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  • CalculatingInfinity This could go well or even worse for me lol
    November 4 01:39 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Na I haven't, how is it different?
    November 4 12:29 PM
  • cryptologous hi are you the guy who reports everything
    September 20 07:15 AM
  • zakalwe Is it the live tour doc? There's something about Matt walking around the gaff with a glass of merlot and being stropppy that doesn't appeal. Them specs he was wearing a year or so ago. Clear plastic NHS sort that made him look like a serial killer or brutal rapist. Bit of a bellend in my book.
    September 11 02:06 PM
  • zakalwe I dunno about The Nationals new one. Something doesn't quite sit right with me. It'll grow no doubt but it's missing a bit of weight.
    September 11 01:20 PM
  • zakalwe I'm in no fit state to give it a proper listen mate. 2 days on the piss in Munich has taken its toll, the band aren't the most joyful bunch either, I'll slash me wrists.
    September 10 01:37 PM
  • DoofusWainwright We need them. I really don't know where they go from here though?
    September 10 10:26 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Easy choice for me with the previous three albums already 5'd.
    September 10 10:23 AM
  • ChoccyPhilly Nice, Mad. does the film and television degree, so he can walk to you through that crew if you like and Nouse is good too. If you're into some satire journalism, look into The Lemon Press too.
    September 8 05:01 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly Kuda is great and if you join a sport's club, you'll get to know Salvos more than you'd want. Speaking of which, you gonna join and societies?
    September 8 04:54 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly Yeah, there is nothing to do on Hes East, all socials and events are on Hes West but have fun during freshers. Let Kuda and Phats be your beacon for the only decent nights in York town.
    September 8 04:00 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly Damn, congrats! But Halifax though... As a Derwenter, I disapprove. At least you're not in Hes East. Unfortunately, I'm away this year on a year abroad, so I won't be able to drop by and have a sputnik jam or anything, but Mad. will still be there, so hit him up if you want!
    September 8 03:03 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly Yo, did you make it to York in the end or did you choose somewhere else?
    September 7 07:21 PM
  • zakalwe Exactly the same bro. I was and always will be useless at maths. GCSE grade D....twice. English was my 'thing' I took journalism at uni but dropped out. That was in 1998! ****ing outrageous. It's all ups and downs this game and no matter what happens something will always crop up more often than not for the best.
    August 18 05:48 PM
  • zakalwe Blimey going to Uni and actually studying something with weight. Goon on ya mate.
    August 18 05:23 PM
  • zakalwe Woah! Good work Tuna lad. Proud of ya!!! York is amazing. What will you be studying?
    August 18 05:19 PM
  • zakalwe Oh and Jaywick lol. How could I forget good old Jaywick. Google it.
    August 16 06:04 PM
  • zakalwe Chelmsford and North Essex is mainly nice. Brentwood, Billericay, Shenfield and certain bits of Southend are lovely. Grays, Tilbury, areas of Basildon, Pitsea, some places on the estuary parts of Southend come to think of it and the greater London borders are absolutely ****ing awful.
    August 16 06:01 PM
  • zakalwe Cheers for the knowledge pal.
    August 16 03:34 AM
  • zakalwe Stockton on tees. Liveable or drug run, third world s***ehole?
    August 15 09:36 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Ayyyyy tell me how you do alright? Wishing the best for ya :]
    August 15 07:23 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Thoughts on the new SW? I posted on Discord ages ago but I guess you didn't check.
    August 14 06:00 PM
  • zakalwe Is that party in the dark tuna bro? I love it.
    August 10 02:14 PM
  • TVC15 Ooohhh. They're really promising; audio quality wasn't too good and try as he might Manson doesn't have a strong live voice anymore tho
    July 25 02:18 AM
  • TVC15 Ooohhh you got links?
    July 24 04:11 PM
  • Flugmorph ye that sounds resonable lol.
    July 20 06:43 PM
  • Flugmorph ye i feel like i will get a lot more listening done now that i got semester break n all. your laptop is old or just breaking apart?
    July 20 06:37 PM
  • Flugmorph oh right. yeah i quite enjoyed it but i havent jammed it in like a month.got close to no internet for the past 2 weeks now and my music consumption somehow really suffered because of that.
    July 20 06:25 PM
  • Flugmorph which bands that?
    July 20 06:00 PM
  • Flugmorph he sure did many many times. drug use and depression are a downward spiral thats really hard to escape from.
