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  • Slex Oh s***, will listen asap
    March 30 06:15 PM
  • CaliggyJack OH s*** LMAOWell I might as well start there then
    February 1 08:48 PM
  • CaliggyJack I've thought of getting into Jesu, which album should I start with? Or should I just go in order?
    February 1 08:41 PM
  • madrigal30 personally, thought the guitar tone was the first and foremost heinous crime of the record. song titles did not endear me to it, and this coming from someone guilty of ridiculous song title wankery themself
    January 25 07:19 AM
  • madrigal30 you, uhhh... you liked that hoss boss record?
    January 24 09:22 PM
  • unclereich im a snek
    December 2 04:58 PM
  • Feather New Seahaven has AOTY potential for me, thanks for the reminder that it dropped!
    November 23 03:35 PM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts Thanks b!
    November 11 12:11 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts Hey man, i know we are in a pandemic and money is tight for everyone but I put together a gofundme for minushuman, thought maybe we could all chip in a few bucks and help him out with groceries or rent or whatever this month while he works through this tough time. If you can donate a few bucks and share this with some other users to help spread the word that would be awesome:
    November 10 03:42 AM
  • beefshoes he didn't have the makings of a varsity athlete!!11
    October 4 05:21 PM
  • Xenophanes Me too, tbh. Definitely have to swallow my pride and say it is a really good album from a band I tend to dislike. It?s really pretty and catchy. Good ass album
    September 28 04:12 PM
  • Xenophanes I?ve been laughing about your Deftones sound off for days
    September 27 03:36 PM
  • JefferyBigglestein at least sowing season named himself after one of the better tracks
    August 12 02:25 AM
  • TheSonomaDude ah, what's the new name?
    August 2 01:10 PM
  • Jots alt revealed
    July 17 03:12 PM
  • JefferyBigglestein based bigglestein
    July 16 03:39 PM
  • Ryus based bigglestein
    July 7 03:52 PM
  • thatbandsucks you raped me
    June 14 04:07 PM
  • Deez hahaha WORD.
    May 30 07:09 PM
  • Deez 'I was born, I spent a few years in the army, a few more in the can, and here I am? a half a wise guy, so what?'
    May 28 11:52 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD cool Rosenstock rate m/
    May 27 03:27 PM
  • madrigal30 i dont think u did but i followed u just now :P
    May 6 09:47 PM
  • madrigal30 brx who u on twitter ?!?!?!
    May 6 07:29 AM
  • bloodshy haha thanks for the pity
    April 28 10:50 PM
  • Futures thanks man i'll check that sounds like i'd dig it. one for you the december drive- handslikegunsandcrashingsounds. midwest emo plus post-rock plus post-hardcore. it's incredible you'd love it for sure.
    April 21 06:31 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup
    April 21 07:01 AM
  • MarsKid Felt so very vapid to me, sorry. It just started to get on my nerves quite a bit and I don't really have a desire to revisit it.
    April 19 08:28 PM
  • Futures dude i haven't jammed this hard since like 2017 haha. it's fun to be back listening to a lot of new stuff.
    April 19 06:42 PM
  • Futures all i can do is jam m/
    April 19 06:20 PM
  • Futures aw man that's awful. sorry to hear that. hang in there. yeah my life was finally starting to look in the right direction. started a new treatment in september and it's working great. all cells in my lungs at a few centimeters. feel great been working out. applied for a job got an interview probably would've been hired. planed to go back to school. now can't do any of that. don't know what to do. at least i'm healthy and can just stay inside for the time being.
    April 19 05:29 PM
  • Futures hey man! been a bit haha. jamin tunes hard so i redid my ratings and now i'm kind of back? i'm doing alright man. life was going good then the virus hit and has been a downer. how you doing?
    April 19 03:58 AM
  • SandwichBubble My profile pic? See, told you they were working (: Good picture, by the way
    March 5 05:42 PM
  • Trebor. of course
    February 11 07:42 PM
  • nuklearmoose living it up! wbu snake?
