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  • Pikazilla I actually downloaded the rutracker version and it's eh. I keep checking soulseek but no luck so far on that end too. Worst thing is, I actually have the damn cd, it's just in another town at the moment.
    April 29 10:18 PM
  • Pikazilla Hi. Would you happen to have a hi-quality rip of Tragic Illusion (comp by Paradise Lost)? Can't find the damn thing anywhere.
    April 29 08:51 PM
  • e210013 Yeah, it's true. I'm going to lose certainly a concert of Yes in Lisbon in 24 of April, too. And what is worse is that I've already the ticket for me and to my youngest son, and I never saw them in my life. But, things are what they are. And the cases multiplies in my country in a mind-blowing rhythm day by day. I hope that everything will be ok with us and our families.
    March 18 03:40 PM
  • Glad to hear that life goes on. Here in Quebec, Canada, we now count 63 known touched by the virus, and 460 cases in the rest of Canada. We are asked to stay isolated at home as much as possible for 2 or 3 weeks, to avoid propagation. So no more gathering of any kind, no more sports, no more concerts, and a big number of commerces are closed for these few weeks, although drugstores, groceries and such are opened. The loved ones are safe up to now, even if the world goes nuts like e21 says.
    March 17 06:47 PM
  • e210013 I saw the comment of Jethro and I'm very glad too that it's everything ok with you my friend. I'm very worried what is happening in Europe and in the world in general. Me and a group of friends had a project of a trip to Slovenia in the begining of May where we were going to land at the Venice airport, with a connection to Ljubljana by bus. It seams that it's an impossible thing to do. So, the world is a bit crazy in these days. I hope that everything keeps well with you and your family.
    March 17 04:14 PM
  • Jethro42 Sab, mate, are you doing fine since that huuuuuge contagion in Italy? I'm hoping that all your loved ones and yourself are safe and well! That virus is a monster, but we'll get through that...
    March 16 10:22 PM
  • notagenius I will see him in Germany. but I am worried if the shows will be canceled. : (
    March 10 11:13 PM
  • notagenius Hey, take my note. thanks Sabrutin. I will do good prepareation. thxxxxx
    March 9 10:33 PM
  • notagenius Hi Sabrutin. I saw your sound off of Pat Metheny. his lastest release left me just speechless, amazing scope. I am preparing for visiting his concert in May. is that possible for to recommend me some albums of his or Pat Metheny Group or any cooperations records? for there are too many, my knowledge is unfornately not systematic. thx, but if it is not convenient, it is fine as well.
    March 9 04:34 PM
  • Friday13th Hey man, got your vote ready for Pulsar v. Unreal City?
    July 24 03:41 PM
  • manosg Hey, Sab! Whereas some guys see bands like Gygax as copycats, I respect them for keeping the spirit of legendary bands alive.
    July 17 06:32 PM
  • Kaiwaz Guy Man wants you to come to this discord, you're always welcome here dude, lemme know
    July 13 09:24 AM
  • metalhead2425 I didn't know about Kikonia being released. I'll have to check it out once it comes out. Also, thanks for letting me know about the notifications. I didn't know it worked like that.
    June 27 03:09 PM
  • Jethro42 I'm ok thanks, and you're welcome for the reminder, mate. A tournament without you would have not be the same :)
    May 12 08:02 PM
  • Jethro42 Hey Sab, my friend! Everything is okay? Are you aware that another prog tournament is in process? So I invite you to join in before we get all the candidates. Cheers man!
    May 10 02:50 PM
  • Flugmorph ye theyre good but i love the claymores even more
    March 2 06:52 PM
  • Flugmorph yeah i love my special claymore boxset hehe
    March 1 01:47 PM
  • Flugmorph you know you dont have to rate them to put them on your list, right?
    February 28 04:55 PM
  • Flugmorph oh those are some interesting choices, cant say ive seen index or the nako koro ni series so far but higurashi has been on the top of my ptw list for a while now, too bad that list includes 650 anime without sequels lol. do you have a mal account?oh yeah my fav shows would be eva, k-on!, space dandy, toradora and girls last tour.
    February 26 08:19 AM
  • Flugmorph saw you mentioning seppuku just now but i think it was you editing an obscure japanese band thats only known because they contributed to an anime opening or smth lol. what are the series you are passionate about?
