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    June 16 01:13 AM
  • ToSmokMuzyki hey thats my line
    June 13 02:45 AM
    June 1 03:19 PM
  • unclereich Sorry to hear yak. I'm not havig an easy time either. Fighting staph and last night split my palms open on metal with meat hanging out of right hand
    November 17 03:29 AM
  • Jots word, I was in Portland last summer, might hit it up next summer who knows tbh what?s the best place to send you a code?
    October 3 09:19 PM
  • Jots congrats on the mullet tbqh
    October 2 08:39 PM
  • Jots peep my new album tbh : ] can even sling you a free DL if need be, lmk
    October 2 08:38 PM
  • Jots what?s good yak
    October 1 04:34 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell HI thank you so much for expressing interest in Sputmix 2023! There is one (one!) bureaucracy barrier for you to overcome - please hit up this form and send your info over asap, so I can get a database going and pin down what this thing is gonna look like. Love! https://forms.gle/zkKtidhnXpgYUsUv5
    July 22 06:41 PM
  • Havey shoutout to all the moms out there
    July 1 09:58 AM
  • J() Alexander Yak, I abandoned this account like a thousand years ago (came to the site only to check something quickly). Hope you're well by the way.
    May 18 04:35 AM
  • PitchforkArms yak, I hope you're well. I've been on here recently and was thinking of ya
    July 28 05:55 PM
  • GmemberKills yo! just been surviving dude. how are you doing?
    July 27 01:24 PM
  • sixdegrees followed
    January 6 07:08 AM
  • sixdegrees are you still on twitter btw?
    January 6 03:14 AM
  • sixdegrees DADF#AE tuning- trust me on this
    January 3 08:50 PM
  • sixdegrees if only.....ive mostly been doing harsh noise/PE
    December 26 04:54 PM
  • sixdegrees yo
    December 12 07:26 AM
  • unclereich thank you
    December 14 09:52 AM
  • sixdegrees gross haha I would hate that lol
    November 28 06:27 PM
  • sixdegrees is this thing on
    November 28 07:14 AM
  • unclereich soomke
    August 19 09:17 AM
  • climactic ive been meaning to record some guitar s*** soon its been a while. ill hit u up if i do. do you still have that black/sludge song we made a while back? i cant find it anywhere
    May 31 03:49 PM
  • Rustune nice profile man
    May 16 01:39 PM
  • climactic remember when we made black metal songs
    December 15 06:34 PM
  • CaptainDooRight yo yak sup my former rapper bro and all around talented artist, can you jam my new trvth album hass? https://trvth.bandcamp.com/album/inordinate-and-surpassing
    December 12 07:17 PM
  • unclereich Maga
    November 10 07:34 AM
  • fromtheinside Huh?
    November 9 04:57 AM
  • unclereich one time i got pressed up against the boobies of a girl at a deafheaven show
    November 8 08:38 PM
  • sixdegrees Caterina Barbieri- Ecstatic Computation, new Organ Tapes
    November 3 09:54 AM
  • hal1ax damn i thought he had been doing better lately.. bummer
    October 5 05:16 PM
  • hal1ax ohhh what does it say? lol i don't have fb :/
    October 5 05:45 AM
  • hal1ax do u know what happened to Depressidelica's release date? it was scheduled for 10/4 before and now it's been pulled from his bandcamp page
    October 5 04:22 AM
  • HiItsMeAgain probably the tap water. tho i really like nick hosts a wine party too. CEO erick hayden is a good one.
    September 6 04:53 AM
  • HiItsMeAgain whats ur fav sketch from world peace
    September 6 12:12 AM
  • HiItsMeAgain mde never dies
    August 30 06:08 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Your whole personality sucks
    July 25 01:21 PM
  • artiswar Yasss! Knew I could count on you!! We have no music or ideas yet, but don't worry... Dis gonna be sick, trust me.