    February 11 01:01 PM
  • parksungjoon sending you love. ****in emojis are broken in shoutboxes smh
    February 11 10:23 AM
  • parksungjoon fair. honest to god hope you can find one and ideally one that isnt s***ty. dont really know what else to say knowing zero about your circumstances, sorry :[
    February 10 03:26 PM
  • parksungjoon mostly cuz they seem to have got rid of some of the halfwits. whats missing for you then?
    February 10 03:04 PM
  • parksungjoon its rough innit. feel like this place is better than a few years ago tho
    February 10 02:51 PM
  • parksungjoon i feel ya. how you been
    February 10 02:20 PM
  • botulist why do you have Kurt Vile's left nut as your profile picture?
    January 9 10:41 PM
  • unclereich Had to bring it back ha idk of anyone else even knows who that is
    August 19 01:05 AM
  • ian b thank you snek gf, yeah he followed me yesterday, and i'm still s***ting myself lmao
    June 26 03:06 PM
  • ian b also, my friend, i'm gonna need to hear how Suffer On is a 2 ?? ;)
    June 13 09:06 PM
    June 13 09:05 PM
  • Drifter Ok so I've finally rated Van Pelt's debut and tbh I can totally understand why you don't like their second. Debut just has so much more raw energy but I still love the relaxed feel of the sophomore. Honestly, I could see the debut growing to one of my favs
    May 14 01:39 AM
  • Dedes How's a handful of pocket change and some stale McDonald fries
    April 18 01:44 AM
  • Dedes Never not ever no
    April 17 02:20 AM
  • ArsMoriendi You got me, I'm secretly Chance The Rapper.
    April 15 01:05 AM
  • Drifter Emotion is Dead and Mare Vitalis done after over a month of being lazy and forgetting about it:
    April 11 10:34 PM
  • StrikeOfTheBeast Pickle Krabs. lmao
    April 3 08:43 PM
  • Darius The Imposter nm hbu
    March 20 03:49 PM
  • Drifter I'll have to check their debut. I've been going through some more of your recs from my 2000 list last year. It's crazy how many emo classics were released that year/around then. I'll hopefully have some write ups for them in the next week.
    March 3 03:40 AM
  • Drifter Idk how you can 3 Van Pelt's Sultans of Sentiment. I'm completely obsessed with it right now. Heard it 4 times in the past two days, three of which were today.
    March 3 01:11 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Yikes, so you're going to be a master of all things liquid and swirly?
    February 27 04:48 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Haha it was sad to ditch Hermione tbh, am getting bored of Lain so might bring her back sometime... And that sounds like a bind, what's the paper?
    February 27 04:09 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Hi hi yeah I used to be johnnydeking29 but no longer ! Hadn't used the site much for several years anyway tho :/ How's tricks?
    February 27 03:57 AM
  • guitarded_chuck When I'm talkingWhen I'm talking 12 yachts I'm clearly not talking about your boss there buddy. There are people in the country whose family could never work a day in the next 10 generations, and still live more confortably than 99% of the world, and ppl ITT want to defend their low tax rates. Some people truly have no concept of how much 1 billion dollars is
    February 25 08:28 PM
  • guitarded_chuck When I'm talking 12 yachts I'm clearly not talking about your boss there buddy. There are people in the country whose family could never work a day in the next 10 generations, and still live more confortably than 99% of the world, and ppl ITT want to defend their low tax rates. Some people truly have no concept of how much 1 billion dollars is
    February 25 08:28 PM
  • Slex Doin my best, definitely been struggling lol. Hope yr good
    February 2 12:35 AM
  • Atari I?ll check em out - thanks man!
    January 16 04:14 PM
  • MarsKid I used to be a spy
    January 9 01:13 PM
  • Abscurat That's one strange tumblr post, man, but I love it!
    December 29 08:47 PM
  • Dedes I'll uwu to that brother
    November 24 08:51 PM
  • Dedes Not much dude, drinkin eggnog and trying (and failing) to get that stupid Tik Tok Smoke Hijabi song outta my head.
