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  • AngryLittleAlchemist Hmmm will do!
    August 30 04:11 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Not anything new tbh. I would love to get back into music tho. I heard the new NIN releases were awesome
    August 25 09:56 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist I agree with dat but I can't help but do it, I'm simply too OCD. Is 775 how many ratings you were at?
    August 25 09:56 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Uhhh where did the ratings go?
    August 25 03:29 AM
  • theBoneyKing Sup dude, havent seen you much lately. Why the ratings wipe?
    August 18 02:16 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD eu posso nao ter aprofundado alguns albuns deles mas adoro o primeiro (4.5) sendo que os meus preferidos sao mesmo o Songs for the Deaf e estranhamente entranhou-se-me o ...Like Clockwork. O piorzinho foi mesmo o ultimo, mas pronto, o man queria dancar X)
    July 27 10:30 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD boa review dos QUOTSA m/
    July 27 08:34 AM
  • DDDeftoneDDD Estou a ver. High roller. Eu so ando por aqui ha uns 2 aninhos. Nao escrevo nem nada. Isto e muito bom em termos de comunidade e incrivel para descobrir musica. E sempre engracado descobrir tugas por aqui
    July 26 04:11 PM
  • DDDeftoneDDD tugacrew? m/m/
    July 26 12:53 PM
  • zakalwe Cool! Hello Dan dude hope you?re well and PJ were on top form.
    July 18 03:35 PM
  • DoofDoof Ah well you?ve been here long enough so people know your taste a bit so ratings not too important. I love a bit of album rating, can?t ever see me stopping rating but I did walk away from my previous 5000 ratings, so I guess they were weighing me down. Pearl Jam one of the band?s I missed, nearly saw them a couple of times...think maybe I?m running out of chances.
    July 16 09:48 PM
  • DoofDoof Ratings wipe?
    July 12 09:52 PM
  • Davil667 Well, didn't go too well for both of our countries I guess. But at least Portugal went down fighting, Germany just went down... :[
    June 30 10:47 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Fela Kuti is great yeah. I?m digging this Irish singer who started out a bit trip hop on his debut and became more pop as his career progressed - Perry Blake.
    June 30 02:03 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Ah, it?s just not my thing, it?s not meant to be a slating rating. What?s your favourite album discovery of the last six months? Been a while ;D
    June 30 12:10 AM
  • ArsMoriendi Oh you actually did? :o I'd love to know what you though. When it's convenient for you of course!
    June 29 10:26 PM
  • Davil667 Hey dan bro, hope you're doing fine! Really missing the chats with you... Btw, pretty good start for Portugal I'd say :]
    June 15 10:20 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Ever finish that rec list haha
    June 7 11:50 PM
  • Jom Sounds good - just be sure to shoutbox me when you're ready to return and I'll restore your status. Thanks for keeping me in the loop and best wishes to you!
    April 6 04:26 PM
  • Jom Alright dude, all set. I understand where you're coming from for sure. Happy that you'll be sticking around, but let me know if you prefer to stay on board contributing or you want to take some time off and then return (no need to re-apply in this case). Cheers!
    March 28 12:06 PM
  • Dewinged It really is, credit to brokencycle who rec'd it to me. Heard this moring while walking to work and even if I had a slight headache it felt great. Are you gonna do a write up for it?
    February 6 12:16 AM
  • Dewinged The Frahm album was goooood. I wish he used more of the vocals, but very pleasant stuff.
    January 30 04:21 AM
  • zakalwe Will do man. That No Age album is ****ing amazing. I can?t believe it!
    January 29 07:11 PM
  • Dewinged Tx man! I saw Uni reviewed that Nils album, guess I'll have to check it if you say it's good!
    January 29 12:16 AM
  • Dewinged Dani! First, tx for adding me on FB! Dream Wife is a grower and yeah Club 8 I may demote it to a 3!
    January 28 11:35 AM
  • Sowing generally 1 review/month or 12 in a year is the standard, but we know that life happens...we always like to keep people on board who want to keep contributing, so you don't need to worry....just let us know if things turn out differently and you need to step down. we'll work with you...thanks again!
