10 Years of Chaos and Confusion



by Dethtrasher USER (232 Reviews)
November 1st, 2006 | 17 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Review Summary: An excellent compilation from the all mighty death-metal band Hypocrisy, a record that shows what Hypocrisy is all about. A great record for people who want to get a great view of Hypocrisy's work.


10 Years Of Confusion And Chaos (compilation)

Band Information
Hypocrisy, good old Hypocrisy, is one of the biggest death-metal bands in Sweden but they are still rarely mentioned among people and media. Peter Tägtgren is the founder to this band and he is also a world wide known producer, the band was playing old school death-metal in the same spirit as Morbid Angel and Obituary at the beginning, as time went by more people left the band until there was three members left. Peter Tägtgren were followed by two companions, Mikeal Hedlund and Lars Szöke, they became a trio and they changed their music quite drastically, from Florida death-metal to atmospheric melodic death-metal, they also took their lyrics to another level, death and anti-religious themes were replaced with themes directed towards the paranormal directions. Aliens, end-of-the-humankind and abductions became present themes in albums like The Arrival and Abducted. They did not completely changed their lyrics though, death, violence and apocalyptic themes still clings throughout their material, Penetralia, The Fourth Dimension and Osculum Obscenum are probably three of their darkest albums with directions towards darkness and satan, Into The Abyss is also an album with satanic ingredients but it had a more violent, rawer and faster approach than the other first three albums. Hypocrisy and The Final Chapter were two albums that had almost or did have everything, great dynamics and excellent variety among the songs, the lyrics was also mixed as well, old material was mix with new material and the creation became a perfect blend of music which is totally unique for Hypocrisy. There are actually no weaks album but if I would chose one it has to be Catch 22, I really like it but if you compare it to the other albums you will notice that it sounds more like a ‘’succeeded’’ death-metal/NU-metal fusion. Catch 22 and Virus has lyrics which were concentrated on the human being, feelings and the failing system of the modern society, and of course there are some obscurer themes like murder, hate and mutilation included as well. The Final Chapter was meant to be their last album, but (luckily) the love from the dedicated fans was basically more fuel to the already raging fire and Hypocrisy continues to roar in the halls of death-metal.

The Music / Band Members
Peter Tägtgren has been the leading member from the day when the band first saw the light, as a vocalist he is awesome, he can deliver anything from the deepest growls to the loudest screams, mention any type of vocals and Tägtgren will sing like that, calm, clean, raspy, shreiky you name it. Chanting is something that you rarely encounter in these types of bands, if you are looking for haunting chanting then you have found the right band, Hypocrisy uses chanting a little now and then, unfortunately not all the time but that is a good thing though, The Fourth Dimension, The Arrival, Hypocrisy and The Final Chapter would be a few albums where you can find some songs with chanting moments. Tägtgren is also a master when it comes to handle the instruments, here he is responsible for the guitars and keyboards, you can find a lots of standard death-metal riffing in most of the records, even black-metal elements emerges from time to time, believe it or not but some times you can hear that Peter manages to blend in some small splashes of thrash-metal influences in the guitar work. You will find a huge variety of riffs in the world of Hypocrisy, catchy, melodic, chaotic, atmospheric, technical, fast and slow riffs are some of the riffs that you will encounter while listening to this music. Keyboards are not audible in every song, the keyboards often shows up during the slower and darkest songs, the keyboards are often used to create the overwhelming atmosphere during the song. Mikael Hedlund is the second original member after Tägtgren, Mikael handles the bass but this has never been one of the band’s biggest perk, the bass if often over shadowed by the soaring guitars, you can still be able to identify some clear and loud bass lines in the three first albums but after that you might have some difficulties to hear the bass, another thing is that Mikael never shows off with his bass because there are hardly any standout performances from him. Lars Szöke was at the time the third long-time companion of the three man crew, he took care of the drums and he did a great job, he had a great variety in his drum work, in the beginning he was playing ‘’classic’’ death-metal drumming which is very fast and perhaps a bit repetitive. When the band change their music directions the drums became somewhat simplistic and was not as fast as before, but because of the huge variety in the albums you can hear that the drum parts are very diverse, you got slow drums, medium paced drums, fast drumming and sometimes hyper fast, heavy or light, catchy and un-catchy, you will hear that there is a difference.