    November 24 03:53 AM
  • Dedes Hey hello how's life
    November 24 01:20 AM
  • onionbubs its ok def not as bad as their cooking wine cover which is pretty ass
    October 26 05:32 PM
  • onionbubs its gonna be an odd show ngl theyre doing a queen cover set (as well their own work thank god) and the openers are doing cover sets too idk who. not the biggest fan of queen and twy arent great at covers from what ive heard but 20 bucks is 20 bucks
    October 26 04:51 PM
  • onionbubs I heard like half of it a month ish ago thought it was cool but forgot about it. Ill jam it tomorrow since im seeing twy tonight
    October 26 03:19 PM
  • upintheair You just now listening to good kid, m.A.A.d city?
    October 22 11:38 PM
  • onionbubs ahhhhhh you learn something new every day
    October 19 08:38 PM
  • onionbubs nah no problem with furries. what does that have to do with csh lol
    October 19 07:24 PM
  • onionbubs they?re one of those bands where any chance of me liking them is brutally killed by this dude i already hate who whores them out 24/7 but even still i ain?t much of a fan
    October 19 06:30 PM
  • Frippertronics Whoa ramadan steve wyd
    October 19 06:17 PM
  • oWhoadYo whoa and they are from syracuse? Awesome, I'll for sure check em out!
    September 21 09:43 PM
  • oWhoadYo trench? nope, never heard of em. I'll check em out! thanks
    September 21 09:42 PM
  • upintheair I heard it when it was initially released. My brother reminded me of it so that's why I rated it now lol.
    September 21 05:27 AM
  • upintheair Howdy.
    September 20 08:59 PM
  • Trebor. someday
    August 25 06:12 PM
  • Dedes You can't kill that which is already dead- Dr.Seuss
    August 23 04:41 AM
  • Dedes Hi snake
    August 22 12:41 AM
  • Conmaniac it wasnt?? i couldve sworn it was...
    August 14 08:45 PM
  • onionbubs i believe it is
    August 2 11:25 PM
  • Jots better l8 than nevar
    July 26 01:29 AM
  • Drifter :)
    June 30 06:46 AM
  • Drifter Did a little write up on Hearts of Palm of you're interested:
    June 30 06:23 AM
  • Drifter Did a little write up on Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! if you're interested:
    May 12 02:22 AM
  • SandwichBubble Bangin, thanks!
    April 13 04:31 AM
  • SandwichBubble What was the name of that album you rec'd me? The list wasd before I could save it
    April 13 04:15 AM
  • Frippertronics name change reeeeeeeeeeeee
    April 9 11:15 AM
  • Jom Happy birthday!
    April 8 10:28 PM
  • ashcrash9 Hard disagree, but I get it. Get Disowned is just super formless for me and underwritten from a composition standpoint. I like the structuredness of Painted Shut, and about half the songs on that hit especially hard lyrically. Get Disowned still jams, I just easily prefer PS.
    April 7 05:13 PM
  • Divaman Btw, I haven't listened to it yet, but there is a new Smol Data EP up on bandcamp that just came out today.
    April 6 06:24 PM
  • Divaman No Snake, I don't know them. I happened to catch the end of their set a few months ago when they were playing with Looming. I'd actually like to catch a full set.
    April 5 05:19 PM
  • RosaParks thx for the heads up family
    March 19 07:10 PM
  • ConorIsNotHere Late but hi!The song is s*** but I can't stop listening to it ROFL
    March 12 10:09 PM
  • Rigma seashells by the seashorpheus
    January 8 09:39 PM
  • cheapcrayon could go either way. it was supposed to be a 2017 album and was physically released in January, but they streamed it and put up digital download early.
    December 31 02:25 AM
  • Desdinova Happy holiday from viktor
    December 25 01:05 PM
  • Dedes Well that's good man Good list too
    December 15 03:42 AM
  • Dedes Ur a good man SnakeAre you done dying yet lmao
    December 15 03:16 AM
  • SteakByrnes That was pretty nice, I think I liked Lying In An Empty Bed the most. Did they record it all at school?