    February 22 06:08 PM
  • Flugmorph damn weeb
    February 18 12:05 PM
  • Jethro42 Hi Sab, i'm ok thanks, yourself? Yes I was aware for the latest Mad Fellaz since its trailer. Band pushes the right buttons for me. A blend of Big Big Train (more busy though) and The Tangent. They often approach a jazzy style without touching it. Mad Fellaz II was my favorite, but now I've listend to their latest twice, and I really like most of it, especially the opener and the last two. Thanks for the reminder, buddy.
    February 11 12:17 AM
  • ksoflas Never mind. Todd is a drummer too? WTF.
    January 16 05:43 PM
  • ksoflas Hey Sub, who is the drummer in the upcoming Ryche album?
    January 16 05:18 PM
  • Egarran That's smooooth.
    July 27 08:39 PM
  • cold The Paradigm Shift is one of the better albums Korn released post-Issues, but I'm still not fond of it. After Issues, my interest in that music was declining as well as Korn's musical output. Basically, it just didn't do a whole lot for me. Now, The Serenity Of Suffering was a very nice return to form, in my opinion.
    July 15 10:08 AM
  • Caronte Thanks for your kind words man, they deserve more recognition. A presto!
    July 1 04:11 PM
  • Doctuses certo!
    June 6 12:14 AM
  • Doctuses haha, sono un studente americano, studio latino e greco antico in universita, posso leggerlo, per me italiano e molto facile che latino lol, ma devo pratticarlo.
    June 5 09:46 PM
  • Doctuses parli italiano?
    June 5 05:33 PM
  • Friday13th Prog tourney this Monday, Memorial day!
    May 26 03:22 PM
  • bloc Lol, it's like living 2 lives at once
    May 7 06:37 PM
  • bloc Ah, maybe I'm the odd one out. I only remember super brief moments or still images from my dreams.
    May 7 05:45 PM
  • bloc Hahahaha, dude how do you remember your dreams so accurately?
    May 7 04:51 PM
  • bloc Wow, your description is not that far off lol. I also love the topic of our discussion, you remembered every detail lmao
    May 7 04:11 PM
  • bloc LOL thanks for sharing. What did I look like?
    May 7 12:20 PM
  • manosg Happy new year, Sab! Glad you enjoyed Necromandus - yes the first song was written in the '70s but I think it's a new recording. It's nice to see when someone finally makes it.
    January 1 07:30 PM
  • BlackMalachite Honestly, the problems really haven't been showing up to me bar some annoying control s*** every once and a while. It's a pretty solid 8/10 game for me right now and I absolutely love the customization rewards I get with every level and the daily missions and such.
    December 18 06:32 PM
  • BlackMalachite So yeah I bought Sonic Forces and it's one of the best game purchases I've made all year.
    December 18 03:27 AM
  • BlackMalachite Oh hell yeah I love cosmetics, I think I'll really dig the game
    December 17 08:25 PM
  • BlackMalachite That's what I heard too, what exactly does 100% it entail?
    December 17 05:55 PM
  • manosg Hey Sab, what's up buddy? All is well with me, busy as a bee with work to the point where I would like to relax a bit but can't complain, especially considering the economic situation in Greece. Really happy you enjoy the new Necromandus so much. And yes, it's the prog leanings that make it such a nice and varied listen. I'm also really glad that Necromandus finally managed to release a proper debut considering their story.
    October 17 06:32 PM
  • TheGreatQ I was in Rome for 4 days, spent one visiting Pompeii, 4 in Florence, one in Siena, 2 in Verona, and then 2 in Venice
    May 28 02:19 AM
  • TheGreatQ Thank you so much for recommending Klimt 1918! I'm really digging them.
    May 4 12:34 AM
  • Dedes Lol sorry if that sounded weird just saw that you really digged November's Doom and I'm happy someones giving it some love. Borderline is ****ing incredible.
    April 19 01:59 PM
  • Dedes So you're a Doom metal fan are ya? :p
    April 19 12:56 PM
  • Voivod I knew you would dig it! Apart from the rest of the band, their singer is very good!!!
    March 15 10:21 PM
  • Voivod Heavy/doom rock/metal from your homeland, that slays -
    March 14 06:03 PM
  • Voivod Thanks man and I wish the same for you!
    December 25 06:32 PM
  • Titan Merry Christmas Sabs, to you and your family! And yes, I look forward to dumping on that Queensryche cover band!
