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January 14th, 2005 | 25 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

The Music have been labelled 'the new Oasis' on many occasion, yet i don't see much comparison. i haven't had the fortune to listen to alot of Oasis, but what i can compare with, doesn't sound anything like this gem.

i picked up the re-released version of the massive selling self titled album from the VERY young musicians known as The Music. first releasing their self titled record at the ripe old age of 17 and 18 respectively, it reached number 4 in the UK charts.

the album itself, starts off with The Dance, it slowly enters, with the distorted guitars, and hazy vocals. lulling you into a sense of apprehension. there is alot of hype around the band, and the album, and from the start out, it's surely living upto it. the song progresses, and builds up to a climax. (like most of the songs on the album) the second song on the album, is the single Take The Long Road And Walk It (TTLRAWI). you may have seen the video circling the mtv rotation, or heard it on the radio, it certainly is a good track. it starts off with the riff slowly, building up volume and momentum, then enter the drums. bang, it's ready to blow you away. the ever present, powerful vocals from Rob enter, and procede to blow me away. TTLRAWI takes the similar song structure to most of the songs on the album, slow, indistinct intro, which then builds up into, usually an epic ending. Human takes this, and blows it out of the water. a very emotional, and placid song, i could listen to this on repeat for many a year to come. such a ritzy build up, with a tremendously good chorus with the haunting vocals.

The Truth Is No Words really is abit misplaced, but still excellent. it starts off with a rupturous riff, and hammering drum intro. a very danceable song. so fun, and full of energy, no signs of this album slipping up at all. Float has a very weird, and singled out riff. it's very catchy on the ear, yet sounding a little corny at the same time. it doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the song, as it's very upbeat, and the little riff sounds out of place at times. great vocals again. (Rob's vocals are an aquired taste) half way through the song, it takes a totally different turn, like it's a totally different song now. no corny riff, just augural vocals, really stand out. there is a big build up, with alot of noise, which leads to nothing. it left me fealing cheated, in a way. a very abrupt ending, you may actually think the cd is broken. Turn Out The Light, is a slow, and deep-routed song. it doesn't really affect ME really, and i find it abit boring, and long winded. i tend to skip this song. it may be great to see live, but i prefer not to listen to it. it has the usual big build up, with the striking drums. it fizzles out slowly, with a soothing riff, and leads into the next great song. The People, a cult classic among The Music fans. regarded as the epitome of their work by most, it really does pack a punch. starting out with a slightly odd riff, enter the vocals, and great lyrics. this is another favourite on the album. it's really catchy, and definately danceable, and great to sing-a-long too also. Rob singsa different language towards the end, or it could be just like an improv. an excellent, funky track.

Getaway, onto the last 1/3 of the album, the bass really stands out on this song for me. the bass is hardly noticeable in most of the songs, and isn't really that good, but this song, it all changes. another weird riff again, that's instantly scarred on your brain. the song slowly builds up, and keeps you on your feet, and on the edge of your seat. it's a very long track, arriving in at over 6 minutes, one of the longer efforts on the album. not a standalone track, but still decent. Disco, being my favourite from the album, and the longest. back to the tradition of the slow intro, to huge build up with great, funkadelic riff. it's beautifully crafted. it starts to pick up the pace around 2 minutes, and never drops for a breather. an awesome song, with such a funky riff, it'll make you want to dance till you drop. the chorus is whimsical, and i can never get enough of it. mainly because to me, it sounds like he's singing "catrin, what you gonna do now" catrin, being the name of my sister, making it even more fun. there's a small anti-climax, but you can feel the build up, it's tense, and it's growing. the end result is another fantastic display of the funky riff and chorus, i love it. Too High is the last track on the album, and most noticeable for the slow start. it really is misleading, as it's pulsating ending. the lyrics are most noticeable, "too far, too hard, too far to climb" the exstatic 'solo' behind the rhythm is alluring. then comes the build up at around 3 minutes, gradually, to the epic, and i mean epic finish to the song, marking in at 4:47, this is a beastly song, and the perfect ending, to a near perfect album. :thumb:

this album really does deserve all the hype it gets, it's a pounding, never ending race to the finish. a really enjoyable listen first time around, and for fans of Stone Roses, Kasabian, and Cooper Temple Clause, this is right up your street.

the stnadout songs being Disco and Too High (the last two) and MY least favourite song being Turn Out The Light, and saying that, it's still a good song, on this soon to be, timeless classic.