    July 23 12:37 AM
  • Bedex I'm sure I'll find it, thanks for the help man appreciate it
    July 22 05:39 PM
  • artiswar hey bro, do you think you'd be up to dropping some gore-grind vox on Muck Fe Ahrd, the debut record by Rektum Rekker?
    July 22 01:37 AM
  • Bedex Hi dude, where did you find the Grouper s/t? Physical copy? Lol'd at thy username also
    July 19 11:41 PM
  • Avagantamos yo my osrs username is Sim Gishel, add me if u want. I pretty much only play ironman though
    June 20 05:00 PM
  • Greyvy @DelawareHoax follow me brah
    June 12 12:32 PM
  • tofue yup that's me. its cool to see people getting woke
    May 26 11:08 PM
  • tofue dude. i was messaging you on nicks stream and i see your pic is a world peace reference. very cool! really. VERY cool.
    May 26 05:59 AM
  • CaptainDooRight it?s the only way to spread the word boss
    May 23 03:12 PM
  • Marehelm I figured out the bandcamp-thing, nevermind that :-)
    May 22 08:14 PM
  • Marehelm Hey Yak! Hope all is well. I couldn't find a label to release our demo, so I just put it up online now. Who did the artwork? I need to give credit to the guy. And could your hear if he has a 1400x1400 pixel version of the picture you previously sent for bandcamp?
    May 22 08:06 PM
  • CaptainDooRight jam my new album hass
    May 22 01:46 AM
  • sixdegrees me and hopsin will be praying for you!
    May 15 07:39 PM
  • Conmaniac Oh dang u listened?? Yeah dude send me ur stuff at xconbooking@gmail.com
    May 4 07:58 PM
  • J() Alexander No problem.
    April 23 10:50 PM
  • J() Alexander It was Ben Johnston.
    April 22 04:11 PM
  • Darius The Imposter doxxed
    April 13 10:32 PM
  • Darius The Imposter schlick my whipper jacob schlepper
    April 13 06:30 PM
  • AnimalsAsSummit Not really anymore tbh
    February 22 02:33 AM
  • Storm In A Teacup What is yours?
    January 2 04:02 PM
  • Storm In A Teacup nodevolucion777
    December 31 09:50 PM
  • bach How many layers of irony were you on during that deafheaven soundoff
    November 11 11:53 AM
  • J() Alexander I'd say those are a pretty nice start if you want to listen to classical.
    October 22 04:10 AM
  • J() Alexander Sure, I'll rec some recordings that aren't very long: Hillard Ensemble - Tenebrae (composed by Carlo Gesualdo), Evgeni Koroliov Bach - Die Kunst Der Fuge (Bach), Berliner Philharmoniker/Furtwangler - 9th Symphony (Beethoven), Alban Berg Quartet - String Quintet in C Major (Schubert), Mitsuko Uchida - 12 Etudes (Debussy), Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Shostakovich/Haitink - Symphony No. 15 (Shostakovich), Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Boulez Pelleas und Melisande; Variations Op. 31 (Schoenberg).
    October 22 04:09 AM
  • hal1ax meh u aren't missing much. i hear bend is pretty rad though. and sterile white bread NPC is perfect im stealing that.
    October 22 02:10 AM
  • J() Alexander You're cool. Even if you don't listen to a lot of classical music, you're cool.
    October 22 02:02 AM
  • hogan900 Yeah def do so
    October 21 05:17 PM
  • hal1ax ahh , well not so bad. ya my ex lived in portland and i'd go see her routinely. lots of cool record stores / restaurants / bars, etc. a lot of the people were cool too.. primarily the older folks. most of the people my age i met were insufferable lol. bunch of anemic pontificating little twats. like they're all gonna change the world after they get their yoga and organic fair trade shade grown coffee in
    October 21 07:05 AM
  • hal1ax how do u like oregon? are u in suburbs or ?