    December 25 04:41 PM
  • manosg Merry Christmas Sab! Wish you a wonderful holidays and lots of good music.
    December 25 03:35 PM
  • Jethro42 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, dude! Best wishes!
    December 23 05:13 PM
  • Voivod That's great news! You can post it on the news section and have a cool thread at it :-D
    December 21 10:01 AM
  • MrSirLordGentleman People may say a lot about Toto, but damn composed of excellent session musicians
    December 16 10:27 PM
  • manosg haha, no worries Sab. I especially enjoyed Witchwood's debut and have high hopes for these guys. Their only drawback for me is that some of their songs are a bit on the long side but overall they're pretty good.
    December 6 06:33 PM
  • DrJohn wtf is going on with the shoutbox... it's cutting off me posts
    November 22 06:12 PM
  • DrJohn stop TOTOING me you ****in Tate. lol np mate i might give it a go when in a rly good mood. after all i never said i hate them just meh is all
    November 22 05:59 PM
  • MrSirLordGentleman I checked Hydra and The Seventh One long time ago. Wasn't that impressed by TSO, but Hydra had some pretty cool moments. Maybe I should revisit it
    November 11 11:18 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly Hey man, not too bad and tbh I was on a good old Sonata nostalgia binge recently so I'l definitely check it out this weekend!
    November 4 10:03 PM
  • manosg Oh man, really sad to read that. I also read that around 40,000 people have lost their homes which is awful. And the L'Aquila disaster is still so fresh. My thoughts and prayers go to all of you guys.
    October 31 07:00 PM
  • manosg Hey Sab, is everything okay with the earthquakes there?
    October 30 03:57 PM
  • Voivod
    October 23 03:45 PM
  • Insignia777 Hey. It's Insignia. God, I was such a dick back a couple of years ago. My reviews for so terrible. I was just browsing a couple of hours ago reading a bunch of Rush reviews, and I saw my old review and I'm like "wtf is this even still doing on here?". So, for s***s and giggles, I checked it out and I'm like, god, this is so bad. Like, I deserved all that hate in the comments cause I was an a** hole.
    September 28 03:13 PM
  • Voivod Will check the album you mentioned asap!
    September 25 07:51 PM
  • Voivod I love that Katatonia album, despite its intended one-dimensionality songwriting-wise.
    September 25 07:51 PM
  • Voivod Sabrutin, I have come across this new Italian thrash outfit called Totem and Taboo and their debut album, very promising, but underdevelopped stuff (as in a 3.3), if you have time, check them out as a casual listen, and let me know what you think.
    September 24 05:57 AM
  • LibGyps Yo, check out Between the Buried and Me's album, Colors. Right up your alley
    September 11 02:56 AM
  • manosg Nice song, a bit of prog going on! The Riot journey was a long one for sure haha. Interested in seeing if the next album you review is as good as its average suggests.
    August 8 07:20 AM
  • manosg Hey Sab, how's it going? Saw your comment on Journey's debut and through to send you this link. One of my favorite AOR songs.
    August 7 03:59 PM
  • manosg Life in Greece isn't the best ever, I must admit. Unemployment, high taxation, control over how we spend our money (cash will be frowned uppon!), etc. But as you've said, we gotta hold on, gotta persevere. Regarding the new Rage, I agree with your assessment; good but not spectacular, is how I feel about it. For some reason, most reviews on the web are praising the album.
    June 15 11:32 AM
  • manosg Hey Sab, what's up? Have you checked the new Rage yet?
    June 14 05:48 PM
  • Jethro42 Looking forward to your Toto reviews, man, and let see if I'm getting interested by them through your reviews and their music. Cheers!
    May 9 11:04 PM
  • Jethro42 Yeah, we surely can detect some prog in the song you linked to me. The orchestration and the frequent arrangement changes are some signs. But it's still mostly a pop rock song disguised into a prog one. Vocals reminds me of Gowan at times. Definitely a cool song. And I'm gonna check for that recent Le Orme. And you're right, the cover art is more representative of the concept. I know that it's about two opposite planets with one containing happy people and the other one containing sad people...
    May 8 10:13 PM
  • Jethro42 Ok, yes, I see what you mean. Out of what I heard, they definitely are ''prog related''. They don't feature on progarchives though. I don't know the band in depth, but what I know of them is a classic rock band. I'm gonna check your link later, thanks. Cool for Le Orme, thanks for the info. I have to check it out. Cheers, man!