The Front Man
Peter Tägtgren is a very famous man in the world of metal, but as I said before, you almost never hear what he is doing or what he have done but I will give some more information about this unique man. Peter does not only work with Hypocrisy, he has also made his own black-metal band called The Abyss, it was basically the same original trio but they had just changed instruments, this project is currently inactive but they released two albums, Summon The Beast and The Other Side. Pain is his one-man project were he is playing a strange mix of industrial metal, this type of metal could also be called as techno metal, this is his second most successful work after Hypocrisy. Tägtgren has also been singing in the Swedish super group called Bloodbath, a band that has the best of the best of Sweden’s various metal bands, but Tägtgren is a man with many irons in his fire so he couldn’t continue singing in Bloodbath, you can also find his name in the resume of the grind/death band called Lock Up from the U.K too. He might be a quite gifted musician when it comes to collaboration with other bands but he also has his own studio, The Abyss Studio. I saw a short reportage on television which was about metal, then suddenly you saw the show hosts in a studio and Peter Tägtgren shows up, later there was an interview regarding his job as a producer:

Host: You got both Hypocrisy and Pain in your resume, how big are you"
Tägtgren: Well… 1.75 meters high (small laughter)
Host: But you have produced so many other bands, how many records have you produced"
Tägtgren: Oh, I don’t know, 130-140 records maybe.
Hosts: Jesus… How do you manage with this"
Tägtgren: I don’t see it as a job, it is a hobby, its fun.

Album Information
10 Years Of Confusion And Chaos is the name of this compilation which was released by Nuclear Blast in 2001, a compilation that sums up the whole work of Hypocrisy. The compilation does not have chronological order to the tracks, it starts though with a track from the first album and ends with a track from the last but between those tracks there is some chaos, nothing much to complain about but it would’ve been a bit more interesting if you had could’ve seen the development of the band’s music, anyway, this album delivers a mixed variation of songs that shows the listener what Hypocrisy is capable of doing. I would say that this compilation has three types of songs, ballads, medium paced songs and very fast songs. Osculum Obscenum, Killing Art and Left To Rot would be some of the songs that I think are fast ones, Roswell -47, A Fire In The Sky and Fractured Millennium are in my opinion some of the medium paced songs and the ballads would be without a doubt Deathrow (No Regrets), The Final Chapter, Until The End and Apocalypse. I must say that this compilation does not show their musical abilities at 100%, I think that there are other songs that have much better structures and perhaps better musicianship than these songs that are included in this album. I didn’t notice this before but I soon heard that some songs didn’t sound like the original songs, there was six or seven tracks which were re-recorded, some of them sounded really good while others lost their uniqueness. Hypocrisy’s music has developed from old-school death to atmospheric melodic death-metal which can seem like a huge step for others and vice versa, I admit that this band perhaps don’t expand or improve their instrumental abilities but who said that a band has to play highly technological music just to sound good, all the people who are and were members of this band are all great musicians but it is the feel of the music that counts in this case. Hypocrisy has the ability to jump back and forth between different ‘’feels’’ in an album, some songs shows no mercy with their extremely aggressive sound and then you suddenly have a song which is totally depressive and or sad, once you thought that this was all you suddenly find a cruel and murderous slow paced song, you will experience this kind of mix when you listen to this album.