    October 21 06:46 AM
  • hogan900 yo i see you have the ojne ep rated, you ever jam their first lp? its ****in legendary man
    October 10 06:42 PM
  • parksungjoon thats a great soundoff man
    September 12 07:40 AM
  • TheSpirit i dont think so! any good?
    August 31 03:46 PM
  • Marehelm If you're in, hit me up with your email - it'll be easier to talk that way :-)
    August 28 11:52 AM
  • Marehelm https://soundcloud.com/user-857803850/demo22
    August 27 06:13 PM
  • Marehelm So you're up for it? The classical BM scream as in the music you sent me would be fine. You would pretty much be allowed to go all bat-s*** if you want. But I will probably have some restrictions (or at least we could discuss) for which places vocals should be present.I will upload the second track in a minute, then you can hear that one as well
    August 27 06:04 PM
  • Marehelm Like I said, still some details missing, especially with the drums. But the song-structure and sound is more or less finished :-)
    August 27 08:33 AM
  • Marehelm Sure! Here you go: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-857803850
    August 26 09:28 AM
  • Marehelm Hey man! Can an example of your bm vocals be heard anywhere?
    August 25 11:53 AM
  • brainmelter yeah it's such a wonderful bm tone, there are only a handful of other bm bands that have similar tonez. It's extremely crowded here, everyone comes out here to make their dreams come true and all they end up doing is making the freeways even more of a nightmare lol. a couple people have actually told me they've come out here for the weed.. like lol it's great but come on, people just gather here like moths to a light for one reason or another
    August 14 08:54 AM
  • Darius The Imposter ok good to know
    August 13 12:51 AM
  • Darius The Imposter is that last 1 politically motivated
    August 12 11:08 PM
  • TheArtofTheGanja you have to rescue your father from the underworld
    August 6 04:43 AM
  • TheArtofTheGanja dope, maybe we can do a third mixtape by 2021
    August 6 04:04 AM
  • TheArtofTheGanja sup bucko
    August 4 04:07 PM
  • brainmelter in area. and nice deafheaven rate, s*** kinda sucks
    July 31 10:21 PM
  • brainmelter i reeeeeeeaally like the guitar tone they use, and just the riffs in general, some of the best in all bm imo and pecks blown off you say.. thats honestly pretty violent lol. awe that sucks, id imagine there was a lot of things going on out there. LA has pretty great stuff going on but everyone comes out here to do that kind of stuff obvi. the thing that sucks tho is that there is an overabundance of a lot of artists/bands trying to ride the wave of other artists that have made it
    July 31 10:20 PM
  • sulaforme haha jk i only listen to off minor and a golden dawn because my heart's forever attached to that song
    July 28 12:41 PM
  • sulaforme screamo sucks
    July 28 12:40 PM
  • Darius The Imposter dude do you still use discord
    July 25 11:53 PM
  • Pon keep reppin' pesto death my good fellow
    July 23 03:28 PM
  • brainmelter as of late, I've been jamming ojeRum(dumb ambient stuff), opa tsupa, and capatain samurai. how is the music scene out there? Its probably dope
    July 22 08:51 AM
  • brainmelter DUDE peste noire rules super hard, I actually just learned how to play that riff on the t/t to ballade ****re! nope I don't deadlift nor do I squat crazy weight tbh, don't want to put the stress on back lel. I try to do almost everything else tho, I have a friend that devastated his back lifting and couldn't lift weights for a year and half..
    July 22 08:44 AM
  • brainmelter the first track and glint are my faves, the rest is just ok. what have you been jamming lately anyways?
