 11:54 PM
  • Futures hope it all works out man. i came back to write a bit. got a few ideas. should have one done this week. just gonna hang back and write.
    September 4 11:42 PM
  • Futures hey i was also an asshat. so whatever in the past is there. i don't even remember dude lol. life is terrible tbh lol but i am making the best of it. cancer came back, figuring out what to do. how are you?
    September 4 11:20 PM
  • cosmopazz kay man sendin sendin the stuff
    September 4 05:16 PM
  • cosmopazz oh snap i've got a couple of leftovers from the album that could be used for an ep, what's yer email
    September 4 03:14 PM
  • hal1ax yo u ever heard lean's side project ?? ---
    September 4 04:43 AM
  • hal1ax werd. u might b into it
    September 3 11:13 PM
  • hal1ax u check gleesh yet????? ---
    September 3 11:09 PM
  • TVC15 Can I still have your email
    September 3 12:48 AM
  • TVC15 Oh wtf... Congrats tho!
    September 2 03:16 PM
  • TVC15 Also, I'm mostly asking cos my friend in Notre Dame was asking me where on campus you live, etc. for reference, his name is Tim should you two meet
    September 1 09:07 PM
  • TVC15 Toad what's your email? I figure you prolly rarely use your Skype and Discord
    September 1 09:06 PM
  • Drifter Hey bb
    August 20 06:19 AM
  • cosmopazz it was a figure of speech dedicated to sput, no 1's in my house please
    August 19 03:16 AM
  • cosmopazz ur still gay tho
    August 18 04:55 PM
  • cosmopazz but thanks for the rating, i actually appreciate this rating as a concept
    August 18 04:55 PM
  • cosmopazz ur gay
    August 18 04:54 PM
  • Conmaniac I almost saw em live so I did my usual process of check 3-4 songs by them and I dug. I dont remember em too much, just know they seem like a girl fronted modern 3eb with some emo leanings. I'll check that album tho man!
    August 11 05:53 PM
  • Conmaniac i've peeped em before yeah why?
    August 11 03:13 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts not sure, itll probably be in the similar vein of where i was going with hikrahe before but the next natural progression i suppose
    July 24 05:41 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts well the Lambsbreath album is done and coming out soon and im also in the process of releasing all of the hikrahe material that ive been sitting on over the last year . just want to get it out there as it represents an officially past phase of my life, then i can move on to something new. the first of those LPs is up on bandcamp already and im uploading the second now
    July 22 09:32 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts hello oooo
    July 21 06:42 AM
  • cylinder Arcade fire, what a sad story. I think at this point it's burned to the ground lol
    July 15 07:57 AM
  • cylinder brilliant soundoff for the new arcade fire
    July 14 02:52 AM
  • henryChinaski Haha thanks mate. People seem to really like it, although it's not very originial I guess. I still like it tho
    July 3 05:24 AM
  • Relinquished swear i'm not a slav
    June 20 06:10 PM
  • Relinquished interesting that u found a theme to my lists ?_?
    June 20 01:53 PM
  • nocuffin i somehow managed to enrol in some courses for next semester, so i guess the concrete changes have already begun :')
    June 9 04:44 AM
  • nocuffin i feel like i might be able to turn this page now
    June 9 04:34 AM
  • nocuffin it's jus odd cuz i've been fallin apart in recent weeks; been drinkin since my highschool bff died in a car crash, gettin mad anxiety issues cuz my gf's friends are telling her to stop talking to me (which is understandable since i'm basically a junkie but idk, i treat everyone else as nice as i can, i'm only ever bad to me), brain slowly collapsing cuz of that too many vices life i've been living and s***. for some reason though, as soon as i heard you my number one, something clicked and.....
    June 9 04:34 AM
  • nocuffin i wanna go on about everything it makes me feel but goddamn i hate being a sappy ****
    June 9 04:16 AM
  • nocuffin mainly because jeffery has none of the hooks or priceless one-liners or beats or...
    June 9 04:15 AM
  • nocuffin yachty gon have to retire tbh, his grave's already been dug
    June 9 03:27 AM
  • nocuffin ngl, it's basically changed my outlook on life entirely
    June 9 03:16 AM
  • butcherboy yes, tie.. haha,, forgot the most important word there.. sorry
    June 5 02:58 PM
  • butcherboy how did you resolve in your hip-hop tourney.? I cant remember now, and I may have to deal with one in my NY one..
    June 5 01:18 PM
  • hal1ax nobody [2] also i think u would like black kray~thug angel. it's on bandcamp
    May 13 06:11 AM
  • nocuffin hard has the best beat of all time tbh
    May 11 04:39 AM
  • nocuffin legit check nobody. s***'s got ambiennnce on overdrive
    May 11 04:13 AM
  • Archelirion *voice modulation might be a better term
    May 10 02:01 PM
  • Archelirion Thanks for the links man :] Unfortunately I don't think I can get past the autotune, which is a shame cos I could listen to the backing of Forget all day
    May 10 01:59 PM
  • TVC15 Working on the bandcamp page as we speak
    May 9 10:41 PM
  • TVC15 Got it thx bb
    May 9 10:06 PM
  • TVC15 Hell yeah making it Lil Toad. Also I just requested access to the files
    May 9 10:05 PM
  • TVC15 How's this for our split title: A Line or Two of Coke
    May 9 08:50 PM
  • TVC15 Ye Hmu with them Google drives
    May 9 08:49 PM
  • TVC15 Aayye. OMG also my friend finally settled on enrolling at Notre Dame!
    May 9 03:59 PM
  • hal1ax spite rates?? cmon toady. don't take it out on poor uliiii :'[
    May 7 09:40 PM
  • hal1ax those uli rates hurt my feelings homes
    May 7 08:54 PM
  • nocuffin kill conscious niggas
    May 7 03:52 PM
  • nocuffin you'd be surprised
    May 7 03:48 PM
  • nocuffin it's not so black and white, but perhaps seeing in more than two-tone is too hard.
    May 7 03:44 PM

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