My Conclusion
I guess that should be the trick, this is my opinion about this compilation, if you listen to these songs and you will know why I love this band so much. I have heard people saying that the first death-metal band (or whatever) is the best death-metal band, everything started when one of my friends asked me once if I had heard ‘’black rock’’ or ‘’dark rock’’ as he called it and I said no, then we headed off to the record store and he found Hypocrisy’s newest album at the time called Catch 22. I was quite prejudice and somewhat intimidated when I first heard that kind of music but there was this kind of energy that was continuously tempting me to listen for some more, I knew that my parents would through me out of the house if I played the music loud so I borrowed the album and listened to it in secret, my friend eventually got an older album The Fourth Dimension so I borrowed that too but it was not as pleasing as Catch 22. There was a time when I didn’t care about the band until I started to hunt down all the albums and now I have some love for every album more or less. Back to the tracks, if you happen to like any kind of melodic death or regular death-metal then you must check out this band, if you don’t like their earlier work then you can try their latest and vice versa. I just want to say this, this is a band that can outclass other great melodic bands like In Flames and other similar bands, they are perhaps more officially recognized but Hypocrisy is your number one death-metal band when it comes to atmospheric and melodic death-metal. I hope that this review has been a good guidance and critics are most welcome, I thank you for taking your to read this review.

* = The interview was taken and was translated from a Swedish heavy-metal documentary show called Rundgång.

+ The songs displays exactly what Hypocrisy are capable of doing
+ This compilation deliver a great variety of songs
+ A very good place to start at if you want to get into the band
+ The re-recorded songs has a very refreshed sound

- I can only see eight or nine of fourteen songs as real classics
- This compilation should have at least five more tracks

Recommended Tracks
These are my personal favourites but I have chosen these songs because I think that they will give the listener a perspective enough big to show what Hypocrisy has done and are able to accomplish, there are two fast songs and two slower songs.
-- Killing Art
-- The Final Chapter
-- Roswell -47
-- Apocalypse

I wanted to like this album more than I do but I thought it had some smaller flaws so I will give it a solid 4/5

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The album title says it all....

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November 1st 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Knock yourself out, I'm pretty sure that there are some grammar errors but I think I got it right pretty much. Only one Hypocrisy album left!

November 1st 2006


Hypocrisy is such an awesome band, I was reading all of their reviews last night. Great Review!

This should have Impotent God.

November 1st 2006


Your section about Peter Tagtren made me want to cry. Amazing review.

November 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Thanks, I hope the review wasen't to messy, I had to rewrite it a couple of times before I submitted it because most of the info was mixed among all the different sections.

I asked a friend of mine to help track down the live album, I'm really looking forward to it.

November 2nd 2006


Dude seriously, you get a vote. And it makes me sad how so many of your well written reviews get overlooked. Nice work and I haven't even heard a song in my life by this band.

November 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Many thanks, you made my day a bitter better.

And I beg you check out this band, just check out my Hypocrisy lists in my profile if you are looking for some good songs etc, or you could ask Cravinov13 for further suggestions.

November 3rd 2006


I'll tell anyone right now who wants to know, get their s/t and The Final Chapter first, then Virus and The Arrival, Abducted and Into The Abyss, and Catch 22 and The Fourth Dimension. In that order. :p

November 6th 2006


i actually hav not gotten a listen of these guys shame on me because they sound like my style

November 6th 2006


Considering your music taste, I am shocked you havn't heard any of them.
IMO they pwn every band on your list except MAYBE Opeth, but slight
chance. Opeth and Hypocrisy are really on an eqal level of good, but
Hypocrisy is easier to listen too in larger quantities.

You need to get their s/t and Virus. Now!This Message Edited On 11.07.06

February 6th 2007


Get it on Amazon, it is a godlike album.

March 20th 2007


i like eraser. br00tal vocals. :p

i might check them out.

March 20th 2007


I have this. It's actually very, very good. Tagtren is a severely underrated composer...he can make even the most basic death metal riff seem new and interesting.

March 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Peter Tagtgren is a death-metal god, and Hypocrisy = Godlike. But that's just my opinion. And yes, I agree with your last sentence.

March 20th 2007


^^ It's my opinion too.

May 12th 2007


Sweet review, your front-man section was intriguing.

February 25th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

wow Deth, you really love this band, so do I actually. :D This compilation is awesome.

February 25th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Hypocrisy is a very unique deathmetal band

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