    July 15 09:16 AM
  • brainmelter that's dope, I've been consuming lotso protein bars and shakes lol but yeah getting the gains feels good mentally and physically. it's a great escape. but yeah I'm hyped for new SS
    July 15 09:15 AM
  • Chambered79 That deafheaven sound off is incredible
    July 14 10:16 PM
  • sixdegrees I dont know but I had a black guy on my podcast once
    July 13 04:56 AM
  • brainmelter o yeah, I'm curious to know what u think of new alb. they go full alt-rock lol sorry for the box spam bb
    July 13 04:32 AM
  • brainmelter also if you've been struggling a little bit, not much good comes out of haste. unless you actually have a deadline, dont rush my dude. we can wait ;]
    July 13 04:29 AM
  • brainmelter a little bit of both but mostly weight training, im trying to get swole lol. but I know the path to tru gains is more than just lifting weights. ive begun to consume a lot more protein the last couple of months; have you changed your diet at all?
    July 13 04:26 AM
  • sixdegrees civic nationalist here AMA
    July 12 11:05 PM
  • brainmelter oh nice. I've been good, ive begun working out a lot more and will hopefully be getting a demo out by the end of this summer. how's life? how are da music projects going? what did you think about the new one anyway? they'll obviously never make anything as good as sun bat her, but I liked it a liiiiittle more than new bermuda.
    July 11 08:29 AM
  • brainmelter I like your OCHL soundoff, you staying in cali now? Or you just talking about where the heavendeafs are from?
    July 8 02:41 AM
  • pypypymble i think u like dumb electronic music, so give dis a chance (it's my album obvs) http://soiliveinnetherlandsright.bandcamp.com/album/ok-yeah-alright-cool
    July 7 07:02 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Ew.
    June 18 09:38 PM
  • ArsMoriendi Neither will you.
    June 15 11:11 PM
  • Darius The Imposter if you dont put lemon juice in your morning black coffee you can turn in your man card
    June 11 06:39 PM
  • guitarded_chuck lol , i dont rly use social media comrade otherwise
    June 10 08:29 PM
  • guitarded_chuck you can **** my wife
    June 8 07:19 PM
  • guitarded_chuck i like you
    June 8 07:16 PM
  • Darius The Imposter theres a f ucking band called school shooter lmao
    June 7 11:23 PM
  • pypypymble i will, they'll regret ****ing me over stupid mother****ers
    June 4 05:19 AM
  • pypypymble i was supposed to get paid..... the ****ers decided 2 screw me
    June 4 03:44 AM
  • Pheromone yikky yak yooko
    June 4 12:17 AM
  • pypypymble and yea i'll watch for her, but hopefully gonna stay for the movie too
    June 3 09:12 AM
  • pypypymble o that's nice, at least demands some technological knowledge, i suppose they don't pay much huh, doesn't matter i didn't get paid at all when i worked in a ****ing puppet theater
    June 3 09:11 AM
  • pypypymble gonna rock that movie 1 day
    June 2 05:24 PM
  • pypypymble whhere do ya work? and yeah that's exactly what it is, it's amusing, i always thought orchid just took out a few letters from tolstoy's anna karenina character name in "war and peace", but now i found out that anna karina is a real person lmao
    June 2 05:24 PM
  • pypypymble remember you had that black and white pic with some short-haired girl, she's prolly french, prolly an actress, prolly from the old movies, who's that
    June 2 09:14 AM
  • pypypymble i am spazz cosmorumble
    June 1 05:07 AM
  • pypypymble nah i just wanna make a good album one day, also did you see my fb add
    June 1 05:06 AM
  • pypypymble biography is superb, freyja is like the first seriously top tier mother****er on this, doesn't mean that other songs are not cool, but this is the fiery one
    May 30 04:12 PM
  • pypypymble i'd prolly just say **** it and start a screamo band with u if we were from the same geographical parts, holy **** that's some sick keyboard on naughty nazi, lmao is that your gf, haha race war is funny, also funky, a world without schoenberg now that's what i call music, yep don't you play that ever again, why doesn't my bulls*** sound as good fuk, my guitar doesn't even make sounds like that, OH s*** RIFFS OK THIS IS THE BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM, ohhhh MORE RIFFS, man the instrumental tracks
