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Album review on 2017-10-25

the nails and fevers of bad dreams.
Album review on 2017-10-22

No longer the best kept secret in epic doom metal…
Nadia Reid
Album review on 2017-10-21

What lies beneath the surface
Cairo Knife Fight
Album review on 2017-10-21

Gritty rock with an industrial touch...
Wu-Tang Clan
Album review on 2017-10-19

the wave burst, split the megahertz
Wolf Parade
Album review on 2017-10-18

You can't go home again.
St. Vincent
Album review on 2017-10-17

An audacious and unorthodox release even for Annie Clark, MASSEDUCTION marks St. Vincent's least consistent but most affecting album yet.
Bell Witch
Album review on 2017-10-17

Bell Witch return from their immaculate “Four Phantoms” with an album whose stuffy portentousness belies some of the band’s most stunning moments.
Album review on 2017-10-16

While it isn’t enough to restore Samael’s previous lofty position, Hegemony is definitely their best since Passage.
Album review on 2017-10-15

Affirming they are one of the best and most consistent Australian punk rock bands…
Album review on 2017-10-14

“Now I’m far from the world in your seventh heaven.”
Battle Dagorath
Album review on 2017-10-12

The best Paysage d'Hiver that's not actually Paysage d'Hiver.
Blut Aus Nord
Album review on 2017-10-09

Blut Aus Nord create the darkest and most hallucinatory album of the year; a fever-dream of experimental black metal imbued with dozens of influences that traps the band within their own aspirations.
Carbon Based Lifeforms
Album review on 2017-10-09

Picking up where they left off back in 2010...
Sutekh Hexen / Hissing
Album review on 2017-10-07

Shade of a shadow in the glass
Manchester Orchestra
Album review on 2017-10-04

A black mile indeed.
Album review on 2017-10-03

“Decreation” is everything you want and everything you’d expect
Album review on 2017-10-02

Fuzz worship galore...
Miley Cyrus
Album review on 2017-10-02

It’s a shame about that waste of Dolly Parton...
Phoebe Bridgers
Album review on 2017-10-01

Long before I reach 100, I'll have fallen to the ground
Scattered Purgatory
Album review on 2017-10-01

-to the four winds-
Circa Survive
Album review on 2017-10-01

I've been wondering 'round, makin' up movies in my head
Cut Copy
Album review on 2017-09-29

You've gotta give up the things you love to make it better.
Circa Survive
Album review on 2017-09-25

A tightly woven, thoroughly gripping experience that continues to reveal its depth with each successive listen.
With the Dead
Album review on 2017-09-25

Death, decay, misery and insanity documented into an exhausting, 66-minute experience….
Shrapnel (UK)
Album review on 2017-09-25

These English thrashers have come to stay.

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