Queens of the Stone Age
Rated R



by Tangy zizzle USER (6 Reviews)
January 14th, 2005 | 97 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Queens of The Stone Age are:
(Core Line-up)
Joshua Homme - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Nick Oliveri - Bass, Backing Vocals
Gene Trautman - Drums

(Additional players)
Mark Lanegan
Rob Halford
Dave Catching
Chriss Goss

Release: 2000
Label: Interscope
Producers: The Fiffiff Teeners

The Blurb

This is the second release from Joshua Homme's famed travelling circus of musicians. This is, however, the first album that really got them some mainstream notoriety ( with the singles Feel Good Hit of The Summer and Lost Art of Keeping a Secret. A much more daring, eclectic and experimental effort than their previous release of 1998, Rated R stands as one of the best mainstream rock releases of this decade.

The Review.
Feel Good Hit of The Summer
Album starts off with a bang. This isn't my personal favourite track, but I couldn't think of a better song to start the album. A punked up little number, that has, with the exception of a list of drugs, no lyrics. A simple, guitar driven number. 4/5

Lost Art of Keeping a Secret.
I do believe this was the first single off the album (could've been the previous track) and you can understand why it is. Undenialby catchy, with perfectly placed vibraphone hits that add something different to the song. This has a trademark Homme-riff, and also his trademark falsetto croon. A great track, with a simple but oh-so effective little solo at the end. 4.3/5

Leg of Lamb
The first song that really screams creativity, Leg of lamb sounds like Roy Orbison warbling over a Can song. This is such a robotic and dense track. It has a lot going on, but it's easy to follow everything. Usual QOTSA nonsensical lyrics grace this one. It's an emotionless song, but that isn't unusual for Homme. At around 1.50 the "chorus" comes in with some strange Talking Heads inspired noises behind the guitars. A real stand out song, one of the best Queens have put out. 5/5

Auto Pilot
This was the first QOTSA that Nick sang on. Probably the cruisiest and most laidback cut on the album. A simple chord/chord riff is backed up by Josh's uniquely toned guitar drones. The chorus is one of the catchiest, and probably the loviest (is that word") on the disc. A great little acoustic interlude comes in at around half way, and then back to the usual song. A very well put together song. 4.5/5

Better Living Through Chemistry.
Hands down the best song on the album, and one of the best songs of Homme's career. Better Living Through Chemistry is an epic affair, with some of the most intense, and menacing guitarring I've ever heard. This song would fit perfectly in the action-climax of a movie, or maybe as the sondtrack to a hallucination. The lyrics are blatantly laced with drug references. This song trly leaves you wanting more, and is like a drug in itself. At 2.15 some of the most driving, dense and immensely layered music you'll ever here reveals itself. The end of this song is like an acid comedown. Perfectly made, brilliantly put together. 5+/5.

Monsters In The Parasol
The simplest and most lighthearted song on the album. If you've seen the video then you know that this song isn't a serious affair, but a great song nonetheless. It may be simple, but is so so effective and bloody catchy. The most absurd lyrics of the disc are on this one( "Pauls dad is warped and bubbling"). Simple, but great. 4.5/5

Quick & To The Pointless
Nick's second song off the album. A very psychotic little number. Nick rambles on about little girls and boys, and how he shouldn't be with them, but goddammit he loves it! You can really hear the ecstacy in his voice. A fun song that is a great prelude to the next song. 4.2/5

In The Fade
The first time we hear Mark Lanegan sing with QOTSA, and what a song we get! Mark's voice is at it's gravelly best, and the lyrics even kinda make sense. As with most of these songs, it's very catchy and is riddled with great guitars. The bass is the real driving point of this song for me. The guitars channeling in and out over one another sounds terrific. Josh's backup vocals compliment Lanegan perfectly.Could've definately been a radio single, but it wasn't. The end of this song has a small rendition of the opening song which is strange. 5/5

Tension Head.
The best song Nick Oliveri's ever vocalised. Perhaps the most psychotic of this album and definately one of the best. This song done live is a real experience. The intensity of Nick's screams mixed with the ergency of the guitars work so well together. This song's riff will be captured in your mind for days. An amphetamine driven song, with a groove than you just can't stop shaking your arse to. 4.8/5