    May 8 02:30 PM
  • Jethro42 Wow, awesome medley thanks. I didn't know they were that diversified. This sounded prog for the majority of the lenght. I will check out these full tracks one by one. Also I see that Le Orme just released Felona E Sorona in English? Is that it?
    May 7 10:45 PM
  • TheBrutalMaster Hey man, if you have time, you could write a review for my band's latest album!
    January 11 03:29 PM
  • manosg Hey Sab, just saw your soundoff for Steelwing. I definitely recommend it, very fun album.
    January 8 06:41 PM
  • manosg Happy new year Sab! All the best to you and your loved ones!
    January 1 04:49 PM
  • Voivod Don't mention it man :-). It's impossible to write soundoffs for every album that's heard, I wrote my soundoffs during the whole year, and I merely copied them to the list. For the other lists, I just decided not to leave these albums buried in my bookmark manager, and yeah, their making was tiring.
    December 31 02:38 PM
  • Voivod Ok, I was merely asking, as I have something in mind for a Nirnaeth review.
    December 20 02:35 PM
  • Voivod Saw your rating about Nirnaeth. Great album, full of unexpected eccentricities. Do you have plans for a review?
    December 20 10:17 AM
  • Dizchu Haha awesome. Too bad I'm pretty irregular around here, I mostly just lurk around.
    November 28 12:24 AM
  • ksoflas You need to check this if you liked Sirens man.
    November 14 11:33 PM
  • magicuba lo so anche io ci metto mesi a raccogliere i suggerimenti ;) Ma questi secondo me meritano davvero :)
    November 14 04:40 PM
  • magicuba Sabrutin devi assolutamente ascoltare i Fall of Efrafa se non l' hai ancora fatto
    November 12 12:25 AM
  • Voivod ... with some really unexpected melodic parts. Really interesting!
    October 29 09:49 PM
  • Voivod I'm jamming the album right now from Spotify, nice, dirty speed metal.
    October 29 08:41 PM
  • Voivod Hey man, you really got to check this out, '90s US power/progressive metal that is being released some 20 years after...
    October 29 02:14 PM
  • manosg haha right on! It took me a bit of time to really like them, but when it clicked it was magical. Are you checking their discog chronologically?
    October 23 11:41 AM
  • manosg That 4.5 for Somewhere Far Beyond warms my heart. Really glad you're digging Blind Guardian, man.
    October 22 06:04 PM
  • Angelboros Yeah, I have sort of taken a fancy to them. Nothing about them stands out too much, although I've enjoyed a lot of what I stumbled upon. I might review one of their albums.
    October 7 05:17 PM
  • Willie Eventually. Life got in the way....
    October 6 01:40 AM
  • magicuba lo stai aggiungendo te max pezzali?
    September 30 06:17 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I enjoyed it, but too much of a braty juvenile tone to her voice compared to what I ususally look in female singer/songwriters. Speaking of them, one of them is releasing my most hyped release of the year:
    September 11 05:48 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity You heard the latest song out Cast Your Shell? Much more chill and happy then usual FALILV. I hope it ain't 'Singles Syndrome' kinda like Phase 2 and alot of Jap releases. I'm waiting for Haruka to Miyaki's EP too. Haven't listened to Mami before, any good?
    September 11 10:21 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Excited for the new Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? :D
    September 11 09:19 AM
  • Mythodea Oh god, it's awful. The way the words ''wobble'' or ''dance'' during the verses it's just... And don't get me started on the letters. You sir, just found my weak spot at Lyric Videos.
    September 9 11:10 PM
  • magicuba In effetti potrei, sarà stupido ma non mi era neanche venuto in mente di provarci.... se trovo il tempo lo farò
    September 9 12:45 PM
  • magicuba Studio a Maastricht, dove il metal e il punk purtroppo scarseggiano :( comunque finora ho usato il sito più che altro per trovare cose nuove, non tanto per comunicare. 3 giorni fa ho fatto la prima lista, per capirci. Il sito era più usato qualche anno fa vero? Almeno cos' sembra dal numero di voti che sembrano decresciuti con gli anni
    September 8 03:04 PM
  • magicuba yes I am, living in a foreign country but born and raised in Genoa. Sputnik is responsible for the change of my musical taste ( luckily)
    September 7 12:19 PM
  • magicuba 883 :D max is it you?
