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October 17th, 2006 | 14 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Rusty is an underground masterpiece that manages to combine depression with perfection. For such a raw album, it has no blemishes. One listen can change your outlook on music.

Depression is an odd thing, especially when it's in music. Because if it's done just right, it can be sad and exhilarating all at once. And though an album can be such a bum out, you're thankful for finding it. Rusty is that type of album. If you are one of the too many who haven't heard of Rodan, Think of every accolade given to Slint and the same can be applied to Rodan. The 2 are similar in many cases. They are both seen as huge parts of the Early nineties Math Rock scene in Louisville, both feature dissonant riffs and odd time signatures. Both would rather tell a story than sing a traditional song, and both have great musicianship. The album starts out with the beautifully haunting Bible Silver Corner. An Instrumental that would lead you to believe you are introduced to hopeful, beautiful music. Friendly eclectic guitar work makes you think more of happiness than depression. But the mood is avalanched by the other 5 songs that are as dark and hopeless as you can get.

Great albums are genuinely established on the first listen, but very seldom has an album completely grabbed my attention and praise. From the first listen on, I had forgotten about all of my other music. And the beginning of fall is met with an equally cold and dark album. Never has so much depression felt so elating. Disregard genres, voices, and instrument. This is a gloomy, cloudy, messy album and I don't need to hear a word because the music is already harsh enough to appeal to any human who has ever felt empty.

Male/Female singing is by no means a new way to sing, it has been used for ages, but never like this. The male and Female harmonies are bleak and confrontational. These aren't duets, this is organized chaos. And unlike their Louisville brethren Slint, most of all of Rodan's songs have some type of rhyme scheme. The lyrics are sung, spoken and shouted. Whatever it takes to get the point across. This album paints a picture of a grey, cloudy, rainy day. Picture a harsh comedown from a dangerous drug, take your broken, betrayed, and angry self, and write your deepest darkest feelings. on Gauge, a song about trying to hide from fears, the paranoid lyrics build up until Jeff repeats "Nothing Is Wrong" as unenthusiastically as possible.

Jungle Jim is a slow song that features bassist Tara Jane O'Neil trying her hand at lead singer with Jeff backing her. It may be the most depressing song on the album. The guitar work is slow and hopeless, and Tara angrily shares her lyrics, shouting "Now there's nothing left!". Eventually the music dies out, and all you can hear is dissonant screaming. This continues to get louder until a loud drum intro starts The Everyday World OF Bodies, an epic in every sense of the world. topping eleven minutes with non-stop energy. The guitar work is as gloomy as any I've heard before. The lyrics are at their best on this song. With many angry refrains and shouts of "You Were Sick, So Sick, So Sick" and "I will be there.... I swear!" Shiner is the most traditional song on the album. A quick angry song under 3 minutes, with more forlorn lyrics: "It burns its head and throat Spreading a rash of arsenic, magnolias and crushed coal. A fire in its heart Will not let it die.".

The album ends with Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto. Which starts out with what sounds like child's play toys be softly pushed with creaking and an eerie piano being randomly tapped. The song is mostly sung by Tara, who sets the tone of the song by saying "You don't move... You get pushed." The guitar is grungy and raw. And seems to go 6/6 in songs that are just flawless. This album is defined by it's gloomy ness, which is heard in the voices of the Tandem of Jeff and Tara, the dissonant and harsh riffs, and the relentless drum work. Rodan may have not gotten nearly the fame that they deserved. and maybe Rusty deserved the credit that was given to Spiderland. But Rusty is better than anything Slint could've ever hoped to put out. While I love songs about a tweezer fetish, and a roller coaster ride with a cheap fortune teller, nothing can compare to the unsettling mood this album has. So call it call it whatever you want: Post-Rock, Math Rock, Prog. The only word that pops into my head about this album is Classic in every sense of the word. The album was literarily genre defining, and the second I finished listening to this album, I knew it was already one of the biggest masterpieces I have heard. Never has a six song album barely reaching 42 Minutes gotten so much across. Many people speak of music that has changed their lives, I'm not going to say thatRusty has changed my life, but it's at least severely affected how I look at emotion in music.

This album just grabs your attention from start to finish.
Beautiful Vocals
Perfect Musicianship

Some may deem it too short
Some may not like the raw, lo-fi sound of this album
The fact that this is th only album Rodan put out

Recommended Tracks
Jungle Jim
The Everyday World Of Bodies
Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto

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October 17th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Might add on to this review. I just want to let everyone I can know of this album. It really has changed my view on music.

October 17th 2006


Yes, this album is amazing and really overlooked. Great job,

October 17th 2006


Can you give a band reference to this?... it would be easier forme to know if i have to try it.

October 17th 2006


A bit below average of a review... I understand this is in the Alt-rock/Indie category, but you don't do anything besides give very vague descriptors of the music in terms of the emotion it elicited from you.

I'd like a bit more stylistic and musical analysis, as it's pretty impossible to pigeonhole anyone as having a certain "typical" sound in this genre.

November 2nd 2006


I like this album. It wears its post-rock influences with pride. Definitely inspired by the likes of Slint, and a bit of Mogwai in there as well...with a harder edge in most of the material. The opening track is gorgeous.

January 7th 2008


This is a really cool album. The first track is nice but it completely throws you off guard; the rest of the songs are almost like Circle Takes the Square without the -core.

I think this band also perfectly combines heaviness and lightness. Most bands that try to switch between the two are only good at one or the other, but Rodan hits on both aspects very well.

January 29th 2008


This sounds like something I should definitely hear.

Big Baby Jesus
January 29th 2008


Album Rating: 5.0

Wow, it's already been a good sixteen months since I first heard this. I still love it exactly as much as I did the first week I heard it. It remains in my semi-daily playlist and will continue to be on my semi-daily playlist. I plan on doing a much better review of this as BBJ.

February 16th 2008


oh i just want to make one correction to your review: you said that the end of Jungle Jim segues into The Everyday World of Bodies. It actually segues into Gauge. Just thought I'd clear that up

Also Jungle Jim is my favorite track. Love the dynamics and the angry grrl vocals.

The Jungler
February 22nd 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Really good.

I'm going to listen to this a lot more.

May 26th 2008


this is solid

July 29th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

the everyday world of bodies is such a siqq song

January 14th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

People need to stop blowing their load over Spiderland and check this out. Bible Silver Corner puts so many current instrumental post-rock bands to shame in it's sheer simplicity. It's the template for bands like Explosions In The Sky. Yet these guys go further than that and make each song so different that it makes you wonder how great they could of been.

This album > 95% of post-rock today. It's just that post-rock wasn't relevant in 1994 to many people.

May 25th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

this is awesome

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