    January 19 09:03 PM
  • Sowing you're good, thanks for checking in! real life responsibilities trump hobbies, so no worries.
    January 19 09:01 PM
  • zakalwe Glad to hear you?re doing well. Keep it up pal.
    December 29 09:19 PM
  • zakalwe Woah! Hello Dan dude, hope you?re well.
    December 29 08:12 PM
  • Dewinged That sounds VERY interesting ;) Will check and report back!
    November 21 07:39 AM
  • Dewinged More for the Jazz circle dani, did you hear Yazz Ahmed's "Le Saboteuse"? I just rec'd it to 50iL too, thought u might dig it! Jazz with a bit of arabic influence.
    November 20 07:27 AM
  • oWhoadYo https://elemantraband.bandcamp.com/new song, if you're interested buddy
    November 16 09:32 PM
  • Flugmorph that one comment lmao
    September 24 10:11 PM
  • DoofusWainwright New list buddy, rec away
    September 20 07:57 PM
  • manosg Thank you for this. Never heard of her but I liked the song and her voice, sounds so fragile.
    September 16 02:31 PM
  • theBoneyKing It's a wonderful album.
    September 14 07:49 PM
  • verdant how good is she!??? that rating seems too low to me though (;
    September 13 01:29 PM
  • Conmaniac ohhh man I cant wait to jam then Dan.
    September 12 05:27 PM
  • AsleepInTheBack Can't thank you enough for that talk talk rec Dan. It's the best new record I can remember hearing in about a year. Just stunning.
    September 10 07:14 PM
  • zakalwe Cheers Dan dude, I'll definitely check it.
    September 10 05:38 PM
  • ArsMoriendi It's so problem. I figure you were busy since you haven't been on here lately.
    September 1 05:46 PM
  • Conmaniac overwhelming how many amazing albums are coming out recently. will jam asap man
    September 1 04:14 PM
  • cosmopazz http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/polo-youngings-has-died-in-a-car-crash
    September 1 10:29 AM
  • ArsMoriendi Ever get around to my rec list lol?
    August 7 01:49 AM
  • Dewinged Yeah man, gotta check it out. Tell me you have seen this already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epXN1eUkFGU
    August 3 08:16 AM
  • neekafat Cramming together a review for SFIJ as we speak haha
    August 3 01:42 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist HOLY s*** DUDE. That sucks! You ok? Man I've had moments like that. I hope it'll all be alright in the end. Lol, me commenting made it better! i truly am god
    July 30 09:29 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Body pain? What kind of body pain? You okay pal?
    July 30 08:23 AM
  • verdant duuuuuude i need to get on that, i haven't bought a CD in forever. sounding good?
    July 29 01:54 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Word, I'm on it now, like it a lot! Glad to hear you're doin' well Dan, have a good one bud.
    July 27 10:38 PM
  • Dewinged Another funny one Dan, Led Bib - Umbrella Weather, just found out about it.
    July 27 03:31 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Yeah i guess i've been doing fine, thanks for asking! How bout u ?
    July 26 06:46 AM
  • Dewinged 3.8 so I will probably 4 it. The classic jazz fusion tracks are nothing new but they are really good.
    July 24 02:19 PM
  • Dewinged The vocal track was incredible, def my favourite.
    July 24 01:17 PM
  • Dewinged Alfa Mist hot damn, sweet jazzy vibes.
    July 23 03:54 AM
  • Dewinged Sounds good dude, you heard that Brutus album? Got me hooked all week.
    July 22 02:28 PM
  • Dewinged Yeah Dani, couldn't be more average. Ugh. Anything good lately man?
    July 22 09:21 AM
  • Jeffrulesyou Ay Dan! Hope everything is well, good stuff thank you, I dig it!
    July 20 10:18 PM
  • Titan good song!