    July 20 05:48 PM
  • Flugmorph yep pretty much same.
    July 20 05:24 PM
  • ianblxdsoe thanks for reading! your reviews are always a good read as well
    July 11 07:30 PM
  • BallsToTheWall You beat me to the punch with the new Cradle. It's a good ****in track.
    July 11 11:08 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Get on Discord and I'll give you the details.
    May 20 11:41 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 New track has dropped today, Tuna, if you wanna check man? Let us know what you think.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToTBX8HR4tA
    May 19 12:21 PM
  • zakalwe Cool! s*** title.
    May 14 07:10 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Regardless my Buck Tick live Blu Ray came yesterday so I'm screaming rn
    May 11 05:48 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Niceeeee, hope you have fun :]
    May 11 05:41 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'm not a fan of Relationship of Command so I don't think I will like that lol
    May 11 04:55 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I was expecting far worse.
    May 11 01:01 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'll take a look rn.
    May 11 12:30 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Looks cool I'll check it out
    May 10 05:18 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Please tell me there is an opening monologue in the new one
    May 10 02:53 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh I'm moving on, going straight and choosing life. I'm looking forward to it already. I'm gonna be just like you.
    May 10 09:24 AM
  • Flugmorph yep i know, only listened to it once so far anyway lol
    May 10 03:58 AM
  • Flugmorph kinda dont care for it sadly
    May 9 05:18 PM
  • Aiwaz NATION. album of the year damn right son!
    May 2 03:34 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity That's just....depressing :[
    April 29 01:07 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity God I don't get why people go to s***ty Uni's minus social pressure, They will get absolutely no benefit out of it and waste thousands of pounds.
    April 29 01:06 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Also why was the Dad miserable? Get on Discord **** shoutboxes Imao
    April 29 01:04 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Christ that's ****ed up, you dodged a bullet mate hahaha. Also yeah, it's human nature and evolution so it's to be expected but I don't want any children at all. Finding someone at Uni will increase chances of finding someone with a level head.
    April 29 01:01 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah **** that noise, I don't want children and I want to take my time. I severely doubt I will do that in a field which are desperate for female candidates haha.
    April 29 12:41 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Definitely, it's so hard to meet people nowadays but Uni is the best bet. I know I shouldn't feel rushed but I feel like I'm on a timebomb due to my PhD and how spiteful I can be to other people being happy with other people while I'm not.
    April 29 12:28 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Easier said than done unfortunately. Spending hours online on writing profiles online just increased my anxiety and I just left it, make me feel pretty bad. Just makes it more and more market like.
    April 29 12:13 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah the stigma isn't what makes me sad about it, it's that I feel like a hunk of meat at a butcher's shop wanting to be picked out. Just trying to make the best profile possible, 'marketing' yourself and argh I hate it.
    April 29 12:04 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah you outright do not need that in your life in a time a like this, recipe for disaster. Unfortunately that hasn't really met with success, if I want to be someone I'm essentially forced to use dating sites which I don't really want to do but I may next year.
    April 29 11:27 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Pretty much, I don't regret but problem I have is I keep obsessing over my academics to the extent where I don't meet new people so I'm probably just doing to live alone at this rate.
    April 29 10:45 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Na, this was a small crash and burn type of flattery that burned after 1.5 months that was my first experience with anyone. The fact it went so sour so fast and at the time it happened is what did me in.
    April 29 10:41 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Basically I thought I failed the final exam and my chances of going to Uni are ruined. Plus having to do after studying 9-6 every school day at Six Form for 7 months and a bad 'romantic' fallout I just spiraled into the worst part of my life. People always mention the exams and how hard they are but everyone underestimates the aftermath, take care of yourself after it.
    April 29 09:09 AM
  • ScuroFantasma Yeah the whole forum side of it must have been removed when itd a while ago, a bit of a shame since I can't see any old posts.
    April 29 08:47 AM
  • ScuroFantasma Random thing to bring up now I know haha, but yeah man it might have been a review or something idk but that day I made an account here.
    April 29 07:53 AM
  • ScuroFantasma Yo I don't know if you remember this even vaguely, but I was trying to recall the original moment I joined the site in 2013 and I think it may have been because of something you posted on Korn.com back in the day when it was still a blog thingie lol. I went by either SilentMetal or TheBrokenOne or something ridiculous like that, but yeah just thought I'd mention it haha.
