Until The End



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January 14th, 2005 | 42 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Artist - Kittie
Album - Until the end

Morgan Lander - Vocals, Guitars
Jennifer Arroyo - Bass
Lisa Marx - Live Guitar
Mercedes Lander - Drums

This is the third album from the all female Canadian Heavy Metal quartet.

Formed at High school in the late 90's, Kittie were and still are a truly unique band. The band have undergone a line-up change since first album Spit, with Co - founding memberFallon Bowman and original bassist Talena Attfield leaving, meaning only the sisters Morgan and co-founding Mercedes remained

The instrumental side of Kittie has always been rather odd, on original album Spit, Bassist Talena attfield didnt actually play Bass, well, not in the studio at any rate. Even on this, the third album, after under-going a line-up change, the second guitarist (Lisa Marx) Doesnít play guitar in the studio, only live.

Kittie have most definitely undergone a change in their sound, that can only really be described as a maturity. The riffs have become heavier, the lyrics darker, the drums more pounding, and the bass bowel rumblingly heavier.

If you're looking for a radio-friendly pop band, Kittie most definitely arenít it, and in fact, their sound seems to have become less commercial since their last album Oracle.

Anyways, hers a track by track review, so you can get a better idea of each track:

1) Look so pretty - The album opens with this track, and the track itself opens with a pile driving riff that never seems to give up. Until the first verse, where the song becomes thrash metal-esque, crunchy fast paced riffs, an endless onslaught of hammering drums, and brilliant screaming that could put Phil Anselmo to shame. Overall, not a fantastic song in comparison to the rest of the album, and the screaming does get a little monotonous, but still a decent song. 3.5/5

2) Career Suicide - The second track opens with a nice drum beat, quite similar to that which opens 'Do you think Iím a whore' from first album Spit. A low crunching riff joins in, and leads into a brutal verse, the melodic singing overlaid under the screaming is a nice effect, and sounds really good, and sounds really good when led into the soaringly melodic chorus, and also displays Morgan Lander amazing vocal range The lyrics also show real progression from previous two albums 'Oracle' and 'Spit' and don't just follow the 'My parents donít understand me, boyfriend dumped me, im gonna go kill myslef' pattern that some people might expect, and display real maturity. A really good track, 4/5

3) Until the end - The title track from the album, this song opens with a so-so guitar riff, but donít be fooled, this song is awesome. Morgan Landers vocals soar over the guitars and pounding drums, and once again, great production with Landers vocals overlaid in the chorus, to give a great 'build up' effect. The lyrics once again show great maturity and itís just a completely awesome song and definitely a highlight of the album. 5/5

4) Red flag - Opened once again with a grinding fusion of guitars and bass, and backed up with head-splitting drums. As with Look so pretty, the screaming does get a little repetitive by the end of the first verse, but thankfully Morgan comes in with blissfully sweet singing in the chorus, and this really highlights her fantastic singing range. A great song, an endless barrage of punchy guitars, great bass work, and great drums. As with the Chorus, the singing in the bridge is ecstatically sweet. Overall a really good track, but the screaming in the verses does get a little repetitive. 4/5

5) (*****) Sugar - This track opens with another thrash/speed metal style intro, but as the first verse begins it leads seamlessly into a slower verse, the screaming is once again well executed, but for me the chorus is where this song is let down. Personally I think the chorus just slows the pace of the song, and really lets it down. A decent song, apart from the chorus. 3/5

6) In dreams - Quite similar to Until the end, but just different enough to make it good and not too same. Once again the overlaying of Morganís voice in the Chorus is a nice touch. Not the heaviest song on the album, itís fairly mellow by comparison, and quite melodic. Like every song on the album, the lyrics show real maturity and while the topics may not be too original, they're still pretty good. 4/5

7) Into the darkness - This is the first single to be taken from the album (I think). The opening riff is reminiscent of 'Until the end', but thankfully the rest of the song is totally original. Itís easy to see why this is the first single from the album, the verse is laden with catchy hooks and riffs and the beat never relent. Some people see the screaming overlaid with the normal singing as ruining the singing, but as a bonus track there's a remix of this song, without the screaming (which was probably included to prove exactly this point) and most people will agree the original version sounds better, as Morganís normal singing voice just lacks the brutality to match the brutal onslaught of music. This is one hell of a catchy sing and is really really REALLY good; to me itís a highlight of the album The drums are brutal, the hooks are catchy, and the bass provides a decent groove, and Morganís vocals are just pure brilliance. 5/5

8) Burning Bridges - This track is seamlessly mixed from Into the Darkness, and this production is really good. A brilliant bass line opens this track, and the rest of the song keeps up this endless sonic onslaught, Mercedes provides a great rhythm and the low tuned, grinding riffs keep up the vicious pace, and Morganís great screaming provides a brilliantly brutal melody to the song. 4/5