    July 20 09:49 PM
  • FullOfSounds Aight man
    July 20 07:24 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Lol, you gotta admit it's true : D
    July 19 09:05 PM
  • DoofusWainwright You gotta look after the objectivity bud, you leave it alone and suddenly it drifts away from 100% - you have to give it some nourishing 1 and 1.5 ratings (0.5 even better but that requires a review)
    July 14 12:38 PM
  • theBoneyKing Hey dan. Start with the debut I'd say, it's the most accessible and if you go chronologically you can see the progression of their sound. All 3 albums are excellent though I'm not sure how much they'd appeal to you.
    July 13 03:37 PM
  • verdant excellent shoutbox post (thanks a lot it means more than you could possibly know)
    July 6 03:24 PM
  • zakalwe Yeah I'm on Facebook Dan dude but I avoid it like the plague.
    July 5 10:46 PM
  • neekafat Can't find you lol
    July 5 10:03 PM
  • neekafat Yeah dude, suh?
    July 5 05:43 PM
  • oWhoadYo Thanks for fixing the artwork, my man!
    July 3 05:29 PM
  • Britch2tiger I do what I can for Morcheeba and other "obscure" acts out there
    June 25 08:26 AM
  • zakalwe Cool I'll give it a listen mate
    June 23 11:35 AM
  • zakalwe I always preferred Sharon's pear. :D bit too twee for my liking dan dude, whats caught your attention of hers?
    June 22 04:49 PM
  • Davil667 Just checking out her debut and enjoying it quite a bit. Reminds me of Tori Amos in places. And damn Criminal rules hard, thx for the rec man.
    June 22 12:10 PM
  • DoofusWainwright I enjoyed it, was pretty much 'Slanted and Enchanted' quality material
    June 22 10:43 AM
  • DoofusWainwright Got a s***ty cheap fan blaring sitting in vest and shorts with a cold beer - survival instinct has kicked in
    June 21 07:27 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Nah, just reading the news. I'm just at home in London suburbs, and yeah it's roasting. Where are you at?
    June 21 07:09 PM
  • DoofusWainwright So hot in Phoenix the aeroplanes can't take off dude - the end of days, someone tell Trump
    June 21 06:43 PM
  • DoofusWainwright was the review alright? feeling rusty
    June 21 09:37 AM
  • butcherboy i'd say it's as perfect as you'll find.. they need patience though.. no filter or editing in albums, so there's a vast amount of amazing ****ing gems to find in an even vaster pool of s***e.. you can use the list i'll make as a jumping point..
    June 20 10:08 PM
  • butcherboy cheers, dan.. might sit down and make a Guided by Voices one like that tomorrow, slow work day permitting..
    June 20 09:59 PM
  • DoofusWainwright The Smiths? You like them too? Hate 'em
    June 20 12:02 PM
  • zakalwe Definitely worthy of your time dan dude. Has some beautiful moments on it.
    June 18 11:42 AM
  • FullOfSounds Music machine boi
    June 8 11:11 PM
  • theBoneyKing Nice Lucinda rating! ^_^
    June 5 12:41 AM
  • zakalwe It was a shocker tbh. The man must've carried some demons that unfortunately couldn't be shaken. Who knows what these people are like behind closed doors but he always seemed to be so 'normal'
    June 4 09:44 PM
  • zakalwe Ha, good lad always so chipper! :D yeah I'm good mate. Hate not having any footy tourneys on during the summer months though.
    June 4 05:49 PM
  • zakalwe Ello Dan dude. You well?
    June 4 05:43 PM
  • Flashmobba ahahaha sweet, hope mine rules too! ? will do!
    May 30 07:21 PM
  • Flashmobba take care man! and if you got any cool recs be sure to tell me some! ?
    May 30 06:10 PM
  • Flashmobba ayy thats awesome man good luck for all the work! ive been good, just finished 10th grade, goin to theUS soon blah blah.
    May 30 06:09 PM
  • Flashmobba heyy buddy how you doin, long time!
    May 30 05:32 PM
  • zakalwe lol. It's the absolute pits, complete rot. My mum and Dad love it though :D
    May 16 07:49 AM
  • zakalwe Thanks dude. I'll keep it in mind, booking in a few weeks.
    May 13 03:49 PM
  • zakalwe Ello dan dude. Looking at the possibility of heading out to Portugal in July, preferably a coastal area not absolutely mobbed with tourists where would you recommend?
