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October 29th, 2006 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: One of the best albums of 2005. I call it the reason why America needs to listen to Europe's taste in music.

It continues to shock me how great music is constantly ignored in the United States. Great artists like Robbie Williams, Anastacia, and now the Sugababes are practically unheard of in America. Their previous albums offered great dance tunes and emotional ballads but despite the Sugababes talents not one of them can be considered a true masterpiece.
However Taller In More Ways proves to be just that.

The first single and first track Push The Button is nothing but infectious, catchy euro-pop.

They follow that up with a hip hop even "crunk" song called Gotta Be U, while not the best song on the album it definitely shows their range as artists. Perhaps that is why they have been so popular in Europe, they are constantly changing and experimenting with different styles. It is like hip hop street divas with a classy twist.
he next track, Follow Me Home is a soulful ballad that truly showcases them as amazing singers. Heartfelt all the way with great vocals.
Joy Division, the next track is another dance song, however it is a bit strange lyrically as well as musically. It is still catchy enough to get anyone singing along by the second listen.

Red Dress one of the stand out tracks is a superb dance/pop song where they claim they are "cooler than the red dress". Even with just one chorus it would have been a good song, but Red Dress has two, one following the other to make it super catchy.

Following this is a slower song called Ugly: your typical feel good songs that will remind everyone of Christina Aguilera's Beautiful or TLC's Unpretty. Vocally another good song, but lyrically a bit childish. They take the albums name from a line in the song and it works as a great theme for the album since musically, lyrically and image-wise they are taller in more ways.

Following Ugly is It Ain't Easy a fast paced song that will get stuck in your head on the first listen. Its another nn typical song that shows the Sugababes can work well with different styles and song structures.

Bruised joins Red Dress and It Aint Easy by having a prechorus that would work as a chorus by itself, there fore it is another catchy song. This one talks about a violent relation ships that leaves bruise although it does not specify if they are physical or emotional. The harmonies in the chorus act really make it a delicious truffel for the ear.

For track nine they cover Animotion's hit Obsession, they fail to capture the original's power and feeling but if i had heard this version first it would work. They do make it their own and show they can sing almost anything.

Ace Reject is nothing of a reject on this album. perhaps the best song on the album, it truly shows why the babes are so famous (in europe of course) and why they need to break the US market. The chorus is extremely catchy, but that is not what makes it such a great song. We hear two full verses before it actually kicks and this only serves to make the chorus that much better. However the verses themselves stand out for their great lyrics and singing.

They follow with Better, which is another feel good song that you can imagine dancing to at the beach. This is a smart song that has plenty of catchiness. Vocally another strongpoint for the babes.

2 Hearts is the perfect ending for the album it competes with Ace Reject for ultimate masterpiece of the album. Vocally it is their best song. They each shine seperately and together. Great instrumental especially at the closing. This can truly be called a masterpiece. So much emotion and power is felt.

This album is a perfect example of why the US needs to check out Europes taste in music. The Sugababes prove that they deserve to have worldwide fame as Destiny's Child and Spice Girls, both of which cannot compare with Sugababes.

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October 29th 2006


I've only heard Push The Button, and I don't really like it.

October 29th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

not good

April 28th 2010


"Great artists like Robbie Williams"

I stopped reading.

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