Lightning Song.
An odd song for Queens Of The Stone Age. 12 string guitar, bass, piano and strange drums make up the body of this song. Held together by the repetitive piano's. A change of pace and style that fit's surpisingly well in the overall scheme of the album. A filler track done well. 4.3/5

I Think I Lost My Headache
At 8.40 this is the longest of the album by far. One of the best songs Queens have put out. It has a similar sort of vibe to Better Living Through Chemistry, but lacks the balls of that song. One of the words I've seen used to describe this song is meandering. It meanders, but it's meandering past the autobahn. This song has a creepy vibe, and I find the horns towards the end of this song a little disturbing. A surprisingly good song, and the horns add something fresh. A great track, but just a little too long and drawn out. 4.9/5.

So there you have it. Probably the most ecclectic Queens of The Stone Age album so far. A truly creative and fresh record that never seems weak or played out.

My rating. 4.6/5.

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September 19th 2004


A wonderful album indeed and you did it justice. If you liked the newer album, you can't go wrong getting this one. It's great. There's plenty of variety that's done competently (as opposed to trying to mix things up and not even trying beyond that) and despite that variety, it still holds together as an album and not a collection of songs (to over-use a phrase). Good review, Tangy.

Robert Crumb
September 20th 2004


Nice. This album was vastly superior to Songs for the Deaf, in my opinion. Your review brought back pleasant memories. :thumb:

September 20th 2004


This is a good album. This is a good review.

I don't like "Feel Good Hit of the Summer".

Tangy zizzle
September 20th 2004


Cheers playa's.

September 20th 2004


Nice review man...I still have to hear this album.

September 20th 2004


robot rock haha

September 20th 2004


Robot rock? More like Stoner/sludge metal.

What's that song, in the video clip, that woman is just walking through the street? It's such a good song, but have never been able to get it.

September 20th 2004


^^^ Monsters in the Parasol.

This is definately my favourite QOTSA album. I was gunna review this a while ago actually, as it is one of my favourite albums of the 90's. Brilliant. Tension Head is my favourite track.

Nice Review. :thumb:

September 20th 2004


Love the album.

September 20th 2004


Great review & great album, not my favourite QOTSA but theres so many great songs.

Better Living Through Chemistry is probably my favourite song of all time.

- check out the original tension head by Nick's band, Mondo Generator

September 20th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5

I think he meant robot rock by the start/stop rhythms they have sometimes. Anyway it's an awesome album and definately different than most music out there Josh, Nick and Mark have a great sense for music and no Josh never seems to make much sense

Tangy zizzle
September 20th 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]Robot rock? More like Stoner/sludge metal.

What's that song, in the video clip, that woman is just walking through the street? It's such a good song, but have never been able to get it.[/QUOTE]

Josh has himself described the QOTSA sound as "Robot Rock", that's why i use that term.

And Stoner/sludge metal is a term that no self-respecting QOTSA fan would use. They are not a stoner metal band at all. Kyuss can be considered that, but definately not Queens of The Stone Age.

September 20th 2004


I think that, much like Zwan, they're being over-categorized.

It just sounds like hard rock to me. Maybe even just rock.

Tangy zizzle
September 20th 2004


I only used the classifications for this thread. I think of them as a rock band, plain and simple.

September 20th 2004


Good review, good album. I haven't listened to this as much as I used to though; I bought my copy used and I Think My Lost My Headache skips a bit. :upset: Better Living Through Chemistry is great, though.

September 21st 2004


[QUOTE=Tangy zizzle]Josh has himself described the QOTSA sound as "Robot Rock", that's why i use that term.[/QUOTE]

Fair enough. It's a weird term, that's all.

Good review :thumb:

September 21st 2004


Album Rating: 4.5

Nice review, I really have to get this album.

September 21st 2004


top review dude... :thumb:

this album is way way superior to Songs for the Deaf.

Monsters in the Parasol is a genius song! :thumb:

September 21st 2004


awesome album like all QOTSA's but this one is really different than the other 2...
Anyway "I Think I Lost My Headache" is a long and awesome song but in live its totally amazing
Qotsa is stoner/robot/desert rock choose which you want lol

whatever you do...dont tell anyone

September 21st 2004


damn... i guess i'm going to buy this now.

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