    May 8 07:11 PM
  • ArsMoriendi How's that rec list going?
    May 7 08:29 PM
  • neekafat Dude I was gonna message you about that haha it's truly a fantastic album. Thinking about throwing together a review for it sometime!
    May 7 02:04 AM
  • FullOfSounds Added to me check list, thanks!
    April 29 01:10 PM
  • Pho3nix Hello friend, great profile picture!
    April 28 08:31 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 My band's just released a new single if you want to check it out, Mr Dias? Let us know what you think if you do check it.https://deepsands.bandcamp.com/album/theuntitledshortcut
    April 26 10:42 AM
  • zakalwe DISAPPOINTED!!!
    April 22 08:24 PM
  • zakalwe COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    April 22 12:49 PM
  • Sowing You certainly can; insomniac has it dibbed but that doesn't mean you can't offer up your own take on it! More perspectives = better!
    April 22 10:56 AM
  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=174557 \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 09:35 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/go-daylight \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 09:35 AM
  • Titan ?
    April 17 04:20 PM
  • manosg Always, Dan! West: GSW-POR: 4-1, LAC-UTA: 4-2, HOU-OKC: 4-1, SAS-MEM: 4-2. East: BOS-CHI: 4-3, WAS-ATL: 4-1, TOR-MIL: 4-2, CLE-IND: 4-2. How about you?
    April 14 02:37 PM
  • FullOfSounds Cool it's on my check list!
    April 7 01:17 PM
  • Dewinged I'll tell him man, he'll be really happy to hear it.
    April 6 07:21 AM
  • Dewinged Thanks Daniiii!! A friend of mine helped me with it, I am dumb when it comes to design. The original pic was really cool, it was a random mannequin in a shop in tokyo.
    April 6 07:02 AM
  • FullOfSounds haha i completely forgot, busy week. may make a list this weekend
    April 5 07:55 PM
  • zakalwe Hope you're good dan dude. I'll check it.
    April 5 06:11 PM
  • theBoneyKing Good stuff dude, glad you dig. I need to pump out a review for that album one of these days.
    April 5 05:31 PM
  • FullOfSounds Ye man you got sold gold in there
    April 4 08:33 PM
  • theBoneyKing Oooo, very very nice, hope you enjoy!
    April 3 06:30 PM
  • theBoneyKing Awesome man! Might I ask which one?
    April 3 06:19 PM
  • FullOfSounds forgot how good that gasoline album is
    March 31 10:24 PM
  • FullOfSounds Okay! I have all their albums downloaded so I'm all set
    March 31 08:58 PM
  • DoofusWainwright dude bores me big time but I can try
    March 31 04:11 PM
  • zakalwe Ello dan dude. Have you seen that Ronaldo bust at the airport they've named after him in Madeira?........LOL!!!
    March 29 09:43 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist I don't think they're good but you'll probably 3.5 it at least tbh LOL
    March 29 07:25 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Dan buddy, no opinions on Third Eye Blind? I was rather unimpressed but I know you like your 90's alt rock lol : D
    March 29 01:34 AM
  • oWhoadYo Awesome man, thanks! I think you'll like the new stuff
    March 28 04:59 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Not a joke, that's a character in the TV script I'm writing :D
    March 27 09:59 PM
  • ArsMoriendi 3.5 ain't bad. :P
    March 27 09:48 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie a layne pic hahaha, why am i not surprised ? ;)
    March 27 08:23 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie got it
    March 27 08:22 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie got a fb page ?
    March 27 08:09 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie "i've just been feeling a little better with myself every day" This is sth that i do not understand. A young man at the dawn of his life. Why wouldn't you feel ok ?
    March 27 07:52 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie what are you studying in college ?
    March 27 07:46 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie that's good to hear ;)
    March 27 07:45 PM
  • oWhoadYo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZGkfb97baoHey man, here's our live set from wednesday, we play 4 new unrecorded songs, I thought you might be interested and would love to hear your opinion
    March 27 06:20 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Hey man, everythings ok at the moment. What about you ?