9) Loveless - The sweeter more melodic side of Morganís vocal range is displayed here, and as with 'Until the end' and 'In dreams' this provides a melodic, soaring kind of touch to the song. Itís a fairly short track, at just over 2 minutes, so theres not much to write about. But overall, a pretty good track, not greatly standing out though. 3.5/5

10) Daughters Down - The closing track is yet another brutal barrage of music. Been a dude I canít really relate to the lyrics here (if you've heard the song you'll know what im on about!!) But while I canít really relate to the lyrics, I do recognize them as well written. The music here is also very well written, pile driving riffs, and wonderful drums, and once again brilliantly executed screaming is superbly executed. 4/5

After listening to the whole album through, I noticed three distinct styles of songs here, There are the brutal, thrash metal/heavy metal style songs with almost purely screaming, songs in this category are: Look so pretty, (*****) sugar, daughters down, Burning bridges

Then there are the melodic songs, with soaring, angelic vocals. Songs in this category are: Until the end, In dreams, Loveless

Then there are the songs which are a blend of the two, songs here are: Career Suicide, Red Flag, And Into the darkness

All in all a fantastic album! over all the songs tally out to be 40/50.

Overall I give the album 4.5/5 because it's superb, but there are a few flaws.

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September 12th 2004


I think I might check them out

Good Review :thumb:

Did you give the whole album a rating? or am I just blind

September 12th 2004


Not questioning your review or anything but from people i know, they said kittie sucks. Now after i read this I might have to download to really find out ;)

September 12th 2004


You should check them out.

They probably wont get you interetsed if yiu're not a fan of the type of music, but if you like this type of music (heavy metal/thrash metal), you should check them out.

They kinda sound like a female version of Machine Head :lol:

September 12th 2004


Good review.

I haven't liked any of their stuff before this album but Into The Darkness is a good track.

The JoZ
September 12th 2004


BuddyBigsby said this was a horrible album, but quite frankly, I think he's a bit of an elitist...if it's not death/black/something, he probably hates it. I'm not trying to flame him here, but in any case...

This review makes me re-reconsider looking into this one...I really like the single, and, in spite of what you say in the review, I like the song without the screaming overlay...where it's just screaming and not her singing is ok, but I prefer it with just singing...

September 12th 2004


Emo/screamo and hardcore/metalcore are more Bigsby's preserve, I think. He never struck me as so much of elitist though, except as the Genre Nazi.

The JoZ
September 12th 2004


It's semantics. Death/Black metal, hardcore/metalcore...

He's quite harsh about any genre he doesn't like either way.

September 12th 2004


I'm into death and black, but the genres Bartender mentioned are more of my thing. I wasn't being harsh on them, I just personally feel that this album is laughably bad. I gave it a chance with a completely clean slate since I actually didn't mind some of the songs on Oracle and since their new guitarist used to play in a band I like. Just sounds like another dumbed down metal / heavy nu-metal record to me.

The JoZ
September 12th 2004


Be that as it may...

I could care less whether you like it, but it's how you portray your dislike of bands...for example, the post about Three Day's Grace and how they are "f*cking horrible" and you got on someone's case for liking them...

An album being bad is one thing, a band being bad is one thing, but ripping into someone's throat for liking them is another...

September 12th 2004


Haha, well, yeah. Every now and then I just snap and I feel the need to get on some newb's case for liking bad music. A lot of those kind of posts are made in the heat of boredom, too.

The JoZ
September 12th 2004


Ah well

At least you don't pull the

'omg wtf ur a fag 4 lyking dis band. [Insert band here] sux, u shuld listen to some gud **** lyke [Insert band here, which may or may not be better than the first]'


October 13th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

I've heard these girls and I hate it because it is NU-metal, never mind does anyone heard of Originl Sin or Meanstreak (both all-female featured thrash bands) let me know.

October 13th 2005


I absolutely despise this band.

I'm Charming
October 13th 2005


I can't stand kittie. Bad vocals and terrible guitar work.

October 13th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

Yeah, how any human can enjoy this oozing, pus-filled excrement of an album is past my breadth of knowledge.

October 13th 2005


They sound like hundreds of kittens being slaughted at the exacy same moment.

October 13th 2005


Yeah, exactly. That, but only with crappy, insipid female singing.

And how do I get a name change?

Leper Affinity
October 13th 2005


This is indeed a terrible band.

I heard one of their songs on MusicChoice and started to laugh. I had no idea anyone could make music that consistently bad and still stay signed to a record lable.

I'm Charming
October 14th 2005


I mean this is almost more painful on the ears than green day or new found glory, good charlotte that awful pop punk.

The vocals are some of the worst I've ever heard. The guitar work is nearly laughable. Darkthrone/shadows you said it....

How can a band like this stay signed? Who listens to this or actually believes its good?

October 16th 2005


I think that Sputnik is going bad again...I had a hilarious comment going, and it wouldn't let me post it because it was "too short." Whaaa?This Message Edited On 10.16.05

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