    November 13 10:27 PM
  • SteakByrnes Oh nice, I'm here for Computer Science but I've gotten through a good amount of music theory and industry courses. What is their band called? Is there a link for their album?
    November 12 11:38 PM
  • SteakByrnes Nice, I go to Oneonta as well, what are their majors?
    November 12 10:32 PM
  • SteakByrnes Well I guess a better question is do they go to Oneonta or Hartwick?
    November 12 09:39 PM
  • SteakByrnes I'm in Oneonta for school, do your friends go here?
    November 12 09:29 PM
  • borealice no drugs are bad- big discord records/guy piccolo fan
    November 9 12:22 AM
  • borealice
    November 9 12:19 AM
  • minnashine I wonder
    November 3 07:41 PM
  • nocuffin help us ruin the urn's average bro.
    October 29 12:25 AM
  • Futures dude that's awesome can't wait to read it. btw i wrote something! reviewed the moirai the ex penfold guys band. you would love it. give it a read and tell me what you think if you want!
    September 25 08:06 PM
  • Futures how was cap'n jazz?
    September 25 03:10 AM
  • Futures holy s*** man. that's insane. so jealous.
    September 22 08:56 PM
    September 18 09:09 PM
  • Evok I don't think Ill never like that abr thing down lol. It was pretty dumb but I'm glad it hijacked that thread for a few pages
    September 17 10:14 PM
  • Evok If you cant recognize a meseeks quote theres no hope left for you
    September 17 09:49 PM
    September 17 09:11 PM
  • Futures yeee good album. was thinking stereo first because how does that not have a rev? lol
    September 14 02:10 AM
  • Futures i actually have haha. it's pretty good for what it is. dropped most the emo and i think it worked out well. the vocal interplay is really nice. been on a massive emo kick rn. not revival tho lol. lots of classics don't have revs i think i might take a crack at a few.
    September 14 12:14 AM
  • MarsKid Oh ****, that's a tragedy. But was it worth?
    September 2 02:00 AM
  • MarsKid This is all reminding me that I need some ice cream
    September 2 01:09 AM
  • MarsKid Gotta get some of that good chocolate dude, s*** is a wonder drug. So how you hanging tonight?
    September 2 01:01 AM
  • MarsKid Do we have ice cream on deck tho
    September 2 12:49 AM
  • ianblxdsoe jake that soundoff on the new brand new is ****ing golden i would laugh so hard if that was the case
    August 17 08:05 PM
  • Spluger Hello Snake, how are you today?
    August 17 11:43 AM
  • Evok Who is your av? The name is escaping me..
    August 12 07:48 PM
  • RadicalEd Oh wow, now that you say it, it's really obvious and funny. Now I feel stupid^^
    July 28 05:58 PM
  • RadicalEd huh?
    July 28 05:27 PM
  • starboystargirl Thanx BB
    July 21 01:44 PM
  • starboystargirl that's me. 8====D
    July 20 05:08 PM
  • Bloon just saw the comment on my list thanks man i wonder that as well heck
    July 12 02:02 AM
  • hobblepot I only just saw your comment on my list man, thankyou so much, i've been were you are, falling for someone only to have them get with someone else is one of the worst things to go through, I'm glad you didn't do something as drastic as I did, and I hope you're feeling better now, if you ever need someone to talk to about stuff like that, I am 100% here man
    July 2 11:57 AM
  • Idontevenlikemusic Feel better fam
    June 26 04:46 AM
  • VaxXi realistically its a 1.5, but its still an awful record. Go harass TVC instead, he heard both of their records on the same night just so he could hate on the new one cuz everyone else was doing it.
    June 22 02:26 PM
  • Bloon heck
    June 22 05:42 AM
  • VaxXi are you always an angry **** in all of your interactions or
    June 22 05:41 AM
  • VaxXi no s***, future is cancelled is an exception.
    June 22 05:40 AM
  • ArsMoriendi Ween has a Facebook fan group with over 22,000 members, and those are the just the fanatics.
    June 21 05:15 AM
  • ArsMoriendi Do you not understand how big Ween's cult fanbase is?