    September 4 12:43 PM
  • TheSonomaDude I have a few, or had a few. Flyhead, Sowders, Koster, Goatmoon, they are all people I know in real life. Flyhead talked Sowders into making his, and I talked Koster and Goatmoon into theirs. FiveNightsAtFreddies is a Sowders alt so I guess he counts too.
    August 20 04:39 PM
  • FrozenVain If you hadn't added it I probably wouldn't be aware of it so thanks for that. Gotta love Demetori.
    August 17 12:25 AM
  • FrozenVain Haha! Yeh, as soon as I saw it I was like: Holy crap!
    August 17 12:24 AM
  • Hawks No prob my man. :] m/
    August 12 08:59 PM
  • Hawks I've heard a few tracks from it bro and didn't really dig. I'll check the full album though when I'm in the mood. On a bit of an indie kick right now haha.
    August 12 06:55 PM
  • manosg No worries. I'll check their stuff chronologically and see how that goes. I'll let you know how I like the debut once I listen to it!
    August 9 04:20 PM
  • manosg Sweet. Where do you suggest I should start?
    August 9 03:02 PM
  • manosg Yeah that's pretty reasonable as they're doing the exact same thing on every album of theirs I've listened. Don't know if I'll check their whole discog because I'm sure that they'll bore me at some point. That said, their first three albums I've checked are solid.
    July 20 06:03 PM
  • manosg Hey Sab, what's up? I see you've rated Stormwitch! Great little obscure band. Their first albums are pretty solid, definitely a fun listen.
    July 19 06:18 PM
  • Toondude10 this is ****ing beautiful
    July 10 07:50 PM
  • manosg Hey Sab! Yeah, Bible of the Beast has all the common qualities found in an average power metal album. I was surprised by the average rating, honestly. But I was reading today that Lupus Dei is their most solid effort so I'll probably give it a shot.
    July 8 04:01 PM
  • Toondude10 yeah the production is what kills it for me. I've heard some of it but I don't think I'll listen to the whole thing. That reminds me though, I need to get back on my Rhapsody of Fire discog review.
    July 7 05:03 PM
  • Toondude10 I checked that out a while ago actually. I honestly hate the sound that both albums had. It's so restrained for me.
    July 7 03:51 PM
  • Jethro42 Hi Sabrutin. I see you rated an Asia record. Have you tried 'Phoenix'? Cos according to a Prog Archives' reviewer who has pretty much the same taste as me in music, it would be a record to explore (apparently his fav). Nothing new under the sun though, they always adopt the same AOR formula, but it's nicely done. It's the only record I listened to, save the famous s/t. As for XXX, I've only listened to the songs the reviewer rated high enough. I'll correct it. Cheers!
    July 2 08:11 PM
  • Jethro42 K, I think Il Castello is at some point inspired by Quella Vecchia Locanda, mainly cos of the violin I think. I particularly enjoy when Il Castello goes folkish. I think my fav song by now is La Foresta. After one listen, I realized that they can't touch bands like PFM, Banco or Le Orme. Not enough personality for that. Songs are well done for the most part though. I'm gonna give another spin to make sure my rating is legit. Thanks for showing me these guys, Sabrutin.
    June 30 01:14 AM
  • Jethro42 Thanks Sabrutin. I'm gonna listen to their first album tomorrow. Cheers!
    June 28 02:36 AM
  • Jethro42 Spettri sounds interesting. As for Il Castello di Atlante, do you have a link because there are little to find from youtube.
    June 26 11:32 PM
  • Jethro42 Yeah while Italian prog rock has its own distinctive soundscape, it has a lot in common with the British prog scene, hence my interest for it. I never heard of Il Castello di Atlate. Thanks! I just took a look to the Menawati top 30 of RPI, but you already commented into it ;)
    June 26 08:22 PM
  • manosg Hey Sab, thanks for the rec. Folk metal is really hit or miss for me as I'm not so much into bands like Korpiklaani or Finntroll but I love Skyclad. The track you linked me is pretty good though.
    June 21 11:43 AM
  • manosg Oh I'm definitely up! There's so much quality in those obscure heavy metal acts of the '80s. Gonna check for sure.
    June 8 03:23 PM
  • manosg Oh yeah, I like FW. I'm listening to Crimson Glory - Transcendence at the moments and it's beautiful. It's kinda similar to FW and Queensryche as well.