    May 30 03:58 PM
  • pypypymble what is this, this that guitar stuff you were talking about, guitar sounds dope, 2nd song is funny, i think you'd win more if you did some professional ass vocals, i like the opening of manifesto, holy s*** yer noise album is long, actually yea i personally think lo-fi is a s*** aesthetic in general, like even my early material i wouldn't say that it plays off according to stylistic conventions, that's what you need, whoa pretty cool fuzzin on kali yuga, hypnotic
    May 30 03:31 PM
  • pypypymble where yr new stuff at and yea i'll write as soon as i get a new job
    May 28 04:46 AM
  • pypypymble ready to take it to another level, just some equipment tips and all that if u don't mind
    May 26 06:40 PM
  • pypypymble i still have yer fb on some of my accounts, so i'll hit u up about some consulting whenever im
    May 26 06:40 PM
  • pypypymble but there's time to be a father yrself, family values are the tru russian s***
    May 26 06:38 PM
  • pypypymble that sucks man, i assume that happened over the years bc you kinda disappeared and stopped making music too
    May 26 06:37 PM
  • pypypymble ur still an ass, i feel like s*** and i think no one's supposed to like this album now lol
    May 26 06:02 PM
  • pypypymble if i get a big idea that leads to lesser material rather than just letting it all out, it might b good
    May 26 05:55 PM
  • pypypymble this was a spontaneous album and i felt satisfied with how some of it worked out, so ur right
    May 26 05:53 PM
  • pypypymble accurate about the prod, if i wanna do something like this, what software and stuff should i handle?
    May 26 05:49 PM
  • pypypymble with such state of things, sitting on a proper song ****in pisses me off, in a mental health way
    May 26 05:45 PM
  • pypypymble pathological inability to learn music theory, it just doesn't stick in my brain, all the production knobs
    May 26 05:42 PM
  • pypypymble well, actually i don't have a lot to say, you're abso right, but it honestly seems to me like i have a
    May 26 05:40 PM
  • pypypymble sorry if i'm gonna write a lot, i can't type more than 2 lines of text from my phone here, idk why
    May 26 05:37 PM
  • pypypymble but yea tell me your least fav and most fav moments if it's not hard
    May 26 04:58 PM
  • pypypymble life breaks my heart with each passing day
    May 26 04:57 PM
  • pypypymble i promise yak one day i will make a pure emo, no electronixxx record that ur gonna like! one day!!!
    May 26 04:43 PM
  • pypypymble is it the overall direction, my guess it feels kinda glossy, less raw, or is it just not good enough yak
    May 26 04:38 PM
  • pypypymble shiiiiiieeeetttt i just can't get it done right at once lmao, what did you not like/liked
    May 26 04:36 PM
  • pypypymble 2.5 set 4eva, y'kno me
    May 25 01:12 PM
  • pypypymble oh yak i have become hell after our split, still would love you to give this one a go, thx http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/just-lock-your-jaws-against-my-skin-already
    May 25 01:12 PM
  • Tyler. me too
    May 24 10:50 PM
  • goy I believe that about Agalloch. My ancestors are smiling on my rating of The Mantle, Imperial. Can you say the same?!
    May 4 05:23 PM
  • goy not low enough for you?
    April 30 04:17 PM
  • goy The MDE avatar on sputnik is pretty R A R E as well. Surprised they haven't kicked you for promoting the work of a mass murderer
    April 26 01:41 AM
  • TheSpirit I?ll need to look through my library, but definitely check out the Grinning Death?s Head album from last year, Blood War. Best raw black metal/punk album in a long time.
    April 26 12:41 AM
  • goy oh hi hello sir
    April 24 10:42 AM
  • TheSpirit Looks like you went through some of the Perverse Homage bands? nice to see someone else rating some proper raw black metal
    April 23 08:56 PM
  • hal1ax yakster. how have u been liking the recent grouper pre-release songs?
    April 14 07:04 PM
  • unclereich Are u a nazi irl now?
    March 31 12:07 PM
  • ScuroFantasma It sure is.