    June 20 12:08 AM
  • ianblxdsoe i don't even like movements anymore that pic is like 7 months ecks dee
    June 17 09:08 PM
  • Artuma yeah it's not like the pens weren't the better in a big picture but the refs in game 6 jesus damn christ
    June 16 11:30 PM
  • Artuma so pens repeat...fuk
    June 16 02:55 PM
  • GhandhiLion I haven't got a clue what you just said.
    June 8 06:36 PM
  • GhandhiLion What is your issue with my comparison?
    June 8 05:30 PM
  • cosmopazz
    June 2 06:33 PM
  • onionbubs yo athletics rule. the lack of moving mountains gloss is definitely a plus for them
    June 1 10:21 PM
  • cosmopazz it comes out tomorrow but it's prolly not that good as i expected it to be
    June 1 05:57 PM
  • Valkoor952 I mean, it's pretty bad. I watched it up until season 6, but it became unbearably stupid and I stopped. First 4 seasons are okay, bar good but after that it becomes an awful mess. And yeah a lot of the shows on ABC kinda suck.
    June 1 09:38 AM
  • guitarded_chuck i learn every day something different
    April 26 02:05 PM
  • Satellite don't yell at me, dad.
    April 20 10:23 PM
  • dimsim3478 i dont rlly visit their sput page anymore so it's only now occurred to me to rate them. i.e. i have now rated some brand new :)
    April 8 12:26 AM
  • dimsim3478 uhhhhh i guess i just havent rated any brand new? why do you ask?
    April 7 04:03 AM
  • bach PROB
    April 4 03:32 AM
  • bach im also drunk
    April 4 03:15 AM
  • bach i faked a wedding
    April 4 03:08 AM
  • bach jake its me dylan engelbach i love you
    April 4 03:07 AM
  • bach i love you
    April 4 02:44 AM
  • MagicMonk777 Speak for yourself. You simply said my list needed to bed. God damn you need to open up your closed mind obviously. If you dislike then tell me in an adult manner please. LMFAO!
    April 3 11:29 PM
  • MagicMonk777 You post s*** comments on my album list lol.
    April 3 11:24 PM
  • MagicMonk777 Keep on harassing me and you will get reported. :)
    April 3 11:15 PM
  • betray okay good
    April 3 08:28 PM
  • Venomnote8937 Checked citzen but haven't heard the rest, citzen was enjoyable but nothing special tbh
    April 3 06:26 PM
  • betray hey snake. are you doing okay
    April 3 09:17 AM
  • Rowan5215 oh idk when you started watching in general, just feels like you went through all of S7 in like two days. I respect the hustle tho I did similarly. also that's part of the appeal - it starts off as perhaps the least likely show ever to actually make a comment about anything, let alone to become consistently become emotional and incredible relevant to so many people, but then it just ****in does it anyway.
    March 31 03:08 AM
  • Shamus248 well i'm glad to hear that. lemme know if you need anything dude
    March 31 02:17 AM
  • Rowan5215 damn you move fast. also you in tears because there is no other show that depicts growing up and moving on as well or as consistently or as brutally
    March 31 02:06 AM
  • Shamus248 I was gonna recommend a band to you, but I saw the other posts in here. you alright man?
    March 29 03:44 AM
  • ZippaThaRippa
    March 27 02:42 AM
  • ZippaThaRippa Peruvian Chicken
    March 27 02:36 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist no prob. i dont know how youll take it tbh, positive or negative reinforcement... i dont even know how to take it myself. Amyways, hope you feel better soon. Hmu if u need help. stay away from traffick haha
    March 26 08:29 PM
  • FullOfSounds ily snake keep your head up
    March 26 08:20 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Hey dude sorry to hear you're not doing well. I know i'm pretty unlikable but you could always talk to me about it if you want. Also I've been jamming an albums called Electro-Shock Blues by Eels, it's both therapeutic and happy and depressing and hopeful at the same time. Might pick you up a bit dude.