    April 29 07:37 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'll tell you after my driving lesson, see you in 2 hours :]
    April 29 06:55 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Just hope you have a better summer than I did, that is when everything hit me.
    April 29 06:52 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Good luck, wish you the best. Was bricking it that time for my A-Levels.
    April 29 06:46 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'll send you a different invite then, because that one expires in 30 minutes. This one you accept any time today: https://discord.gg/uzkF3nk
    April 29 06:31 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Here's an invite: https://discord.gg/qysT2
    April 29 06:25 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity *pokes you to join Sput Discord :P* We need moar Brits.
    April 29 06:11 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Tuna, my man, DEEP SANDS has a new single out today; check it out and let us know what a think of it.https://deepsands.bandcamp.com/album/theuntitledshortcut
    April 26 10:57 AM
  • Flugmorph dude we're always active in there, its madness :Djust hit jac up for the server adress, i dont have it rn.
    April 26 08:22 AM
  • anarchistfish this article ugh http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/emmanuel-macron-policies "Yes, France - traditionally the oldest of "old" European countries, with its cherished 35-hour work week and riots against disruptive tech start-ups like Uber - has finally joined the 21st century. Amid the high-tech glitz at CES, France appeared ubiquitous."
    April 25 10:35 AM
  • Flugmorph ill be sure to hit you up fam, my dub jams got more scarce aswell these days tho, mainly because i always hang out with sput squad on discord. would be fun if you would join there duude :)
    April 25 08:37 AM
  • TVC15 How tf did you listen to it then... was you lyin
    April 21 07:20 PM
  • TVC15 I feel betrayed bro. No Nation????
    April 21 05:56 PM
  • anarchistfish That guy is a special brand of crazy
    April 21 06:29 AM
  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=174557 \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 05:11 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/go-daylight \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 05:11 AM
  • StarlessCore havent even jammed sorceress. ill go back when they play metal again, theres already enuf 70s prog that akerfeldt cant touch with his newfound love for prog and hatred for metal
    April 18 04:57 PM
  • StarlessCore hahahaha a 3 for that is worse than malaria
    April 18 04:49 PM
  • StarlessCore 4.5 son!
    April 18 04:40 PM
  • StarlessCore my real ratings are on the rym account. if it pleases u red is constantly fighting for a 5
    April 18 04:35 PM
  • StarlessCore im progmaster u fool. come on!
    April 18 04:25 PM
  • Flugmorph yeah correct rating tbh. so sad
    April 17 02:07 PM
  • TVC15 I slept through all the Nation hullabaloo ;-;
    April 17 10:02 AM
  • onionbubs damn.
    April 17 09:31 AM
  • onionbubs **** man ill only be able to believe this exists when i actually listen to it
    April 17 09:19 AM
  • onionbubs so is there like ever a point where it will legally come out?
    April 17 09:18 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Pink, will rock your socks off.
    April 17 08:30 AM
  • onionbubs yo where can i find nation?
    April 17 08:19 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Idk why I've only jammed American Idiot I've loved some of their other songs. They did do big tour only once in the UK and that was in 2009, now it'll only be one show in London most likely. I'm really anxious about going to London but realistically Dir have only 3-7 years left of their career so this will probably be my only chance.
    April 11 03:10 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah it's gonna be dope but my all my stuff from them is expensive limited edition Japanese imports so I need to buy a CD from their merch stand or something and get them to sign that xD
    April 11 03:03 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Haha I imagine it did not sound good. You watched his recent Green Day video? Really good minus as usual the abysmal ear piercing 'humor'
    April 11 03:01 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Not really sure until they announce official details but I do know I get to meet the lads themselves and you can get a picture with them, plus it means I have a much higher chance of getting an autograph from them.
    April 11 02:58 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity California Weebs? lel. I've heard some Weezer, I've had some mixed results with them with a few singles I've heard plus I've watched Rock Critic's Rise and Fall of Weezer. Not the biggest fan of that song you sent though because of that chorus.
    April 11 02:54 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I think it's more I buy stuff that's way too expensive haha. Sounds like you're all set up with gigs, hope you enjoy Weezer, they any good live?
    April 11 02:37 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Dude that's cheap, idk why you're knocking that. And no, because I'm gonna save up for Dir en Grey next year since I'll buy a VIP ticket due to them probably having a show next year. Yourself?
    April 11 02:14 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Well Arche is only £13 in HMV. It's only expensive if you go for the deluxe limited edition like I have.