    March 2 11:55 PM
  • ScuroFantasma Interesting, excited to hear both. Yeah here and there I have been, it's slow going but I've got some dark ambient/synth stuff in the works. No particular rush to have it done, but it's something.
    March 2 11:08 PM
  • ScuroFantasma Oh nice, I assume that last thing is a new project? I'm doing well man, enjoying my first week back at uni, so far so good (:
    March 1 11:18 PM
  • ScuroFantasma Haven't seen you around much man, how's it going?
    February 28 10:35 AM
  • doomes is this actually one of those times when few dudes discover a gem that no one else's willing understand?!?!?! are we a small part of making history right now.............. real s***
    January 27 12:48 PM
  • doomes i can NOT get over the fact that that daukis band you rec'd to me some time ago is brutally unnoticed, they don't even sound s***ty, it just seems weird, even i have one buy on bandcamp
    January 27 12:47 PM
  • TVC15 What's a way I can record music from my laptop onto a blank cassette? Just a one-off thing I want to do when I finally release my bm demo
    January 4 04:33 AM
  • Jots maybe something compositionally similar to HANL but drawing more from older post-hardcore and some more concretey bs too. idk yet
    December 27 02:09 AM
  • brainmelter Merry Christmas yak!! Hope you have a great one:] and yeah the production is kind of poo, though for me I really like the little riffs (guitarist from lord snow)
    December 25 07:58 PM
  • Jots Nm just school and work I guess, and hopefully Xmas isnt a downer this year. hoping to have a musical project going in the new year as well
    December 24 03:03 PM
  • Jots sup b
    December 24 06:32 AM
  • doomes glad ur comin back from time to time
    December 20 05:15 AM
  • doomes hahahahah sometimes i wonder how it has fans too, thanks compadre i love u
    December 20 05:14 AM
  • BlackMalachite I'm so down to do a verse!
    December 19 12:29 AM
  • brainmelter that ghost spirit rating breaks my heart :,( and I peeped and downloaded your new music! it's pre good
    December 12 07:05 PM
  • doomes it's been a while, need your evaluation, make it harsher than my dad hitting my mother back in the days http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/-
    December 11 06:17 PM
  • borealice on December 14th, net neutrality may very well be repealed. I am posting this to acknowledge that my reviews and comments on SputnikMusic.com are of my intellectual property and cannot be used for other people's profit. If you want to keep YOUR content as YOUR property too, copy and paste this comment
    December 5 09:07 AM
  • Frippertronics iiiiiiii think i'd rather live alone
    October 22 08:50 AM
  • Frippertronics nah dude i moved out of my parents' place over the summer and have zero plans on going back, too ****ing nosy
    October 22 08:42 AM
  • Frippertronics yeah, only thing that's really coming up is having to find a place to live before the year's out because my roommate isn't renewing the lease so i'm not too thrilled about that, especially in the middle of December
    October 22 08:12 AM
  • Frippertronics idk that's too deep for slightly inebriated me at 4 am but i'm busy wasting my days either working or writing so nothing too exciting on my end
    October 22 08:00 AM
  • Frippertronics oh sweet you bought into the ironic facebook memes proud of u
    October 22 07:54 AM
  • Frippertronics in the words of ian, where have u beeeeen ;_;
    October 21 05:39 AM
  • brainmelter oh and the track I used was the quality of mercy is not strained
    October 20 01:07 AM
  • brainmelter thats good man, staying productive is key. ive been alright. but I must admit that im kinda bummed out because i recently got into a 4 car accident on the freeway and wrecked my car. it sucks ass, but im happy to be alive and in good health! as for 2017 recs, here's some stuff: Ghost Spirit -s/t, Palm(PA) - Shadow Expert, Shinichi Atobe - From the Heart, It's a Start, a Work of Art, Ak'chame - l The Giver of Illness Death Chants, and White Ward - Futility Report
    October 20 01:04 AM
  • sixdegrees finally did something with my life haha: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/soundoff.php?albumid=265726
    October 19 07:22 PM
  • brainmelter how you been, how's life? I haven't seen you on the site in a while. and thank you for your beautiful para you left for me about skinny fists. I've warmed up to it a lot now so thanks. OH and also I actually put a track from your first album on a mixtape I made for my girl not too long ago. thought you should know(:
    October 4 11:13 PM
  • cosmopazz http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/polo-youngings-has-died-in-a-car-crash
    September 1 10:34 AM
  • ScuroFantasma Oh damn, I found out about that a little bit ago and completely forgot to check it. Will jam.