    March 26 07:08 PM
  • Snide My paranoia makes me feel like that sometimes so I can kinda relate. I'm sorry to hear that man, I just try to dive into Skyrim or go hang with some bros if I ever feel like that.
    March 26 06:19 PM
  • Snide Hey man how are you doing?
    March 26 06:09 PM
  • Rowan5215 it's cos angel has his own show (which is p good, worth watching after buffy) and they cross over a few times. plus bangel shippers never forgave joss for writing him out so they kept him coming back. agreed none of his appearances were really necessary save the episode after Joyce dies which is a nice little moment. also I really like dawn but idk can clearly see how she's annoying to some
    March 26 06:38 AM
  • Rowan5215 yea riley is human unbuttered untoasted white bread, but still. what do you think of dawn
    March 26 05:30 AM
  • Rowan5215 fvck the haters season four rules. hush, restless, spike and giles singing. I love it all
    March 26 05:28 AM
  • Rowan5215 My main gripe with s7 is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. It starts off scary with two of the best horror episodes in the show, the one with Gnarl and Conversations with Dead People, then it has some weird comedy then it goes back into depressing character drama. Easily my least favourite season tbh but with some of the best eps. But don't let my opinion negatively influence you ofc
    March 26 01:30 AM
  • Rowan5215 The yellow crayon speech. fuuuuuuck. Also it gets pretty dodgy from there tbh
    March 25 03:43 AM
  • Artuma hey dude not surprised you dig the new sorority noise. i was positively surprised about it tbh, really good stuff
    March 20 12:16 PM
  • Shamus248 ehh to each his own. if you do check em out, lemme know what you think
    March 15 04:58 AM
  • Shamus248 you jam Reflections at all?
    March 15 03:39 AM
  • Rowan5215 thinking that they shot the entire first ten minutes in one take over and over again breaks my heart too. imagine ****ing doing that over and over until the take was perfect - that's dedication. I definitely think becoming was probably the episode where they really perfected the formula - s2 is great but it skips around in tone and content so much, whereas s3 is just consistently brilliant because they knew what they wanted
    March 13 12:16 AM
  • Rowan5215 top 5 is the body, restless, hush, the wish, and conversations with dead people for me
    March 13 12:07 AM
  • Rowan5215 idk the body has the best performances from all the cast, best writing (that ****in anya monologue), best direction and everything. Becoming was great but it kinda hinges on how much you care about Angel as a character, I really just can't bring myself to care about him too much personally so it falls a little flat
    March 13 12:06 AM
  • Rowan5215 best episode of any tv show, in my honest opinion
    March 12 11:49 PM
  • Rowan5215 season 5 ep 16, trust me you'd remember if you saw it :((((((((((
    March 12 11:30 PM
  • Rowan5215 yeah but did you get to the episode with buffy's mum yet
    March 12 11:06 PM
  • Rowan5215 holy **** it all makes sense now
    March 7 03:06 AM
  • Rowan5215 what your name
    March 7 02:29 AM
  • FullOfSounds Gosh I would love to, that sounds so dope. Gonna have to decline tho, I'm not 18 yet and going to a show with someone I met on the internet would never fly by with my parents haha. Thanks tho, have a ****in' blast
    March 7 02:04 AM
  • Rowan5215 10 outta 10 avatar
    March 6 11:34 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup but you like trophy scars! you negative sonovabitch!
    February 28 06:41 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup
    February 28 06:39 PM
  • ATallColdGlassOfBud Hey snake I apologize if my list made you uncomfortable :[ You're absolutely welcome to join us no matter what interests you!
    February 26 11:06 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd I was really busy for the last month-ish but I'll have more free time on here for the time being.
    February 25 11:51 PM
  • GhostOfSarcasticBtrd Nah, I'm still aliveded. Why?
    February 25 01:35 AM
  • voltairesangryglove lol i'm gonna get the belt
    February 24 12:46 AM
  • kris. ayyy deal. Thx!
    February 23 08:08 PM
  • blacklightjer FFS; stop being such pussies
    February 23 07:08 PM
  • TedSchmosby 4ever
    February 23 06:01 PM

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