    March 27 08:25 AM
  • SandwichBubble Hey that Bothy Band is a damn knockout! Thank you for bringing them to my attention! Been meaning to look for stuff exactly like them too
    March 27 01:03 AM
  • Conmaniac thanks dude!!
    March 26 08:56 PM
  • SandwichBubble Song has me stricken with delight~ The full album's on YouTube so I'll give it a listen later! Thank you :)
    March 26 07:52 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Okay!
    March 26 07:48 PM
  • manosg OKC needs to build on its roster though. Get some 3 and D guys to play alongside Russ and Oladipo needs to step up. He hasn't been that good this year.
    March 26 07:25 PM
  • manosg It has never happened and I'm not sure how easy it is to happen with the voting system these days. I remember seeing Rookie co-MVP in 1995 and 2000 iirc but the voting system was different. Thing is whoever misses the MVP this year is gonna feel snubbed. How can you average a triple double and not be the MVP? Unfortunately, it has happened before when Oscar Robertson averaged a trip dub and wasn't the MVP.
    March 26 07:24 PM
  • manosg Yup. It might play a role in the MVP outcome as well. I'd love to see both Harden and Russell co-MVP's though.
    March 26 06:48 PM
  • ArsMoriendi It's a fun one, just treat it like you would Surfer Rosa.
    March 25 08:22 PM
  • ArsMoriendi How's my rec list going? :o
    March 20 11:27 PM
  • dihstyle69 i got it from audiokings bruh
    March 16 07:32 PM
  • Sinternet you know it bud
    March 12 06:59 PM
  • zakalwe Good work dude. All mods is top quality.
    March 12 06:42 PM
  • Arcade even if i were a gaming dude i probs wouldn't listen to game soundtracks
    March 12 11:34 AM
  • Arcade ye you can review Melt Banana but i'm not going to be reviewing the destiny ost lol
    March 12 10:01 AM
  • theBoneyKing You should try them out, one of my favorite indie rock bands and they have a new album out next week
    March 11 10:26 PM
  • theBoneyKing If you want, I'm enjoying it a fair bit. You ever heard any Spoon?
    March 11 09:37 PM
  • talktothehead Perfect From Now ON is ala's first real 5 btw
    March 11 05:10 PM
  • FullOfSounds Ah ok ;0
    March 11 04:00 PM
  • FullOfSounds So what is it a concept record?
    March 11 03:55 PM
  • FullOfSounds I think I have that downloaded, it's punk classic yo
    March 11 03:52 PM
  • FullOfSounds Ye I need to check Ferment once I'm done digesting Chrome
    March 11 03:50 PM
  • FullOfSounds It's dope! Got a harder rock edge to it which is interesting. Can def see u slapping a 4 on it
    March 11 03:47 PM
  • Titan yes, own a few of their albums, but never reach for it.....Rollins Band
    March 8 09:44 PM
  • Titan will never reach for any type of punk
    March 8 06:30 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Awesome! Can't wait til I see how you like them all! :)
    March 6 10:24 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Yeah Mezz rules, and I bet you'll like the Mudhoney album even more than I do haha
    March 6 10:05 PM
  • talktothehead you know i don't go easy on anyone :^) prepare for an honest rating my dude
    March 5 09:09 PM
  • talktothehead Yeah i'm checking pavement and cocteau twins today probably
    March 5 08:41 PM
  • talktothehead Holy s*** dude might check today or tomorrow sounds hype!
    March 5 06:31 PM
  • talktothehead KIM DEAL???FROM PIXIES???
    March 5 04:14 PM
  • ArsMoriendi So what did you think of Wasting?
    March 5 03:58 AM
  • talktothehead I just haven't done one in so long. Will you review check mine if i get to it?