    April 11 01:55 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity It's evident which of the 3 which I think you should get :P
    April 11 12:31 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity What new stuff you planning on getting?
    April 11 11:30 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Sorry for late reply, had to study again :/ Dude just order stuff online it's so much better and you save money. More like Ghost in the Bomb, because Jesus it's such a box office disaster haha.
    April 11 11:29 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Nothing much. My easter week break is over so now I have to study at home until I go back to Uni :[ On the bright side I bought a ton of music and had a good holiday so I can't complain. How about yourself?
    April 11 09:27 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity You win the day for your Kendrick sound off good job.
    April 11 09:12 AM
  • TVC15 Still ****in pissed about Say10
    April 11 08:48 AM
  • hasan nice bro good hits a great voice what a song by george
    April 8 08:43 PM
  • Sinternet yeah their last album was awful and agreed about Magic that's probably their best track this decade
    April 8 06:07 PM
  • Sinternet yeah Coldplay have fallen so far these days, even though I somewhat enjoyed Ghost Stories and their dancier tracks like A Sky Full Of Stars before, this track really sucks
    April 8 04:48 PM
  • Sinternet it has some good tracks in the first half and i don't really hate any tracks except the coldplay and florida georgia line ones but the vox are so annoying
    April 8 03:57 PM
  • Sinternet haha album doesnt suck as much as i thought tbh
    April 8 03:30 PM
  • ScuroFantasma Haha, thanks bro
    March 29 06:51 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup it's a solid 3.0 I'd say. better than 50% of Hurley
    March 27 11:08 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Ah, they love me really (I think). Y'know they don't really get the point of this website but hey
    March 26 08:59 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Saw your comment on the latest Rock Critic vid ;)
    March 7 02:21 PM
  • zakalwe Jason Williamson is me man. Total nutcase on the stage, absolute class act off it. I'll even forgive the dodgy politics.
    February 25 10:47 AM
  • zakalwe Sleaford Mods. Going with the wife which is a bit s***e but still.
    February 25 10:39 AM
  • zakalwe Seeing 'em on Thursday tuna mate. Most excited I've ever been for a gig :D
    February 25 08:59 AM
  • Flugmorph context?
    February 19 11:15 AM
  • zakalwe That was my first foray into it all. I dug it but it's not a patch on his proper stuff.
    February 17 01:43 PM
  • zakalwe Yeah he's the best. The Crow Road is a coming of age epic. Subtle and seen as his best but I loved Whit. His sci-fi is the pinnacle though.
    February 17 12:57 PM
  • zakalwe GOOD LAD!!!!! What did you think?
    February 17 11:33 AM
  • TVC15 Hope so
    February 8 11:39 AM
    February 8 10:07 AM
  • Mythodea ''Sultan's Curse'' played automatically on YT and I thought it was sth off Crack the Skye, so I'll give you that. Maybe it does have a CTS vibe, even if I don't know how to justify it.
    February 8 04:13 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Who's your friend on here? Pleb was nice ye, although I probably make it really awkward for him because I had no idea how to make my way around the city so I was mad when it was 4AM in the morning and I no idea how to get home and I'm socially retarded tbh. If I ever go there I'll give you a shout.
    February 4 07:24 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Choccy! He hasn't been on here for ages too damn. I've met Pleb in Liverpool but that's the only Sput person I've met.
    February 4 07:18 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Up north but decently far from me. Good Uni, you'll love it there.
    February 4 07:01 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Good s***, which Uni you going to?
    February 4 06:59 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah like...those 2 shows are essential full stop tbh (especally Bebop since the soundtrack is out of this world and is the one that ages better). They'll mostly likely have one at Uni believe me, it's too universal of a hobby not to be one.
    February 4 06:51 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Don't worry I'm pretty pleb tier too, I barely watch it but there's an anime society at my Uni which is cool. As long as you've watched Cowboy Bebop then ya fine.
    February 4 06:46 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I have no ****ing idea mate I just searched cute anime girls blushing on Youtube haha.
    February 4 06:43 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2FNezNUeNg
    February 4 06:39 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity If you keep bigging me up in threads I'm gonna blush :3
    February 4 06:36 PM
  • Flugmorph ye i dont even try at this point tbh. how can anyone with ears stand this kind of singing .
    February 4 08:56 AM
  • Flugmorph and it pains me to say but chads vocals are way better then periphery's
    February 4 08:43 AM
  • Flugmorph yep im excited for it
    February 4 08:36 AM
  • Flugmorph ****ing a!