    May 22 06:08 PM
  • manosg Oh, I'll make amends asap. I'll jam The Warning in the following days.
    May 22 05:52 AM
  • manosg Of course dude! I must admit that besides Operation: Mindcrime, I've jammed Queensryche sporadically.
    May 21 02:00 PM
  • manosg Recorded in 1987 and released in 2014!
    May 21 08:07 AM
  • manosg If you enjoyed Battalions of Fear, prepare to be awed by Tales from the Twilight World!
    May 19 05:58 AM
  • evilford thank you I really appreciate that
    May 12 05:24 PM
  • manosg Hey Sab, I see you've rated Visigoth and Grand Magus. If you're up for some epic doom, Sorcerer - In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross is an excellent choice, if you haven't already heard it ofc.
    May 10 12:26 PM
  • Voivod I'm a sucker for 80s metal, thanks! I'm listening to the album right, love its grindcore/crossover thrash design!!
    May 3 05:23 PM
  • Voivod hey, I think you would dig this -
    April 29 05:51 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Exactly. The shear energy, chemestry of the licks and personality has in alot of their songs to make them stand out and awesome vocals make them definately worthwhile (especally on All That We Have Now). Everything is just so overbearing and hold nothing back while having a unique sound and keep breakdowns to a minimum, and I like that.
    April 10 05:56 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I have a bad meter of these things :P. Pretty much, their music is pretty much like musicial crack when they get it right.
    April 10 05:25 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'm not ashamed at all, it's just the closest I have to a 'guilty pleasure' since so many people vox are lolbad and all Eletronica-core or whatever you like to call it has very negative image (and to be honest, for good reason).
    April 10 09:22 AM
  • manosg Hey Sab, thanks for the rec! The track is great indeed. Very characteristic of the era but really good at the same time.
    April 4 11:21 AM
  • Hawks Yeah dude one of my favorite albums ever. I've heard a few tracks from the first album and didn't dig so that's why I never checked it haha.
    March 29 08:39 PM
  • manosg hahaha, my 15 minutes of fame! Now my next objective is to go viral, hahaha!
    March 14 07:31 AM
  • manosg Hey dude, just saw your comment on my UFO review. Sorry for not replying earlier and thanks for checking ;)
    March 6 06:36 AM
  • eddie95 Capisco, anche un paio di miei amici sono iscritti ma non votano alcun album da tempo, figurarsi a scrivere una recensione!
    February 16 12:21 AM
  • eddie95 Ma allora degli user italiani che sono anche effettivamente attivi esistono! Interessante...
    February 15 12:29 PM
  • Deviant. No bother at all! And they're gone
    February 12 07:40 AM
  • Titan I like it from Signs Say Go onward. The first half of the record is forgettable.
    January 14 02:11 AM
  • Titan Whats up bro! I see a pretty low rating for mindcrime 2. How about the second half of that record though?
    January 13 11:25 PM
  • Voivod US heavy/power that's worth our attention -
    December 12 12:05 PM
  • CusmanX1 Ser~
    December 11 05:34 PM
  • Voivod It's a shame they're not streaming the whole album of this good band, some old school metal labels don't really like streaming services me thinks.
    December 9 06:55 PM
  • Voivod Thanks man, will check it right away
    December 9 06:31 PM
  • Voivod Hi man, this is surprisingly solid and well played classic heavy metal from Colombia -
    December 9 01:06 PM
  • Voivod An I love pizza. We have a Greek company called Roma Pizza, the best pizza money can buy in Greece.
    December 3 02:53 PM
  • Voivod No I haven't got to see Septic Flesh unfortunately. Italy is fantastic too, the people are really hospitable. I've been to Milan, Genoa, Rome, Firenze, all great places.
    December 3 02:52 PM
  • Voivod I haven't listened to Kamelot all that much, so I can't compare the two outfits. On another note, I couldn't help reading the previous shoutbox posts... Are you Italian? I'm from Greece! Una Faccia Una Razza haha!
    December 2 10:44 PM
  • Voivod Canadian "US" heavy/power metal - Read the relevant article in Blabbermouth:
    December 2 09:22 PM
  • mandan Sweet, I've never been to Milan. I'd love to go sometime. Ofc, Italy has a ton of stuff to be seen.
    November 29 09:05 PM
  • mandan What region of Italy are you from man? Veneto, Sicily, Tuscany, Calabria, Puglia, Piedmont?
