In Their Darkened Shrines



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January 14th, 2005 | 62 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines

Nile is a known brutal death metal band that carries the lyrical theme of Egyption mythology, which is a very interesting thing about the band. Of course, you can't tell exactly what they are saying, so if you have the lyric booklet at hand, you get to learn a lot of stuff. :eek: [/lame]

Nile formed in 1993, and are currently signed with Relapse Records. The current line-up is made up of:
Karl Sanders Guitar, Vocals
Dallas Toler Wade - Guitar, Vocals
Jon Vesano - Bass, Vocals
Tony Laureano - Drums

These men create the brutal, deadly sound of Nile that we all love.

The Review
1. The Blessed Dead: This album starts out heavy, and ends heavy. It starts with a black-metalish intro, and quickly turns to blastbeats and quick guitar riffs. The vocals on this song are some of my favorite. They blend extremely well with the music. You can definately sense some Egyptian roots in this music. 5/5

2. Execration Text: This song starts out extremely fast, just like typical Nile, and doesn't stop. The first riff is very fast, and well written. The first solo is slower at first, nothing complicated, but then it changes into another Egyptian based riff/solo. These type of songs (almost every song on this album is this way) are very hard to review, because the riffs change so often. Either way, I give this song 4/5

3. Sarcophagus: Starts out a bit slower, again, sensing the egyptian style. Even the drums have a bit of an influence. I love the first riff in this song. It is slower (for Nile that is) and the growls are haunting. I love how the vocalist can actually pronounce his words. (even though they aren't completely clear) Good song. 4/5

4. Kheftiu Asar Butchiu: This song starts off extremely fast with blastbeats, and badass fills by the drummer. I love the chorus in this song when the vocalist(s) are growling something...I can't tell what it is, not even with the lyric book :( but it sounds like "from". They say it quite a few times. Ah, I love the solo in this song. Technical, and blends well. Great song. 5/5

5. Unas Slayer of Gods: This song...wow. This seems to be one of the main highlights of the album. Starts off with haunting, Egyptian sounding acoustic guitars, and then the gong. At 39 seconds, it takes off. Brutally fast. Nice guitar riff, really fast double bass, and then the chorus (guitars), which is my favorite part. This song is extremely interesting also, especially the lyrics. Very well written lyrics. You seriously start to believe that this band worships Unas in real life. Best part, at 9:15. you guys know the part. When the man is worshipping Unas. 5/5

6. Churning the Maelstrom: Starts out heavy (again) Same drumming as a few other songs, but with very well done accents on certain parts. The vocals are extremely well done (as always) and this is another good Nile song. Every song on this album appeals to me in some way. 4/5

7. I Whisper In the Ear of the Dead: Starts off with a reverse gong (?) and then goes fast, but only in 4/4 (or 2/4 maybe :( ) time on drums, which gives a nice effect. More gongs. Then the weird vocals. Sounds like a raspy-voiced slave, almost. The whole song is a bit different, and ambient, but I like it. 4/5

8. Wind of Horus: Very nice cymbal usage at the beginning, along with a nice guitar intro/riff. The drumming is more Egyptian-based in this intro. I love the opening riff in this song. I think it would sound better without the blastbeat (but they wouldn't be Nile without it) which is the only bad part about this song. The vocals and guitars are amazing though, so it makes up for it. But since blastbeats are a minor detail compared to guitar and vocals (in death metal that is), I will give this song a 4.5/5

In Their Darkened Shrines

I. Hall of Saurian Entombment: Very ambient, Egyptian-like intro, with a sound that sounds a bit like a swinging swing. :eek: Then the drums come in. :eek: The snare and bass, along with some instrument that I have never heard before. The whole song is very different, but I've always been a fan of it. 4/5

II. Envocation to Seditious Heresy: This song is where the vocals come in, while the snare and bass is still going, with vocals in the background. This song is EPIC. When this song starts to get heavy, the guitars are amazing. Some of my favorite riffs. And the drummers blast beats with combination with his cymbals is great also. The vocals are amazing in this album, like always, but somehow more impressive. The solo is typical, but always great. 5/5

III. Destruction of the Temples of the Enemies of Ra: Starts out with an ambient, dark wind/voice type thing. And typical Nile chanting vocals, but played backwards? Then the gong. And from there, amazing drumming fades in, with yelling background voices. Then the vocals, and guitar come in, which is nothing short of brilliant. Another great song/section of In Their Darkened Shrines. 4.5/5

IV. Ruins: The final part of the masterpiece. Starts out with Egyptian-based guitar riffs (surprising) Repeats the same thing for a while, until 2:03, which is an amazing part of this song. Very melodic sounding (just the guitar) mixed with double bass. Then it goes back to the original riff, with a slow guitar solo mixed into the background. Which basically makes the part, making an amazing ending on this brilliant album.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

In Their Darkened Shrines is one of my favorite death metal albums I own. I suggest you buy/download it if you are into this kind of stuff. Also makes great gifts for relatives. *lies*

Hope you enjoyed my review.


