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January 14th, 2005 | 677 replies

Release Date: 1980 | Tracklist

After the Death of Bon Scott, Most people felt the legend of AC/DC was over. This was the first album released since his death...and the legacy of Hard Rock could ask for nothing more. This is nothing but raw, loud, intense Rock at its best. AC/DCs best album IMO, and the total 20 million people that bought the album sinces its release. named 73 on Rolling Stones top 500 album list...which i think is way off anyway, proves that this album peaks almost all others. With this new lineup, Brian Johnson proved he could take AC/DC to new levels...and proved this to be the peak of their success.

Vocals: Brian Johnson
Lead Guitarist: Angus Young
Rythem Guitarist: Malcom Young
Bassist: Cliff Williams
Drummer: Phil Rudd

Heres the review list
1. Hell's Bells / 5:12 - Amazing intro to the CD, starting with the ringing bell and an unforgettable riff by Angus. This song adds so much intensity to the start of the album which doesnt die out till the very end (5/5)

2. Shoot to Thrill / 5:18 - Another great song, probably my favorite. Everything flows so well in this song, its a great follow up to Hells Bells. Offers a great solo which goes into a minute long bridge, and back into another crazy solo, which is when the song ends. What else could you ask for from AC/DC? (5/5)

3. What do you do for Money / 3:35 - A normal AC/DC song...sounds alot lke the rest, only a different guitar solo and lyrics. but no doubt, still is a great song. (4/5)

4. Given the Dog a Bone / 3:32 - yet another avergae AC/DC song, but has a different style main riff through out the song. It gets a bit repetitive, but good nontheless (4/5)

5. Let Me Put My Love Into You / 5:15 - This one has a bit more power than the other songs. Great guitar work, working with the lyrics at some points, and of course, a kick *** solo weve all grown to love with the band. (4/5)

6. Back in Black / 4:16 - If you havent heard this one, youve never heard AC/DC. Great riff, lyrics..just everything all around couldnt be better. (5/5)

7. You Shook Me All Night Long / 3:30 - Very Catchy intro...first the natural distorted chords into the riff, which flows very well with the drums, and as if the song werent good enough, the second guitar comes in and it takes off from there. Nice solo...refrain...just a great song. I think this could argueably be a 5/5, but its pretty close in my book, and i dont think its that comparible to Back in Black or hells bells, so a (4/5)

8. have a Drink on Me / 3:59 - Pretty cool guitar work, and isnt totally focused on the main riff. Especially right before and during the refrain. Guitar solo? you know it. and a good one too, getting this song a well earned (4/5)

9. Shake a Leg / 4:06 - Great song you cant help but tap your foot to. Just very powerful and lyrics that i dont quite understand, but hell, there still great. Not as long as i was hopeing, but has a Very sweet guitar solo in this one...represents all around rock (4.5/5)

10. Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution / 4:15 - Another of AC/DC's songs about Rock n Roll, what they do best. Only they can make a song about what they do and make it sound incredible...and remind us why we listen to Rock. (5/5)

Overall, this album undoubtably gets a 5/5. Should be part of every persons Record/CD collection. Anyone can just say about every AC/DC song sounds the same...but this album sets itself apart from every other one of their songs made. And a guitar solo on EVERY TRACK...what more could you ask for? If you sont have this album, dont burn it, dont download it, buy it. not having this record is embarresing.

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December 24th 2004


I thought Kiss came out with Crazy crazy nights before this albulm was released?

December 24th 2004


Nice review but I would've given it a 4/5, Although AC/DC are one of my favourite bands, I would have to say after purchasing all their albums that, personally I prefer High Voltage, Let There Be Rock, Powerage and Highway To Hell. But nice stuff mate :thumb:

EDIT: But in saying so, they did extremely well to bounce back from the death of Bon Scott in releasing a good solid album, the album that put them firmly on the map.

December 24th 2004


It does look a bit biased. Shook Me All Night Long probobly a 3/5 from me, and Given The Dog A Bone a 2.5

December 24th 2004


Brian Johnson will never surpass the greatness of Bon Scott

December 24th 2004


I agree, Bon Scott was the best. Back in Black is a good rock n roll album, nonetheless.

December 24th 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]Brian Johnson will never surpass the greatness of Bon Scott[/QUOTE]

I think Brian Johnson is a better singer. And since he joined the band, they've gotten better.

Best AC/DC album IMO. I hope I get it for Christmas

December 24th 2004


[QUOTE=punkster998]I think Brian Johnson is a better singer. And since he joined the band, they've gotten better.

Best AC/DC album IMO. I hope I get it for Christmas[/QUOTE]
I think Bon Scott is a much better singer than Brian Johnson, and he was the original. I also wouldn't say that their career hasn't gotten any better. Sure, this album is great, but it's probably the only exception. AC/DC's earlier material is much greater than their later stuff.

December 24th 2004


Brian Johnson is the worst vocalist ever. He really destroys AC/DC, IMO.

Six Feet under's Cover of Back in Black is amusing though.

December 24th 2004


you can hardly tell the difference i think.

December 24th 2004


Well, Bon Scott was pretty bad too.

Iron Turtle
December 24th 2004


First of all, let me say I'm not a huge AC/DC fan. Most of their stuff is very repetitive, predictable, and, well, boring. But "Back in Black" is arguably one of the top 10 (probably in the top 5) rock albums ever. It totally rocks from start to finish and has a number of truly classic rock songs. I believe at the time it was released it was the top selling rock album ever. I think they sold something like 8 million copies after release - that's a huge number for that era (I could be wrong with my numbers, but they sold a lot of fukkin records for 1980.) So, 5/5? Yes.

Regarding Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson...personally I like them both pretty much equally. They do sound different, but not *that* different. AC/DC did well in giving Brian Johnson the job after Scott died. I think there were probably just as many good tunes produced in the Scott-era as afterwards, and a better ratio of good to bad overall as well. "Highway to Hell" is also undoubtedly a classic album in the rock genre, and has a number of really good tunes, but I don't think it is of the same caliber historically, influentially, or musically as "Back in Black."

December 24th 2004


I'm actually wearing my Back in Black t-shirt right now.

Great album, no wonder it's sold 19 million copies.

December 24th 2004


[QUOTE=punkster998]I think Brian Johnson is a better singer. And since he joined the band, they've gotten better.[/QUOTE]

How have they gotten better? They released this album, which isn't as good as Highway to Hell or Powerage, say, and then what? For a mainstream band, they certainly hit the wall big time.

December 25th 2004


i have 10 AC/DC albums including HTH and Back In Black is the best, all 10 songs on it are killers

March 11th 2005


What AC/DC cd would u recommend as a first?

By the way great review

March 19th 2005


The cd i recommend first would be without a question highway to hell or powerage. And if you like brian Johnsen either back in black flick of the switch or the razorsedge.Great review for one of their best cds.

March 25th 2005


OK, so you kicked my ass, big deal

March 25th 2005


Hey Superpeer, Brian Johnson just fits the style of music. He's Bon Scott with a little higher voice. As Angus said, "to mimic his voice, you have to drop a truck on your foot". I like it.

May 9th 2005


Yeah,album kicks ass and johnson kicks ass (tho not as much as bon scott did) and bon actually wasn't orignal singer either!

May 9th 2005


Yeah,album kicks ass and johnson kicks ass (tho not as much as bon scott did) and bon actually wasn't orignal singer either!

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