    November 29 08:02 PM
  • mandan Songs like "Liquid Sky", "The Right Side of My Mind", "Rhythm of Hope", "Hundred Mile Stare", etc., are examples of that.
    November 21 03:20 PM
  • mandan I think that DeGarmo was a key part of Queensryche's sound. When he left, the band just wasn't the same anymore. Even if I'm not as harsh on the band's post-PL material as many are, I can understand why many wouldn't sympathize with it. But having said that, there are still cool jams from that period imo.
    November 21 03:17 PM
  • Voivod Thanks for the rec, the Falconer album was one of the very few power metal albums of 2014 I really enjoyed. Two other releases I really liked were the Sumerlands demo ( and the first album from Johnny Touch (
    November 21 07:45 AM
  • ChoccyPhilly :)
    November 7 06:01 PM
  • Voivod I just came across this obscure '80s power/thrash metal gem and I think you will like this as well:
    November 6 07:25 PM
  • Voivod Well, I'm not sure if I have the free time to write a review for it right now, although I intend to make the time. Tell you what; on your own pace, write reviews for the Restless Breed first and then for the Riot V album. If you complete the latter review and I haven't, let me know, so you can air it immediately and I will ask for a feature, given that you will post the review until November the 28th (that is a month from the official release date of the Riot V album).
    November 1 04:17 PM
  • Voivod Just saw your rating for the Riot V album, I bought it yesterday, it's a 3.5 for sure, if not more. Are you planning on writing something about it?
    November 1 03:42 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly Ecliptica Revisited is horribly disappointing :( but Blank File is sounding so good on the other hand
    October 25 08:17 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly Yeah man, I've been playing for like 5 years now and I represented my borough in the London Youth Games a while back. It's a very physically demanding sport at intermediate and even higher levels and I don't think many people believe that
    September 5 02:23 AM
  • emester your profile pc may be the best thing ever
    September 4 04:54 PM
  • Jasdevi087 Will certainly have to check in that case.
    September 3 09:47 PM
  • Jasdevi087 No dude I believe you, I can imagine. I'll have to get around to those.
    September 3 07:43 PM
  • SirDrumsalot I agree with you dude. I think his voice is pretty turrible now, and way too nasally from all the coke.He just said he could still hit the high notes in a recent interview.
    August 23 06:25 PM
  • SirDrumsalot Oh you didn't hear? He can still hit the high notes. He just chooses not to becuase he doesn't sing to show off. He only sings the notes that the music needs.
    August 22 09:37 PM
  • SirDrumsalot Hey man, just gotta say it, I love your avatar. Geoff is a derp.
    August 22 05:16 PM
  • Jasdevi087 Cool. What's the shipping cost like from there cause I usually pay quite a bit for shipping when I import Japanese stuff. That is, when I even find a reasonably priced item.
    August 5 04:39 AM
  • Jasdevi087 I'd probably say Livid is the ideal place for starters.
    August 4 03:30 AM
  • Green Baron too many tool references
    July 14 09:16 PM
  • BMDrummer Yeah me too, Celtic Frost deserves more attention on this site too
    July 13 05:53 PM
  • BMDrummer Yeah prob, thinking about 5ing the album too
    July 13 05:36 PM
  • BMDrummer Sweet man, one of the best metal albums ever imo
    July 13 05:27 PM
  • BMDrummer I like your Celtic Frost avatar, band slays
    July 13 05:08 PM
  • Cusman Ohi, Ser
    June 4 02:00 PM
  • mandan Well yeah, I guess I could. We'll see.
    June 3 04:43 PM
  • mandan Yeah, I guess I'm not missing out on much.
    June 3 04:40 PM
  • mandan Understandable man. I see you 1.5'd Tate's Kings and Thieves, it must really suck balls.
    June 3 04:24 PM
  • mandan Yeah, Tribe is sweet. Q2K might be my least fave of those, although I can see why HiNF would be your least fave of those. You can tell Tate's voice is beginning to deteriorate on that album.
    June 3 04:15 PM
  • mandan Same here man, glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. You made my day hard, I kinda thought I was crazy for having a soft spot for post-PL pre-LaTorre Ryche when most hate it.
    June 3 04:02 PM
  • mandan Nice to see I'm not the only one with a soft spot for AS. Some sweet tracks on there for sure. Most dismiss everything the Ryche did between PL and the LaTorre album.
    June 3 03:47 PM

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