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September 14th 2004


Bastard, I wanted to do this.

Decent review anyway, too bad you did it the old track by track way.

This is a good album, however it lacks in variation, but it's still good.
Unas, slayer of Gods is probably the best track.

Per Ardua Ad Astra
September 15th 2004


You have a broader musical taste than Superpeer in your reviews mekk.
Brittney Spears...Nile. Nice.

September 15th 2004


Good review, though I haven't heard this album. I've got both Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka and Black Seeds of Vengeance though, and I've heard The Blessed Dead and Unas, Slayer of the Gods, so I have a good idea of their sound.

September 15th 2004


[QUOTE=Per Ardua Ad Astra]Brittney Spears...Nile. Nice.[/QUOTE]

Hmm, I wouldn't call liking Spears's music nice. Oh well.

This album is good. But far too monotonous. 4/5.

September 15th 2004


I definitly have to get this album soon.

September 15th 2004


What's the running time on this? The only song I've heard off of this is Unas Slayer Of The Gods, which is almost enough to convince me to buy the album, but it's 28 bucks (EXTORTION) around where I live. If it's around 60 minutes, I'll go for it, but I hate buying albums that are like 42 minutes long.

Good review, though. :thumb:

September 15th 2004


This album is ok, I prefer Among The Catacombs Of Nephran-Ka. Nice review.

September 15th 2004


[QUOTE=FillInTheBlankHere___]What's the running time on this? The only song I've heard off of this is Unas Slayer Of The Gods, which is almost enough to convince me to buy the album, but it's 28 bucks (EXTORTION) around where I live. If it's around 60 minutes, I'll go for it, but I hate buying albums that are like 42 minutes long.

Good review, though. :thumb:[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=metal-archives.com]Total playing time 58:43 [/QUOTE]

I'm not sure if it's worth 28 dollars though. Unas, slayer of Gods is the best song on the album.

It's a good album though.

Distorted Vision
September 16th 2004


This is a good record but I don't liten to it much, Nile are pretty heavy going. ANd I haven't heard their other records so I can't compare.

September 16th 2004


nice review, i love this album

September 29th 2004


I likey. The title track is awesome. Fu[B][/B]cking demonic. 5/5

Dark Hero
October 30th 2004


This album is a Death Metal masterpiece. Great review also.

October 30th 2004


Album Rating: 3.5

Not a bad review. I've been looking to get this album for quite some time now.

October 30th 2004


My friend loves this band. One day in class he leaned over to me and asked if I wanted to listen to some Egyptian hardcore. Me = :confused::eek::amaze:

They're pretty sweet.

October 30th 2004


Teh intro to Unas Slayer of teh Gods is so good, because Candlemass wrote it.

Nice review. :thumb: I love the slower Nile songs like Sarcophagus.
Nile is going to tour teh U.S next spring, so I hope to see them live.

Desert Dweller
October 31st 2004


I saw these guys last year on a totally killer bill that also had Kataklysm and Dying Fetus.

They sounded EXACTLY like the CDs. Note perfect, devastating three vocal work. Awesome guitar leads.

Tony Laureno pulled off some fills that defy the human nervous system. A friend with me at that show who has been drumming for 16 years couldn't figure a few things out when we discussed it days later.

Top notch CD, amazing band.

October 31st 2004


[QUOTE=Desert Dweller]
Tony Laureno pulled off some fills that defy the human nervous system. A friend with me at that show who has been drumming for 16 years couldn't figure a few things out when we discussed it days later.


Desert Dweller
October 31st 2004



Here is one example....

Imagine an all out blast beat. REALLY fast!

Now you know how drummers accent by muting a crash cymbal right after the hit by grasping it with their fingers? He did it in this sequence on the cymbals from left to right like this...1,2,3,4 not 1234, 1,2,3,4.

He did it single handed WHILE his three other limbs were moving at top speed.

My current roomate at the time was a drummer and he tried doing that out of a blast beat and couldn't even get one. We've described it to a few drum teachers where he shops and they were amazed by our descriptions and (slow) demonstration of the fill.

Just go see the band and check it out for yourself

October 31st 2004


This is nothing special in extreme metal drumming, maybe thats why your friends struggle with it.

November 1st 2004


Nah extreme metal drumming can be pretty insane. At the very least, the speed is impressive. However, many drummers put in elements of complexity that make it far more interesting. I find it to be as impresive as jazz, and many extreme metal drummers have jazz backgrounds.

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