    February 4 08:18 AM
  • ChoccyPhilly Maju is my last name. It's not a popular name so I should be easy to find.
    February 3 08:28 AM
  • Flugmorph ye damn man jamming BB hard rn, never liked this song as much as i do now probably
    February 1 06:18 PM
  • Flugmorph stoked to hear One of Us Is the Killer, love that song
    February 1 05:36 PM
  • Flugmorph and dramamine is a pre chill song, i can dig :3
    February 1 05:34 PM
  • Flugmorph ye well im not the biggest CI fan myself so it wouldn't be a big loss if they would not play it. im there for the prancers and farewell mona lisas lol
    February 1 05:33 PM
  • Flugmorph ****, so those predictions they would not play 43% somehow came true lol
    February 1 05:29 PM
  • Flugmorph dont know about modest mouse but i to listened to some Converge and dillinger again lately. gonna be on the dillinger tour on the 02.10 aswell, im pretty stoked and a little scared lol
    February 1 05:24 PM
  • Flugmorph im still following new music but not to the extent i did last year, thank god lol. not a bad thing to just follow your desires when it comes to your hobbies sometimes. no real point in forcing things.
    February 1 05:11 PM
  • Flugmorph wouln't say hyped but im looking forward to it. just remembered that there will be a new one when i listened to the new pallbearer track just now and it came up next in the yt queue tho lol. totally forgot it after listening to the new song for once after it came out. not that much of a music listener lately since im so ****ing addicted to anime for the past half year or so.
    February 1 05:06 PM
  • Flugmorph awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you are also always in my heart!
    February 1 04:46 PM
  • Jom The Trainspotting OST is under the Soundtrack (Film) page in case you're looking for it - cheers!
    February 1 04:45 PM
  • Flugmorph dont really know how i should feel about that but to be thought of alone makes me kinda happy haha.
    February 1 04:35 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Rammstein will stop when Till hits 50, he said this in the past I believe. So get on it boi.
    February 1 03:57 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity By that time mate they will have stop performing Imao I've accepted I'll never see my fav bands live unless Dir come here within he next 2 years. It's a nice degree to have and barely anyone will have it at that level, but I'm useless at everything else :/
    February 1 03:30 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Don't blame you, keep that skill set wide and don't be mega specialized like me haha
    February 1 03:01 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity No not really unfortunately, I'll have to see what the future holds. You got any idea?
    February 1 02:34 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity There's one or 2 people on Sput who has a PhD, but they're not active anymore so yeah it would be nice lol.
    February 1 02:29 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity If I get on one and complete the 3 years then yep I'll be a doctor ;) Yeah there's always a boiling point where you have had enough, just be glad it is not rather than exam season.
    February 1 01:33 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity ****ing good, take that weight off your back and dive straight in to your exams. You can't have distractions like that, especially toxic relationships. I'd like that fester so good thing you stood up for yourself. Uni's going fine for me at the moment, I'm on track to get on a PhD. Got a summer school with the London Mathematical Society as well which hopefully will be good.
    February 1 01:22 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I remember the relationship list you made, think I posted on it. I hope you're managing to get over it alright, I'm kinda too scared to get into relationships tbh but loneliness will prod me towards it. Also if I'm correct you're in year 13 right? Good luck with your exams, you'll love Uni if you get in.
    February 1 01:13 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Dude we haven't talked in forever holy s*** where you been? Sup?
    February 1 01:07 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly Oh s***, bro that is honestly exciting as ****. I really love it here and there's way too much to say than can fit in just a shoutbox. If you have any specific questions, feel free to hit me or Mad. on facebook or something. Me and Mad. were both Derwenters nearby one another by sheer coincidence.
    January 31 08:07 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Oh well then I'm retarded.
    January 30 08:52 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Your sound off for Emperor Of Sands makes it seem like you're talking about the band Emperor and not Mastadon.
    January 29 06:00 PM
  • zakalwe Opening para about atomic weapons, mog review....class mate.
    January 12 05:44 PM
  • zakalwe GOOD LAD!!!! I bloody love that album. You 4ing it?
    January 12 05:39 PM
  • TVC15 Yeah man. I actually still like those acoustic versions from the deluxe edition more than the originals.
    January 11 04:39 PM
  • TVC15 Oh I thought you were implying it was going to drop sooner or something lol. I totally think it'll drop on Valentine's Day tho
    January 11 04:34 PM
  • TVC15 Spit it out, what're tryna say???