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September 13th 2004


I have this album for some reason. Bought it after I saw em live. Getaway is brilliant.


September 14th 2004


I don't have this album, but I love the song "Getaway". The singer kinda reminds me of Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction.

This review has convinced me that I should probably buy the album. Nice work.

September 14th 2004


This CD is amazing, the music rule

September 14th 2004


This album is very very good. I would give it probably a 4/5. They are a very good live band. Too bad their new material isn't shaping up to be anywhere near as good as this.

September 14th 2004


Yeah, I really liked this album. Reminded me of the Stone Roses a bit. Good review.

September 14th 2004


[QUOTE=Tomahawk]The singer kinda reminds me of Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction.[/QUOTE]

I don't have the album either, but Take the Long Road and Walk It is a good song. Good review.

September 14th 2004


sorry about the whole capitalisation thing, i just don't do it, and i'm sorry if you find it hard to read at times.

maybe i'll put it through word one day, and it'll capital it all for me, but don't expect capitals from me.

regarding the new stuff, i'm really liking the two new songs, i admit, i didn't quite like freedom fighters first time 'round, but i loved welcome to the north. i'm really excited with the new album, as they are putting the walls get smaller (the instrumental) in at the end of the album as a hidden track.

i'm still gonna buy the new one on monday, and i'll probably give it a review after a solid week of listening.

September 14th 2004


I was very impressed by this cd.. Very unique style. But it got old relatively fast... I don't find their music interesting anymore (keep in mind that I got this cd over a year ago)... 4/5

September 14th 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

I quite liked this album when it first came out, but like Knifeboy, I got tired of it. The singles (Take The Long Road, Getaway, The People, The Truth Is No Words) are all still genius though. And Turn Out The Light I occasionally listen to, but the rest just bores me now.

3.5/5 for me.

September 14th 2004


ahhh, everyone needs to listen to Disco again, the whole way through.

i think you'll enjoy not listening to it for a while, then listening to it again. it's very refreshing.

Dark Hero
September 14th 2004


I just downloaded Getaway a few minutes ago and listened to it. It's a pretty good song, they have lots of synth in their music.

September 15th 2004


Album Rating: 3.5

I really like this album, kudos to the reviewer :thumb: i dont think i would rate it as high maybe a 3.5/5 as a few of the songs seem like fillers. But it is a really good album for a bunch of teenagers.

Try to find the video of them live on letterman, its a very good performance Robert Harveys dancing is simply incredible

Nice Review :D

September 15th 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

The Music own

October 8th 2004


great band , theres a new album out - Welcome to the North which for me was quite amazing great album, im seeing them live january next year its gonna be great :P

September 16th 2005


This is one of those albums that loses it's focus all the time and gets old incredibly fast.I'm from their hometown (Leeds) and when this record came out everyone thought they were the British Strokes! It was crazy.

September 29th 2005


This album is the bomb diggity. These guys we're awesome at BDO this year, probably the best of the day in my opinionThis Message Edited On 09.29.05

December 6th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

The Music is a band on the rise. This CD was so awesome. I can listen to the whole CD without skipping. Disco is the best song. I hope they become big, I think they could be the next Led Zeppelin.

Two-Headed Boy
December 18th 2005


great album and turn out the lights is the best song

April 24th 2006


Geee whizz. This review is so old. I don't think i've actually done another since! Hahaha.

November 26th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I like this musics.

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