    March 4 10:20 PM
  • talktothehead I'm glad to see your becoming more active again btw :D i'm really trying to slowly improve my rep and contributions(but let's be honest hittingthose review deadlines is hard af)
    March 4 09:55 PM
  • talktothehead check my new list btw
    March 4 07:14 PM
  • talktothehead okay i will : )
    March 4 07:14 PM
  • DoofusWainwright You rumbled me bud
    March 4 05:01 PM
  • talktothehead damn dude rip
    March 4 04:11 PM
  • talktothehead that talking heads rating was a joke i was doing for like a split second then i realized "wait, this isn't funny". Remain in light is like top 3 albums ever for me. i don't remember that. i should rant again : D
    March 4 04:07 PM
  • talktothehead lol. I never remember ranting on in utero or any of the other albums you mentioned btw. would have been better to mention pearl jam or something
    March 4 04:04 PM
  • talktothehead k but fr modest mouse when? cause honestly modest mouse/pixies/built to spill are like god tier
    March 4 03:48 PM
  • talktothehead you shhould at least listen to the opening song of Perfect From Now on dude, the lyrics are so amazing. Hit once every thousand years/'til you've worn it down/to a pea/yeahhhhhhhhhhh id say thatssssssssss a loooooong timmmmmmmmmme/ but it's only half a blinnnnnnnnnkkkkkk
    March 4 03:44 PM
  • talktothehead what are you referring to?
    March 4 03:43 PM
  • talktothehead you have those reactions, i don't make them for you ; )
    March 4 03:38 PM
  • talktothehead ????? you do ???? lol
    March 4 03:31 PM
  • talktothehead I know. you'd think i'd enjoy elliott if i enjoyed sufjan, or like built to spill's early stuff if i liked perfect, but idk. I think it's cool tho, don't really see many random ratings around these parts :D
    March 4 03:24 PM
  • talktothehead the opener for perfect is one of the best ever
    March 4 03:13 PM
  • talktothehead Elliott keeps getting worse for me tbh, but that opener is his best song so far. You should check it. It's a crime imo that Love is a 4.1 avg and Perfect is a 4.3 avg, considering my perspective on the band went from a 2.5 to a 4.5.
    March 4 03:13 PM
  • talktothehead like my built to spill / elliott smith rating ? : )
    March 4 03:10 PM
  • Arcade not even listened to it yet. looks promising considering the turds i use to get in that game
    March 2 11:48 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie congrats on the promotion !!
    March 1 11:09 PM
  • Titan yeah bro but these days is also your favorite Bongiovi haha......jk man.....i will definitely jam it
    March 1 09:13 PM
  • Titan i have not! i know that i need to though...
    March 1 08:56 PM
  • FullOfSounds bro u planning on writing any reviews soon?
    February 28 11:54 PM
  • theBoneyKing I just went into it with the wrong expectation on first listen, now that I'm enjoying it for what it is it's awesome
    February 28 09:21 PM
  • theBoneyKing bumped up my Spiderland rating!
    February 28 07:57 PM
  • Atari Dude congrats on making contrib bud, stoked to have u on board
    February 28 02:57 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges big congrats on the promotion dude. looking forward to working with you in the future.
    February 28 03:07 AM
  • Davil667 So, any new reviews or at least plans up your sleeve already?
    February 27 09:00 PM
  • talktothehead cONGRATS dude i just noticed! niiiiiiiiiiiiice
    February 27 06:56 PM
  • Frippertronics no longer rocking the house with wolfmother, i see. congrats!
    February 27 06:24 PM
  • talktothehead Hm *peeks* weird...I don't see any modest mouse ratings on there...
    February 27 06:17 PM
  • Davil667 Congrats for the promotion Dan bro! Well deseved for sure. Cheers!
    February 27 03:27 PM
  • DoofusWainwright put in on whenever you're feeling shleepy innit
    February 27 03:19 PM
  • FullOfSounds Congrats!
    February 27 03:18 PM
  • manosg Thanks dan.
    February 27 03:17 PM
  • Titan daniel bro, congrats on contrib! you were a shoe in, in my opinion, well deserved.
    February 27 02:12 PM
  • EvoHavok Nice to see you contrib. Keep spreading the Lanegan love!
    February 27 02:06 PM
  • Arcade you've done well lad
    February 27 01:52 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Nice one dan, enjoy it bud!
    February 27 01:45 PM

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