    August 31 10:30 AM
  • BlueSwan aren't lil peeps those marshmallow things
    August 12 04:33 AM
  • hal1ax agreed
    August 5 06:26 AM
  • hal1ax hahaha agreed. long live intersectionality !! but woah woah woah... fck educationl voucher systems. you mean the poor colored folk could leave their designated sh1t hole districts and apply to my daughters private school?? no sir i am not about that
    August 4 10:29 PM
  • hal1ax the very same people who extol trudeau and repudiate trump's current legal immigration reform... without knowing that it's a virtual facsimile of trudeau's legal immigration policy haha. i could go on..
    August 4 08:30 AM
  • hal1ax oh fck yea good lookin out. last time i went to portland i was constantly being waylayed by armchair socialists haha. the very same people who deride trump's enacted tariff's upon certain canadian imports without realizing that the raising of tariff's is actually a left-leaning injunction lol. just maddening
    August 4 08:25 AM
  • brainmelter I've warmed up to Skinny fists a lot more now
    August 2 07:01 AM
  • BlueSwan i l y
    July 25 04:46 AM
  • TheArtofTheGanja sup m8
    July 19 08:01 AM
  • cosmopazz and i mean CRITIQUE, just destroy me if it's needed
    July 14 05:48 PM
  • cosmopazz wuddup yako will be very happy to hear your great critique http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/specifically-greek-stoner-bands
    July 14 05:48 PM
  • hal1ax https://cumgutter.bandcamp.com/track/macronympha-clean-sheets-full-of-blood
    July 13 12:40 AM
  • hal1ax https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw8mafgmPXk
    June 20 12:06 AM
  • hal1ax Interesting. Nihilism always seemed bizarre to me. Of course nothing has any immanent value or purpose, but it doesn't mean that we can't assign value and meaning to the substanceless ephemera and minutia of life. But I'm glad you're navigating your way out of it. Seems like a very isolating state of mind. And ya, praying for new liz always.
    June 17 07:57 PM
  • hal1ax what do you think the chances are of a new elvis d and//or grouper record coming out this year??? i need new grouper material man
    June 17 04:12 AM
  • hal1ax o ya? i've always kinda thought nihilism was just a perceptual byproduct of some type of inveterate pathology, like maybe a dissociative or mood affliction, idk. how did u escape? and i'm ok i guess. i hate summer and have been taking too much adderall and kratom lately like an idiot but ya aside from that, doin ok. reading a lot, not listening to much music, but excited to check new ostraca
    June 17 03:34 AM
  • hal1ax oohhhh new ostraca! thanks dude. how u been
    June 16 06:47 AM
  • cosmopazz write a short review
    June 2 06:34 PM
  • cosmopazz http://netherlandsaredead.bandcamp.com/album/dead
    June 2 06:34 PM
  • SewingSeizin don't be ****in with my family i'll lay you 6 feet//i ain't scared to die now wait who gon miss me
    April 28 05:40 AM
  • kascetcadettt ok bronson i'll try to work on it
    April 22 03:57 AM
  • kascetcadettt thanks baby, can u recommend me some techniques or patterns or whatever i wouldn't mind actually learning?
    April 21 04:12 AM
  • kascetcadettt i love you btw
    April 19 08:28 AM

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