    January 11 04:24 PM
  • Flugmorph https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChVYP3cXEAAw_E8.jpg
    January 11 03:53 AM
  • TVC15 OH s*** https://s24.postimg.org/nxg1rel05/image.png
    January 7 09:16 AM
  • Flugmorph Nah man, i like the cold sometimes but i dont like the constant darkness
    January 5 01:42 AM
  • Flugmorph Im good rn. Feeling the spring approaching lol
    January 4 07:12 AM
  • TVC15 Ooooh boy getting so excited for the new Manson to drop. I remember buying the deluxe edition of The Pale Emperor the day it dropped
    January 1 05:33 PM
  • zakalwe TUNA!!!!!!! Ello mate. If you ain't got time to sput then the system has well and truly crippled ya. What are you up to now? Uni? How's it going? Bunch of arseholes no doubt. Smoggie one luv! xx
    December 7 05:26 PM
    October 7 04:24 PM
  • FullOfSounds The new Alcest is incredible, I'm considering 5ing it.
    October 2 02:45 PM
  • FullOfSounds just chillin
    October 2 02:06 PM
  • FullOfSounds bruh
    October 2 12:22 PM
  • Angelboros OMG, still never thought I'd see the day when the mighty Tuna Sandywiches would shout me. Real talk, amusingly enough, the first RC video I saw was his Top 10 Best Nu-Metal Bands list. It was all history after that.
    September 25 11:43 AM
  • Angelboros Indeed I did. Been watching his videos lately and he's actually pretty good. Your thoughts, man?
    September 25 11:05 AM
  • Snide Hey dude, my new album's out if you wanna jam it! - http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=1075139
    September 22 11:43 AM
  • AtomicWaste FWIW I did not ban you, though I did that comment.
    September 14 01:13 PM
  • zakalwe Wasp Factory is unbelievable. Bleak as hell, darkly funny, raises questions and makes you think. All time classic!!!!!!
    September 11 08:29 AM
  • Flugmorph ye true man
    September 9 05:05 PM
  • zakalwe I was writing off their last album prior to its release. They'd reached their peak etc. etc. But it was amazing. Best band of the past 10yrs without question. The electronic slant is probably just to keep the press nibs inked. Let's see.
    September 9 04:41 PM
  • zakalwe Big time. For twenty years I've been saying that but as each year passes it becomes even more striking. Sign of true genius.
    September 9 04:13 PM
  • zakalwe I scratch my head about that one. Who gives a **** about dystopian futures at that age? It's all about who puts the fat **** in goal and possibly doing that science experiment with the substance that ignites like ****.
    September 9 04:04 PM
  • zakalwe All the stuff at school I binned. Animal Farm, 1984, Lord of the Flies are just classic. Best of the best. Spose it's being young, rejecting anything and you can't be told otherwise.
    September 9 03:59 PM
  • zakalwe By the way bruv I bought The Wasp Factory yesterday. I'm halfway through. It's ****ing unbelievable!!!!!
    September 9 03:50 PM
  • Flugmorph worry aside, funny how you knew exactly what i meant by "the reason" lol
    September 9 03:44 PM
  • Flugmorph aw shiet. hope he gets better soon
    September 9 03:36 PM
  • Flugmorph tell me the reason maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate
    September 9 03:15 PM
  • SnakeDelilah yup
    September 8 09:10 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah, that would have been nice.
    September 7 03:33 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'm so used to the disappointment of missing fav bands from having no friends to go with or from exams I kinda don't care. Hope the new album will be good.
    September 7 03:06 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity During exam season, can't go. Simple as that.
    September 7 02:56 PM
  • Flugmorph thats always a good mood
    September 7 06:26 AM
  • Flugmorph rip humankind
    September 6 06:08 PM
  • Flugmorph the good old days.
    September 6 05:07 PM
  • Flugmorph ye man just watched that last week. great coming of age story
    September 6 03:50 PM
  • Flugmorph try princess mononoke and nausicaš boi
    September 6 02:57 PM
  • Flugmorph thats prob as good as it gets tho so good for you heh
    September 6 12:39 PM
  • Flugmorph i see. some science fiction stuff. started to watch fullmetal alchemist today. rocks really good that one!
    September 6 12:10 PM
  • Flugmorph ****ing revi i tell ya. she LOKO
    September 5 07:42 PM

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